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Mich lusts after his cousin Mandy and her sister Valerie, but can't seem to get either. That is until he thinks he's being spied upon and during his investigation, trips over something. Where does this nocturnal discovery lead to ? Read on....
Mich couldn't believe his eyes as he peeped through the narrow opening of the bedroom door. Inside, facing him, but quite oblivious to his presence was his cousin sister Mandy. She was at the moment standing with her arms around a man about Mich s height who had his back to him.

to be true it wasn't the first time Michcs teenage hormones had gotten the better of his prudence when it came to spying on his cousins, but this time it was different. For starters, she wasn't alone like previous times. She had a man with him who, with his back turned towards him, seemed to be about his age, and was evidently on quite intimate terms with her. She even seemed to be seducing him with her stare and the gentle curves she drew on his broad back with her long nails. Yes, he was likely her boyfriend. Infact, that's what he'd thought when he'd first peeped through, and had pulled out his dick in anticipation of a gallery view of his sis' first sex session at home. ALl that changed when they shifted position and the guy turned to face him. It was his brother!

For a moment Mich couldn't believe it. His brother, standing there with his cousin, kissing and groping her in a way that couldn't be anything but sexual ? And now he was actually pushing his hands up her top, pawing at her bra clasps. And here she was undoing them for him, pulling off both blouse and bra to (presumably) show her bust to her own cousin,. And now they were kissing passionately, their arms gently caressing each other's hair, their bodies inching closer as their passion mounted.

It took quite a while for it all to sink into Mich's 19 year old head. He'd had a girlfriend for a few months in high school, but this was different. It was way beyond anything she'd allowed him to do (he never got beyond second base), this was real sex, not like the porno he'd downloaded, but real sex! And not just sex, incest! Mich's mind was racing as he soaked in the realization that all the times they had pretended to have a "serious conversation" and shooed him away may actually have been times when they'd been doing it on the sly. Maybe even when he was alone and waiting for her to come out and take a bath in her room. The thought of it made him pissed, but he was also getting hard. As much as he wanted to think over it all in detail, he found himself glued to the action in the room. Unconsciously, he fished out his pecker and started fapping.

The action had shifted to the bed, and Mich had to open the door a little to see more. Both protagonists were naked now, and the bed swayed to the passionate thrashing of bodies on it to the accompaniment of moans and the occassional “fuck me hard baby”, coming from the red lips of his hot cousin. His brother appeared to be getting even more excited than he previously was, his mouth ravishing her curves as she guided his head with her slender fingers.

Mich watched in awe as the female figure arched her neck, her neckbones being caressed by the male, his hands moving up her torso to circle her neck and head down again. His hands proceeded to raise a grapefruit sized tit and cover it with kisses as he pulled her closer to himself with the other hand. She held his head to her chest, her mouth parted in a “O” any porn actress would have been proud of.

He shifted to the other tit, and then began to move down her skateboard belly, her navel being circled before it approached her bush. She moved slightly, her legs parting to invite him in, her
body yearning for him to suck her nether nectar.

His brother didn't disappoint, burying his face in her crotch and licking (as far as Mich could see) ravenouslyon her pink hairless snatch, his tongue drawing patterns on her labia and then pushinginto the love hole for more. this was evidently quite exciting to her as she began to raise her hips to meet her loving invader.

All this had made Mich want to replace his brother between his cousin's legs. He could see her moaning all the while and to him it was for his hard cock. he saw her raise her body and to him it seemed to meet hid tongue as it licked his lips. So when his brother fished out his dick and aimed it at her tongue aroused and saliva drenched pussy, his cock began to go out of control his climax rapidly approaching as the big dick moved into claim the hot pussy.

His brother was by now getting thoroughly aroused as well his hands mauling her soft udders as he began to move in and out of her, she thrusting her hips to the rythm of his fuck. Mich watched as her chest rose and fell her tits bouncing on her chest when they weren't held like handles by his older sibling. He watched mesmerized as the pace increased the duo approaching bliss as their bodies did their best to maintain rising levels of passion.

Suddenly he saw his brother groan in pleasure and push in hard, holding himself inside as he (presumably ) came hard inside her, the girl begging for more of his hot cock as she neared orgasm herself. His brother helped her over with a hard pinch on her elongated nipple the delicate bud twisting as she too began to orgasm, her juices overflowing out of her hole and onto her lover's dick.

