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Chapter 5

Daddy’s balls tast salty:

Welcome back to yet another installment of Case Study 301. While our protagonist remains in a catatonic state the only form of communication with her has been through hypnosis. This is the story of a young lady that has lived a life of every kind of abuse. Today we are going to continue on with Kristen who is once again hypnotized and is expounding on the Foster family vacation to Disney World. Things begin to heat up a little for our investigators as the leads the FBI and LA Police Department seem to be fizzling out on them. Finding the person behind the assignation of Salvatore Palandolpho is still no closer to be found.

Meanwhile back in New Jersey at the FBI offices:

Over the past ten days Gemma, Karen and Tom have been separated from each other as Tom had to return to New Jersey and prepare preliminary reports on the Salvatore Palandolpho assassinations. Gemma and Karen remained in LA and were diligently leading the searches for the suspect or perhaps the witness named Farah Johansson, AKA Debbie Reynolds on the UCLA and USC campuses with very little luck. Also, if things were going badly Karen’s life partner Danielle Reynolds had returned from New York City. Karen’s guilt of cheating on her drained her to the core. One evening Karen revealed to her life partner Danielle about her sexual dalliances while she was away.

Karen went into great detail about how she was trying to turn Gemma her partner on the LA Police Force of becoming a lesbian. Then she let out all the shame she felt about being with a man of all people, Special Agent Tom Murphy of the FBI and his willingness to provide them with the necessary sperm to breed the lesbian couple a child of their own. Danielle felt conflicted that her life partner was cheating on her with a man. Then she also felt ecstatic about the notion of having a sperm donor on call to provide them with the seed necessary that would give them a child and make their relationship complete.

FBI Section Chief Morales sat behind his desk perusing through Tom’s initial reports of the murders of Salvatore Palandolpho his two body guards Tony Ricci and Kirby Smith as well as the Columbian hit man Alejandro Ruiz. After reading the report several more times he called Tom into his office. Tom came in and quietly shut the door behind him and sat and waited for his boss to start things off. Morales was making several notes in Tom’s report and then when he finished he looked up at Tom and said, “So, are you satisfied with the way things went down out there in LA, Tom?”

Tom knew by the look on his boss’ face that there was some trouble brewing, “Well, Sir” Tom threw up his hands and shrugged his shoulders and said, “Sal should have been tagged the moment he went to any airport. Unfortunately Atlantic City Airport hadn’t downloaded the new software into the new TSA facial recognition program. Sal should have never been allowed to leave New Jersey without us knowing about it.

With that said ~ we had no indication from the Moretti crime family that they were upset with him in any way. All of our surveillance indicates that everything was okay ~ there were no red flags boss. Then again we have been working with the DEA, CIA, NSA and Homeland Security when it came to his overseas dealings. Given the fact that Alejandro Ruiz of the Columbian cartel was sent here to kill him doesn’t seem to be any connection with Jo-Jo Moretti in any way. There are some other connections that we have not put together as yet. I will recheck with liaisons with the other Agencies and see if anything new has come up but I wouldn’t count on it.”

Chief Morales still had his disappointing look on his face, “This is not what I signed on for when I pulled you out of the mud over there in Mortgage Fraud, Tom. You came highly recommended by Paul Stanley your old boss. He told me that you were a guy that likes to hunt and you always catch your man. But it seems in this case you just may be over your head or you are clearly distracted by allowing the LA Police Department to follow you around like little puppies. Do I need to pass this off to Special Agent Lenahan?”

Tom was taken aback by his boss’ quick dismissal of his abilities something that had never been questioned before, “No, sir. We do have a witness but she is in a catatonic state right now and is being worked on at the Camelot Clinic by Dr. Spencer. Thus far Dr. Spencer has had to hypnotize her to get information. We are still unsure that the information that she is providing is even reliable at this stage. The only problem with that is she thinks that she is like seven or eight years old. Once he has helped her I believe that the information she will be able to provide will catapult the investigation forward. Also there was another female witness that has not been located as yet but we will find her. She may have witnessed the murders as well. I cannot run this operation from here sir I need to be in LA with my team. We need to be left alone to investigate and I will get you the results that you want sir.”

Morales smiled, “Now, that is the Tom Murphy reputation that I was told about. I don’t know what happened to you out in LA but you seemed distracted somehow the whole time you were out there. Tom I need you focused on closing this thing down and soon.”

Tom knew what his distraction was, it was constantly fucking two hot LA Detectives Gemma and Karen and Tom looked at his boss, “Look Chief (Chief was Morales’ nickname) you didn’t make a mistake with me. Give me a couple of weeks and we’ll get this all worked out I promise! ”

Morales thought for a moment, “I don’t want to be the Section Chief that’s known for losing such a high profile suspect that was found dead because we didn’t have tabs on Palandolpho ~ okay? I don’t want this embarrassment in my house. You have been my right hand man over the last five years Tom. Listen don’t tell anyone but I am in line to be promoted. Once that happens I will recommend you to replace me ~ but that can’t happen if we don’t put this one case to bed. I don’t want this ~ I don’t want a black mark on my record and neither should you.”

Tom looked his boss right in the eye, “Look I have about two more days worth of work here before I can get over to the west coast. I can send my guys out to LA and re-canvass the college campus’ and find this Debbie Reynolds woman. I know the LA police department has already started but you know that when we show up ~ people seem to just open up because they don’t want any problems with the FBI. Give me the autonomy that I need and I’ll get to the bottom of all this I promise. Plus we still don’t know the full extent of Sal’s real empire outside of the United States just yet and I want them all behind bars sir.”

Morales has been a little curious about how things were run out in LA and asked, “So why let the LA police department in on this?”

Tom looked at his boss, “Because they have the manpower that we needed to search out this Debby Reynolds girl ~ Adam McCormick is running dope in his club and prostitutes ~ I need LA Vice to help us with the players in that situation as well ~ then you have Alicia Fischer she’s running some high class escort service and there can be a lot of big toes that we just might step on. Besides they have a better feel for their own backyard than we ever would have. They have all kinds of informants that could shed a bright light on the case that we would never be able to find.”

Morales said, “Okay, I get that but you promised them that they can prosecute for the murders.”

Tom said, “Everyone that we care about is already dead besides Ruiz is Columbian. His loyalties run to the drug aspect of things. More than likely this hit was ordered by one of his boss’ down in Columbia, Peru or Brazil and the LA Police wouldn’t have jurisdiction on that prosecution. We on the other hand do. So, let them run around like cockroaches in the night searching for us. Then or if they stumble across the actual person we swoop in turn on the light and watch their case scatter while we stand there with the ultimate prize.”

Morels began to chuckle, “Shrewd Tom. But just remember the people you shit on the way up the ladder are going to be the ones who shit on you on the way back down the ladder. Perhaps, we should play fair here and allow them to continue to be ~ Morales put his hand to his chin and thought for a moment ~ well we can let them be a small part of the case.”

Tom said, “Sure Chief whatever you want.”

Morales said, “Are there any worthwhile people that are helping you?”

Tom decided to give some small credit to his playmates and said, “Well, the two female homicide detectives seem to be very eager to do anything that I ask them.”

Morales asked, “You mean this Gemma Porter and Karen Morgan that is in the report here?”

Tom smirked at his boss, “Yeah their actually pretty clever together. They are an intricate part in helping us out. We should let them in on what’s going on. That way they’ll work harder for us don’t you think?”

