My life when I was growing up
By Dwight

This is my first story and would appreciate constructive criticism. This is my True Story. Be nice, everything is coming from memory and may be off but I did the best I could off memory. It’s kinda lengthy and I didn’t go into great detail about the sexual parts so you might want to read something else if that’s what you’re wanting. Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Dwight and this is a short version of the last 14 years of my life.

The story starts when I was 11 years old and my sister was 14. I guess this is the part I tell you about myself and my sister. I’m 6’2” and 182lbs with sandy blonde hair that hangs down to my shoulder and my Penis size now is 5 3/4”. I have played sports all my life so I’m in decent shape, not really buff but not fat either. My sister Sarah is 5’3” and 105lbs with dyed blonde hair with black streaks in it that reached midway down her back. She played basketball and softball so she has always been more of a tomboy. She has 36B breasts and a petite build. Now that you know kinda what we look like let’s get to the story.

It all started when I was over at a friend’s house and he showed me a magazine (a Playboy) that he found in his attic. It was the first time I remember getting a hard on. I couldn’t help but think of those pages over the next few days and I heard a few boys talk at school about playing with themselves and how it’s really enjoyable. So I went home and since Sarah and I were always home alone until 4:30 when our mom would get home from work I had a little time to “try” what they were talking about. I went to my bedroom and closed and locked my door. I took my clothes off and got in bed and started playing with my tiny (obviously it was smaller at that age then it is now) penis. I started turning on my music so Sarah wouldn’t hear me a few days after that first time. From that day forward that was my routine until mom would get home. My life changed one day when my mom came home early and in my hurry to jerk off forgot to lock my door. She walked in and there I was just pulling up and down as fast as I could. She started screaming at me asking what I was doing. She told me to stop and get dressed and get downstairs in the living room. I was highly embarrassed to say the least. I went quickly got dressed and went downstairs and sit on the couch waiting on the yelling that was coming. The thing I hadn’t paid any attention to was the fact that Sarah came down right after me and she was red faced and looked like she was about to cry. I couldn’t figure out why she would be in trouble for what I had been doing. A few minutes after my Sarah came down; my mom came walking in the living room with a look of pure fury on her face. She started yelling at both of us about how could we be doing that and wanted to know what else we had done. She started questioning/accusing Sarah about if she could be doing that she had probably had sex too and wanted to know with whom and when we started masturbating together. I was in total shock; my sister had been masturbating too. Sarah was in tears by this point and trying to explain that she didn’t know that I was jerking off too. I told mom the same but she just told me to shut up. Mom told us that if we were going to masturbate in rooms that were right next to each other that we might as well be in the same room. She kept going on about how she had been wrong about thinking Sarah was old enough to watch me and be home alone for an hour before she got off work. Mom told us to go up to our rooms and leave the doors open and she would come up with a punishment later.

Three weeks had passed since that incident in which Sarah and I hardly talked or looked at each other and I just started hoping that my mom had given up on coming up with a punishment when she came home one day and told us to come downstairs. As I walked slowly to the living room I remember thinking my life is over. I sit on the opposite end of the couch that Sarah was on. Before the last three weeks Sarah and I were fairly close cause she had been in charge of me, since I was 7, while mom was at work but after mom said we might as well had been in the same room masturbating I was deeply disturbed at that thought and I couldn’t bring myself to say much to her or be around her for long. Mom told us that she finally figured out what to do with us. She threw Sarah a box of condoms and told her she better not be pregnant cause she didn’t want to have any more mouths to feed. Sarah started crying again and said she was had never been with anybody. Mom said she couldn’t believe she had a slut for a daughter. I felt bad for her. I told mom that I didn’t think Sarah had done anything and mom screamed she hadn’t started on me yet so just sit back, shut up and wait my turn. She then told Sarah she was grounded and to go to her room and she had better never catch her again doing anything that disgusting again. My punishment went about the same all except I wasn’t crying.