Mich couldn't hold on anymore. groaning softly from the release he too began to cum, his cock straining up and down in his hand as he shot his load into the room through the narrow crack and in the process pushed his cock into the narrow opening of the door as well.

Unfortunately for him this was the end of his voyeuristic delights. the movements of his feet while cumming had thrown him off balance and as he fell the door closed down, directly on his hapless cock.

luckily he stopped it before it could chop off his manhood. even more luckily he managed to bear the pain without a scream and so ensured that the lovers weren't immediately aware of his position. Yet they did hear the sound of the door and Mich had the thankless task of scampering to his room holding his dick in one hand and the shorts he'd been wearing (and which had pooled round his knees) in the other.

The door being closed he slammed hard into it before he could open it. managing this feat as he battled myriad pains from his dick feet and body in general he finally managed to open the said door and half leapt half tripped into the room, the door closing behind him as he landed on his cock and rolled over to feel his cum covered and aching dick, his eyes closed from the agony of the ordeal.

In this position he was unable to tell when a female face poked itself into the room and looked in suppressed satisfaction at the body on the floor, heaving and moaning as it massaged its cock. The figure came in and stood for a while her eyes smiling at him even as her hands fished out a camera and began clicking pics of the boy. This done she blew a kiss to him and walked out with an air of superiority which would have worried him had he opened his eyes a moment earlier.

in the event, when he did open his eyes he saw the door click shut and his belly rising and falling before him. Getting up somehow he cleaned himself as best as his still throbbing cock would allow, and sat on his bed to consider the events of the past half hour.

For a moment he felt himself becoming hard again but the paining dick caused him to try and think in a less arousing manner. this he did eventually,analyzing the progression of events from the moment he'd heard the lock on her door open to the time he'd beaten a hasty exit from the corridor. It all seemed so unbelievable not least because it was the first time he'd seen sex live. and then it was his siblings doing it better than the most amorous of porn stars.

he felt both jealous and excited. his brother had beaten him to it, had fucked while he fantasized, had been with her while he sat and masturbated in splendid loneliness. how many times had he waited for her to emerge from the lessons with him on physics and such , so he could watch as she took a bath.hell she could be cleaning his cum off herself as he waited for her to emerge and get dressed. She could even be moaning thinking of his hard prick in her pussy....

As the sound of her moans rang in his head, he realized that, sister or not, incest or not, he had have her. Those smooth thighs were his, that soft mouth his to kiss, those tits his to suck as he moved into her most intimate area and claimed her as his.

At this juncture his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on his door. It was his mother calling him down to dinner. She'd evidently returned from the ladies meet and was now calling the lot of them to dinner. Mich cursed and headed down the stairs, hoping his cock didn't grab attention where none was needed.

To his surprise the others ( his brother and his two cousin sisters ) were already seated and evidently not missing him the least. Though he was the youngest by age among them this lack of attention, quite the opposite of the dick induced attention he had been fearing. pissed him off a little. Cursing them he tried to barge into the conversation via their mother and aunt, who were thankfully discussing him and his bad grades at that very moment.

"It's not like Brad gets any better does he? why do I get all the blame? "

Mich knew Brad didn't get any scoldings because his scholarship in sports, one of the best in the state, was helping run the house since their father had a shitty job. His mother was always asking Mich to find some job. till date though he'd neither succeeded in getting a job or excelling in studies.

to his surprise though, it was neither Brad nor his mom who replied, but Valerie, the younger of his two cousin sisters. Though the reply itself was most predictable (he almost thought it was his mother speaking) but the fact that it was her unnerved him. Looking at her he wondered if she'd on purpose made the reply to....what? it was the older cousin who'd fucked Brad right? why would the younger intervene? what was going on? in his sexually wired mind the idea began to evolve that maybe his brother was fucking both.

looking at his brother he saw him talking animatedly to the older one while Val was returning to her dinner while his own lay untouched. still confused and unable to either put it down to mere coincidence or find a plausible explanation to replace it, Mich returned moodily to his dinner while observing the three from the corner of his eye.

Two hours after dinner had ended and the two girls had gone into the guest room to sleep, Mich sat awake at his comp and wondered how the hell would he be able to fuck the elder of the two girls. Thinking of her, be figured even the younger wouldn't be a bad idea, a year older to him as she was. Yet given her attitude would he he able to get even a Peck on the cheek? sighing, Mich turned off the lights and lay down to sleep.

