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It was only a quick trip to get something to eat but she get more than her stomach stuffed.
I was lounged comfortably on my bed watching a rerun of Taboo, one of my favorite shows, (this episode being about mating); one of my favorite topics when my stomach growled loudly. They were running a marathon of episodes and I had forgotten to eat something. I hurriedly stumbled of bed and walked to the kitchen of the 2 bedroom apartment I shared with my best friend whose huge tits I had lusted after for the longest, time though I would never make a move on her. When I got to my fridge and opened it, it was in a sad state of emptiness and right then and there my stomach growled again to remind me of its own state of emptiness. I pondered my options and realized I’d have no choice but to go to the closest fast food joint to grab a late night bite. I left a note for my roommate so when she got back from clubbing with her catch of the night, she wouldn't worry. She would always ask me to go with her but I always refused because the one time I went clubbing with her, I was far from impressed by the crowded room, over priced food, and the almost animalistic way men competed for the attention of the women. I was fine being single for the moment and it wasn't like I couldn't get a boyfriend. I went back into my room to make myself somewhat presentable. I usually slept with a big t-shirt on and panties so all I had to do what put on some pants and find a better fitting shirt. It was almost midnight and I figured I wouldn’t meet many people so I skipped putting on a bra. I found some shoes grabbed my keys and enough cash for my food and walked out the house. It was brisk outside and I didn't feel like going to get a jacket so I just hurried to my car and pulled out the lot. As I drove around looking for an establishment that would still be open at this ungodly hour my thoughts went back to my earlier ponderings. I had been with my fair share of men in the past but I was still a virgin. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't not a chaste nun, having perfected the art of the blowjob in lieu of sex and having hours of time spent with my hands between my legs pleasuring myself, but I felt like my virginity was something best saved for someone special. With all my thoughts of sex and masturbating I was getting pretty hot and I almost missed the open McDonalds. With some crafty driving I maneuvered into the parking lot parked and got out of my car. I noticed that the temperature had dropped and I shivered. When I enetered the building it was warm and it smelt of french fries. The place looked unrecognizable without all the hungry patrons. I walked up to the cashier area and waited for someone to come because I could see two young girls in the back. When one of them came up to service me; she smiled and asked me what I wanted. While I looked up at the menu I saw her gaze move lower to my chest. I didn't have large breast but my large d cups got by just fine. When I looked down to tell her my order I swear I saw her lick her lips. My pussy tingled at the sight and my heart picked up pace. I chatted lightly with her until her coworker made my food. I found out her name was Ashley and that we went to the same collage. When my food came I found a table by the corner, sat my tray down and decide to go wash my hands. I looked in the mirror and instantly regretted for going a bra before I left the house because I noticed that my nipples were pointing straight out, almost beckoning the eye. So this was the reason Ashley was staring at my chest, I hoped they would soften before I went back to eat. When I was drying my hand, I heard the door behind me open and close and I assumed it was one of the workers on the account that the place was empty except us three. I heard the person moving closer to me in a casual pace and I assumed they were heading to the restroom stalls. I had finish drying my hand and I was on my way out the door when quick hands shot out from behind me and covered my mouth and pushed my body to the cold tile of the bathroom wall. My breasts flattened against the wall and my hardened nipples being the focal point of the coldness sent a shiver of pleasure to my hot cunt despite the dire situation. I was in shock, like a deer in headlights so I froze. It was evidence not only from the hard body but the hard cock pressed against me that my assailant was all male. Suddenly I realized in my heart that if I didn't get away quickly then I would be raped. I tried to gasp of the air I needed to scream but the secure hand around my lips stopped that. I felt full lips brush on the tiny hair on my ear as my captor said "scream and you'll regret it" his voice was strong like his grip and very deep. It was an all male voice, one a girl could fall for in different circumstances. I felt him pull away and heard what I knew was duct tape being unraveled. First he covered my mouth them he bound my wrist in a seemingly unbreakable vice. I was stuck and very vulnerable. He stood back and admired his work like any true artist would and he nodded in approval. This was my chance to get a look at his face but it was covered by a ski mask with the eyes and mouth cut. I sighed in defeat as suddenly his hand lounged forward and thinking he was going to strike me, I cringed be instead grouped at the neckline of my shirt, then he pulled, hard. I heard my shirt rip open and felt the cold air on my breast. He nodded in approval as he cupped my left tit in his hand and is mouth came down on my now aching nipple. His mouth was an inferno of heat and I felt the first drop of liquid roll out of my pussy onto my dry panties. I arched my back involuntarily into his face as if I was encouraging him because he took it as that. He suckled my nipple with fervor for what felt like an eternity. When he finally lifted his head from my left breast I sighed