Michele is a lusty night shift nurse in a ward for young girls. Nasty shit here.
2 a.m.
All the patients on the ward were asleep and Nurse Michele was on duty finishing up the patient charting and doing rounds. She was bored and horny.

It had been quite some time since she had been with a girl. When Michele thought girl, she meant it. Young teen girls were her weakness, so it wasn’t a coincidence that she was working on the Youth Ward, the section that cared for young females. For some reason, tonight, her hormones were raging.

In 214 was Jasmine, a 13 year old oriental girl who had had her appendix removed. She had a sweet smile and a hot little body. She found the patient sleeping on her tummy, not an acceptable position, she turned a dim light on and pulled the covers down, their staring up at her from the bed was a perfectly firm, round bum, almost doll like.

She sighed and lightly very lightly let her fingertips move up the back of her thigh and over the curve of that perfect little ass. She sat on the side of the bed and soon a second hand joined the first and she was fascinated by the firm yet soft skin. She gently, oh so gently parted the tiny ass cheeks to catch a glimpse of her little slit. Michele groaned and rubbed her thighs together.

She silently admonished herself. Reminding herself that if Alisha woke and caught her it would mean her career. She got up from the bed and looked at Jasmine’s chart and then locked the door.

It would take a bomb to wake up this hot little girl with all the drugs she had in her system. She was taking morphine and anti-nausea medications. Jasmine’s sleep would be deep, yet her body would be susceptible to stimulation. The best part was that she wouldn’t remember a thing in the morning. Wicked thoughts ran through Michele’s mind. How could she do what she was thinking of doing?

She went to the closet and pulled out a sleep mask, rubber gloves shaving cream, a disposable razor, a rectal thermometer and Vaseline. She put on the rubber gloves and lifted the pretty young girl’s arms over her head and rolled her gently onto her back.

Quickly Michele removed the gown from the strikingly beautiful young girl. She looked down on her naked body, perfect little feet with smiley faces painted on her toenails, lovely gymnast’s legs and thighs, muscular beyond her age. Michele sighed when she took in Jasmine’s perfect little cunt. Her pussy lips were thin and delicate, yet they puffed out slightly from her pubic mound. There was only a sparse cover of hair yet even this was more than Michele planned for.

She sprayed some shaving cream onto one of her gloves and gently dabbed it over Jasmines pubic mound, and in only a few swift strokes of the razor the young pussy was shaved clean. She took a damp cloth and whipped away the access cream.
She took in the girls perfect little pussy again. She noticed that her pussy lips were a bit raw where the catheter has been inserted during the operation. She leaned forward and planted a soft, brief kiss on Jasmine’s now bare pussy. Just the shortest, gentlest touch of her lips to the young girl’s cunt lips made her pussy throb.

She stood and put the sleep mask over Jasmine’s closed eyes. Then leaned over and let the tip of her tongue circle one of the young girls deep brown nipples. It responded growing stiff within seconds. Michele was spurred on and sucked nearly the entire breast into her mouth, letting her tongue lash back and forth over the hard little nipple. The feel of the tiny breast in her mouth was driving her crazy. Michelle never wore panties under her scrubs so she unlatched her mouth from Jasmine’s breast and took them off before she wet the crotch.

Her mouth clamped on to the other breast sucking it into her mouth then releasing it and flicking over the nipple with her tongue. To Michele’s delight Jasmine’s chest began to heave and her mouth opened on a sigh.

Michele leapt at the opportunity to kiss the sleeping girl gently flicking her tongue inside Jasmine’s mouth taste the dryness on her motionless tongue. Michele spit into the young girl’s mouth repeatedly until she could feel the slickness of her own saliva finally move Jasmine’s tongue. She wasn’t kissing back but Michele loved the feel on her mouth and tongue.

Michele slowly kissed her way over the firm young breasts again and down over Jasmines flat tummy. She paused to remove the thin bandage from the incision. It was healing well. She let her tongue flick over the metal staples loving the fleshy taste of the hot little girl’s incision. She would dress the incision again before she was through.

Michelle kissed Jasmine’s pointed hip bones, letting her tongue swirl around their firmness. She was now back where she started; she was smitten by this fit young girl’s cunt. She had to taste it; she had to have all of it. She lifted each leg bending it at the knees and laying them comfortably on the bed so that the precious little pussy was splayed open revealing the tiny pink pearl of her clit. Michele moaned lightly at the sight.

She put her face between those lovely legs and let just the very tip of her tongue press down on the pea sized flesh button. The held it there for what seemed like an eternity before she would let her tongue taste it as her mouth enveloped it. Within seconds Jasmine’s body began to writhe beneath Michele’s attentions and short little huffing sounds escaped her mouth.

