Mother gets her Son
Pam a Horny Mother
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Chapter 1

Hello let me tell you about myself my name is john Carter I am 13 years old and big for my age. I live with my Mother Pam she is 36 years old 5 feet 8 inches in height with long black hair and green eyes. She as a great figure with nice long legs and nice rounded ass. Her best part of her body is her big breasts I think they are a double D.

My Father was in the army and was killed in northern island when his land rover was hit by a RPG. I was ten at the time. I miss him very much and I know mom does too. So it’s just me and mom. She has had a few boyfriends over the last couple of years but no one steady.
We are very close and I love her very much. All my friends say she is very hot as she wears low cut tops and short skirts most of the time. She works in a small cafe.

It was Friday morning. I was just going out of the door to school when my mom called me back into the house.
“Hi mom did you want me” I asked
Mom nodded to me and said “don’t forget that I and Kathy from work are working tonight. So you will have to sort yourself out”.
“Ok” I said.
Mom then kissed me on the cheek and said “now get yourself to school young man”. I kissed her back and went out the door. I meet up with two for my school mates Dave and Luke they were in my class with me.

It was 6pm and Pam’s boss had just finished locking up the cafe for the night. He was in his 50’s but he was a good boss and he treats his staff well. Both Pam and Kathy were waiting near his car for him.
Tom walked to the car and looks at the two women and smiled at them. Tom said to the girls “look girls you both don’t have to do this thing tonight I will try and found some cover for you both”.
Pam looked at Kathy and said to tom “no its ok I will do it, I need the money”
Kathy just smiled and nodded to him.
“Ok then, let’s get going” Tom said

Tom drove the car to a big old manor house on the edge of town. The house had a high wall running all the way around it and two big metal gates at the top of the drive. Tom stopped the car at the gates a security guard was blocking the way in. He walked to the car.
Tom rolled down his window and talked to the guard. After a short conversation the guard wave to a second guard who opened the gates. Once the car had gone through the gates the guard closed them again.
John got home from school just after 4pm; he let himself into the house with his own key. He went into the kitchen. On the table was a note from his mom, the note read
Hi baby your dinner is in the oven, turn it on to number 7 for half an hour.
See you soon
John eats his food and then washed up the dishes and wiped down the kitchen work tops. Then he went into the front room to watch soon TV. Around half 8 he got bored and went to his room to play with his train set.
John did not like being in the house by his self. At 10pm John put his toys away and got ready for bed.

Back at the manor house.
Pam and Kathy were led into the back of the house by a middle age woman. Tom had gone, but he would pick them up after they had finished. The woman showed the two girls into a large room. The room had dressing tables and mirrors on the walls.
The middle age woman said to them both “you can get ready in here, I will go and get your outfits be back soon and tell you your duties.” The girls looked around the room in the room were about two dozen women.
They were putting on very small maids outfits.
Some of the women were only wearing fishnet tights and a small skirt and high heels. One of the women looked at the two friends and said “Hello my name is Carol have you both done this kind of thing before?”
Pam said “no”

The two friend’s introduced them self to the other girls. The girls were all very nice and each one smiled at them. Carol looked at both Pam and Kathy and said “you two have really nice big breasts if you leave off your tops you will both make a lot more money”
Just then the middle age woman returned with the girls outfits. “Ok you two get ready the rest of you get out onto the floor the show is starting soon. The other girls went out of the room. Pam notice most of the girls who had big breasts were not wearing the top half of the outfits.

The two friends got dressed both decided not to put the tops on as the idea of the night was to earn as much money as possible.
The two women left the dressing room and went into the main hall the room was full of men sitting at tables and loud music was playing from the band in the corner of the room. The other waitress were busy carrying trays of drinks from one table to the other. The friends were told which tables were would be serving tonight and started to take the men’s orders.

Pam noticed that some of the waitress were letting the men pat their bums and some men were rubbing the girl’s breasts. The men would put money into the girl’s skirts then rub their breasts. The men were loud and making lewd remarks to each other.
A comic was on the stage telling really dirty jokes the men in the audience were laughing very loud. Pam and Kathy were kept busy serving their tables. The comic finished his set and then said “ok gentlemen may Introduce the first of tonight’s dancers please give a big hand together for Candi”

The dancer did the usually dance and strip act. As the night worn on the dancers got more explicit. The men were really loud and some of the waitress were sitting on men’s laps. Pam was shocked to see Kathy sitting on an old man’s lap the man poured some beer over her left breast and then sucked and licked it off it.

Pam talked to Kathy when she returned to the bar to pick up more drinks.
Pam said to her “why did you let him do that to you”
Kathy smiled at Pam and showed her a £20 note.
Kathy said to Pam “look it’s easy and they pay really well you should try it”
Pam smiled at her friend and said “ok I will try it”

When she got to one of her tables a boy was sat at it. He must have only been 14 years old and looked like John. The boy had just got here with is granddad. When Pam came over to the boys table his eyes nearly fell out when he saw Pam’s big breasts. Pam left the drinks and went back to the bar for more. Carol was waiting for her at the bar. She pulled her to one side.

Carol said to her “oh boy are you in luck that old man at your table is Mr Copper, he is very rich. He is also very perverted. I bet that boy is one of his grandsons”.
Carol said to her “look the house rule is girls can’t swap tables so if you need money and will be open minded for one night you could earn a lot of money. I had him at one of my tables last year he had two young boys with him about the same age as the boy with him now. I took both boys into one of the guest rooms and oh well made them men. He paid me £2000 “.

Pam looked shocked. Carol smiled and said “look around at the other girls.”
Pam looked about the room some of the other waitress were sitting on laps. Some were leading men off into the small guest rooms. Pam saw Kathy going into a room with the old man who had sucked her breasts.

Pam returned to the old man’s table with the round of drinks. The boy was watching Pam all the time. Pam put the drinks on the table and said to the group
“Do you need anything else?”
The old man said “yes please go sit on my grandson’s lap it’s his birthday today. Pam smile at the boy. Her mind was racing, she then make her mind up and went and sit on the boy’s lap.

Pam asked his name. The boy said “Mark”
Pam smiled at him.
The old man winked at Pam and Pam nodded back to him.
Mr Cooper said to mark “well boy it’s not every day you get a hot woman sat on your lap”
The boys hands started to feel the sides of her breasts. Pam felt sorry for him he was very young. Pam got up looked at the men at the table then took the boys hand and pulled him up to his feet and led him to an empty guest room. The men at the table cheered.
Inside the guest room Pam got the boy to lie on the small bed. She then got onto the bed and sat on his chest with her legs each side of his body. The boy just looked like a scared deer. Pam took both of his hands and put them onto her big breasts. Pam was surprised to find her nipples went hard as soon as the boy touch them and her Pussy was starting to get wet too. Pam moaned very softy as Mark played with her breasts. Mark was sweating and looked very excited. Pam lowered herself and cupped one of her breasts in her hand and rubbed it into his face.

Pam said “open your Mouth mommy as something for you.”
Mark took her breast into his mouth and started to suck on the nipple. Pam could feel her pussy it was now soaked with her love juice.

“Oh yes son suck mummy’s big tits make mommy happy” she said.
Mark sucked her breasts first the left then the right one. Pam loved the way the boy sucked her nipples and then very lightly bit on them. Pam could not help herself she moved her Pussy up and down on the boys groin.

Pam took her breast out of the boy’s mouth and replaced it with her tongue as she kissed the boy with lust and passion. The boy was now pulling her tits and she loved it. Then she felt the boy’s body go still as he came in is pants. This caused Pam to come too in a powerful orgasm.

She looked at Mark and smiled.
He looked shocked and he said “I have messed my pants”
Pam kissed him on the lips and said “don’t worry so have I” she replied.
Pam looked at the boy’s pants and gave a little wicked smile; she started to undo the boy’s belt then his pants.
Mark asked “her what she was doing”
Pam said “mummy is going to clean up her little boy. Pam pulled down his pants and his boxers. His small boy cock was covered in his own cum.

The boy just watched her. Pam kissed him once more on the lips then she put her face an inch from his cock and smelled him. Pam had always loved the smell and taste of sperm. Pam looked once again at the boy then drove her face down into his groin. She kissed and lick the boys cock and balls. Licking off the dried up cum. Mark was thrusting his groin into her face. Mark moaned and moaned saying “oh my god please lick me, oh please mummy clean my cock and balls.

Pam took her face out of the boys groin and said “oh don’t you worry mummy will take good care of her little man”
Pam finished cleaning the boys cock and balls. She then got him to stand up as she pulled his boxers and pants up. Pam put her arms around him and hugged him tight. Her big breasts going into his face again. Mark asked her “can I take a picture of you please.”
Pam smiled and said “ok”
Mark took his camera-phone out of his pants pocket and started to take some shots of Pam.

Pam posed for him first holding her breasts then licking them. She finished her pose by removing her panties and pulling her pussy lips open for him.
Mark took some real close up shots of her pussy.
Mark was looking at her pussy now. He put a finger inside of her pussy. He now pushed it all the way inside her.
Pam moaned.
Mark withdraws his finger and licks her juice of it. He liked the taste of her. Pam looked at him and then said
“Go on Mark put your tongue inside me and taste my sweet pussy juice.
Mark got down on his knees and Pam lay on the bed with her pussy on the edge of it. She opened her legs wide and then pulled her pussy lips open for the boy.

