The title says it all. A twist at the end.
As a single mom, you never stop worrying. I mean I’m the last line of defense for my two little girls.

I chose my babysitters carefully and Misty, seemed mature and balanced for a fifteen year old these days. She seemed to hang on my every word and never left a mess in the house. My girls loved love Misty. My oldest Mia is 11 and thinks she is too old for a babysitter, and Ariel is 8 and loves the way Misty tells her stories, sitting on the young girl’s lap. I feel so comfortable leaving the girls with Misty, so I take some time for myself and have some fun.

Misty was a very attractive but she didn’t slut it up, like so many teen girls do these days. She is very attractive, a fair skinned redhead, with sexy green eyes that looked right at you. I love checking her out in her skin tight short shorts. Every curve of her hot little ass is on display and the way the crotch grabs at her pussy lips, she is always showing a perfect camel toe always get my heart racing.

Misty is a sweet girl and I always love the warmth she shows when she hugs me before she heads home, her firm round teen tities pressing into my large mommy boobs.

Many nights after Misty babysits I run a hot bath and fantasize about my sexy little babysitter. I imagine how her perky little tities would feel in my hands. How her nipples would jump under my tongue. My mouth waters thinking of how sweet and wet teen cunt would taste her clit so sensitive and responsive to the attentions of my tongue on her pussy. I always come hard with three soapy fingers deep inside my cunt, as I moan out Misty’s name.

Last week I returned early from disastrous blind date. Misty wasn’t expecting me till almost midnight and it was before ten when I came home. As I entered the front door I could sense something was not right. Misty, wasn’t on the couch. I began to wonder where she could be and as I realized she wasn’t in the bathroom either my wonder turned to panic. I ran upstairs to check on my girls. I found them both safe and sound, asleep in their beds.

I heard what sounded to be squeals coming from my bedroom. I slowly opened the unlocked door only to find Misty lying on my bed half-naked and with my favorite dildo deep in her young clean-shaven cunt.

I smiled wickedly. It looked like a scene right out of a porn version of Goldie-Locks and the Three Bears. I must be the mommy bear, I thought to myself.

Misty was naked from the waist down, her legs were spread wide and she had most of the seven inch cock shaped dildo buried in her fifteen year old cunt. She was obviously in the throes of passion, eyes closed; face grimacing, her breath heavy as she moved the dildo in and out of her wet pussy at break neck speed making slurping fuck sounds.

She obviously didn’t realize I was standing right beside her. I was stunned, but so fucking turned on! Here was my wildest fantasy right before my eyes. I have always been bi and it had been weeks since I had been fucked by someone of either gender.

I quietly removed my little black dress, bra and panties, and began to gently stroke my cunt lips and clit, and tweak my hard nipples, my eyes focused on my babysitters hot little cunt. I was amazed that she could get the dildo so deep inside her. It was so hot to observe how the cock pulled on her cunt with each out stroke.

Then I noticed something in Misty’s other hand. The hot little bitch was holding the thong I had worn earlier when Misty came into the house and gave me a prolonged hug and peck on the cheek, which made my pussy damp. She brought the crotch of the red thong to her nose and sniffed deeply at it.

“Oh Jan, your cunt smells so good, please can I taste it?” after a short pause her pink tongue licked at the inside crotch of my thong. It was so fucking hot I pushed my middle finger deep into my dripping cunt. I wanted this girl so bad my cunt was dripping. I squatted and reached under the bed and retrieved a strap on dildo I hadn’t used in months. I smiled recalling the cute blonde waitress who came on to her one night when she was out with my girl friends.

I literally had to wipe the dust of the seven inch cock before I sliped my legs though the belts and cinched it firmly over my cunt. I was now ready to confront my nasty babysitter.

Misty was now lifting her ass off the bed with each stroke moaning and hissing at the same time. I knew she would reach her climax any second, so I took action.

I waited until she arched her back and slapped the hand that held the dildo as hard as I could, the dildo few from her hand landing on the bed.
“You nasty little slut, how could you, how could you do this in my bed, when I trusted you with my children?!”

Misty’s beautiful green eyes flashed open, in the shocked awareness that I was standing over her. Her immediate reaction was to crab-walk backwards on the bed until her head bumped into the head board.

She babbled franticly, “Jan! Oh fuck! I mean oh shit! I’m sorry, I thought…I didn’t know…I…I…”

Misty grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it, and began to cry.

This beautiful little vixen obviously hadn’t noticed I was naked and wearing a strap on. I pulled the pillow from her face.

“Stop crying you little slut!” my right had came down hard, slapping the nipple of her right tittie.

“Jan, what the fuck?!” Misty’s eye’s open wide as she saw me kneeling in front of her naked, my strap-on bobbing in front of me.

“You want to fuck in my bed, you want to fill that hot little cunt of yours then I’m the one who is going to fuck the shit out of you, do you understand?” My eyes were wild with lust, as I grabbed the girl by the throat and began to gently choke her.

“Alright, alright…I want you to, I want you to fuck me with your big cock Jan!” I released my grip and Misty fell back on the bed.

I threw the pillow at her face, “Put this under that tight little ass of yours, I want to sink this cock as deep as I can in your tight little cunt.”

Misty eagerly moved down the bed toward me and slipped the under her ass, spreading her legs in front of me.

Without a word I slapped her wet pussy with an open hand, Misty yelped as I berated her, “You little slut, how am I going to get this big cock in your tight cunt unless get it all wet on your pretty fucking mouth.

