Chapter 1

I’m Michael Harding. I’m twenty, six feet tall and about 180 pounds. I’m a natural athlete even though I never made any high school teams. I’m now a junior at the State University studying computer engineering. I have a pretty high GPA—grade point average--3.35, so I don’t think I’ll have much difficulty getting a high paying job, but that’s not what this story is about. Back in early November I ran into a girl in the library. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was and her body—well, just looking at her made me hard as stone—so hard my cock actually hurt. I had to go to the men’s room, find a stall, and get some relief. She was still studying when I returned so I sat across from her; fortunately the Library wasn’t very crowded. I struck up a conversation. She told me her name was Danielle Warner—Dani—and that she was a freshman. She lived off campus in a house she shared with her dad. I thought that was a little strange, but she was so enchanting I pretty much ignored it. I had to leave to attend a class and I knew I wanted to see her again so I asked her for a date.

“Sure, here’s my address, how about 7:30 Friday night?” I thought that was a little forward but I agreed and here’s where things really got strange—really, really strange.

I found the house easily and walked to the door. I had just rung the bell when this old guy introduced himself as Dani’s father. When I walked into the living room I could see how well furnished it was. Let’s face it--most college kids have furniture that’s only one step from the dump. As I stood there he began to give me a list of rules for dating his daughter, beginning with jerking me off. I felt shell-shocked; this was the first time some other guy had touched my cock, let alone stroked me. Once I was hard he slipped on a rubber and jerked me off and then—I couldn’t believe it—he put my cock into this steel cylinder and locked it. He told me I could kiss Dani and play with her tits, but if I so much as touched her pussy I’d get a shock that would destroy my cock and balls.

Just then Dani came into the room. She looked incredible. Her blouse was low cut so I could see her cleavage and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Was that for me? Her black Capri’s hugged her hips and ass like a second skin. I could see her camel toe but I didn’t dare touch it. We went to a movie and after to get a snack before I took her home. I didn’t know what to expect, but she just told me, “Come in. Let’s go to my room.” I was surprised when she walked right past her father—he never said a word, in fact, he had told me that I’d get a reward if I was good.

Dani removed the device—I later learned it was called a “cock cage” and massaged my cock and balls as she leaned forward to kiss me. She was the best kisser—I couldn’t imagine anyone better; her lips were soft and full and she used her tongue to incredible advantage. While she kissed me she stroked my cock to hardness I hadn’t seen in years. Then, moving back, she used that tongue all around my cock, concentrating on the head. I was so aroused I came almost immediately. As I was asking her if she’d like to go out again tomorrow she put my cock and balls into a new contraption, explaining that this one wouldn’t shock me.

The procedure was identical the following night—remove the cage, jerk me off, clean me, put me into the electrical cage, go out with Dani, to a party this time, go home to her room where she’d get me off. That was also what happened every single time we dated—two or three times every week. I was falling like a rock for this girl, but I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me. I decided after almost five months to get up the nerve to ask her father. I went over before my date and we talked—actually he did almost all of it. That’s when he told me that Dani was training me to be her slave. He showed me how submissive I had been. I’d allowed Dani to control my sexuality for the entire time we had dated. I was surprised to learn that. I’d never thought of myself as submissive. More surprising, Mr. Warner also told me that he was Dani’s slave. He was actually fucking his daughter and a whole lot more weird shit. Now I had to decide what to do. The choices were simple—keep seeing Dani and become her slave or end it. I had a lot of thinking to do.

I walked around for almost an hour—don’t ask me where I went, I don’t know. I was weighing the pros and cons. Being a slave meant I could be beaten or even tortured although Dani’s dad said she wasn’t either cruel or sadistic. On the other hand I’d eventually get to eat her pussy and fuck that incredible body almost every day. It took a while, but, in time, I reached my decision. Studying computer science made it fairly simple—I just had to apply the same logic I would if I were writing a program. Either way I had to go back—I was still in the cock cage.

I was late, almost a half hour, but I was pretty sure her father would explain what I was doing. I rang the bell and when Mr. Warner answered I walked in, seeing Dani seated before me. Mr. Warner had explained how she always wanted him naked in the house so I walked up to her and stripped, putting my clothes into a neat pile. I knelt before her, noticing how strong and authoritative she appeared. I put my head down in submission and begged her to accept me as her slave.

My new Mistress Dani led me to the bedroom, telling me to kneel. I was facing her and when Mr. Warner entered he knelt next to his mistress. My new mistress asked me some questions about how I would try to please her. Of course, I told her I’d do anything, but I hadn’t expected her to tell me to fuck her ass with my fingers and then clean them in my mouth—three times. I must have passed the test because while I waited I heard her instruct her father to make the room ready—whatever that meant; I was pretty sure I’d find out soon enough. When Mistress Dani reappeared she was holding a circular object. It looked like stainless steel. “This is your slave collar. You will wear it always. It has a special key that only I will have. Let it remind you that you are now my property. I own you and can do with you as I wish. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes…Mistress.” She put the collar around my neck after showing me the engraving—“PROPERTY OF DANI WARNER.” It was a fairly tight fit, but I could breathe easily. I was surprised how quickly I adapted to the collar and its weight. There was a ring in the front and Mistress attached a leash to it. Giving a tug, I was required to follow her. She led me into another room. I could see that soundproofing had been added to the walls and ceiling. There were also numerous objects that looked like pain implements either on the floor or on the walls. Was I going to be tortured…punished? I wondered if I had made the right decision.

Mr. Warner was there, now naked like me. He led me to what looked like a horse you see in gymnastics. I bent over as he adjusted the height and fastened me to restraints—my wrists and ankles. I couldn’t move at all. A few minutes later Mistress Dani moved in front of my face. She was naked now, as well. I drank in the beauty of her body—it was flawless, perfect in every way. Her breasts were magnificent—maybe a C-cup, perfectly symmetrical and firm—and her pussy was trimmed with only a landing strip above. So far as I was concerned she could do anything to me short of killing me. I had to have that body!

“Slave,” she began, “you need to be indoctrinated…trained…to obey me. I’m going to punish you now in several ways to demonstrate my authority over you and also to show you that I can do anything I want to you whenever and wherever I want. Do you understand?”

“Yes,Mistress. I probably deserve to be punished for taking so long to submit to you. Please punish me.” I could see my Mistress walk to the wall in front of me and remove a long thin rod.

“This is a cane. You’ll understand its function shortly.” When she whipped it through the air I became terrified, but I didn’t think she’d kill me. A dead slave wasn’t of any use. She warned me and let me have it. The pain was terrible and then she hit me again…and again…and again. I couldn’t help myself. I cried like a baby, but soon it was over. She rubbed and massaged my ass cheeks and Mr. Warner brought some ice. Mistress Dani rubbed it over my ass until much of the pain had dissipated.

“Now you know about my authority. I can and will do this again if necessary—I can do much worse, believe me. If you obey without hesitation there will be fewer problems. Now I will show you that I can do anything I want to your body.” She walked in front of me wearing a strap-on with a huge dildo.

I felt something cold on my ass and a finger entering me, spreading the gel around. “Try to relax. I know it’s hard but it will go much easier if you can.” I turned my head to thank Mr. Warner. A few seconds later I could feel my Mistress pressing relentlessly against my hole. The pressure and pain became unbearable, but I had to bear it—there was nothing else I could do. Suddenly, it broke through and the pain abated somewhat as she began to fuck me. It went on and on until she asked me, ”Are you all right, slave? I’d hate to kill you the first night. I usually wait a couple of weeks for that.” She laughed—music to my ears—and slapped my butt. A few minutes later she withdrew. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought—some of it was actually pleasant. Mr. Warner wiped the lube from my ass and released me. If I thought it was over I was wrong. My Mistress led me back to the bedroom, telling me to lie on the bed and remain still.

