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This is a TRUE story and happened yesterday (the day before the post date of this story).

This story contains sexually explicit material.

If you are under 18 or are a homophobe, DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING.
We are both 15 and gay french Canadians :D!. The name of my friend/bf will not be revealed for security purpose.... But me, I'm Sebastien :)!

Ok so yesterday, after taking a long walk with him, we got back to his house in his room, I closed the door and he then automatically kissed me. We both feel on the bed and starting snuggling and kissing, we were simply hugging ourself body to body, he kissed me in the neck while I was cuddling his hair after what he asked me if i liked Justin Bieber, I didn't say nothing cuz i knew he did and i don't really... He got up and turned his Xbox on and played JB's last cd o.o', once again i didn't say nothing. We continued kissing and kissing like animals, he even showed me 2 new things to do when we kiss, the first one was bitting the other's tongue before letting go and the other one which got me crazyy when he did it to me, is somewhat sucking the other's tongue but like the sensation is just like omg lol xD!!! Anyway, after like an hour of cuddling kissing hugging, I was layed on my back on the bed and he jumped over me, his ass over my dick, i got rock hard instantly XD!! He then kissed me once and took a part of my shirt off and kissed my belly and licked from bottom to top of it (my belly of course). Then he took down my pants and got a bit back to get a better position forward to suck my dick. He started smelling my rock hard stick trough my tight boxers, then he took it out and licked all around it and then he shuved the whole 6 1/2 inches in his mouth, I still can't believe he was able to get it all in XD! He got even lower and sucked my balls a bit which really turned me on. He sucked me for about 4-5 minutes before he pulled off telling me he didn't want me to cumm now. He layed on top of me and we started making out again, but while we were I rubbed my Hard stick in crack over his cloth, I heard soft moans coming out of his mouth which made me even more excited and made me even more into it. I then took of my hand into his basketball shorts and played with his ass. He said he wanted me on top of him instead of him over me so i did as he asked, i turned myself and i left all my weight drop over him. We continued to make out but this time he reached for my ass! One hand in my in my hair and the other squezzing my ass cheeks, he passed his finger trough my crack but for now he didn't touch my hole which made me moan soo muchh I wanted him soo bad. After 5 minutes of exploring my ass he rubbed his finger around my hole GODDD it felt soo gooooddd!!! He started pushing his finger slowly in my VERY TIGHT butthole releasing numberless moans. I was pushing my ass up towards his finger as i wanted more in me until his full finger was in. He told me 'Je sais que tu la veux' which means 'I know you want it ;)'. I lowered down and took down his shorts and his tight boxers revealing his HUGE 7 1/2 inches monster cock. I licked the tip which had lots of precum, then i sucked his tip and started sucking his giantt dick. The taste was good, a bit salty and i loved it. After a few minutes of sucking he pulled off really fast and yelled out 'God I almost came'. He waited a minute and then he got me to sit on his bed, back against the bed frame he made me suck his dick more, he even started to fuck my mouth. He was going so far down my throat i almost shocked. After a while I just pulled it out kissed him and pushed him on the bed, this time I had a knee each side of his waist and his dick was pointing directly to my ass, he took my pants lower till my butt was exposed to his monster and rubbed it in my crack which made me have butterflys and moan loud. I wanted that dick in me, i wanted his hot steamy semen swirling in my rectum. He started humping me dry with his dick still in my crack, then he stopped and pushed my ass towards his face giving him acces to my dick. I slapped his face with my stick then shuved it in his mouth. While I was slowly fucking his mouth he reached his first drawer beside the bed and took out some lube, I knew what that meant. He started lubbing his dick with the 'warming' lube and asked me if i was ready. I said 'I want you to lick my pinky hole first!'. He turned me over, belly on the bed and spreaded my ass cheek, i felt his warm and moist tongue rolling around my hairless butthole. He rimmed me so hard, I could feel his tongue penetrate my hole. He started playing with it and entered a finger, spit on it, licked some more till my hole was ready for his MONSTER. He started teasing me passing his tip over my hole and hitting his dick on my cheeks. I was pushing my ass towards his dick as i wanted it sooo baddd!! He finally pushed his tip on my pinky till 2 inches were in, I yelped out a scream of pleasure and pain, then he held there a minute for my ass to get used to it cuz i was really tight. He went one with another inche and another and another till 6 inches of his huge 7 1/2 in dick was in me. I felt him go out a bit and pounding back in trying to get a little further than the last thrust, he fucked my ass slowly but hard. It felt soo good, i was amazed how much i could fit in my ass! He then started to speed up a little, i was moaning louder and faster. He was pounding my ass so hard now it felt amazing, it was blowing my mind, nothing could possibly bother me, even Justin Bieber was signing well while i was getting fucked up the butt. I felt him start to sweat, so was I, he fucked me so hard, i begged him to fuck me harder. I felt his hole 7 1/2 in dick go deep in my ass tickling my prostate, I started yelling out 'Ohhh godd fuck mee, fuck me harder, cum inside mee'. I felt his pubes hitting my ass and his balls building my nice reward, he started moaning also, I knew he wasn't going to last much longer.. He quickly turned me sideways and I jacked my rock hard dick and less than a minute later fucking me hard and deep He yelled out 'Ahhhhhh I'm gonna cumm' I the squezzed my ass tight and i felt his HUGEEE load of hot steamy juicy cum in me. It was so warm and it felt soo good, I knew i was about to blow soon also. He reaching my dick and jacked me off and not more than a few seconds later i shot 5 long strips of white hot cum all over my stomach. He got on his back and i followed, We stud there for a few minutes, his dick still in my ass.
That was great i told him, he agreed.
Before i left, he asked me 'So uhhmm... what are you doing this weekend?', I simply winked and he got the message ;P!
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