This is my fucking best story ever. It took me two nights to write cause I kept stopping to finger fuck myself. I hope it makes you cum too.
Jamie Wilkins was in her room alone, getting ready to go out. She could hear her mother yelling at her sister in the kitchen—something about lack of respect probably stemming from the fact that Jamie’s 12 year old sister Laura had taken to telling her mom to “fuck off”.

She tried drowning out the fight and focus on her face in the mirror. She tried not to have an anxiety attack over the pimple on her forehead or that her blonde bangs were too long.

I just have to make myself look hotter, she said to herself. And then she surprised herself by adding. Why the fuck should I? She put on her cover-up, her blush, her ‘peach-gloss’ lipstick. She teased and gelled and pulled her bangs into shape. It’s a party she told herself, but the why still lingered.

Amanda called to say she and Ashley were two minutes away. Jamie was only going to the party because Amanda and Ashley wanted her to, and she never won an argument with the Miller twins. Candace, the grade 8 girl who was throwing the party was a complete bitch, but it was her brother that Amanda wanted to connect with.

Amanda had even told Jamie what to wear skirt wear: a tight red mini and white nearly see-through top with lacey “forming” bra.

“You will be the hottest girl at the party!” Amanda said, “Damn girl your butt and legs are so friggin’ hot.”

Jamie suspected Amanda was saying that to win the “party” argument, but everyone at school knew that the Miller twins were the hottest girls in the school or any school in the city. They were identical twins, and true blondes, not the dirty blonde variety like Jamie, but luscious, daisy heart blonde. As sixteen year olds their hot shapely bodies were hitting way above their age. Most guys took them for eighteen or nineteen, which caused no end of trouble. Jamie figured that part of the confusion was created by the matching pairs of big league boobs Amanda and Ashley exploited for attention at every turn. Yet the Miller girls also turned heads by wearing short shorts and mini’s that accentuated their round bubble butts that drove Jamie crazy, though she did her best to not to stare.

“Aren’t you excited?” Amanda and Ashley chimed in unison, when they met Jamie in front of the building. They were looking very hot tonight in skin tight designer caprices and silky, low cut tops that showed off an enticing slice of cleavage.

Jamie just smiled, but realized that the only excitement she felt, was checking out her friends sexy matching bodies, of course she couldn’t express that kind of excitement.

On the subway downtown the twins gossiped about who was going to be at the party and then tried to guess what was going to happen. Jamie kept silent, not even realizing she was staring at the woman on the seat across from hers.

She was alone and seemed to be reading a magazine but Jamie noticed her eyes dart above the pages, as if checking her and the twins out.

She was a brunette and dressed for the office, short blue skirt, with a jacket and brilliant white blouse. While Jamie couldn’t see all of her face, the brown eyes that suddenly seem to look directly into hers were beautiful.

As the twins babbled on Jamie noticed that the woman was shifting in her seat. Jamie looked up at Amanda, pretending to listen then glanced back at the woman. Jamie’s eyes grew wide; the woman had deftly spread her legs wide revealing her hairless pussy, its puffy lips glistening with moisture.

Jamie’s eyes briefly met the woman’s eyes once more and the young teen let on that she was totally turned on by the view. While the twins talked about the predicted cock size of Candice’s big brother, Jamie quickly slid her legs apart, revealing that she too was not wearing panties. It was a last minute decision, but she was now glad she made it.

The lovely brunette lowered the magazine and showed her tacit approval of Jamie’s boldness with a sigh and a smile. The woman scooted forward in the seat to allow for a wider spread and Jamie was amazed to see that the hot brunette’s clit was pierced by a shiny silver ring and tied to the ring was a tin necklace chain. The woman’s hand began to move and Jamie nearly gasped, tied to the ring one of her fingers was the end of the silver chain.

As this amazing woman began to move her hand up and down over her flat tummy the chain jerked and stimulated her large throbbing clit.

Amanda was leaning into Jamie pressing one of her big firm boobs into her arm, telling her that she was going to get laid tonight. Jamie flashed her a nervous smile. It was obvious that the twins were so self obsessed that they were totally unaware of what the hot brunette was doing only a few feet away.

Jamie, brazenly spread her legs wider, wanting to show this gorgeous woman how wet her teen cunt was getting because of her. Jamie again looked at the beautiful cunt before her and was amazed by how the woman’s puffy clit jumped with ever movement of her the woman’s hand.

Amanda casually touched Jamie’s arm and Jamie looked into her face, saw that her soft beautiful mouth was moving, the twins were now laughing. Amanda moved her hand to Jamie’s bare thigh and it felt electric. Jamie had to bite her lip to keep from moaning.

As soon as the twins were off on another subject Jamie looked back at the woman, who was also biting her tongue and staring directly between Jamie’s legs. Jamie’s cunt lips twitched at the thought that she was turning this sexy woman on.

Jamie could see that the woman’s beautiful cunt was brimming with juices, as she continued to stimulate her slick pink clit at the end of the chain. The woman’s thighs were trembling and as the train applied the brakes for the approaching station the hot brunette came right in front of James eyes, her cunt convulsing as she pulled hard on the clit ring, strings of cum splashing on her firm thighs, and all over the seat. The woman brought her free hand to her mouth and made a loud coughing sound to hide what was happening.