“This is a punishment implement,” she told me. “It will hurt going in and coming out, or so my father tells me. You need to know what can be done to you. I could restrain you, but I’m not going to. This is also part of your training—to follow me completely—totally—to do what I tell you when I tell you.” She held up a long silver tube, cleaned it with alcohol, added some goo, and what she told me was lube. I still didn’t know what it was or where it was going until she held my cock cage and pressed it into my hole. She was going to push this huge object into my cock. I did my best to remain completely still as gradually it entered, spreading my piss tube as it went. She was right—it hurt like hell, worse even than being butt fucked. When it was finally in she screwed it onto my cage. “You can scream if you wish. I’m going to strike this nut with the hammer. I’ve only done this once before—to Daddy. He said it was really bad.” And then she hit the nut. The pain spread through my cock like a lightning strike. She hit it three times almost causing me to pass out and when I thought it was done she removed the insert. I was breathing heavily and dripping in sweat when she was done.

“You handled that well, slave. Now come with me. I have a gift for you.” She led me into the shower. “From now on you will receive my pee. You will drink as much as you can. Daddy will get it all, but since you are new at it I’ll accept some spillage. That’s why we’re in the shower. When I’m done you will clean my pussy with your tongue, wash me and then yourself. Kneel beneath me and open your mouth. Swallow as much as you can. I don’t wish to punish you and I won’t unless you force me.”

“I’ll do it, Mistress. You can count on me.” I moved under her, positioning my mouth where I thought it would catch her pee. When she hit my nose I moved, centering her stream in the middle of my mouth. It was hot and acrid but I drank and drank, swallowing perhaps eighty-five percent. The rest ran down my chin. I moved up to clean my Mistress’ pussy—the first time I had seen or touched her magnificent beautiful cunt. When she was done I rose and turned on the water, absorbing the cold until it warmed, protecting my Mistress. When she moved under the water I took the soap and gently washed her body. My Mistress gave me a small smile; I melted at her compliment. It’s a good thing I was wearing the cock cage. The sensation of touching her perfect smooth skin would have given me a raging hard-on which would probably have resulted in a beating. I enjoyed cleaning her pussy, but I loved washing her ass. What an ass! It was so firm and muscular. I dreamed of being able to fuck it sometime in the future.
When she was clean she directed me to wash myself. We stepped out of the shower, as I held her hand in mine. I took a towel and rubbed the water from her body before she could be chilled. She showed me her robe; I had just put it over her shoulders when she told me to dry myself and return to the bedroom. “Be there in less than five minutes.” I was there in three.

Mistress Dani sat on the edge of the bed and invited me to sit next to her. I was nervous; I wasn’t sure what to do. Then she spoke, “Slave, I believe in mixing reward with punishment. I think it’s more effective than punishment alone. You have handled your punishment well, but what did you learn?”

I thought for a few seconds before replying, “Mistress, I learned that you are strong enough to completely control me and that you will have no qualms about punishing me if I displease you. I also learned that you are capable of dispensing severe pain if necessary, but, unlike some, I don’t believe that you really enjoy punishing anyone. You do it because it is necessary. I also learned that I must respond to you immediately and without question. Mistress, should I be on the floor? I don’t want to offend you.”

“No, slave, I want you here because I’m going to reward you. You actually learned more than I thought you would.” She pushed me back on the bed and, using the key that hung between her glorious breasts, undid my cock cage. She removed both the cage and the ring that surrounded cock and balls. It was the first time it had been completely removed in five months. She massaged my balls. “You know, if I decided to squeeze these things I could cause you a boatload of pain.” She must have seen the expression on my face because she laughed, “That wouldn’t be much of a reward would it? Do you think I would do that to you, slave?”

“You would, Mistress, if I deserved it.” She nodded as she removed her robe.

“Do you like to ’69,’slave? Want to eat my pussy? I’ll bet you’ve been dreaming about this for months, haven’t you?”

I was both incredibly excited and terribly afraid. “Mistress, I’ve never really eaten a pussy. Would you show me what to do? I want it to be good for you.”

“Hmmm, no pussy licking experience, eh? Daddy, come in here, please.” Mr. Warner appeared seconds later. “Daddy, would you please show my new slave how to eat pussy? Don’t make me cum—that will be his job.”

Mr. Warner motioned for me to get down to the floor. Patiently, he explained his Mistress’ anatomy and told me exactly what she liked—there was nothing she disliked, fortunately. When he finished he rose but waited for permission to leave which he received. Mistress Dani patted the bed, inviting me once again to join her. I lay on my back as she straddled my face and lowered her face to my cock. Tentatively I reached up touching her slit with the tip of my tongue. The taste surprised me—it was sweet and clean, with a tinge of…something I couldn’t quite place. All I knew was that I’d eat this pussy anytime. Bolder now, I licked harder and pushed my tongue into her. She reacted by humping my face so I knew I was doing something right. Thus far my Mistress hadn’t done anything to me—probably just as well, I’d explode as soon as she put her tongue or mouth on me. Encouraged by my success I turned my attention to her clit. I pulled back her hood, surprised by the size and firmness of it. I sucked it into my mouth. I was being careful, but she told me she loved it hard, so I nibbled just a little. It must have worked because she bucked several times as she took my entire cock—all seven inches of it into her mouth. She sucked forcefully as she ran her tongue around my helmet. “Mistress!” I warned her just before blowing and she moved her head away just in time. My first river of cum shot almost three feet into the air; it was quickly followed by five more almost as high. I had continued to work on my Mistress and soon I was rewarded by her orgasm as her juices flooded my face.

My mistress rolled off me and brought her cum-laden hands to my mouth. I knew what she wanted so I opened and licked them clean. She scraped almost all the semen from my body, requiring that I eat it all. I knew that I must respond immediately. I was extremely pleased when she patted my head, commenting, “Not bad for a beginner—not bad, at all; but, don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of practice. I know Daddy told you he eats me two or three times a day. From now on you’ll get your share. Follow me.”

Mr. Warner was there on the floor waiting for us when my Mistress sat. She pointed to the other side of her feet. “Slave, this will be your place; Daddy already has the other side. Daddy, I’m placing you in charge of his training. You are to report any problems you have to me. I think his training will proceed much faster with your help. Get a copy of his schedule for my review. Tomorrow get all of his things out of the dorm and move them in here. I’ll decide where and let you know by the time you return. Also, Daddy, get out the dog bed and put it at my side of the bed. Slave, you will sleep there until I decide otherwise. Also, Daddy, get him a pillow and blanket. He doesn’t yet rate sleeping in the bed with me, but I want him to be comfortable and nearby in case I need to pee.

“Slave, tonight Daddy will fuck me. You will be on your bed and you may watch. Place your chin on the edge of the bed and remain still and silent. You are to make no sound at all. When we are done we will go to sleep. You will go to sleep then, also.

“Daddy, I’m sure we will need another desk, so make arrangements.

“Now for you, slave, when I have your class schedule I will set up times when you are to be here. You may go to the library, but only with my permission. You are not to go to the student union, book store, or any place else not related to your classes without permission. How will I find out? You will tell me. Believe me, any punishment you may receive will be much worse if I find out you have been lying or hiding something from me. Daddy was always totally honest with my mother and he has continued with me. I expect the same from you. OK, Daddy, I’m ready, but make sure he has his cage on before we begin.”

It seemed bizarre to sit on the floor and watch my Mistress fuck her father. She was obviously teasing me as she licked his cock, which was amazing. I’d never seen one so thick for its length. I could see her turn him on by licking and sucking his cock. When he began to moan she moved quickly to impale herself on his organ. She was a woman possessed as she rocked on his dick. She knew her father would be slow to cum so she worked him almost to the brink before allowing him to touch and rub her clit. They worked each other furiously and when they came together it was wonderful to watch and even better to be a participant. She collapsed onto the bed, reached over and ran her hand through my hair as she whispered, “Sleep well.”

Chapter 2

I moved out of the dormitory with Mr. Warner’s--Sam’s—help. I had to endure some criticism and jibes from my roommate, but who cares—I never liked the sucker anyway. Sam established my schedule and I always kept to it, usually getting home before my deadline. I found the mandatory study time especially beneficial; my grades improved as a result. Before long the semester was over. My Mistress told me we would go to her family home once we had our grades. I asked her about my mother. She was expecting me home for the summer and I had lined up a job earlier in the year.

