As promised, the next step in the progressive experiences of a group of youngsters.
It took a day or two for me to recover from my initial shock after realising what had actually happened between me and my two nymphomaniac cousins. I thought about them constantly, reliving the sensation of Eve’s tight pussy clamped around my cum spewing cock as she experienced her first internal orgasms. Yet again there was not much of an opportunity to freely take advantage of the girls, this however did not deter them from taking every opportunity to fondle my cock when there was no-one around or wickedly expose their little pink slits to me by quickly bending forward and pulling their panties aside or just blatantly spreading their legs to show me they were not wearing anything under their skirts or dresses. I had a constant view of one of the two girls exposing their young pussies or budding titties to me. In turn they got to grope my stiff rod.

I noticed that Pat was becoming more and more brazen in her efforts to ensure that I noticed her and paid as much attention to the space between her thighs as I did to her sisters’. On one occasion she made sure I had an uninterrupted view across the room, a quick look around to make sure no adults were in the area and then her hand was between her legs, her fingers quickly moving her panties aside to expose the soft, puffy lips of her aroused pussy. I watched as she then used both hands to part her outer lips, her eyes fixed on mine as I watched her open herself up and show me her erect clit, and just below that, the small opening of her virgin entrance. She then slowly rubbed around the rim of her exposed hole, feeling the slippery wetness that proved her arousal and showing off her most secret place to her willing cousin, a cousin whose cock was painfully erect and outlined against his shorts.

“Like what you see, cuzz?” she whispered, her eyes hooded with lust as she licked her lips, watching the shape of my swollen knob, teasing her tingling hole with her small finger.
All I could do was grunt, I knew the show would not last long, it was too risky but I took advantage of the view while I could. Movement in the hallway, Pat quickly covered her young pussy and sat up as if nothing was happening. Eve walked in and Pat scowled at her.

“How about warning me that it’s you, I was busy playing with myself in front of cuzz and you spoiled it now. I am so horny, I wish there was some way we could get to fuck him again; I want to try and put him inside me this time. You can watch how I come on him, like I had to watch you last time.”

Eve smiled at her sister, “Don’t worry sis, I am working on a plan. We will have him to ourselves for a while tonight; everyone is going out and has agreed that I am old enough now to look after the two of you, something I intend to do. I want our pussies both full of semen by the end of tonight.”

With that Pat smiled widely and rubbed her hand over her mound, stimulating her covered pussy. Eve looked down at the bulge in my shorts and commented that it looked like I was just as ready as they were for some fun.

The rest of the afternoon was hell to say the least. The girls were just as worked up as I was and both openly rubbed their pussies in full view of me whenever they could safely do so. I was painfully hard, a wet spot permanently over the tip of my throbbing knob where my pre-cum dribbled from my sensitive cock hole now and then. I could feel the heat of my arousal under my balls, close to the tight, puckered hole of my ass, the slightest involuntary clenching of my ass caused a small stream of clear, warm, adolescent discharge from my cock. If I wasn’t careful I would be sitting with a wet patch on my shorts, I did the best I could to hide it but on one occasion decided to play the girls at their own game. When I felt a build-up of pre-cum I quickly pulled my cock out, the thick head wet with previous dribbles, aimed it at the girls and clenched my anus. The girls watched fascinated as a clear stream of liquid boy lust ran from my knob and dripped down onto the carpet. I put my cock back out of sight and smiled at the reaction.

“That is sooooo hot” whispered Eve, shifting in her chair as if to press her aching vagina against the firm cushion.

Pat went one better, she got up, came over to where there was a glob of boy juice on the carpet, scooped it up with her finger and put her finger in her mouth.

“Damn sis, he tastes great. Wish that had been inside me instead of on the floor”

She giggled and went over to Eve, bent forward and kissed her, thrusting her pre-cum covered tongue into her sisters’ mouth. Eve moaned as she tasted the salty deposit, reached up and took hold of her own boobs, gently squeezing, stimulating her already raging lust for a hard cock up inside her. She growled deeply, enjoying the wave of pleasure that crept over her.

Eventually the time came for all the adults to leave, by then the girls and I had all showered. I heard a lot of giggling from the bathroom while they were in there and could only imagine what was happening behind the closed door. The emerged wearing the usual oversized “T” shirts but this time it was obvious they were wearing panties for the sake of appearance in front of the adults. I still couldn’t help watching their firm ass cheeks jiggle provocatively under the shear material.