Jamie could feel her clit jump as she witnessed this gorgeous woman cum, then suddenly her legs were clamped shut. Jamie sighed with pleasure as she watched the woman take off the ring and slip it into her dress.

It was her stop and as she got up she dropped a small slip of paper in front of Jamie. Jamie quickly covered the paper with her shoe, then slipped it into her bag.


When they got to the party the large, upscale condo was already crowded with teens- most were drinking. Amanda and Ashley lead the way, angling through the crowd until they found the bet with the coats on it. Then they angled again until they got to the place where the drinks were being distributed. The twins each took a wine cooler and Jamie a beer. For a moment they stood scoping out the crowd.

Out of nowhere Candice’s brother appeared and put his arm around Amanda’s waist and said something in her ear. Amanda gave him and then the girls her,” I’m going to get fucked smile,” and took the boy’s hand and waded into the crowd.

Someone, somewhere put on some Lincoln Park and the noise reached a new level of defining. A cute blonde boy with white jeans so tight, his cock was waving hello, came up and kissed Ashley on the cheek and she hugged him back. Jamie noticed that the asshole wasted no time, introducing his cock to Ashley, as her pressed it into the crotch of her Capri pants.

Jamie yelled at Ashley that she was going to the washroom. But Ashley was lost in the blonde boys eyes and didn’t even turn her head.

Jamie didn’t know which direction the bathroom was in, so she chose the opposite one. Couples were making out against walls. Jamie noticed a girl she didn’t know rubbing a guy’s cock over top of his jeans while his hand was already inside her shorts, apparently finger fucking her cunt, judging from her moaning. Jessica, a 15 year old slut from Jamie’s class, had lifted her skirt to her waist and was letting a tall guy with spiky hair dry hump he ass. Jamie took a good look; she had always thought Jessica had a hot ass.

Lindsey, Candace’s older sister, home from college for the summer, saw Jamie walking down the hall looking into doorways trying to find something.

Jamie peered into a bedroom, the door was wide open. Jamie’s mouth dropped open, there was Candace on the bed riding one guys cock while she took a football players cock in her mouth.

“Talented isn’t she?” said Lindsey from just behind Jamie who swung around to face Lindsey, “My little sister is a cock slut, it almost brings a tear to my eye. What we can’t see is that my kid sister, has a butt plug up her ass, she doesn’t party without it.”

“I wasn’t…uh…” stumbled Jamie.

“Peeking? No babe you look lost,” said Lindsey with a smile.

The way Lindsey looked at her, gave Jamie stirrings. Lindsey was beautiful, short brown hair, cool designer glasses and a summer dress that was understated but hugged every curve of her gorgeous body.

“Oh, I’m Lindsey, I’m the insurance plan. My parents wanted me here so the place didn’t burn down.

“I, I’m Jamie, and well I am lost,” said Jamie in a matter of fact voice that made Lindsey laugh and soon they were both laughing freely.

Jamie thought to ask Lindsey were the washroom was, but there was something about the night, what happened on the subway, her immediate attraction to Lindsey that made her go further. There was something in Lindsey’s eyes that already understood. So Jamie found herself adding, “I’m completely lost. I don’t belong here at all.”

At that instant Jamie realized that the truth felt different from it feels like anything else. The closest you can dome to describing it is that it feels like a perfect breath, after a good laugh.

Without having to think about it Lindsey knew the next thing to say was, “I see you, and I hear you Jamie, and you are the hottest girl at this party.”


Jamie and Lindsay ended up where Jamie had been intending to go all along, the bathroom, the one off the master bedroom. With the party raging on Lindsey sat at the edge of the tub while Jamie put the seat over down and sat on the toilet.

“What is it ?” Lindsay asked softly.

“Can I really tell you?” Jamie looked into Lindsey’s eyes and there it was again that stirring, that recognition, only this time the warmness was in her pussy.

Lindsey took Jamie’s hand and held it in both of hers, enveloping it with warmth.

“Of course you can babe,” said Lindsey.

Jamie’s heart skipped a beat, at ‘babe’, no girl had called her that. It felt so good.

“When I said, I didn’t belong here, I meant it, but here with you, here…now…I…its different, I do feel…” Jamie was out of breath and her heart was in her throat. Lindsey placed two fingers gently on Jamie’s lips.

“Shhh, oh babe, Jamie, you don’t have to say another word”

In an instant Lindsey replaced her fingers with her full soft lips, kissing Jamie softly at first and then with more passion.

Jamie moaned as Lindsey sucked on her tongue, then the college girl’s tongue was in her mouth, playing flicking over her teeth and tongue, stoking a fire in Jamie’s young cunt.

Lindsey broke off the kiss and took both of Jamie’s hands in hers. “Oh Jamie, is this what you want, I will stop now if it isn’t, tell me baby do you want me to make love to you?”

