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Me my gorgous older cousin and my mom
Today was a hot day  it was 100 degrees out and humid so i decided to stay inside all day. I was watching tv my mom went outside to sit on the porch i looked outside to see what she was doing sitting in the heat to see carolyn pulling up in her red pontiac gran am. 

I watched as she got out the car she had on a pair of blue jean short shorts and a black tank top i could see her pink bra straps under it. Carolyn is 33 years old about 5"5 skinny tan she has small breasts and flat somach.also long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is one of the most attractive woman that i talk too. She is actually my step cousin but i didnt care i always check her body out. 

I stood by the window and watched her walk up the steps I rubbed my penis trying to get it hard so i could jerk off while looking at her . I stared at her long tan sexy legs imagining how they would feel to rub up and down them. I  was getting harder and harder stroking slowly on my penis. She sat down on the porch next to my mom . When she sat in the chair her shirt rose up slightly revealing her beautiful lower back and some of her sexy buttcrack peaked out for me to enjoy.i was hard as a rock at this point and was jerking as much as i could with my cock in my pants.then carolyn stood up and turned toward the door i immediatly ran to the couch and sat down i crossed my legs and watched tv carolyn walked in and smiled at me "im grabbing some me and your mom a beer " she walked past me looked at me smiled and rubbed her hand on my knee it sent slight shivers thru my body making me hard as a rock again i staired at her big tight juicy ass swaying back an forth as she walked to the kitchen, she came back in i couldnt help but stare at her stomach  and tits then she looked in my eyes smiled big"what are you looking at?" i smiled " what ,nothing" "where you checking me out?" i smiled " no i was just admiring ur style"" okay sure" she walked past smacked my thigh and walked slowly to the door she looked like she was swaying her ass even more now she walked out the door i ran to the door and looked out at carolyn she was sittin next to my mom except she had her shirt rolled up now and her panties where showing.

i was so hard at this point i just pulled my shorts down and started to masturbate as fast as i could i was almost done when carolyn got up again and opened the door she saw me walking to the couch and asked" what are you doing ?" i smiled " nothing what are you doing"She smiled "getting me and your mom another beer" she lifted up her shirt showing her flat stomach " do you think i look fat" "what no you look good" we both smiled “thank you, your sweet’ I just smile and stared at her stomach she smiles again” you know ive been going to the gym, my abs are getting really stong” I smiled she says” wanna feel my stomach” I blush and keep smiling “no it fine”she walks over to me “here give me your hand I want to show you how much ive been working my abs” I smile and set my hand in her hand she take it and leads me to her belly button she smiles “there  you see” I start to rub my hand up and down her stomach feeling it “yeah feels really strong” she smiles “I told you “ she walks to the kitchen again im so hard at this point I have to get up and adjust evertything to make it unnoticable then she walks back in smiles and says "can i ask you a favor" yeah what" " i am really sore from being at the gym all week and your mom told me how you used to give her the best messages so i was wondering if mybe you could give me a message " i smiled " okay i guess i could" ( i used to give my mom messages once a week she would be completely naked and lay on her stomach i would rub all over her. She used to moan a lot and it always got me hard as a rockand i loved giving her messages then going to jerk off it would feel so good.) carolyn smiled okay howabout in about an hour after me and your mom get done with our beers?" i smiled " okay thats fine" " thanks sweetie" she rubbed her hand across my knee again when she walked past then she went outside. 

I ran over to the door looked outside at carolyn she had her shirt down still but her panties where showing well and they were sexy i slowly stroked my penis while i watched cause i didnt want to jerk off now i wanted to wait till later . I stood there wondering will she wear her clothes and want a message or will she get completely naked like my mom does. I walked back in the living room and decided to get soft when they came in so i wouldnt have a big bulge in my shorts when i get up so i sat down and watched tv for the next half hour.the door opens and my mom and carolyn both walk in i try not to get too excited or hard. My mom smiles at me " hey honey you going to give carolyn a message?" i smile " if she wants one" carolyn smiles " i want one" my mom says" carolyn you can go do it in my room you can lay in my bed" carolyn says " okay ill go get ready , ill call you up when im ready " i smile "okay" she goes upstairs leaving me and my mom downstairs. Mom looks at me smiles " so honey you think i could get a message tomorrow?" i smile " yeah i guess" "okay thanks hun" .Carolyn yells "im ready" i look at my mom she says " im going to sit down here and watch my shows" 

I run up the stairs into my moms room to see candles lit everywhere an carolyn laying on the bed no shirt or bra on with a sheet over her bottom. She looked at me i walked over beside the bed she smiled , i grabbed some message oil my mom had next to her bed and put it in my hands then i slowly put my hands on her upper back and rub it then i rub down to her lower back , i try to stay up against the bed to hide my huge hard on. I rub her lower back a lot then she smiles and says " if it would be easier you can get on the bed and knee over me " i smile " yeah it would be easier" then i hop on the bed and get on my knees over her thighs while my huge boner sticks out in my shorts over her sheet covered ass. I rub up and down her back every couple rubs  i take one of my hands and rub my cock a few times. I rub my hands down her smooth tan fit back she starts to moan quietly she then says" mmm that feels so good"i slowly move my hands down moving the sheet slowly untill i reveal all of her sweet juicy big ass i stair at it so beautiful and big, 

