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This is a first time post so please, be honest with your feedback.
David is a thirty year old guy who has been engaged for three years. With the forthcoming nuptials, he is finding home life to be highly stressful and it has started to become more of a chore to go home. Of course, that is not helped by the fact that budgets have shrunk at work meaning more work to be done by fewer people and, inevitably, David is feeling the strain and having to work longer hours to clear his feet.

Pamela is thirty one years old and works at the same office and in the same team as David. Pamela is a lesbian and lives with her partner, Fiona. Pamela is ambitious and very competitive with David and has always been keen to match his work ethic if not better it. Pamela is average build, naturally pretty and with shoulder length blond hair. Pamela undoubtedly knows that her best feature is her perfectly shaped, curvy, round butt which she is glad of as she always feels embarrassed by her small 34B breasts. She has always vowed to herself that it is the one thing about her that she would change.

David, meanwhile, is tall and of average build although he has noticed that the lack of exercise he has had recently has taken its toll on his waist line, having gained two inches and notices a small beer belly appearing. Not that people other than his fiancée see it, but David regards his best feature as his manhood, at eight inches long while fully erect and very thick he is proud of its size but also of his high stamina and short recovery time. Despite being settled in a relationship, David has always been a big flirt and even Pamela has not been spared some of his lines which are sometimes smooth, other times outrageously deviant.

It is midweek when David is working in the office, he notices Pamela walking past his desk and feels the odour of her alluring perfume draw his attention from his computer screen as she walks past. He finds his eyes drawn to her figure and notes Pamela’s tight fitting, black trousers which cling to her round buttocks. He notices her tight fitting striped blouse which clings to her small but firm breasts. He ponders briefly if she is wearing a padded bra before his gaze returns to her perfect round buttocks walking past.

Pamela glances over her shoulder and follows David’s gaze to her rear and gives her bum a small slap on her walk past. She gives David a cheeky smile as she breaks his gaze from her butt.

“You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were deliberately teasing me”, David groans.

“Maybe I am honey,” Pamela smiles back as she slides behind her desk. Pamela loves her sense of superiority, knowing instinctively that she has placed David in some form of aroused state.

David smiles, loving the flirty conversation with Pamela but becomes increasingly frustrated at the realisation that it is going nowhere. He shuffles on his seat, trying to ease the pressure on his groin and reduce the instinctive swelling of his penis.

David continues working when he notices a file on the shared drive. He clicks into it and detects a new set of business accounts, with regular payments being made to Pamela. He realises that the only person who could make these payments was Pamela herself and that she has been doing this for months. David smiles as he devises a plan in his head. He drags a copy of the accounts to his pen drive and prints a copy. Now all he has to do is wait for his opportunity.

An hour later, the office is cleared with only David and Pamela remaining.

“Uhm, Pamela, could you have a look at this”, he asks while looking down at the printed off accounts. David looks down to stop himself from smiling broadly.

“Sure honey”, Pamela smiles as she strolls over to him, draping her arm over his shoulder as she always does. Pamela looks down at his desk and instantly recognises what has been printed. Pamela feels her stomach churn and her mouth go dry as she realises what he has found.

David deliberately gives Pamela a knowing look, noticing that Pamela’s face has become ashen white very suddenly.

“Wh..wh..what are you going to do”, Pamela stammers.

David pauses, to increase the pressure on Pamela. “Well, I’ve got copies,” he discloses, “and I should really take this further. But I’ve not quite decided”.

Pamela looks at him puzzled.

“You see, it depends on how much my silence is worth to you”, he explains.

Pamela feels less light headed as she realises that salvation may be in sight. “How much”, she asks.

“Oh, I don’t think you could put a value on it”, he smirks, “you might be able to put a figure on it though”. David raises his hand and places it on her firm buttock .

“You are NOT being serious”, Pamela gasps. She feels his hand roaming across her buttocks, taking in every bump and crevice. She looks to the crotch of his trousers and sees his bulge throb. She knows that he is serious.

“What do you want”, she submits.

“That’s more like it,” David smiles, “not here though; go through to the stationary cupboard”. David is conscious of the CCTV in the office and ensures that they are not seen by it. Pamela leads the way and David follows her, his eyes fixed to her figure as she walks. He closes the door behind them as Pamela turns to face him. Pamela stands, arms folded in a last bastion of defiance.

“I think it’s time I saw you playing with yourself”, David smiles.

Pamela unfolds her arms. “What, you’re not going to fuck me”, she asks. Pamela had fully expected David to have insisted on at least a blowjob.

“No, not yet anyway, I want to watch”, David smiles.

