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I was talking to a guys on Omegle and these are two of my convos!
This is a true chat I had on omegle. I am not actually 18 and am not actually named Ashley. I picked that I liked daddy so that's why it went that way! Enjoy! Also I am the "You"

Chat 1!

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like daddy.

You: haii
You: asl?
Stranger: M43
You: f 18
Stranger: Daddys home
You: ;)
Stranger: Im james
You: I'm ashley!
Stranger: Nice
Stranger: Wanna sit on daddy's lap
You: Daddy... I wanna ask you something...
Stranger: Go ahead
You: At school today... People were talking about blowjobs... what is that... ;)
Stranger: Ill show you
You: Ok Daddy!
Stranger: *goes on the pc and opens up pornhub and searches blowjob and clicked on the first video*
You: Wow daddy!
You: Can I try it on you??
Stranger: Ummm as long as it stays between us
You: Of course daddy
You: *I sit on my knees and unzip your pants* Like this daddy??
Stranger: Yes dear. Use your teeth
You: Ok! * I pull down your pants and underwear with my teeth*
Stranger: Now get started
You: Ok Daddy! * I take your cock into my hands and pump it slowly*
You: Like that daddy?
Stranger: Mmmmmmm
Stranger: Now put it in your mouth
Stranger: Make sure to feel it with your teeth
You: Ok! *I put your dick into your mouth and gently suck on it*
Stranger: Oh yes
Stranger: Can you get naked for daddy?
You: Sure Daddy! *I quickly stand up and take off all my clothes then sit back down to suck on you*
Stranger: Nice vagina!
You: Thanks daddy!
Stranger: I like it hairy like that
You: Mmmmm
Stranger: Can I put it inside you
You: Sure daddy! I'm a virgin though...
Stranger: Ill be gentle
You: Ok daddy! Just tell me what to do!
Stranger: Relax and lay on your back
You: Ok daddy! *I lay down on my back and spread my legs*
Stranger: Its beautiful
You: Thank you! Your dick is too...
Stranger: Slowly puts his dick in her ass
You: Oww Daddy it hurts
Stranger: Ooops wrong hole
Stranger: Slides his dick in her pussy
Stranger: Until she bleeds
You: I start to moan lightly
You: Oww daddy that hurt tooo
Stranger: Sorry
Stranger: Licks the blood up
You: Daddy? Can you put it in me again?
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: Which hole
You: Thank you daddy! Your the best! Umm... It hurt alot in my ass so my vagina
Stranger: Ok
You: Yaa!!
Stranger: Hold my cock and put it in
You: Okk! * I hold your cock and slowly slid it into my pussy*
Stranger: Oh yess
You: Daddy It feels so good now! I feel full...
Stranger: Mmmmm
You: Can we do this all the time?
Stranger: Yes
You: mmmm I'll stay with you forever! * I push forward and back on your cock*
Stranger: I love you
You: I love you too daddy!
You: If you want you can put it in y ass again...
You: my*
Stranger: Do you want to do anything to daddy
You: ... Daddy? Can you kiss me??
Stranger: Smooch
You: Thx! I wanna suck you again! *I go back on my knees and engulf you cock in my mouth*
Stranger: Mmmmm
You: I move back and forth hungerly
Stranger: Touch my ass
Stranger: Dont be shy
You: Ok... I wrap my hands to your ass and squeeze your cheeks lightly
Stranger: Do u know what mommy does to daddy?
You: Ok...
Stranger: She is a freak
You: What does she do??
Stranger: She fucks daddy's ass
You: Do you like it??
Stranger: Yes
You: Can I try it??
Stranger: Yes
You: Yaa! How though?
You: I dont have a penis??
Stranger: Theres one in mommys underwear drawer
You: Ok one sec *I run to your room and grab it then quickly run back*
Stranger: There u go
You: Kneel over daddy!
Stranger: Mmmm
You: *I shove it in your ass and move forward and back cautiously at first*
Stranger: Keep going
You: I start to go harder and I move my hand to play with your cock
Stranger: Oh yessss
You: I go faster and faster with both my hips qnd hand
You: and*
Stranger: Aghhhhh
You: Daddy I'm tired...
You: Can you fuck me again?
Stranger: Can daddy suck your feet?
You: Umm ok!

He Left after this :( I wanted to keep talking...

Chat 2!

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like roleplay.
Stranger: hey
You: Haii
You: asl?
Stranger: asl?
You: lol
You: 18 f
Stranger: cute
Stranger: 23m
You: So you like roleplay? ;)
Stranger: yea, what roles do u like sweetie?
You: Daddy/daughter teacher/student
You: u??
Stranger: wow
Stranger: naughty ones then
Stranger: i guess i can be ur daddy ;)
You: Nice!
You: I'll start if you want
Stranger: k
You: "daddy! I'm home!
Stranger: hey princess, i call from the front room, as i panic to turn off the porn i was watching
You: Umm daddy... I hand over a suspension sheet from school
Stranger: and what is this? i ask sternly
You: A teacher caught me fucking a guy and I got suspended for two days...
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: (wat age shal we make u in this babe?)
You: Daddy... I'll do anything! Please just don't tell mom!! (Umm how bout 13??)
Stranger: well if i dont tell her, how will u thank daddy?(that sounds fun ;)
You: Mmm... I don't know... What do you want daddy? I climb up onto your lap
Stranger: remember a few years ago when u found daddy getting sucked by ur babysitter..
You: Yeah...
You: You want me to suck you?
Stranger: yes sweetie
You: Ok daddy
You: I slide off your lap and unzip your pants
You: I reach in and pull out your dick and slowly start to pump it
Stranger: wow
You: Am I doing good daddy-I then lower my mouth onto your cock
Stranger: you're doing amazing sweetie! it feels amazing as u suck my huge cock
You: I suck on your cock hard and move my head up and down being careful to try not to gag
Stranger: you suck cock even better than the 10 yo girls daddy fucked in Asia on his holiday..
You: Thanks daddy! Do you want anything else??
Stranger: take off all ur clothes sweetie, daddy wants to play in ur lil hole
You: ok daddy! I eagerly strip off all my clothes
Stranger: i pin u down on the ground and position the tip of my huge cock on the tiny wet opening to ur lil pussy, and begin to push in
You: Daddy! It's way bigger then the one I was fucking earlier!
Stranger: and who were u fucking earlier? i ask as i slam my cock deep inside ur tight slit
You: Mr. Johnson, my teacher
Stranger: you little slut
You: Your way better too daddy! I love you! I moan from your huge cock
You: Daddy?
Stranger: i fuck u harder
Stranger: trying to hurt u a lil from my deeper thrusts
You: Can you fuck my ass too?
Stranger: sure baby
You: Thanks daddy!

This time the server crashed...Aww I was getting so horny!!

Thanks those are my two chats! I put both in one story because it was too short... Anyways I hope you enjoyed them and please comment below!

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2014-02-02 06:34:21
girl you've got some daddy issues

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2013-06-12 20:42:35
u know its illegal to fuck ur daughter

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2012-07-06 12:24:27
What about the real thing? Chicken!!

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2012-07-06 03:59:26
absolute fucking shit, stick to tweeting it's about all you can cope with

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That was horrible ),:

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