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SId wants to get his rocks off... Kim Lin learns some lessons.
Part 5

Chapter 5A

Meanwhile, Sid was hot and horny and wanted to get his rocks off with Judy. While Kim Lin was astride Judy’s face, he got on top of Judy’s legs and straddled her crotch. His raging hardon was jammed against the furry juncture of her legs and his aroused manhood was very hard. Opening her pussy lips with one hand, he rubbed his cock head all around the opening and over Judy's clit. She arched her back to get away from the intensity of the feelings coming from this clitty and lips massage. But the bonds around her ankles and wrists held her in place as he tortured and teased her for a time.

The succulent, young cunt she was sucking and the tantalizing tease Sid was doing to her drooling opening were enough to not only excite her, but put her near the edge of her climax before he even entered her. When Sid stopped teasing and hurtled his steel hard prick to the depths of her birth canal, Judy saw stars and her orgiastic muscular rhythms caused her to curl her toes, arch her back further and push her head far down into the mattress. She gritted her teeth and hissed loudly up into the juicy snatch above her mouth. Kim Lin, not sure what was happening, rose off of her to see what was going on.

When Kim Lin saw Judy's eyes squeezed shut and her tense body with Sid's big prick buried to the hilt in her pussy, it became obvious what was happening. Sid bent her head down to Judy's left nipple and said "Suck!" in a commanding tone.

Kim Lin knew the meaning of that word well. It was one of the first that Sid had taught her and she now responded automatically to it. She easily bent her head to the incredibly long nipple of the tied up girl and began bestowing leisurely tongue licks and small sucks and squeezes with her tiny teeth to it. She noticed the holes in the ends and wondered about them, but couldn't stop her duties to ask.

As she suckled at Judy's left breast, she reached out with two small hands and tried to kneed the big doughy flesh of the right one. She was envious of the size and shape of the larger girl's breasts and wondered if hers would ever grow to that size. She hoped that hers would be half as pretty and perky.

After Judy had strained her last sigh, Sid pushed Kim Lin's ass back down over Judy's nose and mouth and moved Kim Lin's mouth down to Judy's clit. He leaned back with his hard prick moving in and out of Judy's horny slit and let Kim Lin have room to lick and slurp at Judy's love nub. Judy was so aroused now, that almost any stimulation would bring her right back to her peak, and the diminutive mouth on her horny clit did the trick again.

As she was coming down from yet another glorious high, Kim Lin reached her hand under Judy's ass and found the ass crack and spread the two halves. This was no mean feat with Sid bucking full force into the wildly thrashing Judy's cunt, but she did manage to get her hand between Judy's cheeks. With the slickness from Judy's cunt on her other hand, Kim Lin sank two of her fingers of that hand deep up into Judy's ass hole. Judy jerked as if to get away from the intruding fingers, then she jerked again as her climaxing spasms sent her body yet again and again into blissful heaven.

Just about that same time, Sid felt the deep trigger within the base of his prick that signaled the onset of his orgasm. He hunched as hard as he could into Judy's quivering twat and unloaded squirt after squirt of hot, sweet man juice down deep into Judy's jerking and cuming cunt. When he was done and had pulled out of Judy, Kim Lin's bobbing head dipped down into the open and angry red orifice and lapped up all of Sid's seed. The mental picture Judy had of this little girl sucking the cum juices from her cunt along with the feelings once again rising in her cunt and ass hole pushed Judy over the top once more and she cried out and moaned her delight into Kim Lin's own pussy.

The extra excitement exhibited by the twitching Judy and the twirling tongue in her cunt caused quite a stir in Kim Lin. She loved the taste of Sid's cum. She also liked the smell of the combined mixture of Judy's cunt juices and Sid's semen. It drove her right up to the peak of her excitement. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as a strange feeling overtook her and caused the back of her head to feel like it was going to explode. As the feeling rushed over her and brought her to her own orgasm, she hugged Judy's pussy closer to her and buried her two fingers deeper into the larger girl's ass hole.

"What a sweet cum!" said Judy aloud. "Did you see her cum then, Sid?" asked Judy from between the exhausted girl's legs.

"Yes, I did." said Sid "From the looks of it, I believe it was her first girl-orgasm. She just looks exhausted now. Here, let me get you out of those cuffs so you can enjoy her more." Putting words to deeds, Sid quickly un-cuffed her wrists and ankles and she rubbed the hands and he rubbed her feet to try to get the feeling back into them.

"Oh, Sid, said Judy as the realization that Sid had brought another hole home to fuck sank in to her, "Do you really need another woman? Am I not enough for you?" she asked plaintively.