Marks tongue felt hot as it touched her pussy. He started by licking her inner lips. Her pussy was soaked with pussy juice. She was moaning now and telling him what a good boy he was for making her so wet.

Pam showed him were her clit was and begged him to lick and bite it for her.
Mark was soon licking her clit. Pam was going wild she put her hands on the back of his head and held his tongue on her clit.
She thrust her cunt into the boys face.
Marks face was covered in her pussy juice now, but he never stopped licking her.
Pam cried out “oh my god I am coming and she then had a powerful orgasm.
Mark felt like a bucket of water had been poured over him.

Mark stopped licking her and just smiled at her. Pam smiled back at the boy.
Pam kissed him very softy on his lips. She then licked her cunt juice off the boys face.
Once he was clean well clean as a tongue can get you. Pam sat him on the bed with her. On the other side of the small narrow room was a big mirror
Pam took his camera-phone and told him to kiss her breasts as she used the mirror to take some more shots of the two of them.
She turned to him and said “now your friends will believe you when you tell them about this night” mark thanked her with a big wet kiss on the lips.

Pam then took the boy back to his granddad who smiled at them both. It was coming up to closing time and the men started to leave the club. Pam went into the dressing room to meet up with Kathy. They both got change and went outside to wait for Tom. The two women were waiting outside talking when the middle age woman came up to them both and smiled.

“I forgot to say my name is Mary and I am the owner of this little club, I am very pleased with you both and I can offer you more work if you want it” she said.
Mary handed Kathy two sealed envelopes and said “this is off your old man at your table a little bonus for you. And the other is your pay for tonight”
Mary then handed Pam two Envelopes and said “one is your pay and the other is off Mr Cooper”.

Mary then said “goodnight I hope you will come back my number and other details are in with your pay” she then went back inside. Tom pulled up and the girls got into his car. Tom drop Pam off first then took Kathy home.
Pam walked into her house checked on John then got a shower and went to bed.

Chapter 2

The next morning Pam got up early and started to make some breakfast for herself. Pam opens the first envelope the one off Mary. Inside of it were £200 for the nights work and some contact details for the club.
Pam opened the second one the one from Mr Cooper inside was £1000 and a little note
The note read Thank you for your help with my grandson.

Pam heard John coming down the stairs and put the envelopes and the money out of sight.
Pam smiled at John as he walked into the kitchen.
“Hi mom how was work last night” he asked
“Oh it was ok a little boring but ok” she said.

After John left the house Pam popped around to see Kathy. The two women sat in the living room of Kathy’s house and talked about what happened last night.
Pam said “did you really have sex with that old man”
Kathy smiled and said “no I gave him and blowjob and let him cum in my mouth, he loved it.”

Pam smiled at her. Kathy asked about the boy and Pam tolded her all about what happened. Later Pam was sat on the sofa in her living home watching some TV when John came back home. Pam looked at her son and wondered how big his cock was. Pam made herself think of something else as she was starting to get aroused.

Pam said to John “do you want to go out this evening and see a film and then get something to eat”.
John nodded then said “but what about the cost”
Pam smiled at him thinking how sweet he was to worry about the cost.
“Don’t worry I got a lot of tips last night so a night out won’t break the bank” she said smiling.

Pam let John pick the film and she picked the restaurant. Pam went and had a shower, and then she started to get ready. Pam decided to wear something a little more revealing this evening. She pick out a short black dress that had buttons up the front and a big split on one side of the legs. She also put on matching black panties and black hold up stockings too. Pam also left off her bra so her big breasts were more freely on show. She had no idea why she decided to wear this dress it just made her feel sexy.

John was waiting in the living room for his mom to come down stairs; his eyes nearly fell out of his head when he saw her. She was wearing a short black dress that showed a lot of her ample cleavage. The dress also had a split on one side showing her stocking covered legs.
John let out a wolf whistle causing her to give him a big smile. It also caused her to get a little wet in her panties. Pam opened the front door and john followed her out of the house. John was wondering why she was dressed that way. She looked like she was going on a date not to the pictures with her son. John asked her “are you meeting someone later as you look really hot mom”

Pam smiled and said “no I just wanted to look nice for my handsome son”
John was please she had never called him handsome before. Before Pam could stop him John took out his camera-phone and took a picture of her. Pam smiled and posed for him by putting her hands on her hips and looking sexy at the camera. John zoomed in and took some close up shots of her breasts too. “Thanks mom” he said.
Pam just smiled at him.

As they both walked to the bus stop john watched as her breasts bounced up and down in the dress. John realised she did not have a bra on. This made his cock start to get hard. Pam saw John out of the corner of her eye checking out her breasts and her ass as they walked.

Two of John’s friends were waiting at the bus stop as they walked up to it. John could see them looking at his moms tits and was starting to get angry.
They both said “hi john and hello Mrs Carter”
Pam smiled at them both and said “hello Pete, hello Terry where are you too going”
Pete said “we are going into town to the pictures”
Pam smiled and replied “what film we you going to see”

The boys told her the film.
Pam smiled at them both. She then looked at her son and said “hay honey why don’t we all team up and go together.”
John was not too happy about this but he just said “ok mom”
Pete and Terry both looked at each other then at John.
John gave them both an angry look which Pam did not see as he was behind her.

Pete said “that will be great Mrs Carter thanks”
Pam could see that John was not really happy about this, but she just smiled to herself she was having too much fun teasing John. And she liked the way she was turning his friends on too. Just then the bus pulled up to the stop and they all got on. The bus was so full that only Pam could sit down. The boys all had to stand.

The boys from where they were standing could look right down her dress and almost see her big nipples. And every time the bus went over a speed bump her big breasts jumped in her dress. Pam just smiled at them all. The boys were not the only people watching her. An old man never took his eyes from her tits. Pam looked at the old man, and then smiled at him she started too crossed and uncrossed her legs flashing him her stocking and panties.

The old man smiled back at her. John’s friends were also enjoying the show. John noticed what his mom was doing, but he did not say anything. He too could not stop looking at her tits and he could feel his cock starting to get hard in his pants. In fact all three boys were getting hard watching Pam and her little show. When it was time to get off the bus Pam smiled to herself and as she passed the old man’s seat she pretended to slip and fall onto the old man making sure her breasts rubbed him in the face. Pam looked at him and said
“Oh I am so sorry”

The old man said “that’s ok my dear as he helped her to stand” he also took the chance to give her breasts a quick feel. John’s friends also went to help her up and both had a quick feel of her tits and backside. John give his friends and the old man an angry look and asked
“Her if she was ok”

Pam just nodded to him. Once off the bus they all started to walk to the centre of town were the picture house was. The film was nearly sold out and they just got the last four seats. They were all on the same row. Pete was sat on the end near the wall then Pam, and next to her was John and Terry next to John. When the lights went down and the film started to play Pam felt Pete’s hand on her leg. It started on her knee but was moving up her thigh.

Pam did not stop his hand until he tried to put it under the hem of her dress. Pam looked at Pete he was a good looking black boy. Pam took her hand and rubbed his cock through his pants. Pete now slipped his hand under her dress and started to rub her cunt through her panties.

Pam took a deep breath as one of his fingers slipped into her pussy. Pam moaned softy. She looked at John but he was watching the film and did not hear her. This went on for about ten minutes Pete made her have a small orgasm. Pam bit her lip to stop herself from crying out with pleasure. Pete undid his pants and pulled out his big black cock. Pam wrapped her hand around the shaft and slowly started to jack him off. Terry was trying to watch without giving the game away.

John still had no idea what was going on. Pete was covering his face to try and keep his moans down. Pam’s hand was now going faster and faster and she could feel his shaft begin to twitch. Just then John got up and without looking at his mom said “I am off to the loo”
As soon as he went Terry moved into his seat. Pam give Terry a quick kiss on the lips then she bend over and took Pete’s cock into her mouth and started to suck him off. That caused him to start to shoot off into her mouth. Pam swallowed it all then licked is cock and balls clean.

Pam looked around no one had seen anything she smiled. It was then she noticed that Terry had undone two more buttons of her dress and had pulled her breasts out of the dress. He was rubbing her tits and twisting her nipples. Pam moaned again. She then put her tits back into her dress and did back up the buttons before anyone could see her. Pete also had put his cock back in his pants.

Pam turned to Terry and said “follow me out, if you see John say you are going for a piss” Terry nodded. Pam and Terry went out of the theatre heading for the loo. They passed John who was just coming back in. Pam smiled at him and said “need the little girl’s room” and she was off. Terry just nodded and quickly said “need a piss too”

Pam went into the ladies it was empty she went back Terry was looking for her. She took his hand and pulled him into the ladies and then into an empty stall. She told him to sit on the loo which he did. Pam then got on her knees and started to undo his belt and pants. She also undid her dress letting her big breasts fall out. Pam took his cock and starting to play with it.

Terry was moaning and telling her “how good that felt”. Pam smiled and took him in her mouth. Pete groaned “oh my god”
Pam slowly took him all the way down to his balls then pulled off and did the same again. Terry was on cloud nine.

“Oh yes Mrs Carter suck my cock” he said
Pam was now licking his big cock head letting her tongue go into his piss hole. Terry put his hands on the back of her head and held it as he started to thrust into her mouth. He forced his cock right into the back of her throat Pam was forced to breathe out of her nose. But she really loved being face fuck and her pussy was now dripping love juice into the toilet floor. Terry was now half standing so he could power his cock into her mouth. He was calling her “a dirty fucking whore and to swallow his cock”. Pam just kept sucking she was also rubbing his balls with her hands.
Pam needed to be fuck so she let his cock slip out of her mouth. Terry let out a moan and said “please suck me oh please.”

