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The story of a Son helping his Mother get over a rape that has resulted in her being unable to find pleasure.
The early morning light enters through a nearby window bathing a voluptuous figure, she wears a silk nightie that holds large D cup breasts, a thin firm waist and large motherly shaped hips.
She has long curly hazel hair that reaches the middle of her shoulders, currently a mess from her nightly movements.

Her name is Sue, she is a widower with one son, his name is Charles, her husband died during a tour over seas, he was a military man and was always being shipped all over the place, this last time he didn't come back, she still mourns for him as she places her hand on the pillow where his head would have once rested.

She slowly opened her eyes giving them a waking rub with her fingers, she slides her hands down her face and down to her breasts, she isn’t wearing a bra so gravity is pushing them to sides of her body, she cups her breasts bringing them back to the center of her chest before releasing them once again feeling them bounce as they reached their limit.
She places her hands on either side of her sitting herself up, she slides her fit legs off the side of the bed and her feet touch the floor softly, the feeling of the carpet between her toes gives her a nice sensation, she stretches once again making her beasts jut forth giving them an even more ample appearance.

Finally she rises from the bed and makes her way to the door, she take hold of her dressing gown as she passes her nearby wardrobe, she places it on loosely tying it around her waist, she opens the door and departs for Charles’s room.

She opens his door finding her baby boy barley covered by his sheets, she smiles looking at him, how cute he looks lying there in his boxer shorts, his morning wood sticking through the front of them standing at eight inches, at seventeen he reminded her of his Father at his age, by then they had been dating for three years, they married when she turned eighteen, they had been married happily for sixteen, it had been a year since his death making her shed a tear in remembrance.
His body is nicely toned from playing Aussie Rules, even she finds him attractive but nothing sexual, it is just something nice to look at when he walks around the house topless.

She walks over to his bed sitting next to him, she leans forward and places her hand on his shoulder gently and shakes it in an attempt to wake him from his slumber, Charles groans in defiance trying to remain in his dreams, she leans down and kisses him on the cheek.
“Time to wake up honey.” Slowly Charles’s eyes open, his vision blurred slowly becomes clear, his first sight of the morning is a nice view of his Mother’s cleavage, he can see right down the gap between her breasts, out of a natural response his penis becomes even more harder, but it only takes a moment before he looks up at his Mother’s eyes.
“Morning Mum.” He says with a large yawn.
“Morning baby, did you sleep well?” She asks sitting back up.
“Very good thanks.” He peers down and realizes his member has escaped through the front of his boxers, he discretely cover himself with his sheet thinking that his Mother has gone unknowing of his current predicament.
Sue gives a smile that he thinks is simply normal but in truth she giggles in her mind at his realization.
“He’s not a boy anymore.” She thinks to herself.
“I’ll go make us some breakfast.” She gives him a kiss on the forehead, and once again he gets a clear look down his Mother’s cleavage, he acts as if he hadn’t looked but she knew he had, women tends to notice the small things.

Sue rose from the bed and closed the door behind her as she headed for the kitchen, he rose from his bed and walked over to his window, he looked though the slightly embroiled curtain and looked into the window of the house next door, there he saw her Emily Brooke, she had her back turned to him looking into her mirror, she is the most popular girl in Charles’s year, she has long blonde hair that reaches to the small of her back, DD cup breasts, firm waist, small hips and legs that seem to go on forever, he took hold of his shaft with his right hand and watched as she stood there naked, she was brushing her hair after coming out of the shower, every morning he would perv on her, she had a very strict morning routine and she always followed it, his Mother also stuck to her routine of waking up and getting him up, because of this he would never miss a show.

He began to slide his hand up and down his shaft, he could feel the pleasure center in his brain light up with the simple movement, he grave out a soft moan, he didn’t want his Mum to hear him beating himself off but he knew it would take a while before his Mum was finished making breakfast, he could already start to smell the scent of the bacon cooking in the pan, he brought his attention back to the task at hand, he gripped himself hard and began to move faster, he knew he didn’t have time to take things easy, she would only be like this for another few minutes, but it never took long when he watched her, just the sight of her body would always throw him over the edge.

He eyes shot open as she turned away from the mirror, he was gifted with a full frontal view of her body, those large mouth watering breasts on a body that didn’t look like they could support them, he could even see that she had trimmed her pussy mound into a nice small line right above her slit.

