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Questions about being a Shooter Girl
This is a different kind of write up. I thought this would appeal to some people as change is always nice. This story involves an interview related to one of my older stories. I sat down and interviewed my friend. A cute little bar wench or shooter girl who worked at a bar in the mid west. It was sex crazed and horny as hell there. She will answer candid questions about what happened to her when she worked there for a short period. Enjoy and comment please…

Q. Describe the bar you worked at.
R. It was a rough old bar on the edge of a big mid west city. It was filled with people every Thursday to Saturday nights. A variety of people went from oil workers to college students.

Q. What kind of outfits did you wear.
R. I wore slutty stuff to get great tips. It was a country style bar. Usually cowboy boots, jean shorts that were very short. I cut them so the inner pockets hung out. I snipped the seams on the side up a bit to. I cut the top belt loops off the top. They were probably about 5 inches from the waist to the bottoms. I sometimes just wore a white tied up tank top or a checkered button up shirt on top. The tighter the better. A cowboy hat was a necessity. I was a shooter wench. I wore a belt of liquor too. The sluttier the outfit the more I got it and the better tips I made.

Q. Describe yourself.
R. At the time I worked at the bar I had just turned 20. I was small about five feet tall, 100 pounds soak and wet. I ran and worked out. I did not have an ounce of fat on me. I had a small hard stomach, runners legs, a tan. I looked good. My brown hair fell to my ass. My tits were firm perky DD. I also had a great ass!

o Q. How many slutty shorts do you own.
o R. Probably 25 pair.
o Q. You told me guys there got so horny they would take you girls and have their way with you in the bar. Where would they.
o R. I would get fucked on the pool table, the bar and in the basement once.
o Q. The basement.
o R. The bouncers took me into their dungeon that they initiate all of their wait staff and bartenders in. I was young and innocent. The room has a large king size bed, a chair, a table with straps on four corners and a leather swing. I was called in early one night. As I sat there and talked to the bouncers they suddenly picked me up and carried me downstairs like a rag doll. Five of them had their way with me for a couple hours. They videoed it. They were big bouncers. Their giant cocks really stuffed me.

Q. The first time u were groped in the bar did your outfit get destroyed?
 R. No. I was pinned against a wall and probably ten different guys felt me up. Hands went up my shorts and got me wet. My tits were also squeezed and fondled.

 Q. How many times were you groped and actually fucked while you worked at the bar.
 A. about 6 different times.

Q. Have your cowboy boots ever been filled w cum?
 A. YES. There was once so many people in the bar there just were not enough girls. I was stripped and they passed my boots around and came in them. I got em back really wet and full. Little cum dumpsters.

Q. How many shorts have been ripped to pieces?
 A. Probably four pair. I was stripped right down and fucked repeatedly a few times there.

Q. What is the most guys at once that had their way with you in the bar?
 A. Probably 35 one night. They just took turns on me as I was pinned on the edge of the pool table. I got it in the mouth, ass and pussy. I was a dripping mess when they were done with me.

 Q. Did u deliberately slutty it so that would happen sometimes?
 A. yes

o Q. Did you get skewered in the mouth and pussy same time?
o A. There was times when I felt like a pig roast. Guys took turns holding my legs and arms and cocks fought for my mouth and jammed my pussy at the same time. Fucking animals. I was held up effortlessly. I think it turned them on how small I was.

o Q. Did u get it the most cause of your outfits u think.
o A. Yes I dressed like a real cowgirl slut. The people in the bar were horny animals too.

o Q..Did your tits get lots of attention and did u cum from them being played with?
o A. yes and yes. They always went for my shirt first. I was fondled but the guys loved my big tits. My shirts would be ripped off and my tits were licked, fondled and tit fucked. They were perky and took it well.
o Q. Do they throw out the tattered wrecked outfits somewhere after they stripped you?
o A. No, I wore them home unless they had been shredded or ripped to pieces.
o Q. Did the hands up your shorts or on them make you horny?
o A. All the hands did stimulate me. They just wanted so badly to strip me. My shorts protected me for awhile. The stimulation was unreal.
o Q. Were you a screamer or moaner.
o A. I screamed when I was fucked. Loudly.
o Q. Describe your absolutely sluttiest shorts! Were they wrecked?
o A. They were dark blue with the pockets hanging out. They were small and really tight. Guess, probably a hundred bucks. Four buttons up the front. They hugged my ass cheeks and pussy nicely. Tight and really soft well worn denim. I was constantly ass smacked in them.
o Q. What was the most one session orgasms you had when they got you in the bar and had their way with you?
o A. Probably six.
o Q. Did they ever strip u on the bar and do you?
o A. I was picked up and held on the bar. My shirt was ripped off first. They drank shots off my stomach and then stripped me completely. They had their way with me after that. I was drenched in booze and then cum eventually.
o Q. Why did u wear white tight t shirts with no bra.
o A. Yes. My tits stood up and out. When I was sprayed I could win any wet t-shirt contest around.