Just as he was falling asleep though, he heard a sound outside his door. like someone was spying on him. himself a pro at voyeurism he knew he had to be careful, though for what he knew not. he wasn't even naked at the moment what would anyone want now?

Cursing the state of affairs, he got up to close the door. As he reached it he saw a shadow pass across the hallway, the shadow of a slim person. Wondering what on earth was going on in the house, he headed out and began walking in the direction of his brother's room for the shadow seemed to have melted into the sliver of light emanating from that room.. Mich found it hard to resist the urge to see what this strange apparition was and why it had gone where it had. His voyeuristic tendencies were taking control again and he found himself kneeling down and peeping into the room, checking for intruders in his perverse activity.

This time he was prepared for what he saw. The elder girl was curled up on the bed and Brad was stroking her hair, presumably speaking sweet nothings into her ear as she purred softly in reply. Asshole, thought mich, first he bangs her and then seduces her like a fucking romeo. And here was his younger brother outside the room wondering how to get the girl, while his brother enjoyed her undivided attention. Feeling pissed and horny at the same time, he looked more carefully and found that the position exposed the girl's shapely derriere to his view. With his cam, he could easily click her from that angle.. Atleast he could fap off then.

He thus headed back to his room to get the camera, the mysterious shadow remaining a mystery as the detective's senses filled with lust at the very sight of his cousin sister. HOWEver, as he rummaged for his camera, he wondered if he should try to find out about that possible spy again. After all there wasn't much chance of him fucking the hot girl today, or in the next week likely, so it would be better to know who was trying to get into his room. Finding his camera, Mich decided to click the pic of the girl and then try and find out who the possible apparition was.

However, the moment he stepped out, he realized that the target of his voyeuristic appetite had gone out of reach. The door was closed and a slight push told him it was locked from inside. Likely they'd become suspicious after the last time, and were now having sex behind securely closed doors, making it impossible for him to spy on them, armed as he was with just a camera and his lustful eyes.

Cursing his luck, he wondered what he should do now. He could go back and sleep, his tiredness almost pulling him down with a physical force after the excitement and exertions of the evening. But he knew he could not sleep in peace. There was someone who had been lurking around and if he was sure that Brad and Anna (his older cousin) were in the room, that left only one person, Valerie. Was she the one ? She had to be the one if a plausible answer had to be found. But what did she want ?

With a fear taking over him, Mich began to look for her with a desperation he'd not known since he'd run to his room with his shorts round his knees. The first choice was ofcourse the guest room, but something about the girl told him that if her sister wasn't in the room, neither would she be sleeping peacefully. Infact he'd not have been surprised if he'd found her doing the dirty work for the older sis. Maybe even trying to ascertain if he'd clicked any pics of her and Brad while they were making love.

He began with the bathroom, the one used by him and his brother when they used to sleep in the same room, before they fell apart over a vvariety of issues, including the time he spent with Mandy.As of now the bathroom was used by the girls and the boys used the one attached to his brother s room. Maybe Valerie was inside, taking a late night leak ,or better,masturbating?

To his disappointment, the door was open and the lights turned off, with the dryness of the toilet indicating that it hadn't been used in the last few hours. Cursing, he again tried the door of his brother's room, and finding it locked, headed downstairs to check the other rooms.

His parents room was open and he saw them sleeping peacefully, unaware of the varied developments going on in their house. The next room was the store room and it too was open and dark. he didn't bother to check it, moving onto the guest room which would be the most likely place to find her. His hear began to race as he reachef for the latch.

and found it to be locked, from outside with a small lock. He stared at it in disbelief, unable to comprehend as to how it could be locked ; it meant there was either nobody inside or whoever was inside was locked in for the night. had Mandy locked her sister in for the night ? maybe so she wouldnt be able to spy on her incestuous activities. Or was it the other way round? had Valerie locked the room so Mich wouldn't be able to see what all was inside while she had fun with Brad? But then it was hardly possible for her to sneak in while he was searching.

Mich stood there for a whole of 5 minutes going through one possibility after another. yet none fitted to an extent that he could head back to sleep satisfied that there wouldn't be more infiltration attempts during the night.