Pam smile at him as she got up. She then pulled her dress up and removed her very wet panties. Terry was looking at her pussy his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Pam pulled her pussy lips open and told him to
“Lick her wet pussy”

Terry had never been with a woman before and was not really sure what to do. Pam saw this and she just grabbed his head and thrust it into her cunt. Terry panicked at first until some of her love juice ran into his mouth. He liked the taste. Terry pushed his eager tongue into her wet hole and started to lick her. Pam kept her hands on the back of his head. Terry found her clit with his tongue and started to bite and lick it.

“Oh my god, keep doing that, oh yes bite my clit. Lick my whore mom pussy you little shit” she said. Pam was now wide with lust and needed his cock in her hole. She lowered her pussy onto his boy cock and started to fuck him. She really forced herself up and then slammed her cunt back down on his shaft.

Terry’s hands were groping her tits. Pam forced a big breast into his mouth. She then resumed fucking his cock. Pam was moaning and crying out now she did not care if anyone hear her. Terry could not hold out any longer and cried out as he started to fill her pussy with his young cum. His sperm shooting into her cunt caused her to have a powerful orgasm. She pulled his mouth from her breast and kissed the boy with lust and passion.

They were both French kissing each other sucking on each other’s tongues. They kiss for a few minutes before Pam said “we better get back to the film.” Terry smiled and said “ok I don’t want John kicking my head in if he comes looking for us” they both sorted them self’s out and returned to the film.

Pam told Terry to go in first. Pam went and got them all drinks as she was sweating from that all mightily fuck. Pam got back and was happy that John had not noticed how long they had been gone. They all spent the rest of the time watching the film. When the film finished they all went out into the foray.

John went to the loo and while he was gone Terry and Pete passed her their phone numbers and asked if they both could see her again. Pam smiled and thought about it a 3some with the boys could be fun. She said to them “I will think about it.” just then john returned.
Outside Pam and John headed off to the restaurant and the boys headed home. Pam could see that Terry was telling Pete all about his wild fuck in the toilet. Terry was showing Pete her panties as she had let him keep them as a souvenir for being a good fuck. She also told them that if they told anyone else she would say they forced her.

Pam and John had a nice meal and then headed home, as she was tired they got a taxi. Pam rested her head against john shoulder and fell asleep. John gentle waked her up when the taxi pulled up outside their house. Pam paid and they both went inside.
Pam said she was “tired” and headed to bed. John too went to bed. Pam walked into her bedroom and closed the door but not all the way. She just let the dress drop to the floor. John was passing her door when he saw it open and was just about to say good night when he saw his mom. She was bending over pulling a nightie out of the bottom draw. He was in shock as he had a great view of her naked ass. He could see her pussy lips which looked to be open and swollen.

White liquid was running out of her hole. John was puzzled by this. Pam got up and put on the nighie. She then pulled the covers of her bed back and climbed into it. John stepped back so she did not see him and he then went to his room. Once in his room john stripped off and got in bed. He jacked off that night to visions of his mom’s naked cunt. After shooting his biggest ever load he fell asleep.

Chapter 3

Everything went back to normal over the next week John went to school and Pam went to work each day. It was a Tuesday night when her son ask her if he could pop to a friend’s house for a couple of hours. Pam looked at the clock it was just before 7pm. Pam said “ok but be in for 10pm ok” John said “he would catch the 10pm bus and be in for 10:15. Pam smiled and said “ok but no later”

After John left Pam took a shower and called Kathy. “Hi Kathy what’s new”
Kathy sounded a bit out of breath and said “oh nothing just watching some TV” Pam listened harder and she could hear pumping sounds. Pam realised that Kathy was getting fucked. Pam let Kathy go and wondered who it could be. Then all of a sudden she knew it was Tom. Kathy and Tom were getting on very good over the last few weeks.

Knowing Kathy was getting fucked started to turn her on. Pam was only wearing a short bath rope and she started to play with her own tits. She worked on each nipple making them hard. Then she slipped two fingers into her own pussy and started to finger fuck herself.

She was moaning as her love juice started to flow. Pam wanted a cock really bad.
She remembered she had the boy’s telephone numbers and decided to give them a ring. Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. Pam open the door and outside was Pete and Terry their also had a big black Labrador with them. Pam was now dressed in a sexy lace black Basque and black fishnet stockings. She was also wearing 3 inch black high heels. She told them all to come inside. Pam looked at the dog that was wagging his tail and he looked very friendly.

“Why the dog?” she asked.
Terry said “sorry this is jasper and we were taking him for a walk then you called and we did not want to be late. He is very good and house trained and he won’t cause any problems.

“Ok well put him in the kitchen” Pam said
Terry put the dog in the kitchen and went back into the living room Pete was already kissing Pam. While Pam was busy making out with Pete, Terry took a video camera out from inside of his coat and quickly place it so it was pointing at the sofa.

Terry nodded to Pete and gestured for him to get her on the sofa. Pete moved Pam onto the sofa and continued to kiss her. He was also rubbing on her breasts. Terry got on the sofa on the other side of Pam. Terry started to undo the lace of her Basque. Once he had the lace unfasten he took out her breasts and started to suck on them. Pam let out a low moan and said “oh yes suck that nipple.”
Pete now started to suck on her other breast. Pam sat back on the sofa as both boys each took a nipple into their mouths.

Pam just sat back as both boys kissed and sucked on the hard nipples. Pete bit her nipple caused her to cry out in pleasure. Terry was working is way down to her panties and started to kiss her through the material. Pam thrust her pussy into his face she was starting to get wet in her cunt.

Pam lifted her ass off the sofa and Terry quickly pulled her panties off. Pam opened her legs wide as Terry got to work with his tongue on her pussy.

Pete stopped his attack on her breasts and started to get undressed. Terry was now sucking her clit causing her to start to moan and moan.
Pam keep thrusting her cunt up to meet his tongue. His face was covered in her juices. Her legs were as wide as she could get them. Pete was playing with his cock as he watched his mate licking that whores hole out.

Pete swapped with Terry and he started to eat her for the first time. He loved the taste of her cunt. Terry got on the sofa so his cock was level with her mouth. Pam just opened her mouth and Terry put his cock in. He pushed it all the way into her throat. Pam started to deep throat the boys cock as he pulled out then banged back into her mouth. Terry was holding her hair as he used her mouth as a cunt. Pete was still licking and sucking her cunt. Pam moaned and moaned as the two boys used her as a fuck toy.

Soon Terry let out a loud moan as he spunked off into her mouth. Pam was swallowing as fast as she could. The boy just keep pumping his sperm into her mouth. Pam could not eat it all and some leaked out the corner of her mouth and ran onto her big breasts. Pete forced his fist into her cunt. Pam cried out in surprise as he fisted her cunt. He had nearly all his arm inside her. Pam could not hold back any longer and she soaked his arm with her cum as she had multiple orgasms.

Terry sat next to her he was spent and his body glistened with his own sweat. Pam was breathing very hard as she recovered from her mightily orgasm. Before she was fully recovered Pete pushed his big black cock into her dripping wet cunt hole and started to fuck her. He powered in and out of her. Pam wrapped her legs around his back as the young boy fucked the life out of her.

Pam was in ecstasy as Pete fucked her. She was moaning and moaning. Her pussy was getting unbelievable wet now. Pam pulled him tight to her and dug her nails into Pete’s ass forcing the boy to fuck her harder and harder. Terry just watched as his friend fucked the filthy whore.

Pam was losted in her own lust now she loved the black cock in her cunt. Pete finally came in her cunt. There was so muck cum that when he pulled out of her it flowed out of her pussy and onto the sofa then the carpet.

Pete collapsed down next to her. Both boys took a breast and started once again to suck on them. Pam smile and just enjoyed the feel of their tongues and teeth on her breasts. She still had her legs wide open. She had one leg over each of the boys. No one had notice that jasper had got the kitchen door open as terry did not close it right too. He walked into the living room his nose could smell the sweat and cum in the air. Pam had her eyes closed as the dog made his way to the sofa.

Jasper had his nose only a few inches from her cunt. The dog could see the cum leaking out of her pussy. Both Terry and Pete had seen the dog as it approached the sofa. Each took a good hold of each of Pam’s legs so she could not close them.

Jasper pushed his nose into her pussy and started to lick up the cum that was leaking out of it. Pam’s eyes suddenly flu open, she tried to close her legs but the boys would not let her and kept them open. In fact each boy pulled a leg more apart so her cunt lips open. This aloud jasper to get his tongue deeper into her pussy. Pam was now in a panicking she was trying to close her legs and at the same time using her hands to push the dog away. The boys grabbed her hands pinning her. Each boy now had hold of a arm and a leg. The dog continued to eat her pussy.

Pam was begging the boys to stop the dog. Terry laughed and said “don’t worry you will get to like it whore.” Pam was now crying.
This made the boys laugh as the dog kept up his attack on her pussy.

Pam felt her pussy start to cum and she felt ashamed that the dog had made her cum. Pete looked at jasper and saw the dogs big cock was starting to come out of its sheaf. The boys pulled her off the sofa and onto all fours on the carpet. Jasper did not waste any time as he mounted her. Pam felt his cock as the dog tried to ram his cock into her pussy hole. All at once the dog found his target and rammed his cock into her hole. The boys cheered the dog on. Pam just cried and cried as the dog powered into her. His front paws were wrapped around her waist as the dog fucked his new bitch.

