The story of incest and forbidden love continues in part 6. I enjoyed writing this story, and I hope you enjoy reading it!
This is part 6 of the ongoing series about Nick and Allie, two siblings. The story follows the ups and downs of their incestuous relationship, as well as the lives of their friends and peers. I am sorry that it has taken me this long to release part 6 but I hope you aren’t too upset and enjoy reading it.

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Without further ado, I present to you, Nick and Allie 6.

The Sibling Bond

Chapter One

The rain was pouring down hard from the dark skies above. The streets had collected enough rain that it was flowing down the road. There were barely any cars on the roads besides the ones parked, and not a single person could be seen walking. Among the parked cars, there was a dark blue Ford Mustang parked on the side of the slowly flooding street. Inside the Mustang sat a brunette named Brittany. Her long straight dark hair, which went past her shoulders and down her back, was wet. Brittany was using a beach towel to dry off her body as she was wet from the pouring rain outside. She had run into the nearby corner store to buy a few things when the rain started and by the time she reached her car, she had gotten wet. Her white tank top was now showing her red bra underneath.

She pulled her tank top away from her cleavage and started drying off the top of her tanned breasts. Her bra was a little wet but not too badly so she didn’t bother with it. It was a good thing that she had decided to wear jeans that day as they were probably the driest thing on her at the moment. Brittany was a very gorgeous girl with her big, tanned breasts, along with her nicely sized ass. She was taller than average at 5’9 giving her long legs. Much like her ass, her thighs were meaty. Brittany was in no sense chubby, in fact, her waist was quite skinny but she still managed to have wonderful curves. Her thighs and ass were a handful though if you were lucky enough to get a grab, which just added to her sex appeal. Brittany’s tits were pretty big and had now reached the D bra size but Brittany still managed to fit the tan breasts in her old C size bras. This made her cleavage pop out even more, getting more attention from the men that saw it. Her breasts were tanned because Brittany often liked to lay in her big backyard in the nude and tan. Another reason her tits were so appealing was because they were so nice and round that they looked almost fake when of course, they were all natural.

The rain was still pouring down just as much as before when Brittany finished drying off. There was a reason she was parked on the side of this random street instead of on her way home and that was because she wanted to do something. Brittany reached into her purse and pulled out a Ziploc baggy. Inside the baggy were a couple joints that Brittany had rolled earlier, along with a lighter. She smiled and pulled out a joint and the lighter before turning on the ignition and blasting music. Besides hiding her sex life from her mom, Brittany had managed to hide the fact that she liked to smoke weed on a regular basis as well.

She put the joint in between her red lips and lit the tip with the lighter. She sucked the smoke into her mouth and held it in for a moment before blowing it out, filling the car with the smell of cannabis. With her eyes closed and head resting against the seat, Brittany brought the joint back up to her mouth and took another hit. The windows were now fogged up and Brittany turned on the defroster. After a few more hits, Brittany opened the window and threw the roach out into the pouring rain. That’s when she spotted a figure in the side mirror running across the street down the road. At first, Brittany didn’t think much of it but when she turned her head and looked down at the figure, it looked like some poor girl was getting soaked. Brittany closed her window and started the car, turning around and heading towards the girl who was now out of sight.

When Brittany got to the intersection she looked to her left and spotted the same girl now walking with her head down. It wasn’t until Brittany got closer that she noticed the girl was actually Anna. After honking the horn, Brittany pulled to the side of the road and rolled down her window.

“What are you doing out there?! Come on, I’ll give you a ride!” Anna looked like she was about to say no but after a little hesitation, she ran across the street and got into the passenger side.

“Hey thanks Brittany, I was getting really cold out there…” Anna had managed to stop her tears when she got into Brittany’s car but it was clear she had been crying.

“What the hell were you doing out there anyway? I thought you were gonna be at Nick’s for a while.” Anna turned her head and looked out the window to cover wiping a tear before she spoke.

“Yeah… We kinda… We broke up… Why does it smell like weed in here?” Brittany’s mouth was open now, totally shocked at what she was hearing.

“What do you mean you broke up?!” Anna was taken aback at the volume of Brittany’s voice and after cracking the window a little, she looked back at Brittany.

“Um… Yeah. I really don’t want to talk about it Brit.” Brittany was still confused and wanted an explanation.

“I’m sorry but I just don’t understand, I mean you two were so happy. How can you go from that to breaking up?”

“Yeah I don’t understand it either Brit. Can we please just not talk about this anymore?” Brittany could see that Anna was really upset so she decided it was best not to continue the conversation.

“So what do you want to do? I mean, I know when I go through a break up, the last thing I wanna do is be alone… You don’t smoke do you?” Anna made a face at Brittany’s question.

“Eww, no I don’t want cancer.” Brittany, being high, couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“No not cigarettes, weed!” Anna’s expression changed as she looked like she was thinking it over. After a few moments, she finally turned down Brittany’s offer and told her she just wanted to go home. Being a regular church attendee, Anna had only ever tried weed a few times, which barely anyone knew about since she barely drank let alone did anything else.

“Maybe we can hang out in a few days when I don’t feel like someone just punched me in the gut.” Brittany nodded knowing the pain Anna must be going through, Nick is a great guy, losing him isn’t that easy to do. Just as Brittany started to drive, her phone went off. She stopped and saw that it was a message from Allie. Anna was looking out the window, lost in thought, and Brittany grinned when she read Allie’s message. She was free now; she didn’t have to listen to that slut Allie anymore.

After about fifteen minutes, Brittany pulled up to Anna’s house. Anna thanked Brittany for the ride and quickly ran inside. Brittany still wanted to know why Nick and Anna broke up but she didn’t want to ask Allie. That’s when she got an idea. She went to her contacts and found Nick’s number and sent him a text message.

Nick was in his room changing his wet clothes when his phone went off. Shirtless, he walked over to his bed and picked up his phone, looking at the text. It was from Brittany of all people and Nick rolled his eyes. The message read: What the hell happened?! I just drove Anna home and she said you two broke up?!

Nick didn’t feel like replying because if he did, it would open the door for more questioning and he did not want that. Just at that moment, there was a knock on his bedroom door and after a bit of hesitation, Nick said “Come in.”

Allie opened the door and stepped inside, her eyes still a little red from crying earlier. Nick turned around to see Allie walking in and suddenly he felt sick. He didn’t know what he was feeling but it was certainly close to anger at Allie. He was still shirtless and his wet toned upper body made Allie’s eyes scan him from top to bottom before speaking. Nick noticed this and quickly put on a dry shirt.

“Did you need something Allie?” Allie was standing at the doorway and she stepped inside, closing the door behind her.

“I… I’m sorry Nick… This is all my fucking fault.” She was leaning against the door and Nick sat at the foot of his bed, looking up at her. She looked genuinely sorry and Nick sighed knowing he couldn’t yell at her or anything because he still felt like shit about what Allie confessed to him in the backyard.

“No it’s not Allie, please don’t think it is. It’s no one’s fault really. It’s not like our relationship was perfect anyways.” Nick tried not to look too upset but it wasn’t very convincing and Allie’s expression didn’t change.

“I shouldn’t have even said anything though. But these last few days just reminded me of how close we used to be and it made me really upset. Now you’re upset because of me. I hate myself.” Nick got up from his bed and walked over to Allie, putting his hands on her shoulders. To this day, he was still amazed at how easily Allie’s words could shake off any bad feelings. His anger at her felt like it was just lifted a little.

“Allie stop. It’s over. I don’t want to discuss who is in the wrong and who isn’t because it’s stupid and a waste of time. What really worries me though is that Anna knows our… well our secret. But I don’t think she will tell, do you?” Allie felt a little better at her brother’s touch but still didn’t smile. It was a little odd to her how calm he seemed to be. When Nick headed for the bathroom, she replied.

“No I don’t think she would do that. She was so disgusted by it that she probably just wants to forget about it. I hate that everyone is so disgusted by a little incest, it’s not like we are gonna have inbred kids, who cares if we messed around a little?” Allie walked over to Nick’s bed and sat on the edge as Nick spoke from the bathroom.

“Haha, A little? Allie, it wasn’t just a little.” Allie smiled when she heard Nick laugh and then laughed as well as she thought about it more. She has swallowed so much of her brother’s cum, probably more than any other girl. Nick was still in a terrible mood but Allie always managed to relax him and make him feel a little better. His emotions were all over the place though, and he didn’t know if he wanted to make love to Allie, fuck her, or smack her in the face. Maybe even do all three at the same time. One thing was for sure though, he wouldn’t be able to forget about Anna for a while. After a few more minutes of little chit chat, the two siblings headed downstairs for dinner.

Chapter Two

Thursday morning came like a wall of bricks for Nick. Images of the night before rushed before his eyes one by one. Images of Anna standing at the screen door with that look of shock on her face, was heartbreaking whenever Nick was unfortunate enough to remember it. Then there was his sister Allie. He was still having trouble figuring out how exactly he felt about her. He loved her, that's for sure, but where did that sibling love end, and that lust driven romantic love begin?

Nick layed in his bed for a few minutes thinking things over. He still had time before he had to start getting ready for school. Like usual, his morning wood was sticking straight up underneath the covers and each movement caused some precum to leak out. Nick looked over at the clock before coming to the conclusion that he had enough time, and stuck his hand in his boxers, around his shaft.

Nick grunted a little as he tightened his grip and started stroking his hard seven inch dick up and down. The first thing that came to his mind was his little sister Allie. It had been a long time since Nick even felt her big titties not to mention felt her tight pussy on his dick. Up and down, up and down his hand went, more and more pre cum leaking out as images of his sister laying on her back with her legs spread went through his mind. In the current state of mind Nick was in, the pain of the break up and Anna didn't seem to matter one bit.

Nick had his dick and balls sticking out over top of the waistband of his boxers, his hand jerking his hard cock up and down very furiously. The covers were at his feet and he was getting ready to blow his load. Nick was picturing Allie on her knees with her mouth open, while his cock pumped in and out. Finally, Nick felt the first surge of pleasure as he felt his dick twitch and cum shoot out, landing on his boxers, pubes, and the shirt covering his stomach.

On the other side of the wall laid Allie, the star of Nick's fantasy. She wasn't masturbating but instead had her phone in her hand. She was texting Josh trying to make plans with him about her doctor's appointment later on that day. The only problem was he wasn't replying, in fact since Nick punched him, Josh has been pretty much ignoring Allie. This was pissing Allie off as he promised to be a dad and a part of being a dad is taking the mom to the doctor's.

After Allie sent Josh a long text message, she rolled around in bed for a few more minutes before getting up. At six months pregnant, Allie's stomach was big, much to Allie's displeasure. One good thing about putting on baby weight was that a significant amount had gone to her breasts. Allie smiled as she took off her shirt and looked at her tits in the mirror. She then took off her bra letting her tits spill out into freedom. Allie cupped each breast in her hands and let out a slight moan before heading to the bathroom for a shower.

After both Nick and Allie were ready for school, they made their way to Nick's car. Their parents had already left for work as usual so Nick locked the front door before getting into the car. The ride over was pretty routine, Allie was blasting some girly music while Nick took little peaks at her body as she danced and wiggled in her seat. When they pulled into the school parking lot, Allie turned down the music and turned to Nick smiling.

"Are we really back to this?"

"Back to what?"

"Back to you looking at me out of the corner of your eye. I guess it didn't take long for you to forget about Anna." Allie winked when she finished talking and giggled a little. Her expression changed when she noticed that Nick didn't take the last comment as lightly as she did.

"I didn't forget about Anna..." Allie felt awkward now but luckily Nick added something before they exited the car. "But you do look cute today."

"Thanks Nick." Allie smiled one last time before they got out of the car. Allie decided that Nick's compliment was worthy of a sisterly hug and she walked over to him, giving him a tight squeeze. It really was a sisterly hug, a hug that lets one sibling know that the other one feels their pain. Nick's hands rested on his sister's back but he would have liked to place them on her butt which was sticking out a little behind her. Knowing that they were way too public, Nick let go of his sister and went over to a group of friends. Obviously to him, the hug was more than a brother hugging a sister.

Allie started walking towards the school doors when she spotted one of her best friends, Naomi. Allie quickly changed direction and headed towards her. Naomi didn't look too great, she had big bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep she got the previous night and her make up was sort of poorly done. Of course Naomi was still very upset about the events that took place with Josh. In her mind, she had gotten molested. Sadly, she had no one to talk to about it as it was a secret.

"Hey babe, where have you been lately?!" Naomi jumped a little at Allie's sudden appearance but briefly smiled anyway.

"Oh hey Allie, I've been busy. Family stuff." Allie knew Naomi well enough to know when something was wrong. Something was definitely wrong right now.

"Oh okay... Everything okay Naomi?"

"Yeah everything's great, why?"

"You just seem upset that's all."

"Oh no I'm just tired." Naomi gave Allie a reassuring smile that everything was okay and Allie decided it was best not to pry any further. If Naomi had something she wanted to tell Allie, she would have already. The two girls talked casually for a few more moments. Apparently word had already gotten out about Nick and Anna's break up. Not everyone cared, most people in the school didn't even know who Nick or Anna were even though Nick was one of the more popular kids in school. But between Nick and Anna’s friends and classmates, the news was spreading like wild fire.

"They seemed so happy; I wonder what caused the relationship to just break apart like that." Allie didn't know what to say or where to look as she knew exactly what happened. If Allie never got into that shower with Nick all those months ago, maybe Nick and Anna would be happily together right now. But Allie believed that everything happened for a reason. What if her and Nick were soul mates that had the bad luck of ending up as siblings? That would be one hell of a story, a kinkier version of Romeo and Juliet possibly? "Allie?" Allie snapped out of her little world of possibilities when she noticed Naomi looking at her weirdly.

"Oh, yeah I have no idea what happened. Nick won't talk to me about it." Allie acted cool as she said that, and Naomi shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess some things people just want to keep to themselves." Allie wasn't sure but this sounded like Naomi was talking about herself and not Nick. She let it go though as she spotted someone else over Naomi's shoulder.

"Hey listen, I got to go talk to Josh, that dickhead hasn't been texting me back. I’ll see you in class Naomi, okay?" Naomi nodded her head and the two friends hugged before Allie made her way over to Josh. When Allie walked over to Josh, she hit him with a girly punch to the back. He was facing the other way talking to a friend and he slowly turned around.

"Where have you been?! I've been texting you the past two days and you haven't replied!"

"Geez what's with the hitting? Can't I spend some time with my friends without you getting on my back about it?" Allie was mad because she hated going to the doctors with her mom and even Josh would be a better replacement. Before and right at the beginning of her pregnancy, her mom was very supportive and Allie really liked spending time with her. But ever since Nick and Allie started fucking, the connection with her mom was slowly fading. Allie found it ironic and almost funny, as she got closer with one family member, another got farther away.

“I didn’t say you couldn’t spend time with your friends, I just hate when I’m ignored.”

“I didn’t mean to ignore you, honestly. Sometimes I don’t have my phone on me.” Josh was very good at acting casual when he lied, and Allie always tried to catch him at it, but never succeeded as everything he said had a great chance of being dead true. As Allie and Josh talked, behind Allie’s back stood Naomi watching. She didn’t know who to be madder at, Josh or herself for betraying Allie like that. Allie was her best friend, and Naomi had absolutely no excuse for hooking up with Josh.

“Okay whatever. Are you gonna come with me tonight?” Josh now spotted Naomi over Allie’s shoulder but Naomi quickly made her way inside not wanting to give Josh the satisfaction of seeing her sad.

“Um. Yeah I don’t think I’ll be able to.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because. Just get your mom to go.”

“You know I don’t like going with her but whatever, thanks for the tip. Have fun jerking off at home you loser.” Allie turned around and headed inside leaving Josh reaching for a cigarette out of his pocket looking indifferent.

The day went on very slowly for Nick and Allie as the upcoming weekend was a holiday. Nick spent a lot of his classes just thinking about Anna and Allie. He would give everything to get back together with Anna but he knew there was no hope for that happening. On the other hand, Nick wasn’t so sure he would give up Allie for Anna again. Technically he didn’t have Allie, but he knew he could by simply making a move. This mess of emotions was getting old real fast.

Meanwhile, Allie’s day was a mix of things. She would think about Nick and how she was so horny and then she would think about how she ruined a great relationship and would feel bad. She also couldn’t help but think about the doctor’s appointment later that day. Today was the day she was supposed to find out the sex of her baby and she was excited even though she hadn’t shown much of that during the pregnancy. The thought of being a mom didn’t excite Allie much at all but finding out if she would have a baby boy or baby girl was fun in her mind.

Later on in the day when it was time for Brittany and Anna’s math class, the two girls found themselves sitting beside each other again. Anna looked just as bad as Naomi had while Brittany looked just stunning. Brittany was still itching to find out what happened with Anna and Nick and this time, it wasn’t just for the curiosity. During their short friendship, Brittany had taken a liking to Anna and she honestly cared about her. Brittany did her best to cheer Anna up during the class but it wasn’t working.

“Come on Anna, I know you don’t wanna be alone tonight. Come over to my house. My mom’s gonna be out so we can have the whole house to ourselves.” Anna was working on a math problem and didn’t look up from her notebook. Brittany had spent the last twenty minutes trying to get Anna to come. Brittany was also texting Ben at the moment so she wasn’t even paying attention to her math work. Ben wanted to see Brittany this weekend so he could give her more gifts. Brittany told him she didn’t know what her plans were and that she would talk to him later.

“I don’t know…”

“I’m not gonna shut up until you agree to come.” Anna looked up at Brittany with her head tilted.

“Why is it so important that I come? If it’s because of the breakup—”

“It’s not about the breakup. I’m gonna be bored if you don’t come over, that’s all.” Anna was now working on the next problem, her face buried in her work again. Brittany simply sat in her chair with her legs crossed watching Anna. After seeing the answer to one of the first questions on Anna’s page, Brittany frowned and scribbled out the work on her own page.

“I figured you would be going to some party, there must be tons happening tonight.” Anna was right, there were tons of parties happening tonight but Brittany didn’t feel like getting all dressed up just so that she could get drunk and have guys try and grind on her. She could get drunk and have sex without getting dressed up and going out.

“Yeah I know, but I’m not in the party mood tonight. My mom has tons of liquor at the house anyway. Please come over Anna?!”

“You weren’t kidding when you said you wouldn’t shut up.”

“I told you, I need someone with me tonight so I don’t kill myself of boredom. Or pass out from drinking.”

“Fine I’ll go. But only cause you drink too much.” Anna gave Brittany a look a mother would after a lecture and Brittany nodded her head like she had learned her lesson. This made both girls laugh.