Morales said, “Okay, you can use them ~ you can use them sparingly ~ don’t forget this is an FBI matter Tom we want jurisdiction here. This is a career making case so don’t fuck it up.”

Tom stood up and said, “You got it Chief, anything else? Because I’ve got a lot of typing to do before I get back to LA.”

Morales said, “I’m going to give you the autonomy that you’re looking for. I’m not going to worry about dollars and cents on this one but just make damn sure that your leads pan out before you start jet setting around the damn globe and snatching up these people.”

Tom was curious, “Are you telling me to break international law and kidnap the major players in this case and bring them back here to the United States boss?”

Morales said out loud, “I would never suggest anything like that.” Then he motioned with his hand that Tom should lean over his desk. When Tom’s face came close to Morales he whispered, “I’m telling you officially that you can’t do that but off the record I’m telling you ~ don’t get caught if you do bring anyone back inside our borders.”

Tom leaned back and walked to the door, “Understood sir, I promise to resolve this as fast as I can.” Tom walked back to his desk knowing that he could practically do anything he wants now with nobody to fuck with him.

Meanwhile back at the Camelot Clinic:
We join Dr. Miles in his office while session #39 is already in progress. Miles was going over some of the events that happened in session #35 and wanted a little more clarification:

Miles was intrigued yet again with the lifestyle that the Foster family lived and how this young girl’s existence with her parents and asked, “So, Kristen, where you were really okay that your mommy had sex with this strange man? The man who was pretending to be this Gaston character from the movie Beauty and the Beast? Was your daddy really okay with your mommy having sex with a strange man that she just met?”

Kristen said, “I don’t know if my daddy was mad or upset but I wasn’t like okay with anything ~ I didn’t like anything about what happened and how mommy did this to me and my daddy. It wasn’t until mommy talked to me about it later that day ~ you see ~ when we were inside Disney World together mommy told me about how her and daddy have a special understanding about having sex with other people. She told me that ‘women always have the right ~ you know to like ~ to like say ~ yes and no ~ about having sex with somebody.’ She told me that ‘she loved daddy with all her heart and she would never leave him or me and Kevin ~ she said ‘that could never change for her.’ She also told me that ‘she loves daddy the most in the whole wide world.’”

Miles said, “Did you believe her?”

Kristen said, “Yes of course Doctor Spencer ~ she’s my mommy ~ (her voice raised several octaves) of course I believed her.”

Miles backed away not wanting her upset with all the progress they have been making over the last several sessions and said, “Did anything else happen that day?”

Kristen thought for a moment, “Yeah, mommy and daddy let me sleep with them in the same bed that night because it was my birthday. I haven’t done that in a really long time ~ you know because I’m a big girl now. We all went to bed naked that night ~ you know something Doctor Spencer ~ I never seen my daddy’s penis so much in one day ~ but you know what (a big smile crossed her face) I liked that he was letting me touch it and play with it and I even got to suck on it as much as I wanted to that day. My daddy never got upset with me when I would just put it in mouth and all. And you know what?” She lost her train of thought and she shook her head and then said, “So anyway later that night on my birthday I woke up because the bed was bouncing up and down ~ I thought Disney World was like having this huge like earthquake or something scary was happening.

When I opened my eyes I thought that I would see like the whole hotel falling down to the ground. But the only thing I saw was my mommy ~ she was on her hands and knees and she was like ~ right over top of me and all ~ you know like when I looked up all I could see was her stomach and her boobies moving around in circles. I could smell her vagina as she was moving backwards and forwards. And you know what? My daddy ~ my daddy was like right there you know ~ he was like on his knees behind my mommy and I could see him pushing his privates inside and out of mommy’s privates.

It was just like he did in the bathtub earlier in the morning. I wasn’t ascared anymore about the hotel falling down. I just like ~ I don’t know ~ I just sorta pretended that I was still asleep ~ but it really didn’t matter because mommy and daddy couldn’t see me watching what they were doing. It was neat watching my daddy moving his privates in and out of mommy’s special place you know what I mean Doctor Spencer? I could really smell my mommy’s privates and each time daddy’s privates would almost come out of my mommy her stuff from inside of her privates was like dripping all over my face and into my mouth sometimes.”

Miles asked, “How did you know that the smell was your mother’s vagina?”

She just smiled, “Well, you know ~”

Miles said, “I know what? Kristen.”

She giggled and put her hand over her mouth as she was embarrassed, “Well, I mean I know my mommy’s special smell because when I put my mouth over my mommy’s special spot it has a special smell to it and all.”

Miles thought as he was shaking his head back and forth, ‘holy shit what is wrong with this family?’ and said, “So how does it make you feel knowing that your mommy and daddy were having sex ~ okay let me say that again ~ how did you feel that your mommy and daddy were right over top of you having sex?”

Kristen thought about it shrugging her shoulders, “I think it’s like okay and all ~ you know what I mean Doctor Spencer? I mean it’s like ~ my mommy and daddy ~ well they’re in love with each other you know ~ it is what mommy’s and daddy’s are supposed to do to each other, right?”

Miles said, “Yes that’s true but most mommy’s and daddy’s have sex in private like in their own bedrooms by themselves. Most parents don’t have sex with their daughter in the same room with her or even in the same bed while they’re doing it.”

Kristen interrupted Miles, “But like I told you before Doctor Spencer I belong to a special family. You see in my special family ~ everybody ~ I mean everybody has sex with each other all the time in our family. When mommy and daddy would take me to like other peoples house that are just like us ~ you know ~ all of their other special family houses that are our friends ~ well, like sometimes the mommy’s and daddies who are there let their kids who are just like me ~”

There was a very long pause as Kristen started to think about what she was saying to her therapist and decided it was okay to tell him yet another deep dark Foster secret. ‘See, the parents call it ‘play time’ but really it was like what my mommy and daddy were doing right over top of me that night on my birthday in Disney World. Like all the other kids ~ well they would like ~ they would like have sex with other mommy’s and daddies that were at the house. But see like the other mommy’s and daddies who were at the party they would have playtime with the other kids too if they want to. It was a lot of fun, trust me Doctor Spencer we all had fun together. The kids were like all different ages and sizes some kids were older and younger than me. You see if you wanted to like play with another person you just did. You are allowed to do whatever you want to and the kids always have to do what the grown-ups want them to do ~ those are the rules and you don’t break the rules!” Kristen was imitating the adults as her finger was pointing at Miles as she spoke.

Meanwhile back in Latrobe Pennsylvania:

Eric Walker and Danny Lambert had one other person on their list that they needed to interview before leaving Latrobe, Pennsylvania and that was Captain Donald Foster. Being a police officer perhaps he would be much more forthcoming with information if they played on his sensibilities of being colleagues, like a cop and FBI Agents.

Danny was driving the black Caprice up the long manicured driveway of Jim Foster’s home. They have been informed that Jim’s older brother Donald Foster and his wife Lilly have moved into the home as they have both retired from their jobs. Don is a retired Police Captain of the Pittsburgh Police Force. Lilly is a retired RN who last worked at Alleghany Hospital. Eric took in the scenery, “Man this Jim Foster must have had some real money. Look at this place ~ holy crap ~ I mean who could leave all this behind? I certainly wouldn’t.”