Instantly Misty turned on the bed and began giving my strap-cock an amazing blow job, sucking the heat into her mouth then taking it deep into her mouth.

“You are such a fucking slut, how many boys have you fucked, tell me?” I reached over and slapped her firm round ass.

The cock popped from her pretty mouth, “Uh five, uh or six I guess,” she said flatly then proceeded to work on the cock.

“You like cunt too though don’t you Misty, you’ve been dreaming about tasting my sweet pussy haven’t you?” Misty green eyes peered up locking on mine as she moaned and nodded without taking the cock from her mouth.

I began shifting my hips forward fucking her mouth with the cock making her gag on it. “If you let me fuck your young cunt, I just might let you eat my mommy pussy.” Again I slapped her sweet teen ass, making it blush red.

I pulled the cock from Misty’s mouth, “Spit on it you little cunt, make it nice and slick!”

Misty let a string of spittle slip from her mouth and land on the bulbous head of the cock.

“That’s good, bitch now get your ass back down on that pillow, and get ready for the fuck of your life. Those little boys can’t fuck you the way I can.”

“Oh please, Jan fuck me with that thing, make me cum, I need it so fucking bad.

I slapped both of her tities hard, “I will be the one to tell you what the fuck you need!”

Misty, spread her legs wide, lifting her hips slightly to bring her little cunt closer to the cock she wanted inside her.

Clutching the end of the cock I swung it down hard on Misty’s puffy cunt lips, battering it again and again with the seven inch cock. To her credit she didn’t budge, letting her cunt take the full brunt of my cock lashing.

Then I slipped the cock head inside her slit, riding the slickness of her cunt up and down using my thumb on the cockhead grinding it into her clit.

“Oh yes, put it in my lil’ cunt Jan, you know you want to fuck me, you’ve wanted it for a long time.”

It was true I had wanted this, but I wasn’t finish toying with my hot young babysitter. I brought the wet cock heat to the entrance of her cunt hole and let it rest there, enticingly bumping at her sensitive pussy.

“Oh fuck…please!” cried Misty, lifting her hips higher to make better contact with the cock.

I leaned over her pink, puffy cunt and spit on her lips, letting my fingers spread the saliva over her engorged clit. It was so hot, and felt like I could feel her heart beat on the glistening little nub. As I rubbed my slick fingers over her sensitive clit I eased the big cock into her wet little pussy.

Misty’s eyelids fluttered, and her eyes rolled back as she let out a guttural moan of pleasure. I pinched her slippery clit between two fingers as I pulled out and pumped the cock even deeper.

Misty’s flat tummy shuttered as I plunged the cock into her again and again. I reach down and harshly squeezed her firm tittie letting my fingernails gouge at her stiff nipples.

“Oh fuck yes!” she squealed, “Make me your little slut Jan, split me open with your big fucking cock.”

A part of me came unhinged seeing the lust in Misty’s half lidded eyes as she pleaded with me and I began pumping my hips faster, harder, pushing the fat cock hard into her tight pussy, grapping her ass to push it in harder deeper, violating her tender cunt in any way I could. The little bitch lifted her hips and wrapped her legs around my waist as my cock went in to the hilt and Misty screamed with pain and pleasure.

I threw my head back and there in the mirror above the bed I saw my daughter Mia with holding her sleep shirt above her waist and jamming a wet little finger into her tender cunt, while she took in the scene on the bed.

In my mind I screamed “No, Mia go back to your room!” but no sound came out of my mouth. I was mesmerized by the image of my sweet daughter, throwing of her sleep shirt and using both hands to stimulate her bare little cunt, pulling on her clit with one hand and finger fucking her tender little cunt with the other.

The image drove me wild with lust as I pounded my cock deeper into Misty, feeling her cunt walls grab it hard as she humped against it.

“Oh fuck Jan, you are going to make my cunt cum so hard! Fuck oh fuck pull it out pull it out, I’m going to squirt so fucking hard!”

It was as if I was in a dream, as I watched Mia, in her lustful curiosity approach the bed. I felt Misty’s cunt begin to churn against my cock and I turned to see Mia climb onto the bed behind me.

I pulled my cock from the writhing teen’s cunt and rolled off her just as her cunt erupted in a massive gyser, hitting Mia’s sweet little body full force.
I watched my daughter open her sweet mouth and take the nest squirt on her face and hair as a stream entered her mouth, my little baby came hard, her body wracked with pleasure. It was to much. I lifted her to my lap plunging my tongue into her open mouth tasting Misty’s sweet hot cum.

I positioned my cock at her tender opening and gently eased in only the head and Mia opened her eyes wide screaming, “Oh mommy, I’m cumming… again!” her voice in a high pitched whine.

I removed my cock from my daughter’s tender cunt and cradling my sweet heart in my arms I tasted her swollen and puffy pussy lips for the first time, flicking my tongue over her precious flesh pearl. The taste, the sensation of her cunt flesh on my lips my tongue sent me over the edge. I moved the cock to the side and began grinding my cunt on Mia’s tender folds as I let loose a hot, torrent of cum that washed hot over her pussy legs and tummy. At the same instant I felt more cum hit my face as Misty had rubbed herself to another crashing climax watching my action with Mia.

The three of us collapsed in heap in a bed that was swimming with cum, thankfully the night that changed my life forever was only just beginning.

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