Even though Anna was doing a good job pretending to be okay, there was so much on her chest she wanted to get off and maybe venting to Brittany would be a good thing. The rest of the day went by without much excitement except for the fact that it was a start to a promising weekend. Nick was waiting for Allie outside by his car by the time school ended and when he saw Anna walking with Brittany, he started wondering why those two were so close all of a sudden. Nick was feeling horny so he suddenly started picturing the two in some lesbian position, smashing their pussies together. He laughed to himself though as he knew there was no chance in hell Anna would do that. Then, he and Anna made eye contact for a split second before Allie blocked Nick’s view. Nick was a little stunned but quickly smiled a little at Allie. Anna most likely didn’t like seeing Allie and when Nick looked her way again, she was out of sight and in the car.

“So how was your day brother?”

“Pretty boring actually, how bout you sister?”

“Oh pretty much the same.” Nick nodded his head. “I think Naomi is hiding something from me though.” Nick’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. If Allie only knew what he did about Naomi.

“What do you think she’s hiding?”

“I don’t know, I think something’s upsetting her but she won’t tell me what.” Nick was revealed. When he first found out about Naomi and Josh, he thought about telling Allie but soon decided it wasn’t something she should hear from him.

“I’m sure she’s fine Allie. You worry too much.” Allie looked at Nick and smiled at him.

“Yeah you’re right. Fuck, I’m nervous about the doctor’s tonight though.” Nick offered to come with his mom and sister but Holly told him it wasn’t a place for a brother to be. If she only knew where Nick had already been…

“What do you want the baby to be? A boy or a girl?” Nick had already told Allie that he hoped it was a boy because he always wanted a little brother and having a little nephew was just as good.

“I’m not sure. Like last night I was certain I wanted a girl. But today, I think I might want a boy. I really don’t know, as long as it’s healthy, I don’t care.” Allie was starting to show more of her motherly instincts as the months went on. She had already started buying some unisex baby clothes and had a bunch of books she would read on occasion. Even though she was a cum loving slut, Nick was certain that Allie would make a great mom.

Unlike the thunderstorm they had the day before; it was a very nice day out. When Nick and Allie got home, Nick went upstairs to his room and plopped down on his bed. He had the urge to call Anna but he didn’t know what he would say if he did. He could apologize but he knew Anna wouldn’t care for that. He then wanted to text Brittany but that idea was concluded as a bad one as well. Nick laid on his bed for some time and before he knew it, he had drifted off to sleep.

About an hour or so later, Nick was woken up by a loud knock on his door. It wasn’t that loud but it seemed much louder as Nick was in a deep sleep. Nick weakly told whoever was on the other side to come in and the door opened slowly. In stepped Allie and sleepily Nick smiled when he saw her.

“You’re sleeping? Come on get up, you got to see something.” Nick was suddenly scared, the last time Allie told him he had to see something, he saw pictures of Brittany fucking Ben, which gave him quite a concern, but not for Brittany or Ben, or even Allie. Nick reluctantly got up and followed Allie out in the hallway. Allie was wearing a pair of sweatpants and Nick stared at her ass the entire time as he followed her. Allie knew Nick couldn’t resist looking so she purposely started wiggling her butt a bit more as she walked. This subtle teasing between the two had become some kind of game. When they got to the bottom of the stairs, Allie made her way to the backyard.

“Why are we going outside?” It was a beautiful day and that is exactly why Allie was leading Nick to the backyard. When she stepped outside, she turned her head and smiled at him. When Nick followed, he had to shield his eyes from the sunlight. Allie lifted her finger to her lips telling Nick to be quiet. When Nick’s eyes finally focused, he knew why Allie had taken him out here. Laying on a beach towel in the middle of the grass was Holly. She was laying on her stomach with her bikini top off beside her. Her breasts were pressed into the ground while she rested her head on her arms. Her body was nice and oiled up and her ass had a small piece of fabric which disappeared between her ass cheeks. Allie leaned over to Nick and whispered into his ear, while Nick tried to keep his dick from getting too hard.

“Mom looks good doesn’t she brother? I bet you wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that.” Nick pulled his head away from Allie like he was disgusted by the thought but deep down he knew it would be hot. It was never going to happen though so Nick didn’t like thinking about it. He had enough drama on his hands already. Besides, this was a little odd of Allie to say after recent events.

“You’re sick.” Nick whispered back and then turned around heading inside. Allie followed him after taking one last glance at her mom’s ass. Allie was in no way a lesbian, she loved dick too much. But incest never failed to grab her attention. Nick went into the living room, still feeling a little drowsy and plopped down on the cool leather couch. Allie’s bladder forced her to go to the bathroom so Nick was left alone. Nick started shuffling through the TV channels looking for something interesting but there was absolutely nothing on. After about ten minutes, Nick settled on SportsCenter and rested his head against the cushions, watching casually.

“You look bored.” Nick looked over and realized it was his mom talking. She was standing in the doorway in her bikini and Nick looked at her from top to bottom. He hadn’t even heard her come in and when he met her eye gaze, she smiled at him brightly.

“Yeah there’s nothing on TV. Are you done tanning?”

“The TV sucks. Yeah I think I’m all good for today.” Holly now slowly made her way closer to Nick and Nick’s eyes kept falling to his mom’s big tits. Before he could stop it, he had a full on erection. His mom looked down at his dick making a tent in his pants and Nick knew she had seen it.

“Um, I’m gonna go do some homework—” Nick was cut off by Holly as she sat right next to him on the couch.

“Wow it looks like your cock wants some attention.” Nick was baffled; he had never heard his mom talk this way, especially about his dick.

“Oh my god mom, don’t say that!” Holly started laughing and before Nick could do anything, Holly removed her bikini top, letting her gorgeous tits fall out, sagging just the tiniest amount. Nick’s mouth fell open as he just stared at his mom’s boobs.

“Screw your homework, mommy wants some cock.” With that, Holly reached over and undid Nick’s pants. She then stuck a hand in his boxers and pulled out his hard seven inch dick. Nick was in heaven and shock at the same time. Holly started jerking his dick up and down fast and Nick just grunted with pre cum leaking out and running down each side of his dick. Soon after, Holly had his cock in her mouth, sucking up all the pre cum. Nick’s dream was coming true, he was getting a blowjob from his own mom. “Fuck me on the floor baby.” Holly was now on her hands and knees in front of Nick and Nick got up, letting his pants fall down. Everything was happening so fast.

Holly reached around and pulled her bikini thong to the side, revealing her holes. Nick let his fingers trace her pussy before he stuck his dick inside. Nick was now pumping in and out of his mom’s cunt as she started moaning.

“Ohhh fuck baby, fuck your mommy harder!” Holly was enjoying this very much and Nick had no intention of stopping. Just then, something else happened; someone walked in. Nick looked over and saw that it was Allie. Nick just sort of shrugged his shoulders and Allie smiled shaking her head.

“I want some of this action.” Holly looked up at Allie and she giggled like a little embarrassed schoolgirl. Allie put her thumbs in the waistband of her sweatpants and pulled them down. Nick wasn’t surprised that Allie didn’t have any underwear on. She made her way over to where Nick was banging Holly and spread her mom’s ass cheeks. Allie then let some spit fall onto Holly’s crack before giving her asshole a quick little lick with the tip of her tongue. Both Nick and Holly moaned at the same time and Nick started going faster. Nick reached out and grabbed Allie’s breast through her shirt, giving it a nice squeeze.

“Come lay in front of me Allie.” Allie knew what Holly had in mind and she laid right in front of her mom. Holly now had her daughter’s pussy resting on the floor waiting for her mouth to cover it. Like an expert, Holly reached down and started licking and sucking on Allie’s pussy in every way imaginable. Allie was now squirming and moaning loudly as she felt her mom sucking out her pussy juice.

The three stayed in this position for a few more minutes before Holly got on the floor and Allie started doing the licking. Nick was amazed at how well Allie was licking her mom’s pussy, it seemed like it wasn’t her first time either. Nick got behind Allie and for the first time in months, stuck his dick into her pregnant pussy. He moaned loudly as her tight cunt squeezed around his hard dick.

“Fuck I need to piss! Nick hold on!” Allie reached her hand behind her and pushed Nick back, making Nick’s dick fall out of her pussy. She then got up on her knees and spread her pussy lips. Piss started flowing out of her piss hole and Holly scooted her butt down closer to Allie. Allie looked at her mom and Holly smiled. There was already a small puddle forming in between Allie’s knees but she quickly aimed her cunt at her mom and started hitting her in the stomach with her big jet of piss. Holly started rubbing it into her stomach before making a cup with her hands and collecting some piss. As Nick watched, Holly brought her hands up to her mouth and slurped the piss into her mouth, swallowing it.

Nick was already on the verge of orgasm and seeing this sent him over the edge as he shot his load, making it land on the back of Allie’s shirt. He managed to aim his last jet into Allie’s hair while Allie let the last bit of piss drip out onto her mom’s waiting hands. Holly was about to bring her hands to her mouth again before Allie grabbed stopped her and bent down, drinking the piss from her mom’s hands.

Just then Nick’s eyes flew open as he sat up on the couch. There was no crazy pee covered threesome happening on the floor and his pants were securely on. Nick’s forehead was covered in sweat and he leaned back down on the couch, rubbing his eyes. Sadly, it was just a dream. Seeing a basketball game on the TV, Nick realized hours had gone by. He must’ve been more tired than he thought. It made sense though, as he barely got any sleep the night before. Nick shook his head and started laughing a little. He was hornier than ever now and he got up and headed into the kitchen. On the counter was a notepad with a short note: Dear Nick, I took your sister to the doctor. There is some food in the fridge; I didn’t want to wake you up. We will be back soon, love mom.

Chapter Three

“Relax Anna, he’s not worth it.” Brittany was sitting on her bedroom floor, her purple bong in her hand. Anna was pacing in front of her, her fists clenched; her face was a light shade of red. Anna had only been at Brittany’s for a short time before she gave up her act and exploded.

“I just… I thought he was different. Ugh!” For the past half hour, Anna had been venting to Brittany about Nick. Brittany still didn’t know the exact reason they broke up, Anna would always just say “I didn’t know who he really was.” Brittany had been smoking weed the entire time Anna had been at her house since her mom was out.

“Fuck him. You guys obviously aren’t meant for one another and honestly, it makes sense that you’re not.” Brittany brought the bong to her mouth again while Anna stopped pacing and looked at Brittany.

“What do you mean?” Brittany blew the smoke out of her lungs and smiled at Anna.

“Common Anna, you’re an innocent virgin and he’s far from that. You know how much pussy that guy got before you two got together? I’m surprised he didn’t keep annoying you until you put out… Good job by the way.” Anna was looking at Brittany but she was lost in thought.

“Yeah I’ve heard stories but it didn’t really even bug me.” Anna continued pacing and ended up by Brittany’s window. “I just don’t know anymore. I hate that I love that… asshole.” Now Anna sat down beside Brittany on the floor, and wiped away a tear.

“Do you think you could get back together with him? I mean, if you love him, you can forgive anything right?” Anna snorted and made a face of disgust.

“Ew! No! …He’s a completely different person to me now Brit.” Brittany sighed and both of them looked at a spot on the floor in the distance.

“Well in that case, the next guy you start to like… I’m gonna have to sign an approval. We will put him through a bunch of tests.” Brittany was trying to cheer up Anna again and looked over at her laughing but Anna was simply looking at the ground, with a slight smile. Brittany stopped laughing and put one arm around Anna. After a few moments, she moved her arm away and proceeded to take another hit of her bong.

“I wish I could like… hurt him. Like physically cause him pain.” Brittany was blowing the smoke from her lungs when she suddenly got an idea which excited her.

“Oh! We could print off his picture and tape it to my pillow so you can kick his ass!” Brittany was stoned and she enjoyed her own idea so much that she started laughing.

“I think you’ve had enough of this pot.” Anna couldn’t help but laugh a little at how stoned Brittany was.

“This is gonna be good!” Before Anna could express how she felt about Brittany’s idea, Brittany was already up and running to her computer

“Are you actually printing his picture off?” Brittany was now typing in her password for her Facebook account. She had Nick as a friend so it wasn’t long before his picture was printing.

“Okay, let’s go fuck this bitch up!” Anna laughed at Brittany’s slight craziness and was actually starting to enjoy this. She kept giggling a little as Brittany grabbed tape and taped the picture to one of her pillows. Brittany took the first punch and then tossed the pillow to Anna. Anna put the pillow on Brittany’s bed and then started unleashing.

“Go! Fuck! Yourself! Asshole!” With each word, Anna’s fist connected with Nick’s face. “You dumb motherfucker!” Now Anna was slamming the pillow against the bed. “Burn in hell you piece of shit!” After a bit of kicking and elbow dropping, Anna settled down breathing heavily.

“Woah! You’re a bit of a potty mouth Anna! Hahaha!”

“And you’re a bit baked Brittany!” Brittany was laughing and nodding her head. She sat down on her bed and reached for her bong but Anna swiped it up before Brittany could grab it.

“Hey! You never take my bong away from me!” Brittany was laughing but soon her mouth dropped open.

“Can I take a hit?” Anna felt like a new person. She knew deep down that it wasn’t true, that she was gonna cry her eyes out tomorrow, but tonight her mind was saying ‘fuck it. Do what feels good.’

“Go ahead! Have you ever smoked or do I have to walk you through it?” Anna used the butt end of the lighter to pack down the rest of the weed in the bowl and then smiled and shook her head. Anna then brought the bong to her mouth and started sucking in the smoke slowly. “Woooo! Go Anna, go go go Anna!” Anna shook her head at Brittany before blowing the smoke out.

“I’m not ALL innocent; I’ve gotten high a few times when I was younger.” Brittany was shocked at Anna’s latest revelation. Who wouldn’t be, Anna simply had the angelic look to her. “Remember that boyfriend I told you about? Yeah he was a stoner and I tried it. It’s just weed anyways.”

“Wow, well damn, you should’ve said something earlier.” Brittany packed another bowl and offered the bong to Anna again.

“That was the first time I’ve smoked in years, I’m good.” Brittany took the bowl to herself and put the bong down. Anna was wrong about not doing anymore because after about fifteen minutes, she made Brittany pack another bowl for them to share.

After a few more hits each, the girls went and raided Brittany’s fridge and brought up food to Brittany’s room. When most of the food was eaten, Brittany and Anna were both laying on the floor. Their heads were next to each other with their feet on opposite sides of the room.

“I hope Nick is hurting as much as you.”

“Ha, yeah I doubt that Brit.”

“Why? He really cared about you. I’m sure he’s not okay with the breakup.”

“I guess… stupid slut.”

“Nick’s a slut? Why is he a slut?”

“No not him…”

“Oh…” There was a slight pause.

“I wonder if he’s the father.”

“Luke, I am your father.” Brittany laughed but Anna just kept looking up at the ceiling.

“I didn’t know they already had a name picked out.” Brittany made a face. That made no sense. Of course they had a name for Luke and Leah.

“The mom chick named them as she died giving birth in episode three. Haven’t you seen Star Wars?”

“No not Star Wars Brittany. Oh my god we should totally watch Star Wars though!

“Yeah we should! Anakin is a babe.” The two girls ate a few more chips and neither said anything for a while.

“Seriously though, I wonder if he’s the father.”

“Wait… What the fuck are you talking about?” Anna was baked out of her mind, both of them were. They had been staring at the ceiling for the last twenty minutes and Anna broke out in laughter.

“I wonder if he’s the father.”

“Who’s the father?” Anna laughed again and shook her head and Brittany wasn’t laughing and being silly anymore, she was too confused.

“I mean it would make sense since they’re in love… apparently.” Brittany was trying to diffuse what Anna was saying but she still had no idea what Anna was talking about. She figured Anna was talking more to herself.

“Who’s in love?! Are we even talking about Star Wars anymore?”

“How I would love to smack that preggo around. I mean I’m not a violent person but when it comes to those two, I would absolutely lose it. Hey where are those chips? Oh yeah, haha I ate them already.” Brittany was starting to clue in and her heartbeat sped up. This was never a talk about Star Wars.

“Woaahhhh, what?!”


“Did you just say what I think you said?!” Anna suddenly sat up cross legged and looked at Brittany with wonder and kept eating the chip crumbs. Brittany turned around on her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows. Seeing that Anna was obviously out of it, Brittany repeated her question. “Anna, what did you mean by what you said?” There was a slight pause.

“What did I say?” Anna was absolutely stoned out of her mind, Brittany figured she didn’t even know what was going on.

“You said you wanted to smack that preggo around. Which preggo are you talking about?”

“The only preggo I know, Allie.” Brittany’s heart skipped another beat. She started to piece together the puzzling bits Anna was giving her. Anna was wondering if Nick was the father of the baby of the preggo, Allie, which Anna wanted to smack around.

“Wow… Okay Anna you just blew my mind.” Anna smiled, her puffy red eyes looking at Brittany.

“Kablam!” Anna broke out into a laugh, chocking on the new food in her mouth for a second as she rolled on the ground.

“Anna… do you even know what you just told me?” Anna looked like she was thinking hard and then shook her head. She then informed Brittany that Allie was pregnant.

“Oh my god you know what would be fun?! Putting that candy in a coke bottle! You know the ones that make it blow up!” Brittany wasn’t paying attention to what Anna was saying anymore. If she understood Anna correctly before, Nick and Allie were… having sex!

It was getting late and Brittany eventually drove Anna home. It seemed like Anna didn’t even realize that she had told Nick and Allie’s secret to Brittany. Brittany spent the whole car ride trying to process the information, trying to see if all the pieces of the puzzle fit, and to her disbelief, they did. Brittany always thought that Nick and Allie were a lot closer than most siblings, but now she knew that close was actually an understatement.

Chapter Four

Nick’s cock was jumping up and down in excitement, his bare ass starting to sweat as it was pressed against those purple sheets. Nick was laying bottomless in his sister’s bed, a pair of Allie’s used panties in his left hand with his cock in his right hand. That dream had gotten Nick all rattled up and horny, and since Allie wouldn’t be back in a while, her panties would have to do. Since Nick woke up from his dream, all those lustful thoughts and feelings came rushing back. The pain of losing Anna wasn’t as great at the moment, as all he cared about right now was blowing his load in Allie’s panties.

His cock was rock hard and ready to explode at any moment as Nick closed his eyes and pictured Allie on top of him. Nick started getting flashes of memories with his sister, in her bed where Nick was right now. He remembered all the times he had her on her knees, fucking her doggy style, listening to his slut sister beg for more. As Nick smiled to himself, he hoped that all this time spent waiting would finally come to an end and that he would be able to bury his cock deep inside Allie’s pussy once again.

Not much more time passed before Nick’s orgasm exploded all over Allie’s panties. As he felt the cum building up, he covered his cock head with the part of Allie’s panties that had been on her pussy and let jet after jet of cum hit it. He could see the cum soaking up into the panties and he loved it. Some cum escaped and made its way down Nick’s shaft so Nick used Allie’s sheets to wipe it up. After he felt satisfied, Nick threw Allie’s panties, now covered in his man juice, into the pile of dirty clothes Allie had in the corner of her room. He got up from her bed and stretched, making his softening cock stretch in front of him.