Danny looked at Eric, “Can you believe our little witness grew up with all of this as well? Man ~ how the hell did she end up in a hotel room with a real life scumbag gangster like Salvatore Palandolpho? You would think that she would have ended up with some guy from Wall Street or some other kind of power player. Man ~ really? ~ Look at this place ~ sometimes all the money in the world can’t make things right and you have to start over somewhere else. I guess from what we’ve found out about what happened in this house it must have been too much for them to stay here. Don’t forget Mr. Foster lost his son in this house. It must have been devastating for him to stay here after that.”

Danny parked the car and the two of them made their way to the front door. They rang the bell and the barking of several little dogs rang out and then a few moments later they were scratching and yelping at the front door. Finally the door cracked open and the dogs ran out into the front yard. An attractive soft blue eyed woman with blond hair and slim figure was yelling at the dogs to return to the house, “Hello, how may I help you?”

Eric held his badge in the air followed by Danny and Eric said, “Hello Ma’am I am Agent Eric Walker and this is Agent Danny Lambert of the FBI. May we come in and speak with you and your husband?”

Lilly was taken aback by the presence of law officials on her property and knew better to cooperate with them and said, “Can you tell me what this is all about?”

Danny said, “We are doing some background interviews for someone who is trying to become an Agent.”

Lilly saw there was no harm so she opened the door and waved her hand for them to enter and said, “Sure come on in gentlemen.”

As they entered the foyer of the house four small dogs scampered past their ankles yelping all the way. They both took into account the dark hardwood floors and the deep cherry wood on the walls. There was a chandelier hanging in the foyer that was crystal. There were various eighteenth century period paintings hanging on the walls. Lilly ushered them down the hallway to the living room. Both men took in her flawless figure. They knew she had to be in her early forties but her ass looked like she was a co-ed.

The antiques in the home were absolutely exquisite everything had a place and every place had its thing. The whole house exuded old money. Eric once again thought to his self, how the hell could Jim Foster have left this all behind. Both men were led to a soft couch in the living room and were invited to sit and Lilly not used to being a new hostess said, “Oh, I am so sorry where are my manners. Gentlemen would you like something to drink? Beer, Coffee or Iced Tea?

Eric said, “Thank you Ma’am ~”

Lilly interrupted, “I am not a Ma’am just call me Lilly.”

Danny said, “Some iced tea would be great.”

Lilly looked at Eric, “A glass of ice water would be perfect for me thank you very much Lilly.”

Eric and Danny sat quietly for what seemed to be an eternity until Donny Foster entered the room. He was wearing black khaki shorts and a Polo shirt holding a Latrobe Beer in his hand and an unlit Montecristo cigar in the other. Danny and Eric stood up and each held out their hands. “Pleasure to meet you Captain Foster I am Agent Danny Lambert and this is my partner Agent Eric Walker, FBI.”

Don smirked at the two of them eyeing them up and down and shook their hands, “Two young whippersnappers, aye ~ I am Donald Foster what is that I can do for the FBI and you gentlemen today?”

Eric said, “We are doing some background interviews for a potential agent for the FBI sir. We only need a few moments of your time today.”

Lilly then returned with the iced tea and water and served the two agents and said, “So, gentlemen do you need me here for this because I have some gardening to attend to?”

Eric looked up at her then at Danny and said, “I think that your husband will be sufficient for this. It’s only a background check he can fill us in.”

Lilly said, “Well, if you need me I will be in the backyard. Have a nice day.” With that she left the room with the three gentlemen to their high power meeting.

Donny took a swig of his beer and he was the one who led off the conversation. He waited until he heard the kitchen door shut and said, “Okay guys I know that you’re not here for some bullshit background interview. I can smell bullshit a mile away. You see boys ~ you don’t become the head of detectives for a major metropolitan police force without knowing when you’re about to be conned. So, you two had enough balls to speak with my father before me. Well, you’re not from around here are you? Then you handed him a pile of horse shit and now you want to come in to our family home and perpetrate the same lie? I don’t think so. You both have got a set of balls on you ~ I’ll give you that. You didn’t fool the old man and you’re certainly not going to fool me. So, let’s cut right through the bullshit and get down to brass tacks here boys. What do you want? And don’t tell me background information or you can put your drinks down right now and leave!”

Danny said, “Alright no problem. You want it straight then we’ll give it to you straight.”

Eric looked at Danny and slapped him with the back of his hand across his shoulder and said, “What the hell are you doing?”

Danny looked at him and said, “He’s a cop ‘E’ ~ he’s one of us. He deserves the same respect and truth that we would expect from one another, ‘E’”.

Eric wasn’t really sure where Danny was going with this so he said, “Alright, well, then you tell him then.”

Danny pulled out the computer image of Kristen Foster and handed it Donny upside down and asked, “We’re here because of her. You wanted respect so respect us and tell us the truth, do you recognize this young lady?”

Donald took the computer animated picture of Kristen and studied it for a while and said, “Yeah, it looks like either a younger version of my wife Lilly but a lot closer to my sister-in-law Lisa. But it sorta looks more like my niece Kristen, why? Is she in some sort of trouble or is it worse than that?”

Danny then began his con and said, “It could be worse than you can ever imagine Captain Foster. What if I told you that the image that you see was a computer created image from a female skull that was found in a field after the spring thaw in North Dakota?”

Don looked at the image again and said, “So, I know that it’s not my wife and I now that it’s not Lisa. So, who do you think that it could be? Do you think that it’s my niece Kristen?”

Eric sat there and thought that Danny’s bullshit cover story was absolutely brilliant, “No, we both don’t think it’s your niece Kristen.”

Don looked at both of them and said, “So, you can’t say for one hundred percent certainty that this could possibly be my niece ~ Kristen?”

Danny said, “NO!” Then he backed off of his answer to drawl Don in even more on his con. “Well, it is so hard to determine. Look all the girls that are on the list haven’t been heard from in a really long time. The skull that was found the coroner estimates that the cause of death was because of blunt force by an unknown object to the head. He also estimates that the female was killed during the winter time. The body has been buried under ice and snow throughout the entire winter.”

Don said, “So, who does the FBI think the person is?”

Eric said, “Well, it would be a lot easier if we had some DNA to match against the sample that we have. The real question that we’ve come to ask is ~ if your niece is alive or dead ~ would you know the whereabouts of your niece Kristen?”

Don put his head down and shook it. He thought for a minute or so and said, “Do you mind if we take this conversation outside to the front of the house? I don’t want Lilly to walk in and hear any of this ~ even if it isn’t her she’s going to think it is her and then she is going to be all over you two until you identify the body.”

Eric, Danny and Don left the living room and started walking down the long driveway and then Don said, “Look I know how these things play out. Do me a favor and keep me in the loop whether or not this is my niece Kristen. Agreed?”

Danny nodded his head, “Sure thing Mr. Foster.”

Meanwhile back in New Mexico Kristen was expounding on the end of her eighth birthday:

Miles sat looking at his twenty-year-old muse as she was exuding her eight-year-old ego and said, “Do you feel that it is normal for a girl of your age to have your mommy and daddy to have sex while you are in the same bed with them? Don’t you think that what your mommy and daddy were doing ~ having sex ~ shouldn’t that be private? Don’t you think that’s unusual?”