Pamela pauses before reluctantly opening her blouse to reveal her modest round breasts in her soft white bra. She drapes her blouse over some boxes before she unclasps and slides off her bra. Her firm round breasts now revealed and displaying her pert nipples. She kicks off her black, high heeled boots and unfastens her trousers, peeling them down to parade in only her white cotton briefs. Pamela pauses, watching David intently watching her briefs before grabbing her waistband and sliding them from her round hips. Pamela looks down at her perfectly trimmed pubic mound and wishes that she had not tried to make it look so appealing. David hints at her to continue and she sits back on a chair facing David, leaning back and spreading her legs. Pamela drags her fingers across her waist and down between her creamy thighs, gently running over her labia lips at first before running her fingers between them. Pamela closes her eyes, thinking of Fiona, and begins to run her finger between her labia lips and over her clitoris.

David eagerly watches Pamela stroking her pussy in front of him and feels his cock throbbing against his underwear. He soon can’t take any more teasing and opens his trousers, reaching in and freeing his thick, hard, throbbing penis.

Pamela opens her eyes, her finger now entering her vagina as she sees David pulling out his erect cock. Pamela gasps as she sees his cock. In her earlier years, she had slept with a few guys but none had cocks anywhere near the size of this.

“Fuckin’ hell, that’s huge”, Pamela exclaims. She immediately chastises herself for making comment.

David smiles at the impromptu compliment and moves closer to Pamela. He sees her eyes drawn to his long cock and he grasps his shaft, gently massaging it as he watches her fingers still massaging her pussy.

Pamela watches David standing over her and looks at his long hard shaft. She finally succumbs to the urge and reaches her hand up and touches the hard shaft of his penis. Pamela feels an instinctive tingle from her pussy and notices her fingers still becoming soaked in her aroused pussy juices.

David steps back, taking Pamela’s hand away from his cock as he crawls onto his knees. He leads Pamela’s hand away from her soaked pussy lips and looks up at Pamela from between her thighs. He parts his lips as he delves his head between her thighs. David hears Pamela gasp as his lips cover her labia lips. He hungrily delves his tongue between her folds and tastes her musky arousal. David feels Pamela’s thighs tighten around his head as he begins running his tongue over her wet vaginal opening and flicks her clitoris. Despite being out of practice he still instinctively finds the hood of her clitoris on the first stroke. He grabs Pamela’s thighs and pulls her to him, forcing her to lie on the seat rather than sit back. David holds Pamela’s legs up as he hungrily runs his tongue over her clitoris again and again.

Pamela lies back and gasps at the expert way that David’s tongue lashes her clitoris. His pulling her hips to him meant his tongue could delve harder against her. Pamela feels David holding her legs higher and she feels the licks from his tongue becoming longer while still flicking her clit. Pamela suddenly feels his tongue run over her tiny puckered anus before running back to her pussy. The movement makes her squeal softly with surprise. Pamela feels his tongue now teasing her ass with each stroke.

“Fuck, that’s so dirty”, Pamela gasps. She again chastises herself for encouraging him but then feels her pussy flutter as he presses his tongue against her anus.

David grins as he hears Pamela’s reaction to him pressing his tongue against her sweaty, sour anus.

Pamela feels her pussy tingling harder with David’s tongue pressing against her darkest of all holes. The excitement of something so taboo being done to her causes Pamela’s pussy tingling to intensify; the realisation occurring to Pamela that nature is taking over. Pamela realises too late that an orgasm is about to unleash upon her.

David feels Pamela’s body grinding against his face harder and suddenly feels her thighs clamp hard around his head. Pamela’s muscles begin to quiver uncontrollably against his head as orgasm after orgasm unleashes upon her. David hears Pamela cry out as she cums hard and fast. David feels her pussy squirting hard on his head with each climax and he pulls his head back, watching her quivering pussy squirt cum on his shirt.

Pamela opens her eyes after her final orgasm and sees David again standing over her, smiling broadly, his rock hard penis again in his hand. He moves closer to her and Pamela feels the thick tip of his cock running between her labia lips, his pre-cum mixing with her own pussy juices.

“Oh, no, please don’t”, Pamela suddenly begs, “I’m not on the pill”.

“Relax, I don’t want your pussy”, David grins.

Pamela feels him still running his thick tip between her labia lips. David stands up and grasps Pamela’s shoulder, pulling her up with him. She opens her mouth, expecting him to push his penis to her mouth but then is pulled upright. David spins her round, facing her away from him and pushes her forward. Pamela’s shins catch the base of the seat and she ends up on her knees on the seat.

“What are you doi…” Pamela starts but stops herself as she watches David manoeuver behind her holding his thick long rod, still glistening with her pussy juices on it. Pamela feels him roam his thick tip between her thighs and over her still tingling labia lips. She backs her hips to him, instinctively offering her pussy to him but feels his tip grind upwards before pressing against her tiny anus.

“Oh fuck, don’t”, Pamela begs, “I’ve never done anal”.

David catches her pleading eyes looking back at him and smiles wickedly, clamping his hands on her firm round buttocks and parting them, eagerly looking at Pamela’s tight puckered ass hole as his thick tip presses against it.

“Just relax, it’ll be better for you”, David states.