I scroll my fingers over her ass and she doesnt say anything so i put all of my hands on her butt cheeks and rub and squeeze all over them i slowly spread them open and saw her asshole i was so horny at this point that i could have stuck my head down and licked her asshole over and over . I rubbed back up her back then back down, i scooted down so i was over her knees now and went down past her ass to her thighs i picked the sheet up and threw it to the side  then i looked to see her beautiful sexy pussy lips right in front of me i slowly rubbed my hands down her thighs i squeezed them and slowly spread them apart so i could get a better view of those juicy lips i rubbed my hand up and down her thighs then slowly inched my way inside her thighs. I felt heat coming of her sweet pussy then i came back out and rubbed her ass some more she was still moaning lightly with her eyes shut. I knew she couldnt see me so i pulled the front of my shorts down and pulled out my penis and jerked it for a second then put it back in and decided i want to touch that pussy so bad so i was going to go for it.

 i rubbed up her back then back down to her thighs then slowly inside till i was right under it. I slowly rubbed up then i felt it graze my hand i pushed my hand up further untill myfingers rubbed it when i touched she moaned loud i smiled and rubbed my finger deeper inside it while she moaned louder i was so excited she let me do this i pulled out my cock again this time i kept one hand on her pussy and the other i pressed down my dick so i could rub it between her ass cheeks. I pulled my hand out from her legs leaned  up 

I chose this would be as good a time as any to make my move so i leaned up till my head was by hers and i kissed her neck while scrolling my fingers up her back i kissed her cheek she still had her eyes shut so i moved forward more and kissed her on her mouth i stuck my tongue in her mouth then she opened her eyes and kissed me back licking my tongue i grabbed her and turned her around she just lated there i sat up and looked at her beautiful tits they werent big but they werent small they were medium and not saggy her nipples looked just right on them she smiled showing her white sexy teeth i bent down and sucked her nipple she moaned 
" mmmm ive waited so long for this" i sat up looked at her an smiled "so have i" then i kissed her neck and went down her boobs to her stomach i licked her belly button and said " your body is perfect " she smiled and moaned reaching down and put her hand in my shorts she grabbed my cock and squeezed it lightly she smiled again as i pulled my shorts and boxers off. 

She stared at it and said "wow you have a beautiful cock" i smiled she got up off her back grabbed my cock and got doggy style while she started to lick on my penis. I moaned as pleasure jolted thru my body, she then engulfed my entire cock in her mouth and sucked it hard I stared into her beautiful blue eyes as my fantasy was coming true. I reached down and grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples that was all i could take shivers jolted thru my body as i sent string after string of my hot cum into her beautiful mouth she moaned then swallowed it.

 I smiled at her as she licked my dick clean " your the sexiest girl ive ever seen" she smiled "baby your the handsomest guy ive ever seen" i smiled and said" sorry i cummed so early its just ur so beautiful and ive dreamed about this moment for years now" she smiles " its fine baby" i smile " now lay on your back and let me taste that sweet juicy pussy" she smiled big then laid down and spread her pegs open i bent down and kissed her thighs slowly moving in closer an closer just teasing her then i went in sticking my tongue deep inside, she moaned then i sucked on her small clit she moaned louder " baby fuck me with your beautiful teenage dick" 

i smiled big got ontop of her kissed then shoved my cock deep inside her she moaned more i licked her lips then fucked her as hard i could going in and out of her wet tight pussy i moaned a little cuz it feels so good . I lightly bit  her shoulder she screamed "mmmm yes fuck me" i fucked her harder and kissed her we both were breathing hard when all of a sudden my mom opens the door.

 I stopped and just laid on top of carolyn with my cock inside of her, carolyn looked shocked and so did my mom  i didnt know what i should have did then my mom just walked out and shut the door then went back down stairs i looked at carolyn she looked at me i said "can we finish" she looked at me and said"well go ahead im so close" i kissed her then started  fucking her again i went as fast as i could go, now it only takes her about thirty seconds to finish i pulled out then she jerked me off on her stomach. I shot a couple strings acrossed her stomach and chest she  smiled at me and got up got cleaned off we got dressed then went down stairs to see my mom. 

My mom was standing up in the kitchen she looke at us and said "yous have fun?" she smiled. I looked at carolyn then back at my mom and said "look dont be mad at carolyn she didnt do anything wrong" my mom smiled and said "domt worry hun i dont have a problem with it" i looked at her confused my mom then said " look your my only son if she made you happy im fine with it i really dont mind" carolyn looked at her said " sorry" my mom said " i know hes a horney teenage boy and is attracted to you i actually thought he wouldnt make a move though to tell you the truth i thought he would go in his room after your message and masturbate"
I looked at her " hey what " ccarolyn laughed a little my mom looked at me smiled " hun dont be shy most girls find it sexy when a guy jerks off" i look at her and smile " okay thanks mom for not being mad" she smiles 
 " no problem" my mom looks at carolyn and says "want another beer?" carolyn smiles " yeah thatd be great" i smile as we go sit in the living room. I sit on the chair while they sit on the couch my mom smiles "carolyn you are really pretty i see why my son likes you" carolyn smiles big "awe hes really handsome hisself though" my mom smiles " so is he good in bed?" i looked at them" hey im right here!" carolyn looks at her " yeah he is really good" i smile " no its carolyn who is really good she knows how to please a guy" carolyn blushes and my mom smiles" well as long as yous had fun its fine with me" i look at her "so you dont have a problem with her being my cousin?"  "no not as long as you dont get her pregnant i dont have a problem at all

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Holy shit, you should spend more time in school.

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This was a good story she sounds cute. How old are u

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This was a good story she sounds cute. How old are u

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Guys if u were looking to mark people on there stories there's another thing called wattpad or something not a porn site.

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