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I've changed the names in this story for personal reasons.
It was the start of summer, at the time I was 16 years old. For most of my childhood, I can remember being extremely horny (even before teen years), by the age of 9 I had already started to masturbate, but it wasn't the proper way. I would just rub my dick on my bed sheets and stuff, and never really knew what I was doing, it almost scared me sometimes... cause I didn't know if it was normal, but it felt good, so naturally I did it. Anyways from around the age of 11 or so I always would think about having my first sexual experience and wanted it before I was past age 17 at least. (if you're wondering how I knew so much about sex at a young age, I had an older brother, who has moved out by this point of my life). Well for me, I actually achieved the goal, and 1 year to spare. so the story begins...

It was the start of summer, and at the time I was 16, ( like I said). My name is Mark, and 10th grade had just ended for me and I was feeling kind of lonely. I didn't have many friends, never been to a party, and felt as though I was wasting my teen years. I never had a girl friend and only kissed one girl back in the 8th grade. I was beginning to become depressed, but that all changed during this particular summer.
It started off like any summer, swimming, spending time with family, swimming more and video games. Life was good, beside the fact I was an extremely horny 16 year old with no sexual experiences. I was frustrated by this, I felt like I was missing out, I knew so many people that weren't virgins.. It made me feel like I was missing out on something. Anyways I remember the day that lead to the change of this situation like no other.
It was a Saturday after noon, and my parents said they were going to be going on vacation, to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They were going to be gone for 2 weeks! even though they weren't leaving for another week, the first thing that came to my mind, (and probably any other 16 year old's mind, that was in this situation), 2 weeks of free roaming the house naked, masturbating and of cousre porn. Just them telling me they were leaving and me thinking about the 2 weeks alone made my dick get a little hard, like a semi-boner.
A week later...
The day they left was a pretty good feeling. Once they closed the door, I immediately went to the computer to watch porn, within 2 minutes of them being gone, my pants were to the ground and my dick was as hard as it gets. As I was masturbating, for a few minutes I heard a knock at the door... this always seemed to happen either that or the phone rings... wasn't nice. anyways it was an old friend from grade school that lived a few doors down and said he heard my parents were leaving for 2 weeks and for them to check on the house for them. He asked jokingly "were you just masturbating bro?" A little embarassed I replyed "aha no man, just watching some T.V" ( I was just masturbating, hard, no more than a minute ago, before him asking me, lol). Anyways, so he asked me if I wanted to go to this party cause my parents were going to be gone and all. I was actually pretty excited for once and said "sure man, when and where?" kind of chill, so I wouldn't sound to desperate. He told me where and it was going to be tommorow, so I was alittle nervous, was going to be my first party. After he left, he said he had stuff to do, and it's obvious what I did shortly after (jacked it), and then just watched t.v for the rest of the night and past out on the couch.
In the morning I woke up with morning wood, and layed there for a while stroking it slowly. Nothing extreme though. Anyways I got up ate some brekfast and worked out like I did almost every morning, I wasn't a jack show or anything... just kind of toned body. Anyways after I took a shower and played some video games.. basically waiting for the party.
Later that night...
Just before the party I watched some porn and jacked off some more. I thought maybe this way I won't be so horny and cum in my pants at every girl that looks at me.
At the party I knew no one there... It was bad for the first 20 mins, I talked to no one.. Until this chick named Kayla walked up to me, and said he "nice bum where ya' from" jokingly and lightly tapped my ass. I said "Butt fuck Idaho, where do you think?" and she laughed unushally loud at that. Anyways we talked for an hour and then it started getting sexual...
She asked if I wanted to go somewhere more private. (I immediately thought of my empty house, with an in-ground pool and hot-tub, I thought couldn't go wrong). so I said "well my parents are gone for 2 weeks and my house is empty, wanna' go there maybe?" hoping she wouldn't be totally creeped out and scared away. She said "sure! that sounds kinda hot actually" in a cute voice.
(My house was no more than a 15 min walk from the party)