Pamela looks forward, realising that he is going to keep trying. She begins to try to relax her muscles and slowly feels her tiny puckered anus opening. She feels her anus being stretched wider and wider and her eyes begin to water with the pain of it being stretched further than ever before. Pamela vows to herself not to cry out and bites her bottom lip as she feels more and more of David’s thick tip stretching her open. She suddenly feels David stop pressing as the full tip of his helmet passes through her sphincter. Pamela takes the chance of a look back and sees his thick shaft between her sexy round buttocks.

David pauses before pressing his cock against Pamela’s tiny anus again. He looks down and eagerly watches his thick shaft slowly inch inside her tight star as he manoeuvers back and forward, rocking his shaft a little deeper each time. He feels the walls of her rectum gripping him so unbelievably tightly.

Pamela feels David’s thick rod entering her deeper and deeper. It no longer hurts as badly but she feels really uncomfortable. Pamela rests her head on the seat and reaches between her thighs, under her hips. She uses her fingers and feels her stretched ass with his shaft rocking forward and back and feels his testicles. Pamela realises that he is almost buried inside her. She can’t believe that her ass was able to take that much and smiles to herself. Moments later, Pamela feels his balls pressing her fingers against her wet labia lips.

David gasps as he feels the full length of his long thick shaft inside Pamela’s anus. He eagerly looks down to see him buried to the hilt inside of her. He feels Pamela’s fingers measuring how deep he is and feels another flutter of excitement. David slowly eases back until his thick tip almost slides out of her sphincter again before slowly and determinedly pressing back in again.

Pamela feels his movement, his thick rod delving deeply into her taboo hole. She feels her pussy juices already flowing hard again as she continues to tingle. Pamela begins to massage her fingers against her pussy while she feels David moving his cock back and forth in her ass. The uncomfortable feeling rapidly subsides as her finger begins to furiously circle her clitoris. Pamela catches herself subconsciously panting and moaning softly in time with the movement of David’s hips. Pamela feels David holding her hips firmly as his cock stops slowly and carefully delving in and out of her rectum, instead he rhythmically sinks his cock in and out of her ass.

David looks down at Pamela and feels her fingers furiously working her pussy as he delves his cock in and out of her ass. The tightness of her rectum has eased slightly and he takes a firmer grip of her hips as he rocks a little faster each time.

“Tell me how hard you want it”, David growls.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Pamela pants, “I want it so fuckin’ hard, fuck my tight little asshole, fuck it”.

David responds by thrusting his cock into Pamela hard, deep and fast. Pamela flinches with being so roughly filled so quickly but he still feels her fingering her pussy. David feels his balls slap against her pussy lips as he begins to pound his cock into her tight tiny anus. He maintains his rhythm but keeps increasing his tempo until he is furiously pounding Pamela’s stretched anus. David’s balls begin to tighten as he feels his own climax nearing.

“Oh fuck Pamela, I’m gonna cum,” David pants.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, cum in my tight little asshole,” Pamela moans as the thought of his cumming in her causes her pussy tingling to intensify again. Pamela knows that she is close to cumming too but, unlike the last time, has no urge to fight it.

Pamela feels David lose his rhythm as he slams his cock deep into her ass for his final strokes. She thrusts her hips back to him as he slams in, forcing David deeper. She hears David gasp in delight as she thrusts back and knows he is close. Pamela feels his thick cock throbbing in her tiny puckered hole, throbbing harder and harder. She tries to hold off but feels the uncontrollable quiver overcome her as she cries out. Pamela feels every muscle quiver as her climax washes over her, her pussy throbbing and unleashing spurt after spurt of her own excitement.

David feels Pamela slam her hips back into him as she climaxes, her anal muscles clamping and quivering tightly on his already throbbing shaft. It’s too much for him and he groans loudly as his balls release. His throbbing cock suddenly unleashes wave after wave of his hot sticky cum deep inside Pamela’s tiny quivering ass.

Pamela feels David’s hot sweaty body collapse on top of her sweating body as his throbbing cock empties his load inside her. She slowly catches her breath and feels David slowly easing back from her, gently sliding his rapidly deflating member from her. Pamela feels his creamy cum dribbling from her abused anus over her fingers as she moves them from her pussy. She lifts herself up and looks back to see David fastening his trousers while leaning back against a wall, his face flushed. Pamela suddenly feels the guilt washing over her for stealing the money but also for letting this man fuck her ass. She quickly pulls on her briefs and bra, dressing herself quickly.

“You’re not going to tell anyone,” she asks.

David pauses and looks at Pamela’s flushed face, knowing how excited his fucking of her made her.

“It depends if I get to fuck your ass again,” he grins.

“Maybe,” Pamela teases with a cheeky smile on her face. She no longer chastises herself for her impromptu compliments.

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2012-07-27 14:04:20
Well done'em CUMming!

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2012-07-07 14:33:07
The story is interesting, but the fact that all verbs are in present tense is somewhat disturbing ... Ruins a bit the effect.

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