He could see her reaching for her clothes as he pumped harder and harder trying to beat her before she dressed, he let out a loud grown as he pushed himself to move as fast as he could, his arm was starting to tire from the strain, but he need this, he want to cum and soon.

In the kitchen Sue though she heard him cry out, she turned down the heat so as not to burn the eggs and bacon she had put on for his breakfast and headed to his room, she could hear more noises, as she got close she started to realise they were familiar, she opened his door slowly making no sound and look to find Charles standing there his cock in his hand stroking it like a mad man, she smiled, she knew what was going on, one morning before she had woken Charles she had looked through the curtain to see Emily naked in her room, Sue had thought nothing more of it, she herself had done the same thing at her age, she woke Charles and had went to make breakfast, like this time she thought she heard noises of pain coming from his room only to find him staring out the window jacking himself off.

She smiled even larger at the fact that his Father had done the same thing before approaching her, he had admitted that he would look though his window and would watch her standing there naked getting ready for school and would jack off, he had been too shy to talk to her and it would take several more months before they became an item.

The memory of the past events sent a shiver of pleasure through Sue’s sex as she watched her son masturbating with such ferocity, but then she heard him grunt and watched him close his eyes, she looked down at his cock and watched as his sticky cum rushed out of tip of his cock and shot all over the wall, after six long thick strings of cum he stopped, the remaining cum dripped from his cock head and onto the ground, she slowly closed the door and returned to the kitchen.

He opened his eyes and ungrited his teeth as she began to slide her blood red panties up her amazing thighs and glided them into place allowing the straps to sit high on her hips, she turned to bend down and pick up her bra revealing to him that she was wearing a G String before standing back up and giving him a longer look at those amazing breasts, she began to slide a matching bra into place, once comfortable she reached back and clasped the bra into place, she gripped her breasts moving them about until they were snug inside their material holds, he watched as she slowly slid dark stockings up those jaw dropping legs giving them a lustful appearance, she then took her white blouse and put it on, he watched in dislike as he saw her slowly button up the blouse slowly covering up the beauty of her sensual body, soon she was finished and he gave out a sigh, she then slide her school skirt into place which stopped about the middle of her thighs leaving little imagination about the beauty of her legs, once this was done it meant the show was over, she vanished from the window more than likely putting on make up, he pushed his now limp cock back into his boxers and heard his Mother call.

He went into the kitchen feeling slightly rejuvenated from his morning activity, he sat at the kitchen table watching his Mother placing his breakfast on a plate, she walked over and placed his meal before him, her dressing gown opening before him giving another ample glance at her breasts.
“There you are honey enjoy.” She said standing up and getting a nice hot cup of coffee from the bench and placing it in front of his plate, she didn’t fix her dressing gown, she saw no reason, she was his Mother and after all they were only breasts even though it would drive hormone mad teen boys to do some stupid things to see them, and after all surely her old udders were nothing compared to Emily’s that were even bigger then hers.

After sitting down and have her own breakfast she kissed Charles goodbye as she watched him head off for school, she waved from the front door still dressed in her nightie and dressing gown, she was sure he was embarrassed about this but he never showed it.

After cleaning up the dishes and placing them in a sink full of hot soapy water to soak she headed up to the bathroom to have a shower of her own.

She entered the bathroom door and made her way to the shower, she turned on a central tap setting it to a nice hot spray, she removed her dressing gown that had all but become loose and tossed it onto the nearby toilet, she looked into the nearby mirror looking at herself from various angles, looking for age spots or wrinkles, she was fortunate that very few signs of aging were starting to appear.

She turned back to the shower and crossed her arms taking hold of the bottom of her nightie, she slowly lifted it up squeezing her breasts in the scissor action of her arms before letting them fall and bounce as she removed the nightie all together and placing it on the toilet with her dressing gown.

She didn’t wear panties to bed and slowly stepped into the shower feeling the hot liquid burn and refresh her skin as it engulfed her like a hot rain, soon all the nerves in her body were screaming out in pleasure, she placed her head under the water allowing it to drench her hair, she pulled her head back out again running her fingers through her hair making sure every strand was equally wet, she turned allow her back to enjoy the same feeling that her front had just moments before, the feeling of the water running down between her cheeks gave her an odd pleasurable sensation, she placed her head back allowing a fresh torrent of water to rush over her face.

