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things get messy
Jenny sat at the kitchen table sipping on some coffee like she did most mornings but this one in particular was different. She sat at the table almost glowing as she replayed last night’s events in her head over and over again. She had taken her daughters virginity and she knew she should feel bad about it but she didn’t and at this point she couldn’t be bothered anymore about society’s standards and what’s right and what’s wrong. She felt like she was in the same boat as her daughter because going 7 years without sex made her feel so inexperienced. She couldn’t help but giggle at the fact that because of the lack of sex in the past 7 years, it led to the biggest and most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced in her life, and it was brought on by her sweet little daughter. As her thoughts rolled on endlessly she was snapped back into reality by the sounds of her daughter’s footsteps coming into the kitchen.

Jenny: oh. Good morning dear.

Becky: morning mom.

She walked quickly up to her mom and gave her a peck on the cheek and went straight to the fridge to grab something to drink. Jenny gave her a quizzical look.

Becky: sorry mom im in a hurry. If I don’t get moving now ill be late for the bus. I had trouble getting up this morning since someone was too busy taking my virginity last night.

She smiled brightly at her mom.

Jenny: sorry honey. I didn’t mean to keep you up.

Becky: I was merely stating a fact. I wasn’t complaining.

She giggled as she walked towards the front door.

Becky: see you later mom. Have a nice day.

Jenny: ok angel. Enjoy your day. And stay out of trouble.

She walked over to the window and watched her daughter get on the bus like any proud mother would do. Looking at her daughter in her school uniform made her look like an average 15 year old girl and not the sex crazed slut she was last night. This made Jenny giggle a little as she watched the bus drive off and she stepped away from the window to get herself ready for a long day ahead.

Lunch time was the usual riot looking cafeteria at Becky’s high school. A huge hall of hormonal teens complaining about how much they hate their parents and how much their life sucks. Becky and her friends were sitting in their usual spot but this time she was in the spot light. Her friends had noticed something different about her today but they couldn’t figure it out.

Julie: come on Becky, what’s the deal? Why do you look so different but still the same? You changed your hair didn’t you? No, wait, new make up?

Becky didn’t even reply, she just sat there at the table basking in her own ambience as if she had nothing to say to them. Of course she knew she couldn’t say anything. What was she going to say, yeah last night my mom fucked my brains out. That is basically signing an application form to become the school freak, social suicide they call it.

Jenny’s day went just as she had expected it to. Long, boring, tiresome and very irritating. Today was slightly different as she would keep thinking about her daughter and that gave her the energy to keep going and she couldn’t understand why. The day finally came to an end and she left work and felt like the journey took forever. She got home, slipped off her uncomfortable shoes and slipped into a pair of black flat pumps which was a small change but it made her feel a million times better. Off to the kitchen she went and had the usual start up, a huge glass of red wine. When she was almost done with it her phone rang and she rummaged through her bag to find it. She looked at the caller ID and saw it was Becky and answered before it could go to voicemail.

Jenny: hey sexy.

She heard a cough on the other line, almost a choke actually.

Becky: high mom. Um.. we are just about to leave school and I was wondering if it was ok for Julie to have a sleep over at our place tonight?

Jenny: hmmm. I don’t know sweety, it is a school night. Has she asked her parents.
Becky: yeah and they said she can if its ok with you.
Jenny: oh ok, yeah sure. Maybe we will get some pizza tonight.
Becky: really? Thanks mom, you are the best.
Jenny: anything for you honey. Mwah.

Before the call was ended she heard a bunch of teen chatter in the background.

Friends: damn Becky your mom is so cool.

Becky: I know right, she is the greatest mom ever.

And then the line went dead. She sat there feeling quite proud of herself. Every parent wishes they could hear their kid talk about them like that, then she remembered, not every parent sleeps with tier kids. She chuckled at the thought as she refilled her glass and walked through to the living room and sat down in front of the TV and tried to relax.

A few moments later she heard the front door open and she looked over to see the two girls walk in.

Becky: hi mom. This is Julie.
Julie: hi Mrs Conner.
Jenny: hi Julie, nice to meet you, and please, call me Jenny. Formalities are for strangers.

Julie blushed and looked at the floor.

Jenny: ok Mrs Conn…Jenny.

Jenny looked the girl over. She had the same body structure as Becky and was very similar in height as well. She had long light blonde hair and striking blue eyes. A Barbie doll would be the best way to describe her.

Jenny: dinner will be here in about an hour so you girls can do whatever you want until then.
Becky: ok mom, see you in a bit. Come on Julie, ill give you a tour of the house.
Julie: nice to meet you.

She said as she quickly walked off trailing behind Becky.

Julie: oh my gosh your mom is so cool. And so gorgeous. I wish I look like that when im her age.

Jenny over heard the girls as they walked off. She smiled to herself and continued watching TV. It was like nothing ever happened and they were a normal family again The evening went on and the three of them had dinner and then went back to what they were doing, the two girls in the room and Jenny watching TV, ploughing through a second bottle of wine. She was quite a length past tipsy when she looked at the clock and saw it was 10 pm and decided to call it a night. She went to bed like usual. Before she fell asleep she heard talking in her daughter’s room. She got out of bed and headed towards her daughter’s room with her mom-face on ready to scold the two girls for not being in bed and asleep as it was a school night. She stopped dead in her tracks when she got close to the door and overheard the conversation.
Julie: im not sure about this Becky, ive never done anything like this before.