Once the sound of the car leaving had faded Eve turned to me and said:

“We have decided that tonight you will do whatever we tell you to, you may not say no and you must carry out every instruction. If you want to get anywhere near these two pussies you will have to do whatever we want you to. Do you understand?”

“I understand” I agreed enthusiastically. Just the thought of getting to play with these two again was enough to get me to agree to anything.

With that each of the girls took hold of one of my hands and led me to their bedroom. Once inside Eve instructed me to strip naked. My heart was thumping in my chest as I removed all my clothing in record time, my rampant cock standing stiffly out in front of me. My erection had caused my foreskin to retract slightly, exposing the front half of my smooth head with its juicy little hole waiting to deposit another high pressure load of young semen.

The girls sat on the edge of the bed staring at my adolescent shaft with my soft balls hanging below it. I waited patiently to find out what they wanted me to do. Silence.

Eve broke the suspense, “Come here and lie down” she instructed.

I climbed onto the bed and lay on my back with my dick straight up in the air. Pat didn’t take her eyes off of it. As if in a dream she stood up and removed her shirt, her little white panties hugged her pronounced mound perfectly, I could see the fold between her pouting lips where the cloth parted them, teasing me with a hint of what was inside.
She then kneeled next to me on the bed, reached out and wrapped her fingers around my erection. Her warm hand on my sensitive shaft made me gasp, I felt the knot under my balls get hotter as the sensation of being touched once again by my wanton cousin ran from the tip of my cock to the base of my balls. I closed my eyes as Pat drew my foreskin back, opening my swollen knob to her hungry gaze. The feeling was amazing as she began to stroke my shaft up and down rhythmically with her small hand.
I felt the bed move and opened my eyes. Eve had followed her sisters’ example, removed her shirt and was kneeling next to her, watching her wank me slowly.

As Pat continued her maddeningly amazing stroking Eve bent forward and put her mouth over mine, her tongue searching urgently for mine. I opened my mouth and let her in, exploring her mouth in turn, the wet heat adding to the rising anticipation building at the base of my rock hard member. She broke her kiss for an instant to tell me to put my hand between her legs. I shuffled my arm under her and placed my palm over her pantie clad pussy, the heat against my fingers was incredible and as I felt my way around the firm bulge in my hand I felt Eve moan into my mouth. I traced the deep cleft between her lips and could clearly feel a warm wetness over the area where her tight opening lay hidden. I pressed my finger against the wetness and felt her lips part inside her panties, making way for the intrusion and the sensation that accompanied it. Eve fidgeted as I increased the pressure on her panties over her open hole. The movements of her tongue in my mouth became more urgent as I slowly rubbed my finger along the slit between her legs. Her breathing was fast and shallow and she was starting to quietly mew into my mouth as her arousal built to beyond a controllable level. She reached down between her open thighs and I felt her brush my hand away from her swollen vulva, a second later she took my hand again and replaced it over her now exposed vagina. She had moved her panties aside to allow me full access to her young pussy. With no effort at all I pressed my finger against the warm spot where I knew her opening was waiting to be penetrated, her lips parted and my finger slid into her, the tight ring of her vulva closed around my finger, sucking it into her, drawing it deeper.

As I entered Eve I felt a now familiar warm, wet sensation close over the end of my cock as Pat closed her mouth over me. I groaned and trust forward, my cock sliding easily into the girls waiting mouth, she held my balls as I clenched my tight ass and sent a hot dribble of pre-cum into her mouth, she swallowed, tasting the slippery precursor to what she knew was going to happen soon. Eve was now bucking her hips back and forth, fucking herself on my finger, penetrating herself as deep as possible with each thrust; I could feel the ridge inside her vulva swelling as my finger glided over it.