After putting on his pants, Nick went back to the living room where he had fallen asleep and patiently waited for Allie and Holly to come home from the doctor’s appointment. Nick didn’t have to wait long as about half an hour later, he heard the chatter of two women getting closer to the front door before it swung open.

“Okay sweetie, dinner will be ready soon.” Nick heard his mom talking and got up, making his way to the door. When he got there, he saw two very attractive women standing there. One was his sister Allie, and the other his mom Holly. Holly was showing a fair amount of cleavage today and Nick couldn’t help but gaze at his mom’s somewhat tanned tits.

“Hey how did it go at the doctors? Do you know the sex of the baby?” Allie and Holly both looked at each other and Allie shrieked in excitement before yelling out.

“It’s gonna be a girl! I’m sooo excited!” Nick felt excited too, he was gonna have a niece. Nick and Allie looked at each other and Nick smiled at her. Making sure Allie was still watching his eyes, he slowly lowered his gaze to her breasts and then further down to her thighs. Allie knew that look but she didn’t think Nick was being serious. Holly went into the kitchen to start preparing dinner while Allie announced that she was going upstairs for a bit. Nick saw this as his best opportunity to have Allie all to himself again and let her go up the stairs before following her.

Allie’s door was closed and Nick didn’t bother knocking as he opened it. Allie had taken off her shirt and was just in a bra. She was facing away from the door so she turned around quickly when the door opened, ready to scream at whomever it was. She didn’t scream though when she saw her big brother step through the door and close it behind him.

“Nick! I’m changing, what do you want?!” Nick smiled at how Allie had said that, like it was a big deal for him to see her naked. As she stood just in a bra, Nick noticed that her belly had grown to a very big size. If anything, Allie looked like she was more than six months pregnant.

Nick didn’t say anything, instead he just started slowly walking towards his little sister, who now seemed to be rooted to the spot. Allie’s heartbeat was speeding up and her chest rose with every breath. Nick reached out his hand and placed it on Allie’s cheek before closing his eyes and kissing his sister passionately. Allie moaned a little at the touch and got up on her tippy toes, pushing herself closer to Nick. Without breaking the kiss, Nick reached behind Allie and undid her bra, and Allie let it fall to the ground, her nipples coming to life with the new breeze hitting them, making them nice and hard.

Nick led Allie to the bed without leaving her lips and gently pushed her onto her back. Allie looked up at the ceiling, her pussy growing wetter with every moment, as she couldn’t believe this was finally happening again. All those nights spent masturbating to thoughts of this seemed like a dream now. This was the only reality Allie wanted to be in. Nick locked his mouth around one of Allie’s hard nipples and started sucking on it and flicking the nipple with his tongue. Allie moaned again and lifted her chest up in the air, pressing her boob into Nick’s face. Nick’s dick was growing hard again even though he had cum not too long ago.

Nick kept sucking on Allie’s nipple, his right hand now doing its best to unbutton Allie’s pants. He needed to feel how wet Allie was, he needed to feel his sister’s pussy again. Allie kept on moaning and now reached down and helped Nick. She got her pants off down to her knees but before she could do anything else, Nick had his hand cupping her wet pussy. This drove Allie crazy, feeling her brother’s hand was almost too much. Nick let his sister’s nipple fall from his mouth as he now started kissing his way down her pregnant stomach, towards his favorite pussy, which was now making the room smell like pussy juice. There was also a hint of cum in the air but Nick knew that was from his earlier masturbation.

“Fuck Nick! Where did this come from?!” Allie was in heaven, her panties and pants were now completely off and on the ground at her feet as Nick was on his knees, just inches away from the glistening and puffy pussy of Allie. Nick looked up at his sister to see her propped up on her elbows, waiting for Nick to dive in for his meal.

“You’re so fucking sexy Allie.” When Nick said that, he stuck out his tongue and gave Allie a nice long slow lick from the bottom of her cunt to past her clit. Allie moaned and fell back down on her back, clenching her ass cheeks from pleasure. She squeezed her big tits as Nick did his best to get Allie’s whole pussy in his mouth. He couldn’t but he tried as he sucked, licked, and fucked it with his tongue very fast. Allie was breathing heavier than ever now and before Nick knew what was happening, Allie’s thighs were squeezing his head, making him unable to stop eating out her cunt even if he wanted to, which he didn’t.

It wasn’t long before Nick felt Allie’s first orgasm. He felt it in more ways than one as pussy juice poured out onto his tongue, followed by Allie squeezing her thighs so tightly around Nick’s head, he could barely breathe.

“OHHH FU---” Allie let out a very loud scream before realizing her mom could hear and covering her mouth with both of her hands to try and quiet herself. Nick loved the taste of her cum and as he sucked out as much as he could and swallowing it, he pulled his tongue out of Allie’s cunt. Nick’s nose was buried in Allie’s clit so all he could smell right now was pussy and he loved it. Finally, Allie’s death grip around Nick’s head loosened and Nick gave his sister’s pussy one more kiss before pulling his head away from it. Allie could see a bit of pussy juice on Nick’s chin and she grabbed Nick by the arm and pulled him to her face. She then stuck out her tongue and licked his chin and lips before a passionate kiss happened again.

“KIDS! DINNER IS ALMOST READY!” The romantic moment was ruined by Holly’s voice which could be heard from downstairs and the siblings stopped kissing. Allie had her hands wrapped around Nick as they just laid there on her bed watching each other. Nick’s dick was now rock hard and Allie could feel it resting against her thigh through Nick’s pants.

“We should probably hurry up.” Nick nodded in agreement with his sister before getting off her. He was now standing, a bulge clearly showing in his pants, in front of Allie. Allie held up her hand for assistance and Nick grabbed it, helping her into a sitting position. Nick then started playing with Allie’s tits again as Allie’s fast fingers removed Nick’s belt and pants. With one tug, Allie pulled down Nick’s pants and boxers, making Nick’s seven inch dick pop out and bounce, almost smacking Allie in the chin. It had been too long since Allie had seen the glorious seven inch dick of her brother in front of her and her lips curled up into a smile as she started stroking it. Nick started moaning as he watched his sister playing with his cock like it was her first time around male genitalia. She was examining every last inch of it with curiosity and lust. Nick almost laughed at how silly Allie looked, it’s not like his dick had changed in the time since she last saw it. Allie now stopped stroking her brother’s cock, her hand resting at the bottom of his shaft as she looked up at Nick doing her best to make puppy dog eyes.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” Nick’s dick actually twitched at how amazingly sexy Allie looked when she said that. He slowly nodded his head, his mouth a bit ajar and Allie gave her brother a smile and a wink before shoving almost half his dick into her mouth right away.

“Mmmmm, I’ve missed this so much.” Allie was slowly pumping Nick’s dick in and out of her mouth, about four inches at a time. Nick could feel pre cum already leaking out of his cock as his sister kept sucking. It wasn’t really even leaking as much as it was getting pulled out by Allie, who seemed to have mastered the art of dick pleasing only at age fifteen.

Nick was still standing but it seemed like his legs couldn’t support him much longer. He started to gently push more of his cock inside his sister’s mouth, which Allie took without any trouble. Allie’s big brown eyes looked up at Nick again and Nick smiled. He was starting to feel his cum boiling inside his balls and knew that this orgasm would be amazing. Allie’s right hand now went down to Nick’s balls as she started gently playing with them. This sent more sensations through Nick’s dick as he started face fucking Allie now. Allie enjoyed every minute of it as she was getting close to deep throating her brother.

Another few minutes passed before the siblings heard their mom again and knew that she would soon start getting suspicious. Nick placed his hands on Allie’s head and grabbed a handful of hair in each hand, pulling her towards his dick, which was already in her mouth. Allie gave her first little cough as Nick did everything he could to shove his dick down Allie’s throat. He didn’t care if Allie couldn’t breathe because she had done the exact same thing to him earlier. Nick’s dick was now pulsing, pleasure going all through his shaft as he felt Allie’s strong sucking. Allie moved her left hand off Nick’s dick as she pushed her face into Nick’s shirt and Nick’s cock reached her throat. She was having a hard time breathing now but she didn’t care, she loved it anyway.

With a loud moan and a few twitches of Nick’s whole body, Allie was rewarded with a huge shot of cum hitting the back of her throat. Her hungry mouth quickly swallowed and awaited more. Nick pushed his body hard into Allie’s face as another shot of cum went down her throat. Allie couldn’t take it anymore, she needed air, so she pushed on Nick’s abs with her hands and Nick pulled all seven inches out of Allie’s mouth. His orgasm was long from over though, and Allie knew that as she closed her eyes coughing. Nick’s dick was aimed right at Allie’s nose as another shot of cum flew off hitting Allie in the nostril and dripping down to her lips. Her mouth flew open again after she got her breathing back to normal and Nick did his best to aim his cum into Allie’s mouth. With every jet of cum, he felt immense pleasure rocking through his cock and he was loving it. Allie managed to get a couple more shots of cum right in her mouth before closing it and swallowing. It took her several gulps but she finally got it all down. Nick let out one last little bit of cum and since it wasn’t strong enough, it simply leaked down onto Allie’s pregnant stomach.

“Oh fuck Nick! I almost forgot how good your cum tasted.” Allie giggled and wiped away the cum from her stomach. Nick gave his cock a few more squeezes before putting his pants back on.

“And I almost forgot how good you suck cock.” Allie placed her hands on her hips and pushed out her bare chest, showing that she was proud of herself. Allie’s clothes were scattered all over the place so Nick helped her pick them up so that she wouldn’t have to bend over. After they were both dressed and looked innocent enough, Nick left Allie’s room first only to run into Holly on the stairs.

“Oh hey Nick, where’s your sister?” Nick acted cool and just shrugged and passed Holly on his way down the stairs. Allie waited an extra 30 seconds before following Nick and she also ran into her mom almost right in front of her door.

“Hey mom, dinner’s ready right?” Allie was smiling brightly and Holly figured it was because of the baby. That was a part of it but Allie was happy because she finally had her brother back.

It wasn’t a happy Thursday for everybody as Naomi laid in her bed with her phone in her hand. It had only been a couple days since she was abused by Josh in her very own house. Naomi was going through the pictures she had on her phone. More importantly, she was looking through the naked ones of herself that she took for Josh. She didn’t know what to do with them because when she thought back, she remembered how hot it was to take them. Naomi didn’t really know why but she would always get so turned on by being naked in public.

As she kept going through the pictures, she came across the one with a cucumber in her pussy, on the kitchen table. Little tingles went through her pussy as she remembered how scared and nervous she was taking the pictures, yet how horny it made her. It was late at night so there wasn’t much of a chance her parents would see her but just the fact that there was a chance her mom or dad could catch her almost sent her over the edge. Her mom would just yell at her most likely, and tell her to get dressed, but it was her dad she was more scared would catch her. Her dad stopped giving Naomi spankings when she turned 13 but Naomi still remembered how painful they were as a kid. She used to get spanked for little things like talking back to either her mom or dad, so a cucumber in her pussy would probably buy her one hell of a spanking.

Her dad was a crazy religious parent. They go to church every Sunday and even though Naomi hates it, she has no choice. Hayley doesn’t seem to care as much but Naomi figures that’s because she’s grown up with it. Ever since Hayley was 4 or 5, church became a regular thing so she doesn’t remember any different. Naomi however, started going to church regularly when she was 9 or 10 so she knows how much better it was to sleep in on Sunday’s and watch TV. Going to church and learning about God and stuff never really made sense to Naomi and therefore never interested her.

Naomi now moved from her side to her back and looked at the picture in front of her. This time, the tingles were stronger just like they were at the time of the picture. In the picture, Naomi could be seen sitting on a leather chair with her legs up on some desk. The picture was taken from Naomi’s point of view, and only a bit of her petite breasts could be seen in the picture. Her stomach and pussy were in clear view though as Naomi’s left hand could be seen holding a dark grey hairbrush with a few inches of the handle in her cunt.

If someone who knew what Naomi’s room looked like, looked at the picture, they would be confused since Naomi had no chair or desk like that in her room. That’s because the picture was taken a bit past midnight in her little sister Hayley’s room. To make things naughtier, the hairbrush wasn’t Naomi’s either; it was Hayley’s. Not only was it Hayley’s but it was one of her favorites.

Naomi started thinking back to that night. She was on the phone with Josh earlier in the night and Hayley came into her room at one point. Josh heard this and asked who that was. Naomi casually told him it was her little sister. This led to Josh begging Naomi to do something in Hayley’s room when she went to sleep. Naomi fought it for a bit but truthfully, it was turning her on as they discussed it more so Naomi finally agreed when she was sure Hayley would be asleep. She got totally naked and went to her sister’s room and quietly sat down on the chair. At first, she masturbated with her fingers but when she saw the hairbrush; her naughty side forced the idea into her head.

Naomi had an intense orgasm that night in Hayley’s room. She didn’t know if it was the fact that she was using her sister’s hairbrush, that she could get caught any second, or simply because it was so bad and wrong. Her being horny probably didn’t help either. Thinking back to it now, the hairbrush was never cleaned when she finished. There were a few more pictures from that night and as Naomi cycled through them, she got more turned on. There were ones of her pussy up close all red and wet and others were of the soaking hairbrush.

Since this set of pictures was one of her favorites, she decided to move them to a different folder on her phone, separate from the rest. This also assured that if her parents decided to go through her phone, there was a less likely of a chance that they would see them. If the cucumber ones weren’t bad enough, using her sister’s hairbrush, while in her chair, was probably bad enough to get her grounded for life.

Naomi was underneath her blankets in just panties and a skimpy little night shirt so Naomi put down her phone on her bed next to her and started slowly rubbing her pussy. With her eyes closed, she started thinking about all the pictures and how wild the nights were when she was basically ordered to take them. Playing with herself didn’t last long though as she heard voices coming from the front door. This meant her dad was home with her little sister. Naomi’s panties were now growing a wet spot at the front and Naomi knew she had to get dressed before her dad came into her room wondering why she was in just panties under the covers. Naomi didn’t exactly know what the bible said about masturbating but she knew what her father thought of it. He thought of it as an evil act that should not be done so Naomi would have a lot of explaining to do if he was to see her in just panties at 7 o’clock on a Thursday night.

Naomi waited a second before jumping out of bed and then ran to her closet looking for anything to put over her panties. But she wasn’t quick enough as her heart skipped a beat when she heard her door opening. Naomi quickly turned to look at the door and did her best to pull that short nighty as far down as possible, in an attempt to cover the wet stop on her panties. It didn’t work too well as it only exposed more of her breasts. Luckily, it wasn’t Naomi’s dad, it was Hayley. Hayley was smiling when she entered the room but her expression soon changed when her eyes fell down to Naomi’s crotch. The door remained open when Hayley spoke,

“Woah Nomi why are you not wearing any pants--” Hayley was cut off by Naomi who had lunged across the room covering Hayley’s mouth with her hand and slamming her into the door, making the door slam shut. Naomi kept her hand over her sister’s mouth as she listened to see if her dad maybe heard anything. After Naomi was sure it was safe, she backed off Hayley and then looked at her.

Hayley had just come home from her after school clarinet recital. Hayley was currently attending grade 7 at a catholic middle school. It wasn’t the same one Naomi went to because of the events that took place there 5 or so years ago. Not many of the students from that time knew what was happening but there were secret meetings between parents and teachers discussing the events. As far as Naomi is concerned, the events have never been proven to be true and the story that went around school was concluded to be just a rumor. This is why Naomi and Hayley’s parents decided it was best for Hayley to attend a catholic high school. All the parents were certain the story was true but the parents of the girls involved were able to hide any evidence, that is if there was any in the first place.

Hayley had just come home from that school so she was currently still wearing her school outfit, which even though is the school dress code, her dad disagreed with it. He always said it was too sexual for little girls like Hayley. Hayley was wearing her dark blue plaid skirt, which was currently down to her knees (Most girls with disapproving parents would roll it up about halfway at school and fix it when it was time to go home) with a pair of long white socks that went all the way to her knees as well. Hayley had a sweater to wear as well but was currently just wearing her white shirt which was buttoned up all the way besides one or two of the top buttons.

“Do you know how to knock Hayley?! What do you want anyways?” Hayley was smiling at her sister, her hands cupped together in front of her. Naomi was running around her room looking for clothes. Finally seeing a pair of pants on the ground, she sat on her bed and started putting them on one leg at a time.

“I just wanted to borrow your laptop to do some homework.” Naomi was sitting on her bed looking at her sister who hadn’t moved. She was still smiling at her but Naomi couldn’t tell if it was an innocent little girl smile or one that meant Hayley knew what Naomi was doing.

“Here just don’t mess anything up, okay?” Hayley was very good with computers so Naomi knew she didn’t have to tell her not to mess with it, but did anyways just as a reminder that it was her laptop that she bought with her own money. Even if Hayley messed something up, she would probably figure out a way to fix it in time and maybe even make the computer better than before.

“Okay Nomi, thanks! Sorry for disturbing you.” Hayley hugged Naomi and gave her one last smile before leaving the room. Naomi smiled back at her and waited for the door to close before remembering the real reason she was laying in her bed earlier. She was still sad about Josh so she had curled up in bed not wanting to do anything that night. That sadness had turned to anger and eventually horniness. Even though the pictures were taken at Josh’s request, Josh had nothing to do with Naomi not deleting them. She planned on destroying the evidence eventually but for now, they were a good way to get her off. After about twenty minutes, Naomi heard her mom calling for dinner but she didn’t have the will power to get up right away.

It wasn’t long before Naomi joined the rest of the family at dinner. Hayley loved discussing her day with her parents so most of dinner was spent with the other three listening to her. Naomi played with her food more than she actually ate and this didn’t go unnoticed by her parents. When they asked Naomi if anything was wrong, she simply put on her best fake smile and said no.

After dinner, Naomi’s parents went to bed as they both had to be up early for work the next morning. Hayley and Naomi sat on the couch a little while longer watching some TV. Hayley was in her usual bedtime outfit, a pair of pink girlish panties and a small tank top. Everyone in the house was pretty used to seeing Hayley half naked like this so Naomi didn’t pay much attention. After about an hour, Hayley went off to her room leaving Naomi alone. As Naomi sat on the couch, she remembered Josh. The reason she remembered Josh was because the couch was where he had gone too far and ruined their relationship. She was almost happy that it happened though, as it got rid of that fog, blocking Naomi from seeing who Josh really was. Naomi hated his guts but she sighed to herself as she knew there was nothing she could do about it.