She glided her hand over her face as she pulled her face free once again to remove the water from her eyes, she slide them down her slender neck and down to her ample bosom, her nipples were hard and erect, but she didn’t need a bodily function to tell her she was horny, she moved her hands to each of her shoulders cuddling her breasts tight to her body like a new born babe, slowly she dragged her nails down and then back up her arms several time releasing and griping her beasts each time, she remember how she and her Husband would make love in the shower when Charles was out of the house, this simple memory sent a surge though her womanhood that was already thoroughly drenched, she moved her right hand to her left breast giving it a soft yet firm squeeze, she could feel the fat of her breasts congeal between her fingers, she slowly released her breast sending her finger to the hard nipple that had been poking her palm, she grasped it with thumb and index fingernails, her left hand immediately found it’s way to her mouth were she welcomed her index and middle finger tips between her lips before tweaking her nipple, she bit down hard giving out a loud grown as she began to suck on her fingers, hot flashes of pleasure filled her body like white fire, she wasn’t sure if it was the water or that her pussy had sprung a leek as she could feel hot liquid dripping slowly down her leg but she wanted to find out, while still sucking her fingers she allowed her right hand to glide over her breast once more only touching it with her nail tips, she traced down her firm belly along the way the water was traveling down to her sex, she stopped at the large mound of hair that had remained untrimmed, giving it a natural look, she twirled her fingers through her hairs giving them slight pulls before descending to her goal, she traced her fingers over her outer labia feeling them puffy and full of blood, she danced her finger over them teasing herself as she stayed away from her real target.
“Oh God don’t tease me please?” She begged herself, but her finger didn’t listen as she once again returned to her patch of fur and then back down again to caress her lips.

As she did so her thumbnail barley glided over her clit, this one hot flash forced her left hand out of her mouth and grip her right hand to make it stop, she shook there for a few minutes not allowing her right hand to move, but with a simple movement of her thumb another gush of pleasure ran though her body making her grip her hand even harder, she gave into the submission and moved her left hand to her right breast, now free her right hand continued to explore, her fingers descended for their target finding a her pleasure hold more than welcoming of their approach, she slowly glided her index finger though the opening once again sending pleasure through her body resulting in a large scream and making her left hand grip her breast hard, she pushed her finger in as far as it would go, unfortunately she would never be able to make her fingers go the depth that a man’s cock could reach inside her, but they would do, she felt the walls of her pussy covered in wet juice, she slowly pulled her finger out feeling the bumps along her channel that send shivers though her body with each bump until she was almost back though the entrance but she stopped there instead her middle finger decided to join his friend in his exploration of her insides as she slowly set off to explore her depths once more, she may not have been able to get very deep but her fingers were enough to match the width of a cock.

Her left index finger and thumb started to squeeze her left nipple aiding with the pleasure her right hand was giving her, soon her thrusts were beginning to steadily speed up, she bit her bottom lip feeling her channel tighten around her finger as they continued to violate her.
“Oh fuck that feel great don’t stop.” She begged herself once more resulting in her thumb once again adding to the pleasure by stimulating her clit once more, she screamed at the top of her lungs trying to keep her legs from giving out under her, she could feel her juices flood past her fingers and begin to fill up the palm of her hand, she knew what was coming and she wanted it NOW.

She moved her fingers with superhuman speed moaning and groaning like a cheap whore until she felt a massive rush of juice force it’s way though her pussy forcing her fingers out as spray after spray of hot girl juice poured onto the floor of the shower, she stood their unmoving silent as her orgasm took her mind to places that she never wanted to leave, but slowly she began to return to reality as he pussy juice began to stop flowing, she dropped to the floor finally losing the battle with her legs, she looked down to see her juices mingled with the water from the shower slowly run past her, she had always been a squirter, which is why she and her husband would either fuck in the shower or up against their wardrobes.

After a few minutes she rose back to her feet and used the wall to steady herself, she turned to face the shower and finish what she had started with a smile on her face.