Just as Michele had predicted the hot little Asian hottie was responding her cunt was soon flushed with juices that Michele eagerly lapped up.

Michele opened her mouth wider and enveloped the girl’s entire pussy with her mouth letting her tongue slide up and down the tasty slit and then plunge into the girl’s tight cunt hole. The sensation made Michele groan as Jasmine actually shifted her hips in her deep sleep to press her pussy deeper into the nurse’s eager mouth. Jasmine’s breath was growing faster, her young breasts rising and falling quickly.
She didn’t want this to end yet, just when the fun was starting. Her mouth released its grip on the girl’s cunt Michele reached for the Vaseline. Quickly she coated the rectal thermometer with the Vaseline and parted the girl’s tight ass cheeks. First she let her tongue swab over the tight little butt hole before making entry with the tip of her tongue. Jasmine’s butt hole was extremely tight yet Michele persisted pushing her tongue in deeper, loving the musky taste of the hot little bitch’s ass. She responded by making a whining sound at the back of her throat. Finely Michele removed her tongue and inserted the adult size thermometer. Almost immediately Jasmine’s breath began to huff and puff again.

Michele coated her middle gloved finger with the lubricant and slowly began to twist it into Jasmine’s tight virgin cunt. The feeling was unbelievable. Her cunt walls initially resisted but as she continued to pump the thermometer in and out of her butt hole her cunt relented and soon Michelle was fucking Jasmine hard and fast in both holes.

Involuntarily Jasmine’s fingers were grasping at the sheets, as Michele again took the tiny clit into her mouth sucking and scraping at the tender flesh with her teeth. A sheen of sweat now covered Jasmine’s body as she opened her mouth within a forbidden dream and hissed, “Yes, mommy only you know how to make your little girl cum, do me mommy, do me so good…ohhh mommy… I can’t hold it back…”

Jasmine’s entire body exploded in a wave of convulsions, and unexpectedly, a powerful wave of cum pushed Michele’s finger right out of the tight cunt, soaking the nurse’s hair and face.
With Jasmine’s body still trembling Michele mounted the bed straddling the young girl and lowering her quivering cunt onto the jagged line of the incision, the staples gently scraping over her clit.

“I’m going to cum all over you hot little bitch,” Michele hissed.

She lowered her cunt, grinding lightly on the incision, it was too hot for the young nurse to stand, her cunt convulsed sending cum spraying all her Jasmine’s heaving breasts. Michele shuffled forward, pulling hard on her clit so the final cum squirt sprayed all over Jasmine’s beautiful face. Then Michelle leaned over and kissed the unconscious girl, tasting her own cum on the girls lips and tongue.

Michele collapsed beside the prone girl. After several moments she regained the strength to clean up Jasmine and the bed, giving her a new night gown, and kissing the girl’s delightful cunt one more time before turning of the light.

3 a.m.

Alisha, Michele’s co-worker, was asleep at her desk. It was typical - when the night shift was this quiet, Alisha usually fell asleep with her head in her hands, leaving Michele with no one to talk to. Tonight, that was okay by Michele since Alisha was a beautiful black woman and just talking to her made her even more turned on. She always wore her scrubs tight showing off her amble breasts and full round ass. Michele looked over at Alisha, her mouth was open slightly and her lips looked so full and luscious. Her legs were parted slightly and the crotch of her scrubs revealed the outline of her pussy lips. Perhaps Alisha didn’t wear panties either. Michele sighed and cupped the crotch of her scrubs with her hand to calm the ache between her thighs. Being with Jasmine was a turn on, but she was still very horney.

The call bell went off for room 212. Michele looked up and noticed that Alisha hadn't even opened her eyes. Glancing at the patient wall chart, Michele quickly scanned the names of the new arrivals to see who 212 was. It was teen girl, transferred up in the shift before hers from ICU. Her name was Jenna and she was post-op for a laparoscopic hernia repair.

Getting up and removing her hand from between her legs, Michele walked down the hall to room 212. She entered the room and closed the door behind her. Taking a few more steps, she reached out and opened the privacy curtain that was pulled around the bed. Her eyes met those of a very hot, young girl. My oh my, she thought, could be the second tonight!

Sitting up in bed, Jenna gave the new nurse the a warm nervous smile. Jenna was 15 and even though she felt pain from the operation she found herself horney and wet. Jenna felt weak as a kitten and was wearing one of those ass-revealing hospital gowns. Still, she tried to be cool.