Pam felt dirty and sick as the dog fucked her pussy. But she could not help herself and felt ever more ashamed as she started to like the dog cock in her. The dog was touching places the boys cocks had not. Soon her cries were replaced with moans of lust as Jasper fucked and fucked her.

Terry looked at Pam and then Pete and said “the bitch is liking it now” Pam just continued to moan in lust. Pete smile and then got in front of her his cock was now rock hard again. Pam saw his cock level with her mouth. Pam just opened her mouth and Pete powered inside her. Terry watched as the dog fucked her pussy as his friend fuck her mouth.

Pam was once again lost in a world of sex. Pete filled her mouth again with his cum and pulled out. Terry took his place and pushed his cock in her mouth and face fucked her. Pete sat on the sofa and watched the sex show. Jasper now forced his knot into her pussy causing her to scream and orgasm at the same time. Terry to cried out and started to come in her mouth. Terry pulled out and joined Pete on the sofa as jasper started to cum inside Pam’s well fucked cunt. He stayed inside her for about five minutes then pulled out. Pam collapsed onto the floor now completely spend and also completely satisfied. Pam then looked at jasper he was laying on the floor licking his cock clean.

Pam smiled and said to him “don’t worry boy I will do that for you”
She then crawled on all fours over to the dog. The boys watched as she placed her hand on the dogs prick then she took him into her mouth and started to suck him off. Jasper just laid on his side as Pam kept sucking on his cock.

Pam loved the taste of the dogs cock and could taste the cum that was on it. She wanted the dog to cum in her mouth so she started to suck faster and faster. She was also licking his dog balls. Both the boys started to play with themselves as they watch Johns Mother suck off Terry family pet. Soon Pam was rewarded with a mouth full of steaming hot dog juice. Pam loved it and did not stop sucking until she had the last drop of cum out of his cock.

Once she was finished with the dog she looked back at the boys wanking their hard cocks. She sat crossed legged on the carpet and just opened her mouth. The boys got off the sofa and still wanking their cocks walked over to her. Pam did not say a word there was no need for any she justed looked at their cocks and licked her lips. The boys started to wank off their own cocks faster and faster each had his cock a few inches from her face. Terry was the first to start to cum his first shot hit her full in her mouth. He then covered her breast and finished by hitting her in her eye. Pete now started he held the end of his cock and hosed her down. He covered both breasts and finished in her mouth. The sensation of the boys cum covering her body caused her to cum for the last time.

Pam looked at the clock on the wall it was ten to ten. Pam smiled at the boys took their cocks into her mouth and quickly cleaned them both with her tongue. “Ok boys time to get dressed and go” she said.
The boys started to get dressed. Terry put Jasper on his lead and they left. Terry forgot the video camera. When the boys and Jasper were gone Pam picked up her black panties and went for a shower. After her shower she ran herself a hot bath so she could relax. She then went back down stairs for a glass of wine to drink in the bath. Pam was only wearing a bathrobe when John came through the door into the kitchen.

“Hi mom” he said when he saw her.
She smiled at him and said “hi how was your friend?”
John looked at her, unknown to Pam her robe had slipped open a bit and John could see her left nipple and full breast.
“Oh he was ok” he said never taking his eyes off her breast.
“That’s good, well I am off to get my Bath and then bed. Remember its school tomorrow so be in bed for 11” she said
Pam left and went for her bath.

Pam relaxed in the bath soaking her well fucked body. John was in the living room he was sat on the sofa. He got up and was just about to go to bed when he heard a click. John searched around and soon found the camcorder.

The click was the camcorder starting to rewind. John let the camera rewind as he went to his bedroom. Once inside his room he found a lead and connected the camera to his TV. Then he pressed play what he saw shocked the life out of him.

Their on the TV screen was his sexy mother having wild sex with his friends and a dog. He watched as she sucked and fuck them all. He saw them cover her face and breasts with their spunk too.

John got so angry he nearly went looking for the boys. But as he watched he was also getting turned on. Johns TV had a built in VCR so he replayed the tape but this time he recorded it. Once he had a copy John erased the tape. John could tell by the view from the camcorder that his mom did not know she was being secretly filmed as she had sex with the boys.

John put the camera back where he found it. He hoped that is friends when they came for the camera would think that the camera that not taped promptly.
John then went back to his room lowered the sound on his TV and rewatched the tape again this time he wanked off as he watched it.

Pete and Terry were on the way home when Terry looked at Pete and said “shit I forgot the camcorder if she finds it she will go ballistic”
Pete looked at him and said “don’t worry I have a plan”
So at 2am both boys climbed over Pam’s back wall and into her back garden. The plan was to break in and steal something’s and recover the camcorder. They hoped Pam would think she had been burgled in the night.

The next morning John was woken by his mom’s screams. John jumped out of bed and ran down stairs. He found his mom looking around the trashed living room and crying. John put his arms around her and hugged her. Pam called the Police. After the police had gone Pam and John started to clean up. Pam was a bit shuck up and so John stayed off school that day and Pam called into work and told Tom what had happened. Tom told her to stay home.

Pam called her land lord who came over and looked at the broken back door. He then left and returned later with two workmen. The men took off the old door frame and replaced the frame and door with a stronger one.
One of the men said to Pam “don’t worry this is a reinforced frame and door they won’t get through this one” when they had finished the workmen left.

Before her land lord left he said to her “why don’t you get a big dog”
John saw his mom smile and she replied “that sounds like a good idea to me”

Chapter 4

The next evening Pete and Terry were in Pete’s bedroom. Pete got the camcorder ready to play both boys were getting excited. Pete pressed the play button both their faces went blank just like the tape in the camcorder. Pete Turned to Terry and said “you prat you fucked it up”
Terry said “me it’s your fucking shitte camera”
Both boys started to fight.

The next day at school Terry and Pete stayed out of John’s way. John talked to some of his other friends and asked if Terry or Pete had said anything funny. They all said no so John dropped it. The next week at school was just the same as ever it had been. But john kept a good eye on Terry and Pete.

One night Pam popped to Kathy’s house she was not surprised to find Tom just leaving.
She had told only Kathy about the boys and the dog and they both laughed too.
Kathy called Pam “a big fuck whore”
Pam smiled and laughed.

Tom went out for a few hours leaving the girls to talk.
Once he was gone Kathy said to Pam “if I tell you something you won’t tell anyone else”.
Pam said “she would not say a word to anyone”
Kathy smiled and said to her “I am sleeping with Tom”
Pam laughed and said “I guessed that one a few weeks back”
Kathy smile and said we’ll listen to this one.
Kathy told Pam this story. I never knew my father. I was brought up by my grandmother my mother ran away when I was ten.
She told how she found out her mother had died a few years back of a drug overdose. And how she had been looking for her Father.
Pam asked her “did you ever find him”
Kathy gave a big smile and said “yes, Tom is my Father”
Now Pam was speechless.

Pam asked “her does he know you are his daughter”
Kathy said “I did not tell him when I started to work at the cafe. I want to see what he was like. After that night at that club I started to find myself wanting him. So I asked him around to fix my sink. Then I seduced him. We had the most wonderful sex I have ever had.”

“So when did you tell him” she asked
Kathy said “I told him last week, I told him I want him as my lover my father and husband.”
She continued on “he was shocked and started to cry. He told me that he loved me very much too. I took his hand and led him to bed”
Pam gave her a big hug and said “I hope you both are very happy”
Just before Pam went home Tom got back home.
Kathy told him that Pam new and was happy for them
Tom thanked her. Pam gave him a big kiss on the cheek and then she was off.

It was a month later a Friday afternoon and Pam was working in the cafe. When Tom asked Pam to come into the kitchen. Kathy was also in the kitchen too.
Kathy looked at Pam and smiled.
Tom looked at both women and then smiled lovingly at Kathy.
Kathy said to Pam “I am going to have a baby”
Pam said “my god that’s great” she rushed over to her a gave her a kiss on the cheek and a big hug.
Tom smiled at her but he looked sad.
Pam looked at them both and said “what’s wrong”
Kathy started to cry. Tom put his arm around her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

Tom turned to Pam and said “too many people know me and they will start to ask too many questions we can’t answer so I am selling the cafe and we are moving away. Pam felt sad and she could see how upset Kathy was.
Pam looked them both in the eye and said “you both need to put yourself and the baby first don’t worry about me”

The next two months were sad for Pam as Tom and Kathy got ready to move away. Tom held a big party in the cafe for close friends on the night before they left. It was a Friday night. As Pam left the party she was very sad and depressed. She was losing her two best friends. Pam slipped out of the party when no one was looking she just wanted to be alone. She took the park way home. It was around 10pm and the park was dark. The lights from the path gave off a soft white light so she could see where she was going.

Pam was walking by a big group of trees when she saw a woman talking to an oldman the woman smiled at the man. She then took his hand and led him into the trees. Pam followed them; she kept in the shadows so they would not see her. The man handed the woman what liked like money.

Oh god thought Pam she is a prostitute. The woman undid the man’s belt she then pulled down his pants and underwear. She started to play with the oldman’s’ cock.
The old man was moaning and had his eyes closed.
When she had him hard she got on her knees and took him in her mouth. Pam watched as her head bopped up and down on his cock. The man took her head in his hands and then he started to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. This continued for about five minutes. Then the oldman let out a loud moan and started to cum in the woman’s mouth. Pam could see the oldman’s cum running out the corners of her mouth as the woman tried to swallow his entire load.