“Hey Charles!” Charles turned looking down the school hall way to the person who had called his name.
There she was Mel, his best friend she bounded down the hall way with thick rimmed glasses, pot belly, E cup breasts and caring a bag with a picture of Battlestar Galatica on it, she was a complete nerd but despite her outward appearance she was kind and smart, although clumsy as she proved as she fell flat onto the ground once more half a meter away from him, he smiled as he walked over to help her up.
“Mel are you alright?” She looked up at him with bent glasses and a smile.
“I’m fine.” He reached out a hand and helped her get back onto her feet.
They were an odd pair for High School, he was a star player on the schools AFL team resulting in him getting a lot of attention from the hot girls, and she was a DnD nerd who spent most of her time watching Sci Fi and hanging out at the library, there was always rumours that he was only using her so he didn’t have to do assessments by getting her to do them for him, thus allowing him to spend more time with his buddies and that lucky girl, the truth was at the beginning that was the case.

Six months ago he was finding it hard to keep up with his school work and keeping his coach happy, if he didn’t fix up his grades he was going to be booted from the team, he wondered the school hallways when he found on a bulletin board with a note, Mel had posted an ad stating that she would tutor anyone who needed help with their classes, Charles had grinned evilly at the idea, why should he do the work, he’d just convince her to do it for him.
He pulled his mobile out his pocket and sent her a message, that afternoon after school he go a response telling him to meet her at the local library, he had only been there a few times, and only because he had too.

He made his way there and entered the large double doors leading into a large room with tables in the middle that were surrounded by hundreds of books, he felt odd coming into this place, he hoped no one had seen him as he searched for Mel, he’d never met her so he didn’t know who he was looking for.
“Charles over here!!” Screamed Mel getting his attention, she stood waving at him being watched by all the other library visitors, he was embarrassed as he made his way over to her, they all stared at him as he approached her, she was all smiles as he stood face to face with her.
“Hi I’m Mel.” He couldn’t believe he was doing this but had to keep his plan in mind, she was going to be doing the work not him.
“Hey.” Was all he said in return, they sat at the table and started to discuss what he needed help in.

They studied for half an hour when Charles decided to put his plan into action.
“Listen Mel, I only need to know this stuff to keep me on to the footy team, so how about I get you to do my assignments for me, you like doing this stuff so it’s a win-win situation.” He could see Mel was upset wit his words.
“I should have guessed this was all you wanted, your like all the rest.” She breathed a sigh and nodded her head.
“Okay, I’ll do it.” Charles smiled with a grin of victory.

Three months past and she was doing all his assignments and getting good grades thus causing no more trouble on the field, slowly he was starting to stay with her longer and longer before heading off, before long they had become friends.

One day he was walking up the hall way when he heard a commotion, he went to investigate and he saw a group of boys, his friends no less picking on Mel, they were surrounded by cheering students as they punched and beat into her, Charles couldn’t stand by as the group of three boys did this too her, he pushed his way thought the crowd and launched an attack on the nearest boy, his fist landed hard in the back of his head making him stumble, the other two took notice and launched their attack on Charles, he was out gunned and soon Charles was a mess on the floor, finally after a long delay the teachers turned up stopping the fight which was more of a one sided beating, Charles got up on his feet and made his way to Mel who was in a daze, his eyes was busted and a few ribs were broken but all he cared about was if Mel was alright.

They were taken to the hospital where they were treated, they stayed in there for a week with only each others company to keep them occupied, a bond was formed and he apologized for how he had treated her, that if she was still willing to help him with his studies then he would like to learn.

The three boys were expelled for their violent attacks and even had to spend time in juvie.

For the remainder of the day Sue kept to herself by cleaning the house and working out, once all her chores were done she found time to sit in front of the TV to watch her soaps, she was still dressed in her work out gear, a bright pink sports bra and matching G-String, she had white sneakers on with a pink strip up the side with pink socks, she was going to have a shower but then she would miss her show, as she reclined on the couch she placed her head on the arm rest, she found her vision becoming blurry and her eye lids were becoming heavy, she slowly closed her eyes taking a nice nap hearing the sound of the TV sooth her to dreamville.

Charles arrived home an hour later finding Sue asleep on the couch, he looked her over seeing her dressed in that outfit, it wasn’t something new for her to be wearing something so revealing when she worked out, this was custom for her, he could never remember when she didn’t work out in a bra and G-String, he admired the work his Mother put into to keep her fit appearance but in all honestly he couldn’t understand why, there were only two people who ever saw it, himself and his Mother, she never went out and because of the money from his Father’s life insurance they lived extremely well off, they would never know hardship and he only went to school because his Mother insisted that he still needed an education.

