Hey guys, this is my first story, I hope you enjoy it!

My name is George and I’m a typical 17 year-old boy. I go to school and work hard, I have a good group of friends and we go out occasionally on weekends. I’m about 6’ 3”, brown hair, blue eyes and not particularly good looking. Despite this setback, I still have many girls as friends as well as boys.

I’d never had a girlfriend, or had sex. Believe me, I’d tried asking a few girls out but it never went too well and things became awkward. Any of the girls that have liked me have never really interested me. Many of the girls in my year were good looking, with the vast majority of them having just finished ‘sprouting’. Many of these girls were flirts now, purposely getting guys hopes up, and then ridiculing them if they made a move.

Anyway, I was out with a few friends to go bowling one night on a weekend. One of my friends had brought his some of his friends from a high school near ours. These friends were great and soon the two groups were perfectly comfortable with each other.

After the bowling ended we all walked to the nearby McDonald’s for some dinner. On the way there, one of my new friends, a blonde haired girl called Emma pulled me aside to walk behind the rest of the group.

“Hey George, how’s it going”

“Oh, um, just fine, Emma. Did you enjoy the bowling?” I reply, a little nervous.

“Oh yeah, it was okay. I’ve never really enjoyed it though; I was more interested in you.” She said with a wink.

“Oh, ok, cool” I say quickly. I was realising that she was teasing me and just wanted to get away and back to my friends who were slowly pulling ahead of the two of us.

“No really, George, I’m not joking. I know you were checking me out and I’m going to tell you something that I’ve never told anyone. I have….” She searched for the right words to say, “…’powers’.”

“Hmm, of course you do…” I say sarcastically while quickening my pace.

“I know it sounds crazy, George, but trust me, I knew exactly when you were thinking about doing to me. What if I told you I could allow you to do stuff like that whenever you wanted, to whomever you wanted?”

I slowed to a stop and she caught up to me. I had been looking at her but I didn’t think it had been that obvious, and she couldn’t possibly have known that I was imagining thrusting my dick into her mouth.

“I won’t tell you the extent of my powers, but I will grant you this, the ability to create slaves out of anyone you want.”

I was very interested by this point and so I asked what was on my mind. “So what do I have to do to get this? And why me?” I asked.

“No particular reason”, she replied, “I just thought that you’re as good a choice as anyone, and talking to the others I can tell you’re a good person. As for what you have to do, absolutely nothing. I’m giving this to you no strings attached. All you have to do is say my name to anyone you want and they will fall under your control, understand? It won’t affect me so don’t bother trying.” She explained.

I decided to call her bluff. “So I just have to say ‘Emma’?” I asked with a smirk.

“Damn y-“ was all she managed to get out before her eyes misted over and she began to stare off into the distance.

We had already fallen a fair bit behind the rest of the group when this happened so I said to my new slave, “Hurry up, we have to catch up to the others”. Emma ran with me to the others who had reached the McDonalds and had already ordered. A few of my friends gave me subtle ‘thumbs up’, congratulating me on scoring with this beautiful blonde.

While we ordered, I quietly commanded Emma to look and act normal, forgetting what had happened but still to obey my commands. After everyone ate, people began to move to the deserted children’s playground, everyone except me and Emma

I pulled her into the toilets and away from the prying eyes of our friends. “Strip”, I ordered, “but slowly, I want to enjoy this.”

“Yes, Master” She says, slowly pulling off her shirt to reveal a bra filled with her perfect b-cup boobs.

My 7’ dick stood to attention at this sight. She then went on to bend over, facing away from me, and pull her jeans and panties down, wiggling her hips and giggling like a little school girl. When her bra hit the floor, she walked to the far wall and lent in against it, pushing her beautiful butt out for her new master.

She then turned and began to walk towards me, her slim hips swaying in time with her breasts as she stared into my eyes. When she reached me she kneeled and started undoing my pants. My cock sprung out and almost hit her but she dodged it. It was such a relief to get it out, it had begun to hurt it was so hard.

Still looking into my eyes, she licked down to length of my dick and back up, swirling her tongue around the head. I began to groan with pleasure as she engulfed my whole cock in one motion. I had to lean against a wall to stop myself from falling as she gave a world-class blowjob, eventually employing her hands as she sped up her pace.

“Oh my god, that’s great!’ I moan.

“Mmhmmmh” is all she can manage with her mouth full.

I can feel myself about to cum at any moment, so I pull away, regaining my composure. I prop Emma up on the sink and position myself to enter her. I push forward and am almost stopped completely by how tight she is. I also discover that she’s not a virgin either, which takes some of the guilt I’m felling away. I begin to thrust in and out of her, slowly at first but soon I’m pounding away at her tight pussy.

She’s moaning with please and beginning to thrash around as I do this. When I feel her pussy clamp down around my cock I almost go over the edge. I pull out and force my little slave to her knees and begin to face fuck her like I had been imagining all night since I saw her. The feeling of her gagging on my cock finished me off and began to pump my seed down into her throat.

She takes it all and doesn’t spill any as she swallows. When she finished she looks up at me with her eyes full of passion.

“Mmm, tasty! Thanks Master” was all she said.

“Don’t mention it.” I say smiling, knowing that now she physically cannot mention it at all.

I tuck my dick back into my pants and walk out to the rest of my friends who didn’t seem to realise I was gone. Emma eventually came back out, having redone her makeup and straightening the creases in her clothes. As I watched her walk to her friends, I began to wonder what else I may get up to with this new ‘power’.

To be continued.

Thanks for reading, as I said before this is my first story. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated, I can write more to this story but only if people want me too.

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2016-01-18 16:51:55
frank if you start a story finish it or i give a neg.


2015-06-02 13:44:59
An interesting start to the story

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2014-12-17 21:12:31
Not bad bt not d@ great either....


2013-10-06 12:41:40
I think Emma should tutored him personally, showing him some of her minions under her control. Just my thought !
Not a bad story at all !

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2013-10-06 12:38:32
I think Emma should tutored him personally, showing him some of her minions under her control. Just my thought !

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