“We’ll visit your mother and you can explain why you won’t be home any more. Notify your boss that you’ve had a better offer—taking care of me. Don’t worry about money. My father will pay all your tuition, books, and other expenses. You have your room and board here. If you need any other money you will have to ask me for it, just as you must request everything. So far, I must tell you, I am pleased with your progress. How many times have I had to punish you, slave?”

“Four times, Mistress, and I deserved it every time.”

“Based on what my mother told me about my father’s behavior that’s a big improvement. I also appreciate your honesty in regard to your behavior. I respect honesty.”

Two days later our grades were posted. I had my best semester ever, a 3.8. My mistress earned a respectable 3.4. Unfortunately, I got caught up with some of my classmates and was late returning. Worse, I had touched one of the girls. I informed my Mistress and she punished me—the urethral insert and ten strikes with the hammer, to be spaced out every six hours until completed. The following morning we drove to see my mother. I was extremely nervous. I rang the bell and Mother answered, confused that I had a “friend” with me but no luggage or clothes. Those had been taken to Mistress Dani’s home by Sam earlier in the week. Mistress Dani sat in a chair, I sat at her feet.

“OK,” my mother asked, “Michael, care to tell me what’s going on and what’s with that thing around your neck?”

“I will explain that shortly, Mother. I was in the library on November 3rd—I’ll always remember that date--and I saw a young woman studying there. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. My reaction was incredibly strong—I had a massive erection, so hard it hurt. I had to find the men’s room and relieve myself in a stall. Luckily, she was still there when I returned. I sat across from her and struck up a conversation. You know, Mother, that I’ve never been very good with girls. I’m shy and get tongue-tied, but I couldn’t let this gorgeous woman get away. I had to leave for a class but somehow I built up the nerve to ask her out. I was surprised when she said ‘OK.’

The following night I met her father who gave me a set of rules about dating his daughter. I had to be placed into a male chastity device, but he said that if I behaved myself I would be rewarded later in the evening. That’s the way it went for almost five months until I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. Mr. Warner told me that Dani was training me to be her slave. He also told me she was doing it because I was submissive, while she was dominant. I left and walked around thinking about what he had said. It explained a lot about me, like why I could never make the high school teams even though I was a better athlete than a lot of the guys who did. In the end I realized that I loved her very much and I’d to anything to continue with Dani. I returned and begged her to accept me as her slave. This collar you’ve asked about is a symbol of her ownership of me. It says, “PROPERTY OF DANI WARNER.” I moved out of the dorm to Dani’s house where my training has continued. She can do anything she wants with me, but she only punishes me when I have been bad, as she is doing now.

“Mistress, I see that it is past time for my punishment.”

“We can do that later, slave.”

“Mistress, with your indulgence, I would prefer it now. Mother has always thought of me as a sissy. I’d like to show her I am not.”

“Very well, slave, just pull your pants down to your knees. I don’t think I will need you naked for this. Mrs. Harding, this is the penis cage Michael told you about, except I use this particular type for punishment. There is a steel tube inserted into his urethra. I’m told that it is extremely painful to insert and very painful in place. I’m going to strike the nut with this hammer, which I’m told hurts like a pinched nerve, only about three times as bad. How many do I owe you, Michael?”

“Four, Mistress, this is the last set.” She’d given me one to start, two six hours later, and three six hours ago. The four now would be then ten she promised me. My Mistress described my infraction, complimenting me for my honesty. She warned me and struck—it felt like being struck by lightning. She swung the hammer again and again and again. Finally, thank God, I was done.

My Mistress leaned down to kiss my cheek. “You’re very brave, darling. I think you’ve suffered enough. In ten seconds it will be over—I’m removing the tube.” I gritted my teeth and, as promised, I was finished. Turning to my mother, she continued, “I could beat or torture Michael and he would accept it every time, but one of the last lessons my mother gave me was to punish because you love not because you’re angry. That was excellent advice.”

I pulled up my pants to continue with my mother. “Mother, I did not come here to seek your approval, but I would appreciate your acceptance. You are in my past, but my future is with my Mistress. I will gladly serve her my entire life if she will have me—so strong is my love for her. I will never return here, Mother, but my Mistress has told me several times that you will be welcomed at either of her homes.” I was done.

“Mrs. Harding, I know that you have counted on Michael’s summer earnings to get by, but I’m changing that. Here is your mortgage. My father bought it and you will see it has been marked paid in full. Additionally, you will receive $5,000 each month for “consulting” work. You’ll have to pay taxes on the money, but you’ll get a December bonus that will more than cover that. It has been a pleasure meeting you. I hope we will see you again.

“Michael, is there anything you need from here?”

“No, Mistress, I’m leaving this life behind; you are my life in the future.” I turned and led my Mistress out. She asked me to drive so she could text on her phone. I drove for almost two hours before she informed me we were stopping for the night. She directed me to an upscale motor inn, telling me to stay in the car while she registered. She reappeared about ten minutes later. I drove to our room, carrying our small suitcases easily.

When my Mistress opened the door I saw that there was a single queen-sized bed. I offered to remove the bedspread and place it on the floor so I could sleep on it. “Remove it,” my Mistress said, “but put it on the chair. Then remove your clothing and remove mine.” I did as she asked and she summoned me to sit next to her. She removed my cock cage, massaging my equipment afterwards. “I was extremely pleased with the way you handled yourself at your mother’s. I was surprised to hear how much you love me.”

“Mistress, I love you more than that—I’m terrible with words. If you tortured me every day I would come back for more because of my love for you. I’ve never believed in love at first sight…until that day I first saw you. I would willingly sacrifice my life for you if necessary.”

“Thank you for the offer, Michael, but I think we’ll have a lot more fun if you’re alive.”

“Mistress, may I ask a question? “ I continued when she nodded, “You said that you punished me because you….”

“Yes, Michael, I love you and I have loved you for months. Why do you think I would commit myself to all this work? I’m training you for when we are married.”

“Mistress…you would…marry...ME?”

“Yes, of course, Michael. Isn’t that what happens when people love each other? But, you’re going to have to ask me. Go ahead, now’s as good a time as any, plus it will give us a good reason to celebrate.”

“Mistress, I have nothing to offer you. I could not even buy you the cheapest imitation diamond ring.”

“Michael, you’re making me feel that you don’t want me. So far as the ring is concerned, I decided years ago that I would wear my mother’s ring when the time came. It’s in my purse, so, Michael, do you want me or not? If you do, you know what to do.”

I was so nervous I was shaking like a leaf. I dropped to the floor as I took my Mistress’ hand in mine. She smiled kindly at me, her face showing her love and encouragement. “Mistress…Dani…Danielle,” I began weakly, “I love you so much I cannot begin to express it. There is nothing I would not do to please you and I would love to be able to please you for the rest of my life. I would do it regardless of how you treated me. You could torture me daily and I would still love you, but the idea of being married to you is more than I can comprehend. I would be thrilled…ecstatic…if you would marry me. Will you, please…marry me?” At last I had gotten it out. I was so nervous I was covered in sweat.

“Michael, that has to be the longest, most roundabout proposal in recorded history, but you did actually ask me, so…I accept. Please stay there for a minute longer.” She rose and walked to her purse. Returning, she placed her mother’s ring into my hand, sat again, and held out her hand for me. Still shaking I somehow managed to place it on her finger. She reached down and, holding my head, kissed me deeply, her tongue swirling in my mouth.

When she pulled back she resumed her stern demeanor, “Michael, there will be no change in rules just because we are engaged. You still need training and, if you break the rules punishment will be even harsher because I expect more from you. Do you understand?”

My response was to take her feet into my hands and kiss each of her toes. I looked up, “I would have been disappointed had you said anything else, Mistress. I know I still have to prove myself to you.”