All that night I could hear Sarah crying but I was afraid to get up and check on her. When I got up the next school day I noticed my sister didn’t come out of her room to get a shower or anything so I went and knocked on her door to see if she was awake cause we didn’t need to get into any more trouble but she didn’t answer right away. I had to knock twice more before she finally opened her door. She looked horrible. I could tell she hadn’t had hardly any sleep if any and asked her if she was alright. She mumbled that she would be ok but she started crying again so I knew she wasn’t. I told her that I knew she wasn’t what mom called her and that I was sorry cause if mom hadn’t caught me that she wouldn’t be mad like she is. I told Sarah we should stay home today since mom would never know as she leaves before us and gets home after. Sarah started crying harder and just went to lie on her bed again. I went over and sit on the edge of her bed telling her it would be ok and that mom couldn’t stay mad at us forever. Sarah just kept crying and was shaking and I was tired since I was up off and on hearing Sarah crying that I asked her if I could sleep with her like we use to when I would get scared during storms. She just nodded her head and I crawled in bed with her and pulled the covers over both of us. I ended up falling asleep after a while.

I don’t remember how long we slept but the next thing I remember is mom coming in screaming and hitting us. She said she couldn’t believe that we had had sex. Both Sarah and I was begging mom not to hit us and was trying to tell her we overslept for school and that since we couldn’t go to school we decided to go back to sleep. She asked why are u both in bed together? I answered that Sarah was crying so hard and couldn’t sleep that I was trying to comfort her. Mom said no you weren’t, you were probably fucking your sister and you fell asleep in here. I was adamantly trying to tell her that we would never do that but she wouldn’t listen. She just kept ranting and raving until she finally said ok, if you two want to fuck then go ahead. Do it right now in front of me. I told her that I didn’t want to but she said to start stripping. I didn’t know what to do. Mom wasn’t much bigger than me but I couldn’t fight her cause she was my mom so I reluctantly did what she said. Sarah did the same but was crying again begging mom to not make us do this. Mom just said get started and she just stood there with her arms crossed watching us. I was praying to myself not to get hard as I took my briefs off and luckily it worked. I stood there covering myself but didn’t have a hard on. My mom told Sarah that she would have to get me hard because obviously I wasn’t getting hard cause we must have fucked a few times already. I was so mad and scared. I had never showed my penis to any girls yet and was nervous and embarrassed about being naked with my sister in the room. Since I was standing next to the bed mom grabbed Sarah’s hand and while she was doing that, she told her that she knew she was a slut so don’t hold back now cause she was in there. She forced Sarah’s hand to grab ahold of my limp penis and start pulling it up and down. I was doing everything but looking at either one of them. As much as I fought I couldn’t stop myself from getting an erection. Mom said that she don’t see how it would be fun fucking my cock since I was only about 4” at the time. She told Sarah to start sucking on it. I was just standing there with my eyes closed and my head back. As much as I hated it I couldn’t help but enjoy the fact that I was being jerked off. Sarah looked like she wasn’t going to obey mom so mom grabbed her head and shoved it forward until her lips and face was against me. Mom was screaming at Sarah to open her mouth and when she wouldn’t mom pinched her nose closed and forced her to open her mouth. When Sarah did gasp for air mom shoved her mouth over my cock. It hurt so bad cause her teeth had scraped by dick and made it bleed a little. I jumped back a little when I got cut and hollered. Mom told me not to be a pussy, that she already had one daughter with a pussy and didn’t need another. Mom was forcing Sarah’s head back and forth until Sarah started doing it on her own. Years later Sarah told me it was because it didn’t hurt as bad and she didn’t gag as much when mom wasn’t pushing. After a minute or two later I was at my limit and told mom this. She screamed that it was disgusting that I was going to cum when it was my sister that was the one doing everything to me. I felt horrible too but what could I do, I was a young guy and couldn’t last long. When I started to cum mom forced Sarah’s head to deep throat me until I was done Cumming. When mom finally let go Sarah pulled back coughing and spitting up cum and spit and then she finally puked. Mom said to clean up the floor and that we would be sharing a room from here on out.

