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Story of a young girl who its abused and raped by her step father
Step up
I can barely remember when it all started. I think it was two years after my mother died. My step dad got everything. she never made a proper will, there was no need, her death happened so suddenly. the main thing that stuck in my mind was thinking ' why am I the only one heart broken. my step brother, he never liked my mother. so he really didn't care. my step father, I figured he was trying to protect me from the greif. I was 14 when this all happened. a year later just after my 15th birthday my step father called me into his office. he said ' due to the great loss you have been through, all of us have been through. I think, if it will make you feel safer, you can cal me daddy.' I was really touched by this. we had never ben that close. to be honest I thought he hated me. ' just not infront of James' he added. ' yes.... daddy' I replied as I left the room. it felt so nice to have a parent again. someone to rely on. someone to protect me.things went pretty well for the next year. it was the week leading up to my 16th birthday. James had moved out, to go to uni and I was just finishing off my gcses. every night my daddywould just yell at me. I was trying so hard to be a better daughter. a good girl.One day I arrived home late. I had been held back after school. 'Mia, get in here now.' my Daddy yelled. he sounded angry. 'Mia! why are you home so late?' he asked. I had my reason ready to go. I told him what had happened at school. ' don't lie to me you stupid little BITCH!, you've been a handful this week! worse than usual! well im sick of it!'I started to cry. I had no idea what I had done wrong. 'put your school bags down and come and stand in front if me'I complied. I stood to the side of him and he turned round in his office chair. ' now, tell me you are sorry.'' im sorry daddy' I said between tears.' now say you'll make it up to me by being the most obidiant little girl in the world.''Daddy I will make it up to you by being the most obidiant little girl in the world.' ' promise me you will do everything I say to make it up to me for being such a bad girl''daddy I promise you that I will do everything you say to make it up to you for being a really bad girl' I couldn't understand why he was doing this. he never did this before. ' now, tell me your sorry, again'' daddy im sorry''i don't believe you!' I continued to cry harder. ' I think you need to be taught a lesson, you little whore! Bend over my knee' I was confused. so I stayed glued to the spot. ' do it now you little bitch! or were you lieing again when you promised you'd do what I say!' I went over to him and bent over his knees. and that was the first time my daddy hit me. before he started he pushed me forward so my bum was the only thing on his lap. I was hanging upside down from my stepfathers knee, in my school uniform on a friday night. he began hitting me hard through my clothes. I didn't make a sound. I layed there. motionless. I was too shocked. it didn't hurt.untill he took my skirt off. I felt him unbutton it and pull it down. I felt it fall. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to make him angry... so I just Layed there. again. whilst he stroked my bum through my panties. he got bored of that petty quick. he resumed hitting me. this time it hurt more. but I still remained silent. after a few minets of him doing this, he took a pair of sissors and cut my panties off. as he did this I protested. I attempted to get up, but he held me down.'daddy please!' I managed to say.'shut up you little slut!' he started smacking me again. this time I whimpered and squeeked. he started to laugh. the more I squeeked the harder he hit me. 'Mia, have you learned your lesson?' he asked'yes daddy' I said through my tears. 'hmm, I think your lieing to me mia. your behind is not nearly red enough for you to have learnt you lesson'he pulled me up and onto my knees. I just knelt there as he walked to the other side of the room. he came back, behind me and grabbed both my arms and duct taped my wrists together. he then pulled me up and bent me over his desk. I cried out ' please don't'He then began strikeing my bare ass with a cane. I screamed each time he did it. he striked me so many times I lost count. he stopped.'you know Mia, we would be done now if you had addressesed me properly'he began strikeing me again. each time I screamed louder. 'you know what im sick of your screams.'he walked around the table and shoved what was left of my panties in my mouth. then duct taped my mouth closed.'stop crying slut' he resumed spanking me once again. till the phone rang. when he put the phone down he turned to me. still bent over his desk. crying with many bruses on my ass. he admired his work then slaped my ass with his hand. I squeedked. the pain was excrutiating. I wanted to run and hide. but I knew my legs wouldnt carry me, and what would he do to me if I did.'honey' he said ' that was work, they need me to come in for a few hours.'its over. I thought. he pulled me up so I was standing. he opened the door and sat me down. one leg on either side of it. he then cut off my blouse and bra. he flicked my niples untill they went hard. then forced me to lay down. and left me there.

I lay there crying, not even thinking about trying to get up. I could hear the rain outside, it didnt stop. Eventually i managed to control my tears. I tried to free my hands but the duct tape was too strong. I tried to sit up, i couldn't. I tried to wriggle and shuffel away from the door. Than i realised why he had left me here. Everytime i shuffled the side of the door rubbed against my vagina. He had slotted the door right in me. It was a strange feeling. I kept doing it for a bit not realising what i was doing. Then i heard the front door, the unzipping of a jacket, footsteps coming towards me. My father walked in, ignored me and went over to his desk. He made phone call after phonecall. Work related i presumed. I layed there. Hopeing he had forgotten about me. Then he came over.

He pulled me along the floor away from the door. I layed on the floor, not moving. Not closing my legs even tho i now could. He picked up his long umbrella and began pokeing inside my vagina with it. It was cold wet and pointy. I squeeked with every touch of the cold metal tip. He then shoved it right in my vagina. I screemed, my screem was muffled by what was left of my pants duct taped in my mouth.
'a bit tight' he said. Pulling the umbrella out. I was confused. He pulled me up onto my feet, bent me over and put his finger up my bum.
' also tight' He said. ' this could be fun'
He went over to my school bag, took out my mobile phone my keys and my laptop. He locked them in his safe.
' time for you to go to bed Mia' he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my room. He released my bound hands and ripped off the gag. He left. And i heard the lock click and him walk away. I was confused and powerless. I Got Into My Night dress And I cried my self to sleep.
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