My Mistress nodded her approval then went on, “There will be some changes, however, Michael. Let’s go to the shower for the first one.” She rose and extended her hand, pulling me up. Hand-in-hand we walked into the shower. I preceded her and knelt to receive from her bladder. I was now able to drink and swallow every drop. When I finished I licked her pussy clean and started the shower. I cleaned her back, ass, and legs, but when she turned she took the soap from me, turned me around and washed my back. When I turned she handed me the soap again. I began at her shoulders and moved down. When I reached her breasts I held my tongue out, requesting permission to lick her nipples. She nodded—I knew enough not to initiate any sexual activities without permission.

I licked and sucked her hard nipples while I massaged her, eliciting several moans from her mouth. Her hands pushed me down until I found my head at her cunt. I dug my nose into her slit until my tongue contacted her ass. I tickled her rosebud and pushed into her, tasting her bowel as I slid my finger into her tight velvety tunnel. My Mistress shook wildly for several minutes until I sucked her swollen button into my mouth. She flooded my face with her hot juices as she came, sliding slowly down the shower wall. She landed on the shower floor, her slave between her legs, and the hot water rained down on us; she pulled me in for a sweet tender kiss as she whispered, “I love you, my slave.”

I helped her up and dried her as always, but she grabbed a towel before I finished and ordered me to turn around. She dried my back then moved around and dried my front, concentrating on my cock and balls. She gave me a sly look as she led me by the cock to her bed. I tried to protest, pointing to her damp hair. She laughed, “It’ll wait a few minutes.”

My Mistress pushed me back onto the bed. “If you’ve never eaten pussy, I’ll bet you’ve never fucked either.” My face went red with embarrassment. “Don’t be embarrassed, darling. It just means that you won’t have any bad habits. I can teach you so you’ll satisfy me every time. Of course, I’ll take good care of you in the process.” She climbed up and straddled my hips. She rubbed my cock into her slit; it ran with her juices. Slowly she moved up and back, drenching my cock until she moved just a little bit further. On the way back I slipped wonderfully into her hot cunt. The heat and tightness were better than anything I could have imagined. Her muscles gripped me tightly as she moved me deep into her pussy before slowly pulling out. “Don’t worry about me, love, I know you’re going to cum soon. You’ll get much better with practice, and we’re going to practice a lot—at least once daily, but probably more. Do you like my little changes? I already told Daddy to move into my old room. You’ll be sharing my bed from now on.”

I discovered now that she was taking it easy on me, because when she began to rock in earnest I blew load after load into her womb. I pulled her down and kissed her with tremendous passion until I realized what I had done. “Oh, I am so sorry, Mistress. I got carried away. Please punish me; I deserve it.”

“No—you don’t, slave. I started that. All you did was to react like any normal man would. I can’t blame you for that. C’mon, let’s fix my hair and then we can get something to eat. After that we can try again.”
It took me fifteen minutes to towel and blow my Mistress’ hair dry. I was getting pretty good at this so Mistress Dani suggested I attend to her sisters’ hair once we were there. I agreed immediately. I dressed my Mistress before hurriedly pulling on my own clothes. I drove around the city while my Mistress checked several restaurants on her smart phone. Finally, she directed me to a high-end steak house.

I was appalled at the prices, but my Mistress reminded me that we were celebrating as she flashed her ring. I smiled at my incredible luck. I had no success at all with women and I had snared the hottest girl on campus. Of course, I was her slave, but, so what? Any man would gladly serve her as I was doing. Our bill was well in excess of $120 but my Mistress never even bothered to check it. Soon we were driving back to the hotel—I couldn’t get there fast enough. I fidgeted in my seat while my Mistress drove. She laughed at my plight, “Don’t worry, slave, I’ll still be in the mood when we get back. In fact, I’m going to be in the mood all night, too.”

This time I was ordered to stand completely still while my Mistress teasingly removed my clothes. My cock was aching for her by the time it was released. It pulsed maddeningly when my Mistress slowly ran her hand up and down the sensitive underside. I longed to pull my Mistress into a kiss—hot, deep, and long—my hands exploring her fantastic body. “I can read your mind, slave. That’s why I ordered you to stand stock still. You see, there are many forms of torture. Sometimes pleasure can also be painful. I’m sure the opposite is true, also, but, we’re supposed to be celebrating, aren’t we? You have my permission to do whatever you want to me.”

I pulled her into my embrace, pulling her blouse from her skirt. I ran my hands up her back as we kissed, our tongues dancing with our passion for each other. She broke the kiss. “Rip my clothes from my body. Show me your lust!” I was conditioned to obey immediately. My hands pulled as buttons flew around the room. I put my fingers between the cups of her bra, shredding the thin cloth in seconds. I attacked her breasts with my mouth, suckling and nibbling her nipple while rubbing and massaging both breasts. I dropped one hand to her skirt. I forced my hand into the top and pulled; the button broke into pieces, the zipper following a second later as the skirt fell to her ankles. I moved my hand to her crotch, it was soaked with her fluids. I drenched my fingers before moving them to her mouth. She sucked in her juices eagerly. I dropped, my mouth engaging the lacey fabric as I bit and tore her panties from her body. I dove in, mouth first, drinking and drinking from her cunt. I fucked her with my tongue sending her to several orgasms. Finally, as she seemed spent, I pushed her back onto the bed. I climbed between her legs, running my hot cock up and down her slit several times until she begged me to fuck her. Once again, I was conditioned to obey, so I pushed deep into her pussy as my Mistress groaned. She smiled up at me, showing her approval as I fucked her hard and fast. She moved her legs up to my shoulders, forcing me deeper into her tunnel. She grinned again as I bottomed out against her cervix. I felt the familiar clenching in my balls as my slippery hot semen burst forth. I pulled out just as my first rope exploded from me, landing on my Mistress’ incredible breasts. Five times cum jetted forth to land on and cover my Mistress’ torso.

I was exhausted, but I had one last task to perform. Starting at her vulva I licked the messy white fluid from her body as my Mistress’ breathing slowly returned to normal. When I was done I lay next to her, intending to hold her in my arms. “Not yet, my darling slave, it’s my turn now.” She sat up, leaning over my cock. Taking it into her mouth she cleaned me of the accumulated cum—mine and hers—before returning to my arms. “It’s nice to know how much you want me.” She nuzzled my neck, kissing me gently for several minutes before she noticed I was crying.

“What’s wrong, slave? C’mon, tell me.”

“There’s nothing wrong, Mistress. You’re wonderful. I just realized that nobody has ever told me that they loved me. My mother blamed me for my father’s leaving when I was just an infant. All she ever did was belittle me…mock me. She called me a sissy and a baby, but never once did she ever tell me that she loved me.”

“Well, now you’re going to hear it every day because I do love you very, very much. I’ll prove it to you every single day.” She pulled me into the most sensational loving kiss—better than anything I could have ever imagined. Then we fucked and we fucked and we fucked until I could go no longer and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter 3

My Mistress woke twice during the night, but neither time did she require me to drink her pee. “I could see how exhausted you were; waking you would have been cruel, but you can take it now.” I scrambled to the edge of the bed and opened my mouth. I placed my lips against her cunt, my tongue in her tunnel. That was what I often referred to as “anchoring” into her. She gave me her hot yellow fluid; I drank every drop before licking her pussy clean. It was a bit more involved this morning; it was encrusted with cum. “You know, my mother told me about Daddy doing this for her when they first met. It was one of the first signs that he would be submissive to her. Then she jerked him off. Lie on your back.”

I climbed onto the bed, my legs apart. My Mistress massaged my balls before taking my organ into her hand. Slowly, she stroked me to hardness. Even though I had cum four times, or was it five, over the past twenty hours, I could not resist. My Mistress smiled as I began to groan. Going slowly now was torture for me, the same kind of torture she had told me about yesterday. “Please, Mistress,” I begged. “Please let me cum. My balls are starting to hurt.”

“Oh, really?” she replied, “Who decides if you can cum?”

“You do, Mistress. You decide everything. I only live to please you.”