“Oh yes, just here,” she groaned “keep it there, I am going to cum all over the place, fuck that is soooo nice”

With that she humped my hand with increasing speed; her tight opening gripped my finger with each trust as she continued to bring herself closer to a gigantic orgasm. Pat was running her tongue around my knob under my foreskin, a sensation which was making it increasingly difficult not to spray her throat full of boy cum. Her grip on my balls felt like she was trying to squeeze the sperm from them and her fingers were teasing the sensitive area under my balls, close to my now clenching ass. It was this that took me over the edge, I lifted my legs and spread them, fully exposing my balls and ass to the friction of her hand, on cue Pat thrust forward and took my entire cock into her mouth. Eve rocked forward and growled “Oh my God......fuck, I’m cumming”.
With that she stopped with my finger deep inside her and came. Her vulva pulsed on my finger; I could feel her inner walls tighten as she let loose and flooded my hand with a hot torrent of girl cum. It literally sprayed out of her as she shuddered, whimpering and biting her lower lip.
“Stay like that, stay like that”, she pleaded as her orgasm rippled through her young, firm pussy.

As Pat shoved the last bit of my length down her throat I gave up trying to hold back, the burning sensation in my ass flooded upward, I actually felt the stream of semen travel along my cock and explode into Pats eager mouth. She didn’t move while my cock throbbed and spewed a huge load into her now pulsing throat. She swallowed each shooting stream as it rocketed out of me and she moaned in pleasure as she did it. Eventually she had to come up for air and retreated back, sucking the shaft as she did, leaving it pink and clean as it left her lips. The three of us were breathing hard, panting with the effort, amazed at what had just happened. Eve slowly moved over, my finger reluctant to give up the warm, wet depths of her swollen vulva. Pat, looked up at her and smiled, knowing that her sister had just got off so wildly.

I lay there, my cock still hard as a rock. My balls still pulled up under my cock after shooting an amazing load, they slowly relaxed and dropped back down into the sack, Pat gently felt them.

“Why do they move like that?” she asked.

“They pull up when a guy cums” Eve explained.

“You should have seen how quickly he came when I touched close to his ass” Pat giggled, “It was so cool”

I let my legs drop down but didn’t close them; I was comfortable now with everything exposed for the girls to see.

“Yeah, I will show you something later which is just as amazing, I read about it, been dying to try it,” promised Eve.

“Did you just deep throat him?” Eve asked Pat.

“Yip, I remembered you telling me about it and i wanted to try. It made him shoot a huge load but I managed to swallow it all”, giggled Pat.

“Damn, I want to try” complained Eve, “My turn next time, I want to take the whole thing like you did.”

Who was I to complain, it sounded like heaven to me, I was getting to try out all the things I had read about and wanted to try. Eve took hold of my still raging cock and stroked it up and down slowly, she had removed her panties and she positioned herself so that I had a clear view of her now wide open thighs and the wet pink outer lips between them.

“Ok sis, your turn.” Looking up at me she said “and you just do as I tell you to.”

Her hand was working wonders on my cock, bending forward she pressed her nipple against my knob as she stroked, the sight of her firm tit pressed against my shaft sent a wave of pleasure down into my balls again and I felt them move in anticipation.

“Lie down sis,” Eve told Pat.
I scooted over and Pat lay down next to me, Eve stopped wanking me, moved over to Pat, pulled off her panties and spread her legs wide. Without hesitation she bent forward and put her mouth over her sisters open pussy, drawing the soft inner folds into her mouth and rubbing Pat’s erect clit with her tongue. Pat gasped as the sensation of Eve’s hot mouth over her now supersensitive pussy hit her. She lifted her legs, reached down and pulled her thighs and ass cheeks apart, exposing her holes to her sister’s oral stimulation. I watched as Eve licked both her sisters’ openings wetly, teasing them gently at first before plunging her tongue into the small pink entrance of her vulva. Pat whimpered, spreading herself open wider. When Eve pulled back I could see every detail of her young vagina with its stiff clitoris and her tightly puckered asshole as it opened and closed in response to the licking.

Eve sat back and told me to take her place, I did so gladly, looking forward to tasting wide open pussy. Eve had other ideas. She instructed me to kneel between Pat’s legs, she then took hold of my cock and guided me forward, she told Pat to keep holding herself open as she placed the head of my cock against the entrance to Pat’s pussy. She told me to stay like that while she moved my legs and positioned me over Pat. Once I was in between Pat’s widespread legs with my legs wide apart and my ass in the air Eve again took hold of my cock, she rubbed it along the groove of Pat’s swollen lips, wetting my cock with Pat’s abundant juices. She then pulled my foreskin back to expose the head of my cock and aimed it right at Pat’s tight hole. Without warning she pushed down on my ass, forcing my cock forward into Pat’s waiting opening, penetrating her for the first time. She was incredibly tight but my cock slid in surprisingly easily and with Eve pressing down on my ass it didn’t stop until my balls came to rest against Pat’s upturned anus. Pat moaned and closed her eyes, tightly.