Becky: oh relax. It will be fun.
Julie: but im not into girls and im not ready for sex.
Becky: who said anything about sex. Its just a bit of fun. Besides, im not into girls either, im sure you have heard that college girls experiment with each other all the time, why do we have to wait until we get to college.
Julie: ok fair point but im still nervous. What if I mess up?
Becky: you wont mess up, just lay back and ill do the rest.
Julie: be gentle please.
Becky: don’t worry, im not going to do anything major, just a bit of fun, you will still be the same when we are done.

And with that came a deafening silence that was broken by the sound of quiet moans. Curiosity got the better of Jenny and she moved closer to the door where as luck would have it, the door was left opened ever so slightly and she peeped through the crack and was nearly knocked flat on her ass when she saw what was going on. Julie was laying on the bed, trembling but moaning at the same time. Her eyes were closed and her hands were gripping the bed covers so tightly you could see her knuckles turning white. Jenny’s eyes moved further down to see Julie was naked on the bottom and between her legs she was wearing Becky’s face on her pussy. Becky was going for gold. She was sucking and licking the poor girl with so much concentration you could think she was in a contest. She went to town on the girl’s clit as she liked and sucked and all Julie could do was lay there, not knowing what was happening to her body or why it felt so good. The next thing she saw was Julie suddenly wrap her legs around Becky’s face as if she was trying to push her entire head inside her pussy and then she screamed out as her very first orgasm swept her away to another dimension of reality where the body’s main purpose is a source of pleasure. As her head moved from side to side uncontrollably she caught a glimpse of a figure standing by the door but her orgasm hadn’t given her back control of her body so all she could do was ride it out as she knew she was being watched. Jenny realised she had been made out and swiftly went back to her room. Instead of feeling guilty about watching the girls getting busy she couldn’t help but think how her daughter was turning into a sex freak, every mother’s worst nightmare but Jenny found it quite exciting. Decided to leave it at that she went to bed and was surprised at how easily she slipped away into a deep sleep.
She woke up the next morning and within 30 minutes she was in the kitchen again getting her caffeine fix when she heard the two girls coming down the stairs.

Jenny: good morning girls.
Becky: morning mom.
Julie: morning.

Was all Julie could say in the softest voice ever. She avoided making eye contact with Jenny at all costs and stared at the floor the entire time they were in the kitchen.

Becky: got to go mom. See you later.
Jenny: ok hun. Have a nice day.
Julie: bye.

Was all she could say again as she rushed out of the door. If they were in a cartoon world, there would’ve been leaves and a wind trail behind the poor girl.

Jenny didn’t know what to make of it but she thought she best leave it alone and let her daughter handle it if it comes up at any point. The day progressed as usual and came to an end as Jenny went through the whole day in a sort of autopilot mode. When she got home she slipped of her shoes again and into her pumps and waited for her daughter to get home and give her the bad news. As if being able to read her thoughts, the front door opened and in walked Becky, not looking to happy about life.

Jenny: everything alright?
Becky: yeah everything is fine, Julie is just acting like a cow.
Jenny: what did she do?
Beck looked at her mom as is if deciding whether or not to trust her and then finally decided to tell her.
Becky: well last night we were experimenting, you know, kissing and stuff so we don’t totally suck when we do it for real with a boy, and she keeps saying someone was standing by the door and watching us, and I told her its impossible because you were the only on in the house.

Becky noticed a weird look on her mom’s face.

Becky: mom?
Jenny: im sorry honey but I did watch. I came over to tell you girls to go to sleep because it was a school night and the next thing I know im watching you two going at it. im sorry honey, I really didn’t mean to.
Becky’s answer surprised her mother completely.
Becky: its ok mom. I don’t mind you watching at all. Its kind of sexy when you do. After all I do want to be like you when I grow up.

They both just stood there and looked at each other.

Jenny: well this is awkward.
Becky: whats awkward?
Jenny: go up to your room and see for yourself.

Not knowing what to think Becky turned towards the staircase and walked slowly, unsure of what she would find in her room. She got to her room door and slowly walked in and found a box on her bed with a note attached to it.

Note: im really sorry for watching you AGAIN. I know I really shouldn’t but hopefully this will give you an idea of how sorry I am.

Becky turned around to see her mom standing in the door way. She was so confused so she just opened the lid of the box and what she saw almost made her eyes pop out of her head. In the box was a pair of brand new gold coloured 5 inch strappy high heels.

Becky: mom you didn’t. they look so expensive.
Jenny: trust me they were, but it was worth it. you like them?
Becky: like is the understatement of the year. I love them.