Jamie was lost in Lindsey’s eye’s, she wanted this hot college girl to take her to change everything in one amazing night, her voice cracked on the words, “I want you Lindsey, I want you to do me, I want you to fuck me so bad.”

Lindsey smiled and took her hand and led her to the bed and asked her to lay down. “Jamie, you are so fucking hot and sexy, how old are you?”

Jamie lay back on a pillow, lifting her red mini, spreading her firm legs, showing Lindsey, her wet hairless pussy.

“I’ll be fifteen next month, is that okay?” said Jamie hesitantly.

“Oh fuck yes, that is so hot. And look you little bad girl, you aren’t even wearing panties. Jamie, rub your little cunt for me while I undress for my little lover.”

Jamie had been rubbing her pussy since her eleventh birthday, but this was the first time she had played with herself in front of someone.

Lindsey slowly unbuttoned the front of her light dress, looking dreamingly at Jamie’s pussy.

“Spread your little pussy lips for me Jamie, show me your pink cunt hole and clit,” said Lindsey as she shrugged out of the top half of the dress revealing her ample braless tities.

The college girl’s nipples were rock hard, “Do you like my boobs?” asked Lindsey breathlessly, as she cupped them in her hands then pulled hard on the nipples.

“They are fucking beautiful,” sighed Jamie as she spread her delicate lips and curled her middle finger inside her wet cunt.

Lindsey was getting soaked watching the little teen play with her pussy, part of her wanted to slap her tongue on that pretty pussy, but she was also enjoying her tease.

“Oh fuck yes Jamie, finger fuck yourself, that is so hot. I saw you come in with the miller twins, have you three ever fucked?”

“Only in my dreams, those two are cock crazy, but so fucking hot, “ said Jamie, breathing heavy, her eyes on Lindsey.

“I swear to you Jamie, we will both be eating those hot little cunts before the night is through, now would you like to see my pussy?”

“Oh fuck yes,” said Jamie rubbing her clit harder as Lindsey pushed the dress to the floor revealing that she too wasn’t’ wearing panties. She parted her puffy cunt lips to show Jamie, her juicy pussy.

“Hey you little slut, see how wet you made me,” said Lindsey smiling down on Jamie.

Lindsey crawled onto the bed between Jamie’s narrow hips. She took off Jamie’s short skirt, top and bra and sighed at the young girls beautiful body.

She leaned down and kissed the girl hard on the mouth, sucking hard on the young teens tongue, letting it slip sensually in and of her mouth. Jamie moaned as Lindsey cupped her hand over her wet little pussy grinding her the heel of the palm into her slippery clit.

“Oh baby, you are so wet,” she lifted her hand to show the girl, “Taste it, make the fingers I’m going to fuck you with wet on your mouth.”

Jamie sucked and spit on the fingers, before Lindsey let them pop from her mouth and bring them to her pussy lips. The college lesbo ran the slick fingers up and down the teen slit before twisting the middle finger deep into the young, yielding cunt.

“Oh fuck that is so sexy, your little cunt took my finger,” Lindsey sighed.

Jamie groaned and threw her head back in pleasure, twisting and pulluing on her hard pink nipples as Lindsey pumped her finger in and out of her cunt. Lindsey leaned down and let just the tip of her tongue circle Jamie’s tiny clit. Then she let the flat of her tongue wash over it in circle’s sending Jamie into a whirlwind of pleasure, until she began bucking her ass off the bed slapping her little cunt on Lindsey’s face and impaling herself deeper on her finger.

“You hot little bitch,” hissed Lindsey, “You are ready for two fingers.”

Lindsey twisted two of her long, slender fingers into Jamie’s fourteen year old cunt and began grinding her hard front teeth onto the writhing teen’s clit.

Lindsey could feel Jamie’s cunt begin to churn toward a climax.

“I want you to cum all over my face Jamie, I’m going to make you cum like you have never cum before, and I want you to breath into it, relax and let it all go. Do you understand baby?”

Jamie nodded and tried to relax into the pillow, but then Lindsey found a spot inside her cunt that sent shivers up her spine and a wave of extreme sexual pleasure washed over her.

“Oh, oh, fuuck!” screamed Jamie, clutching the sheets.

Lindsey mercilessly finger fucked the girl, pounding on her g-spot with such precision Jamie was ready to explode in minutes.

At that moment Lindsey sucked on the young lesbo’s clit hard, using her tongue to press the love button against the sharp edge of her top front teeth.

Jamie was lost. Her body was wracked with convulsions as her tight little ass lifted off the bed and her pussy erupted, spraying creaming cum onto Lindsey’s face and boobs. Lindsey clamped her mouth over the girl’s cunt lips as the second blast left her cunt filling Lindsey’s mouth and throat.
Lindsey continued to ride the girl’s pussy lapping as best she could on the throbbing little clit, until Jamie came a final time, the juices running in a stream over the older girls chin and flooding over her tities.

Finally Jamie collapsed, in a pool of seat and cum, her chest heaving.

Lindsey smiled down on her licking cum from her lips.

“I will let you rest for a moment, but the night is young lover girl.”

Jamie smiled at the words, then closed her eyes for just a moment.

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