Wondering what to do, he idly pulled the lock and let it go, causing a rattle against the wood. This time he heard a sound from his parents bedroom and then heard his dad mutter something and the sound of feet moving. Mich realized that his dad likely thought there was a burglar in the house,and anyhow Mich didn't want to be caught prowling in the middle of the night - he had a reputation of emptying the fridge.

The footsteps were getting louder and he heard him fumble with the door given the awkward way Mich had left it. There was now no time to run back and he couldn't find any space in the living room where he could safely hide. his options almost nil,he made a dash to the storage room, hoping he could reach it before his dad stepped out and all hell broke loose.

as it happened the timings were exact - the moment of his reaching (tumbling through ) the door and his dad coming out with his rrevolver in hand coincided perfectly. so perfectly infact that as he slammed the door Mich could hear his dad move cautiously across the room beyond. it was only as the footsteps receded that he could sigh in relief. He turned around, realizing that turning on the light would give him away, hence he was destined to spend some time in the pitch black room in the company of old furniture and newspapers. Mich tried to recollect where the objects were. as far as he knew,they were stacked along the sides with the space in between left empty for the times when one or the other object had to be unpacked. Confirmed in his bearings by lack of resistance to his first three steps, he took a fourth more confidently. then a fifth,sixth and ......tripped.

This object wasn't small so he landed hard on the ground,sprawling over whatever was on the floor. Strangely it felt soft, like leather. Cushions maybe? but he didn't remember having seen any cushions of that sort. Atleast not. ...

"didn't expect you so early. I thought the punishment was for the entire night " It was Valerie!

Mich was so surprised by her voice that he instinctively backed away from the soft body on the floor, looking in terror at (what he thought) was his cousin sister. Unfortunately the utter darkness meant he couldn't make out where she was, what her position was and how she was responding to his arrival. And what had she said ? Punishment ? Who'd punished her ? And why ? Who did she think he was ?

Valerie spoke again “ I guess you cannot see me master. But i'm in the position you asked me to be in all night. Have you changed your mind ?”

Mich's mind was in a mess. Master ? She had a master for whom she was serving some sort of punishment ? Then again, master....meaning male, meaning Brad ? Brad owned her ? Did he control both girls then ? Confusion, jealousy and lust fought in his head as he tried to gauge the significance of this nocturnal discovery.

Yet it seemed that Valerie was running out of patience, evidently wondering why the usually assertive Brad was taking so much time. Mich realized this when she repeated her question with some impatience, her tone reverting to that he was used to in normal circumstances. Mich had to act fast before she realized she had made a mistake. Moving closer to her, he placed a hand on her (smooth bare skin, but not curved enough to tell which part of the body it was) and said “Stay as you are”

To Mich, this was a good attempt to ensure she remained convinced it was Brad (insofar as he was convinced master meant Brad). To his horror, he felt the girl twist slightly pushing his hand off herself, and ask rather curtly, “What are you doing here Mich ?”

To his credit, Mich recovered from the shock quickly and countered, “It's my house. What are you doing here in the night ? And why is your door locked ? “

Silence. Mich guessed he'd figured out from her words and by her activities earlier in the night that she was hand in glove in the older two, and now he'd caught her red handed. Though Mich didn't know this, she was tied to a post, and couldn't move even if she wanted to. Her options were in effect nil, for there was very little chance that Mich's parents in the next room would hear through the thick walls and air conditioning. Plus whatever would they think if they found her like this, naked and bound with Mich bending over her ? Nevertheless she decided to make a try at screaming (she didn't know that Mich's dad was still hovering around looking for anything missing).

Barely able to keep her voice calm, she said “Never mind, you don't need to know. Now leave, or i'll scream, and Brad will kick your ass. “
This time it was Mich's turn to call the bluff, but in the darkness, and not knowing she was bound and naked, he decided the threat of a scream and a fight were very real.

Moving quickly, he began to trace his hand upwards, clumsily trying to know how far he was from her mouth. He soon realized he was heading towards her legs along her thighs, and began to move in the opposite direction. Hips, waist, rib cage, armpit, shoulder, neck, and finally the soft petals of her mouth. He clamped his hand tightly on her face and pushed his weight down on her, having figuted out the angle of her body. Thus positioned, he whispered in her ear, “Don't you dare to scream bitch”

Val had so far thought he was molesting her, the way his hand was moving up and down her body, and guessed he had already called her bluff. But now she realized he hadn't, but the way she was, she couldnt' do anything, and moved her head back and forth slowly to show that she understood. She felt him remove the hand and begin to move it over her face, tracing her eyes, nose, ears and forehead with his fingers as he gradually brought his face closer to hers. She now realized what he wanted, and guessed (wrongly again) that he knew she was naked. Unable to find any options, she gave in when his lips pushed against hers.