I felt horrible for Sarah; she was still coughing and spitting and was red faced and crying. I leaned down and asked her if she was ok and she pulled away without saying anything. I pulled on my clothes and went to get towels.

Later that day mom made Sarah and me take my bed apart and taken out to the old building and take my dresser into Sarah’s room and my other things went out to the building. Mom said since we like to fuck each other that we could share everything, meaning everything like a toothbrush, towels, razors in later years and anything you could think of.

When it came time to sleep that night mom came and told us we were to always sleep in the nude and that we were going to fuck once a day. I was still shocked from everything else that I hadn’t paid any attention to much that went on around me that when we crawled in bed that night mom came in and made us take the covers off and she found us both wearing clothes. I had on shorts and a t-shirt and Sarah wearing a long t-shirt and shorts. Needless to say the Punishment for not listening to mom was that we had to fuck before we were allowed to go to sleep.

That was the first time we had sex, it wasn’t anything romantic or anything like that. It was over fairly quick and I was so thankful for that. Of course Sarah cried the whole time and she was a virgin cause I had to break thru to get very far. Mom said that we could go to sleep after I got done and I rolled off Sarah and laid there. I wouldn’t admit it at the time but I caught myself smiling after I lay back thinking that I had just lost my Virginity but then reality hit and I came crashing back to earth. I got up and got a towel and a wet towel for Sarah. I hated to see her like that. That night we slept on the edges of the bed as far from each other as possible.

That was how our life was for a few weeks; we would come home from school knowing that when mom would come home she would make us have sex in front of her. I started getting a hard on when I got home; I was so embarrassed that I was getting turned on thinking of what was going to happen in a short amount of time. Sarah told me she was so thankful that she had go her period that day cause mom couldn’t make us fuck when she was like that. How wrong she was. Mom came home and asked why we weren’t upstairs getting undressed when Sarah told her about her getting her period. Mom just looked at her and said you have another hole that can be used. I was standing there with my mouth open when I heard her say that. Sarah started begging for mom to not make us do this but mom didn’t care. Mom just said she watched us fuck 15 or so times and that she knew her slut of a daughter loved being fucked and her horny son couldn’t go a week without fucking so Sarah’s ass was what was going to be used when she had a period.

Mom did allow Sarah to go wash her asshole and mom brought her lube for us to use. I took it very slow and Sarah was again crying but since it was very tight I didn’t have much of a problem Cumming fast.

That night when we lay down to go to sleep, Sarah was crying again and I told her I was sorry for hurting her. She told me to shut up before I get us both in trouble.

The next 6 days was the same, butt sex when mom got home. Sarah crying herself to sleep every night and me wishing there was something I could do to make her feel better.

The next few months were like that. Sarah and I would go to school, act like nothing was wrong and when mom got home we would fuck as quick as possible to get it over with. Afterwards Sarah would get a shower and mom would sometimes let her go out with some of her friends to the movies. I guess it was because she didn’t have an orgasm during those fuck sessions but she was never as tired as me afterwards.

We both were playing baseball/softball so the fuck sessions didn’t happen until sometimes late at night. It started getting to the point where mom didn’t always stay and watch us finish but I guess because we were both use to it we just kept going until I would cum.

After a couple weeks when mom had stopped watching us fuck we just kept on because it was in our routine. I knew I should have stopped but we had already been fucking for so long that part of my mind was saying just do it and so I did. Sarah was even showing signs of enjoying it, because even while mom was watching she started moving with me; meeting my thrusts halfway. I didn’t notice much at first but when I did I was so confused. I was doing something I knew she hated but she was enjoying it. She even had started cuddling with me after we fucked and of a nighttime. So I knew something was changing in her.