"Hello, I'm Michele, your nurse for the night. How can I help you?"
Jenna liked the tone of her voice, low and sexy. She even like the way Michele’s lips moved when she spoke; promising exquisite pleasure with each and every kiss. "Hi, I’m uh hot, I was hoping you could maybe turn down the thermostat. I’m having trouble sleeping, you know not in my own bed."

Smiling, Michele walked over to adjust the temperature. She turned slowly, noticing how this hot young brunette watched her. She asked, "How would you like a quick sponge bath? It will cool you off and relax you..."

Something in the way she said those words caused a warm, wet tingling between Jenna's thighs. For a brief moment, she couldn't speak. Then, "Sure, I'd love that. I haven't been able to get out of bed much yet and that would feel great, I mean, if you have the time."

Smiling wider, Michele assured the young girl it would be her pleasure.

Jenna watched her bend down to retrieve a bath bucket and wash cloths and towels from below one of the counters. Michele had a really firm round ass and Jenna felt her clit jump between her pussy lips. The white scrubs revealed that Michele wasn’t wearing any panties and the young girl gasped when she saw the outline of Michele’s cunt between her firm thighs.

She bent just a little bit deeper than necessary when she grabbed the soap, and at that moment, Jenna noticed that Michele’s nipples were hard and straining against her white top.

Michele hummed a little tune while filling the bath bucket with warm, sudsy water. Her thoughts turned inward while she anticipated running her hands all over this little hot body. Wicked thoughts for sure. Shame on me, Michele thought. She's only a girl and still recovering from surgery and probably in a great deal of pain.

But the other side of her brain reminded her that an orgasm was medically proven to release natural pain killer into the body. She would feel oh-so-much better afterwards: clean, relaxed and cooler. It would help Jenna sleep! she would only be performing her duties as a GOOD nurse.

Michele casually walked over to the door and locked it. When she returned, she pulled the curtain closed around the bed and placed the bucket down on the nightstand.

"Okay, honey girl sit up so we can remove that gown. I have a fresh one ready for you when we're finished."

Jenna sat forward and Michele leaned around her to untie the back and release him from the offending garment. Jenna caught a whiff of her perfume. It was soft and tropical, with a hint of jasmine. Very sexy. Her hair brushed against Jenna’s naked shoulder. Jenna loved Michele’s her hair. It was reddish-brown and long, shining copper in the overhead light behind the bed. Her skin was smooth and creamy. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her. The gown fell to Jenna’s lap, allowing her some modesty.

Michele, seeing Jenna’s sweet young tities for the first time, loved how firm and round they were, with puffy nipples that pointed straight out from her body.

Michele reached her hands into the water, she soaked a wash cloth. She slowly rang it out and applied it to Jenna’s back. She rubbed in a circular motion. Jenna had a nice back, narrow shoulders, nice tan and round, almost womanly hips. She smiled when she heard the sigh leave Jenna’s lips.

"Feel good?" she asked.

"Yessssss...." Jenna sighed.

A small laugh bubbled up out of Michele and the sound was down-right seductive.
She re-soaked the cloth and moved her hands up over Jenna’s shoulders and up and around her neck, going just a little into her bangs. Jenna could feel her fingers caressing his neck muscles. Michele’s breast brushed up against Jenna’s arms and the younger woman could swear her nipples were hard.

It must be my imagination, Jenna thought.

"Lift your arms sweetheart" she said. Michele gently cleaned under Jenna’s arms before suddenly moving the cloth over her chest. Jenna sighed as the cloth gently brushed over her stiff nipples before Michele dipped the cloth back into the water, and then moved the cloth to Jenna’s young beautiful face. This brought her face closer to Jenna’s. Jenna tried not to stare but her eyes were dark and sexy and her lips were full and so kissable just like her favorite lesbian porn star.

Without realizing what she was doing, Jenna leaned forward the few inches necessary and kissed Michele softly on the lips. The nurse didn't pull away. In fact, she leaned in and kissed Jenna back. Jenna reached her hands up and cupped the beautiful nurses face to kiss her deeper. When Jenna felt Michele’s tongue sweep into her mouth and tangle with hers, her young cunt seemed to drip with her juices.

Michele pulled back, smiling, "Hold on now baby, I mean you are beautiful, and so hot, BUT you are young and you're still weak from surgery. Lay back and let your nurse take good care of you."

Jenna knew she was right and it was difficult to surrender control. Michele laid her hand gently on her shoulder and pushed Jenna back into the bed. Jenna was sexually excited looking up into Michele’s dark sexy eyes, her breathing was heavy and the nipples on her firm young tities were rock hard.