“Are you sure you’re lousy with words? You keep coming up with all the right answers. You can cum, but I want to see you do it.” I moved my hand to my cock and pumped furiously as she moved her hand to her mouth and then to my ass. Pushing two fingers into my ass, she rubbed hard on my prostate. I came in buckets, covering my chest and abdomen. I rested for a moment, recovering before planning to clean myself up. I moved my hand to my mouth, but my Mistress intercepted. Eyes locked onto mine she cleaned my hand, first licking and then sucking my fingers into her mouth. She scraped cum from my body alternating between my mouth and hers. When she was done she kissed me, transferring much of the cum to my mouth. She didn’t have to tell me to swallow; I knew what she wanted.

We showered, kissed, dried each other, and kissed some more. Once we had dried each other it was time to dress. She laid out her clothes and picked out mine, but first she placed me back into the cock cage. “I’m not punishing you, Michael. I’m protecting you. I have three sisters ranging from seventeen to fifteen. They are incredible teases. Just like our other home you will be naked all the time; they are often naked, too. They will just get you into trouble, giving you erections and playing with your penis and balls. This will be a part of your training. When I am with my father I may require you to service one or more of them. I know my father was occasionally offered to my mother’s friends, even some male friends. You have to learn to obey all my commands promptly, no matter how odious they may be. You will learn a lot this summer.

“Now, my father will also be naked, just like at our home at school. Also, my maternal grandmother now lives there with her lover/master. Thus, she will also be naked all the time. We have a pool and you will be allowed to swim when I am at the pool, too. Just be sure to use plenty of sunscreen,” and laughing, she continued, “I wouldn’t want this beautiful cock to get sunburned. I may even put it on you, but…don’t allow my sisters to do it. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress, as usual you know best.” My Mistress checked us out and I drove for four hours until we reached her town. Just outside town was the driveway I would have missed without my Mistress’ help. It was out in the middle of the woods. I drove up the long drive to the house. Next to my mother’s—the only house I’d ever known before moving in with my Mistress and Sam—it looked huge. My Mistress had told me that there were six large bedrooms and baths plus several common rooms. I was nervous as I removed our luggage and followed my Mistress into the house.

Of course, I recognized Sam; he congratulated me on our engagement. Next I met her sisters, Lindsay, Ashley, and Amanda. They were all smaller carbon copies of my Mistress. I had just been introduced when they began teasing, asking my Mistress to have me strip. Finally, I met her grandmother, Sara, and her master Steve. My Mistress led me to our bedroom where I stripped, putting my clothes away neatly. “I told you about my sisters, Michael. Was I wrong?”

“No, Mistress, I’m glad I’m wearing the cage. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’d be beating me nonstop.” I was nervous when I returned to the living room. The sisters were upset to see my cage which made me feel relieved. My Mistress shared the news about our engagement; the news was not well received by Ashley and Amanda. Sam instructed me to assist him in making lunch, so I accompanied him to the kitchen. We prepared a buffet of cold cuts and salads. Sam told me it was much easier with so many people in the house.

That afternoon we went to use the pool. Then I was thrilled to be in my cock cage. My Mistress Dani and her three sisters were all naked. Ashley and Amanda tried to apply sunscreen to my body, but I respectfully declined. They got some really dirty looks when my Mistress arrived. I applied lotion to her, noting and understanding why she had no tan lines. Then she took care of me. She paid special attention to my balls, turning me so her sisters could see. She reclined on a lounge in the hot sun, but I requested permission to sit in the shade—I had always burned pretty badly. I was also glad that I did not have to sit on the hot bricks of the patio.

When we dressed my Mistress informed me that she would sleep with Sam that evening. “I need to reinforce my authority after being away from him for several days. You will spend the night with Lindsay. You will service her as she requests, but, of course, there will be no fucking. You will sleep in her bed, but you are not to drink her pee, no matter what she tells you. I will make sure she understands the rules before you go to her. Tomorrow morning you will return to me for our usual routine.”

“As you wish, Mistress; you know I will follow your instructions to the letter.”

I sat at my Mistress’ feet after dinner as we watched TV or read. I did neither; I wanted to be ready for any request my Mistress might make. At ten she announced that she and Sam would retire. Lindsay called me to her bedroom.

She lay back on her bed, a double big enough for two, her nightie coming barely to mid-thigh. “I wish I could fuck you, Michael, but that thing on your cock…. I guess Dani doesn’t trust you.”

“Probably not, Lindsay, especially when I’m in the company of a sex kitten like you.” I sat on the edge of the bed. She ran her hand up and down my thigh, teasingly.

“What did she tell you, Michael?”

“My Mistress has directed me to satisfy you any way I can other than fucking. I can kiss you, fondle and suck on your breasts, eat your pussy or your ass. I can do it as often as you like until tomorrow morning when I am to return to my Mistress.” Emboldened, she leaned up to kiss me. Her lips were soft and sweet but she rammed her tongue into my mouth. I would never complain, but I would much prefer kissing my Mistress. I put my hand to her breast, massaging as I rolled her nipples between my fingers. When she moaned I moved my hand to her pussy, finding it hot and wet. I pushed one, then two, fingers into her as she humped against my hand. Breaking the kiss I moved down to suckle her nipple; she reacted strongly. When I moved down to lick her pussy she locked her thighs around my head. I paid extra attention to her clit while I moved my when fingers to her asshole. She came quick and hard, flooding my face with her cum. I licked her pussy clean before excusing myself to her bathroom so I could wash my hands.

While I was there Lindsay tried to get me to drink her pee. “I’m sorry Lindsay, but my Mistress has forbidden it. I will gladly do anything except fuck or take your pee. Shall I make you cum again?”

“What will your mistress say when I complain to her and tell her you were not cooperative?”

“I believe she will ask me. She knows I have never lied to her, even when it meant that she would punish me. Also, please keep in mind that she has agreed to marry me. That will make some difference, I believe.”

“Well, it’s not fair.” She pouted until I kissed her, my tongue teasing her, drawing hers to my mouth. I fondled her breasts before lifting her nightie from her body. I picked her up, carrying her back to her bed. I lay next to her as we kissed and I rubbed her back and ass. I used my cock cage to rub her clit; she pushed me onto my back, straddled my hips, and rammed her clit into my cage. Her breathing became ragged, and when I pinched her nipples she came again, squirting this time. I pulled her down, kissed her again and caressed her body.

“Again?” I whispered.

“Oh, God, not yet; I need to rest a bit. Just hold me.” I moved her head to my shoulder and in minutes she was sound asleep. I roused her around five and we managed to get her off two more times, once by my tongue and once manually. At six I kissed her good bye. She whispered, “Thanks, Michael, my sister’s a lucky woman. I’m really jealous.”

The next morning my Mistress told me to dress—we were going shopping. Sam joined us, bringing a brown paper bag from his dresser. He and my Mistress knew what we were doing, but neither told me anything. We walked into a jewelry store where Sam was greeted like an old friend. My Mistress withdrew a gold collar similar to mine, except that it had been cut in two. “As you know, this was my mother’s. I want one just like it with a few minor changes. First, I want it to these dimensions,” she passed a sheet of paper to the jeweler who nodded. “Second, I want the language written there to be engraved on it, and third, I want it Florentined, so the surface isn’t shiny, other than that, exactly the same—same clasp as my mother’s.”

She pulled another slave collar from the bag. “I want this one engraved with these words. I’m hoping to be married in two weeks (that was a shock to me!) so I’ll need both by then.” They were promised in a week.
I fucked my Mistress the next six nights, but on the seventh she instructed me to service Ashley and Amanda. “I have a few friends coming over and I may offer you to them. I may even offer them your cock for fucking. They’re really horny bitches—two of them lost their virginity to Daddy during a sleepover, but Daddy is getting too old for all that stress. I have to protect him. The same rules apply to Ashley and Amanda—no fucking and no pee.”

“Yes, Mistress, I understand and agree.” So that night when my Mistress and Sam retired I went to Ashley’s room. Like Lindsay she had a double bed. Both she and Amanda were naked. They looked much like my Mistress but their breasts were still developing and their hips were almost non-existent. I sat facing them, an arm around each as I pulled Ashley in for a long kiss while I massaged Amanda’s cunt. Both these young girls were clean-shaven, their pussies as bare as the day they were born. When I turned to kiss Amanda she informed me that she had never really kissed a boy--never made-out anyway. I took a few minutes to teach her, much as my Mistress had taught me. We kissed for several minutes; Amanda was a quick study.