She smiled so hard you would think her face was about to tear. She sat down in the bed and removed her shoes and socks, pointed the toes on one foot and slowly slipped her foot into the shoe. The feeling of the cold material touching her foot and warming up instantly made her feel hot between her thighs. She moaned as she felt the shoes touch the skin of her foot. She fastened the ankle strap and admired her French pedicured toes in the shoe and the straps reaching round and encasing her foot. She then did the same with the other shoe all the while her mom watched in amazement at how someone could get so excited just from putting on a pair of shoes. She couldn’t help but notice how sexy her daughter’s feet looked in them and she was kind of taken by surprise by the French pedicure, she had never seen Becky with that kind of nail polish before but it gave her a grown up but still cute and sexy look.

Becky: oh my gosh mom, I don’t know what to say. They are just too much. I feel like a princess.

She said as she stood up and they were both surprised at how she was only 15 but had such good balance in high heels. Almost as if she was born to walk in heels and make people mess their pants just from the sight of her. Jenny couldn’t help but notice how she was getting turned on by the combination of Becky’s school uniform and the high heels. She felt herself get wet between the thighs as she watched her goddess of a daughter admire herself in the full length mirror standing in the corner.

Becky: mom I really don’t know what to say. You really didn’t have to. I don’t deserve them you know. They are just way too expensive.
Jenny: honey you are worth every penny. Just think of it as a way of me saying thank you for being such a good daughter.

Becky turned to look at her mom, her eyes were swelling up with tears as she walked over to her mom and hugged her tightly.

Becky: thank you mom. You are the best mother in the world.
She said as she kissed her on the cheek. Then slowly kissed her neck and moved lower to her collar bone and then even lower to her breast area. Becky suddenly got down on her knees and slowly lifted her mom’s skirt, caressing her full thighs as she made her way up to her waist. She loved the feeling of her mom’s legs when she was in pantyhose. Always black pantyhose as that was what she wore to work. Becky moved her face forward and nestled her face in her mother’s crotch feeling the pure heat of her mother’s pussy on her face. She moaned as she pressed her face in which sent shivers up Jenny’s spine. Becky moved her face back and with her fingernails, tore a slit down the middle of the crotch area of her mom’s pantyhose, exposing her panty which Becky then pushed to the side.
Becky: you are always so wet for me. I love it because you taste so good.

She looked up and smiled at her mom.

Jenny: its all to easy to get wet when I have you to look at.

She looked down and winked at her daughter who suddenly buried her face in her mother’s pussy and began eating her out like it was their last day on earth.

Jenny: oh fuck. I see your pussy eating practice is paying off.
Becky moved back and smiled at her mom with her face glistening from pussy fluid.
Becky: mom you cant use such harsh language around my young ears.

Her mom chuckled.

Jenny: says the girl who is eating out her mother’s pussy.

They both giggled as she went back to work sliding her tongue over every inch of her mother’s cunt. Jenny looked down and noticed Becky had unbuttoned her shirt and pulled down her bra to release her little teen breasts. She looked further down and noticed a little puddle under her daughter. That was just too much visual for her mind to handle and she was instantly caught by and orgasm.

Jenny: no, not another one. OH MY GOD.

She said in a pleading voice as her body went tense and she struggled to keep standing. Becky on the other hand had moved her face just a few inches away and held her face under her mother’s pussy with her mouth opened and was rewarded by a strong gush of feminine cum squirting all over her face and in her mouth.

Becky: mmmmm. There’s nothing like a mother’s milk for her baby.

she smiled as she watched her mom try to regain her composer and catch her breath.
Jenny: how do you keep doing that to me? You are only fifteen, how do you manage to make me cum so hard?

Becky: its your pussy mom. I genuinely love the taste of it. I could eat you out all day. Besides, these heels you bought for me are making my pussy burn hotter than it ever has. It would probably melt a dildo right now because of the way its so steaming hot.

Jenny: hmmmm. That gives me an idea. Meet me in the kitchen in five minutes.
She said as she stepped away from her cum drenched daughter and walked towards the door. She stopped and turned to face her again.

Jenny: oh and Becky, be a dear and leave the heels on. You look smoking hot in them.
She winked at her and walked away leaving Becky’s face burning hotter than the sun itself from blushing so hard. She stayed on her knees for a few seconds trying to let her mind process what had just happened and what was about to happen. She looked down and noticed a wet spot on the carpet directly under her.

Becky: what the???

Before she could say any more her mind answered the question for her.
Becky: ok wow. I knew wearing heels makes me horny but this is just crazy.
She said to herself as her mind tried to skip a few paces forward and try to guess what her mother was up to.

Becky: guess there is only one way to find out.

She said as she stood up and walked over to the bathroom to get cleaned up. When she was done she walked down the hall and stopped in front of a mirror to straighten her uniform out. She continued walking and made her way down the stairs where she stopped at the foot of the stairs and saw her mother facing the window in front of the kitchen sink and humming a tune. Becky stood there silently and watched her mom, looking at her from head to toe. She was fascinated by the way her mother was dressed. Jenny was wearing a white pinstripe blouse, a black pencil skirt, black stockings and a pair of shiny black flat pumps with a bow on the front. That had been what she wore to work except she came home and changed her shoes for comfort. Becky was quite intrigued by this and admired her mom’s body for quite some time.

Jenny: see anything you like?