Kristen thought about it for a moment she tilted her head and shrugged her shoulders and said, “Maybe for other families Doctor Spencer but not mine. I keep telling you that we are a special family. If I want to watch my mommy and daddy having sex ~ I can do that anytime I want too Doctor Spencer it’s not a big deal in our family. Mommy and daddy told me what they were doing is how they made me and made my brother Kevin. Mommy says it’s the most beautiful thing that two people can share together ~ and that is making a baby. I think they wanted to show me like ~ you know ~ how happy they are together. I mean I was really upset that day when mommy had sex with that Gaston guy. Asides I think they wanted to teach me how to ~ you know ~ how to have sex ~ the right way ~ so I know where babies come from ~ mommy wanted to make sure I knew how to make my daddy and other boys ~ like happy ~ like you know ~ how to have sex the right way ~ you know ~ like when you love someone and you want to make babies with them.

I think my mommy really wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing ~ you know because when I would be alone with all the other boys ~ you know like ~ the other boys from the other special families that we know and all and we hang out with. You know ~ how I would need to know what to do like a big girl needs to do for a big boy ~ about having sex ~ and how to make a man ~ I guess ~ happy. Yeah happy is the right word ~ happy so he can shoot his white pee all the way inside of my privates or all over my body. I think that my mommy wanted me to know that if I want to have sex with boys that I can have sex but I should know what to do so I don’t hurt the boy ~ you know ~ if I wanted to and all ~ it’s never up to the boy if he wants to have sex ~ it’s always up to me ~ it’s my choice to let the boy play with my privates and all.”

Miles wanted to keep this train of thought, “So you were the one who wanted to have sex with your own father? How about these boys you are talking about ~ you are going to let them have sex with you too? And your mommy seems to be really smart. Do you know that?”

Kristen smiled, “Yeah ~ you’re right Doctor Spencer mommy is a really smart lady.” She looked at Miles and was quiet for a minute or so and said, “You know something Doctor Spencer ~ it really hurt me and all on the inside ~ you know all around my heart and my stomach ~ that like ~ that my daddy didn’t want to have sex with me and all on my birthday. I mean I never thought he would do the same thing that Timmy did with me last year on my birthday ~ you know ~ like how my Uncle Donny likes to have sex with my cousin Amy all the time.

I guess I was just upset because he like let me play with his privates all day long and he wouldn’t put it inside of me. He was like letting me pull it out of his pants and like get it all hard and all with my hands and stuff. We even went to the men’s room this one time when we were going on all the rides that day. This one time daddy had to go to the bathroom really bad and because it was just the two of us he had to take me into the stall with him. When we were inside he even let me play with it as he was peeing ~ then he even let me clean it with my tongue and all.

I just wanted daddy to like make me his once and for all. So, like I said before it was really neat pretending to be sleeping as daddy and mommy had sex right over top of me that night. I tried to stay really still and quite under my mommy. It was neat watching them do it. I even heard my mommy whispering things in my daddy’s ear as they were doing it.

Miles was curious about what she thought she might have heard, “So, what kinda things did you hear? What was your mommy whispering into your daddy’s ear?”

Kristen smiled and little and said, “she was saying all kinds of dirty nasty things and she was using bad words and all that I’m not allowed to say out loud.”

Miles said, “Well, I think that this is really important that if you remember what she was saying then you should tell me. I promise you that you won’t get in trouble because whatever you say or tell me or do in this room nobody else will ever know about it.”

Kristen said, “Okay ~ I mean there was like this loud slapping sound. It was coming from where my daddy’s privates were like sorta pushing real fast and hard inside of my mommy ~ I could hear a few things like, ‘come on daddy fuck your little girl’s cunt. This is what you want right daddy! And daddy said something like, ‘Daddy couldn’t wait anymore I need my Princess’ little fuck hole.’ Then mommy smiled at daddy and said, “You like fucking my tight little pre-teen pussy don’t ya! You wanna cum inside of me don’t you daddy?’ Then daddy said, ‘I am going to make so many babies with you honey. Daddy likes how you are so tight and the way it feels so good inside of you.’ Then mommy said, ‘You like the way my pussy feels wrapped around your long hard cock, right daddy? I am so nice and wet and tight for you ~ you like your brand new unused cunt daddy? You like it wrapped around daddy’s huge cock don’tcha!’”

Miles thought how much he would love to be fucking Kristen from behind at this very moment and having her barking out dirty, nasty talk to him but he asked, “So how does that make you feel knowing that your mommy was pretending to be ~ well your mommy was pretending to be ~ well ~ you. While your daddy, was having sex with your mommy right over top of you? How does it make you feel knowing that your daddy really wanted to put his penis inside of you but he hasn’t because you may be too young? Do you feel that it is wrong for you to have sex with your mom or your dad or even your grandfather and even your cousin Timmy?”

Kristen answered, “No way! I think that if you love someone even if they’re in your family and you can make them happy and you should do everything you can to make them happy.” Kristen defiantly spread her legs wide showing Miles that she was in control of her young pussy and then moved her thong to the side and revealed her pussy to Miles, “Do you see my kitty-cat Doctor Spencer?”

Miles gulped really hard ~ as this one singular muscle came into view (Kristen’s pussy) has become a fixture in his current life. The more he sees it, the more he smells it, the more he wants to finger it, suck it, lick it and most importantly fuck it and he gulped for a second time and said, “Yes, it is absolutely beautiful any man would be lucky if you were to allow them to put their cock inside of you honey.”

Kristen thought for a moment like she was the one that was ~ for just once in her young life ~ in control ~ in her eight-year-old personality and she began to boast. Then she pointed between her legs and said, “Well this right here Doctor Spencer ~ well this belongs to my father ~ and if he wants it ~ he can have it anytime he wants it ~ and you know what? He finally did that same night right after he finished with my mommy ~ so there!!!” She put her hands on her hips defiantly looking at her therapist and said, “My daddy told me that my real birthday present that day ~ was that he wanted to put his thing inside of me and not my mommy. He said, ‘I was so tired from going on all the rides that I fell asleep before he could push his privates inside of mine.’ See! I told you that he loves me more than anyone else in the whole wide world!!!!” She folded her hands and nodded her head in a matter of fact motion at Miles for effect.

Miles finally exhaled and thought to himself with some sort of relief, ‘I can’t believe she finally admitted to having sex with her father.’ “Okay I believe you when you say that it is your daddy’s kitty cat and he can have it anytime he wants it. Can you tell me how it happened? I mean how you and your father had sex on your birthday? How your daddy gave you, your birthday present?”

Kristen looked at Miles and smiled as she was happy that he believed her. With her legs spread she tilted her head to the side and sucked on her forefinger and gave him this luring look with her crystal blue eyes and then smiled at her therapist. Then she moved her hands inside of her thighs and then she began to caress them and she asked, “Do you think I am pretty Doctor Spencer?”

Miles eyes never left the sight of her young co-ed pink vagina. He then took the remote control of CD camera yet again and then he hit the pause button again. Shaking his head as he put in the CD that contained all of the sexual exploits that they had shared together. He knew that she was ready to give him her pussy again. He felt conflicted as she thought that she was in her eight-years-old psyche and he knew if she really knew that she was really twenty it would blow her mind. When he had the camera ready once again he turned and sat and said, “I think you are a beautiful young girl.”

Kristen smiled at him, “Do you believe me that I am a big girl? Do you believe me that my cousin Timmy put his thing inside of me last year? I am a big girl with a nice kitty cat right?” Using her fingers she opened her vagina showing the dime sized black hole once again.