When I broke the kiss I pushed both of them down, attacking their pussies—one with my hand, the other with my mouth. When I moved up to their clits they both came quickly, flooding my face and hand with steaming juice. I raised both to their mouths. “Lick,” I instructed and they did, savoring their own flavors. “What next?” I asked.

They put their heads together and came out, voicing their desire as one, “Rub our clits on your cage like you did with Lindsay.” I organized them, first telling them to pick a number--one or two. Amanda guessed “two,” so she went first. I offered Ashley my mouth and she eagerly accepted. I lay on my back, moving Ashley of straddle my head while I positioned Amanda over my cage. I showed her what to do and minutes later she had her second orgasm. Then I concentrated on licking and sucking Ashley’s cunt and clit. Soon, she too, collapsed.

“Again?” I inquired. They rolled their eyes and fell asleep. Once again, I woke my partners early and brought them to another orgasm. This time Ashley rode my cage while Amanda’s cunt found my mouth and tongue. At six I returned to my Mistress. Later that morning she told me how pleased she was, “I got rave reviews on your performance last night. I’d better watch myself or those two will steal you away.” Of course, she was laughing as she said it—nobody could steal me from my Mistress. I was hers for life.

Unlike her mother, my Mistress wanted a small wedding. I asked Sam to be my best man; Lindsay was the maid of honor. We sent an invitation to my mother, but she never responded. I wasn’t sorry. We didn’t wear anything special—I wore a grey suit, white button-down shirt, and paisley tie. My beautiful Mistress wore a long white dress—not a wedding dress, just a white dress. We stood before the Minister, spoke our vows and when he asked for the rings, Sam produced two brown bags. My Mistress opened my collar and removed it, replacing it with a new one engraved with the words—PROPERTY OF DANI HARDING. She placed it around my neck, tightened the wrench and stepped back.

When it was my turn Sam produced another bag. I reached in startled at what I brought out—it was a gold slave collar complete with diamonds like the one I had seen in the jeweler’s. What had startled me was the inscription—PROPERTY OF MICHAEL HARDING. I stood there paralyzed for several seconds until my Mistress/Wife stroked my cheek lovingly and whispered, “Put it around my neck and close it.”

I woke up, stepped forward, looked at the collar and whispered, “How do you get this off?”

“You don’t—that’s the idea, now put it on me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, snapping the collar closed. Unseen by my Mistress I palmed the key to my collar, dropping it into my pocket. The minister told us to kiss. We did, and that was that—we were officially married.

We went to dinner at the town’s best restaurant. My Mistress ran her fingers up and down my thigh, teasing me maddeningly while we waited for drinks. It was one of the very few times I was out in public without my cage. Truthfully, it felt strange—like I was naked, although that never felt strange any more. Kidding me, my Mistress demanded that I kiss her several times, which, of course, I did eagerly. However, she was not kidding when she told me to get under the table and eat her pussy. Conditioned as I was I immediately fell to my knees, pushed her legs apart, and dove in tongue first. I was sure that I could be seen by several diners, but I thought at the time that being seen was part of the test. I brought her rapidly to orgasm. Then she pulled me up and drank her fluids from my face. Dinner was wonderful—I would have gladly devoured kibble from a bowl on the floor, just to be near my Mistress, but she never once required me to do so.

We went on a short honeymoon trip to Orlando and the parks in the area. We rented a condo rather than a hotel room; it was something we enjoyed very much. We enjoyed the parks immensely especially Sea World, but we enjoyed each other much more. We returned home a week later. We had more than a month before we had to return to school.

Chapter 4

By now I was an expert at fucking and pleasing my Mistress. I was giving her three to four orgasms every day. Her capacity for pleasure never failed to amaze me. She was also getting me off a minimum of twice each day so I definitely wasn’t complaining. Then one day she told me her old friends were coming to visit—and check out the new husband/slave. I requested to be placed into the cage, at least while the sisters were nearby. My Mistress thought about it, but denied my request. “We’re going to have a fucking good time, Michael. I’ll make sure the girls stay away from you.”

I was repulsed when they came. They were all fat, with greasy hair, drooping bellies and sagging pendulous breasts—they were slobs. Of course, I gave no indication of my feelings. I was friendly and open, even when they fondled my penis and balls. We went out to use the pool and everyone was naked. Despite being ordered to stay away, Lindsay, Ashley, and Amanda all swam into me groping my equipment until my Mistress rose and returned to her house. Three minutes later she reappeared carrying my cage. I thanked her when she placed it on my body. She reached up and kissed me, her tongue sliding into my mouth as she pinched my ass. We swam for more than an hour before retiring to our bedroom—my Mistress, her three friends, and me. My cage was removed and my Mistress massaged my cock and balls while she told her friends to have fun while she went to get us some drinks.

I was told to lie on my back; I was there only a second or two when they jumped on me, one pinning my head and upper arms, the second, my abdomen and upper legs, the third, my knees. I could hardly breathe as my head was jammed between the girl’s mammoth breasts. Then I heard a voice, “This will teach you to play around and marry our friend, you disgusting male. You’d better learn your place.” She grabbed my balls, squeezed and twisted. I screamed into the breasts, but even I had trouble hearing it. Suddenly, the weight was off my body; I doubled over—the pain was excruciating—but I looked and saw my Mistress with fury in her eyes. She had several clumps of hair in her hands. I heard her call for Steve and Lindsay, “Steve, please take these three to the secret room. Put her on the horse and shackle the other two. I’ll be there soon. Lindsay, please get some ice for Michael.”

She moved onto the bed, cradling my head. “Oh, my darling, I’m so sorry. I had no idea they’d do something like that. I don’t understand it. Why?”

“Mis…tress,” I was barely able to speak, “planned, it…was…planned. Jumped…on me…all at once…pinned…me down. Couldn’t move or yell.”

Lindsay came in, placing the ice on my balls. “Dani, you’re such a fucking asshole, you know that? Your own sisters love Michael. He’s sweet, kind, considerate, and loving. You won’t let us fuck him, but you invite your fat skanky friends who you barely know any more in here and look what’s happened.” She leaned forward and kissed my cheek. “Go, Dani, you have work to do. I’ll stay here with Michael, and don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck him—not now, anyway.” I could see that my Mistress had taken that hard. She wasn’t accustomed to being criticized, even when she was obviously wrong. She left with a look of determination in her eyes. I pitied those girls.

My Mistress strode into the secret room. Steve had bound the one, I still didn’t know her name, to the horse; the others were shackled by the ankle to the floor. “Who ever gave you the idea you could punish my slave? C’mon, I know you planned it. Michael could have pushed you off if you hadn’t jumped him all at the same time. I’m thinking it was you, Michele. You were the one squeezing his balls, weren’t you? Well, you damaged my property. When you do that you are damaging me, so I’m going to damage you. My slave cried when I did this to him, but he did not call out. Let’s see if you’re as strong as he is.” She took down the cane, swinging it through the air. “I’m starting with ten, you fucking bitch.” She started and Michele screamed immediately. The screaming went on through the ten blows then Steve removed her, shackled her to the floor, and brought another. Given the chance to speak and incriminate herself she chose to remain silent. My Mistress gave her ten also. The third couldn’t wait to spill the beans. Michele had been the leader. She was jealous of Dani and hated men. She was the only one of the three not to give up her virginity to Sam at the sleepover years ago. She had blackmailed the other two, threatening to tell their parents about their lesbian encounters. My Mistress took mercy, giving her only five. Then she returned Michele to the horse.

