About half of this happened and about half is made up. I did fuck a girl in the park at this age and was seen.
The year I turned 14 I was beginning to have nicely rounded thighs with a tight flat tummy and toned arms and my breasts were a perky b-cup. I began working out and eating healthier and it paid off. I wanted to be one of the hottest girls in Junior High and I was getting there.

On the day of my Science Exam I decided to buy lunch from Subway. Subway was inside the service station across the street from our school; the convenience of this attracted quite a few other hungry students. I sat on one of the stool, I lazily scanning the place.

My eyes came across a pair of legs, and began to focus on them. I slowly raised my head to see if I recognized the hot girl they were attached to, I didn’t. She was a stunning brunette, with hair much longer than my own, and an olive complexion. She looked as though she was in the year below me, so about 13 years old. This girl looked refreshingly beautiful in our school uniform which usually made girls look dumpy. She was in line to order and was oblivious to me checking her out, so I didn't turn away but instead began to stare. Her breasts looked about the same size as mine, maybe a little smaller, and her face was cute. I swear it was from that moment that all my studying had gone to waste, and instead my mind filled with thoughts and images of her. I needed to talk to her.

This hot girl had no idea I was checking out every inch of her so I continued to stare at her as she moved slowly to the front of the line.

The girl seemed to sense that she was being watched and looked over at me, I winked. She smiled shyly and quickly turned back to the counter where it was now her turn.

I stood up and nervously approached the girl, and she looked at me a little confused. I began to doubt myself, I had not planned anything to say, how was I to explain my impromptu interest? I smiled. She smiled.

"Hi… you're Celia right?…" she asked.

I hadn't expected her to know who I was, and I wondered briefly whether or not that was a bad thing.

"Yeah, hi, what's your name? I've seen you around school…." I lied.

"I'm Katie. I've seen you around too… I've actually been on your FB page a few times to be honest. I think we have a few 'friends in common'." she said smiling with the most adorable dimples.

"Oh yeah, cool, I'll look you up when I get home, after my exam, and comment you." I promised.

"Ha ha okay, well I'll TTYL" Katie said, looking me straight in the eyes.

I watched her swing her hips subtly as she walked away, then took a seat, my tummy was doing back flips so I couldn’t finish my lunch. I rushed home after the exam, which I was sure I had failed, excited to find Katie online and scope her out a bit more. She had poked me already, so I didn't have to go through all my friends list to find her.

Haii Celia it was nice talking to you and meeting you today.
I'm sorry if it sounded weird when I said I'd been to yewr FB page before.
I wasn't stalking I promise LOL.xx

After a few back and forth comments on FB I managed to get her number and arrange to meet up with her the next day over coffee. To my surprise she was very excited about seeing me. I had been thinking more and more about her and could not stop about her hot little body.

I sat and waited for her at the café we'd agreed to meet at, feeling my heart jitter. I knew that I was meeting Katie only as a friend, for all I knew she had no clue of my bisexuality. Nevertheless I couldn't help but feel nervous. She walked through the open doorway, wearing skin tight dark blue skinny jeans and a form fitting top, both complimented her girlish curves. She beckoned to me, I arose without hesitation and took the opportunity to give her a warm hug. Her hair smelled like peaches.

"Let's get the coffee and go somewhere outside to chat." Katie offered after our embrace.

I was more than happy to ditch the busy café for some alone time, it was beautifully sunny anyway. I wondered if she had any idea of how much she had me longing for her as I followed her outside to a nearby park, which was relatively quiet. Her tight little ass was so high and round in the tight jeans, I was wet thinking about getting my hands on it.

After settling onto the grass we began to chat about school, life and friends. I was surprised how interesting she was and soon enough it began to feel as though I'd known her a lot longer. Even though I felt very comfortable with Katie, she was still nothing like any of my other friends. She did not challenge my opinions and instead asked me questions about how I came to my conclusions on certain things. I was not prepared for when Katie reached over and took my hand in hers.

"You're stunning, you know that?" she said raising her beautiful eyes to look into mine.

"You think?", I joked back.

"I mean it", she said, "I'm a bit jealous actually"

I put my otherhand over our clasped hands, as if to secure their place, and looked into her eyes beautiful brown eyes. I wasn't sure whether I was reading the situation right, was she hitting on me, or just being friendly?

She giggled, apparently I was taking the moment with a lot more caution than she was.

"You haven't said anything about me yet.", Katie teased.

I took my opportunity to give her a quick kiss on the cheek, to test the water if you will.

"Katie I don't think I – I, have had you in my head since we met the other day. I lied to you that was the first time I had laid eyes on you and I knew I was looking at the hottest girl I had ever seen", I signed and squeezed her hand in mine.

Katie's eyes lit up, "Really?", and she had kissed me before I could answer.

Her soft lips stayed pressed against mine, I closed my eyes.