Becky: I see everything I like. You look like a MILF from a porn flick, just a little more real and better looking.
Jenny: you cheeky little miss! Although is cant deny that was a good answer. Come and have a seat dear.
Jenny motioned to a chair near the kitchen counter. Becky walked over trying to see what her mom was doing but all she saw was a bowl of hot water. Becky sat down and tried to figure out what was going on, she thought maybe her mom had forgotten what she said.

Becky: I like the way you are dressed mom.
Jenny: really? Im from work sweety ive hardly made any effort at all.
Becky: well you still look hot. Its different to see a dress code like yours mixed with pumps.
Jenny: I couldn’t be bothered really, im tired and these are really comfortable.
Becky: well they look cute on you. So cute that im getting a bit wet looking at you.
Jenny turned to look at her daughter with a smile.
Jenny: I can honestly say I never in a million years thought there would come a day when my own baby would tell me I make her wet.
Becky: im just being honest mom, I cant control it. you make me so horny its crazy.
Jenny: lets see if we can fix that shall we.
She walked over and put a blind fold over Becky’s eyes.
Jenny: relax honey, im not going to do anything you don’t like.
Becky: its ok mom I trust you. This is kinda fun.

Becky heard light footsteps walk away from her, she heard the freezer door open and close then she heard the footsteps come back toward her. She then felt her legs being gently pushed apart and she went with it, opening her legs wide for the person who was making her clit throb like mad, until her knees were up and almost touching her breasts. She felt a warm breath on her now wet pussy. She jumped a little when she felt a tongue touch her clit and begin to lick her slit from top to bottom. She gave the cutest most innocent moan jenny had ever heard which ironically turned them both on even more as she began to eat her daughter’s pussy with quite a bit of enthusiasm. She felt the attention on her pussy suddenly stop but it was replaced by something extremely cold. She flinched as it was a huge contrast considering her body was burning up from being so horny and it was a summer day. She then felt this cold object begin to penetrate her slowly and travel into her pussy. She thought the shape was very familiar, almost like a dildo but it was extremely cold.

Becky: mom?
Jenny: does it hurt?
Becky: no, but what is it.
Jenny: guess.
Becky: um

Becky exhaled as she felt it pick up speed and move in and out of her. Although it was cold, she got used it and even began enjoying the feeling of it.
Becky: it feels like my dildo but its super cold.
Jenny: well you did say your pussy is hot enough to melt a dildo so I decided to put it in the freezer.
She giggled as she explained to her daughter.

Becky: oh. Ok.

She said as she began moving her hips in unison with the dildo being thrust into her. Suddenly it stopped and her movements automatically stopped as well. She heard her mom shuffle around for a second then she spoke.

Jenny: ok honey this is your surprise but it might be better if you see it as well as feel it.
Becky was overly curious. As she lifted her hands to remove the blind fold she felt something really warm drip onto her clit and she froze. After a few seconds curiosity got the better of her and she removed the blind fold and in an instant it all made sense. In front of her was her mother on her knees holding a dildo near the entrance of her pussy. Terror struck her across her face as she noticed the dildo was clearly way too big for her fifteen year old pussy. It was massively thick and huge, about the size of a grown mans’ forearm.

Becky: mom no that’s too big.

She said in a panicked voice as her mother looked at her with a sinister smile on her lips.
Jenny: I told you I would get my revenge on you for making me cum like im some little inexperienced slut.
She said as she pushed the dildo forward into her daughter’s pussy. It was clearly way too big but it went in smoothly like a hot knife through butter and in seconds the entire 13 inch steaming dildo was buried in her body. The contrast from icy cold to steamy warmth in her pussy was too much for her young body and mind to handle. She tilted her head back and her mouth dropped opened like she had just gone brain dead as she lost control of her body. Her body then started thrashing around like someone had wet her finger and put it in a power socket in the wall and flipped the switch and huge gushes of cum sprayed from her pussy and made a huge puddle under the chair she was sitting on. Jenny sat there grinning like a villain as her daughter was being attacked by an abnormally strong orgasm and then Becky suddenly went limp. She found it a bit odd that one person’s body can secrete so much pussy fluid on one day. Jenny sat there for a few seconds which then turned to minutes and she began to get a tiny bit worried when she saw no signs of movement.

Jenny: Becky? Becks, you ok?

She got no reply. Instead all she saw was her daughter’s hips moving slowly, away from the dildo then towards it again, swallowing it whole.

Becky: oh my fucking gosh that was amazing. How can you do that to me? You could have at least warned me before stretching my pussy beyond its limits. Im only fifteen you know.
Jenny: oh please, look at you, you cant stop fucking yourself on it like a little slut.
Becky: im your slut mommy.

She blew a kiss as she patronised her mother who was genuinely in shock.

Jenny: you know I actually planned on just putting the tip in, I didn’t know you would take the whole thing.
Becky: don’t blame me. You are the one who decides to dress me up in ‘fuck me heels’, freeze my poor little pussy and then abuse it with a massive heated dildo. Not that im complaining. It does kinda hurt though now that I think about it, but it feels good to be this full, as unnatural as it is.
Jenny: who would’ve thought my little baby is such a freak.
Jenny said smiling ever so sweetly which made Becky blush quite a bit.
Becky: I cant help it mom. I cant control myself once my pussy heats up.
Jenny: ok sweety that sounds reasonable but as fun as this is, you do realise its 10pm? You have to get to bed my dear.
Becky: common mom, do I really have to?
Jenny: things may have changed lately but im still your mother and I still have to look after you, now off to bed young lady.