Miles stared at the small pink hole between her legs and couldn’t believe that he actually got his cock inside of her. Then his cock filled with blood until it was rock solid once again under his pants. Gazing at her pussy he knew personally how wonderful it feels to be inside of her, “If I were your father I wouldn’t have been able to keep my penis out of you when you were at Disney World. I would have had sex with you every morning, afternoon and night until my cock fell off.”

Kristen smirked and then smiled as she giggled at him. She was happy with her therapists answer with her legs spread open for him to peer at it. She was playing with her vagina rocking back and forth gently and quietly thinking to herself then she said, “Doctor Spencer, I think you can help me remember better if I show you how my special night happened between me and my daddy. Would you please help me? Would you please help me remember? I mean you could just pretend to be my father! Ppplleeeeeaaaassssse?”

Miles looked straight up at the ceiling and thought, ‘thank you god’ Then Miles smiled as once again he received an open invitation to fuck his patient yet again. There was no way he was going to turn down sex with this hot 20 year-old co-ed, “If you show me what to do I will help you recreate that happy moment between you and your daddy the night of your eighth birthday. So, tell me how did your daddy do it to you? How did your daddy finally make love to you or should I say ~ give you your birthday present?”

Kristen said, “Well, as I on my back naked watching my daddy pushing his penis inside my mommy like this. Then I lifted my head and licked my daddy’s boulders ~ that’s what he likes to call his two little balls that hang under his penis ~ I licked his privates first. Come on Doctor Spencer you need to get naked ~ hurry up and take your clothes off and come over here so you can help me remember everything the way it happened that night.”

Kristen stood up and began to take her clothes off. Miles eyes never left her body as he watched each article clothing hit floor until she was in her birthday suit. Miles adjusted the camera to the couch and zoomed out to catch his chair as well. It didn’t take long for Miles to strip out of his clothes again. He was making quite a collection of sexual escapades with this patient and he wanted to keep them for posterity and to jerk off too once she was out of his life once and for all, “Okay where would you like me?”

Kristen was on her back on the floor, “Doctor Spencer you have to get over top of me with your hands and knees. Just think of yourself as a doggy, okay?” Miles did as he was instructed and got down on his hands knees over his young patient. Kristen began to act out what she and her father did as she remembered that night. “Okay so like ~ I looked up and saw my daddy’s balls or boulders ~ so like I moved my head right underneath him like this and kissed them like this. Yours taste a lot different than my daddy’s did that night but he was sweating all over his body so they were like salty tasting”

Miles knelt over her in the doggy position then he felt her soft caressing lips kissing his balls. Then he felt her tongue begin to lap over them. She was gentle and she lightly sucked on each individual ball. Miles arched his back as he lowered his self so Kristen could gain easier access to whatever she wanted. His head began to spin in ecstasy as he thought, ‘oh yeah if you were my kid I would have fucked you ever day. Now I know why your grandfather’s wanted you to suck their cocks. You’re so damn good at it.’

Kristen using her hands gently took a hold of Miles balls and began to stroke them as she gave them tiny little wet kisses. Her hand found his shaft as she spit on the palm of her hand she stroked his man meat. Miles couldn’t help his self as he was looking down between his arms watching Kristen moving her head up to his nut sack and then her tongue began to bath his balls and she smiled and saw Miles watching her and said, “Then my daddy said ‘It is about time you woke up young lady ~ I thought a bomb was going to have to go off before we could wake you up so you could play along with mommy and me. I want to give you your birthday present on your birthday honey. I was really worried I was going to have to wait until tomorrow and I really want to give it to you tonight on your real birthday.’ Then my daddy pulled out of mommy’s pussy and he held his penis in his hand and asked me, ‘Would you like to suck daddy’s penis that just came out of your mommy’s vagina?’ I told him yes then he pointed the tip of it at my mouth and pushed his penis inside of my mouth.”

Miles needed very little encouragement to fuck Kristen again. So as he rolled his ass back onto the tops of his heels then lined the tip of his cock with her mouth and pushed his self into her mouth as she remained on her back. He began to fuck her mouth and as her saliva began to coat his shaft he pushed his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke into her mouth. Miles thought how exquisite her mouth felt and the way her tongue licked his shaft.

A few moments later Miles pushed and was now in her throat. He could see her throat expanding as his cock slid down nice and gentle like. He zoomed in on her throat with the camera as he smiled at the camera and gave two thumbs up for prosperity. Kristen though she began to gag really bad on his cock as it was lodged in her throat. He pulled out and once Kristen regained her composure went on with her tale of incest. Miles diligently listened to her story he was excited to act out every minute detail with her.

Kristen stared up with her eyes bulging at the seams as Miles penis went right down her throat again ~ she tapped his thighs as she couldn’t breathe when Miles grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock all the way down her throat. After she coughed a few times she smiled and said, “Daddy pumped his thingy really fast and hard inside of my mouth. Then daddy pulled out and I said, ‘That feels so good daddy but I want you to put it inside of my privates tonight.’ Mommy moved to the side of the bed. Then daddy pulled me by my feet all the way to the top of the bed and my mommy helped daddy as she spread my legs like this and they were really wide even for me. Mommy smiled at me, ‘Are you ready to become a real woman honey?’ I told her, ‘I have been waiting since last year when Timmy put his privates inside of me.’ Daddy was on his knees staring at me smiling as he played his penis with his hand then he spit on my Privates and tried to push inside of me.”

Miles looked at the TV monitor making sure that it captured everything they were doing. Then he spit on Kristen’s vagina just like her father did. Miles was conflicted but only for a moment as he knew that what he was about to molest his hot co-ed patient yet again while she was under hypnosis. In her current state her ego is that of an eight year-old young girl but looking down at her 20-year-old body it was truly hard to resist. Kneeling over her body Miles prepared his self to enter Nirvana yet again. He aligned his penis with her tiny slit of an opening and with hear felt anticipation said, “Your daddy ~ did he do it like this Kristen?” Miles slowly pushed inside of her. He could feel the wet folds of her labia open for him, like servants bowing to its master. Kristen was completely saturated and the moist dew inside of her fuck-hole made Miles cock feel like it was made just for him and him alone to fuck forever and ever. Miles felt the sudden euphoria of their connection surging through his penis and then throughout his body like it did before when he was inside of her.

Kristen’s face had a large smile as he reached down and grasped Miles hand, “I told my daddy, let me help you because I know your penis is going to hurt me. You are so much larger than Timmy is.”

Miles realizing in her mind she thought that she was still a young girl who was eight and about to take a seven inch cock inside of her young pristine pussy. The reality was it was a beautiful twenty-year-old pussy that was craving his cock. As Kristen relaxed her vagina she moved her hips up and down as she continued to hold onto Miles penis only allowing the head to penetrate her opening. Miles looked down at his young yellow rose waiting for her pussy to open its bud and allow him to push all the way inside of her. Miles moved his head down to whisper in her ear and said, “This is what you want isn’t it my Princess? You want daddy to put his penis inside of your vagina and make you a real woman? You want daddy to pump his sperm inside of your privates and make babies with you?”

Kristen’s smile was ear to ear as she released Miles penis and taking her hands she cupped the sides of his face and lifted her head and kissed him on the lips and in purring like voice said, “Yes, daddy ~ I love you so much and I want you to do it to me like you do it to mommy. I don’t care if you hurt me ~ I want to be your woman daddy! You know what daddy? If mommy is having sex with another man ~ I want you to find me and you can do the same thing with me! Yes, daddy you can put it inside of me anytime you want to.”