“Because of you I probably won’t have any sex for the next several days. I’m going to suffer as a result, now you’re going to suffer. What I did before will be nothing compared to what I’m going to do now.” She donned the strap-on and rammed it into the other girl’s cunt. She was dry and it hurt like hell; she bled profusely as a result. “Tough shit, you cunt, tough fucking shit--now I’m really going to hurt you.” She pulled out, and with only the blood as a lubricant, rammed the dildo into her asshole. It tore her up as my Mistress slammed it home over and over. Eventually, she stopped, exhausted and mentally drained. “Get out. Take your clothes and get out. If you’re still on my property five minutes from now I’ll shoot you for trespassing. I never want to see your sorry fucking asses again. If you see me or my slave on the street you’d better cross over. Do you understand?” They nodded and left, running out the door clutching their clothes as they left.

My Mistress returned to me. She cried as she comforted me. I looked up and wiped the tears from her face, “Not your fault, Mistress, you had no way of knowing—they weren’t the same friends you knew.”
She shook her head, “No, Michael, this was all my doing. I should learn to treat you with greater respect.” She kissed me again, telling me to rest. “By the way, Michael, have you seen the key to your new collar?”

“Yes, Mistress, It’s in my top drawer—on the left-hand side.” She opened the drawer and found it easily.

“Uh, Michael, what’s with this key? It’s all bent.”

“Yes, Mistress, I put it into Sam’s vise when we came home from our wedding dinner. Now I can’t get mine off, either. You’re stuck with me.”

She threw the key in the trash. “You know something? You’re lucky you’re hurt. If you weren’t I’d fuck you until you couldn’t stand. Instead, how about if I kiss you? I love you, my wonderful slave.” She leaned in carefully, pressing those wonderful soft lips into mine. Her tongue teased me, and despite the pain I was suffering, I pulled her to me in a long loving embrace. When we broke the kiss I told her, “I love you, Mistress, and I always will.”

Chapter 5

I was feeling better the next morning, but my balls were still swollen. I offered to take my Mistress’ pee, but she told me to stay in bed. She served me breakfast in bed and before long we were joined by the sisters. “Michael, I need to say two things. First, what Lindsay said to me yesterday really hit home. I was going to allow some girls I haven’t seen in more than a year fuck you, but I denied my own sisters who I know love you. Would you be upset if I told you to fuck them?”

“Mistress, given my druthers I would make love only to you, however, it isn’t really my decision—it is yours. You know that I will comply immediately with any instructions you give.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Michael, because my second item is that I should be punished for doing such a stupid thing. I want you to paddle me.”

“Mistress, I will gladly do anything you tell me…but that. You may punish me, beat me senseless, if you wish, but I could never strike you. Order me to do anything—anything but that.”

“Somehow, I knew you would say that, but I know someone who will gladly act as your surrogate—won’t you, Lindsay?” Lindsay nodded and they left. Soon I could hear my Mistress crying. When she returned she informed me I would spend the night with Lindsay. I pulled her to me to comfort her as she had done to me so many times. I placed her over my knees so I could massage and soothe her ass.

That night I was much better as I went to Lindsay, although my balls were still tender. “Don’t worry, Michael, I’m not going to hurt you. It’s just unfortunate you had to go through all this. I tried to tell Dani that those bitches were losers. Now come here, kiss me, and then I want to suck that lovely cock of yours.” I sat on the bed, admiring Lindsay’s delicious body. She was about five feet six inches tall—just an inch shorter than my Mistress. Her breasts were somewhere between B and C-cup and extremely sensitive. I kissed her delicately at first until her passion and lust got a hold on her. Then she gripped my head and pulled me into her face. I massaged her breasts, loving how she groaned in response.

Lindsay sat up and pushed me back onto the bed. Her hand around my cock slowly stroked me as she licked tantalizingly around my helmet then up and down my cock. She took me into her mouth, all the way to my pubic hair. “Careful, Lindsay, you don’t want to make me cum. You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” She looked up, nodded, and rose from my cock, lying next to me, her legs apart and up. “Lindsay, please don’t be insulted, but how many times have you done this?”

She blushed as she whispered, “Never.”

I kissed her cheek, rose, and walked to the bathroom for a towel. I spread it beneath her. “This will hurt a little when I break your hymen. Then it should be a lot better. I want to go slowly with you so I don’t hurt you.” She nodded her assent. I rubbed my cock in her slit moistening it and helping her pussy prepare for my invasion. Slowly and carefully I pushed in just an inch. I pulled back half-way and back in another inch until I felt resistance.

“Do it quickly please, Michael, before I lose my nerve.” I pulled back and thrust forward, ripping her barrier to shreds. Lindsay was no longer a virgin. I remained still within her as I wiped tears from her cheeks. “It wasn’t as bad as I’d heard,” she whispered, “I think I’m ready now.” I pulled out until only the head remained within her tunnel. Being younger than my Mistress, and a virgin, she was tighter—her pussy was incredible. I pushed in slowly; Lindsay pushed back, her pubis bumping into mine. Our pace increased; soon we were going at it like rabbits. I moved her legs up so I could find and rub her G-spot with every thrust of my organ. In only minutes Lindsay began to shudder and shake. I knew I was also getting close. “Cum in me Michael; I’m on the pill. I want to feel you explode inside me.” She had just finished when she shook wildly, her body in spasm. A few seconds later Lindsay got her wish as I bathed her womb in my cream. I tried to move off her, but she stopped me, “I like it in there. I hope I get to fuck you again.”

“You will, Lindsay, tonight. I’m here all night. We can sleep if you wish, or fuck all night.”

“Michael, I can sleep any time.” She pulled me to her lips for another sensational kiss. I was done cumming for a while but I was still hard. We fucked another three times that night; Lindsay had four wonderful orgasms and another when I cleaned her pussy just before returning to my Mistress.

The next night I was assigned to Ashley who was also a virgin. She was even smaller—all around—than Lindsay, and she was even tighter. I followed the same steps I had used with Lindsay with the same results. Once again I was up all night fucking. When I returned to my Mistress she laughed, “You’d better get some sleep; you’re going to need it with Amanda. She’s the horniest of all of them.” I collapsed into the bed, sleeping until two in the afternoon when my Mistress needed my services for her pee.

That night found me in Amanda’s room. She was naked, eagerly awaiting me. “Don’t worry about hurting me, Michael. I took care of it with a big vibrator when I heard about Lindsay. Just stick it in me.”

“I could do that, Amanda, but then you’d miss out on the foreplay. Most women love foreplay, but most guys, especially young ones, just want to fuck. You’ll have a lot more fun if I get you ready first.” I lay her back onto the bed, leaned down and kissed her, tenderly at first until our passion rose and the kiss became more urgent—more feverish. Soon she was all over me. I spun her around to “69,” telling her to lick around my helmet and down the sensitive underside while I tickled her cunt with my tongue. I pressed a finger into her, trying to stretch her pussy walls. When I thought she was ready I picked up her tiny body, flipping her beneath me. I pushed slowly into her, giving her time to adjust to my girth, but she was having none of it. She lifted her hips forcing me deep into her cunt. My Mistress was definitely right about Amanda—she was one horny little girl, meeting every thrust with one of her own. Faster and faster we drove into each other until she gasped, arched her back, and collapsed, my cock still hard within her.

She was panting wildly as she came down from her orgasm. “I’m glad you didn’t cum, Michael, because I want to do it again, and again, and again. You did Lindsay four times, so I want at least five.” I rolled my eyes and got back to work. “By the way, I’m on the pill, too, and I want to feel your cum in me, just like my sisters. I want it all.” Great—now all I had to do was deliver.

I did, and when I staggered back to my Mistress she laughed so hard she cried, “Didn’t I tell you, Michael? Oh, you look terrible. Come and take my pee then climb in here with me, baby. Let Mama take care of you.” I knelt to drink and was barely able to get up and into the bed. My Mistress laughed again as I fell immediately asleep in her arms

Chapter 6

A week before returning to school my Mistress and Lindsay took me shopping. I believe I’d prefer a dozen blows to the insert to shopping with them again. Unfortunately, I had no choice. My Mistress and Lindsay were the kind of shoppers who had to try on twenty blouses before selecting one—maybe. The only positive was the trip to Victoria’s Secret where I had numerous combinations of lingerie exhibited for my approval. When they were finished we shopped for me which was almost as painful as shopping for them. My Mistress wanted to pick out all my clothes. She selected boxers even though she knows that I have always worn briefs. Finally, I told her, “Mistress, could I please at least have a say in what I am to wear? I prefer briefs, but I will wear boxers if that is what you wish. However, I do not like any of the shirts you have picked out and I would not wear even one unless you forced me. I appreciate that you want me to look good, but I would also like to feel good about what I wear.” She gave me a look that told me I’d be punished, but she did allow me to pick out six outfits. I thanked her profusely. Then I went home to be beaten.