She said to her daughter, giving her the most unorthodox goodnight kiss ever. She kissed her on the clit and they both just giggled as Becky stood up and walked away towards the staircase. It was quite obvious to both of them that there would be no sleeping that night as they were both too excited about what had just happened and what they could do to each other in future. The next morning Becky woke up and went through her normal routine of getting dressed for school. She went down stairs and walked into the kitchen to find her mom sitting at the counter in her usual spot drinking coffee. It seemed like a regular day. She greeted her mom in the usual way and was walking towards the front door when her mom noticed something that was out of place. It was 7am and she could hear loud footsteps, high heel loud footsteps. She looked down and saw her daughter was wearing her full uniform but with the new high heels she had just gotten. By the time Jenny thought to stop her she was already out the door and on the way to the bus. She couldn’t understand what was going through Becky’s mind. Becky on the other hand was completely oblivious to what was happening. She thought it weird that everyone was looking at her on the bus but she just thought maybe it was the hairstyle she had, she tried something new she had seen in a fashion magazine. Her mobile phone rang and she looked at it to see she had received a text message from her mom.

Jenny: honey I don’t know what stunt you are trying to pull but good luck talking your way out of this one at school.

Confused out of her mind she replied.

Becky: mom what are you on about?

Jenny: wearing high heels to school. I don’t think you are going to get away with it.
Instantly Becky’s face went pale as she realised what was happening. She had slept in her high heels the night before and had completely forgotten she was wearing them. She was mortified. She didn’t know what would happen when she got to school.
Becky: cant you drive over to the school and bring my school shoes. Please mom.
Jenny: I would love to honey but im already leaving for work and your school is in the other direction. Ill be super late if I do. If you get into too much trouble with the teachers, tell them to call me and ill figure something out.

Becky: was worth a try. Thanks anyways.

The school bus arrived and she felt like a freak of nature the way everyone was staring at her. She didn’t know where to hide as she walked down the corridor on her way to home room but she was stopped short by the principle blocking her path.

Principle Brown: well well well what do we have here hey? You decided the school uniform wasn’t good enough for you so you decided to accessorise did you?

Becky: im…im so sorry Mr Brown, I didn’t do it on purpose, it was an honest mistake.

He couldn’t help but look down and admire how gorgeous she looked in them, he was mesmerised.
Becky: Mr Brown?

He finally snapped out of it and looked around to see if anyone had caught him starring.
Mr Brown: yes well be that as it may, ive never had trouble with you since you have been attending this school, you will be let off with a warning this time, do it again and there will be trouble.

Becky: oh my gosh thank you so much, it wont happen again I swear.

With that he took one last look at her legs and feet in those expensive gold heels and turned to walk away. The rest of the day was pretty much ok all staff had been told to ignore the fact that she wasn’t in proper uniform and that it was a misunderstanding. She was relieved that she never got into any trouble about it. it was now lunch time and she was with her friends in the cafeteria, she tried as best as she could to ignore the blatant stares from all the boys drooling and all the girls giving her the ‘who does she think she is’ look. Lunch time was about to end when she almost had a heart attack. The boy she had had a crush on was walking over to her, it was Kyle, one of the guys on the football team.

Kyle: hey Becky, you looking nice today.

Her face burned red like hot iron.

Becky: hi Kyle. Thanks. I didn’t even think you noticed girls in my grade.

Kyle: I don’t. there’s just something different about you. Meet me by the gym lockers during phys-ed if you want a special surprise.

He said to her and walked away. She was blushing in overdrive now, she couldn’t even look at her friends who were talking non stop now at the fact that the youngest girl in their group was going to hook up with the Captain of the football team.
The next lesson felt like it went on forever. She was just too excited about what could happen by the gym locker with her dream guy. Finally the lesson ended and she walked towards the gym making sure no one had spotted her. She found him standing by one of the lockers.

Kyle: oh, hey there, didn’t think you would come.

Becky: why wouldn’t I? your my dream…I mean your ok looking I guess.

She tried to play it cool and hide the fact that she was over excited. He walked over to her and without a word planted a kiss on her. This usually would’ve startled her but something she hadn’t accounted for took control. She then remembered she was wearing her new high heels and just the thought alone sent shivers down her spine as she felt herself get wetter and wetter by the second. Kyle broke away from the kiss and looked her in the eye.

Kyle: you know I don’t know whats going on today but you look super hot. Must be the shoes I guess.
That’s definitely it cause ive never looked at a girls feet so much in one day before. Its never even crossed my mind until today.

He looked down at her feet and she instinctively looked at his crotch and saw through his pants that he was hard. Instantly all sorts of things ran through her mind, she was convinced it was the shoes doing their usual trick on her but then she realised something else. She was no longer a virgin but she had never done it with a guy before. She wondered what a real cock looked and felt like since all she knew was dildos. Her curiosity peaked and her horny brain took charge.
Becky: is that so? And what is it that’s crossing you mind right now?
She asked but her voice was thick and erotic.

