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me as o lets say josh and my best friend will be jessy and one girl is kiana my next door neighbor girl 2 as malorie girl three as anna may not be the best story dont hate on me but i felt like i want to write keep in mind im young so go easy. also spelling may be iffy and ya
Ever since i moved in ive never thought about kiana being my fantasy or never thought of her in a sexual way being in 7th gradenow adays we talked more and she developed she was actualy popular in our school and i was to i supose. i was 5'3 14 and my hormones were at the races i went to a school were hockey was common i played on the team and was very athletic. fastest kid in school besides some 8th graders at about the begining of the last days of school i noticed her friends so did my best friend jessy he was my best friend since we were in pampers. the girls ana she was vey preety tan sweet nice hot malorie was the same more chub tho and kiana brown hair pouty lips the whole 9 yards. One day after school her littlevbrother invited me to stay the night this is were it all begin. as i jogged home i took a quick shower brushed my teeth put axe on and kissed my mom walked the short walk and knocked on the oak door.

Part 2-------

As i stood there in the orange pink tinted supper time sun in denver colorado i heard her brother open the door.
" whats up bro " he said
" just waiting for a good time. " i responded
"come in" he said and in i walked. i said hi to his mom which worked the night shift at the local wallmart at 10pm. her dad got laidnoff but went to sleep and he was out when he slept. after we ate we plyed some xbox and down came kiana at 9:00 she was in her pajamas and had a light tanktop on her she smiled said hi and sat down next to me her grothers eyes were glued to the sony plasma screen and i made small talk with kiana after awhile her mom came down grabed her purse and was out the door. her dad was asleep as it was now 10:30 and me and kiana were wide awake hyper and energetic as for her brother he passed out we changed the tv to netflix watched south park and then kiana turned to me and asked who i liked.
" well realy alot of people " she whined and asked for more details i shook my head no she eventualy gave up.
it was silent for awhile and she asked how far ive been with a girl.
" Uuuh errr well i fingered a girl " i responded
" Really"
yea it was fun and i enjoyed it and actually i havnt pumped my meat in a week so i was preety horny.
but as she was talking i noticed her niples get what i thought were hard in her maroon t shirt and i noticed no bra. i got a semi at this point and was brave i asked if she wanted to play truth or dare. she accepted my challenge after awhile i said truth or dare she said dare i said show me ur bra she blushed and said im not wearing one i said show me ur boobs then she lifted her shirt and out droped a buetuifull what i guessed 36c tits they were amazing and rock hard nice brown aeorelos i was ard out of my mind. she droped her shirt she asked me to only play the dare i game i was well totaly wanting to. she said i dare you to ttake ur shirt and shorts off when i was at the waistband of my loose training shorts i hesitated she said whats wrong got a hard on i was manning up i pulled them off i saw her eyes widen and her moulth was catching flies how far it droped.
wow she said i was at my full 7 in length and proud. kiana i dare you to take your pj bottoms off she did slide them off i saw her hot pink lace thong pop out and i saw a wet spot in her crotch and her inner thieghs were slick or wet i licked my lips she said ok i dare you to take you boxer briefs off i didnt hesitate when i did her eyes rolled in her haid its huge she said ive seen my brothers small cock but this is so big and hard her hands reached out then she stoped she blushed i wish she went for it. i dare u to take ur shirt and thong off. she did her tits looked bigger harder and her thong was realy wet i wanted to grab them and keep them for later i said kiana fuck it open ur legs i was so horny she said ok and her sweet teen. pussy was red and driping she rubbed it i said can i do 69 she said ok i lifted her over my mouth she lowered and i came in contact with her bald sweet pussy shaven i probed my tounge in out while she bobed on my cock yes i moaned she moaned. josh yess she squieled then i felt her lips milk my tounge as if it were a dick she exploded a gush of sweet nectar were in mu mouth i was over the edge she stuck my purple prick in her mouth to the back of her throat i exploded my nut juice and i felt her throat contract as she swallowed and sucked me clean. then she said do you walt to fuck me i lifted her soaking wet cunt over my lap and she lowered her hymen wasnt there she must masterbate and she was moaning as her head went back she rode my cock like a hoarse i was on auto pioit holy fuck i was passing out as she sped up our moans and juices claped together and inwas gonna expload fuck me babe i was gonna cum in her i was in ectacy she screamed i muffled her by kissing her our tounges danced. and all the sounds were to much i looked up her tits bouncing her sweating cunt her lips her musky scent. she was milking me she climaxed o josh im gonna cum on your cock cum in me babe that was all i needed she started comming on me so hard her insides squeezed my dick she screemed cum in me nowww i was comming so hard i wanted to black out she pulled out we got. dressed wow she said u pounded me so fucking hard babe. i just smiled and thats when i saw her brother on the staircase with a camera i bellowed fuck inknew he was recording then i looked in the corner noticed a red light a go pro camera was recording as well he spoke he said our secret but i want in kiana was oblivious in the kitchen then he dissepered into his room and the red lights was turned off and she retured with a round 2 i said ...... to be continued soon like i said not the best but hell i got hard.

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2012-07-15 00:51:31
finish it with a second u did alright kid

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2012-07-06 15:12:21
As a helpful tip I would say read your story from beginning to end at least twice before posting. You will catch more of the mistakes and you might even think of better ways to go about certain parts of your stories.

Also a better format would help make it an easy read. 3-5 sentences per paragraph makes it easier to follow.

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2012-07-06 10:08:54
Don't bother writing any more of this crap.

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2012-07-06 01:14:38
Spell check, that is all....


2012-07-05 23:22:54
like this fag who posted a comment above before u even think bout commenting considre im willy and improving and i dont see you writing stories so haterz leave now

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