He could feel his cock begin to rage as he began to view his Mother more as a woman then the being who bore him, he had to admit his Mother was hot, and in more than one occasion he had heard the boys at school commenting of how they would love to get in her pants, Charles had always dismissed such talk as teenage banter, he knew that his Mother was far out of their reach.

She began to stir as she took a deep breath signally her wake to him, she stretched her arms and started to rub her eyes, slowly her lids opened and through the haze she could see Charles standing there, she smiled as her eyes closed once more in an attempt to stay in their relaxed state.
“Welcome home baby.” She said as she placed her right arm on her thigh and opened her eyes once more, she looked so sexy in that pose, if she was anyone else he might have though about jumping her bones.
“Have a nice nap Mum?” He said with a smile, she gave out a yawn making her breast thrust forward and then rapidly back again.
“Yes thank you.” She slowly sat up on the couch as he moved to sit next to her, she placed her right arm around him and gave him a kiss on the forehead.
“So how was school.” She asked refreshed.

For the next hour he told her of the events that had transpired at school, they had eventually moved into the kitchen so Sue could make him a sandwich and get him a nice cold drink, Sue herself had a nice cup of tea as she listened to her sons every word.

“Mum can ask you a question?” He said taking a sip from the glass.
“Sure honey.” She said her smile hadn’t left her lips.
“Why don’t you go out?” This question surprised her a little.
“What do you mean?” She asked.
“Mum you spend all your time here at home, you should go out and enjoy yourself.” Once again Charles surprised her.
“I just don’t feel the need to go out since your Father…. Passed from us.” She couldn’t help pause during the sentence.
“But Mum you work yourself too hard here at home, you need time to enjoy yourself that doesn’t include falling asleep watching the soaps, tell you what, it’s Friday and I’ll cook us a nice dinner while you go get ready and spend the evening enjoying yourself up at the RSL.” Sue was a little dumbfounded, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing and the surprise was written all over her face, but as she returned from her stunned feeling she realized that Charles was right, she never went out and spending all this time in the house couldn’t be good for her.
“Alright Charles but are you sure you will be alright here all by yourself?” Charles smiled at her concern.
“I think I can look after myself for one night Mum.” They both smiled in agreement.

Charles made a nice simple meal of sausages, potato mash, pees and pasta, the meal was delicious and it gave Sue even more confidence to go out, she made her way to the shower once again feeling the undeniable urge to masturbate, she slipped off the sports bra which had once been in a drenched during her work out, she slid her shoes and socks off next and place them near the door so they wouldn’t get wet from the shower, she then slowly slipped her G-String down feeling it slide though her cheeks, it was still a little wet but she wasn’t sure if that was because of the excitement of the night or from the workout.
She hoped into the shower feeling the hot pleasure of the water once again run over her naked form, she ran her hair thought the stream getting it nice and wet before reaching for the shampoo and applying a generous amount to her palm, she slowly began to massage her finger through her hair getting the shampoo on every strand, after a few minutes she washed it out and did the same to the conditioner until her hair felt soft and fluffy, she wiped the water out of her eyes and reached for her razor, she lifted her left arm up and began to shave the small hairs that has just began to grow back, she repeated the process onto the other under arm, she knelt down and began to shave her left leg, she could feel gravity trying to pull her breasts to the ground but she fought against it as she continued to shave her right leg, as she stood straight once again she looked down at her mound, she pondered whether she should shave it too, she wasn’t expecting to have sex tonight but she had enjoyed the bare feel when her Husband was alive, that was the way he preferred her, she took a small set of scissors and slowly began to trim away the excess hair until it was short enough to shave off, soon she was as bare a she had been when she was thirteen, she put the razor back and reached for the soap and began to lather up her arms, she could smell the fragrance of the soap coat her skin in the same scent, she moved the soap to her breasts gliding it over her left nipple that had began to harden, with her free hand she lifted up breast up to get underneath before washing the soap away with water and allowing it to rest once again, she did the same of the other and then moved to lather her flat midsection, she could feel the slight bumps from her abs barely protruding under her skin, her left hand moved back up to her right breast as she continued to finish her belly, she gave her nipple a small tweak shooting a small sensation of pleasure through her body, she gave her breast a quick squeeze before moving her hand back to her belly to wash off the excess soap, she then moved down the her thighs and backside, she made sure to clean between her cheek before bring the soap back around once more, she knelt down and finished washing her lower legs and feet before standing up once again to finish her final task, she lather up soap in her hands and placed the bar back into place, she spread her legs open and with one hand glided her fingers over her labia soaping it up the best she could before slowly rubbing her hand back and forth, with her left hand she started to wash were her mound had once been, she could feel strings of pleasure as her finger slide in the folder of her lips, she bit her lip as she slowly stated to whisper a moan.