Kyle: I don’t know. I just look at them and I get so hard that my cock starts leaking precum everywhere.

That was too much for her little brain to handle. She took two steps back and sat down on a table and lifted her legs straight out in front of her pointed out towards him.

Becky: somehow, I just don’t believe you. You are just going to have to show me.

She said with a mischievous on her face. Without thinking he unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers and stood there facing her with his cock sticking straight out.

Becky: I can see it from all the way over here. Come closer, I wont bite I promise.

She was on a mission, she was determined to see a cock for the first time up close and personal. He walked closer to her and stood in front of her. She leaned forward and looked at it with half closed eyes as if trying to read small text and then sat back and smiled.

Becky: are they all that big? That one looks kinda huge, bigger than my dildo to be honest.
She said casually as she lifted her high heeled foot and used it to fondle his cock. he thought it was an odd sensation as the straps where lightly scratching his cock but he couldn’t help but notice how soft her feet were. What surprised him even more was how horny this made him and he let out a soft groan.
Becky: you know I hear its really cool when a guy cums. I wana see it for myself.
She looked at him with a serious expression but there was a slight smile on her lips.

Kyle: ok, so what must I do?

Becky: use your imagination, don’t care how you do it, I wana see you cum.

She was shocked herself at how commanding she was being but she knew she wasn’t leaving without satisfying her curiosity. She was so blinded by lust that she didn’t see him as the boy she had a crush on, she just saw a cock that she was going to use to find out all she needed to know. Not knowing what to do he wrapped his hand around his cock and began moving it up and down really fast without even needing a warm up to it. She noticed a drop of precum ooze from the tip of his cock and without even knowing why she lifted both her feet and held them right under his cock and instantly felt his precum drip onto her feet. This set her pussy on fire. They both looked at the desk she was sitting on and noticed a puddle under her. She was leaking through her panties from being so wet. Seeing this made Kyle jerk his cock so hard one would think he was trying to tear it off. She was quite entertained by his actions until she saw his face cringe and his hand stopped moving and then suddenly thick globs of cum shot out from his cock and landed directly on her toes covering all ten of them. Once he had finished showering her toes with cum he stepped back and slumped down on one of the benches trying to catch his breath. He felt like he had just lost most of his bodily fluids.

Becky: oh my fucking gosh.

That was all she could saw as she was completely motionless looking at her toes in her new shoes soiled by a huge load of cum. To her it felt like the warmth from the cum on her toes was spreading up her legs. Her pussy was on fire now, she was sitting in a huge puddle of her own pussy juices as she was dripping wet. She was mad with lust and hungry for sex. Just then they heard someone walk into the locker room.
Andy: hey Kyle, the guys said you were in here, come on man stop messing around, we have a team meeting in a few minutes.
He spoke as he walked and then stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Kyle slumped on a bench looking tired and in the corner the girl who had been the talk of the school that day. She looked at Andy with a fire in her eyes like a predator looks at its prey.

Becky: you! Get your ass over here and get your cock in me.

Confused and not knowing what to do he stood there trying to figure out what was going on.
Andy: but you are only 15, you’re just a kid.
She exhaled in frustration, lifted her legs till her knees touched her tits and opened her legs then pulled her white cotton panties the side exposing her hairless pussy.
Becky: do I fucking look like a kid?
Andy just stood there and shook his head as he watched fluids run down her slit and down her ass crack to add to the puddle she was sitting in. She looked down at his crotch and saw his cock twitch and rise to life.

Becky: look. Your cock likes what it sees, now get over here and fuck me now.
She screamed at him like a kid would scream at their parents in a shop when they wanted a toy. He slowly moved closer to her and when he was in range of her reach she put her arms out and grabbed him closer with quite a bit of force which caught him by surprise considering she had a small body. She frantically began unzipping his pants and pulled his cock out through the zipper as she was in a rush and had no time to be fiddling with a belt and buttons. She wrapped her hand around his semi hard cock and marvelled at the feeling. To her it felt like a dildo, just made of skin and it was softer but also harder at the same time and it was very warm. In an instant she knew she would never forgive herself if she didn’t complete her mission. She pulled his cock motioning him to come closer and when he did she shuffled forward which made the tip of his cock slide into her pussy effortlessly as it was soaked with pussy fluids.

Andy: this isn’t right, you are just a baby.

Becky: oh is that so. Maybe that’s the reason you are getting harder and bigger, you like fucking small little girls don’t you.
She winked at him and without warning wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her feet behind his back.
Andy: please don’t. I have a girlfriend and you are so young. Please don’t do this.
He pleaded with her as he noticed she had surprisingly powerful legs as he struggled to get out of her grip but couldn’t.
Becky: I hate to break this to you buddy but this is happening, you are not leaving until I get what I want from you.
She said to him as she closed her legs tighter, causing him to move closer to her and burry his now fully erect cock in her soaking cunt. She closed her eyes as she felt his cock bottom out and felt his pubic hair touch her clit. She smiled when she felt him pull out a little and then slide it all the way back in.
Becky: good boy, now you’re getting it. see, I may be just a kid but if know I feel good and I just want your cock!