Chapter Five

Brittany’s mind was still racing with thoughts as she drove back to her house. Could it be true? Incest wasn’t a common occasion in Brittany’s life. She had never heard of any incestuous couples anywhere near the city but Allie was one of the biggest sluts she knew, and Nick was always horny. If any two siblings would fuck, it would be them. Brittany didn’t exactly know how she felt about the latest knowledge. When it came to sex, not much could turn Brittany off. She was giving sexual favours to a married man in his late 30’s at the moment, so that was proof enough that Brittany was up for almost anything. Brittany now started thinking back to all the times she saw Nick and Allie together. That time at her pool party, Nick basically didn’t leave Allie’s side, and when she was at the party at their house, the first time she saw Nick that night, he was with Allie. It was starting to make more sense now, maybe Anna really did know their big secret. If Anna knew, that means Brittany now knew as well.

A wicked little smile came across Brittany’s mouth as she started thinking about all the possibilities that had just opened up for her. This was Brittany’s chance to finally put Allie in her place. She wasn’t sure about what she was gonna do exactly, but she knew this information could be used for some very interesting blackmail. Maybe she could even get Anna in on it. It wouldn’t be too hard, she would just have to tell Anna how Allie wanted to blackmail her.

Brittany pulled up to her house to see her mom’s car parked in the driveway. This meant Pam was home from shopping and that it was time for dinner. Brittany checked herself in the mirror before getting out of the car and heading towards the door. When she opened the door, she heard her mom talking to someone. It seemed like she was alone though so it that meant Pam was on the phone.

“I miss you sweetie, when are you gonna visit us?” Pam noticed Brittany at the door and smiled at her. Brittany smiled back half heartedly and went to sit down on the couch. Pam and Brittany’s relationship was a strained one since Brittany never really got over the divorce. In her mind, she had the best dad ever and her mom took him away. Now he never even called her. Brittany wasn’t listening to her mom’s conversation until she heard her name.

“Do you want to talk to Brittany? I know she misses you too.” Suddenly Brittany’s heart started racing as she realized who was on the phone. Pam eagerly ran over to Brittany and stuck out the phone. Brittany took the phone and said hello.

“Hey little sister.”

“Jennifer, oh my god hi! Why haven’t you been calling?!”

“Ugh I know, I’m sorry I’ve been just so busy with the end of year stuff. After you grade enough third grader’s tests, you realize… It’s really boring!” Brittany laughed, her smile not leaving her face for even a second. Her big sister meant the world to her. It had been close to a year now since she’d seen her and Brittany hated it.

“I don’t know how you can stand those kids. It would make me jump off the school roof.”

“Some days I have to talk myself down from it trust me. No I’m just kidding, these kids make my day.” Brittany and Jennifer kept talking for at least fifteen more minutes about random sister stuff. Growing up, Jennifer was Brittany’s role model, and even after all these years, there was little advice Brittany wouldn’t listen to from her sister.

“You better come for my 18th birthday though. I’ll be very very mad at you if you don’t.”

“When’s your birthday again?”

“Oh very funny. It’s the 17th of--”

“I know when it is dummy, you know I love to tease.”

“I drove up for your 23rd so you have no excuses.”

“I know, I know. I’m trying trust me.”

“You know how boring a four hour drive all by yourself is? Thank god for my vibrator.”

“Brittany! Don’t say vibrator, you’re… you’re too young for one of those!” That’s another thing Brittany loved about her sister. She was like a cooler version of her mom. She knew she could talk to her about sex and that Jennifer would act all disapproving and give her tips like ‘Make sure not to abuse sex, it’s meant to be a special moment between two people, not an orgasm.’ But she also knew that Brittany was a big girl even though she would like her to be the 12 year old little sister she remembered when she left for college.

“I’m just kidding relax. Who do you think I learned to tease from, huh?” The funny thing was, Brittany wasn’t kidding. She purposely drove to her sister’s place at night so that she could masturbate if she got completely bored.

“I hate to leave but I have a few more tests to grade and then it’s off to bed.” Brittany knew that Jennifer was now living with a long term boyfriend but for some reason, Jennifer always found the need to lie about it like Pam didn’t tell Brittany the moment she found out. Jennifer was a very attractive woman much like Brittany but she always went for the books rather than boys when she was in high school. She always had grades in the high 80% to 90% and very few boyfriends. Brittany guessed that Jennifer felt a little awkward now since she never had a long term boyfriend before. In fact, Brittany could hear her boyfriend talking to Jennifer in the background but decided not to make her sister feel any more uncomfortable.

“Okay Jen, don’t have too much fun with those tests.”

“Oh I won’t. Okay Britt, I love you, be a good girl and hopefully I’ll see you soon.”

Brittany hung up the phone after saying goodbye and suddenly was in one of the best moods in a while. Not even the dumb questions from her mom could ruin it. As Pam and Brittany ate dinner, Brittany remembered how hot it was masturbating in her car and suddenly started getting horny. Just at that moment, Brittany’s phone vibrated loudly against her thigh in her pocket and Brittany took it out to read the message. It read: My wife is passed out, wanna meet me somewhere? I have presents. The message was from Ben and even though Brittany was horny and wanted new jewelry, she replied: Not tonight, this weekend.

Nick laid patiently in his bed, his heart beating fast in anticipation. The lights in his room were off, and it was almost dead silent. It was pitch black as well besides Nick’s alarm clock which showed the time to be well past midnight. Nick wasn’t moving as he laid in his bed, his blankets at his feet, and his ears listening to the one sound he was waiting for. His dick wasn’t rock hard but it sure wasn’t flaccid. How could his dick be flaccid when he was waiting for Allie’s knock on the wall that separated their rooms. This knock was his signal and it felt like he had been waiting to hear it for hours, even though only minutes had passed. The knock would tell him she was ready for him to come over.

Nick jumped up into a sitting position when the knock finally came. He sat there for a second, taking in the moment, letting it sink in. After over a month of no sex, he was finally gonna get to fuck his little sister again. They gave each other oral earlier but he wanted to feel her pussy around his shaft once again. He didn’t just want to, he needed to. Dating Anna was great on an emotional level, but Nick was always more of a physical guy, and Allie was the physical girl he needed. Anna. Nick started feeling guilty when he remembered her but he didn’t want to make any moral decisions tonight, so he quickly pushed any thought of Anna out of his mind, and focused on Allie.

Nick moved his legs from the bed and got up. As he walked towards his bedroom door, he took off his shirt, revealing his toned upper body. The siblings both knew that they would have to be really quiet tonight but it didn’t matter, Nick had been expecting more of a love making than a fucking anyway. When he reached his door, he grabbed the doorknob and turned it as slowly as he possibly could. Even though the door made barely any noise, that click sounded like the loudest thing in the world in this dead silent house. There was a slight chance his parents would hear him, but he wasn’t going to take any chances.

Nick stepped out into the hallway and looked at Allie’s bedroom door. He managed to see a little crack and he knew Allie left it open on purpose so that she could hear when her parents were out of ear shot. Nick paused for a second, took a deep breath and then took a few steps towards the door. When he reached it, he simply pushed it open slowly and stepped inside, locking it. If his dick wasn’t hard yet, it certainly was once he saw Allie. She had the lamp beside her bed turned on to a dim setting illuminating her body. In preparation, she too was without a shirt. She had no bra on either; her breasts were resting against her chest freely. She was smiling at him but it wasn’t just a smile, it was one that said she wanted him. Her heart was beating fast, her chest rising and falling; the guy she loved so much was standing right in front of her.

Allie’s left hand was resting on her six month pregnant stomach, which had now turned into a significant bump, and her right hand was beside her on the bed. As Nick’s eyes fell from Allie’s amazing boobs, down to her crotch, he noticed she was completely nude, her thighs spread apart just a little. Since the lamp didn’t light up the whole room, Nick couldn’t see her pussy as much as he would have liked, but he knew he would soon.



It was the first time either of them had said anything. Feeling his dick basically poking out at the front of his pants, Nick started walking over to his sister’s bed. His heart was beating extremely fast, and for the first time since their first time, Nick actually felt nervous. It was like he was scared that he wouldn’t be able to please her as much as he would like to even though Allie never complained. Allie was laying on the left side of her bed, so Nick made his way to the right side and slowly laid down next to his lover. Allie was on her back so she turned her head to the right to meet Nick’s eyes. Nick was propped up on one elbow, laying on his side. He then leaned over and their lips met. It was a slow kiss at first, no tongue or anything, but soon enough, they were making out.

Nick reached out his right hand and cupped Allie’s right breast. It sure was a handful, just the way Nick liked it. Allie’s left hand, which had formerly been resting on the bed, was now gently cupping Nick’s crotch through his pants. After a bit more kissing, Nick moved his lips from his sisters and started sucking on her right nipple. Allie’s left hand kept rubbing Nick’s hard dick as she moaned and pushed her chest out. Even though this was the slowest and most gentle sex Nick and Allie were having, Nick was getting really into it. His right hand was now rubbing Allie’s pussy in perfect circles. They weren’t actually perfect but the sensations they were causing for Allie sure made them.

“Mmmm fuccck! Nick!” Nick’s dick was pretty much fully erect already but hearing those amazing moans he missed so much made it jump even more. Allie’s hand was now fumbling with Nick’s pants, trying to free his seven incher. Nick’s two fingers were buried deep inside his sister’s pussy now, as he pumped them in and out. Allie was loving it. After all the nights watching Nick with Anna on the couch or hearing about his dates at dinner, he was finally hers again.

Nick pulled his two fingers out of Allie’s slippery cunt and before he even had a chance to do anything with them, Allie’s hungry left hand had grabbed them and brought them to her mouth. One by one, she gave each finger a slow blowjob, cleaning her cream off them. Every one of her sucks was followed by a gulp. Nick was actually getting a little jealous, he wanted to feast on that delicious cream too and started lowering his head towards the magic pot.

“No Nick, I want… your cock, baby.” Allie was looking Nick right in the eye, biting her lip. She had the expression of need on her face and Nick couldn’t say no. Especially since he wanted it just as much. Allie let her hand fall from Nick’s crotch as Nick sat up and undid his pants. He then laid on his back and pulled them off. For a second, Nick felt awkward as he noticed that Allie’s belly wouldn’t really help if he tried fucking her missionary. Allie was quick though as she slowly turned to her left side, sticking her ass out at Nick. With her hands now under her head, and her ass out, there was nothing stopping Nick now.

He took his dick in his hand and rubbed his cockhead up and down Allie’s pussy lips which were being squeezed by Allie’s closed thighs. Slowly, Nick grabbed Allie’s leg resting on top and raised it, holding it in position not too high in the air. Giving Allie’s pussy one last rub on the outside of her hole, he slowly let his cock slide inside the wet cocoon of pleasure. Both siblings moaned almost simultaneously at that first penetration. It felt so incredible that Nick took a few extra seconds before finally letting his dick come back out. With just his cockhead in Allie’s cunt, Nick pushed out his hips as more of his dick disappeared inside. For the first minute or so, Nick’s thrusts were very slow and sensual. This wasn’t just sex, they both knew this was much more than that. This was a brother and sister making love like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“I love you Nick.” This threw Nick off just a little bit but without leaving too long of a pause, Nick reached his head over and gave Allie a short deep and meaningful kiss before answering.

“I love you too, Allie, forever and always.” Allie looked deep into Nick’s eyes, the dim lighting covering one side of his face in almost complete darkness. Nick’s cock was just on the inside of Allie’s pussy when Nick gave one long, powerful thrust, getting the entirety of it inside his sister. This caused Allie’s eyes to leave Nick’s as she closed them while her mouth dropped open. Her eyebrows were frowning but it was from pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhh shiitt, yes yes yes more!!” Nick would have been a little nervous of the noise Allie was making since their parents room was down the hall, but he was simply too focused on his balls slamming against Allie’s skin to care. The sensual part of this was now gone, this was now a full on fucking. Nick was still holding Allie’s leg in the air as he tried to pick up his pace even more. This just made Allie moan more. “Yeah fuck your slutty little sister! MMMM!”

“Allie mom and dad!” Those four words was all Nick could get out. He was feeling his shaft creating amazing feelings and he was starting to get lost in his own world where the only thing that mattered and existed was this warm and tight hole he was filling at the moment.

Completely turned on, Allie reached her right hand behind her grabbing her ass cheek and pulling it open, exposing her pink little asshole to Nick. It looked way too tight for Nick’s dick but that didn’t stop Nick from having fun with it. Propping his knee under Allie’s leg so that it could rest there, Nick made Allie lube up his middle finger with her spit before teasingly probing at her anus. His thrusting had stopped now, his cock buried inside her pussy, with his focus now on this new hole. At first, Nick only managed his finger up to his nail to go in but as Allie did her best to relax her asshole, Nick managed to get up to the first knuckle, followed by the second knuckle shortly after. With his finger inside, he started to swirl it in a circular motion making Allie go absolutely ecstatic. Not stopping with his finger, Nick picked up the thrusting of his cock which was now simply throbbing as it fucked Allie’s cunt.

“Oh my god yes fuck my asshole baby!” Nick was now certain his parents would come rushing to the door slamming on it but he didn’t care. He was in incest heaven. This was simply too much for Allie as she couldn’t fight her orgasm any longer and let it explode on her system. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked Allie’s body, even making her nipples feel it. Nick couldn’t move his finger, as Allie’s orgasm had made her asshole muscles clench again. But Nick didn’t let his finger get pushed out as he fought to keep it inside. Allie was actually shaking a little from her orgasm and this made Nick just increase the speed of his thrusts, trying to prolong Allie’s orgasm as long as possible. Allie’s nipples were so sensitive that she had to squeeze her fingers over them so much that it caused her a little pain but she didn’t care, even pain felt good at this point.

“OHHHHH AHHHHHhhhhhhhhh, YESSSS!” Allie didn’t even know she was screaming so loud, she barely knew what was even going on. All that she knew was that her body was going through some kind of ecstasy and she loved it. Hearing his sister moan the loudest she had so far, Nick had no choice but to cover her mouth with his free left hand, which put him in a slightly uncomfortable position. His hand jumped back though when he felt Allie’s teeth bite down on it.

“Now you’re gonna get it!” Allie was back in reality and hearing her brother threaten her like that just made her giggle with pleasure. Her little aftershocks of her recent orgasm weren’t helping with the giggling either. Nick now popped his middle finger from Allie’s ass, causing Allie’s hips to jump forward a little, away from Nick and Nick’s dick followed swiftly. Without any hesitation, Nick shoved his middle finger, which was formerly in Allie’s ass, into Allie’s mouth and Allie simply just sucked. She didn’t care one bit that it was just deep in her naval canal, she just loved sucking stuff from her holes. As Nick felt how strong Allie was sucking on his finger, it was simply too much and with one final thrust of his cock, and a pull at Allie’s hips with his hand, he relaxed deep inside his sister’s cunt and let go. He felt the surge of pleasure start getting stronger and stronger until eventually, his cock gave a jerk, making Nick’s whole body jerk, and a jet of cum went straight into Allie’s pussy. That first jet of cum was so strong and intense, it alone would have been enough to fill her pussy. Jet after jet of cum exited Nick’s cock, and reached its location inside Allie’s pussy.

Nick was frozen solid, not moving at all. Allie was doing the same, besides her head which was actually bobbing back and forth off the pillow, giving Nick’s finger a good suck. Feeling satisfied with her work, Allie let her head fall down on her pillow, making Nick’s finger pop out of her mouth.

“Oh wow hehe. That was incredible.” Both of them were panting, Nick’s knee no longer supporting Allie’s thigh. He was still buried inside his sister though, trapping the cum there. Neither of them objected as they both felt Nick’s cock start to get flaccid. Nick was laying right against Allie, his lips touching the back of Allie’s neck. Those warm lips against Allie’s neck gave her goose bumps across her body. She simply laid there smiling. Nick’s arm was around her, resting on her breast, with Allie’s hand over top. This really was a picture of perfectness when it came to love. It was really late, and they were both spent, so it was no wonder that shortly after Nick pulled the covers over them which were at their feet, they drifted off to sleep. Even though Nick was no longer hard, his dick had stayed inside his sister until they were both sleep. Sometime throughout the night, it had fallen out, followed by the cum.

Having no school the next day, Allie and Nick were safe from their parents. Not only that, but Allie’s door was locked so there was no chance of them getting caught in that very inappropriate embrace. There was nothing inappropriate to them about it, but the parents would most likely scream their heads off if they saw it.

When Nick and Allie awoke Friday morning, they smiled at each other and kissed for a few minutes, remembering the events of the night before. They were nothing more than two teenagers with affectionate feelings towards one another. Was there anything wrong with that? The answer to that ran through Nick and Allie’s minds almost every day. Society would find them disgusting and make their lives hell for doing such an “evil” act. Months ago, both Nick and Allie would have that very answer for this relationship: that it was wrong. But now, that it was growing from pure lust to actual love, they both were struggling to pin point what they really thought about it. As they kept making out, now facing each other, none of that mattered. All that mattered was that very moment they were so lucky to be sharing. And the best thing about it was, it didn’t have to end. Their parents were both at work, leaving the house empty for Nick and Allie. This they knew to be a fact.

What they didn’t know though, was that Nick’s phone in his room was blinking. This meant he had a new message. Neither of them had any idea of how powerful that text message would be on their lives and their relationship because Brittany was sitting at her house, eagerly waiting for a response.

Chapter Six

Naomi was breathing heavily, her night shirt stuck to her sweaty skin. She was kicking and turning around on her bed, side to side, her eyes closed, her mind deep in her subconscious. Her legs had kicked off the comforter, her dark skinned legs restless. Naomi was sleeping but just like most of her recent nights, she was having a nightmare.

“No!” Naomi sat up quickly, opening her eyes. Images of her recent dream flashing through her head in little bits and parts as it slowly faded from her memory. This was usual, she could never tell what her nightmare really was about, but for some reason, she thought it had something to do with Josh. She wasn’t sure if that was correct but that was the only explanation she could come up with. She never had nightmares this frequently before Josh abused her. Naomi sank back down on her pillow and wiped her forehead.

About ten minutes pass before Naomi decides to get up. It was still very early in the morning and Naomi knew that she and her little sister would be alone. This didn’t make much of a difference though as Naomi had planned on just laying in bed with her laptop for the entire day. That’s when she remembered that Hayley took her laptop last night. Pulling her night shirt off and putting on a different one, Naomi decided to go and get her laptop. Since it was early, Hayley would probably be still sleeping so she had to be quiet as to not wake her.

Naomi went into the hall and walked down towards Hayley’s which wasn’t too far away. Naomi’s mind was still racing, trying to figure out her latest nightmare with little success so maybe that’s why it took her a second to register what she was seeing when she opened Hayley’s door. There, on her bed laid Hayley, but instead of sleeping like Naomi thought, Hayley was butt naked with one of her hands clearly rubbing her little kid pussy. In front of her sat Naomi’s laptop. Naomi could barely see the screen but she saw enough to see a blonde woman most likely in her twenties with her head buried in between a brunette’s legs. Both women were skinny with huge tits and this was clearly a lesbian porn video.