Meanwhile back in Latrobe, Pennsylvania:

Don walked outside behind Danny and Eric. When they reached the bottom of the driveway he handed each Agent a Montecristo cigar, “Here you go guys try these. I really don’t want my wife to hear this conversation guys so if we’re smoking she won’t come out here. So, inside you said that you don’t believe the girl in the picture is my niece, so why are you here?”

Eric who was better at giving bad news took the lead. He pulled Don, to the side and said, “Look the truth is we’re here because of process of elimination.”

Don asked, “Process of elimination? What do you mean?”

Danny said, “Well, when the local police found the body they took her to the county morgue. The Coroner determined that the body was a female between 17 and 22. Well, you know how many missing girls there are in the United States between those ages. The first thing they did was they had a partial finger print and that eliminated about half the girls that were missing. Then they went to dental records and that got it down to about a hundred girls. After that the county up there in North Dakota ran out of answers and handed the body off to the North Dakota State Police. Their labs are much more advanced and they were able to draw some blood from the body and that brought the number down to about fifty girls. Then they passed it off to us the FBI. Our forensic guys reconstructed the face took a picture and then ran it though the Federal databases and we were left with four possibilities. Three are from the area and of course your nieces name came up. That is why we both feel it isn’t her because North Dakota is really far from here.”

Donny had heard this type of pitch before and half the time it’s just bullshit and he said, “If it’s her just tell me and then I can tell my family.”

Danny put his hand on his shoulder and said, “It is a sixty percent chance that it could be her. We can eliminate her all together if we had something that we could pull some DNA from.”

Don said, “Well, the whole family about a decade ago went down to the local hospital and we donated several pints of blood each over a course of a year. The hospital stores it for us just in case we need it. I am sure that I can sign some sort of document allowing you access to it.”

Eric said, “Are you the legal guardian of Kristen?”

Don said “No, and if she were still alive she would be about twenty right now. So, if there is a way that I can sign anything that would get you a vial of blood that is hers then you could test it.”

Danny knew that his con had worked and that he finally earned his trust and he could now ask the questions that he really needed the answers to and said, “Well, if you know where your niece is that would put an end to this right now or where her parents might be?”

Don looked down, “Their gone. They all left Latrobe a long, long time ago. I mean this house sat for years with no one in it. My father begged my brother Jimmy to come back home but he never did. He just kept moving further and further away from the family. Lilly and I moved in here about two years ago at my father’s request.”

Eric asked, “So what happened? I mean, if I owned a place like this I would never leave. I mean damn this place is beautiful.”

Don looked at him, “Look things are complicated when you have a father like ours. You have to understand he was hoping that either me or my brother would become doctors and take over the family business. I mean I tried ~ I really tried becoming a doctor but the science was just damn hard for me. I graduated from Penn State then joined the police force. I kept going to school and got a degree in sociology and that propelled me forward.”

Eric asked, “What about your brother Jim?”

Don said, “Well, Mr. Carpenter that is Lilly and Lisa’s father took a real shine to Jimmy. I mean Jimmy started working at the brewery when he was in high school and when he was in college. I mean he had the grades and the brains to be a doctor but once he graduated and married Lisa, Mr. Carpenter became Jimmy’s mentor and guided him through the mess at the brewery. Jimmy decided that he a good future at the brewery and decided to forego becoming a doctor all together.”

Danny said, “Yeah, I know this is off the track here a little but how do two brothers from the same family marry two sisters from the same family?”

Don said, “Well, our parents were really close when we were kids. I mean the four of us have known each other since we came out of our mother’s wombs. When I was in high school I played defensive end and Lilly was a cheerleader. We hooked up one night after a football game and the rest was history. My brother and Lisa was a different story. Jimmy was a year older than she was. Once I graduated from high school Jimmy was just a junior. Jimmy was really book smart and liked to be a loner except when it came to work he was a natural born leader.

Anyway my mother would have never lived it down if Jimmy didn’t go to his junior prom. The problem was he didn’t have a girlfriend. So, my mom asked me to ask Lilly if she would ask Lisa to go with him. Now, Lisa was a huge flirt and was a cheerleader just like Lilly was. Lisa was the more attractive of the two and Lisa had boyfriends even when she was in junior high school. But because Jimmy always treated her nice and she was only a sophomore and she wanted to go to a prom she said yes. Once they hooked up that night it was all over. Somewhere deep down inside my brother brought his A game on the date or Lisa brought it out of him, either way they have been soul mates every since then.”

Danny said, “Okay everyone around town has danced around this subject but if we are going to be straight shooters with you then you need to fill us in on the night of the home invasion.”

Don said, “Well, well, well. You want open a can of worms that has been locked away in the back of the closet. Has curiosity gotten the best of you Agent Lambert?

Danny said, “It just seems that this town became paralyzed by it. Everyone has just bits and pieces of what really happened that night.”

Don said, “Are you sure you want the whole story because it ain’t pretty and it doesn’t have a happy ending.”

Eric said, “Well, all three of us have seen some really sick shit Donny. I think that if we know what really happened that night it will put to bed a lot of questions that we have.”

Don said, “Well if you really want to know let’s start at the beginning. When Jimmy and Lisa went to Duquesne University together they knew they were always going to end up together but they both they developed an open relationship if you know what I mean? After they were married Mr. Carpenter that is Lisa and Lilly’s father made it his mission statement to groom Jimmy to become the next CEO of the Latrobe Brewery.

Eventually before Jimmy could become the CEO Anheuser Bush came knocking to buy the brewery but not before my brother opened up European distributions in three other countries. The distributors were Jimmy’s baby and he brought Mr. Carpenter along for the ride. Jimmy stole three master brewers from Europe to help Latrobe make dark ale that would appeal to the Europeans. To Jimmy’s credit his gamble paid off. He made a deal with a small company in Sweden that owned several breweries in Sweden, Denmark and Holland. He bought the breweries and made millions off of the IPO. They gave the Ales three different names in each country as if it was actually three different Ales brewed in their own country. It was fucking brilliant.

Eric said, “So is that how he paid for this house and all the grounds here in Latrobe?”

Don laughed and said, “You are definitely not from around here. The land is just a small parcel that has been in the Carpenter family for hundreds of years. Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter gave them twenty-five acres as a wedding present. My father floated them a loan to build this home.”

Eric said, “Must be nice to come from money.”

Don said, “It has its advantages and more than a few disadvantages. Well, like I said before unfortunately Jimmy’s success came at a great cost and loss for Jimmy and Lisa. See Jimmy needed to be overseas a lot to oversee the conversion of the breweries to handle the business. Also there was the marketing and points of sale that he handled. Now, Lisa stayed home by herself a lot and like I said before they always had an open relationship. One night while Jimmy and Mr. Carpenter were still in Europe Lisa got a phone call from Carl Harper.

What is not in the public record is that Jimmy and Lisa were swingers and had an inner circle of about six families that fucked around together. Both Jimmy and Lisa didn’t consider it cheating if they had sex with any of these couples if the other was not around. It was like extended friends with benefits. It seemed that Carl and Lisa were seeing a lot of each other during that time. Lisa would give the kids sleeping pills and would go out to one of the local dives in town for an hour or two. Then she would have her fun and come home or bring the fun home if you know what I mean.”