The words she had just spoken and the feeling of her shapely legs almost crushing his waist sent some kind of signal to his brain which responded by making him move in and out of her faster.
Becky: that’s it, fuck the living day lights out of my pussy, fuck me hard.
Andy: wow you are incredibly tight. We should be using a condom you know or do you not know about those yet.
He said to her as he tried to pull out.
Becky: don’t you dare stop. Just cum in me and let me worry about the rest.
He began fucking her harder and leaned forward and nestled his face in her neck which was a huge mistake. The feel of her young tender skin pressed against his face and the enticing smell of her extremely feminine perfume drove him over the edge.
Andy: oh my gosh.

Was all he could say as he stiffened his entire body and began breathing really heavy. She felt the first rope of cum shoot straight into her as she closed her eyes and rested her head against the wall.
Becky: YESSSSS! Fill me up. Empty that hot cock of your into me, fuck it feels so good.

She was literally screaming this out at the top of her voice. He eventually stopped pumping her pussy and felt her legs loosen their grip as he slowly stepped away.
Andy: please don’t tell my girlfriend im begging you.
Becky: oh relax, its not like I want you or anything. I needed cock, and there you were, its simple as that. no hard feelings.
She smiled as he packed his junk back into his pants and faced the door.
Becky: bye bye.
He was walking away when the heard loads of voices coming down the corridor and into the locker room.
Andy: oh shit, the team meeting.
Both Andy and Kyle turned and looked at her with worried faced thinking she was about to freak out or even yell rape but she just closed her eyes and smiled.
Becky: wow this is going to be interesting.
The boys reached the locker room and entered like normal all occupied by their own conversations. They walked past Andy like normal but then all stopped talking when they saw Kyle sitting on a bench with his pants around his ankles. Before suspicion could arise about the two boys they turned and saw the girl sitting on a table with her legs wide opened, cum all over her feet in sexy gold high heels and cum dripping out of her pussy.

Becky: hi boys.

She said in a casual tone as she stood up and walked over and weaved her way in between the boys until she was in the middle of the crowd, straddled one of the higher benches, bent forward with her chest flat on the bench, lifted her skirt and pushed her ass out with exposed her dripping pussy.
Becky: who wants to go first? Don’t rush, everyone is getting a turn.
She giggled as she watched the 17 to 18 year old boys shuffle around her, undressing and shouting at each other deciding who goes first. She then felt someone sit behind and quickly felt a cock penetrate her wet pussy and begin fucking her without mercy. She looked up and all she could see were cocks everywhere, big ones, small ones, thick ones. She thought she had died and gone to heaven. She started moaning load as she was getting fucked harder than anything she had felt before. She watched another guy sit directly in front of her and without hesitation she swallowed his cock. she was slightly nervous about giving her first blowjob but there was nothing she could do to stop it now so she just tried to keep the entire thing in her mouth while she sucked it which caused her to gag a lot and drool all over his balls. She thought her head would explode when she felt herself getting filled with cum from sides and her pussy just exploded and she felt an orgasm almost knock her out as she tried to stay awake and swallow every drop the kind sir was giving her. She instantly knew she loved the taste of a man’s cum. Before she could decide if she was ready for more she felt herself being lifted and lowered onto a guy who was laying on the bench. As she was impaled on his cock she realised she was outnumbered and outmatched in every way. Besides only being one against an entire football team she was tiny and they were huge guys so she already knew she would be passed around like a toy and all she could do was hold on for the ride she had started. She began to moan as she started riding the guy she was laying on and then surprise hit when she felt someone else get behind her, spit on her asshole and shove his cock in her bum. She screamed in pain as there was no lube and the guy was nowhere near as gentle as her mom.
Becky: ok slow down guys, that hurts.

But before her words were cold another guy stood in front of her and slide his cock down her throat and began fucking her throat. Realising there was no mercy for her in this situation she decided to try and enjoy it. The guy fucking her ass erupted and his cum started lubricating her asshole and suddenly the pain subsided and she began riding both cocks and sucking the other like a meth addict. She reached her hands out on either side to no surprise found guys standing there. Her hand trailed down and she grabbed a cock in each hand and started stroking them vigorously. After what seemed like minutes the guy erupted in her mouth. Cum was spilling down the side of her mouth and running down her shirt when she felt the cock in her pussy pulsate and then warm her belly with its cum and almost immediately after she felt her bowels warm up as she milked his cock with her asshole. The three guys pulled out and she looked out noticing she still has a few to go through and her pussy came up with its own ideas which she gladly followed. She stood up and pushed one of the guys against the table and faced away from him, leaning into him. He bent over and held behind her knees and lifted her. She was now being held in mid-air with her legs opened, pussy and ass dripping as the guy pushed his cock into her well lubricated asshole. She let out a pleasure filled moan and then looked at the other guys stroking their cocks waiting for her.

Becky: ok there are too many of you and we don’t have time so just do as I say. You put you cock in my pussy. But nobody start fucking yet.