“Ouch” she mumbled, “that was a bit sore, tight but not uncomfortable”

“See, I told you that letting me shove things up your pussy would help one day” grinned Eve.

She looked at me and said “Now fuck her, and make it one to remember”

The feeling of the warm sleave of Pat’s pussy wrapped around my cock shaft was indescribable. I pulled out slowly, feeling my ridge reach the firm ring at the entrance to Pat’s little cunt. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me downwards, impaling herself on my cock. I began a slow, deep rhythm, Pat’s chest heaved, her pussy clenched my cock and my balls teased her anus with each thrust forward.

I felt Eve take hold of my balls, her thumb lying along the space between my balls and my hole, it felt amazing. I spread my legs and pushed my ass out, just knowing that my tight little hole was exposed to her really turned me on and I thrust into Pat deeply, the head of my cock swelling inside her. She whimpered and thrust upwards, taking me all the way inside her. Eve then began rubbing her thumb along the swollen ridge between my balls and ass, with each movement her finger got closer to the centre of what I imagined to be my pleasure spot. Next thing I knew I felt a warm wet finger against the small entrance, I nearly came.

“Yess please” I thought, “Put it in”

I felt the pressure increase and I relaxed, I felt my back entrance open as Eve pressed inward, penetrating my ass while my hard cock was inside her sister. I didn’t know how long I could hold on; I could feel the pre-cum pouring into Pat. I pulled back, spreading my cheeks. Eve took the cue and pushed her finger all the way into my ass finding my prostate. I felt my cock swell further and my balls pull tight. Pat clamped her pussy around my shaft and I thrust forward as she began to cum. I felt a warm, wet sensation as Pat gushed out onto my balls and thighs. Eve rubbed the hard nub of my prostate and I felt the semen star to erupt. I had no control. Eve fingered my ass, feeling my orgasm bubbling up from my balls, past her finger and out into her sisters open pussy. She didn’t stop there, reaching down with her other hand Eve took hold of my shaft, I was motionless, lost in the sensation of the most sensational orgasm of all time. I felt eve stroke the length of throbbing cock that protruded from her sisters’ shuddering pussy. She wanked me hard and fast, milking as much sticky sperm from inside my balls as she could, all the time stimulating my prostate. It felt like a torrent of cum was continually flowing out of my cock, deep into Pats’ newly penetrated opening.

It felt like an age but was surely only mere seconds before my twitching rod and Pats spasming vulva calmed down to a point that it no longer felt like I was going to pass out. Eve stopped stroking my shaft and released it. I pushed forward and buried it inside Pat who sighed as she felt the intrusion into her sensitive inner walls.
We were all breathing hard, Eve still had her finger deep inside my ass, it still felt amazing even after the rush of a gigantic orgasm.

“You like that Cuzz?” Eve asked as she wiggled her finger inside my back entrance.

“It feels really cool” I puffed. “I didn’t know that anything could feel like that, is it the same for girls?”

“I don’t know” she said “I’ve never tried.” Looking down at Pat she asked “Was that good for you too sis? It looked like it; I saw you cum all over his cock.”

Pat smiled broadly and purred “It was super amazing Sis, it felt like he was never going to stop squirting inside me”

“Yeah well, I enjoyed fingering his tight little bum too, he is really tight.” Eve giggled.

I felt Eve retract her finger from inside me, I was sorry to feel it slide out and it made my cock jump inside Pat as my hole closed once the intrusion was removed. In turn I removed my cum covered cock from inside Pat, the head popping from her elastic opening, followed by a mixture of her juices and my cum.

“Ooooo, that’s nice and warm on my bum” she cooed as her ass crack received the stream of mixed cum.

“Hey Cuzz, you can put that inside me anytime, soon we will have to use condoms though, but I am still safe for a while. I want to feel that again soon, next time I want to be on top though.” Pat was grinning from ear to ear as she felt between her legs, running her fingers between her swollen lips, feeling the slippery mess at the small opening to her pussy. Eve reached over and slipped a finger into her sister, exploring the slightly stretched tightness, my young, not fully developed cock was in no way enough to do any serious stretching of any pussy really, but it was damn nice trying.

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