"Understand this. I love you. Nothing is going to get in the way of that. But I have spent my entire adult life surrounded by cunts and asses and tits. I am a confirmed pussy man. I love pussy and one is just not enough. I thought if we could add this extra bit of spice to our lives you'd turn on to the kind of life I want for both of us." he explained.

"She's still a virgin. I wanted you to have the honor of either taking her cherry or watching while I did it. I also want you to help me train her to be the kind of sex slave we both want. She is totally uninhibited and feels very lucky to be here. I will wait until you decide when we should take both her vaginal and her ass virginity. I have already taken her mouth. I had to do that to train her to lick pussy and please us both. I needed something to establish our sexual dominance over her." He explained further.

Judy saw that all of her pleading and tears would do no good. Sid didn't even understand her dilemma nor did he see the fear in her eyes at the prospect of having to compete with the tiny little girl from Asia. She resolved that she would take it all in stride, at least on the outside and follow along with Sid's plans for the time being. But she just knew she wasn't going to like it.

Chapter 5B

Three months later as wintry winds blew around the corners of the mountain top home and the cold snows settled in six and eight inch piles across the patio around the swimming pool outside, Judy sat on the couch watching the logs in the fireplace burn merrily. She reflected on her current attitudes about Kim Lin versus her first night's resolve not to like her.

Kim Lin was a very self depreciating girl who felt so inferior to these people that she looked upon them as near gods and literally worshipped the ground they walked upon. She was so responsive to commands and eager to learn any new trick they would teach her about how to please them more that Judy found it awfully hard not to like her. Not only had Judy's maternal instincts kicked in about the little China doll, her horniness had increased and she had cum more often since Kim Lin joined them than in all of the year and a half with Sid alone. She was definitely fond of Kim Lin and felt that this relationship could work out just like Sid had wanted.

She took over the girl's education in both her language classes as well as her sex classes. Judy was good at sex, but Kim Lin had almost caught up with her in language usage and when she did, she started asking questions.

Right now, Kim Lin was asking her a series of questions that detracted from her own inner thoughts and kept her from enjoying the fireplace like she wanted. It seemed that the little China doll had become possessed with the desire to know everything at once. She never stopped quenching her curiosity. Incessantly, she asked about the oven and how it heated and what electricity was and how the microwave worked and why it operated to make things hot without touching them and things that Judy did not know.

It was just another appliance to her. It had always been so. It just worked when it was plugged in and turned on. Kim Lin kept up her barrage of questions until Judy finally told her to shut up. When Kim Lin, in her enthusiasm to learn kept on with her questions, Judy got mad and finally decided to teach the girl a lesson she would never forget.

She grabbed Kim Lin up by both wrists and hoisted her up and over her shoulder. Kim Lin lay limply across the larger girl's shoulder. She had learned to let this strong person handle her body in any manner she wanted to. Judy struggled a minute under the seventy pounds of weight she had taken on her shoulders and might have collapsed under the dead weight of the growing girl if Sid had not come into the room and relieved her of her burden just then.

"What has she done to piss you off so, honey?" he asked solicitously as he noticed the angry set of her eyes and jaw.

"Oh, nothing serious, she just won't shut up about electricity and I thought I'd show her just what getting a charge out of life could be like." She replied as if they were talking about another person in another room. Kim Lin heard and understood most of what was said. She had gotten used to being talked about as if she weren't in the room and she thought that was the way one as worthless as her should be treated. She was just grateful for the roof over her head and the food in front of her. Her awe of these people knew no bounds.

A light of understanding came on in Sid's eyes and he put the limp girl down on her feet and grabbed her wrists behind her back and marched her off to the playroom. While he headed Kim Lin over to the dangling ropes, Judy went to the cupboard and came back over to Sid with her hands full. They invested Kim Lin with the wrist and ankle cuffs and the waist belt with the metal loops on it as well as the large dog collar around her neck. Then Sid pulled her arms around behind her and up almost even with her shoulder blades. Kim Lin's sharp intake of breath told them of the pain she was in.

Using a piece of chain with small hooks at either end to secure her wrists to the dog collar, Sid then ran one of the dangling ropes through her arm pits and up behind her to tie onto itself. Then he increased the tension on the rope so that her full weight rose up on her toes. Her calf muscles stood out prettily with her strain and her small titty buds were thrust upward nicely.

Judy had been at the cupboard and now came over to the tied up girl with an alcohol swab in one hand and a long, straight needle in the other. Sid took the alcohol swab from her and began cleaning the entire area around Kim Lin's nipples. When he finished cleaning them, he began pinching the right one. Kim Lin sucked in another big gulp of air and stood silently, transfixed as Sid raised the glistening needle to the end of the nipple he was pinching and pulling.