If Mich had known that the night would lead to this, he'd have come better prepared. It wasn't the best of positions and the heat was stifling, plus the girl wasn't responding yet to his loving gesture. Yet he'd always wanted to kiss Val, knowing that she of the two sisters had fuller lips, and cuter face, though Mandy had the more developed body. At the moment, he was getting his chance, and as he'd later tell his close friends, he found it and out of the world experience. Surely, the knowledge that he was kissing his own sister was a turn on, but the soft texture, the yielding tongue and the warm cavity combined to make it something he wanted to carry on forever.

Gradually, Val too began to respond. She'd sometimes wondered what the “kid” brother was like, but had been more than satisfied by the elder brother. Now however, with the younger of the two forcing himself on her, the thoughts of having sex with him were reviving. As far as she could tell, he was a good kisser, and she found it rather pleasurable to push her tongue into his lips and vice versa as their cheeks rubbed together and the passion began to rise. Did she want to have sex with him ? At the beginning she hadn't been sure, but now she was pretty sure that if she let the opportunity go (as if she had a choice in the matter) she would be missing something.

Mich responded to this interest on the part of Val by kissing her even more passionately, wrapping his hands in her hair to direct her as he lay down and pulled her on top of him. The warm weight felt nice. Not too much just good enough to know that his sexy slim sister was lying on top kissing him passionately in the dark as the rest of the house slept. He now wrapped his arms round her waist and continued kissing her, tasting her saliva as she too did her best to make it passionate and long.

But as he kissed her, he also got the sensation that something was pushing against his chest. Pretty obviously her tits, but then he wondered, why hadn't he encountered any cloth on his way up . It had all been smooth skin, of this he was sure, and unless she was wearing a foot to head skin tight dress with a skin like texture,there was no way he could have missed any clothing. Thus thinking, he began to run his hands up and down her back, and was confirmed by the fact that he could feel the goosebumps clearly and occasionally the bead of sweat. She was indeed naked, he was kissing his naked cousin in the dark.

But now it was time to move on. As there was no need to take off her clothes, he simply raised her a little (he'd realzed from the angle of her hands that she was bound) and moved in for her tits. In this position it wasn't possible for him to squeeze them but he did manage to suck on them, licking and pulling on the tender buds till they became hard. He could tell that she had long sensitive nipples on B cup boobs, and he slowly took in one tit (or most of it) and began to suck it, the nipple rubbing against the inside of his mouth causing a peculiar sensation that he found quite erotic. He alternated between taking the whole tit in and sucking just the nipple, occasionally biting the nubs causing the girl above him to moan.

He now pushed her onto her back, causing the tits to bounce and give him better access to the udders. He placed his palms on the boobs, measuring the size of the tits using his fingers as he began to mash them. Though he couldn't see her, he figured she had her lips open in a sexy moan as the sounds of pleasure came to his ears with each squeeze of the flesh. He now shifted to the nipples, doing with his fingers what he'd been doing with his teeth. Each pinch made her moan hard, her body rocking from the pain and pleasure as he took his time on them. Suddenly he had an idea. Moving his weight off her body, he grabbed both her nipples, and tugged hard. He imagined the tits shaping up like cones as they were pulled by their tips. He'd hoped to pull her up by her nips, but evidently it was too painful for her, and she let out a painful scream. Mich knew that his dad was around, and quickly dropped the idea of torturing her.

Instead, he moved towards her pussy, which he found to be bald and inviting. No doubt Brad had already visited the site, but it was a different matter now. He intended to keep her and use her as he wanted, brother be damned. He already had a girl, this one was his. With this mentality, he decided to not risk any more trouble and hence, he stopped the inspection of her pussy and decided to go upstairs to the security of his room.