Michele continued with the seductive sponge bath, going down one firm young leg, then the other, cleaning between each perfect toe and behind each knee. Then she rolled Jenna onto her side and ran her hand and the wash cloth up and down over the young girl’s back and tight ass. It felt really good, thought Jenna, but she wanted more. Jenna’s head was spinning, was Michele just teasing her?

At last, with both surprise and relief, Jenna felt the warm cloth slip down between her thighs. The wash cloth and Michele’s hand firmly cupped her shaved young pussy. Jenna groaned it felt fucking incredible. She let go of the washcloth and ran her soapy fingers over and the young girl’s cunt lips, gently stroking the hidden clit.

Jenna squealed with excitement and pleasure as Michele smiled down on her, “Oh baby, you are such a hot little slut, aren’t you?”

Jenna could only nod her head as Michele leaned forward and kissed her hard slipping her long tongue into her mouth at the same instant her long middle finger entered her tight little cunt.

Michelle sucked Jenna’s hot little tongue into her mouth as her quick thumb flicked back and forth over Jenna’s clit.

Michele was impressed with how this hot young girl was responding to her every touch. Her mouth was dry with anticipation. Her clit was throbbing and her pussy felt swollen and achy. She couldn't take it anymore. She dropped the cloth into the bucket and turned to look Jenna in the eyes as she slowly pulled her top over her head and revealing a lacy white bra that did nothing to hide her rosy nipples which were hard and begging for attention.

“I never wear panties under my scrubs, it makes me feel sexy. Do you want to see my pussy baby, would you like to see your nurse’s wet cunt?”

“Oh, fuck yes!” hissed Jenna unable to take her eyes off of Michele’s amazing body.

Michele lowered the pants below her bellybutton, then turned, and seductively lowered her pants over her perfect ass, before letting them drop to the floor.

As if in a dance Michelle slowly turned around and placed her foot on the bed revealing her shaved and puffy cunt to her young patient.

“All night I have been feeling hot and bothered, and then you came onto the ward. See how wet I am sweetie, that’s what you did to me with your hot little body!”

Michele reached down and parted her pouty cunt lips to reveal their inner pinkness. She swiftly stroked two fingers in and out of her cunt then held them out to Jenna.

“Taste me you little slut, this is the best medicine you are going to get tonight!”

Jenna was beside herself with lust, she opened her mouth and licked and sucked the nurses fingers like she couldn’t get enough of her juices.

Michele climbed onto the bed and straddled Jenna. She leaned forward and brought her breasts close to the young girls face so she could touch and taste them. Touch and taste Jenna did - sucking hard on first one nipple through the lace, and then the other. Jenna could feel her nurse’s slick cunt lips bumping against her own slick pussy.

Michele lowered her hips so that her pussy made full contact with Jenna’s and began to drag her cunt back and forth over Jenna’s pussy, purring like a cat the entire time. Michele stretched her neck back, letting her hair fall to one side and then she spread Jenna’s legs further, lowering her full weight onto the young girls open cunt. Jenna hissed and moaned with from the ecstasy of feeling this woman’s pussy grind back and forth over hers.

Michele felt her clit throb as it pushed deeper into the folds of the young girl’s sweet cunt. Jenna caught her breath and she started to grind her hips upward in a slow dance of total sexual eroticism matching each and every thrust Michele gave her.

Watching this beautiful older woman, Jenna couldn't believe her luck. She had watched so many woman/woman porn movies, dreaming of a moment just like this. The image of Michele on top of her, eyes clothes, hips grinding, as their cunts meshed in such a pleasurable way the young girl didn’t think she could stand it much longer.
Jenna felt a small twinge around her incision, but she ignored it. She held onto Michelle’s hips and ass and let her grind her womanly cunt into her juicy teen pussy.
The feeling was like nothing Jenna had ever experienced, yes she had had a cock in her before, but this was different and so much more exciting as Michele knew just how to move her hips and pelvis to make their cunt lips smack together, rubbing insistently on her little clit, nearly bringing it to the point of no return.

Michele started to thrust her hips a little harder and little faster. She leaned forward and the snake-like way her hips moved held all Jenna’s visual attention. Her titties were swinging in Jenna face, halfway out of the cup of her bra. "Pinch them," she said. "Pinch my nipples hard you hot little slut."

Michele was panting and Jenna did as she commanded. She pinched the left nipple with her right hand and sucked hard and nibbled on the other one. Michele threw her head back and pushed her hips forward grinding her cunt into her patient’s hot little pussy. Michele was breathing hard and so was Jenna. The teen girl didn't know how much more she could take, she could feel tummy tightening up, and the juices begin to flow from her hot young cunt.

