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Wife Breaks down on the highway
I wrote this story, and two others that I'll post, years ago and posted them on another site. If you have seen it don't blast me for copying. It is my story and an original work.

Road To Atlanta
I had business in Atlanta and with the airport hassle and costs I decided it would be easier to drive than fly. I had driven down from our Mississippi home with no problems and the meetings all went well.
That all changed on the trip back. Around midnight on a deserted stretch of US72 miles out of Huntsville, Alabama it started raining and turning colder. As if that wasn’t bad enough all of a sudden the lights went dim and red lights started coming up on my dashboard. I knew what that was because I had years ago ruined an engine by running without belt. My husband had explained it all and was pissed for a week.

As I rolled to the side of the road it dawned on me that not only had I not seen any stations close by but traffic was limited to an occasional truck going by. Thankfully I was able to get a cell call through to my husband. He said could come but it would be four hours or so before he could get here. In the mean time he told me to call Triple A and have someone tow the car to the closest garage. If needed, he would come and get me in the morning.
Calling the AAA was a great idea but they always want to know where you are. Since I had no idea other than I was in north Alabama someplace around Huntsville calling wasn’t going to help.
I had just gotten out of the car trying to find some indication on a mile marker or whatever when I saw a set of lights coming. Obviously they belonged to a truck and when the driver saw me I heard the brakes come on and as he past he was slowing. At first I was apprehensive, being a woman alone in the middle of nowhere, but at this point I was desperate also.
The truck got stopped a ways down the road and was backing up. It finally dawned on me that I was standing in the rain getting soaked to the skin. I waited for the truck driver the walk the remaining distance between where he stopped and where I was. I explained the engine problem and the problem of not knowing where I was. He started to give answers but then said, “Let’s get in the cab out of the rain. Normally I’d never have thought about it but I was wet, cold and if he were a pervert or murderer there was little I could do about it now.
I’d never been in a big truck before and I was amazed at the size on the interior. I was to find out later it was almost a small RV. The driver knew where we were and I was able to call AAA to get a truck. I was told that it would be at least 2 and possibly 3 hours before anyone could get to me. I called my husband and told him where I was and that I was in the truck and everything was ok.
After I hung up I started a chit chat conversation with the driver where a head popped out of a curtain behind the seats. He looked to be a little younger the first driver. I’d say about late 20s compared to the late 30s of the first driver. Both guys weren’t movie stars in their looks but were a cut above average and from what I could tell rather more H/W proportionate that a lot of truckers you see.
Opening the curtain fully, second driver invited me back where I’d be more comfortable and ask if I’d like a coke, juice or coffee to drink. I guess he was in the process of making coffee anyway because I could smell it start brewing. I moved to the back and saw it was a miniature RV complete with a large twin sized bed, a small fold down desk, refrigerator and coffee maker.
I sat at the small fold down desk chair and as I got more comfortable I remembered that I was soaked through. As I took my light jacket off I realized I had only a white blouse on and as it had gotten wet it had become see through. Even my thin bra was no help in concealing my chilled nipples poking through the material. As I stood (well mostly I had to stoop some) to pull the bottom of my blouse out of my waist band to all it to dry I noticed both drivers were getting their eyes full of my nips. I actually felt a tingle between my legs as I thought about being on display.
As I sat on the small fold down my wet pants were becoming more and more uncomfortable for a couple of reasons. Number one of course was there being wet and beginning to stick but also I’d gotten the idea on being alone with two men in my mind and my fantasies were racing no matter how hard I tried to think of other things.

My husband and I have a no holes barred sex life and for months he had tried to get me to do another man while he watched. The idea was interesting (though I didn’t really tell him I was interested) but we hadn’t found the right guy in the right place yet. Here I was in the middle of nowhere alone with these two strangers I’d never seen before. I wouldn’t see them again. And they would let something accidentally slip talking with my friends. The idea began to grow.

Would you have an extra blanket or something? I’d like to get out of some of these wet clothes. ”Sure here”, said the shirtless one as he stretched to a bin above the curtain. I maneuvered the blanket in front of me as I removed the wet clothes I was wearing. It was obvious that I was in safe hands because both drivers were perfect gentlemen and weren’t even making any comments out of line let alone trying anything untoward.

The problem was I’ve never been that aggressive sexually but I wanted them to get out of line. I was trying to tease as much as could without being too obvious. I still wanted it to be their idea. When I was down to nothing but my thong and bra the driver offered to lay my clothes on the dash heater to help them dry a bit more.
After a cup of coffee and no moves from the drivers I decided to start things myself. I saw a sticker on the glove box in the dash that read, “Gas, Grass or Ass, Nobody rides for free”. “Oh my,” I said. “Does this count as a ride?” I asked as I pointed to the sticker. The driver laughed and said. We haven’t moved anyplace so I don’t know. How do you interpret it? I giggled and said, “Its close enough to a ride for me.”