Val was surprised when he got off her and fished around for where the knots were. A quick search showed that she was tied using a simple knot, one she could easily open but presumably wouldn't. Mich opened it but didn't undo those on her wrists and ankles, Instead he dragged her by her arms to the door and opened it a crack to see if dad was still around. Seeing nothing unusual, he opened the door and dragged her out. He closed it, picked her up in his arms (something, unknown to Mich, she found quite romantic) and headed up the stairs. Thankfully the other two were either busy enjoying themselves or were sound asleep. He reached his door safely, opened it and dumped her on his bed. Checking again for possible intruders, he securely locked the door and turned around to complete his study of his nocturnal discovery,

She was looking at him with a mixture of lust and anticipation, her initial issues now completely forgotten as he quickly stripped off his clothes, showing her his gym toned body, one that could easily match the athlete's physique of his brother. Mich for his part was equally eager, his hands trembling as he undid the knots on her ankles and began to rub her toes, ankles and thighs, pinching and squeezing to heighten the sensations for the young girl.

She willingly parted her legs for him, allowing him clear access to an area she held to be most private, but was presently being used by a second male in her short life. There was no hair to speak of, just a bald mound that revealed the contours of her vagina clearly. Mich didn't need any lighting to know what to do now, he'd seen far too much porn for that. Spreading her pussy lips, he observed the wetness starting to develop, and decided he must savour this nectar before he allowed his raging hardon to take the warm hole.

His tongue dived in, lapping up the juices at the tip before hunting for her clit. This gave him some trouble, inexperienced as he was, and Val had to verbally guide him there. Once he got there though, he kept up a steady motion on her sensitive point, complementing it with wide circular motions along the walls of her vagina as far as his tongue would go. Evidently this was exciting her a lot, for she was soon rocking her hips in his face, pushing more of her pussy into his face. He grabbed her thighs with his hands and lifted them up slightly to get a better position. Thus angled, he continued his ministrations as the girl steadily approached orgasm.

It happened suddenly. Mich felt her rock more than before, and next moment she was cumming hard in his face, making it hard for him to breathe through all the fluid. But he held on, lapping up the fluids of his cousin as they came, enjoying her orgasm almost as much as she did. He'd actually managed to make her cum. Now it was her turn to return the favor.

Getting up, he finally allowed his mind to focus on his hardon, which was raring to enter a non-destined orifice, now barely inches from its bulbous head. He held it up for her to see, to admire and to lust for before she could feel it opening her up. Her eyes appreciably widened at the sight of the cock, transfixed on it as he held it close to her face. She raised herself to lick It a little, though really no lubrication was needed. The contact sent a thrill down his spine. Controlling himself, he returned to the edge of the bed between her legs, and began pushing in.

Even though she wasn't a virgin by a long shot, she was still tight, and to Mich she was as good as any virgin any day. He pushed in the head of the pole and held it there for a while, enjoying the sight of his dick partly buried in her. But his dick was too demanding, and he began to push in deeper, making Val moan as it filled her hole. He kept pushing, feeling the gentle resistance of her pussy which was complemented by a tight warm feeling that Mich could find no words to describe.

Finally he was in, her vagina now barely separated from his torso and his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. Reaching out, he pulled her up, and made her look into his eyes. He was pleased to see a look of pleasure in his cousin's eyes, coupled with a look of lust, a hunger to be taken and banged, something he'd not seen before tonight. His mind went back to his brother, who'd claimed both. Well he wasn't here now, and he wouldn't have her again if he had his way. He was inside her, he had claimed her, and he now owned her.

He slowly pulled out, watching as his pussy juice drenched dick came out slowly, till it was almost out. He held it there, making her moan in a complaining tone, the sudden emptiness obviously not being liked by her sex crazed body. He obliged, pushing in again hard, knocking her back onto the bed as he moved in. The sensations made him want to cum then and there, but he controlled himself again, pulling out and pushing in again, each thrust making her bounce on the bed and her tits on her chest.

Gradually he developed a rhythm, his body and hers finding it together as they sought pleasure from each other. She was thrusting her hips at him as he thrust his dick into her, each occuring together to bring maximum pleasure. To Mich it was a whole new experience, the view of her moaning as he fucked her, the knowledge that she was his blood relative and that he'd claimed her from Brad (in a very indirect way) made it an awesome experience for the young guy. He fucked her faster and faster, till it was impossible for either to keep track. But then they both were approaching climax, and for Mich, it would be a novel experience. Still he tried to hold on as long as possible, delay the whole thing to increase the pleasure of his maiden sister fuck, but it was getting steadily harder to do so.