He pushed it sharply against the side of the nipple and she was confronted with the sight of the needle cruelly pushing all the way through her budding little girl flesh before the pain of the sharp needle tearing its way through her tender nub hit her brain. When it did, she screamed loudly. She begged them to stop. She couldn't understand why these people were now hurting her. At the same time, it strangely excited her that she was being treated this way. She felt totally alive and all of her senses were heightened by their activity.

Sid twisted the needle around in the hole he had pierced in her nipple and ran it back and forth a few times. There was surprisingly little blood and Judy gave him a small loop earring to affix in the freshly made hole. All of this was extremely painful to the little girl child and she sobbed and screamed incessantly.

"Stop that, now. Kim Lin, we are just trying to answer your curious questions about electricity. You cannot know all about something until you feel it in your body." Sid patiently explained as he began pinching the other nipple. When he pierced the other nipple, Kim Lin jerked and moaned, but did not scream as she did before. She desperately wanted to do what Sid and Judy wanted of her. She was constantly afraid she would be returned to the jungle existence she had come from.

"Now then, my dear, you have been properly prepared for your experiment with electricity." He said as he attached the other earring and stood back to admire his handiwork..

Judy, the ever helpful assistant then brought out a pair of long wires attached to a small black box with a dial on it. The black box had a lamp cord wire attached to it that was plugged in to the wall. At the end of the two wires in Judy's hands were what looked like fishhooks without the barbs. Judy hooked them into the freshly placed loop earrings in Kim Lin's throbbing nipples.

"Now, Kim Lin, here's how electricity can tickle." Sid said as he barely turned the dial on the black box. Kim Lin jerked as a mild tickling sensation ran across her nipples and down into her breasts.

"Oh!" she exclaimed as she felt the tickling begin to build into a near pain that had her wondering if this could get worse. Then Sid notched up the dial again and she knew that it could be pure hell. He jerked the dial up higher and right back down quickly. Kim Lin's entire body jerked and strained. Her head flew back and she stood even higher on her toes to get away from the vicious pain in her tits. Sid kept flashing her with jolt after jolt of pain from the wires and Kim Lin kept jerking like a marionette on a set of wires.

Meanwhile, Judy had retrieved a buggy whip from the cupboard and began whipping up and down the back of Kim Lin's legs and buns and the small of her back. Every time she swished and cracked across the adolescent girl's back or legs, Kim Lin jerked and cried out again. Kim Lin couldn't decide which was worse; the electrical shocks to her sore titties or the vicious whipping her ass and legs were taking. The pain of her torture was almost too much for her to bear.

She went into a semi-trance of pain where the world around her was there, just not as intense or as intrusive upon her consciousness. She entered a level of pain that let her feel and be aware without getting right next to the extreme torture she was being subjected to. Sid and Judy stopped shocking and whipping her. Sid released her tits from the electrical wires and put the electrical apparatus away in the cupboard.

When he returned, he held out a pair of hooks on strings to Judy. Kim Lin thought they were going to shock her titties some more and squirmed away from Judy's hands and pleaded for mercy. "No, No you silly girl, that was just to demonstrate electricity and perhaps to cauterize your holes. These are to train your nipples to grow and stay long and sensitive." Judy said. With that, she re-hooked each one and tied the strings to another dangling rope. As she put tension on that overhead rope, Kim Lin's small, budding breasts rose up and pointed straight to the ceiling. The nipples were stretched so that Kim Lin feared the earrings would pull through the ends of her tits! There was fire in the ends of her nipples and she saw a drop of blood fall from her right tit as she squirmed and begged Judy not to pull any harder on the rope.

Judy let off a bit on the tension and tied the rope off. Sid and Judy sat back on the cushions around the room to watch the girl strain to maintain her balance on her toes to keep the tension off her strained arms and tits. Every time she would tire and settle down to the bottoms of her feet, the tension on both her arms and her nipples was so intense that she thought she would pass out.

"Now that you have pretty, pierced nipples, like mine, you will have to spend an hour a day in this position until you are fully trained." said Judy to the trembling teenager. "When you are through up there, you will come over here and suck my cunt and thank me and Sid for our beautiful gift to you. Those earrings look stunning in your tits, Kim Lin." she continued. Kim Lin only moaned and nodded her head and tried bravely to stay up on her toes.

After about thirty minutes of their delicious observations, just as Sid and Judy noticed that Kim Lin was about to pass out from the titty torture, they let her down off the ropes, but did not disconnect her wrists from behind her back. Sid reached down to her still virginal cunt and slipped a finger into her as far as it would go before being stopped by her hymen. "I believe she liked her titty torture." he exclaimed to Judy, "She's as wet as she can be!" he stated excitedly. Turning the young girl toward his face, he asked her, "Did you like that Kim Lin?"

