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a man walks into a bar with an alligator on a leash and sits down to have a beer....after a few beers he realises he is out of he stands up and says,"i bet anyone 500 dollars that i can put my dick in this gators mouth and close his mouth and then hit him in the head and my dick will be un marked when i pull it out" a man throws a 500 dollars down to see the man drops his pants puts his dick in the gators mouth slammed it shut hits the alligator in the head with a bottle,pulls his dick out and it is un marked....the man says,"now i will pay anyone 400 dollars if they wanna try it"....a hush fell over everyone,then a woman stepped forward and said,"i will but u got to promise not to hit me in the head


2015-01-27 05:12:08
Funny ( Your comment is too short ) yet Nice was passed.

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2013-04-27 01:34:53
It's good to see someone thinking it trohugh.

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2012-08-26 19:29:36
سكس‎ ‎

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2012-07-07 13:50:53

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