My own lips were unable to move, it was fair to say I this younger girl to make the first move. She pulled away and I was afraid my sudden nervousness had given her the wrong idea. It was not like me at all to freeze up like this... but I had always been the person to make the first move. I guess that's what did it.

She pouted, her eyes grew a deeper emerald and she leant in. Her lips grazed against my own once more, she then bit down gently on my bottom lip and sat back up.

"You're bi" I said dumbfounded.

"What makes you think I'm not a hot little lesbo?" Katie challenged.

"You bit my lip that's what. It's a bi trademark I swear", I grinned.

Katie ignored my justification and began speaking very quickly, "Celia. I've wanted you for a while now. Ever since I saw you holding hands with that blonde girl last year. Then I knew you two were over. And, then yesterday. You winked at me, you did wink, right?"

I stopped her by finally returning her kiss, meeting her lips. Katie pressed her body against mine and I fell back softly in the grass, pulling her onto me. I ran my hands down her back, briefly feeling the ridges of her spine through her thin tight top.

My hands stopped, I gasped out loud, holding her firm ass. Having her on body top of mine felt amazing, I began to smile as we kissed playfully. I sucked on her tongue and she pushed it in and out of my mouth, so slick and warm.
For a moment I was brought back to reality, there we were laying on top of one another in the middle of a public place. Sure, there was nobody around in the present but that wouldn't stop people from walking through at anytime. Katie obviously noticed my concern and looked at me questioningly, breaking our kiss.

"We're in the park, Katie, someone might come through. Do you want to go somewhere else?" I asked.

"No I don't", she whispered, "I want to do you right here in the open."

Hearing those words from her perfect lips unleashed the natural exhibitionist within me. Katie began kissing me aggressively, her tongue urgently massaging mine. I could tell the risk of being caught in public turned her on as much as it did me. I started to rock my hips, pressing the crotch of my jeans against the tight crotch of her jeans. Katie moaned quietly in my mouth and return the motion. I began to pull up her top from, and she lifted up slightly and I managed to pull it over her head and toss it to the side.
I could now could see her firm little tities in the cute pink bra rising and falling as she caught her breath, my finger tips tracing the outline of her bra cups. I pulled her back down onto me and let my hand slide in between her firm thighs, resting on her denim covered crotch, letting my fingers move over the slit in the crotch.

"Touch me, please! Rub on my pussy lips," she begged, and started kissing and nibbling my neck.

I used my hand to rub her over her entire crotch, not yet focusing on anywhere in particular. It drove me wild thinking about how wet she might be already and I longed to find out for myself. Her jeans were almost skin tight and I wondered how I was going to fit my hand inside them. Katie soon found her way into my top and easily got beneath my bra, running her thumb over my stiff little nipples, causing me to shudder. I'd never felt them so hard before and her light touch almost hurt, but I wanted more.
"Fuck Katie!", I moaned

"You like that then, I'm guessing?" she queried, and pinched my nipples hard.

This caused me to yelp a bit, and I nodded back enthusiastically. I was all hers.

"Get up" she ordered, as she herself climbed to her feet.

I clambered up and as I did my eyes eagerly drank the site before me. I noticed every muscle definition of her beautiful toned tummy and the slight appearance of her ribs to the sides below her firm little titties. In one quick movement Katie had my top laying in the grass, and was unclipping my bra.

"Fucking ninja slut!" I grinned, my bra straps still hanging pointlessly on my shoulders. I threw my bra off, then looked toward her. Katie returned my grin with her own mischievous one and began backing me up until I was leaning against the trunk of a tree. Her hands rested on the tree trunk, one to either side of my head, I felt the heat of her presence leaning over me.

My hand sought Katie’s pants zipper, her hands returned to pleasing my breasts. I yanked down on the waistband of her jeans to reveal a pair of pink panties that matched her bra. Katie began kissing me again, this time with a aggressively biting my lip and plunging her slick tongue into my mouth.

This insanely hot younger girl took my hand and placed it in between her thighs. My own jeans dropped to my ankles before my felt the dampness of Katie’s panties.
“You nasty little slut, you can’t be wearing these any longer, look at them!” I heard her hissing.

I glanced over Katie’s shoulder and noticed that we were no longer alone in this part of the park. A middle aged woman, maybe fourty, was sitting on a bicycle not far off. She was wearing sunglasses a tight tank and very tight cycling shorts. Though I couldn’t see her eyes, there was no doubt that she was intently focused on the two of us.

Katie she hooked both her thumbs onto either side of my underwear teasingly- and bit my neck hard. I screamed a little, which caused Katie to giggle happily. That was it, my hand dove past the pink material that was covering Katie’s crotch and I felt her hot little cunt. I ran my index finger against her slit that was slick with her juices; her own fingers lowered my panties. A breath of fresh air hit my now naked lower half and the trunk of the tree grazed my buttocks.