Going from the laptop was a cord which lead to Hayley’s ear. Naomi couldn’t hear the porn because Hayley was listening to it with headphones. It took Naomi a few moments to realize that she should not be here right now but it was too late. Hayley had noticed the person watching her and turned her head to see her sister Naomi. Naomi’s gaze was planted on Hayley’s pussy in shock, so this made things even worse when Hayley looked right at her and Naomi made eye contact with her. Hayley looked indifferent to getting caught but Naomi was in total shock. Without another moment, Naomi turned around and ran to her own room closing the door behind her.

“Oh my god, oh my god, that did not just happen!” Naomi was talking to herself, pacing in her room a few feet from the door. Her brain was still processing how her innocent little sister could be masturbating. When she was eleven, she didn’t even think about that stuff, but here is her eleven year old sister looking like a pro already. There was a short knock on Naomi’s door shortly after and Hayley’s voice could be heard from the other side.

“Nomi?” Naomi stood in one spot for a second, not wanting to open the door and face her sister but she knew that she couldn’t hide from Hayley forever. Naomi walked towards the door and opened it, only to turn her head away. Standing in front of her was Hayley, in the same position as last night when she came to get the laptop. Her hands cupped in front of her, smiling innocently. The only difference was that this time, Hayley didn’t have her school outfit on, instead she was as naked as the day she was born.

“Hayley why didn’t you put some clothes on?!” Naomi now had her right hand in front of her, trying to shield Hayley’s naked body from her sight. She wasn’t even looking in Hayley’s direction, just taking glances every so often.

“Um mom and dad aren’t home, who cares?” Hayley shrugged her shoulders showing how little it mattered to her that she was standing naked in front of her big sister who just caught her masturbating. Hayley was only eleven years old so she didn’t have much of a body but she was still cute. Her little nipples were sticking out, trying to make up for the lack of breasts but they were still only dark little bumps on her chest. Hayley was also pretty tiny just like her sister so her waist was not big at all. Her slit was just that, a slit and not much of a pussy to be seen. Naomi looked up at Hayley at her eyes through her glasses and answered her sister’s question, which was more rhetorical then an actual question but Naomi answered it anyway.

“I don’t wanna see you naked Hayley, you’re not a little kid anymore, it’s not right! And since when do you fucking masturbate?!” Even though Naomi was swearing and almost shouting, Hayley could see her sister was more uncomfortable than angry, so Hayley kept on smiling, enjoying the situation a little. It was funny to her more than anything else. She didn’t see the big deal about siblings being naked around each other.

“I don’t know since when but it’s been for a few months at least. Like you said I’m not a little kid anymore, that’s why I masturbate.” Hayley said that in a matter-of-fact tone and Naomi looked at her sister again.

“I didn’t mean you weren’t a kid, I just meant that you aren’t so little that it’s okay for me to see you naked. That doesn’t mean you are old enough for… well for masturbation and porn!” At this point Hayley had walked into the room and closed the door behind her. Naomi’s arm was starting to get tired from holding it up so she switched arms.

“How come you can do it and I can’t just because I’m younger? And don’t pretend you don’t do it too, probably more than me.” Naomi was ready to argue and deny Hayley’s accusation but she knew it would be useless and that she wouldn’t win so she gathered her thoughts for a second and replied.

“Hayley, I’m gonna be sixteen in a few months, you are only eleven!” Hayley was now leaning against the door with her arms crossed and sighed. Her slit was no longer covered by her hands, and Naomi couldn’t help but spot it with her peripheral vision. Naomi had given up on trying not to look at her sister’s naked body and now had her hands on her hips.

“It’s not even bad what I’m doing, I’m just rubbing my pussy cause it feels good.” Naomi was about to say something about Hayley saying the word pussy and talking like that but what she heard next froze her tongue. “And besides, you do way worse stuff when you masturbate.” Naomi’s mouth was hanging open at a loss for words. Hayley was smiling again innocently.

“I- I- what?”

“Hehe, well what about that night in the kitchen?” Naomi could feel her face go red with embarrassment but she forced herself to keep eye contact with Hayley. “You thought you were safe and alone but I was still awake and I heard you walking around but I didn’t really think anything of it. I actually thought you had gone back to your room finally so I went for a glass of water and instead I heard moaning from the kitchen.” The way Hayley was talking it was like she was telling a normal kid story.

“I can’t believe this.” Naomi was so embarrassed and could barely make herself listen to the rest of what Hayley was saying but at the same time, she couldn’t turn her attention away from it. Not only that but Naomi had discovered something about herself recently. She was a tiny bit of an exhibitionist so the fact that she could feel her pussy getting the slightest of tingles while Hayley talked made this whole thing even worse.

“So being curious, I had to take a peek and see what you were doing… What did you do with that cucumber after?” This was so wrong, Naomi only did that because Josh asked her to. She didn’t but she almost didn’t want to admit that she liked it to herself.

“This is so embarrassing. Can we not talk about this? You can keep masturbating, you’re old enough whatever.” When Hayley heard Naomi’s approval of her masturbation, she smiled brightly and stood up just a little straighter.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I mean, it’s not like I was disgusted by it or anything, and I would never tell mom or dad.” Naomi was now rubbing her head and looking down at her feet, her mind racing. She wondered when exactly Hayley saw her because she did a lot of things that night. As Naomi was lost in thought she almost missed what Hayley said, ‘it’s not like I was disgusted by it or anything.’ What the hell did that mean? “It got me thinking afterwards though. I bet whoever got to see it really enjoyed it. Where did you come up with such a hot idea?” Hayley was talking so casually that Naomi could swear she had forgotten anyone else was in the room. This didn’t even sound like her sister talking though. It was like her innocence was just an act she put on at the house, who knows what she was like with her friends.

Hayley was looking down and playing with her nails while she talked and when Naomi didn’t answer her latest question she looked up at her sister again with a straight face this time. Naomi’s mind was having trouble keeping up with all the new information she was receiving. Not only that but she was now back in the kitchen, focused on the image of her little sister peeking her head out and watching her with that look on her face she has when she is really paying attention to something. Naomi didn’t know why exactly, but she was getting aroused more and more. Naomi finally looked up at her sister and when she did, she couldn’t help but shift her legs just a tiny bit, closing her thighs on her pussy a bit more.

Naomi hoped this slight adjustment would go unnoticed by Hayley but after all these years of Hayley running into her sister’s room at unexpected times, she had noticed a pattern. This pattern told her when her sister was uncomfortable because she wanted to be alone. More clearly, Hayley was getting pretty good at placing a finger on the times her sister was aroused. Nothing was said but it was like Hayley and Naomi suddenly had a telepathic connection between them. Naomi’s mind was saying “I like hearing how you caught me because it excites me.” All it took for Naomi to figure out what Hayley now knew was Hayley’s quick and subtle glance from her face down to her crotch. She then looked Naomi dead in the eye with her innocent expression, smiled and broke the telepathic silence.

“I watched for a bit and I thought it was hot.” Naomi was shocked at how Hayley could be so casual about all of this. Standing naked in front of her sister and talking about how she thought watching her sister masturbating with a cucumber was hot. Naomi didn’t know what she was more shocked at; Hayley’s casualness or the fact that her own pussy was wanting her attention much like the way Hayley was giving her little slit attention just a few minutes ago.

“Hayley, don’t talk like that! I didn’t like doing it…”

“It sure seemed like you liked it. Maybe the camera didn’t show—”

“The what?!” Hayley jumped back just a slight bit when Naomi shouted cutting her off but quickly regained her cool casual tone and facial expression.

“The camera. On your phone. The one that was taking pictures of the event…” Hayley paused a little and Naomi buried her face in her hands and whispered “Oh god.” But it was so quiet that only Naomi could hear it. Naomi hated this whole conversation, embarrassment mixed with arousal was a terrible feeling to have. It didn’t make sense as the two emotions were basically contradicting each other, making Naomi’s head swim. “The camera didn’t show your face so the recipient might’ve not known it but, I got the full shot and your face can’t lie. You were enjoying it.” Hayley took a short pause and was about to continue but Naomi now actually yelled.

“Just shut the fuck up Hayley!”

“What?! I’m not saying anything that isn’t true. I’ll shut up when you admit you loved it.” The two sisters looked at each other for a few moments before Hayley broke the gaze and got excited like she just remembered how to solve a math equation and then in a split second, she had her bare ass planted on Naomi’s bed with Naomi’s phone in her hand. Naomi had extended her hand to grab the phone out of Hayley’s but wasn’t quick enough as Hayley jumped across the bed to the other side. With the bed separating them, Naomi could do nothing but watch Hayley’s eyes open wide and her mouth drop open just slightly. She had found the pictures.

“Ugh. Okay you got a look, now can I please have my phone back?” Hayley didn’t say anything but just held up a finger. Naomi’s breathing was starting to pick up as she watched her naked little sister moving her thumb across the screen of her phone, looking at each new picture with amazement. As much as Naomi didn’t want to admit it to herself, this was turning her on. “Hayley come on, that’s enough!” Hayley looked up from the phone and saw that Naomi seemed a little upset now. She also noticed that Naomi was sweating and breathing a bit too heavily to be just embarrassed or upset. She giggled a little and sighed jokingly,

“Okay okay you party pooper.” Hayley extended her arm with the phone in front of her and started walking around to where Naomi was. Naomi started pacing towards Hayley and they met in the middle. “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” As Naomi reached out her hand and took the phone, Hayley’s free hand swiftly landed on Naomi’s crotch. It took Naomi a second or two to fight off the urge of letting Hayley keep her hand on her crotch before she snapped to reality. “HAYLEY!” Naomi slapped her sister’s hand from her pussy and they both stood not moving, looking at each other. Hayley almost whispered the next two words.

“You’re wet.” Naomi was rooted to the spot. Hayley watched her sister’s facial expression and then bit her bottom lip before snatching the phone out of Naomi’s hand again and running around the bed only to flop down on it, on her back. Naomi was wet, she was slowly falling in the trap of her horniness. She knew she should’ve yelled at Hayley for taking her phone again but she didn’t have enough will power to do so. She simply turned her head and watched as Hayley once again started going through the pictures, only this time, her left hand was making small circles on her naked pussy.

“Hayley… What are you doing? Stop…” Naomi’s request to stop was so weak and unthreatening that Hayley barely paid any attention to it. She must’ve found a picture she really liked as Hayley bit her lip again and moaned at a good volume. Naomi’s panties were slowly getting soaked and she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

“Come lay next to me Nomi.” Hayley’s latest request sounded so innocent and child-like that Naomi didn’t even realize it but her legs were slowly going one in front of the other, towards the open space beside her sister. When she got to the bed, she sat down on the edge first, her legs off the bed with her body slightly tilted towards Hayley. At first, Naomi just sat there, her eyes scanning Hayley’s body from head to toe as she watched Hayley’s hand start to work faster on her little eleven year old slit.

What was going on? This was wrong on so many levels yet, Naomi couldn’t help but watch. First of all, Hayley was way too young for masturbation, but Naomi didn’t stop her. Second of all, Naomi shouldn’t be watching idly by as her sister looked at pictures of her naked and doing kinky things. Third of all, the fact that her sister was naked masturbating in her bed was crossing every line of incest. But even though all of this went through Naomi’s mind, she simply tossed it aside. The urge to see the situation go further was too great.

“You like my pictures?” Naomi didn’t even know why she was encouraging Hayley now but she knew she liked it. Hayley simply nodded and made some sound that was meant to be an answer.

“Mmhhmm.” Hayley now put down the phone next to her and closed her eyes, letting both of her hands fall to her pussy. Watching, Naomi knew there was no way she could stop whatever next was gonna happen from happening. With that conclusion in her mind, Naomi let her right hand slip inside her panties, and find her wet cunt. When Hayley saw this, she made a face of need and want at Naomi. Not taking her hand from her pussy, Naomi leaned down and moved her lips closer to Hayley’s. Knowing what Naomi was about to do, Hayley raised her head slightly from the pillow and locked her lips around Naomi’s. It was a short kiss, a clumsy one considering Hayley had only kissed anyone one time, but it sent an electric shock through both of their bodies.

Naomi swung her legs onto the bed and leaned against her headboard. Hayley was to her right, laying on her back, her hands playing with her pussy. Since she was naked, Naomi could see her dark skin covered in goose bumps. Naomi then moved her left hand down to her sister’s flat chest and started rubbing her dark nipple. Hayley felt little tingles go through her entire body when her sister touched her. All of this was so awesome and unexpected and Hayley was loving it.

After playing with Hayley’s nipples a bit more, Naomi started getting curious. She had never been with a girl before and she wanted to try everything. The fact that this was incest barely even mattered to Naomi, she was too lost in the amazement of lesbianism. Scooting down into a more horizontal position, Naomi was almost level with her sister’s chest. Hayley looked over at her big sister and made that face of need again.

“I love you Nomi. You’re the best.” Naomi was thrown off by Hayley’s words. Hayley was an affectionate kid and this was only the millionth time she had heard those words from her but this time, they sounded different. Naomi smiled and replied. Hayley smiled too and started watching her sister’s right hand inside her panties. This turned Naomi on even more so she quickly got rid of the panties and sucked on her sister’s nipple. It felt weird but at the same time, it felt hot. Naomi was sure sucking on an actual breast would be different, but she liked it this way.

Naomi’s fingers were covered in her pussy juices now, as she rammed them inside her cunt. Hayley was going much slower, pretty much only rubbing her pussy and Naomi found this cute. After getting a good final suck of her sister’s nipple, she lifted her head and let out a moan as her orgasm came down on her body like a ton of bricks.

“Ohhhh ffffffuuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!” Naomi started bouncing up and down on her bed as her orgasm sent waves of immense pleasure through her body. Hayley simply laid beside her sister, her head turned to one side and watched. She smiled and for the first time, she started rubbing her pussy faster. After Naomi pulled her fingers out of her pussy, she looked over at Hayley with hunger. Hayley couldn’t help but burst into a laugh as Naomi rolled on top of her.

Hayley’s hands were now trapped underneath Naomi’s waist. Naomi furiously leaned down and gave Hayley a passionate kiss on the lips, sticking her tongue inside her mouth. Hayley did her best to keep up with her sister but it was obvious she was an amateur. The fact that her hands were trapped underneath her sister gave Hayley an easy access to her sister’s wet pussy. Naomi lifted her ass in the air for a second when she felt Hayley’s index finger enter her pussy. With the finger not moving in her cunt, Naomi pushed her pussy down against the intrusion.

Hayley was now using both hands to do her best to please her sister while Naomi had her lips locked on Hayley’s neck. This was making Hayley tingle all over, she never knew getting her neck sucked on could feel so good. Naomi wasn’t getting fingered as much as she was riding Hayley’s fingers. Hayley now had two resting inside her pussy as Naomi went up and down an inch or so, getting the fingers in her cunt as deep as possible. They stayed like this for a while longer, their bodies pressed against each other. Since Naomi was still in her nighty, Hayley couldn’t see her breasts, but she could certainly feel her hard nipples pressed against her chest.



“Can you make me cum? The way you did?” Naomi was still sucking on Hayley’s neck but hearing this made her lift her head. She looked at Hayley for a second, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, she saw fear in Hayley’s eyes. Naomi guessed that she was nervous about this and suddenly Naomi felt obligated to give Hayley the best time of her life. After all, she was her big sister.

“I’ll make you scream, I promise.” Naomi kissed Hayley on the lips quickly again before lifting her pussy from Hayley’s fingers and scooting down. Once she was level with Hayley’s eleven year old slit, she noticed that it was a little red and wet. Naomi had never been this close to another girl’s pussy so she took a few moments to examine it. It looked absolutely beautiful. Naomi then noticed that Hayley was patiently looking down at her, waiting for Naomi to start so Naomi made eye contact with her sister and gave her a naughty little smile. Before this all started, Naomi was the nervous one, while Hayley was relaxed. Now that they were right in the dead center of the action, the roles seemed to be switched. When Naomi was having sex, she was a completely different person. Not the innocent one her friends knew her as, but someone that wanted the job done right.

First, Naomi let the tip of her tongue make contact with Hayley’s pussy just to get a feel for it, but even that little touch made Hayley gasp with pleasure. Naomi looked up at Hayley again, who was watching every second of the action and gave her pussy a bigger lick. Hayley moaned and bit her lip and Naomi felt her pussy burn with lust. Lowering her right hand to her own pussy, she dug her fingers inside it again. Getting more comfortable with eating her sister’s pussy, she was now going hard. First like a dog licking his owner’s face, Naomi licked the small slit from top to bottom, sometimes letting her tongue slip inside as she licked.

“Oh fuuck! More!” Hayley was in heaven right now, this was the best sexual experience of her short life, and best of all, it was with her big sister who she loved so much. After all the hours of porn she watched, nothing could have prepared her for what she was feeling. At this point, Naomi had swallowed a few gulps of her sister’s pussy and she was still hungry for more. She thought Josh had ruined sex for her, but this was something she could have never imagined.

With everything going on, the taste of her sister’s pussy, the smell of it, the feel of pussy juice leaking onto her tongue which was buried deep inside this warm hole, the sight of Hayley enjoying this as much as her, and her two fingers smacking against her pussy was enough to send her over the edge. Naomi’s second orgasm was even better than her first and this only increased pleasure for Hayley as well. Naomi pushed her face into Hayley’s crotch as hard as she could, licking the walls inside her pussy with her tongue. Hayley started grinding her cunt against her sister’s face, making Naomi’s nose rub against the little bump that was her clit.

“MMMMMM!” Naomi’s moans were muffled by the pussy in her face but Hayley knew that her sister was having another orgasm. After Naomi’s body finally stopped having a seizure of pleasure, she took out her fingers and without even thinking, brought them up to Hayley’s face. Hayley hesitated for a second but soon had the fingers in her mouth, tasting pussy for the first time. The taste made her taste buds go wild, she loved it. Naomi finally moved her face away from Hayley’s pussy and watched as Hayley sucked her fingers clean. Even though she just came, her pussy started burning again. This was all so wrong, and it made it so hot to Naomi.

“I need those fingers.” Hayley hadn’t even noticed Naomi watching her, she was too busy with the juices but when she saw her giggling, she pushed them from her mouth and smiled. Naomi told her sister she would make her cum, and now that Hayley was on the verge from all that oral, she was gonna finish her off.

Naomi spit on Hayley’s cunt and rubbed it in with her fingers. Hayley was wet enough but Naomi wanted to make sure she could take her fingers. When she decided it was time, Naomi pushed her index finger at the entrance of Hayley’s slit and looked up at her face to see her reaction. Hayley’s mouth dropped open as she started to gasp with pleasure every few seconds. Seeing that it wasn’t hurting her, Naomi then pushed more of her finger in and started fingering her sister with rhythm. Hayley’s hands went to her own head as she couldn’t believe how good it felt.