I stood and dropped the blanket. “Do you want something for the ride?”, I was stunned when the driver simply said, “How much?” It didn’t dawn on me what he was talking about. Finally I guess he thought I was a hooker wanting to charge for the service. The thought made me get even wetter. You’ve been nice to me. You decide what it was worth when we finish.”
I couldn’t believe what I was doing but the more I thought about it the more of a slut I felt and the more turned on I was. I dropped to my knees in front of the bunk. I started tugging at the driver’s belt and he said “let me”. Actually both men stood in the confined area and dropped their pants. As they sat back on the bunk and finished removing their clothes I moved up and started by taking each mans organ in my hands. As they lay back against the bunk wall I took the driver in my mouth while still playing with the second driver with my hand. I love the feeling when a man starts to grow in my mouth. The taste, the texture, warm soft feeling. I really love sucking a man.
The other man was growing in my hand. I felt him bend forward and start to undo the clasp on my bra. He must have done it before because it popped loose in a flash. He started to tweak and pinch my nipples. Had they not already been stretched to their fullest they would have shot out like rockets! He knew how and where to touch to get the most result. I don’t know where this guy learned his technique but all men should attend that school.
As I moaned from the treatment my nipples were getting, my mouth and throat buzzed the cock I had in my mouth. I felt him stiffen and knew I had a choice to make. Ease off and save it for later or take the load. I increased my manipulations and as I felt him start to cum I went for the deep throat move.
That was almost a mistake. He must have been on the road for a long time because I was beginning to think I was going to drown before I swallowed the entire load. Gagging and choking I got it all down and licked the donor clean. Though he softened some he still remain mostly hard. I now took him in my hand while I took the second in my mouth. He must have enjoyed the show before and pinching my nips because I’d only had him in my mouth a couple of minutes when he started to cum. It caught me by surprise and instead of having time to take him down my throat he started cumming in my mouth. I could feel it start to dribble down my chin and taste him on my lips. I swallowed and slurped till I had it all down. “That was nice for starters guys, but now its my turn.” I stood and peeled my thong off. As I dropped them from my ankle I placed my foot on the edge of the bunk displaying my close trimmed pussy to both men. The younger man took the initiative and dropped to his knees between my legs. I knew if he handled my clit the way he had my nips I was in for a real treat. He did. I was in ecstasy the way he manipulated my clit. I was so engrossed I nearly collapsed with the first orgasm of the night and barely caught myself before I landed on top of him. “Let’s shuffle,” I said. The driver slid as far as he could to one end of the bunk while the second leaned against the other. I climbed up so that I could suck the driver while he played with my nipples and breasts.
The second was then in a position to continue licking and sucking my clit. Soon I could I feel the building pressure inside me. As he continued to suck and tongue my clit I forgot about the cock in front of me and concentrated on my building orgasm. When I could hold it no longer I couldn’t help but let out a small scream and push myself back into his face. The movement must have taken him by surprise because I felt a ting as a evidently bumped into a tooth. I was so hot that even the sting felt good. Damn had never been so hot in my life.
After I calmed from my orgasm, the cock in front of my face was still hard. I had the driver slide down so he was laying flat. I maneuvered so that I could hold his cock and guide it into my sopping opening. I dropped on it in one push! It felt so good I almost cried. I was so fucking hot! He wasn’t a massive hunk like these stories always talk about but he was filling and oh so good. I must have ridden him for ten minutes before I remembered the second driver behind me. I looked back and he had his again hard cock in his hands. “Put it in me too,” I said. He moved up on his knees straddling the driver below. I stopped my movement and leaned forward. The driver below took my breast and began to suck my nipple.
The driver behind eased his cock into my soaking cunt beside the other driver. If I thought having a cock in me as good… this was fantastic. I slowly started thrusting my cunt back onto both men. As I pressured down I could feel the pubic hair of the driver on the bottom rubbing against my clit. The sensations were driving me crazy. To add to the feelings that were driving my crazy the driver behind added a finger to the mix and after he had it coated with my juices he slowly eased it into my ass. I was no virgin to anal sex. My husband and I did it often. Unlike a lot of my friends I even enjoy it most of the time. Tonight I was craving it!!! I wanted his dick instead of his finger. I turned back, “Fuck my ass, hurry!” Not very lady like but I was feeling like a slut and loved it. The second withdrew from my overstretched pussy and I could feel him at the entrance to my opening. Slowly I felt the tip start to stretch my sphincter and to slide slowly in me. As he was being a good lover and eased his way into me I grew impatient. I wanted it so bad I pushed against him so far I almost lost the cock in my pussy. I was near tears it felt so good! I was whining and moaning from the pleasure and soon we had a rhythm going. Driver on the bottom would push in as the second would pull out. I lost all track on time. It could have been seconds or hours I didn’t know or care. I was in heaven. In and out, in and out, I was having orgasm after orgasm! I have never been so fucked in all my life.

Finally I could feel the second hardening even more and I knew he was getting close. As he increased his intensity the driver on the bottom reacted also. As if on cue the driver behind me buried his cock all the way to his balls. That drove me down onto the driver below and now I had both drivers buried their full depth in me. As I felt the rush of hot cum flood both my holes, it set me off on a final massive orgasm!!
The next thing I knew I was laying flat atop the driver below while the second was laying atop my back. All three were exhausted and could barely unwind from the pile. The second climbed off me and I rolled to my feet by the bunk and fell into the fold down. After a few moments to regain my composure I started putting my still damp clothes on.
By the time we were dressed we saw the flashing yellow lights of the tow truck. It had stopped raining by the time we climbed out of the truck cab. After getting the paperwork straightened out with the tow truck driver I turned back to the drivers. I gave them each a kiss and thanked them for a wonderful time. “Ok, how much was it worth? “ I joked. The driver chuckled and said. “Hold on, I’ll get you the title to the truck”! I smiled and said,” I’m glad you enjoyed it that much. It was truly my pleasure.” The tow truck driver said he was ready so another quick kiss and I rode off into the night with him. It was an easy fix and I was home by noon.

Since that time I've spent a lot of nights "traveling" on the highways. Especially when my husband is on an extended business trip.

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