Pam watched the woman for the next two hours. It was always the same she took the men into the trees. Sometimes she gave them a blowjob. And sometimes full sex.
The woman got her mouth full of cum lest five times and over her tits twice.

All this was getting Pam so horny it had been months since her last fuck with Pete and Terry. Pam watched as the woman left the park. She waited for a few minutes then a car pulled up and she got inside it. The car then drove off.

Pam walked back onto the path when she saw two old men looking around the park. Pam thought to herself I bet they are looking for that woman.
Pam had a wicked idea she took off her long coat and put it over a bush. Pam was wearing a short red dress that button up the front. She undid the dress removed her bra then refasten the dress leaving the last three buttons open so the top of her cleeavage was on show. She also removed her small matching red panties.

Pam walked up to the men and gave them both a big smile. She then looked at them both and said in a very sexy voice “Hello boys can I temp both of you too anything” the men smiled at her and said “oh I think we could be tempted.”
Pam took their hands and led them both into the same trees. Once inside the trees Pam said “now boys what would you like” she then undid all the buttons of her dress and pulled it apart exposing her big breasts and her now fully shaven pussy. Pam started to tease the men by playing with her now full hard nipples. She cupped each breast in her hands and one after the other she started to lick her own nipples.

Pam now turned slowly around. She then bend over so her petty ass was facing the men she then pulled her pussy lips open and put two of her own fingers into her pussy. She pushed them both in all the way and then pulled them out. She repeated this three times. She then got up and faced the men. She started to lick her own fingers clean. She did it very slowly so to tease them some more. Pam then said “I am waiting boys”

The first man said “you do us both suck and fuck and we want to cum in your face”
Pam smiled and said “oh that sounds like fun but will cost you both £75 each.” The second man said “ok”
He then handed her £150 in ten pound notes. Pam put the money in the top for one of her stocking tops.
She then walked over to the first man and kissed him full on the lips forcing her tongue in his mouth. This took him by surprise but he was soon kissing her back playing with her tongue with his own. The man kisses her and his hands found her breasts and he started to play with them.

The seconded man took off his pants and underwear and started to jack off as he watched his friend and Pam making out.
Pam saw him and stopped kissing the first man. She looked at the second man and said “oh no that’s my job” she then walked up to him and got down on her knees on the grass. She then took his shaft in her mouth. She took his cock all the way into her mouth and down to his balls.

Pam pulled off his cock and just left the cock head in her mouth. She then very slowly took the shaft of his cock back into her mouth. The man moaned and Pam too was getting very wet. The first man also removed his pants and boxers and came to stand near his friend. Pam took his cock in her hand and jacked him off as she continued to suck on his friend’s hard cock.

Pam tasted the man’s pre-cum on her lips and moaned softly. She then swapped and took the first man into her mouth and started to suck him off as she jacked off the second man. Pam swapped from one cock to the other. It did not take her long until both of the old men needed to cum. Pam was a very good cocksucker.

Both of the men started to say “oh my god oh I am going to cum”
Pam opened her mouth as wide as she could and told them both too put the head of their cocks in her mouth she wanted them both in her mouth at the same time.
The men did as she had asked her. Pam now had both cock heads in her mouth. Her lips were wrapped tight on both cocks as they both started to cum in her mouth. The force of both men's sperm hitting the back of her throat caused her to cum too.
Both men let out cries of joy. The first man said “oh my word that was the best ever” the second man just smiled and nodded at her.

Pam’s face was covered in cum and she used her hands to feed it to her mouth. The men watched as she cleaned her face of their cum. She then licked her fingers clean too.
The men had ever seen anything like this before and both were just amazed by her.

Pam could see that the men were exhausted and need some time to recover. So she put on a little show for them, she took off her open dress, now wearing only a smile red stockings and red high heels. She danced around touch her breasts and her cunt. The men watched egging her on. Pam saw a big stick on the ground and picked it up and started to rub it over her clit that was now sticking out. Her pussy was dripping love juice. Her cum was running down her stocking clad legs now.

Pam got on her back on her ground and pulled her pussy lips open with one hand and with the other she pushed the stick into her wet pussy and started to fuck herself with the stick. The men jacked off as they watched her masturbating with the stick. Pam had the stick as far as it would go into her pussy. She moaned and cried out in pleasure as she contented to fuck herself.

Pam felt her own orgasm starting too built up in her pussy. She lifted her ass off the grass and arched her back thrusting her cunt up into the air. She told the first man “to come and put his mouth near her cunt.” Which he did. She then removed the stick from her pussy as she came with a cry. Pussy juice rushed out of her cunt and covering the old man’s face. Pam collapsed onto the ground with a moan of pleasure.

The second man now fully hard got on Pam and thrust his cock into her oversexed pussy and started to fuck her. Pam wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her. He fucked her for about ten minutes he really powered into her cunt making her cum twice. Pam was now moaning very loud as she was lost in the joy of fucking. The man went still then he started to pump his cum into her pussy. Pam moans as did the man as she had an almighty orgasm. Pam just laid on the ground the man on top of her his cock still in her pussy.
Pam kissed the man’s head and then he got off her. Both men looked at her pussy as cum and pussy juice leaked out of her.

Pam looked at the first man who was holding his cock looking at her. Pam got on all fours and he took her doggy fashion. Pam moaned as his cock slipped into her pussy. The man grabbed her big breasts and started to slowly fuck her and then he picked up speed and started really pound into her. Pam’s was telling him to go faster and faster.
The second man said “that’s to bro fuck that whores cunt”
Pam looked at him and said though her moans of pleasure “shut the fuck up and get that cock of yours in my mouth” the man laughed then put his cock in her open mouth.

Pam was in heaven she had a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. Both men used her for their own pleasure and she loved it. The cock in her pussy was now shooting cum into her. She tried to moan but it was hard with a cock in her mouth. Then that cock too went off filling her mouth with cum.

Both men started to get dressed. Pam was sitting crossed legged on the grass breathing hard. She felt amazing. Her face was covered in cum again.
The seconded man said to her “here I will clean that spunk off for you” he then aimed his cock at her face and pissed all over her. Pam at first was shocked but some piss went into her mouth and she liked it. The other man now joined the second one and he too started to piss all over her body.

Pam just opened her mouth and started to drink at all.
“What a whore they” said.
As Pam got dressed they all talked. It turned out the men were brothers Sean and Larry. Pam told them her name too.
They asked her how long had she been on the game. She asked the time. Larry said “12:30am”
“Oh well in that case just under three hours”
She told them about her watching the woman
“Yes that’s Sue” said Sean she usually does us both. But not as good as you”
They all laughed. The men handed her an extra £100. “That’s for being a good whore”
Pam put their phones numbers into her phone kiss them both goodbye and she was off.

Chapter 5

That same Friday night when Pam was at the party John was in this room jacking off. He was watching the tape of his mom fucking his friends again. The best part was when his mom fucked and sucked the dog. John had been given a laptop last year for Christmas and he had transferred the tape to the laptop and then burned of five DVD’s of it. He had also printed out pictures from the tape. The next day was Saturday and John was helping his friend Luke paint Luke’s dad’s shed Terry and Pete were helping too. They acted all friendly with him. John just smiled at them.

Pam was cleaning out John’s room it was the usually pigsty. She picked up some books and put them back on the shelf. Then she noticed a folder under the mattress. She pulled it out and opened it. The first picture was of some actress in a swimsuit. Pam smiled to herself thinking of John looking at this picture and wanking off.

But the next picture was of her face sucking on a black cock. The next one showed her getting fucked by the black cock. The pictures got more and more dirty. The last were of her fucking and sucking off Jasper the dog. Pam knew now that the boys had filmed her. She searched John’s room. After about an hour of looking she found the VCR tape. She rushed down stairs and put it in the VCR player. Pam sat in silence as she watched the tape of her and the boys and Jasper the dog. She played with her cunt as she watched the tape. She rewinds and watches the part with the dog twice.

Pam was making dinner when John got home. “Hi mom I am home” he called out as he came in through the front door.
“I am in the kitchen” she called back
John came into the kitchen and gave her a kiss on the lips. Pam smiled to him. She thought to herself I wish you were kissing my other lips, oh we have time.
John saw his mom looking at him funny.
“Are you ok mom” he asked.
Pam smiled a little sexy smile back at him and said “I am ok my dear” she then kissed him on the lips and went back to making dinner.

The following Monday was the first day at the cafe with the new owner. He was a fat smelly man in his 40’s his name was Neil. Pam did not like him. Also two new girls both in their late teens had started the same day. It turned out the girls were the man’s nieces. Pam hated the job now. It was a Wednesday night the girls had gone and just Neil and Pam were left in the cafe.

Pam was bent over a table cleaning it when Neil came up behind her and pushed his groin into her ass. Pam jumped up and turned on him.
“What the fuck are you doing” she asked him.
Neil looked at her and smiled showing his bad teeth and said “me boss I take what I want when I want. He then put both hands on her big breasts.
Neil said “nice tits get them out”
Pam said “get fucked”
Neil tried to kiss her.
Pam tried to fight him off.
Neil was very strong and pinned her against the wall. He ripped open her uniform and pulled her bra down. Her big breasts fell out of the bra cups. Neil was still holding her pinning both her arms over her head with one hand. He then took her left breast in his mouth and started to suck it. Neil pulled her to one of the tables and pushed her over it so she was lying on her stomach and her ass sticking up in the air.