“Ohhhh FFUUUCK! That feels so good!” Naomi smiled as she kept watching Hayley squirming around, and knew this would be the best orgasm of Hayley’s life.

“You like that baby?”

“MHMM FUCK YES! UUNNNGHH!” Naomi’s lips were curved into a smile from cheek to cheek and she kept using her finger to penetrate her sister. Every so often, Naomi would lean down and give Hayley’s clit a little suck, or remove her finger and replace it with her tongue, only to pull it out again making Hayley’s crotch try and follow her.

“I’m gonna use two fingers now, okay?”

“Yes please!”

Naomi stuck both her middle and index fingers in her mouth, lubing them up with spit. Then very slowly, she pushed the tip inside of Hayley’s pussy again. This time, Hayley’s young pussy was even tighter since there were two fingers inside her rather than one.


Hayley was enjoying this so much that she was sure it was just a dream and that she would wake up just before she could feel the sweet release of an orgasm. But this couldn’t be a dream, it was too real. Naomi was now only focused on making Hayley cum so she used the thumb of her other hand to rub Hayley’s clit in little circles while her two fingers pushed in and out. In and out, in and out, Naomi’s pace was picking up as Hayley’s pussy was starting to get more used to two fingers inside it.

“I’m gonna cum soon, oh god! FUCK ME HARDER!! UNNNNGGHHGHGH!!” Naomi was a little taken aback by Hayley’s screaming but it only urged her on more. Now pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy faster than ever, Hayley was humping her pussy back against Naomi’s fingers. As Naomi continued, Hayley’s little ass eventually rose up from the bed completely and Naomi was now fingering her sister in mid air. She felt Hayley’s pussy tighten and saw her hands grab handfuls of the sheet on the bed below her. Her back was arched and Hayley let out a huge shriek as the orgasm overtook her body.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK, FUCKING SHITTTT AHHHHH!! OH GODDDDD YESSSSS!!! FUCKKKKKKKK NOMIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!” Naomi kept on ramming her fingers into Hayley’s pussy, absolutely loving this but Hayley couldn’t take it anymore, her cunt was too sensitive so she used both of her hands to push Naomi’s hand away. She then closed her thigh’s and curled up on her side, her body still shaking a little from pleasure.

“Wow, now that’s an orgasm!” Naomi started laughing, now completely comfortable with the fact that she was having sex with her own sister. Unlike earlier when she felt embarrassed at just looking at her naked sister. Naomi was laying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows watching her sister recover from her intense orgasm. Hayley finally turned onto her back and looked up at her sister. Her face was red and her forehead was covered in sweat. She looked absolutely spent.

“Oh my god, that was the best thing ever.” Naomi laughed and Hayley just managed a little smile, she was still breathing heavily and staring at the ceiling.

“Yeah that was actually very hot. But I feel wrong.”


“Well you’re my sister… Don’t you think that’s a little messed?”

“I think that we love each other and that what we just did was amazing.” Naomi couldn’t help but agree with that, but there was still doubt in her mind. After all, it was incest and she didn’t know too many people that would agree with her decision to give in to Hayley.

“Let’s just make sure this stays between us.”

“Oh Nomi, you think I’m that dumb? Imagine what would happen if mom or dad found out.” They both laid in bed for a few more minutes, thinking about the sex they just had. Eventually, Naomi crawled her way up next to her sister and they shared another kiss before Naomi decided to be the responsible one again.

“I think it’s time to get dressed Hayley, come on, I’ll make you some breakfast.” Hayley got all excited at the mention of food and quickly got up and ran out of the room to find clothes. Naomi sighed, this was the most unexpected start to the day but it sure was better than the one she planned. She was happy now, and actually having trouble to not smile. This was a first in the last few days. Even if Josh was to come to her door right now, it wouldn’t be able to affect her mood. In fact, she might even give him the ass kicking he deserves.

After putting on a fresh pair of panties and some sweatpants, Naomi made her way to the bathroom to clean up before heading to the kitchen. When she got to the living room, she spotted Hayley in a pair of panties, sitting on the couch watching TV. They smiled at each other and Naomi started preparing breakfast. Naomi couldn’t believe that an eleven year old girl could go from being so innocent to completely naughty, and back again to innocent in one morning. Naomi had a lot of questions circulating her mind again as she prepared breakfast, the most important one, what would happen with the relationship between her and her sister now?

Chapter Seven

“Allie! You have to see this!” Nick was paler than ever, his eyes not blinking as he held his phone in front of him. His feet were planted to the ground in his room and his heart felt like it was gonna explode. The only message he had this morning was from Brittany. And it wasn’t a good one.

“What is it? You wanna screw me again?” Allie was in the other room, making jokes as she walked towards Nick’s. Nick had gone to his room to put on some clothes when he noticed his phone had a new message. “Because I’m always down for more cock.” Allie was smiling when she walked into her brother’s room. Nick, who had a pair of pants on right now, but no shirt, was standing in the middle of the room looking petrified. Allie’s smile quickly faded as she noticed something was clearly wrong. “What is it?”

“She knows…”

“Who knows?”

“Brittany. She… she knows about us.”

It was like someone threw a brick at Allie’s face. The realization of what Nick was saying was too much for her to handle. Her heart started beating even faster than Nick’s and she sat down on Nick’s desk chair.

“What the fuck do you mean she knows?! How could she know?!” Allie was panicking. This was it, this was how their incestuous love would come to an end.

“I don’t know, all I know is Brittany knows!” Nick and Allie were starring at each other, fear in both of their faces. Allie’s face was slowly losing color, and Nick’s was gone a while ago. Nick looked back down to the message that could very well end his life. Not literarily, but he knew this would mean he would lose his parents, his friends, his lifestyle, and most importantly, his sister. The message was short and simple: So you and your sister are fucking? That’s fucked up. Come to my house at eleven am. Bring the bitch.”

“Let me see the text.” Nick walked over and handed Allie his phone and watched her expression as she read it. “Bring the bitch? I’m gonna fucking kill her!” Nick didn’t know why, but for some reason, he snapped at Allie. Maybe it was just anger directed at the wrong person but the reason for it didn’t matter.

“Shut the hell up Allie, we both know you won’t!”

“Excuse me?!” Uh-oh, Nick could sense a fight coming.

“Don’t act stupid, if she knows our secret, we can’t do anything!”

“Don’t call me stupid!”

“Well stop acting stupid then! Look… it’s not for certain that she will tell people, right?” Allie didn’t bother replying, she had her arms crossed and looking out the window. She simply shrugged her shoulders. “And if she wants us to come over, that means she wants to… I don’t know, make some sort of a deal or something, right?” This time Allie mumbled a response.

“I guess so, yeah.” Nick kept looking at Allie who was now looking down at her feet, her arms still crossed. Nick was trying to figure out Brittany’s plan, or at least figure out a way to not have it end badly for him and Allie. So far, nothing came to mind.

“Okay well… That means we still have a chance of not having this get spread around school. And that means, Allie look at me,” Allie raised her head slowly and looked at Nick. “That means neither of us can try anything stupid. We just have to do what she says, okay?” Allie looked like she was gonna argue for a second but then realized Nick was right.

“Yeah yeah I know. This is blackmail.” Nick nodded his head and Allie let a tear fall down her cheek. She got to her feet and Nick hugged her and Allie hugged him tightly back.

“It’s gonna be okay, I promise.” Even though Nick’s voice sounded convincing, he was probably more scared than Allie. He had a good life, a great one in fact, and now it was all hanging by a thread, with Brittany ready to pull on it and make it all collapse.

“I don’t want to lose you Nick. Not again…” Nick hugged his sister tighter and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“You won’t. I won’t let that happen. We’ll figure something out.” Nick and Allie stood there for a few more minutes, just holding each other. They were both scared, Allie was even shaking. Last night was one of the first times Nick said ‘I love you’ to Allie and meant it in a completely different way than before. It was a love he had never felt before, stronger than the one he felt with Anna. He would die for Allie if he had to, he was certain of it. In fact, as he laid in bed with Allie that very morning, he started picturing scenarios with their lives in danger, and every time, it was Allie who survived. There was no doubt in his mind that Allie meant the world to him. Was he in love with her? Or has their incestuous relationship simply strengthened their family bond to a point where it was unbreakable, untouchable.

“I love you… So fucking much.” As Allie said that, Nick had to fight the urge not to start crying himself. Allie’s voice sounded so fragile as she talked, yet so sure of the words she was saying.

“I love you too Allie.”

“Forever and always?”

“Forever and always.”

A couple minutes later, Nick and Allie were getting ready to go to Brittany’s house. Allie put on a simple pair of sweatpants and a comfy t-shirt. Nick figured he should reply to Brittany just to ensure that she wouldn’t think they weren’t coming and start telling their secret. Nick got a very quick reply from her that contained a smiley face. Brittany must be enjoying this quite a lot, he thought, after all, Allie had her in the same position just a few days ago. And Nick wasn’t on the best of terms with her either, he knew that much.

The drive over to Brittany’s house was an unpleasant one. Neither sibling said much, they only exchanged looks of fear and nervousness every so often. The entire drive over, Nick was thinking over every possibility of what was to come. She could make them do almost anything, it was impossible for Nick to come up with an answer. He just hoped that whatever it was, it didn’t involve anyone else.

After the longest drive of their lives, Nick and Allie finally pulled into Brittany’s driveway. After Nick turned the car off, he turned his head and looked at Allie. She was sitting in the passenger seat looking worried. She looked up at him and Nick gave her a simple little smile. She did her best to smile back but before she could fake it any better, Nick leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

“That was a little unexpected.”

“Yeah well... I just want you to know that I'm not gonna let her tear us apart.”

“She can try her best, but it won't work.” This seemed to cheer Allie up just a little bit. “Okay let's go see what the bitch wants.” Nick couldn't help but laugh a little as Allie swung her car door open and stepped outside. After a little hesitation, Nick followed suit. Since Brittany already knew their secret, Nick and Allie decided to hold hands as they walked the few feet to her front door. After they rung the doorbell, the door swung open and in the doorway, stood Brittany.

“It took you long enough. Okay come on get in.” Allie was giving Brittany the dirtiest look she could turn her face into. Brittany returned the look with a smile. Her smile faded when she spotted their linked hands, and suddenly she seemed revolted. For some reason though, Allie thought it was just an act. “Aww how cute, you two are a couple now?”

“As a matter of fact, no. We just wanted to show you that you can't do anything to break us apart.” Allie kept her eyes on Brittany the entire time.

“Oh wow haha, like I give a fuck.” Nick and Allie were now inside Brittany’s kitchen, standing and watching Brittany looking through her fridge. Brittany continued her speech. “You two can be all lovey dovey incest freaks all you want, I just want to use this information so I can have some fun. And also, I seem to remember Allie doing something with some pictures she had. Hmm.” This made Allie furious. It seemed like she was about to jump at Brittany and kick her in the head, but Nick tightened his grip on her hand, telling her to stay calm. Nick was frowning now though, because he wasn't so sure about what Brittany was talking about.

“Woah wait a minute... Allie you told me you didn't do anything with those pictures.”

“Ohhhh this is already fun! Yeah Nick, your lover went behind your back and threatened me with those pictures. Hmm, so much for the perfect couple.”

“We're not a couple! Nick I'm sorry, I'll explain everything later.” Nick wasn't happy but he settled for waiting till Brittany was gone.

“I bet Nick would love to hear why you were blackmailing me in the first place. But... I'll let you tell him yourself later.” Brittany was now eating an apple and smiling as she chewed it. Nick had now let go of Allie's hand, much to Allie's dislike.

“What do you want Brittany?” Brittany’s gaze had gone from Allie to Nick. He had a cold look on his face and Brittany finished her bite of the apple before talking.

“Well, like I already said... I wanna have some fun. But first, we have to make a deal.” Nick and Allie weren't blinking as they watched Brittany take another bite of her apple. “It's simple, you do what I say and I don't tell everyone I know about how you two are fucking. This means, when I call you, you answer and follow my instructions. Oh and you can't tell anyone about this and if you do, I swear I won't hesitate spreading your secret. Sound like a fair deal?” Neither Nick or Allie said anything but just continued with their cold stares. Brittany smiled at them and added, “Good!”

Brittany finished her apple and tossed it in the garbage before turning around and heading to her living room. Nick and Allie followed her and felt their hearts speed up with anxiety. When they got to the living room, they were confused. In the middle of the room, facing the couch was a single chair. At first, they thought Brittany was gonna sit in the chair, but when she sat opposite of it on the couch, they knew she had something else in mind.

“Nick, come sit down.” Brittany patted the seat next to her and Allie automatically turned her gaze to her brother. Without returning the look, he simply walked towards the couch and sat next to Brittany, farther away then she wanted him. She quickly fixed that by sliding closer. “And Allie you may have a seat on the chair. I brought it in especially for you.” Once again, Brittany smiled at Allie and Allie took a few seconds before walking over to the chair and sitting down.

“Brittany, can you just tell us what you want already? I want to go home as fast as possible.” Nick was getting frustrated with this little game Brittany was playing.

“Oh Nick, you are always so impatient.” Brittany patted her hand on Nick's thigh and Allie cleared her throat very loudly. “Okay well I'll keep it simple today. All I want from you two, well actually Allie you won't have to do much, but all I want from you Nick is a good old fashioned fucking like back in the day.”

“What?” Nick and Allie both said that simultaneously but for different reasons. Allie had expected something along these lines but what surprised her was that Brittany said that like it wasn't the first time. Of course, she remembered catching them fucking at her parents party, but for some reason, she thought Brittany was talking about a different time. Nick on the other hand, was completely caught off-guard by Brittany’s order.

“Yeah. Nick, I want you to make me cum the way you make Allie cum, and Allie... I want you to watch and enjoy the show.” Allie was fuming, her fists clenched.

“There is noooo way this is happening.”

“Oh really?” Nick was shaking his head but Brittany simply waited for him to realize he had no choice.

“I'm not doing it in front of Allie!”

“Nick... It's okay. We have to do what she says.” Nick was shocked Allie was caving so easily but soon Nick caved too knowing there was nothing else he could do.

“That's a good girl Allie! Come on Nick, we both know how much you love fucking me. You just need some reminding.” Nick was nervous but Brittany had a point. He always felt satisfied with her. “Okay get up.” Nick looked from Brittany to Allie, who was now staring at her feet. He wanted to say something to her but knew there was nothing that could make this okay. After a few moments, Nick slowly got up and stood in front of Brittany.

Brittany slid from the couch cushion and onto her knees, resting her ass on her heels. Allie kept looking down at her feet, trying to stay calm. Brittany was wearing a tight t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, but she still managed to look sexy. Since she was on her knees, Nick could see down her shirt at her bra. Doing his best not to have his dick react, he watched as Brittany started taking off his pants. She would look up at him with her big eyes and give her best seductive look at Nick but Nick would just look away.

Eventually, Nick's pants were around his feet. Brittany told him to kick them to the side and he did. He kept glancing over at his sister, trying to send her a message, trying to tell her he was sorry but Allie kept looking in the other direction, obviously not enjoying this one bit. Brittany then pulled on Nick's boxers and when they were off, Brittany opened her mouth in amazement. Nick figured she was just acting for Allie and sadly, it looked like it was working since Allie crossed her arms in anger.

“Wow, I forgot how hot your cock looks.” Nick was still flaccid but Brittany had every intention of changing that as she started slowly stroking it back and forth, glancing from Nick to Allie. Without much effort, Nick was getting more turned on, his dick growing with his erection. He was now semi hard. As Brittany’s strokes continued, she moved her head forward and stuck the tip of Nick's dick inside her hungry mouth. “Mmmm” She was now sucking and stroking Nick's almost completely hard dick which Allie kept glancing at, and Nick felt more and more awkward.

Brittany was loving it, and soon had most of Nick's dick in and out of her mouth. Noticing Allie now basically staring at the action, Brittany took Nick's hand and directed it onto her breast. Nick pulled away at first but Brittany quickly grabbed his hand again and put it back. She then started moving his hand telling him she wanted him to do it on his own. Nick had no choice so he started squeezing and playing with it through her shirt. This didn't help with the fact that he was getting closer to rock hard.

“You like my tits baby?” Brittany had pulled Nick's cock out of her mouth long enough to say that and quickly went back to sucking, her head now bobbing back and forth, a little bit of spit
falling down on her shirt. Brittany moved her hands from Nick's cock now and pushed them under his shirt, running them up and down his body. Her mouth locked on his dick as she attempted deep throating him for the first time. With barely any coughs, Nick's cock disappeared from site as it went all the way down Brittany’s throat. When she pulled it from her mouth and let it drop free, a line of spit remained connected from Nick's cock to Brittany’s mouth. “Oh fuck yeah!” Brittany had obviously enjoyed that deep throating by her reaction.

Nick had let go of Brittany's tits and Brittany's hands were away from his body. But this was only so that she could start stripping as she reached around the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Her tits were now clearly showing in her black almost see-through bra. Allie was dead silent, her whole body now completely turned to the side, staring at the wall ahead of her. Nick's dick was now fully erect as it was actually throbbing in front of Brittany's face.

“Aww come on Allie, you're not enjoying this as much as us?” Nick hated the fact that Brittany said 'us' rather than 'me' but it wasn't his fault, Brittany was a good cocksucker.

Brittany wasted no time in digging back in on sucking on Nick's dick, bobbing her head over the whole of his cock, letting his cock slide down her throat every so often. Nick tilted his head back and didn't even realize when he moaned but it was too late, and that was when Allie looked at him again. That moan of pleasure from him obviously hurt her. It was already obvious he was enjoying himself, but he didn't have to moan too.

After a few more minutes of sucking, Brittany popped up on her feet and pulled down her sweatpants along with her thong. While she was pulling her clothes down, she purposely turned around so that her ass was facing Nick and then slowly bent over and let her sweatpants and thong come off over her ass. Nick was looking up at the ceiling trying to show Allie, who wasn't even looking at him, that he didn't want this. But his horny side made him take a few short glances at that plump ass.

It seemed almost impossible at how good Brittany’s ass looked. Her skin had a nice tan and her round ass was no different. Her black thong was shoved deep in between her ass cheeks, so when she started pulling it off, it came out piece by piece very slowly. The part of the thong covering her pussy had outlined her puffy lips and Nick had to glance at her wet cunt. Once her clothes were at her feet, she simply pushed them away with her feet.

Still bent over, Brittany reached her hand underneath and pushed a couple fingers into her wet pussy, moaning very loudly in Allie's direction. With her other hand, she took Nick's cock and started jerking it behind her. This made Nick push his hips out just slightly towards Brittany's amazing ass.

“Mmm fuck, Nick I need your hard cock inside me!” Nick took this as an order and quickly placed his hands on Brittany's hips, pulling her closer towards him. Brittany pushed her pussy back at him and Nick's cock entered her wet cunt. “Ohhhhhh yes! Fuck me like you fuck your sister!” Nick's dick twitched, he was actually enjoying this dirty talk even though the sex was due to blackmailing.