Eric said, “That wasn’t anywhere in our reports.”

Don said, “It wouldn’t be. It was hushed up only certain people know the real truth. Anyway she met Carl that night but he was with two other men she never met before and when she turned down the other two men she left the bar that night and according to the bartender she was drunk when she left. Now, witnesses say that she left by herself but one of the two guys that she didn’t know wanted to fuck Lisa badly. According to the police reports when they caught the other two they had large amounts of crack cocaine in their systems. Apparently they beat the shit out of Carl and forced him to drive them out to the house here.

Once they got here the two men broke into the home and began to rape Lisa unmercifully. It was so loud that in the police reports little Kristen said her mother’s screams woke her up along with her brother Kevin. They both saw what was happening to their mother and Kristen told the police that she couldn’t get away from the men but she told Kevin to play hide and go seek. Kevin was small enough to fit into the cabinets and he hid under the kitchen sink. Apparently Lisa went crazy to try and protect the kids but they beat her to inches of her life and tied Lisa to her bed. Then the other two men turned their attention to little Kristen.”

Danny said, “Oh my god you’ve got to be kidding me they hurt her. The articles just say she witnessed the incident.”

Don said, “I wish that was all that happened. Like I said gentlemen this is not a pretty story and the ending is tragic. They caught her and they took turns raping her vagina and her anus. Kristen explained to the police that when the one wanted to finish in her mouth she only had her mouth as a weapon and she nearly bit the guys cock off. That’s when he took one of those give away baseball bats that you get when you go to the ballpark for a baseball game. It’s only twelve inches in length but that bastard broke her eye socket, her nose, her jaw and when the gardener’s found her in the morning the bat was sticking all the way inside of her asshole as she was tied to her bed just like her mother. Kevin was found later in the morning dead under the kitchen sink. They kept the Gatorade under the sink but someone accidently put bleach under there and he drank the bleach by mistake and poisoned his self.”

Eric said, “Motherfucker!!! Did they catch the bastards?”

Don said, “They caught them in Iowa in Jimmy’s ’65 GTO. When they got back here to Latrobe they closed the court off to the public and reporters. All the court records were sealed for the protection of our family’s names and reputations. Unfortunately someone from the court proceedings had to gossip and things finally began to slip out. Things got really nasty around here after the trial. It finally came out that my sister-in-law and brother were both swingers. This is a small Christian town of less than ten thousand people. (Don shook his head) Jimmy and Lisa never had a chance. The people here felt that what happened to Lisa was her own fault because she was a swinger or should I they thought she was a slut and she got what she deserved. Fucking idiots”

Eric said, “So, what happened to Lisa and Kristen were they okay?”

Don said, “Well, Lisa was just bruised and had a couple broken fingers a major concussion but her nightmares of that night never ended. Kristen on the other hand was a complete shipwreck. She had to have six operations on her face alone to correct all of her problems. We didn’t see her actual face for more than four months after the incident. When the plastic surgeons finished with her she was beautiful. She didn’t look like a Foster or a Carpenter. The big problem wasn’t the plastic surgery Kristen completely shut down all together a few days after her rape.”

Once Eric heard that she shut down he immediately thought that she has done the same thing right now at the Camelot Clinic, “Don I don’t understand when you say, she shut down, how? Like, in what way?”

Don said, “Well, they brought in a therapist to help her with the rape and beatings. She didn’t say a word for over six months to anyone. Once she left the hospital they brought the doctor back and had her sessions at the house. Once again she didn’t speak to her father or anyone for that matter. The therapist thought the best thing for her was to send her back to school and try to assimilate back into her old life.

At the same time, once that Latrobe Brewery heard the news that Jimmy was a swinger they immediately let him go. They couldn’t have a top executive that they were grooming to become the next CEO be a swinger from a devout Christian town. Now, Mr. Carpenter well, he was on the board of directors at the Brewery before Jimmy was let go he sent him a lot of damaging emails, memos and other correspondence that damaged the Brewery very badly. Then very quietly and without any lawsuits or lawyers, the Brewery settled with Jimmy out of court for millions.”

Danny said, “So, did Kristen simulate back at school and what did Jimmy do once the lawsuit was settled?”

Don said, “The nightmare never ended for poor little Kristen. Somehow it got out what happened to her and there were three boys that just wouldn’t leave her alone. She wasn’t speaking to anyone and the boys would pull her underwear down and force it off of her. The teachers would find her in the girl’s bathroom on the toilet naked sucking her thumb about twenty different times that year.

Eric said, “Those little bastards! That just pisses me off.”

Don said, “They were expelled but Jimmy had enough. He started to day trade on the stock market. Since, he could day trade anywhere he moved the family out of Latrobe once and for all. That sparked the feud between my father and my brother. My father wanted Jimmy to stay and face his problems here but it was just too damaging for Kristen to stay here. Jimmy was looking out for her best welfare. He loved that girl more than anyone else in the whole damn world. He would have done anything for that little girl.”

Danny said, “Where did they go?”

Don said, “They went out to the mid-west I think. They never invited any of us out to their new place. My father and my brother had a huge falling out that to this day is still not resolved. Later Jimmy called me and said that his marriage to Lisa had become too much and they split-up. I don’t know if they’re actually divorced or not. I heard from Jimmy a little after that. Latrobe Brewery let him in on the IPO for the breweries in Europe as part of his settlement and then once again when Latrobe was sold to Anheuser Bush he was allowed in that IPO as well. Jimmy made millions again and again. He even let me have a taste of the action and I threw in with him that’s how I got to retire along with my wife.

After Jimmy and Lisa split. Jimmy told me he was running around with some twenty something girl out in California and he bought a place in the Malibu Hills. The place is insane our whole family flew out for a few weeks to stay one summer. I haven’t been out there in like over six years or something like that. The last I heard from Jimmy he was building a new place in Perth, Australia. I have no idea where Lisa is. Also I don’t know if Kristen went with her father or stayed with her mother. I miss my brother.”

Eric didn’t want to heap anymore bad news on this man and said, “Damn that is just tragic. Look bottom line is that this person probably isn’t even your niece Kristen. Look we’ll go to the hospital and we’ll get the vial of blood we need. As FBI Agents people tend to help you out a little more because they don’t want the government on their backs.”

The three of them walked back to the Caprice and Danny and Eric shook Don’s hand and they had a great respect for Don and his family for what happened at that house. Then they phoned Tom and gave him a preliminary report and Tom told them to fly back to LA. Danny and Eric gave themselves a high five and drove to the airport and ‘E’ said to Danny, “You’re not going to con me huh! Damn Danny that was fucking brilliant! We conned the shit out of the old detective didn’t we!”

Meanwhile back in New Mexico Miles and Kristen were still going at it hot and heavy as they were re-enacting the night that Kristen’s father fucked her for the first time:

Miles did not need any other instructions as he was clearly given permission to fuck the shit out of Kristen. Miles once again eased just the tip of his penis inside of Kristen’s lovely little pussy. As he was slipping his penis inside of her he felt that electric current flow around the shaft of his cock from Kristen’s pussy. Then the remainder of his body felt that electric wave wash over his body. He felt like his cock was molten lava that was poured into a kiln and then molded into a straight piece of hot iron specifically made to fuck Kristen’s co-ed pussy. Miles then pumped her long and slow as she gasped every time the tip of his penis pushed thru her canal down to the opening of her womb. Miles continued his onslaught, “Can you feel how big your daddy is inside of you sweetie?”