Not willing to wait for her lips to open to her she slide her right index finger between their folds and into her moistening channel, she gave out a loud gown feeling her finger pierce her pleasure center as deep as she could go, her left hand moved back up to her breasts first caressing her left nipple, she began to thrust her finger in and out of her hole feeling the flower of her lips finally open giving her free access, she clenched her left breast hard between her fingers, digging her nails deep into her flesh as she continued to moan from the pleasure her finger was giving her love hole, slowly she introduced her middle finger once again to the mix, giving her a more tight feeling around her fingers and increasing her pleasure, she increased her thrusting speed and her left hand frantically moved back and fourth between her breasts not knowing what do, she moved her right thumb into action as he started to attack her clit once more, she gave out a large cry of pleasure as she started to feel her knees begin to give way and she feel to the shower floor.
"Mum are you alright in there?" Amazingly hearing Charles’s voice was enough to push her over the edge as she felt her juice flush through her sex.
"FUCK!!!!" She screamed letting her orgasm take over her voice.
"Mum can you hear me, are you alright?" As Sue’s orgasm began to subside she took a few breath before finally giving Charles a shaky answer.
"Everything is find honey." She pulled her fingers free of her dripping sex.
"If you need me just call." He said, he was a good boy, but the last thing Sue needed was him seeing her after she had just cum, once again her hand was filled with her pussy juice, she let it pour onto the floor with the water and watched it disappear down the drain.

Sue stood straight once again finishing her shower and making her way to her room to dress, she chose to wear a red dress that settled just below her knees and had a slightly generous neck line revealing the top of her open cleavage, because of how tight the dress was Sue decided to go without a bra and panties as you would be able to see their outline, she put on a matching set of hi heels with a white purse, she left her long hair down and put on dark red lipstick and some black eyeliner.

Sue walked into the lounge room where Charles was sitting playing a PS3 game of sorts.
“Well how do I look?” She asked kind of worried about his reaction, he paused the game and casually looked at her, in an instant his eyes almost popped out of his head as he looked her over, not the reaction she was hoping from her own son.
“Wow Mum you look hot…. I mean nice, yes nice.” He seemed to become shy his eyes changed from her face to her body every second or two before looking away entirely.
“Thanks honey…..” Sue said sheepishly. “ I’ll only be gone an hour or two than we can watch a movie or something.” He looked back at her for a second and nodded while smiling before getting back to his game.
Sue swallowed a little feeling a bit nervous as she walked to the front door, she looked back once and continued to her car.

She got in her white 95 Holden Commodore looking at the house for a moment, Sue felt butterflies in her belly, she looked herself over worried that her orgasm in the shower had kept its appearance on her body, her nipples weren’t erect so the material on her breasts was flat only revealing the large curves of her breasts, she looked at her pussy but it was not visible either, no wet spot from continued juice, Sue felt relaxed a bit about that, she felt her ass under her dress, sure you would be able to see the slight curve of the inside of her ass cheeks but that was all, she was not ashamed of her body, but this was not what she was in the car for, she started the car and headed for her destination.

She’d been there for about an hour slowly drinking house wines so that she could drive back home again, Sue had had quite a few advances and while she was flattered she was just here for good conversation, she’d been felt up more than once and it was quite erotic but she didn’t let it go to her head.
As the night went on Sue was starting to feel a little horny and could do with a manly fuck, she found herself being hit up by a man in his fifty's with short grey hair, a nice suit drinking a light beer.
"Meet me in the parking lot in five minutes and I'm yours." She told him.
"I'll be right there." He answered with a charming accent and a smile full of white shiny teeth.