A few days after I realized she was enjoying it, I researched on the computer ways to make it more pleasurable for her and I found out that I could go down on her and it would be very pleasurable for her. (Keep in mind I was still young, maybe not so innocent but still very young) I decided to ask her if she would like me to do that since she had been giving me pleasure for so long now.

The day finally came when I decided to ask her and she got a little shy and said she shouldn’t be wanting this with me but she said that she had wanted to ask me if I would do that to her but was afraid mom would find out and be pissed. We decided to try it the following day since mom was going to be home soon that day.

The following day I had to hide a hard on for most of the school day. I just couldn’t think of anything else but what I was going to be doing after school. We got home and went straight upstairs. We wanted to do this before mom could have time to get home and catch us. We got undressed and she lay down. I got down at the edge of the bed and parted her swollen pussy lips with my right hand and noticed how wet she was. She normally wasn’t like this until we had fucked a minute or so. I bent down and gave her a light lick with my tongue. She gasped and I quickly pulled my head back thinking I had done something wrong. Sarah told me no that it was just a shock and it felt good so I bent back down and gave a few more licks and then sucked on her enlarged clitoris. When I did this she gasped again and brought her legs together around my head and wouldn’t let me move back. I continued my assault of her vagina with my tongue until she literally squealed. I was out of breath and so was she. I had just given her an orgasm. I had never witnessed her having one before. I know she had given herself some because she knew exactly how to tell me to lick and suck to bring her off. I was so hard after that but was so tired I didn’t think I was going to be able to fuck her for a while. Sarah leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said thanks and asked if I would hold her while she took a nap. I was disappointed to say the least but she was still my big sister and I did what she said.

I don’t know when I fell asleep too but mom had apparently decided we had already fucked and decided not to wake us up when she got home.

My life kept on like that for a while; go to school, eat Sarah out, and wake up after a nap and fuck before Sarah would go and fix us supper. We started making love rather than just quick fucking. We both had tried different things and I finally got some stamina. We learned what we had to do to both have an orgasm at the same time. It was always better when we did that because we both were satisfied. My favorite position was her on top or cowgirl but she enjoyed reverse cowgirl better but I didn’t care; either way she was still on top and she could always make herself orgasm better when she was in control.

Neither Sarah nor I dated during High School. None of our friends could understand why we didn’t, both being on sports teams, both fairly good looking; we should have easily found somebody to date but we just couldn’t justify it to each other. Somewhere along the lines of the Punishment, Sarah and I fell in love.

Sarah’s senior year of high school was kinda difficult because we had to act like a normal brother and sister even though we both are madly in love with each other. I was a freshman but since I played sports and hung around Sarah a lot I didn’t have to worry about anybody saying anything. Sarah was jealous of any girl that talked to me and I was the same way with any guy that even looked at her. She had just turned 18 when she graduated and I was going to be 15 in a month, so when she was ready to go to college she got a check a month for our father passing away on the job not long after I was born that covered her renting a house and living expenses at EKU. We talked mom into letting Sarah have Custody of me so I could legally move in with her. Sarah paid for me to be home schooled and I was able to, with her help, get my diploma in only a year after she had graduated. Unfortunately since we are brother and sister, who would have caused problems for us both if people there found out, I stayed away from her few friends she had made and she never brought them to our house so they had never met me. So I enrolled in EKU with Sarah and since nobody knew I was her little brother, we were able to go out holding hands and kissing and all that jazz. It was the first time we were truly happy.

I’m now 25 and Sarah is 28. Life has been great to us. The only problem we have had was our friends wandering when we are going to get married because we have been together so long. We are still afraid to tell them we are brother and sister. What I told her was we could go away and act like we got married and buy wedding bands and tell everybody that we did get married.

If you’re wandering, no we haven’t talked to our mom since we moved out. We owe her so much but we can’t bring ourselves to say that to her.

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