Blushing and lowering her eyes, Kim Lin nodded her head and admitted that what she had experienced had excited her and gotten her wet. Sid's finger digging and sloshing in her cunt was about to bring her off and she hunched her pussy down onto the palm of his hand as she admitted her horniness.

Sid bent her over and made her kneel in front of Judy. Kim Lin started licking and sucking around Judy's well used cunt immediately. While she slurped at Judy's quim, Kim Lin felt Sid spread her ass cheeks and slide a finger partially up her cunt and another in her ass hole. This dual stimulation and the heady odor and taste of Judy's juices served to send her over her orgasmic edge. She started jerking and twitching as she came, but the dutiful little girl never let up in her efforts to bring Judy off.

As Judy watched the smaller girl cumming off over her cunt, Judy began to get off also. "Oh, Kim Lin, don't stop! Don't stop sucking my pussy. What a cunt lapper!" she exclaimed as her body twitched and jerked with her own blissful motions.

As soon as Judy got her own cum and started rolling down- hill, Sid, who had been only a mild participant and mostly an observer in this girl to girl tryst, turned the small Kim Lin around and stuck his enraged hardon down her throat until she started to gag and choke. He grabbed her ears and pressed her down deeper onto his throbbing manhood until her nose was tickled by his pubic hairs. He started a steady in and out motion using her throat to masturbate his prick.

When Sid came, it was a steady stream of love juice that he let squirt directly into Kim Lin's stomach and throat. She hardly tasted any of it as he held her deep around his pulsing prick. When she felt the room going dark from lack of air and started to relax, he pulled back and let her breathe. Then he rammed one last time back into the depths of the young girl's alimentary canal. She gurgled around his fat dick and gagged, and loved every minute of it!

When Sid finished he pulled out of the little girl's mouth and let go of her. They all fell exhausted onto the deep pile carpeting and lay on or hugged any part of each other that they could find. Finally Sid said "Hey, I'm hungry, how about you girls, could your starving bodies stand something to eat?"

"Yeah, I sure could," said Judy sitting up and languidly watching Sid tickle the pubic hairs around Kim Lin's adolescent mound. "How about it, Kim Lin, you hungry?" she asked. "Yes, please, but can... can you please leave me like this?" asked the blushing teenager. "It feel good to hurt like this. Very strange, but hurt good," she explained in her broken, but understandable English.

"Of course we can," said Judy magnanimously. "Until we need you for something else. You know that you're not going to get out of your chores by being all tied up, don't you?" She asked.

"Yes ma'ma, I will ask to be unhooked when I need for to do a something with the hands," she stumbled and looked down so prettily.

Kim Lin had a good sense of duty and did not want to slight these nice people by doing anything that would displease them. She was still in awe of them, and had a healthy respect of the exquisite torture they could inflict on her if they choose. However, she did want to linger in her bonds and glean the last bit of pain/pleasure from it that she could.

Sid and Judy got up off the floor and left Kim Lin laying there with her hands fastened high up her back to the dog collar she wore and the new shiny nipple rings showing proudly in her budding nipples. She reveled in the pain in her breasts and nipples and really got off on the fact that she could not massage them with her hands. As they left the room, Judy heard her moan and stopped a moment to observe her as she rolled over on her very tender nipples and crushed them under the weight of her body. Her thin legs scissored back and forth in an effort to further stimulate her cunt and clit and she squeezed her eyes shut as the pain increased in her breasts.

Halfway up the stairs, Sid came back down, saw what Judy was staring at and pulled Judy up the stairs quietly. When they got to the kitchen he said, "Let her enjoy this time and get used to the pain. She seems to really like the bondage and the tit torture. When are you going to let me fuck her?"

"When her tits heal and I feel she's ready to take on your big prick. I don't know if you've noticed it or not, but she is oriental and they are smaller than most of us made in the USA girls and she is still under developed in the titty and cunt area. You might do some serious damage to her little pussy if you just barge in there like you fuck me. I'll have to give the timing and the method some real careful thought." she lectured him.

"Furthermore, although I like the little girl and I've gotten used to her and don't mind sharing you with her on occasion, I am a little jealous of her when I see that look in your eye. You have got to be one of the horniest men on this earth." she finished.

"I am horny, and I do lust after her, just like I lust after everything with a good set of legs and a cunt with a nice ass. Judy you have got to get used to that." he admonished.

Sid was annoyed at Judy's questions but didn't let it show. He would take another out of town trip tomorrow and let the two girls get to know each other while he spread his seed around. He was looking forward to fucking a few old friends for a change.

Money was no worry for Sid. He was very wealthy. He did not know his own net worth because it fluctuated so much from one day to another.

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