A girls night out that wasn't turns into a wild night of sex
Although told in the first person, this is based on a story told to me by “Carolyn”. I tend to believe it’s true, based on knowing the female characters in the story.

It was supposed to be a Friday girls night out, so I was surprised to see my girlfriends car parked outside Greg’s house as I drove by to meet a couple of friends for drinks. I drove around the block and came back by to make sure it was her car. Convinced that it was, I parked down the street a little ways a walked towards the house.

As was often the case in the spring, Greg had the front door wide open with just the screen door to keep the bugs out. As I approached you could hear the music playing, but as I got closer, you could begin to hear the sounds of something different...clearly the sounds of some serious fucking. I quietly stepped onto the small stoop and peeked through the screen. There in the dim lights was my girlfriend Carolyn naked and on top of Greg with her back to him, riding his cock for all she was worth. I stepped more towards the center of the door to get a better look. Nobody was going to notice me there in the dark, especially as hard as the two of them were fucking. As she dropped down all the way onto him and began to rotate and grind on to him it was clear he was about to cum. Damn, she did this to me too…she would flex he pussy hard as she ground in circles and practically suck the cum out of you. It was really amazing to feel, and it looked like Greg thought so too as he pumped his load deep into her.

I stood there both shocked and oddly fascinated by what was happening. I seemed like I should do something, but all I seemed to be able to do was watch and feel my cock getting harder. It was then that I notice something else emerging from the shadows and into the light. It was two more guys, both already naked and sporting huge hard cocks. Both were much larger than mine, and mine was usually considered a little on the larger side. One of the looked to be around nine inches or so and about the same thickness as mine, but the other was just ridiculous. It must have been at least 10 or 11 inches and as big around as the business end of a long neck beer bottle.

Carolyn slid off of Greg and dropped to her knees and began sucking their massive cocks first one, then the other. After only a couple of minutes, the first of the first of them was behind her and just shoved his hard dick in her balls deep in one hard thrust. She dropped the other guys even bigger pole from her mouth and groaned out “oh my God!” He held it buried to the hilt for a moment then began to pound her roughly as the other guy shoved his cock back into her mouth, holding her head tight as he fucked her face and she began to gag from the size. Greg was hard again now, and stroking his cock as we came over to where they were. “You really are a slut, aren’t you Carolyn?” he said. “You’ll be so worn out by the time we are done, you’ll never be able to explain to your boyfriend why that pussy is all stretched out.” Just then, the cock in her mouth began to fill her with cum as he jammed it all the way into her throat and she began to choke on the huge amount of juice he was dumping into her.

I decided I had seen enough, but just as I turned to leave I ran straight into Carolyn's friend Rhonda. “Enjoying the view?” she asked. Before I could find the words to answer her, she yelled into the house that I was there. I heard Greg laughing and saying that I might as well come in and get a better view and I could hear Carolyn yelling for them to get off her, but the guy fucking here just ignored her, held on tight and fucked her even harder. Within a couple more strokes you could see him tighten up as he began to dump his load into her dripping wet pussy. As he came, so did she.

“Don’t worry honey” Rhonda told Carolyn. “I’ll make sure he gets taken care of.” With that, the dropped he jeans to the floor and pulled her little t-shirt off. There was nothing underneath. She pulled me close and kissed me hard. “I thought those assholes might at least wait till I got here to start this shit. Guess you can fuck me first now.” With that, she began undoing my pants and dropping to her knees. My only thought was “Oh, what the hell. I might as well get some pleasure out of this mess. Might serve the cheating bitch right to watch me fucking Rhonda”

I looked at Carolyn and she was a mess. With cum on her chin and running down her thighs, the look on her face as Rhonda began working on my throbbing hard cock was a combination of shame and fascination. Greg shoved her onto the couch, drug her to the edge and drove right back into her, fucking her with slow grinding motions. Soon I could feel the cum building in my own balls…and I pumped a huge load into Rhonda. She gagged and choked a little but managed to swallow it all. As I was pulling Rhonda up to return the favor I looked over just as Greg pulled is dick out of Carolyn and began to work it into her ass. It went in surprisingly easy and she began fucking him back almost immediately. Rhonda didn’t let me watch long as she pushed me to the floor and dropped her pussy straight onto my face. She tasted amazing and I gladly went to work on her. In minutes she was cumming. As she settled back down, she worked her way back up to me and kissed me as she began to rub on my already hard cock.
I glanced over at Carolyn and could see the cum running out of her ass as she was now on top of the biggest cock in the room, grinding onto it the working up and down on it with his huge dick filling her completely. Rhonda was now on top of me, easing my cock up into her pussy. I pulled her to me and began kissing her as we slowly fucked each other. For a while it seemed like we were the only people in the room and we were totally lost in each other. We were jolted back to reality when we heard Carolyn. “No! No…oh God I can’t” followed by a hard groaning kind of sound followed by gasping. With the one huge cock still in her pussy, his friend shoved his own big dick balls deep into her ass. “Shit” I heard Rhonda say. It wasn’t long before they worked into a rhythm and she was gasping out “oh shit, damn…come on….fuck …ohhh…” and she began to come again.

It was a little bit of a distraction, but soon Rhonda and I were back into taking care of each other. We were face to face and I would lean her back and suck on her nipples from time to time then pull her back to me and kiss here deeply. She whispered “damn” into my ear, bit down onto my shoulder and shook violently from the power of her orgasm. While she was still quivering on top of me, I heard both the guys as they came together in Carolyn at the same time.

Rhonda kissed me again and quietly told me she really wasn’t in the mood to share and to please take here back to my place. As we pulled on our clothes to go, one of the guys had already shoved his dick back into Carolyn’s mouth and Greg had his cock back in her ass.

It was Sunday afternoon when Carolyn came back to my apartment. They had continued to fuck her on and off all Friday night, and all day and night Saturday. At some point Saturday a couple of other guys joined in as well. She was tired and sore, but otherwise seemed ok. “So, what do we do now?” she asked, as Rhonda finally walked out of the bedroom. “We’ll I might have some suggestions” Rhonda answered…

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2015-07-17 02:48:12
I think he should just kick her very hard in the gut a few time then in her cunt like ten times then kick her out into the street

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2014-07-18 11:10:24
Y4GqKm Major thanks for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more.

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2013-07-14 01:42:31
much too short and you need more detail as to what happened between Carolyn and her boyfriend after she cam back home.......... it leaves too much for specualtion.......... it would be nice to see him get his revenge on her and then through her ass out on the street.

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2013-04-10 22:50:25
- oooohhh! i love them. it seems all a buaftieul dream from your photos and I want to go back. I had to laugh at a couple of them. in the first of me I look like the camera is extension of my head (which maybe it is) and the one of kate with her camera close to the wave and me in the background I am pulling her camera out of the waves subconsciously. I was so worried it was going to get wet. HA! i love them all though! so fabulous!

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2012-08-31 20:42:26
So she was a bitch. I hope he walked away from Carolyn and stayed with Rhonda. How can you be a boyfriend to someone who would do so much with so many guys. If anything I hope the boyfriend got some revenge.

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