Nick's cock was getting squeezed from every side by Brittany's tight pussy and his dick was throbbing with pleasure. Brittany loved it and her tits were now bouncing back and forth in her tight bra. The fucking didn't last long as Brittany pulled away from Nick and took a few steps towards Allie. Allie turned her head and met Brittany's gaze before turning back to her wall.

“Turn and face me you stupid cunt!” Allie looked at Brittany again, and this time Brittany was giving her an evil look. When Allie didn't turn around and face her, Brittany grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her. Reluctantly, Allie swung her legs back around to sit properly in the chair, now facing Brittany and Nick.

“Hey leave her alone!”

“Shut up Nick, I won't hurt her.” Nick was getting mad now as he made eye contact with Allie and saw that they were filled with tears. She was now sitting facing Brittany while Brittany held her by the hair. After an evil little smile, Brittany let go of her hair, bent over and placed her hands on Allie's legs. Shaking her ass at Nick and looking at him, Nick knew what she wanted. He walked over to her and after looking at Allie one more time, he stuck his dick back into Brittany's warm tight hole. Nick closed his eyes and tried to picture Allie, but Brittany's obnoxiously loud moans killed that dream.

“Ughhnn.” As Nick got closer to orgasm, he couldn't help but let out quiet little moans. Brittany kept her hands on Allie's thighs, and actually started digging her nails into them as her orgasm hit her. Allie felt the pain but didn't give much of a reaction and instead just stared at Brittany's face, which was right in front of her as her head was tilted back. She was moaning at full volume as her orgasm rocked her cunt, still getting pounded by Nick.

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck!” Nick's pace was now picking up as he felt Brittany's orgasm on his shaft and Brittany kept fucking her pussy back against him. As her orgasm faded she opened her eyes and smiled at Allie before spitting right in her face. “Are you enjoying this?! I'm fucking your lover while you watch! Mmmm his cock feels so good!” Allie had a tear fall down her cheek and Brittany rubbed her spit in her face. Nick felt like shit but he knew that his orgasm was about to explode.

“Brittany, I'm gonna cum!” Brittany stared at Allie with hate as she listened to Nick's moans. “Brittany should I pull out?!” Allie was staring right back at Brittany as Brittany was digging her nails as hard as she could into Allie's thighs but Allie did her best not to show emotion.

“Cum on this bitches face. She must be used to it by now.” Both Nick and Allie were a little surprised but it wasn't anything they shouldn't of expected and Nick knew that he was about to cum. He quickly pulled out of Brittany's pussy and made his way closer to Allie.

“Ahhh fuckkk! Shiiiiitt!” Before Nick could even make it close enough to hit Allie in the face with his cum, he shot a jet of thick cum making it splatter on her shirt covering her stomach. The second shot landed right across Allie's face, covering it from her forehead to her chin and Brittany cheered as Allie kept her eyes closed, flinching a little when the cum hit her.

“Open your mouth!” Allie did as she was told and casually opened her mouth. Brittany now had Nick's dick in her hand and she pointed it straight at Allie's mouth as the last few shots landed right inside it. As Nick's orgasm died away, he backed away and sat down on the couch. Allie kept her mouth open, which was filled with cum and Brittany just looked at her with interest. “No spitting, I wanna see you swallow your brother's cum!” Allie once again did as she was told and closed her mouth, taking one large gulp and swallowing all the cum in her mouth.

Her eyes remained closed as there was still a big line of cum stretching across her face. What Brittany did next though surprised her; she flinched as she felt a wet tongue lick her face all over collecting the remaining cum in her mouth. With her mouth full, Brittany used her hand to open Allie's mouth again and then tilted Allie's head back, spitting the cum into her mouth. Brittany and Nick watched as the cum drooled out of her mouth and into Allie's, which Allie swallowed again.

When all the cum was swallowed, Allie used the bottom of her shirt to wipe her face so that she could open her eyes again. Her shirt already got a jet of cum, so now there was no doubt it was completely dirty.

“Woah! That was fucking awesome! What do you think Nick?” Nick was now dressed and his expression was cold as he answered.

“I think it was fucked up.” He was burning a hole through Brittany with his stare but Brittany didn't seem effected by it.

“Oh lighten up Nick. How about you Allie? Did you enjoy watching me fuck your brother?”

“Not as much as I enjoyed watching you fucking Ben.” Brittany was shocked. She had no idea Allie knew Ben's name.

“How do you know his name?” Allie gave her a smile and then said,

“Wouldn't you like to know.” Brittany didn't like that Nick and Allie knew who Ben was but she knew that information wasn't anything special so she shook it off.

“Whatever, it's not like it matters. Oh fuck would you look at that, my pussy is still exposed.” Winking at Nick, Brittany left the room and Nick saw this as an opportunity to say something to Allie but Brittany was back within seconds, so he closed his mouth before getting a word out. Brittany chugged down the glass of water she was holding before bending over and picking up her thong. “So I think we should come up with some kind of codename for our... situation. That way, we can talk about it in public or in front of others without them knowing what we are talking about.” Brittany paused talking and looked from Nick to Allie, both who could care less about what she was saying. “Okay you two need to chill out. Yes, you're getting blackmailed but come on! Even I had a little fun when this whore was blackmailing me.” Brittany nodded her head at Allie and Allie paid little attention to it. Nick finally spoke up, trying to get this thing over with.

“Erm, yeah I think Brittany has a point, Allie.” Allie shot him a look but Nick tried telling her that he was just acting.

“Thank you Nick! Okay so what should we call it?” All three teenagers started thinking, trying to think of a codename. After a long silence, Brittany gave up. “Oh fuck it, we'll improvise if we have to talk in public. Besides, maybe people should know about you two... weirdos.” Nick quickly looked at Brittany but Brittany laughed and told him she was kidding. “You've done well so far. I'd say your efforts today have bought you a few days silence. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See I'm not that bad of a master.” Brittany giggled and Allie felt sick to her stomach. There was no way in hell she would call Brittany her master. Sadly, that was pretty much exactly what Brittany was to her now. Brittany dismissed them and Allie left the room so fast that Nick didn’t even get up from the couch yet. Nick gave Brittany one last look and then followed his sister.

Chapter Eight

Holly was sitting in her office, bored as usual, randomly surfing through her emails. She looked up at the clock and noticed it was only noon, making her sigh. This was the slowest Friday ever and Holly just wanted to go home and have some alone time with her husband. Getting alone time with John was getting harder nowadays; he barely seemed interested in her. Just as Holly was about to jump out her window, her phone rang. Holly looked at the caller ID and saw Pam’s name. Pam was one of her close friends and she was sad that she hadn’t been able to spend much time with her. Holly smiled and answered the phone.

The two women started talking and Holly was officially cheered up. Her day went from being totally brutal to actually fun. Pam was calling from her work and was just as bored. They discussed their work, their kids, and if they had plans for the summer. Basically small chit chat between two women. For a short while, Pam brought up the topic of Brittany and how she wants her to get a boyfriend. Holly explained how Nick just got out of a relationship. Holly than promised Pam that she would talk to Nick about asking Brittany out.

When Holly told Pam about Allie’s latest doctor’s appointment, it triggered Pam to go into a frenzy of baby talk, including asking Holly if she was excited to be a grandma. Holly felt uneasy about the question since Allie’s pregnancy obviously wasn’t planned but acted like she was excited. Finally after fifteen minutes of conversation, the talk steered towards an even more personal topic for Holly.

“So Holly… How’s the sex life between you and that hunky husband of yours?” Holly heard Pam giggling and felt lucky that she was alone in her office as her cheeks turned red.

“Oh my god Pam.”

“Come on, I’m curious! I’ve been alone for a long time Holly.”

“Okay well since you want to know so bad… It’s been pretty slow lately.”

“Pretty slow? Aww you mean like sensual and romantic?” Holly couldn’t help but laugh.

“Sadly no. I meant, we haven’t been having great sex lately.”

“Oh dear… I know exactly what you mean.”

“You do?”

“Well of course sweetie. I went through a divorce.”

“Oh god, you don’t think—”

“Oh no no no! You and John are the perfect couple! I just think you guys are going through a little… rough patch, that’s all.”

“A rough patch is an understatement… Did this happen with you and Jack before the divorce?” Holly knew how touchy Pam was with the subject of her husband, but Pam seemed to be okay with discussing it as she answered after a sigh.

“Big time. I mean, we could barely look at each other some days. And it wasn’t because of fights either, we would just wake up with resentment at one another.”

“I’m so sorry dear.”

“Oh don’t be silly! I got over this a long time ago.” Pam cleared her throat and continued. “But there were other days… Ones where we were all over each other!”


“Yeah it was great. It was nice to know we still cared about one another and expressing it in a physical way.”

“That’s what I want John to see.”

“I’m sure he knows how you feel, but he’s a guy. He just needs some help with it.”

“Well what did you and Jack do?” Holly was eager to find out. Nothing would make her happier then to be physical with her husband again.

“Before I tell you, I want you to keep an open mind about this… okay?”

“Oh no, it’s gonna be something really bad isn’t it?” Pam laughed and Holly prepared herself for some weird sex games.

“It’s more of a lifestyle.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well… Okay one night, I tried to be all sexy for Jack, you know putting on my best lingerie and everything.”

“Right.” Pam continued her story.

“But the ass wasn’t even paying attention to me. So instead of a hot night, we spent it screaming our heads off at one another. I was so pissed off that I got dressed and went to a bar. At first, I was trying to make him jealous or get him to try and stop me, so I told him I was gonna flirt with random guys. But it was like he didn’t even care, so I stormed off.”

“You poor thing. I would’ve kicked him in the nuts first and then stormed off.”

“Trust me I wanted to. But anyways, I got to the bar and spent the first hour or so just ordering drinks and chugging them down until I was drunk off my ass. Now since I was so drunk, I don’t exactly know how the events of that night went. The next thing I remember was waking up inside my bed still wearing the clothes from the night before.”

“He didn’t even put pajama’s on you?! I really don’t know how you put up with him.”

“Eh, I don’t know either, but just listen.” Holly leaned back in her chair and took a drink of her water. “So obviously I was very mad when I got up that morning and changed out of my clothes. But when I took my pants off, a piece of paper fell out of my pocket. I feared the worst, that I cheated on Jack. When I read the note though, parts of the night started coming back to me.”

“What did the note say?!”

“The note simply said: the perfect night for couples and underneath there was an address. I had no idea what the note meant but like I said, I did remember parts of the night. I remembered talking to a married couple sometime at the bar. I also remembered telling them way too much about me and Jack, like all our fights and what not. At first though, I didn’t think much of the note or anything and I just tossed it somewhere on my dresser. It was a few day later that got me wondering about it when I got a text message from a random number.”

“Wait wait wait, let me guess! Did you end up having a threesome with the couple?”

“Haha oh Holly. No I didn’t. At least I don’t remember it but the texts didn’t suggest I did. The wife was texting me and I eventually found out that the perfect night for couples was a party she and her husband hosted every two weeks.” Holly suddenly got a thought. She was sure she knew what Pam was about to say. “The party wasn’t a normal party though, it was a sex party for couples! Now before you start saying how dirty and gross it sounds, it really isn’t.”

“You and Jack went to one didn’t you?” Pam didn’t say anything for a moment.

“Actually… we went to four. Trust me though, they were the greatest experiences of my life!”

“So this party, I’m guessing it’s a swingers party right?”

“Sort of. I mean, yeah you have sex with a random stranger but its really meant for couples struggling with their sex life. And you get to choose your partner rather than picking out a watch or something. The parties were, oh my god, mind blowing!”

“Yeah I’m sure they were. How does this help me with John? I don’t think I want to go to a swingers party…”

“That’s what I said at first. But I talked about it with Jack and we agreed to give it a shot. So we went one night, basically fighting in the car on the way. I’m gonna spare you the details of my partner but after we got home that night, we were all over one another. We actually took a shower and screwed like two rabbits!”

“That’s great but Pam… You still ended up getting divorced.”

“Well yeah but that’s because our marriage was long over before those parties. The parties were just like a consolation, or a parting gift. But Holly, you and John are still happy together, it’s just the sex that needs fixing right?”

“Yeah, that’s like the only reason we fight.”

“Exactly! And I’m telling you, these parties do wonders.”

“I don’t know how I feel about this whole idea Pam.”

Pam kept going on about the parties for another ten minutes or so, and as she went on, Holly had to admit she was warming up to the idea. They sounded hot too. Holly still wasn’t convinced completely so she told Pam she would think about it. The topic eventually changed back to random things and since their phone call had gone on for so long, they decided both of them should get back to work. Holly hung up the phone and spent the rest of the day thinking about the perfect night for couples.

Nick was in the shower, hot water raining down on him as the memories of that morning went through his mind. During the car ride home, Nick tried apologizing to Allie about what happened but she didn’t care. She just kept telling him that it was okay since he didn’t have any other choice. Nick wasn’t happy but he felt like he had a valid excuse. Things got really bad when he remembered what Brittany said about the pictures. He asked Allie and she tried avoiding a direct reason for a few minutes but eventually confessed.

She told him how she made Brittany do a bunch of stuff, none of which was true. She never mentioned Anna or the fact that Brittany’s main mission was to find dirt on her. Nick didn’t seem satisfied enough with Allie’s explanation so she decided to throw Anna into the mix to make it more believable. This is when Nick started getting a little pissed. Allie told him that she was eventually going to have Brittany introduce Anna to one of Brittany’s cute friends to try and get Anna to start flirting that way she could tell Nick. Nick was mad but he got over it somewhat fast since that never happened and even if it did, there wasn’t too much harm in it.

Allie sighed with relief and hoped that it was good enough for Nick not to question Brittany about the blackmailing. Nick was still in the shower and now started thinking about the explanation he gave to Allie when she asked about him and Brittany. Unlike Allie, he was completely honest with her. He told her how he hooked up with her a few times way before he and Allie started fucking and that he had no idea Allie hated her. This was true and Allie really had no reason to be mad at Nick about it besides him not telling her sooner.

They rode home mostly in silence from there and when they got home, Allie went to her room, and Nick went to take a shower. That is where Nick was right now, finishing up his shower, trying to scrub off the smell of Brittany off his body. After washing his dick with soap, he turned off the shower and stepped outside. Just as he grabbed a towel to dry off, he heard Allie knocking on the bathroom door.

“What is it?”

“Just open the door Nick.” Nick wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the door. Allie stood there in a bath robe and as soon as she stepped inside, she locked her arms around Nick’s neck and kissed him deeply. Nick didn’t expect this at all but he didn’t mind and just kissed back.


“Okay look. The fact that Brittany knows our secret sucks ass, and what she made us do today was terrible but, at least to me, the worst part of today was that she got us fighting. I fucking hate that she managed it so easily! I mean, didn’t we promise each other that she wouldn’t come between us? That we wouldn’t let her?” Nick was surprised, he didn’t expect Allie to say any of that.

“Erm, yeah we did. She hasn’t come between us, but yeah, I hate that we fought too.”

“Right? It’s stupid that we let her get in our heads. We need to stay strong now more than ever if we are to beat her.”

“What do you mean beat her? I mean, she has all the power right now by knowing our secret.” Nick wasn’t following what Allie was thinking.

“Yeah she does but don’t you see what she really wants?”

“Um… to torture us for her enjoyment?” Allie rolled her eyes at Nick and Nick suddenly felt stupid.

“No you dummy. She wants to pin us against each other! I know she said she didn’t care, but she cares A LOT!”

“Why would she want us against each other?”

“Well for one, she hates me and knows it would hurt me. And two, she wants you! Not just for sex either.”

“Okay I understand her wanting to hurt you, but there is no way she wants me.”

“Yes she does, and she has ever since you fucked her and kicked her to the curb.”

“I only did that because she hooked up with another guy.”

“I know, I know, but I think that she regrets doing that, every single day. I think she wanted you as a boyfriend but was too much of a slut and ruined things between you. Then she realized what she lost and has wanted it back ever since! That’s why she waited in your room during that party, and that’s why she kept trying to drag you away at her pool party, she wanted to be alone with you.”

“We are talking about Brittany here. I don’t think she even has a heart, let alone a crush on me.”

“Think about it Nick, all the pieces fit. I bet it’s more than a silly little crush too, since she’s been after you for over a year. That’s why when she found out about us, it probably killed her more than anything else. Didn’t you notice the way her expression changed when she saw us holding hands today?” Nick nodded his head, processing everything Allie was saying. “Trust me; she wants you more than just for sex. THAT’S how we beat her. We torture her by being all over each other as much as possible when around her.”

“Hmm. I guess it makes sense. So you’re saying that if we pretend that this blackmailing crap is only bringing us closer, she will eventually give up?” Allie nodded her head rapidly. “Are you sure that’s such a good idea though? I mean, if we do that, we will beat her but… If we beat her and she gives up, what’s stopping her from telling everyone?” Allie started thinking for a second, looking stumped. Then a wicked smile crossed her face.

“Because brother, she will be dragged down with us. If she tells, we simply don’t argue and admit everything. Then we tell everyone that Brittany got off on it. If she likes incest enough to orgasm from blackmailing two incestuous siblings, she is just as much of a freak as us right? And if that doesn’t work, I could always spill the news about her and Ben.”

“So basically, she is putting herself in as much jeopardy as she has put us in by knowing our secret.”

“Now you’re getting it! It’s either all three of us become outcasts, or none of us do. The real question is, can we get her to leave us alone by telling her this? No of course not, she is Brittany, one of the most well-known girls in school, there’s a chance that if we tried bringing her down with us, she could get away with being an incest lover.” Nick agreed with Allie.

“I think it’s best if we just be all in love in front of her until the point where she can’t watch it anymore and doesn’t even want anything to do with us. What if she isn’t after me though?”

“This whole situation is based on a lot of what if’s. IF it gets to the point of her spreading it to the school, we can tell her that she could end up getting screwed by it. Also, that’s why we can’t tell her any of this right now. If she knows our suicide plan, she might figure out a way to still have everyone on her side when we tell her secrets too. But concerning her being in love with you? I’m almost positive I’m right.” Nick was now getting dressed and Allie had turned on the water in the shower. As Nick put on his shirt, Allie let her robe fall to the ground, and Nick was presented with his naked sister standing in front of him.

“Well let’s hope you are right. That’s pretty much our best chance of breaking her.” Allie smiled and nodded. Nick turned around when he heard Allie shriek.

“Oh my god! Nick… I just realized something.” Nick spun around in fear that something had happened to Allie only to see her standing in the same spot with her hands cupping her mouth.


“It was me. I did it.”

“You did what?” Nick was confused again.

“It’s because of me that we’re in this mess!”

“Oh don’t be silly Allie.”