When we got to the house, it was dark and creepy, so I turned on some lights so she wouldn't be freaked out. And asked if she wanted something to drink. At this point I acted like a totally different person, not shy, talkative... I was determined to fuck this chick. She had a drink of water, and said "so I was thinking we could go in your hot, hot-tub". I said that sounds nice right about now, and said "You don't have a bathing suit though..." (after I said this I felt stupid) She said " I don't need one, silly, just give me one of your shirts", so I gave her a small shirt on purpose so I would be able to see her ass. As I was changing, she opened my door slowly and dimed my light. I was obviously naked and turned away, and kind of gasped. My dick was already kind of hard cause I was getting naked, no one is home and I have a cute chick at my house. She must of saw this cause she said "starting without me?" I said "ahhh, um, no I was just changing that's all..." really embarassed. She came up to me and said "you look like you could use a hand", and wraped her half naked body around my naked body and reached right for my dick. Needless to say I was fully erect at this point, probably ready to cum too, this was my first time having someone else other than me touch it. It felt so good, unimaginable. I was mouning in pleasure. After she stroked it slowly for a while, kind of sexually giggling, she said "that'll be enough we don't want you to get too excited yet." I couldn't beileve what had happened... that was my first sexual experience, and I couldn't wait for more. She left the room and said "why don't you finish getting changed and i'll be waiting", I said "yeah, be down in a second." trying to sound relaxed as possible, even though inside my heart is pounding like I wanted to pound her, and I was nervous as shit.
I went down stairs and got a good look at her, the way her lightly tanned skin glowed in the dim light of my living room, her hair was put back and looked sexy, she was at least a B cup, and I wasn't complaining. I showed her to the hot-tub, and she got in first as she got in, her ass was right in my face! and no panties on! just my small shirt I gave her, I got a noticable hard on from this, she kind of smiled at me, when she noticed. When I got in she started rubbing my chest, the way the water gleamed off her skin in the moon light, with her soft touch to my face... saying "Is this your first time", I got a full out hard-on. "I said yes" hesitantly. She said "Mine too, I might not seem nervous, but i'm actually really nervous." I said "don't worry me too." as I comforted her and carressed her face. Right after I said that she moved slowly down my stomach to my dick, and started to rub me, saying "yeah you like that." real sexy. I mouned alittle and said "fuck yeah" and tilted my head back. She took the shirt off and was fully naked. I was ready to cum, and said pretty loud, "ohhh stop stroking im gonna cum, ohhh." She stopped and kissed me hard, and I started feeling her breasts, the way the water felt on her perky nipples was unreal, as she kissed my neck, and mouned. I moved my way down to her vagina, and with two fingers opened it, and rubbed it for a while she started getting really aroused now, as she mouned louder and louder, and the kissing and carressing got more intense, then she took my swim suit off and said "I want it in me now." I was extremely nervous now, but i did it anyways. I picked her up, and slowly giuded her down on to my rock hard dick, when it first went in she yelled "ooooohh yeah, fuck that hurts" so I slowed down, it was really tight, tighter than I ever imagined it was going to be. She said "Keep going, it feels sooo good" So I put it back in and started slow, and kissed her neck, bt it got faster and faster and within 2 mins I pulled out really fast mouning in pleasure and got up and she started to suck it cause I was going to cum, and she finished me off.
after we sat there kissing and carressing each other, for another 20 mins or so, and then we went back in side and put on a movie, she was just in her panties and my wet shirt and I was in my boxers and no shirt, we just lay on the floor watching a movie and kissing, in the dim light, still kind of wet from the hot-tub. We eventually fell asleep.

We woke up the next morning had brekfast and she said how great her first time was with me, and I agreeed. Basically I had a girl friend after that, and things were going real good for me now. Being only 16 I was happy with what I got. Just wish it lasted longer.

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2012-07-06 14:18:56
you need to space it was to hard to read. slow down and proof read.

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2012-07-06 01:10:11
Yeah I didn't want to make it to long, so I made it short while still getting all the important stuff down.. I will, however, keep this in mind for the next story I submit.

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2012-07-05 23:30:32
You wrote this in a hurry. The story seemed rushed, the words were rushed and it was too short. More detail would help. We want to use all our senses so we can touch, taste and smell it as well as see it. We don't just want a history lesson, we want to be titillated.



2012-07-05 21:53:06
moaned* Sorry, lol isn't that big of a deal, I mean I wrote the story.. clearly I can spell.

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