in relief thinking he was done only to have him put his mouth on my right nipple to continue the torment. By now I knew my juices were freely flowing because I could flee the slickness of my pussy lips as I rubbed my thighs together. He looked like he had had his fill of devouring my tit he left it go, the cold air on the raw sensitive nub making me shiver. He stopped kneading my other tit and dropped his hands to the front of my jeans and it dawned on me that after I left this restroom I would no longer be a virgin. I closed my eyes hoping that when I opened them this would all disappear or that the girls who were running the restaurant would come help me. I heard the zipper being pulled, I felt his hand slip into the opened part and feel my covered mound. He then slowly pulled down my jeans and panties in one fluid motion. He swirled the dampened pubic hairs that were on the edge of my slit and then he slowly slid his finger between my burning pussy. I shivered and tried to grind my hips on his one finger but when he noticed what I was doing he slowly withdrew his saturated digit. “You horny slut, you act like you don’t want it but your lush pussy says otherwise” he crooned softly. “Open your eyes” the demand was soft, almost gently. I foolishly ignored him but immediately changed my mind when he grabbed both my nipples and squeezed them. I let out a sharp muffled cry and immediately opened my eyes. “That’s a good girl” he whispered out in a mock praising voice. He roughly grabbed my jaw and gave me a blistering kiss. What I didn’t notice that his pants had been pulled down so when I felt something blindly poke at my throbbing pussy, I jumped and looked down to see an impressive cock. It was thick and long with veins running along it and topping it of was a deep red clefed head which was spewing out pre cum. He palmed his shaft and positioned it at my slick entrance and with no prelude he shoved the whole thing in with a pleasured grunt. With my mouth tapped nothing came out but a pathetic choked plea but that only spurred him on because he pulled out to the very tip and slammed in with more force than before. It was a good thing I was wet because I’m sure he would have torn me to bits. Tears were flowing from my eyes and he bent down and lapped them away like a puppy. His pace had settled and while he leisurely pumped in and out and in and out he bent down to suckle on my increasingly sensitive nipples. His fat cock kept rubbing maddeningly against my g spot and I felt the first signs of an orgasm. He felt my wet pussy gripping his cock like a vice and his speed increased. Now I was against the wall my breasts mashed against his clothed chest his hands cupping my ass squeezing, grasping and rubbing my puckered ring. We were both panting like wild animals mating, he was grunting while I was moaning. I felt his balls slapping against my cunt draw close and twitch, he found a soft spot on my neck and clamped his teeth deep down into my flesh, marking me as his rightful bitch. His penis started to spit out the scalding results of his efforts while he pumped it deeper into me. His cum kept on coming and coming, like a never ending river. The sweet and sour pain of his teeth in my neck, the feeling of getting bred from my hot cunt, and the friction of my sore nipple rubbing on his hard chest drove me over the edge and I came and I came and I came. His juices and mine mixed in an eternal bond and the age old dance was completed. I was so weak and could hardly hold myself up so I slumped up against him. We both stood there fro minutes waiting for my pussy to release his still leaking cock from its grip and from our bodies to recover. When he slowly pulled away I whimpered and he sighed from the residual pleasure and our juice with now boned us together flowed out of me like a waterfall. I felt it leak on my leg and I heard it drip onto the floor. He stepped away from me wordlessly and I slumped to the floor spent physically and emotionally exhausted. I closed my eyes and I heard the bathroom door swing shut. After a while I awkwardly picked myself up and made myself as presentable as possible despite my shirt being in tatters and there being a visible wet patch on my pants. When I walked out in shame expecting the worse I was greeted with silence because both girls were nowhere in sight, I assumed they were somewhere in the back. I weakly picked up my food and left. When I got home that night I pleasured myself with our combined juices all night long. The sun rose and a new day started and it was all quite fitting because I was a new person.

----this is my first story...i'd love to here some feedback----

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2015-08-20 14:55:42
Great reading

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2013-02-10 01:32:20
dont worry they all say to use paragraphs cause my first stories i got alot of "use paragraphs" comments lol

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2012-07-14 05:17:12
So this was fantastic. I enjoyed it because it sounded realistic.

You should keep writing!!


2012-07-09 18:03:11
good story, but you need to make it easier to read.

use paragraphs, as started before, with basic essay rules. skip lines after said paragraphs to make it easier to read. if your story is hard to read, people will lose interest no matter how good.

some grammar and spelling, but who doesn't miss a few proofreading?

it was also very detailed but a little confusing to follow, but in reality, it made the story realistic. The first person combined by the confusing bits was more like the author was actually having it happen to them.

all and all good, and if i may suggest, make another story, but from the rapists perspective, clearing up all the points discussed.

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2012-07-09 16:30:50
You need to use paragraphs

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