He lifted her hem of the uniform up and ripped off her panties. With both her arms pinned behind her back. Neil held her down with one of his powerful arms and used his other hand to open his flies and pull out his big cock.

Neil had a ten inch cock and it was very thick too. He pushed it into her cunt and rammed it home. Pam was in shock as the big cock filled her pussy. It stretched her pussy lips wide open as it powered in and out of her.
Pam still tried to fight but he was to powerful. She just cried.
Neil said “shut up you fucking cock tease.”
He held her firm and started to fuck her without mercy.
Soon Pam's cunt betrayed her as she started to cum all over his big cock.
Neil now knew he had her women may not like him but they all loved to be fucked by his big monster cock.
She was now moaning ever time the cock entered her. Neil pulled out of her and said “back on your back slut”
Pam turned around and lay back on the table. She was facing him now. She saw his cock for the first time it was the biggest she had ever seen. Without thinking she opened her legs wide for him and cupped her own breasts and started to play with them.
Neil smiled at his new bitch. He then put his cock back into her hole and started to fuck her again. This fat smelly man was giving her wet cunt the best fuck it had ever had, and she loved it.
Pam was now begging him to fuck her hard and fast.
“Oh please fuck my wet cunt oh please I will do anything you want” she moaned.
Neil smiled and said “I know you will my sweet big tited whore”
He now was at full speed.
Pam was in ecstasy as her fat smelly boss fucked her soaking wet cunt hole. The table was now wobbling with the power of his thrusts.
Neil got faster and faster.
Pam was moaning and moaning.
Neil took hold of her nipples and tweet then. At the same time he took his cock out of her just leaving the head in.
He then powered in with a mighty thrust.
Pam cried out as she had an almighty orgasm. She completely soaked his cock and lower body with her cum juice.

Neil kept pumping her wet cunt for about a minute, and then he pulled out his big cock and aimed it at her face. Pam open her mouth and said “oh yes baby shoot in my mouth let me taste your thick spunk juice.
Neil moaned and then started to shoot on her face.
Pam catches the first spurts in her mouth. The rest covered her face and her big breasts.
Pam them took him into her mouth and licked and sucked him clean.
Neil smiled at her.
He told her to rub the cum into her tits. She did so smiling up at him.

Pam got off her knees and fastened her uniform over her cum covered breasts. Neil handed her a towel and she wiped her face clean.
Neil took her in his arms and kissed her forcefully driving his tongue into her mouth. Pam did not fight this time and willingly let his tongue into her mouth. They kissed with passion and lust. Pam could feel his cum still on her breasts and this excited her.
Neil started to pull his tongue out of her mouth, but Pam put her hand on the back of his head to stopped him. She covered his face with butterfly kisses.

When Neil did pull away Pam let out a sad little cry.
Neil smiled at this; she was now one of his whores. Neil said to her “from now on no bra and panties under your uniform and plenty of tit fresh on show, it’s good for business.
Pam gave him a sexy smile and said “whatever you say you’re the BOSS.”

Pam now started to enjoy her job. As Neil would fuck her ever night after the cafe was closed. It was a Friday night and John was walking home when he saw his mother in the car with Neil. They did not see him and pulled around the back of the houses were the garages were. It was just after 7pm and just getting dark the street lights had just come on. John wanted to see what they were up to so he climbed onto one of the garage roofs over looking were the car was parked. He crawled to the end of the roof so they would not see him.

From where he was hiding he could look into the open driver’s window. His mother had her head on his lap as she sucked him off. John watched her head bobbing up and down on Neil’s big cock. Pam sucked his cock her about five minutes before john saw Neil come in her mouth. Once she cleaned him off, she kissed him and got out the car. Neil when drove off. John waited until Neil and Pam where gone then he got off the roof and went into the house.

Chapter 6

Pam heard john as he entered the house she called out to him “john can you come up stairs please” john went up to see what his mom wanted. Pam heard him come up stairs she had just undressed as she was going for a shower. She came out her room with only a towel wrapped around her body. John looked at her she was giving him a hard on. Pam let the towel slip just abit. Her left breast came into show. She acted as she did not know her breast was on show to her son.

John could not take his eyes off her large breast. Pam smiled and said to him “there is some money on the kitchen table go and get us both a pizza while I get a shower.” She then went into the bathroom. John pulled himself together and rushed to the pizza shop. Pam had made her mind up that she was going to seduce for son tonight.

As she got her shower and the hot water relaxed and washed over her body. Pam started to think over the last few months. She had gone from a normal housewife and mother to having sex with underage boys and a dog.
She had fucked for money and that really turned her on. She had worked topless and was having mind blowing sex with her fat ugly boss too. And now she was going to top it all by fucking her son.

When john got back home he found his mother in the living room sat on the sofa watching TV. She was only wearing a short bathrobe. The robe was tied loosely around her big breasts. And a lot of breast flesh was on show to him. John put the pizza box on the coffee table near the sofa. He opened the box and passed his mother some of the pizza. She took it off him and smile. They watched the TV and eat the pizza. John would watch her breasts when he thought she was not looking. Pam knew that her son was watching her, so she moved on the sofa causing her robe to open a little bit more. John was now openly watching her breasts.

John picked up the last bit of pizza and went to hand it to her. As he did so Pam moved on the sofa causing the robe to open and her breasts to fall out. John was looking at her breasts as he walked with the pizza. He then tripped over the coffee table and fell to the floor.
When he looked up the pizza had landed on his mothers big breasts covering them in pizza sause.

Pam looked at the pizza on her breasts and then at john.
“Well are you going to pick that up” she asked him
John was shaking as he picked up the pizza off her big breasts and put it back in the box. He then sat back down.
Pam’s breast where covered in bologness sause. Pam looked at him; she had made no move to cover her breasts from her son’s eyes. John still could not take his eyes off her breasts.
What she did next make his head spin. She took her left breast in her hand and then licked the sause off the breast. All the time she kept eye contact with John. She was just about to lick some sause off her nipple. She had her tongue just touching the nipple.

She looked John in the face and then she smiled so sweetly to him and said “John would you be a deer and come and clean my breast for me” she held the breast out to him as he moved slowly towards her. He sat next to her on the sofa.
She sat back pushing her breasts out to him.
She said to him “go on my sweet boy lick the sause off for me”
John slowly flicked out his tongue. Pam moaned as the tongue touched her breast.
He then started to very lightly lick the sause off her breast.

Pam sucked in her breath his tongue on her breast made her feel like her body was on fire. She was the one who started to sweat she felt like a schoolgirl with her first lover. John took the full breast into his mouth.
He looked his mother in the eye then he used his teeth lightly biting at her soft breast flesh. He bit hard on her nipple.
Pam felt her pussy explode with her orgasm.

She looked at her son her eyes full of love for him. John smiled at her as he pushed her legs apart. He ran his tongue up and down her outer pussy lips. Pam felt his hot breath on her lips and she let out a soft little wimper. John started to kiss her outer pussy lips. Pam used both her hands to pull the outer lips open for her son.
She looked at him and said “It’s yours now son, only yours as am I”
He smiled at her. He then licked her juice from her pussy. Pam moan in pleasure as her son tasted her cunt for the first but not the last time. John started to fuck her sweet cunt with his tongue. Pam moaned louder with lust.

“Mother did you fuck my friends I want the truth off you” he asked as he pushed his tongue all the way into her hot cunt. Pam was panting like a dog as his tongue gave her another orgasm. Pam said “yes though her moans. Oh yes I fucked them”
John smiled and found her clit and started to kiss it and roll his tongue over it.
“And who else are you fucking my sweet whore mother” he asked
She told him about the oldmen in the park. Everytime she told him something new her clit was rewarded with his hot tongue on it.

John worked his tongue faster and faster.
She screamed and came again into her sons face.
Pam begged him to let her rest but john was not finished with his cock teasing mother not yet. “Do you suck and fuck dogs my sweet mother” he asked
Pam knew about the tape and she smiled and said “I love to suck and fuck dogs do you want to watch me my sweet little boy. Do you want to play with your cock as I suck on a nice doggy cock” Pam was getting into this game now.

“Oh yes I will watch and you will suck and fuck my friends her me too” he said
Pam replied “oh I will my sweet boy. I will be your sex slave and you will be my master. Please put your tongue back on my whore cunt lips oh please” she begged.

John gave her one more orgasm with his tongue and he was spent he fell onto the sofa next to her. Pam took him in her arms and covered his face with kisses. She could taste her own pussy juice on his sweet face. Pam took his hand and they went to her room.
John got onto the bed. Pam now took off her robe and let her son see her full naked body. She helped john undress.
Once he was naked too she pushed him back on the bed and started to kiss his naked body. She covered his face neck and chest with her hot sweet kisses.

Pam could see that her son’s cock was now fully hard. She started by lifting his shaft and kissing his balls. John let out a soft moan as his mother took his shaft in her hand. Pam now licked up and down John’s shaft.
“Oh yes mother that feels so good” he softy moaned to her.
Pam pulled down his foreskin and kissed the head of his cock.
John was moaning again. He never took his eyes off her.
This was a million times better than watching her on video.
Pam now tasted her son’s pre-cum has it dripped from his cockhead. John was now in heaven. He thought nothing could feel any better than this. So when his mother took his cockhead into her mouth and started to swallow his shaft john lost it and came in her mouth. He used his hips and pushed his cock deeper in her throat. Pam took him all, she never stopping sucking on her son’s tasty cock meat.