A week later we returned to school—me as a senior, my Mistress as a sophomore, and Lindsay as a freshman. Sam now stayed in the extra bedroom, having been formally retired after 65 years as a slave. Things were peaceful for the first three months, but one morning in December, just after completing our final exams, I rose early, at six, as usual. I made coffee and took it to Sam in his bedroom. He was usually up at this hour so I was surprised when he failed to answer my knock. I knocked on the door again, and again there was no reply. Tentatively, I opened the door. Sam lay in bed, his cheeks gray. I felt for a pulse, but couldn’t find one; his cheek was cold. Sam had passed away during the night.

I kneeled at the side of my Mistress’ bed, calling quietly and rubbing her cheek. “Michael? What time is it? Why are you waking me at this ungodly hour?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress; it’s your father. He’s passed away. It must have happened in his sleep.” I explained how he had failed to respond when I knocked. “I’m so sorry, Mistress. I loved Sam like the father I never had. We need to dress, Mistress; I’ll have to wake Lindsay and call the police, and later I’ll phone your home. Let me take your pee first, Mistress then I’ll help you dress.” My Mistress was numb from this news. I sat her up, moving her to the edge of the bed. I encouraged her to pee; I cleaned her pussy, stood her up and dressed her. I led her to the living room and sat her in her favorite chair before dressing myself. I woke Lindsay, helped her dress and dialed “911.” Fifteen minutes later the police arrived, my Mistress and Lindsay weeping on the couch.

I explained what happened and led them to Sam’s room. They asked if I had touched anything. “I touched his neck to see if he had a pulse, and his cheek—it was cold. That’s all.” They returned to the living room where I explained that my mis, er…wife and her sister were sleeping until I woke them with the bad news.
They asked about an estate. “Yes, Sam explained his will a few weeks ago. Maybe he anticipated his passing. I know that my wife’s grandmother gets twenty million—thanks for taking care of his other daughters while we’re here. My wife’s mother passed about five years ago. Each of the younger daughters get twenty percent which I think will be about a hundred and sixty…million. The rest, including this and two other houses go to my wife. She has taken care of Sam for the past five years. I guess that’s why he did it that way.”

“That’s a pretty big estate,” the policeman noted, “I think we’re going to require an autopsy. Sorry, but we have to be sure he died of natural causes.”

“Of course, we understand. I’d probably do the same in your shoes. Now, if I may be excused, I have to tell his other daughters.” I went to the kitchen and phoned. I could hear the crying in the background. I told them I would keep them informed, and about the autopsy. Then detectives and the medical examiner arrived. He took a look at Sam and said it looked like natural causes. He didn’t see any indication of foul play. However, an autopsy would be more conclusive. The following afternoon the results were in—death by coronary infarction—heart attack. We arranged for cremation—Sam’s request—and drove home to meet with the family.

Contrary to my Mistress’ mother’s wishes, her ashes were never scattered in the cove near the Maui house. A concrete cross was lowered into a space in the reef. There were two compartments in the base. Her urn rested in one, Sam’s would fill the other. We went there over the Christmas break. I had snorkeling equipment and found the cross easily—I’d seen it when snorkeling before. I dove down, aided by the weight of Sam’s urn and placed it into its small compartment. Then I replaced the cover, said a brief prayer, and surfaced.

My Mistress waited for me on the sand. She was still having trouble dealing with Sam’s death. I dried myself, put my arm around her waist, and we walked the short distance back to the house. We had not made love even once since Sam passed. She was just that numb. I took her to the bed, removed her clothing, and mine. I lay next to her, holding and caressing her, before kissing her gently. I moved between her legs; she spread them to accommodate me. I rubbed my cock into her slit and entered her cunt.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Mistress, I’m giving you what you need—helping you move forward. That’s what Sam would have wanted. Punish me when I have taken care of you. I deserve it. That will also help you.” I fucked her silly, giving her two explosive orgasms.

“Thank you, slave, you were right, I did need that, but now I have to punish you—punish you for loving me. Lie on the bed and spread your legs.” I did as instructed while she placed the cock cage onto my cock, locking it tight. When she pushed the insert into me I thought it would kill me. My urethra was so sensitive after just cumming. I gritted my teeth, almost to the breaking point, so intense was the pain. “Did that hurt you? Good, that’s what you deserve, isn’t it?” I just nodded. Had she required me to speak I probably would get additional punishment. There was no way I could utter a word through the pain I was feeling.

She got the hammer and bashed me five times. I felt as though my cock was pushed into a wall outlet. The pain shot through my nerves like an electric shock. When she was done she pulled the insert from my cock and my punishment was done. My Mistress removed the cage and massaged my organ, comforting me. “Are you allowed to initiate sex with me, Michael?”

“No, Mistress, but I thought it was something you needed.”

“You were right about that. I feel like I’m human and alive again. Tell me, Michael, why don’t I torture you like a lot of dominatrices I read about on the internet?”

“I think that most of those women hate men. That’s why they constantly inflict pain and humiliation. You don’t hate men. Your model as a mistress was your mother and she didn’t hate your father. From what Sam told me she loved him very much. Then, remember that you became a mistress at fourteen and your first slave was your own father who you loved dearly, and, of course, you love me madly. Those are just guesses, Mistress, but if you wish to torture me I will submit to you.”

“Tell me again how you’re so awful with words. You always seem to have the right answer.”

“Perhaps, Mistress, but I will never be able to fully express my love for you.”

We stayed in Maui for another two weeks as my Mistress returned to normal. We got back into our routine of pussy eating and fucking multiple times every day. Too soon, though, we were back at school. We’d both had excellent semesters; I had earned my first 4.0 and my Mistress had a 3.6. Lindsay, in her first semester earned a 2.9. We were several weeks into the semester when Sam’s will cleared probate. As Sam had explained, my Mistress inherited forty percent of the estate. In addition to the houses, she received just less than 310 million dollars to be held in trust until her twenty-fifth birthday. Until then she would receive an allowance of $10,000 every month. In spite of her wealth we decided that I should pursue employment.

Lindsay had several “courters” throughout the previous semester and this one. It became my job to handle the rules and the masturbation. The first three rebelled at the thought and left immediately, making some choice comments about me and Lindsay, but in late January another came to the door. He introduced himself as David Turner. He was an attractive slender young man—not a jock, but a sensitive reasonably fit young man. I told him that I was Lindsay’s brother-in-law and that I was to give him the rules about dating her, but first I was to masturbate him. He stood still as I lowered his pants and briefs. When I had finished I cleaned his organ and locked him down in the electrical cock cage. He dated Lindsay regularly for almost three months when he called and asked to speak with me.

It was déjà vu all over again as Yogi Berra used to say. I told him that Lindsay was training him to be her slave. I explained why and how--then I startled him by explaining that I was her sister’s slave. I went through all the indoctrination procedures and what life as a slave was like. When I finished he asked me what to do. “The next step is up to you. If you want to continue to see Lindsay you’ll have to submit to her—become her slave. If not, you still have to have that cage you’re wearing removed. It’s all up to you—your decision.” He left as I did almost a year ago. Lindsay nervously asked me what I thought. “If I had to guess, I’d say you have a new slave, but that’s just my guess.” We sat and waited—all three of us—in silence until the bell rang.

David walked in, looked at me and my Mistress before locking on Lindsay. She sat, aloof, waiting for him. Slowly, he walked to her, removed his shoes, socks, shirt and pants before kneeling and asking Lindsay to accept him as her slave. My Mistress and I grinned, but Lindsay maintained her stern demeanor. She rose and led her new slave into the bedroom. And so it begins again.

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