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I’ve lived with my mom since she divorced from my dad 10 years ago. She has always been very liberal in her parenting and so at 18 I was pretty much allowed to do whatever I pleased. Many of my friends would joke about getting my mom in bed, because of how young she looks. My mom is 36 but looks not older than a fit 20 year old, which made want every inch of her. She was stunning, with short brown hair to her shoulders and plump B cups that I enjoyed looking at when she wore low cut shirts. The best part of my mom though is her ass. She always wore tight jeans even around the house and it could show it off so nicely. Often I had to hide in my room since I’d get boners from looking at her bend over to pick something up.
The problem with my mom is that she lived a pretty sheltered life, so she isn’t really adventurous at all, but in spite of this, her closest friend is very daring. Natalia was my mother’s best friend and she would be around the house all the time. Natalia was much younger than my mother. She was a 26 year old blonde who loved to party and have fun every night. Often she would come by our house after hours drunk, going into my mother’s room to sleep. It was in one of these nights that I had an experience that changed my life. I always thought that Natalia was hot, but when she came home after a night out her clothes and makeup would make me crave her. Her tits were much larger than my mom’s and she was much shorter than my mom as well, but her slim figure only made her breasts seem that much larger. I knew Natalia was kinky, but I never really experienced it first hand, but it always made me wonder what my mom was up to when she was with her.
One night during the summer Natalia came knocking on the door around 12 after she had been out to town drinking. My mom eagerly opened the door and the both of them went back to her bedroom. My bedroom shares a wall with my mom’s, and since I got my new silent laptop I could practically hear everything that was going on in her room. Having heard them giggle I decided to hold my ear against the wall to hear what they were up to.
“Let’s take two each now and then we’ll see how we feel. How about that?” came Natalia’s voice through the thin wall.
“Are you sure that won’t be too much just to have some fun tonight?” my mother replied.
“Nah don’t worry I’ve taken way more ecstasy in one night and I was completely fine.” Said Natalia, and I realized that they were about to both take some ecstasy. But I knew my mom wasn’t going out tonight so I wondered what they were up to.
“Alright fine.” Agreed my mom and I heard both of them take a big gulp, swallowing the ecstasy soon to get them in heat. “What do you think we should try?” my mom continued.
“I was thinking maybe we can have some fun with your boy, he is 18 now after all.” Natalia replied, making my face red to the core. She was proposing that they have their way with me.
“Are you crazy? There is no way we’re doing that. I won’t have him see me like this.” She rejected and diminished my hopes that had just risen.
“This is what we’ll do, we’ll just have him come and wear some clothes, you know let him model for us. It will be fine, don’t worry.”
“I did buy him some nice shirts last time we went shopping and he hasn’t even worn them yet, maybe it’s not a bad I idea.” My heart was beating like mad, I still had a chance to with them.
I heard their door open and Natalia rushing to knock on my door. Jumping back in bed I told her to come in. As she opens the door and steps through I finally see the outfit she’s wearing. She had on a schoolgirl outfit with the shortest skirt imaginable. Even when she moved you could get a glimpse of her panties. She sat down on the edge of the bed and with one hand barely stroking my thigh asks me if I want to come model for them for a bit. I gladly agree and follow her to my mom’s bedroom where my mom was sitting on the bed wearing nothing but a bra and panties. These were her pyjamas and sometimes I’d see her like this in the morning but that was only for a brief moment. She tried to sit in a position which his as much as possible, but I could still see the appetising curves of her body.
“Alright I think you should start by taking off the clothes that you now have on.” Natalia quickly told me. “And can you help him do it?” she added looking at my mother.
“No come on… you can’t be doing this.” Pleaded my mom, with a frightened look on her face.
“We already agreed on this.” Replied Natalie, looking at my mom with conviction.
Although she hesitated a bit, she still came over to where I was on the edge of the bed to help me undress. Naturally this alone was making me rock hard, but on top of this the sight of my mom’s body only in her bra and panties moving towards me made me tremor with excitement. She first took of my top and Natalia cheered complementing my body. As my mom goes to undo my pants her skin constantly brushes over my skin and fills me with more lust. She finally takes down my pants and to no surprize my dick stands erect making a tent in my boxers. Natalia lets out a hoot as my dick nearly hit my mom on the nose as she took my pants down. By this time I had noticed that my mom was feeling hot as well, and the cotton panties that she was wearing were soaked in juices. The ecstasy must be already kicking in because even though my mom was acting ashamed, her body was reacting entirely differently, drenching her panties in her juices. Natalia noticed me staring at my mom’s crotch and shouted:
“Take of your panties and give them to him, he wants them.” She could not be more right. I would love to suck every drop out of those juicy cotton panties. My mom looked at her them at me and with some hesitation started taking her panties off. She still tried to cover herself and not reveal much, but it was useless. The sight of her pink pussy made my insides burn. I could not believe I was seeing my mother like this, and better yet am going to be sucking its juices. My mom took her panties and handed them to me. I stood there, with a raging hard on, but unsure if I should do it so boldly. Seeing me hesitate, Natalia grabbed the panties and put them in her mouth holding them with her so that all the white juices on the inside were sticking out. She then lent in towards me and put them in my mouth, making out with me while my mother’s soaking panties were in my mouth. The taste was exhilarating, and her hot tongue was nearly enough to make me cum right there. She then drew away from me, taking the panties with her. Then, looking at my mom she said:
“You’re going to have to have him tonight.” At this my mom turns red, and I see that even with that fearful face there is still lust in her look. She immediately bends over the edge of the bed, looks at me with the most innocent eyes and begs me:
“Please fuck your mother. Make me your slut tonight.”

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Nice story. Please do keep on going

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So this is the start are you now going to fuck your mom and then let her friend lick her out

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great start but you must keep going with this and i dont mean just tell what happened that nighgt but what happenedfor the weeks after that night and make it longer


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