I glanced at the woman on the bike, not wanting her to know that I knew she was there. Our love making definitely had her aroused because her hips were rocking, and she was obviously grinding her cunt on the narrow end of her bicycle seat. This made me wild and I let out a moan.

Katie removed her bra effortlessly; I looked at her tiny, perfectly shaped tities, as two of my fingers trapped her erect clit and pulled. Katie squealed. Her nipples were light brown and puffy, I lowered my head and sucked on them. Her hips gyrated against my hand, “Fuck me with your fingers Celia, please fuck me.”

I was sure the voyeur cyclist could hear Katie’s plea and I looked up to see she had one hand down her tight shorts while she continued to grind on the seat. Even from where I stood I could make ourher large, hard nipples poking out from her white top. She grabbed at one of them pinching her nipple through the thin material.

My mind flooded with the sounds of Katie’s whimpering and begging in my ear. Katie slipped the tip of her middle finger inside me, and I brought my hips forward from the tree trunk to push the finger deeper into my soaking pussy. In turn I gently scraped her left nipple with my teeth, my finger continued to work on her tiny slick clit as I pushed my thumb deep into her tight little cunt.

In looking up I moaned again, the hot woman on the bike, had lifted up her top exposing her huge tities to me. She lifted one to her chin and I was shocked that she could actually lick it with her long pink tongue. I couldn’t take my eyes off her for a moment and she looked right at me, increasing the motion of her fingers inside her shorts, I assumed positioned over her clit.

Katie allowed her middle finger to join her index and she penetrated me with more force. I meet every thrust I was given, trying my best to keep a steady rhythm stroking her my thumb poking her g-spot the hot little bitch moaned with each thrust of my thumb. Her cunt was incredibly tight but I knew by the way her cunt walls were grabbing at my thumb that Katie was close to cumming.

“Cum for me you hot little bitch, squirt your hot fucking cum all over me.”

“Fuck yes, I am so fucking close,” whined Katie.

I looked up the hot mom now had the shorts down to her thighs exposing her shaved cunt to me as she pushed three fingers in and out of her glistening cunt.

Katie was humping my hand like a bitch in heat, and I smiled directly at our admirer. As I pressed down hard on Katie’s clit, pushing her over the edge.

Katie’s breathing deepened dramatically before she shuddered against my hand, cum sprayed around my thumb in several blasts as her trembling body leaned against mine for support. We stopped for a moment, leaning on one another as Katie tried to compose herself quickly. Her fingers had lost contact with my cunt, I felt empty.

The voyeur mom was violently stroking her clit while finger fucking herself with the other hand. Seeing Katie cum had obviously turned her on a great deal.

Katie dropped her knees to the soft grass and her soft tongue probed the folds of my slick pussy. Her hands reached around to cup my buttocks and she sucked and slurped my cunt juices hungrily. Her lips moved and encircled my swollen clit.

“Fuck yes, Katie, just like that, you hot little bitch you are going to make my cunt squirt all over your pretty face,” I groaned loud enough for mom to hear it.

Katie tongue sucked my clit without mercy, while she rammed two fingers deep into my pussy. My cunt dripped juices which washed down my inner thighs.

I looked up and what I saw nearly made me cum. The horny cyclist had unhooked her bike lock and was plunging the straight side of the lock like a thick dildo deep into her cunt that was foaming with her juices. She looked wildly into my eyes. I knew then that we were going to cum together.
Katie was like a wild dog licking me and groaning to my cunt. My entire body was on fire, humping my new girl friend’s pretty face while the horny mom fucked her foaming cunt with a bike lock. I grabbed Katie’s hair and began griding my cunt into her face, climbing the ladder of my climax with each thrust until I bucked involuntarily as my orgasm possessed me, my confuklsions so powerful they pushed Katie’s fingers from my cunt and cum shot out dousing her face and tities with my juices.

I looked up to see the hot mom spraying cum around the thick bike lock, her legs trembling as her cum soaked the grass at her feet.

Katie replaced her mouth with her fingers again and looked upwards, our eyes locked just like they had the day before. She nibbled on my clit producing another climax cum squirting all over her face and hair as my legs collapsed and I fell to my knees on the grass.

A moment later, I opened my eyes. The hot voyeur was gone. I felt Katie’s tongue licking cum from my inner thighs, I was now lying down on my back. Katie noticed that I had opened my eyes and brought herself up- laying her head on my stomach. I moved my arm around to her with the little energy I had left and proposed a cuddle. The sun was now leaving behind the horizon, we must have been at the park for quite a while.

“Hey, no one even saw us fuck,” Katie asked, her hand gliding down the side of my naked body.

I laughed “Katie, I’ve never cum so hard, but you are wrong, we weren’t alone.” I grinned at her, giving her a kiss on the head, “I will tell you all about it later.”

She chortled and then whispered, “Then let’s get dressed and go to my place, my parents aren’t home tonight.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said kissing her soft lips.

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