True to his word he arrived seeing her resting up against the back of her car.
"Well my lady how do you want to do this." He asked wanting it to be how she wanted it, she wanted nothing fancy.
"I'll suck your cock and then you'll fuck me from behind."
"A woman who knows what she wants I like that." He dropped his trousers and pants and she got down on her knees, his cock was reasonable in size and she spat a little on her hand and slowly began to massage his dick, he moaned a little as she kissed his head and licked it once or twice as she slowly watched it harden in her hand, she took only the head between her lips at first teasing him and watching his expression until his cock was hard enough to stand on its own, she smiled with a mouth full of cock head and slammed it down her throat, he quickly grabbed the back of her head to keep himself from falling, he could feel her tongue just on his balls as she began to gag and pulled back again, a string of saliva bridging her mouth and his cock.
"I need to fuck you now madam before I cum." She stood up and placed her hands on the boot of the car, he lifted up her dress and was met with the beauty of her shapely ass, he spat on his hand and lathered up his cock a little more as she spread her legs and he pushed into her soft tight pussy.
"God your pussy is tight, did you loose your virginity just recently madam." He moaned in unbelievable pleasure, because of her workout she had learned to control the muscles of her pussy thus allowing for her to be as tight as she wanted to be.
"Fuck your cock is in there tight, shit.” She remarked.

He fucked her slow at first but then simply rammed deep into her, he lay on her back as he squeezed her tits hard through the dress, her moans of pain were over shadowed by her pleasure, but he did not last much longer.
"Sorry I'm about to....."
"Not inside." She said with half a grown.
"AAAAHHH SORRY..…!!!!!" she felt the hot flow of his cum shoot up inside her, in surprise her own orgasm followed and splashed out onto him drenching the front of his legs, they stayed like that for a few moments until his cock slid out of her and he weakly stood up and fixed his trousers.
"Thank you Madam." And he began to walk away.

She simply stayed there getting over her orgasm when she heard foot steps.
"Back for more?" She said as she felt his cock start to slide back inside.
"You bet bitch." She looked back in horror to find three young gang hoodlums standing around her one with his cock already in her, she tried to push him off and pull him out by standing up but the other two pushed her down hard on the boot of the car.
"Please no, please let me go."
"Hey your the one with your cunt and ass flying in the wind." And he slapped her ass hard as he continued to thrust deep into her at a fast speed.
"Please let me go...." She began to cry as she continued to be violated.
"Turn her over I want to have a look at those massive tits." He said pulling out, they flipped her over and slammed her hard onto the boot, she hit her head but they held her tight as he repositioned himself between her legs and began to fuck her again, he took hold of the front of her dress and tore it right down the middle revealing everything.
"You really are a slut, fucking the old man in a parking lot and not even wearing underwear, see mates it ain't rape if they want it to happen." They all laughed while tears poured down her face.

He fucked her for another three minutes before adding his cum to the gentleman from before but this time she didn't feel pleasure only pain and utter sadness as he filled her body with his dirty cum, he pulled out and redressed and took the place of one of the others as they pushed into her, she groaned a little, being slightly sensitive after the fucking his friend had given her, what made it worse was how he gripped and pulled on her tits, she screamed in pain but none heard her, you could see his nail marks all over her breasts as he released her and dug back in again, he lasted a little longer than his friend but released in her just the same.
"Turn her over." The third said.
"What is it with you and asses?" Her eyes opened wide.
"No not my ass, fuck my cunt if you must but not my ass." They looked at the terror in her eyes.
"Why not your ass slut."
"I'm a..... virgin." She said full of shyness.
"He'll fix that."
"NO NO PLEASE NO DON'T!!!!!" They flipped her over once again and she kicked around but to no avail, he lined up his cock to her shallow opening.
"Look Mum, no lubricant." He pushed into her, they all laughed as her eyes almost bulged out as she lost her breath, he was taring her open with his cock, it wasn't big but nothing had ever gone up there not even her husband, he had never had any fantasy about it and now this young stud of a bastard was taring up into her intestines, slowly his cock began to thrust faster as the blood from her torn ass lubricated her opening, but this did not help as she tried to catch her breath.
"Too tight." He spilled his cum deep into her ass, she could feel him shoot four or five loads up into her, he pulled out and they looked at their handy work, cum seeped from her cunt and ass along with her virginal anal blood, she simply shook and convulsed as they laughed and ran off.

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