Kristen’s head began to sway back and forth and her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she was barely breathing as Miles’ cock was sending electric tingly shocks all over her body. Then finally her eyes rolled forward and she let out a huge, “OHHHHH damn daddy you are so much bigger than Timmy!!!! You are so big ~ you can fill me completely up inside of me daddy. Please daddy ~ I don’t want you to ever stop what you’re doing to me. I want you to promise that you will do this with me every day. I never want you to stop you make me feel so happy daddy.”

Miles realized that Kristen in her mind felt like she was really fucking her father at that moment. It did not bother Miles at all that in the young co-ed’s mind she was somewhere else thinking of another man. All he knew was he was reaping all the benefits of fucking a hot steamy co-ed pussy, something he hasn’t done in over twenty years. Then Miles could feel his balls tighten in scrotum and he looked down into her doe like eyes, “Honey daddy is going to shoot his sperm really soon, where did daddy put his sperm sweetie? Do you want daddy to give you a cream pie like I did for mommy this morning? You want to pretend that we are making babies together?”

Kristen smiled and pulled his face to hers, “Daddy finished inside of me Dr. Spencer. If you want me to remember everything the right way ~ then you need to fill my womb with your sperm and give me your baby Miles. I can feel it inside of me. I can feel your penis getting bigger, wider and wider you’re going to pump me full of your semen aren’t you?”

Miles arched his back as he started rocking his cock from the tip of his penis at the opening of her young cunt until both of their pelvic bones smashed together in wonderful bliss, then Miles said, “Are you ready daddy is about to finish inside of you Princess.” Miles pushed one last time as his sleek piece of iron was being caressed by Kristen’s velvety walls as they collapsed around his shaft milking his cum from his shaft. The first hot stream of cum rattled up Kristen’s walls and washed against her womb only to be met by four more large blasts that followed after each thrust inside of Kristen’s pussy.

Kristen wrapped her legs around her therapist not wanting to let him go, “Oh daddy thank you for my birthday present. Thank you for filling me with your white pee and making a baby with me. I only wish that I could really have a baby with you.”

Miles couldn’t move as Kristen’s python like grip kept him deep inside of her, “Kristen, are you okay Princess? Did daddy hurt you? Do you want me to pull out?”

Kristen looked deep into his eyes, “No, I am okay daddy I am a big girl now and I can take your privates deep inside of me. Please stay inside of me! I want to keep feeling you inside of me daddy ~ you are still so hard inside of me. Would it be okay if I tasted you a little bit daddy?”

Miles was more than happy to accommodate her as he felt her legs release him. Miles pulled out then he could see the trail of his semen flow out the bottom of her vagina onto his hardwood floor. Miles pushed her legs straight over his shoulders and then straddled her face as the tip of his penis rested on her lips and there was a nice droplet of a mixture of his sperm as well as Kristen’s. The young girl opened her mouth and Miles head moved into her mouth, “Come on honey suck the rest daddy’s sperm from his penis.”

Kristen spent the next five minutes working her mouth around Miles semi-rigid penis as Miles gently fucked her mouth. Then Kristen said, “Daddy you are still sorta hard do you think you can have sex with me one more time today?”

Miles couldn’t help his self, how could he turn her down a request of a hot co-ed who wanted to have sex with him again, “Yes, whatever my birthday girl wants she gets.”

Kristen smile went from ear to ear, “Oh daddy, thank you so much.”

Miles watched as she eagerly sucked him back to his full girth again. With his freshly cleaned shaft he moved down between her twenty-year-old thighs. He pushed her legs open and spotted her slimy cum filled pussy and slipped inside of her. It was still very hot and vaporous as his cum felt like hot lava that was waiting to explode out of the top of its mountain. Miles this time had no concern for the enjoyment of his young patient as he worked her pussy fast and hard. Kristen wrapped her legs around his thin waist. Her heels came to rest on his butt cheeks and with her feet pushed him even deeper inside of her. She pulled his face to hers and their tongues tangoed in and out of their mouths in pure love and bliss.

The feeling of love that Kristen was exuding for her real father was being experienced by Miles and all he could think was, ‘How lucky that bastard actually was to fuck this young Aphrodite since she was eight-years-old.’ Miles wasn’t quite the lover that he thought he was as he only lasted several minutes after he started pounding his young patient’s pussy. Then he exploded several new ropes of his sperm deep inside of her womb. When Miles finished he looked down at his young goddess and her eyes were closed and she was taking shallow breaths. Miles shook his young lover and she woke, “Are you alright honey?”

Kristen smiled up at her therapist, “Yes, Dr. Spencer I remember that after my daddy finished inside of me the second time we all fell asleep with him inside of me because the next day we were going to Typhoon Lagoon.”

Miles looked down as he slid his slimy cock from her pussy and knelt over Kristen. His cock glistened in the dim light from the flickering candlelight and Kristen looked at Miles cock and smiled, “Dr. Spencer would it be okay if I cleaned your penis with my mouth again? I love the taste of your white pee.”

Miles said, “Sure Princess but why don’t we go to my bathroom and we clean each other.”

Kristen said, “Okay, Dr. Spencer and thank you so much for making me remember my birthday, it was such a fun night to remember.”

They went to Miles private bathroom that had a shower and for the next half hour they fondled and then continued to fuck each other over and over again in the shower. They just couldn’t get enough of each other as the connection between them was growing no matter how sick and perverted it might be. Miles was starting to fall for this young co-ed in her younger ego and their shower time was actually more sensuous than the actual love making that Kristen remembered with her father.

Then after they were both exhausted from fucking so much they returned to the office area. Miles realized that he had to make sure to wipe her memory clean of them fucking. Using the art of hypnosis he wiped out the memory of them having sex during their session and then realizing that he molested her again Miles gave her the morning after pill yet again telling Kristen that it was a multi-vitamin to help her with her diet.

Miles turned the recorder back on for prosperity. Finally as Miles was bringing her out of her hypnosis and her demeanor began to once again regress to a stone statue once again. When Miles had finally finished and he snapped his fingers Kristen was no longer hypnotized Miles asked, “So, Kristen can you tell me about your birthday when you met all the Disney character Princess’?”

Miles sat there looking at his patient but there was nothing just her eyes looking forward staring out into nothingness. There was no answer and after five minutes of Miles sitting quietly he ended session #39 and sent her back to her room. Miles is still perplexed on how to break her catatonic spell.

Then later that evening he received a call from Special Agent Tom Murphy. Tom read the initial report to Miles as to what happened in the home all those years ago.

Miles sat in his chair in complete disbelief and said, “Tom if she did this before then I really don’t have a whole lot of time to save this girl from completely shutting down her conscious mind once and for all. She very well could live the rest of her life as a statue. This is just fucking tragic Tom.”

Tom said, “Miles I need you man. She is the key to the whole damn evening. I don’t care what you have to do or where you have to go to get the fucking answers! Just get me the answers and fix that young girl.”

Miles said, “I promise I won’t let you down Tom………….”

Here ends chapter 5 I hope that you enjoyed it like the previous chapters. Stay tuned as there is much more to cum and our story goes much deeper into a little girl’s psychosis

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