The end came suddenly, when both went overboard simultaneously. As she came, Mich too began to spurt his load into her, her pussy squeezing him of his white baby juice. He held onto her thighs, her soft flesh serving as a handle as he came hard, sending wave upon wave of thick cream into her nether regions, filling her with his fertilizing fluids, inseminating his own sister. The thought brushed his mind, making him (so he thought) cum harder.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he pulled his softening cock out of her, her pussy unwilling to let go of its lover as it moved out. Both were now exhausted but from the look on her face, he could tell that she was as satisfied as he was over the incestuous love session. She motioned him to her left side, and took his flaccid cock in her hand. Lifting her head she began licking and sucking the cum off it, till it glistened with her saliva alone. Smiling she rolled to the other side of the bed, inviting him to lie beside her.

Mich too wanted to lie down beside her, the lust giving way to exhaustion coupled with a happy feeling in his body and mind. But his alert mind made him take the harder course with a lot of reluctance. Bluntly, he asked if she'd taken the pics. She nodded. Where were they ? In a backpack beside the old comp of his dad's in the living room. Did Brad have them ? No, she'd not been able to upload them to the cloud, which was to act as a security as Brad's comp was down, and that's why she'd been punished. Mich's mind pointed to the myriad ways this problem could have been solved, but for the moment he was thankful that she wasn't tech savvy, and in two minutes retrieved the backpack and had destroyed the memory card for good measure. Stupid Brad, could have atleast taken the backpack.

Valerie seemed to have fallen asleep. He shook her awake. Startled, she looked at him and then extended her arms to take him in. “MICh......”

Mich pulled her close and whispered “So sis, who owns you now ?”

With bleary eyes, she said “You. I'm yours babyyy.”

“Good. Say that again.”

“I'm yours....”

“Master.”corrected Mich

“I'm yours, Master Mich”

“Good. Tell me Val, did you take any pics of Mandy and Brad ? “

“Yes ofcourse, they would fuck and I'd shoot.”

“Have the pics ? Dont' tell me they were on that card.”

“No, theyre on my pen drive. In the backpack. “

“Good slave. Now sleep. Lots of fucking to do tomorrow”

Val dozed off. Mich got up, found the drive and quickly made multiple copies. Burning them onto a disc, he wrote 'From an admirer, with love” on it, and pushed it under the locked door of the girls' room. He contemplated giving one copy to Brad, but figured he should learn the hard way. Laughing, he locked the door and lay down beside the slim feminine form. He'd already fucked one, and now he'd get to fuck the other girl, while Brad scratched his balls. Life was good.

Written by Pandorius999

Some details, plots may have errors which have inadvertently crept in due to the long time it took me to write it, due to various disturbances. Readers may please point out the same. If there are many or very serious ones, I may even make a repost.

Story may be continued if it is liked by readers. Send me a PM on the forum or mail me at above address for suggestions/advice. I'll credit inputs to such readers as would like their names to be mentioned.

There seem to be some spelling mistakes caused by autocorrect, which may have escaped the proofreading. I apologize for such errors and hope they do not distort the meaning of the sentence to an extent as to make it unintelligible. I'd ask for the reader's patience in such cases.

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2013-10-23 01:38:56
2013 is my year to finish my BFA and begin my Master's deegre at Columbia University. For 2013, rather than make a resolution, I choose to be mindful of the word essential become aware of what that word means to me, how I need to act on it how I spend my emotions and my time. Keep working on getting rid of clutter mentally and practically speaking that's essential! It may be my year to lose 25 pounds we'll see, lol!


2012-07-09 14:14:31
Sorry for the confusion. It's my first incest story and I think a simpler character set would have helped. Mich and brad are brothers. Val and mamdy are sisters. Now one of the brother s's parents is a brother /sister of one of the sisters's parents.that makes val and mich cousins. Or Mandy and brad cousins.
*note to self* don't write incest with more than two characters.

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2012-07-09 02:05:00
So had Mich's Dad Fucked Mich's Aunt and got her pregnant?

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2012-07-07 17:41:38
Here is the problem I see... Are they cousins or siblings? He refers to them as both in various spots. It was a good story and I enjoyed it alot, but it was a bit confusing.

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