Suddenly Jenna felt Michele’s pussy tighten in spasms, twitching against her slick cunt. The young girl no longer had the strength to try and meet the nurse’s thrusts.

In an instant Jenna lost complete control, her little cunt exploded with a magnificent blast of cum that erupted from her quivering cunt lips. Jenna’s pussy cock exploded all over Michele’s trusting pussy. "Fuck, oh FUCK!" Jenna moaned, as her body rose against Michele’s in a series of convulsions.

Then suddenly Michelle pulled at Jenna’s ass grinding her cunt against it desperately as she came, a torrent of cum flew from her cunt soaking the young patient below her. A second squirt of cum from Michele’s cunt cascaded over Jenna’s tight tummy and sprinkled her firm tities.

For a moment, neither could move. Taking a few deep breaths, hearts beating hard, they looked at each other and smiled. Jenna was dazzled by Michele’s smile. The nurse leaned down and gave her young patient a slow, sensual kiss, then she lifted her hips, and she got down off the bed.

Jenna watched Michele tuck her sweet tits back into her lacy bra. Jenna sat up slowly, she took Michele’s hand, kissed it and said, "Now let me clean you."

Jenna sat on the edge of the bed with Michele standing between her knees. The young girl reached out and took a second wash cloth and dipped it into the now luke-warm water. Wringing it out, Jenna turned her away from Michele, and with her arms around her, reached down between her legs to gently wash away the moisture dripping down her thighs from her cunt. Michele leaned her head back onto Jenna’s shoulder and allowed her slip the cloth into her pussy lips. It felt lovely. Her clit was still swollen and she moaned when she felt Jenna’s fingers begin to stroke it back and forth, up and down. Jenna wouldn't stop, and she wouldn't stop the hot young teen. Rubbing her clit with her thumb, Jenna slowly inserted three fingers inside her slick cunt; rubbing and finger-fucking her as her ass wiggled.

“Bend over and let me taste your cum-filled cunt,” said Jenna firmly.

Michele reached for a chair to support her as she bent over from the waist and spread her legs wide, tipping her ass in the air to provide easy access to her pussy.

“Lick me, eat me you hot little bitch!” she sighed.

Jenna grabbed the nurse’s ass for support as she leaned forward and buried her pretty face in Michele’s cunt. She lapped up every drop of cum that lingered there and thrust her quick tongue as far as she could into Michele’s cunt hole to taste for more.

Michele groaned and pushed her cunt firmly against Jenna’s face.

Jenna's began to play with Michele’s throbbing clit with her fingers, pinching the flesh between her fingers and pulling down hard as her tongue continued to plunge in and out of the gaping cunt. Jenna watched Michele’s ass wiggle, as she continued to give her pleasure. She let her tongue stray from her pussy, and flashes between her ass cheeks suddenly burying it deep in the nurse’s ass.

“Oh you bitch, you hot little ass licker,” moaned Michele.

Jenna now had two hands at play on Michele’s cunt three fingers entered her pussy while the other hand continued to pull hard on her throbbing clit.

Jenna loved the taste of Michele’s as and pressed her tongue as deep as she could, while finger fucking her and pulling on her clit so hard the slick flesh would snap from her grasp and she would pull it even harder.

Michele had never had a better lover. It was hypnotic...fucking hypnotic. Every cell in her body seemed like it was about to explode. She threw her head back and moaned.

"I'm cumming.....God, I'm cumming again..."

Michele’s second orgasm was stronger than the first. Her tummy muscles twitched and her greedy cunt grabbed onto Jenna’s fingers then forced them out with the power that shocked her as the first spray of cum washed over her face and body. Determined Jenna continued to pull on Michele’s clit and her cunt convulsed squirting three volleys of wet creamy cum all over her young patient. Michele collapsed onto the chair, spent.

Jenna had enjoyed every moment of their love making, but she felt as weak as a child as she licked Michelle’s cum from her lips. Michele stood up, turned around and noticed that Jenna had collapsed backwards onto the bed. She was momentarily concerned, but then she saw the huge smile on her face. She quickly cleaned them both up, readjusted herself and helped Jenna into a fresh gown. Without a word, she put everything away, got fresh sheets for his bed and made it up in record time. When she had Jenna comfortable and had reassured herself that the young girl hadn't busted a stitch, she leaned down and kissed Jenna softly on the mouth.

"Is there anything else I can get for you?" she asked.

"Just promise me we can do this again tomorrow night? And could you convince Alisha to join us?" Jenna touched her face and kissed her neck.

Michele laughed and winked at the beautiful young girl. "Anything is possible, sweetie. You just rest up and have sweet, sexy dreams."

Jenna was asleep before Michele closed the door.

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