She pointed at one guy and he quickly obliged. She called another two over and started giving them hand jobs. As if this were a math problem she was putting quite a bit of thought into it. She looked over the shoulder of the guy in front of her and saw there will still four guys left with hardons.
Becky: fuck, you guys just don’t get finished do you. Um….ok, you two, come over here and take off my shoes. Carefully! They are damn expensive.
She pointed at two guys and they moved over to her and began undoing the straps of her heels then place them on the bench and came back to her. She lifted each foot on either side and began stroking the two guys with a foot each. They were surprised at how good it felt as her feet were baby soft and they were all sweaty and moist and the cum splashed on her toes earlier served as lubrication. She looked at the last two guys and she shocked herself at the idea she had.

Becky: ok, are you two squeamish?
They looked at each other and then looked at her and shook their heads.
Becky: ok cool. Come over here and join mister in front of me.
They did as they were told but got to her and stood there without knowing what to do.
Becky: ok here’s the deal, we don’t have time and im horny as fuck so you two are going to try and put you cocks in my pussy with this guy.

The three of them looked at each other and then just gave in. the guy in her pussy pulled out a little and made space for them to stand next to him. The remaining two began to shuffle around and stab at her crotch until finally they both entered, it helped a lot that she was raining wet. So there she was, held in mid-air by her legs, a cock in her cum-dripping asshole, a cock in each hand, each delicate, cum covered foot massaging a cock and three fully erect cocks in her now over stretched pussy.
Becky: wow , 8 guys at once, I guess dreams do come true.
She said sarcastically and giggled.

Becky: ok when everyone is ready, fuck me into next century. Fuck my brains out.
They did just that. all at once they began vigorously fucking her senseless to the point where she didn’t know whether she was coming or going. It was brutal! In the space of six minutes she had multiple major orgasms, passed out several times and woke up to find the guys still using her body as a sex toy. Eventually they all shot their loads into her. She literally felt like someone had plugged her holes with hose pipes and turned the water on. When they finished they gently layed her down on the bench. Once she had gathered her energy she looked around and saw some of the guys had regained their energy and were ready for some more.

Becky: hell no, im sorry guys but I just cant do it. ill end up in hospital. You guys are animals. Ill tell you what.

She began to talk as she slipped her perfect feet into her heels and strapped them up. She then undressed completely and all the guys stood there with their jaws on the floor.
Team member: I thought you guys said she was fifteen. She looks like a super model.
She giggled at the compliment and layed flat on her back on the bench with her legs opened.
Becky: I cant do much for you guys but you can wank on me if you want.
As soon as she said that she noticed the guys faces light up a little. Even the guys that were spent stood up and their cocks came back to life. In seconds she had the entire football team surrounding her as she lay there stark naked. They began jerking their cocks furiously as she played with her tits and pinches her nipples.

Becky: im such a lucky girl, so many cocks and they are all hard for me. You guys are sweethearts.
She smiled innocently as she admired the cocks that hovered over her dripping precum on her.
Becky: oh yeah, one last thing, I don’t shave or wax my pussy. Its naturally baby fresh. I guess that’s because im still a baby.

She smiled innocently at them and they all moaned in unison.

Team: no fucking way.

Before they could stop they all erupted almost at the same time. she was blasted by cum from all direction, powerful jets of thick cum covered almost every inch of her. It went in her hair, all over her face, all over her chest and stomach, all over her pubic area, all over her thighs and she was quiet surprised that quite a few of them had aimed for her feet because they were literally dripping with cum. When they were finished they all looked down at her and she just smiled.
Becky: mmmm. Now that was a nice shower. I see a few of you are into my little feet. If you confess who you are, maybe ill let you spend some time sucking my feet one day. If you are lucky.
She smiled as she began scooping up cum with her fingers and pushing it into her pussy and then smearing some all over her tits. The guys left one by one until she noticed she was alone. She stood up and walked over to one of the showers and stood under it with the water running, still in her high heels. She got showered and dressed and then went for her last lesson. Just before the last lesson was over there was an announcement over the intercom.
Intercom: Rebecca Conner, you are requested to report to the principal’s office after this lesson. Thank you.

Everyone looked at her in suspicion. It didn’t bother her as she just thought it was about wearing high heels to school. The lesson ended and she headed for the principal’s office. When she got there the receptionist told her to go through and as she opened the door she found her mother sitting with the Principal.

Principal Brown: ahh Rebecca, do join us.

She walked in sensing this was more than just silly high heels. She looked at her mother and she noticed there was a burning anger in her mother’s face.
Principal Brown: i suppose you know what this is about. Your extra-curricular activities.
She looked at them both confused out of her mind. The principal turned to a small TV and held up the remote control.

Principal Brown: one of our security staff saw this on the security camera over looking the boys locker rooms and thought they should bring it straight to me which they rightfully did. We have a camera there to minimize the boys fighting amongst themselves but this was just on another level altogether.
He pushed a button on the remote and they both just heard the mug of coffee Jenny was holding fall to the floor and crash into a thousand pieces. There on the screen, she watched her daughter, her sweet angel of a daughter, behaving like a whore, begging to be fucked and then getting jizzed on by a whole football team of guys. Her mother looked at her with an anger she had never seen before.

Becky: wait mom, I can explain……………..

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