Pam has tasted men and boys and even dog cum. But her son’s spunk she loved the best. It was because it was her son’s sperm. She had now crossed the last line. A mother taking her son as her lover. She had now broken all the rules.

Pam swallowed all that john gave her. When he finished cumming she kept kissing the shaft and balls. She used her hand gently on his shaft. Soon John’s shaft was rock hard again. Pam kissed his cockhead once more. She then lay down on the bed on her back.
She took her big breasts in her hands and held them up to her son.

“Please put that awesome cock of your in between my big breast and fuck them” she begged. John put his cock into the valley between her breasts and started to push in and out of them. Pam was now sweating and moaning with lust as her son fucked her big breasts.

Ever time Johns cock passed through her breasts Pam would lick the cockhead. John fucked his mother breast for a few more minutes. He then stopped.
Pam moaned and said “please son keep fucking mother’s big breasts.” John looked at his naked mother laying on the bed cupping her own breasts for her son.

John moved down her body and without losing eye contact with her thrust his cock balls deep into her wet hole.
Pam cried out and as the cock entered her she came again.
“Oh my sweet little boy oh yes that’s it take your mother and use her cunt as you will. Fuck me now oh fuck me.” She moaned

John now had want he had always wanted his mothers sweet pussy. John started to fuck her slow and hard. He would pull out and then power back into her.
Pam was crying now she had never felt so wanted as her son took her now.

John took her left breast into his mouth and started to suck it as he fucked her. He had now found his own speed and he just went for it.
Pam wrapped her legs around his body keeping her boy inside her.

Both of them where now sweating. The smell of sex was all in the air. Pam and John were now not fucking but he was making love to the woman he loved his own mother.
Pam was now crawling his back she was total lost in her own lust all she wanted was for her son to fill her cunt with his cum.

The bed was banging with the power of their love making.
All at once John moaned to her “oh mother I am cumming. I am shooting into your cunt”
“That a good boy fill your mother up with that warm cum of yours” she moaned.
Pam held John inside her she did not want any of his cum to leak out of her cunt.
They both started to kiss each other now. Pam found her sons tongue and sucked it.
They both fell into a deep sleep each one of them wrapped in each other’s arms.

Chapter 7

Pam and John now slept in the same bed ever night and had wild sex every night too. Pam was teaching John all about a woman’s body and that turn a woman on and off. John turned out to be a natural pussy licker. He loved the taste of a woman’s juice.

Pam also told John what she liked. Like when Pam was on the loo and John needed a pee he rushed into the bathroom to find his mother using it.
“Need to pee really bad” he said to her.
Pam laughed and just opened her mouth and said “pee into here my little lover”
John looked at her but he was too far gone to care and started to piss into her open mouth covering her face too.
Pam then took his cock into her mouth and licked the rest of his pee off it.

Sometimes Pam asked John to tie her to the bed and spank her before they had sex. When they were alone in the house Pam and John walked around naked.
John loved watching his mothers big breasts bounce up and down as she walked.
John was always hard and took her when ever and were ever he wanted. And that was ok with Pam as she was always wet for him.

Pam was just going out the front door to work. John had gone to school a little before she left. The postman was coming down her path with a letter for her.

“Hello I need you to sign for this one please” he said.

Pam looked at him and smiled he was around 19 years old. He was wearing a blue postman shirt and tight blue shorts. Pam could see the outline of his cock in the shorts.

“Ok” said Pam.

Pam signed for the letter.

The postman was looking at Pam she was only wearing her uniform and the three top buttons of it where unfasten. So her big breasts were on show. Pam did not wear a bra any more to work or panties.
Her breasts were bursting to get out of her tight uniform now. Pam knew what he was looking at and smile at him and said “see anything you like”

The post man went bright red in the face. Pam turned back to her door unlocked it and then she opened the door grabbed the postman by the arm and before he knew what was happening she had pulled him into her hallway and closed the door behind them.

Once inside the house Pam unfastened the rest of her uniform and pulled it open. The postman was now looking at her completely naked body. Pam saw his cock getting hard in his shorts.
She licked her lips and gave him a sexy smile before she got down onto her knees. Once on her knees she pulled open his shorts. His cock burst out of them as he did not wear any underwear too.
Pam took his cock in her hand and looked him in the eye and said “nice cock son”
She then took it into her mouth and started to suck his big cockhead.

The postman just moaned as she sucked him off.
Pam now started to deep throat his cock. The postman was now breathing very heavy as she sucked on his cock.
Once he was rock hard Pam let his cock out of her mouth. She bend over and looked at him and said
“Put that big prick of yours in my wet fuck hole now”

He got behinder her now and grabbed her by her waist. He then pushed his cock into her wet hole. Pam moaned as his cock entered her. He now put his hands on her big breasts and started to fuck her. Slow at first but with each thrust he got faster and faster. They were both moaning with pleasure now.

Pam was pushing back on to his cock as he fucked her cunt. He pulled her nipples as he fucked her sweet wet pussy.
They fucked for a good ten minutes before he cried out and came into her wet pussy.

“Oh my god don’t stop I am nearly ready to cum, kept fucking me” she said

He keep up and in fact he got faster. This made her cum

“Oh shit oh fuck I am cumming” she called out to him. Pam covered his cock with her cunt juice.
Pam kissed him and said “best we both get on now”
The postman dressed and left and Pam went to work.

Pam popped into the local newsagents shop on her way to work. She wanted a newspaper Pam was busy that morning as the cafe had started to do some new lines. Pam was getting fed up again with her job. She liked Neil fucking her but the other waitress who useless and she was doing all the work as they just talked to the men in the cafe.

Pam was on her break when Neil came up to her and said “get back to work”
She just looked at him and said “no”
Neil got mad and hit her across the face. Pam kicked him in the balls and stormed out of the cafe. At the door she said “fuck your job you asshole”

Neil went to hit her again but two big lorry drivers stopped him. Neil made the mistake of throwing a punch at one of them. The man hit him full in the face knocking him clean out.
Pam spent the next hour sorting thing out as the Police were called.
Neil was warmed not to go near Pam or he would be arrested.

A young Policeman took her home in his Police car; inside her house Pam made them both a coffee. “If you want I will return your uniform so you don’t have to see him again” said the Policeman

Pam now had a wicked look in her eye. She said “that will be great”
She got off the sofa and took off the uniform and tossed it to the young PC.
He just looked at her naked body.
Pam walked over to him and took his coffee cup and put it on the coffee table. She then pushed him down on the sofa and got on top of him and started to kiss him. At first the PC did not respond. But soon Pam felt his hands on her body and he was soon kissing her back as forcedly as she kissed him.

The young PC was now sucking on her big tits. Pam was moaning and telling him to bite them. Pam started to undo his pants and she pulled his cock free in put it into her hot mouth and started to suck him off. She licked all around his cockhead then deep throated his cock all the way down to his balls. He was thrusting his hips up to her so his cock went deeper into her mouth.

Pam took his cock from her mouth; she then guided it into her wet pussy and started to ride the young Policeman. They both were moaning with pleasure now. Pam pushed a breast into his mouth as she fucked him. Pam bounced up and down on his hot cock as he sucked her big breast. Pam was really bouncing on his cock now she was saying
“Oh fuck me oh fuck my wet hole please cum in my cunt”

After 15 minutes of hard fucking the young Policeman started to cum in her well fucked pussy. As his first ropes of cum entered her she too came with a wild cry of joy.

Chapter 8

Pam tolled John all about what had happened with Neil and how the Police had been called. She also told him that she was going to have to find a new job very soon. John put his arms around her and gives her a big hug and a very long kiss on the lips. Soon they were French kissing each other. John soon had her breasts out of her blouse and was playing with them.
John stopped kissing his mother and took her left breast into his mouth and started to suck on it. Pam's nipples were now rock hard and her pussy was starting to get wet.
She moaned as her son sucked on her hard nipples.
John was sucking each breast in turn and now and then biting hard on the breast.
Pam would let out a loud moan Everytime he bit them.
Her pussy was now very wet and needed to be sucked too.

She asked John to go down on her. John was soon between his mothers legs. Pam pulled her cunt lips open for her sons tongue. He used his tongue pushing it deep into her wet hole. Pam now had her hands on the back of her sons head. She was also thrusting her pussy into his face.
Johns face was now covered with pussy juice.

John now started to lick, bit and kiss her clit. Pam was going wild with lust no one licked her pussy like her son did. She could feel her orgasm starting too built up inside her.
Suddenly she let out a huge moan and completely filled her sons mouth and face with her sweet pussy juice.

Pam looked at her son; her pussy juice was running down his cheek. She pulled him back up on to the sofa and very gently licked his face clean of her pussy juice.

Pam smiled at her son with love filled eyes and said “your turn my deer” she undid his belt and soon had his pants and boxers down. She started to very softy play with his shaft. She would very slowly pull down his foreskin and then let it go back up.
John just watched his mother with a look of joy and bless in his young eyes.

