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This beautiful teacher gives her 18 year old male student a lesson in love
This is a story about my first teaching job at a school in England. I'd just finished teacher training in my native Australia and I'd planned to travel around the world a bit working and living in different countries before returning to Australia to settle down, marry and have children.

I was in my late 20's at the time, and even if I say so myself the opposite sex always found me attractive and I never had trouble getting boyfriends or getting laid whenever I felt horny. I worked out in the gym religiously 4 or 5 times a week, and I had a slim, athletic figure, nicely proportioned breasts and a firm ass.

My first job in England, was in an all-boys college teaching history to young men in the 17 and 18 year age group before they went off to university. The first few weeks and months were a trying time, as I said before I never had any trouble attracting the opposite sex and even though I made an effort not to dress too sexy at school, most of the students were full of teen hormones and quite plainly enjoyed trying to get a sneaky look either down my top or up my skirt whenever they could when I was sat down! I sometimes used to tease them by crossing or un-crossing my legs, never showing them more than a glimpse of thigh and of course I enjoyed the attention... which girl wouldn't?

Anyway, the first few weeks passed by and before I knew it I'd been there 4 months. The only sad thing was that I'd split with my boyfriend, who'd decided to return to Australia. I went into work one ordinary Thursday morning feeling quite horny not having had any action for a couple of weeks, even my favourite vibrator hadn't managed to do the trick the previous evening. Also angry and sad at my relationship break up, I was on the hunt for some revenge action.

Just before lunchtime, I was teaching the usual class and one of the older students Jem who would have been 17 or 18 was being a pain in the ass being noisy and disruptive. I moved him to the front of the class hoping that'd stop the disruption. It worked for a bit, and then he dropped his pencil on the floor. As he bent down to pick it up, I noticed the little fucker looking up my skirt! I clamped my legs closed indignantly, and shouted at him that he was to return after his last class of the day for an hour, a standard punishment when students mis-behaved.

As I said, I was feeling a little bit horny anyway and I was almost ashamed when my pussy gave a little twitch. I found myself looking at him, he was a good looking guy I must admit. Slender and athletic, he must've worked out and played sport. I began to actually get a little bit turned on at the thought of him, and the feeling wouldn't leave me for the rest of the day. By the time the end of the day came round, I'd actually got quite hot for him.

I stopped at the staff toilets on the way back to the class to see Jem for his hours detention at the end of the day. I looked at myself in the mirror, and made up my mind. I was feeling horny as hell. I touched-up my make up and daubed some bright red lipstick across my mouth. I was wearing a black summer dress, which was probably a little bit shorter than a teacher should wear. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I went into the cubicle to remove my panties as well, and I felt sexy as hell as I made my way down the hall into the classroom.

Jem was sitting at the same desk as earlier when I went into the room, and he stood as I entered the room as all students were instructed to do so. I told him to sit, and make a start on the assignment which had been set earlier that day. I sat at my own desk and pretended to go over some paperwork, but I was feeling more and more turned on as I watched him with his head bent over his books working away.

I walked over and sat on the edge of his desk, and as I sat down and shifted my position the hem of my short, black dress rode up over my legs. The contrast between the black cotton and my creamy-smooth white thigh was stunning. He looked up at me.

"You know if you'd wanted to look up my skirt today, you only had to ask don't you?" I said.

"Ma'am I... I..." he stuttered and went bright red.

I reached out, took his hand and placed it on my inner thigh.

"Does that feel good?" I asked him.

He never said a word, but he began stroking my leg. It felt nice, but I became a little impatient and guided his wrist up my skirt towards my now-moist crotch. No words were said, as I guided his fingers to the opening of my pussy. He was quite clumsy and obviously in-experienced, but he finally managed to work two fingers into my opening, which gave a little squelch.

A little sigh of pleasure escaped my lips, as he gently began to work back and forth, finger-fucking me right there on the desk. He hoisted my skirt up around my waist as he became bolder, and continued to work away at my pussy.

"Does that feel good Jem?" I half said and half gasped.

"Mmm, so soft and warm," he cooed. "Almost like velvet," he added as he continued to work me. He was mesmerized, quite unable to believe his good fortune at my wantoness.

I reached down to stroke my clit, as my pussy squelched around his exploring fingers. The lips and soft velvety walls clinging to him, willing him on and almost sucking him in to explore and probe deeper. I felt myself starting to cum, and a glorious wave of orgasm flowed through me, making me shimmy and shake with desire for this young stud.