“No! Nick it’s true! Okay, I want you to take a moment and just think real hard how Brittany knows our secret.” Nick frowned and shrugged his shoulders, not knowing why.

“I don’t know, she could have found out in a bunch of different—” Nick stopped talking and his face went pale. “Anna told her.”

“ANNA TOLD HER!” Nick jumped when Allie repeated what he said in a much louder voice. “And Nick… who sent Brittany in Anna’s direction in the first place? Who ordered Brittany to become friends with her? Not just friends, but close friends that share secrets! I created the friendship that resulted in Brittany finding out and blackmailing us!” Nick wasn’t saying anything, he was just looking somewhere in front of him. His eyes suggesting that he was lost in thought.

“Anna told her...” Nick couldn’t believe it. How could it have taken him this long to figure it out? “I can’t believe… that Anna told.” The heartbreak he felt that day in the rain was all coming back. It was like he just got a knife in the stomach. Nick didn’t even care that Allie set up their friendship, it wasn’t Allie who made Anna tell, Anna did that all by herself. Anna didn’t even know Allie had anything to do with the friendship. Allie looked at Nick, who seemed completely broken right now.

“Nick, I have to show you something.”

“I understand I broke her heart but… Why did she tell?”

“Nick!” This time, Nick seemed to snap out of it and looked up at Allie, who was back in her robe.

“Did you say you have something to show me?”

“Yes now come on, it’s on my laptop.”

Allie walked by Nick and pulled him by the hand behind her. She led him to her room where her laptop sat open on her bed. She sat down and Nick sat next to her. Nick was still thinking about Anna telling and he barely even saw Allie open up a video file. Before it started playing, Allie hit pause and Nick could only see a black screen.

“Okay when I told you about my blackmailing in the car, I left out this part.” Nick turned to Allie and frowned at her with confusion. Allie sighed and spoke again. “When Brittany started talking to Anna, I told her she had to invite her to her house. The reason I made her do this was because I wanted to get a video or picture of Anna… looking indecent.” Nick started clueing in. “So… Brittany got her to go swimming and she filmed her with her webcam while she changed.”

“And she gave you the video?” Allie nodded her head in disappointment at herself and Nick looked at the floor.

“I’m so sorry Nick. I never showed anyone the video, I promise!” Nick looked back at Allie and saw that she was being honest. He sighed and hit play.

“I’m guessing you had an idea involving this video?” Allie relaxed a little when Nick hit play and she smiled as Nick watched.

“I was thinking we blackmail her. Just like Brittany is blackmailing us.” Nick didn’t make any sign of agreeing or disagreeing with Allie when she said that but after watching the video for a few more seconds and seeing Anna’s tits, he turned to Allie.

“No. Delete this video right now.” Allie was hopeful that Nick would like her idea and sunk a little when Nick said no. She closed the video and went to delete it but paused. “Allie!”

“Okay okay…” She deleted the video completely and put down her laptop. “Well that was a waste.”

“You said yourself that if you never blackmailed Brittany into a friendship with Anna, we wouldn’t be in this position. I don’t agree, I don’t think there is only one person to blame and blackmailing Anna to be as miserable as us won’t change anything. This blackmailing stuff is gonna end with us and Brittany.” Allie didn’t seem to agree with Nick but when Nick kept staring at her she agreed.

“Okay! I’ll leave the bitch alone.” That was it for that discussion as Nick got up and went to the living room while Allie went to take her shower. His opinion of Anna had now completely changed though. He had understood why Anna felt different about him, but for the first time since the breakup, he knew how Anna felt. He now saw Anna in a completely different way.

Chapter Nine

Naomi was sitting at the kitchen table, her mom, dad, and sister with her. It was dinner time and the family was discussing the day’s events. Hayley told her parents how she spent the day with her friends and how she went to the mall. Her dad didn’t totally agree with Hayley being at the mall alone but her mom calmed him down. Naomi smiled to herself a little, since Hayley was doing much worse stuff like fucking with her own sister.

Naomi watched as Hayley talked, and how she managed to look completely innocent and child-like the entire time. She was amazed that her little sister was such a good actor. Hayley noticed Naomi watching her and smiled at her. Hayley was giving her the classic Hayley innocent smile but when she lingered just a second longer with her eye contact, Naomi knew the smile wasn’t innocent.

Naomi had spent the day with Allie. After Allie had come from Brittany’s and taken her shower, Naomi called her and asked her to come over. She agreed and they spent a few hours singing along to songs on Naomi’s iPod and discussing girly things. Allie noticed that Naomi was looking a lot more cheerful than before and it cheered her up as well, making her forget about Brittany. Allie left a little after Hayley got home from her friend’s house, which was about ten minutes before their parents came home.

“What did you do today Naomi?” Naomi was torn from her mind as she heard her mom ask the question.

“Oh, Allie came over and we spent a few hours just chilling.”

“Oh that sounds fun. When is she due again?” Naomi didn’t really know why her mom was so interested in Allie’s pregnancy since it broke a lot of rules in the bible. This wasn’t the first time she had asked Naomi about Allie.

“Uhh, August I think? Why?”

“No reason sweetie.” Naomi’s mom smiled at her and Naomi smiled back and took another bite of her dinner.

“Nomi she wants to know because when she was a teenager, one of her friends got pregnant at 17.” Hayley was smiling while her mom, dad, and sister all looked at her with shock.

“How do you know that?!” Hayley’s mom seemed very nervous that Hayley knew, while her dad just cleared his throat and went back to eating. He didn’t seem too happy about it either.

“I heard you talking to daddy one day. I’m sorry?” Hayley’s mom sighed in relief and then smiled at her daughter.

“It’s okay sweetie.”

Naomi looked at Hayley looking for a sign that Hayley knew more but Hayley didn’t even look at her so she let it go. After dinner was over, the family went to the living room and sat down. After a few minutes, Naomi and Hayley’s mom got up and left the room. She quickly returned holding some big envelope. Naomi automatically knew what was in the envelope and Hayley shrieked when her mom showed it to her.

“They’re here?! The applications?!”

“Mhmm.” Naomi watched as her little sister stood up and danced around in front of the TV. The parents opened the envelope and took out the papers inside. At the top of the first page, Naomi could see the words “Summer Camp Applications” Hayley ran and hugged both her parents and Naomi shook her head laughing.

The reason Hayley was so excited was because every summer, when school finished, she would go to a summer camp for one month. The camp usually started around the start of July and ended in August. Naomi never understood why Hayley loved the camp so much. She had visited when they dropped and picked up Hayley each year but apart from the beautiful lake and cool forests, she didn’t see what the hype was about. It seemed like the camp counselors were dickheads and the rules were strict.

“You haven’t even heard the best part yet.” Hayley sat down on her dad’s lap and eagerly waited for her mom to speak. “Well you know how you were always too young to be with the bigger kids?” Hayley frowned and nodded her head.

“Yeah you have to be twelve and my birthday isn’t till September.” Hayley’s mom and dad looked at each other and then at Hayley.

“Well… Your father’s boss’ daughter is this year’s head counselor. And your father has gotten his boss to tell his daughter to make one exception. You are going to be in a cabin with the twelve and older kids.” If Hayley’s shriek earlier wasn’t loud, this one pierced Naomi’s eardrums as she kissed her dad on the cheek over and over.

“Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! All the games they make the little kids play are soooooo boring! I can’t wait to go kayaking and playing in the forests and having a later curfew and OH MY GOD I’m so excited!” Everyone besides Hayley started laughing while Hayley went back to dancing.

For the next little while, Hayley and her parents spent filling out the forms and making selections of activities she wanted to be part of. Getting bored of watching this, Naomi announced that she was going out to the hot tub. One of Naomi’s favorite things to do was sit in her parents hot tub and relax. That’s where she could be at peace.

It didn’t take her long to switch from her clothes to a bikini that her father would not approve of, but she figured he wouldn’t mind since there was no one else with her. When she got to the backyard, she opened the cover of the hot tub and stepped inside, her petite body slowly disappearing as she sunk under the water.

Naomi started thinking about all the things that happened that day. The biggest of all of course being when she caught, and then fucked her little sister Hayley. Even though she had spent most of the day thinking over the decision she made, she couldn’t help but feel little tingles in her pussy as she sat in the hot tub. Turning on the jets in the tub, Naomi looked to see if there was anyone coming and when she felt safe, she slipped a hand inside her bikini. The hot water, the very clear memories of her mouth locked on her sister’s pussy, and her fingers slowly rubbing her pussy, Naomi was in heaven.

Her eyes were closed and her head resting against the edge of the hot tub, she had a smile spread wide across her face. Now sliding a finger in and out of her pussy, she was lost in a world of lust. Never before today, had she pictured her sister the way she was picturing her right now. Incest had never even crossed her mind before, and having sex with another girl was sure something she never expected she would do. But today, she had done all three of those things and not only that, but she was now fantasizing about doing them again. Every once in a while, she would get that voice in her head telling her that it was wrong but she would always push it to the side.

About five minutes passed and Naomi was very relaxed. She didn’t cum yet but she didn’t mind since she was in the perfect moment right now. This was a great day for Naomi and this was the perfect ending. More time must’ve passed then Naomi thought since when she opened her eyes, her little sister Hayley was standing in front of her.

“Wow Hayley, don’t creep up on me like that.” Hayley was smiling and bouncing back and forth on her feet with her hands behind her back.

“I’m sorry. Can I come in?!” Naomi would usually tell her sister to leave her alone when she was in the hot tub, but considering the morning they had, she just nodded her head and smiled at Hayley. Hayley jumped on the spot and quickly pulled down her short shorts, and shirt, before getting in. Naomi couldn’t help but stare at Hayley’s crotch as she stepped in and Hayley noticed.

“Are you sure mom and dad won’t be mad?” Naomi still had her hand in between her legs but since the jets were on, Hayley couldn’t see. Hayley sat down right next to her sister, their legs touching.

“Nope, I asked them already. They said it was okay.” Naomi now felt Hayley’s hand rest on her thigh which only sent more tingles to Naomi’s pussy. Her fingers were now buried in her pussy, slightly moving them back and forth.

“So you seem excited about camp?” Naomi and Hayley were having a normal conversation even though there was touching happening under the water. Hayley was rubbing Naomi’s thigh very slowly. Each time she would rub her thigh; her hand would come closer to Naomi’s pussy, which was already occupied.

“Oh very. It’s always so much fun. Everyone’s so friendly.” Naomi nodded her head in acknowledgment. Hayley’s hand now touched Naomi’s fingers which were inside her bikini. A wicked little smile crossed Hayley’s face. Naomi just pretended nothing happened.

“That’s good.”

“Yeah. But I’m gonna miss you Nomi. I’m gonna miss you a lot.” Hayley moved her hand and stuck it inside Naomi’s bikini, pushing her hand to the side. Naomi pulled her hand away from her crotch and spread her legs.

“Mmmm. I’m gonna miss you too Hayley.” Hayley was now rubbing Naomi’s pussy and with Naomi’s head resting on the edge of the hot tub with her eyes closed, Hayley leaned in and kissed her sister. Naomi knew they shouldn’t be kissing when their parents could easily see but she didn’t care, she put her hand on the back of Hayley’s neck and kissed her back. They kissed for a few moments while Hayley sped up her hand motions on Naomi’s pussy.

“Take your bikini off.” They had stopped kissing and Naomi raised her butt and Hayley helped her pull the bikini bottoms off.

“God you are so naughty Hayley. And here I was thinking the entire time that you were just an innocent little girl that loved church.” Hayley giggled a little and was now moving her two fingers up and down Naomi’s slit teasingly.

“Wanna hear a secret? It’s a naughty one.” Naomi opened her eyes and looked at Hayley, knowing that this was going to be interesting. She spread her legs a bit more while Hayley kept teasing her pussy.

“Of course.” Hayley leaned in very close to Naomi’s ear and whispered her secret which made Naomi’s mouth drop open.

“I’ve masturbated a few times in church.” Now Hayley had stopped teasing Naomi’s pussy and shoved both of her fingers as deep as they would go, making Naomi moan kinda loudly. “Remember last Sunday when I was in the bathroom for like fifteen minutes? Well I went in, slid my skirt up and pulled my panties down, and fingered myself. I think someone heard me cause I moaned just as the door opened but no one came in. It was so fucking hot.”

Naomi was squeezing the hot tub around her while Hayley’s finger went in and out of her pussy very rapidly. Naomi was on the verge of orgasm and Hayley’s church story was about to push her over the edge.

“Oh fuck Hayley!” Hayley used her free hand to rub Naomi’s breasts while her other hand kept slamming against Naomi’s cunt. Naomi had now sunk down farther in the water.

“And another time,” Naomi moaned again. “I didn’t even wear any panties. That time, I know that someone saw me because I used the men’s bathroom since the women’s was filled with people. Just as I was about to cum, a man came in and took and pissed.” Naomi was breathing very heavily now, and moaning loudly. “After I came, he took forever to leave so I just opened the stall and walked past him. You should have seen his face.” Hayley was now shoving three fingers in her sister’s pussy and Naomi couldn’t handle it. She gave out one last loud moan as her orgasm hit her body. She started trembling and Hayley slowed down her pace.

“Fuck! Do you think mom and dad heard?”

“Hehe no, I don’t think so.” After Naomi finally got her composure back, she straightened up and Hayley pulled her fingers out. “So my church stories turn you on?” Naomi slowly rubbed her pussy which was very satisfied at the moment and turned her head towards Hayley.

“Yeah, I think it’s sexy that you do that.” Hayley bit her lip and it was clear that she enjoyed the fact that Naomi liked her church stories.

“Well good. Imagine how much dad would freak. I love it.” Just as Naomi was about to say something, she spotted her mom in the doorway behind Hayley’s head.

“Hayley, we’re about to watch a movie, go change.”

“Okay mommy, I’ll be right there.” Naomi was looking at her mom while her bikini bottom was trapped under her feet and her hand was on her pussy.

“Naomi make sure you lock the back door when you get out okay?”

“Of course mom, don’t worry.” Her mom smiled and Naomi smiled back at her, her hand not leaving her pussy. Her mom then closed the door and walked back to the living room and Hayley turned her head back to Naomi.

“Okay I have to go before mom and dad get suspicious.” Naomi nodded her head and watched as Hayley stood up, her little bra and panties completely wet. Her dark skin covered in water. Hayley turned around and Naomi was rewarded with a close up look at her sister’s ass. Her panties had gone in between her ass cheeks and she slowly stepped out of the hot tub, making her ass shake. Hayley bent down and picked up her shorts and shirt and continued walking towards the door. When she reached the door, she turned her head back to look at Naomi and said, “You won’t mind if I borrow your laptop again tonight, will you?” Naomi giggled and shook her head and Hayley smiled brightly, stepping through the door.

Meanwhile back at Nick’s house, Nick was sitting on the couch watching TV with his dad, John. They were watching some sitcom and eating their dessert. Every now and then, Nick and John would laugh a little at something funny on the show. Nick wasn’t really paying attention because he was thinking about Allie and how Anna fucked him over completely. He didn’t agree with Allie’s idea of blackmailing Anna but he did want to do something. Maybe yell at her or something, but once again he just concluded that it would make a bad situation worse. Nick’s thoughts were interrupted by his dad.

“Oh hey did I tell you what I heard today?” Nick casually shook his head no and his dad took a bite of his cake. “Remember your old soccer coach? The one you had a few years ago?” Nick now looked over at his dad and laughed.

“Dad, I’ve had like six different soccer coaches, you have to be more specific.”

“Oh damn it what was his name?”

“Do you remember anything about him besides that he was my coach?”

“Oh shut up. Ummm, oh come on, he was that one guy!” Nick laughed and shook his head again.

“Seriously dad, how am I supposed to know which one you’re talking about?”

“OH! Didn’t he invite the whole team over to his house for a party once?” Suddenly, Nick knew who his dad was talking about.


“Yes! Ben! Well apparently, Ben hasn’t been up to good lately.” Nick’s heart was now beating fast. He tried to stay as calm as possible though.

“Why? What happened?”

“Well I overheard Matt’s dad at work talking about his son’s old soccer coach today and since you were always on the same team with Matt, I got curious.” Nick nodded and John continued. “Anyways, apparently Ben’s wife got arrested today for domestic violence.” Nick raised his eyebrows at his dad and he nodded his head. “Yeah, I think she smashed something over his head, but I’m not sure since I heard this at the end of the day and my boss came around.”

“Did she catch him cheating or something?”

“Yeah I think so.” Nick’s mind was blown. Ben got busted for cheating with Brittany. Did Brittany go over to his house after they left? Whatever the case was, Nick couldn’t help but feel a little happy that this would probably affect Brittany.

Brittany was sitting on her couch in her living room watching TV when her cell phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and saw a weird number that she had never seen before. She let it ring not answering until it went to voicemail. Brittany went back to watching TV when her phone rang again. It was the same number so this time Brittany answered.



“Who is this?”

“It’s Ben.”

“Where are you calling from?”

“I’m calling from a payphone, listen I have to tell you something important.”

“Why are you calling from a payphone?”

“Brittany! Just listen!”

“Okay first of all, don’t yell at me, and second, what is so important that you had to call me?”

“Me and my wife are getting a divorce. She found out that I was cheating on her.”

“What? How did she find out?” Brittany was panicking now.

“It happened this morning. While I was in the shower, my wife apparently went through one of my drawers that had your gifts and found them. And then she took my phone and looked through all my texts until she found ours.”

“Oh my god…” Brittany was scared to death, was this woman gonna come to her house?

“Don’t worry I have your number under a guy’s name, she had no idea it was you.” He coughed and then continued talking. “The bitch didn’t even ask me about it, she just waited for me to finish showering and then smashed a beer bottle over my head. I had to call the police.”

“Ben, if they knew that you were having sex with an underage girl, you could get charged!”

“I know I know, but I had no choice, she was going crazy. After they arrested her they started questioning me about who I was sleeping with. I told them it was a middle aged woman from out of town. I think they bought it but I’m not sure. We should probably stay away from each other for a bit though just in case.”

“Fuck! This is such bullshit!”

“I’m sorry Brittany.”

“It’s okay… Well it’s not but you know what I mean.”

“Yeah. Okay, I better go. I don’t want anyone seeing me. Bye Brittany.” For the first time, Brittany felt really sad saying bye to her adult lover.

“Bye Ben.” She hung up the phone and just sat there on the couch for a few moments, thinking about what she just heard. Then she took the necklace she was wearing in her hands and looked at it. It was one of the gifts she had received for her sexual favors to Ben. She spun it around on her neck and then took it off, clenching it in her hand as she got up and ran up the stairs to her room. When she got there, she took all the jewelry Ben had bought for her from her jewelry box and shoved it all in the bottom drawer. She then plopped down on her bed and took out her phone. Going to her contacts, she found Ben’s number and deleted it once and for all.

To Be Continued...

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