Pam now slipped the cockhead into her mouth and started to lick and suck it. John was moaning and saying “oh god mom I really love you sucking my cock”.
Pam was now letting john push all of his cockshaft into her wet hot mouth. Soon she felt his cock at the back of her throat.
Pam now started to deep throat her son. She would take in all of his cock into her mouth pull back and started again.
She also played with his balls as she sucked on him.
John would thrust his hips to meet her as she sucked back down on his shaft. Pam could feel his shaft tighten and she was rewarded with a mouth full of hot boy cum.
Pam pulled the cock from her mouth just leaving the tip inside her. She then licked the last drop of cum from the tip.

“Thanks mom I really needed that” John said.
Pam smiled at her son and said “go do your homework and I will get tea ready.”
John went to his room and Pam went into the kitchen.
After dinner John was watching TV in the living room and Pam was soaking in a hot bubble bath. Pam had left her mobile phone on the coffee table in the living room. Just then it started to ring.
John picked it up and answered it “hello” he said.
“Oh, hello can I talk to Pam please” the voice asked.
John took the phone up to Pam.
“Cheers” darling she said.
John went back to watching the TV.

“Hello this is Pam can I help you” she said
“Hi Pam its Larry” said the man on the phone”.
“Hi Larry what can I do for you” she answered.
“Well Pam It’s a friend’s birthday tomorrow night and Sean and I want you to come and fuck his brains out if you can” he said.

“Well what do you want and what will you pay?” she asked.
Larry laughed and said “everything how is 400 pounds”
“Will I be fucking you and Sean too” she asked
“Yes” he said
Pam said “no but I will do it for 500 pounds”

“Ok it’s a deal” he said.
Larry told her what she had to do and where to meet them.

Later that night Pam sat on a bar stool in a busy pub waiting for Larry and Sean. She was wearing a small black cocktail dress. The dress was very low in the front and showed a lot of her cleavage. She had on matching high heels and she had her hair on in a bun. A single necklace of white pearls finished off the outfit.

A lot of men had tried to hit on her, but she just smiled at them and said that she was waiting for her friends. Some handed her their numbers but Pam refused them all. She was on her third drink when Larry and Sean and an unknown man entered the pub. Sean was behind the third man and nodded to her.

Pam gave him a wink back. The men stood near the bar next to her. The third man was looking her up and down when he thought she was not looking. Pam pretended to drop her purse so she could bend over. Doing this gave all three men a good view of her full big breasts. The unknown man picked up her purse and handed it back to her.
She smiled and thanked him.

Pam looked at him and said sweetly “my name is Pam”
The man introduced himself as Alan. He also introduced Larry and Sean to her.
Pam said a hello to Larry and Sean. Alan asked if she wanted a drink. Pam thanked him and said “yes please rum and coke”
Alan got the drinks they chatted for a bit when Pam noticed an empty booth in the corner of the pub.

Pam said “oh look an empty booth let’s get it, as this stool is started to hurt my bum.”
Alan laughed.
Once they were all sat in the booth both Larry and Sean got up to play pool. The plan was for Pam to seduce him.
Sean and Larry watched them both from across the other side of the bar. Other men were also watching them and wondering why she had let the old man pick her up. Sean over heard two men talking one said to his friend
“She must be on the game”
Larry just smiled as he listens to them.

Back in the booth Alan told Pam that it was his birthday and he was out with his two best friends.
Pam smiled and said “in that case here is a birthday kiss for you”. She got up and bend over him so her big breasts rubbed him in the chest and placed a big wet kiss on his lips.
As she did this his hands lightly touched her breasts. Pam stopped kissing him and he quickly moved his hands away from her breasts.

Pam took both of his hands and put them back on her breasts. She started once again to kiss him. This time Alan squeezed her breasts as they kissed each other. This carried on for a few minutes. Pam then sat back down and smiled at him. She noticed that he had a hard on in his pants.

Pam looked at him and said “I think we better sort that thing out” pointing at his hard on. Alan went red in the face. Pam just smiled and told him to go out into the car park and she would follow him in a few minutes. Sean stopped her just as she was going out the pub. Pam told him she was going to give him a blowjob in the car park and for them to catch them in a few minutes. Then they all go back to one of the men’s homes for some hot action. Sean nodded to her and she went out the pub.

Pam found Alan in the car park she took his hand and led him to a dark corner of the car park. They were behind a van so no one from the pub could see them. They started to kiss again. Alan’s hands were all over her body feeling her breasts and ass cheeks. They French kissed each other. Pam let him drive his tongue into the back of her mouth. As they kissed Pam pulled down his zipper and pulled out his hard cock.

She was surprised by the hardness and the size of his tool. She could only just wrap her hand around the shaft of his meat. Pam started to play with his cock. She jacked him off very slowly as they kissed.
Alan moaned into her mouth as she played with his cock.

She could feel that he was not going to last much longer. Pam pulled her mouth from his and she then dropped to her knees and took his cock into her wet hot mouth. Pam licked the head of his cock teasing it with her tongue.
She then took the whole cock into her mouth and took him right down her throat to his balls. She pulled out and then repeated it again.
Alan moaned and held her tight as she made love to his cock.

Pam felt the cock and balls tighten in her mouth and she increased her speed. Alan let out a loud cry of joy as he came into her mouth. Pam was at first taken by surprise by the huge load of spunk that was pouring out of the old man's cock. She tighten her lips hard around the cock and started to swallow hard. When the first of his cum hit her lips she had a small orgasm into her panties. Alan shot so much cum that some leaked out the corners of Pam's mouth. When he had finished coming Pam took the now spend cock out of her mouth and licked it clean. Alan smiles at her as she cleaned his cock for him.

Alan jumped when Sean and Larry called out “happy birthday mate”
Pam smiled and just kept on cleaning his cock.
Sean helped her up and handed her a tissue.
Pam wiped the leftover cum from her lips and then dropped the tissue to the floor. Sean could see the confusement in Alan’s face.
So he told him all about Pam and the birthday surprise they planned for him. Alan smiled at Pam when Sean had finished explaining everything.

They all got into a taxi and headed off to Alan’s house. Once in the house Alan served them all drinks. He also put a dirty DVD into the player and they watched it.
Pam got bored with the film and she saw a music system in the corner of the room and she decided to put on some soft sexy music.
Once she found the right kind of music Pam took the remote and turned off the TV. She then started a slow sexy dance in the middle of the room.

She moved her hands up and down her body as she danced. Alan ran up stairs and came back with a video camera and tripod. He set the camera up so that it film her as she danced. Pam slowly started to undo the dress zipper on the back of the dress. She danced and teased them as she lowered the zipper.

Once the zipper was passed her big breasts she let them fall out of the dress. She danced topples around the room. Then let the dress fall to the floor so she was only wearing black stockings and her small black panties. She also undid her hair letting it fall down her back. She tossed her head from side to side letting her hair look like a main of dark black hair. She cupped a breast in each hand as she danced.

She looked at each man as she danced. She then bought her left breast up to her mouth and started to lick the nipple with her long tongue. She did the same to the right breast too.
She then took hold of her panties and pulled them up causing the fabric of the panties to go into her cunt. Which was now getting wet?
The men could smell the order of her cunt in the air.

She pulled the panties into her cunt and at the same time she thrust her cunt out at the men. She turned her back to the men bend fully over then pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Still bend over she pulled her ass cheeks open revealing her wet cunt to the men.

Pam got back up and danced some more. She then took Alan’s hand who was still filming her with the camera and pushed him on to a chair. Sean got up and took his place behind the camera and kept on filming the action.

Once Alan was sat in the chair Pam started to give him a lap dance she pushed her tits into his face and he licked them as they rubbed pass his mouth. She then pushed her left breast into his mouth and he started to suck on it like a baby.
Pam rubbed his bald head as he sucked on her tit. She then pulled it out and let him suck on the right tit now.

Larry and Sean were openly jacking off their own cocks as they watched the show. Sean was jacking off with one hand as he keep the camera on Pam with the other.
Pam got off Alan and got on all fours with her wet cunt facing the men. She looked at them over her shoulder and just said “fuck me now”.

Larry now had his pants off and he rammed his cock fully into her cunt. He grabbed her big tits in his hands and then started the really fuck her.
Pam moaned and moaned as he powered his cock into her cunt. He was not being gentle he was like a wild animal and Pam loved it.
Pam must have cum three times as Larry fucked her cunt. Alan now had his pants off and was holding his cock in his hand.

Larry saw Alan and pulled out of the cunt. Pam let out a cry of disappointment as he pulled out of her. Larry said to Alan “fuck her cunt mate she is dying for it”
Larry then pushed his cock into her open mouth as Alan pushed his cock into her pussy.

Pam was now taking a cock at both ends and Sean got all the action on film. Larry was fucking her mouth like a pussy and Alan who had a bigger cock them both brothers was fucking her cunt without mercy. Pam just moan and came moaned and came as she was used as a fuck toy.
The old men were fucking like young men. They pulled almost out and then powered back into her. Pam was in a world of cum and cocks and she was loving every minute of it.

Larry called out to Sean to zoom into her face as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and sprayed his cum all over her face. A second later Alan pulled out and add his cum to her face. Pam had cum in her hair and eyes. She licked the cum as it poured pass her mouth.
Larry took Sean’s place behind the camera and Sean too aimed his cock at her face and covered it with his spunk too.
Once they had all cum Pam went to the bathroom and got a shower.

Once dressed they all watched the tape it was really hot. Pam wanted to fuck and suck them all again but she had to get home to her son.
Pam kissed them bye and got a taxi home. Once home she got naked and climbed into bed with her son and fucked the life out of him.

The End

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