He stopped then, pulling his fingers out of me and licked my juices off of them. I didn't say a word, I just stood up pulling my skirt back down over my modesty. I led him by the hand out of the classroom, down the hallway to my little private office. I locked the door, turned towards him and still without a word I kissed him full on the mouth. He responded eagerly, his tongue snaking into my own mouth as we french-kissed hungrily, my lipstick leaving little red smudges on him.

His cock sprang to attention in his trousers, I could feel his ardour pressing hard against me making me horny as hell for him. I slopped another couple of sexy little kisses onto his mouth, but I wanted to taste him.

I sank to my knees, and fumbled with his belt and trousers pulling them and his boxer shorts down over his legs. A large, eager cock that must have been 7 or 8 inches long sprang up like an iron bar almost hitting me in the face. I grinned and kissed the tip, tasting his warm, slightly salty pre-cum. He groaned out loud as I slipped as much of his glorious cock into my mouth as I could. I got about two thirds of his length into my mouth, before the tip hit my throat. I formed a perfect "O" shape with my lips and slid them back along his cock, leaving a sexy pinky-red smear of lipstick along his shaft. I repeated this action a few times, and began bobbing my head up and down, ministering to him with my mouth slurping all around his length. I felt his hands go down to the back of my head, guiding me, steering me; his slender waist and hips beginning to hump against my face. His breathing quickened and deepened - he was close to cumming.

And cum he did.

He bellowed his orgasm as his hips bucked hard against my face. As I fondled his balls with my fingers I felt them retract slightly as a salty rope of sperm sloshed out of his balls splashed across my tongue and down into my throat. I'd just managed to swallow it, as he bucked again and his cock fired another thick salty glob of cum into my mouth, and another, and another. It pulsed 5 or 6 times and I feasted on his sperm, milking his balls of every last drop. Owing to the sheer size and power of his eruption (for that's what it was, an eruption) some sperm leaked out of my mouth, down my chin and onto my chest leaving silvery little strings of cum stain on my black summer dress.

He finished his orgasm, panting hard and I kept his lenth in my mouth feeling it first soften, and then it soon began to harden again... he wanted more!

I stood up and sat him down on the stool in my office. I looked down at his cock, it was smeared with the remains of my lipstick and saliva mixed with some of the sperm form his orgasm. It stood up proudly, jutting up from his groin, almost demanding it was given further attention.

"Do you want some pussy now?" I asked him.

He just nodded as I hoisted my skirt up around my waist again, and hovered my pussy just above the tip of his eager young cock. My fingers gripped his cock firmly yet gently around his girth, as I ran the tip gently against my now-throbbing pussy. His cock was big by any stretch of the imagination, but the girth and thickness was as big as I'd probably ever seen. I slipped the head into my pussy gently, and slid slowly down over him, allowing my pussy to recover to his width as I went. My pussy lips stretched wide, and the velvety lining began to moisten to help him in. Even so, I had to go slow as he was fairly well endowed! Eventually, I had all of him inside me except his final 2 inches. I was panting like a bitch on heat as I gently rocked on him, trying to open myself even wider to accommodate all of him. My pussy squelched indignantly, as she finally gave in and I dropped down onto his lap, his fall length inside me.

We french-kissed again as I began gently rocking on him, I slid up his cock now moist with my juices and gently back down, again taking his full length and girth deep into my belly. My pussy began to stretch and acclimatize to his size I began to ride him slowly and gingerly at first, but eventually faster and faster. Soon I was riding him with wild abandon, and his thighs began to pump up against me and meet me thrust for thrust, forcing the tip of his cock into the deepest recesses of my sex. I felt myself beginning to climax again, and a wave of pleasure swept over my entire body, making my pussy pulse and cord all around his length. He gasped loudly, and his hips bucked hard against me forcing his entire length deep inside me. As he did, I felt a hot blast of sperm fire up deep into my belly and womb and then another. He writhed hard in ecstasy, and another 3 batallions of hungry sperm swarmed deep into my belly to lay siege to my unprotected egg.

We sat and caressed and kissed for a little while afterwards, but a little awkwardly now. We had briefly been lovers, but were now just student and teacher again.

I left the college afterwards, and am now working in America... who knows, I could be coming to a college near you next!

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