o Q. Did u ever wear a belt on your slutty shorts to try and keep them on.
o A. Yes, but they would take it off and put it around my neck when they were fucking me. I quit wearing a belt eventually.
o Q. Did they just go pick u up and carry you to where they wanted.
o A. Yes I was light and small. They treated me like a rag doll.

o Q. Did u ever get spanked.
o A. I got everything….
o Q. Were girls there jelous or mad at you.
o A. No, every girl there got attention. I just got a bit more.

Q. Have I ever cried from getting it repeatedly.
A. No just exhausted and spent

Q. Where do they abuse you most.
A. My tits and pussy. My pussy was so tight. Some guys would cum in five thrusts. It was tight.
o Q Were you ever hung by your wrists and you were played with all night.
o A. Yes. My cowboy boots barely touched the floor. My hands were stretched above my head. This caused my plaid shirt to barely stay on my boobs. Guys and girls walked by kissing, licking and groping me. All the hands on me and attention got me wet. My buttons were popped. My tits eventually hung out.
Q. Have they ever strapped you down to a mattress.
o A. Yes, remember the bar initiation in the basement I told you about. The mattress I am sure had been used many times. It was stained and indented. I could not move my wrists or ankles how they spread eagle tied me down. I remember as they fucked me how my tight little cunt was pounded into the mattress. The springs squeeked.
o Q. Have you ever cried when a group had their way with you.
o A. Only once.

o Q. What is the longest time you were able to fight back before u had your shorts torn or pulled off ever.
o A. About five minutes. They had their mind on stripping me. They just waited until I was tired out. Then they did what they wanted.

o Q. What is the fastest u have lost your entire shooter girl slut shorts and boots in an attack.
o A. I was once stripped at the end of the night by a horny group in about thirty seconds.

Q. Have u ever been tripled.
o A. Yes a few times. A guy under me on the pool table. One on top and a guy straddling my face fucking my mouth. At the same time other people made me jerk them with my hands. I felt cocks on my bare feet too. I got drenched there. They used my hair--wet like I had washed it with cum.

o Q. Has a group just pinned you ever and felt you up making you cum in your clothes and if so how many times did u cum?
o A. I have. I got so wet once. I probably came 4 times in my tight little slutty shorts.
o Q. How could they tell you came..did u whimper and your shorts get wet?
o A. My shorts did get a little wet. I was wiggling and screaming. I am loud.

Q. What was something a gang of guys did that was different.
 A. They had their way with me and they just abused me most in my pussy. They made me drink cum out of a shot glass. Six cum shots…
o Q. What do you think when you are held down or tied down ad you hear your clothes being ripped.
o A. It frightens me when I hear my clothes ripping at the seams. I know that I'm in for it.
o Q. Do you try and keep your shorts on or just let them go eventually when fighting the crowd of hands?
o A. I eventually just give in. Too tired from trying to keep them on.
o Q. What usually goes first boots shorts or top.
o A. My shirt. They want to free my tits and lick, suck or fuck them. I fight them, I am trying to keep them from ripping off. Top gets torn off first... they like my big tits. Boots next. Shorts last usually.
o Q. Has there ever been a time when u r drenched with pre cim and cum and still wearing clothes.
o A. Yes, sometimes they are roaring to go and really wet.
o Q. What about a cooler night where you wore good bum jeans --how did they take those slutty ones off
o A. They peeled them off slowly.
o Q. Have you ever sent a co worker into that situation that needs initiation to teach her? What happened.
o A. Yes, I set my bitchy workmate up on a "date" once. She thought she was the bomb and cute. She was but had a foul mouth and thought her shit did not stink with her attitude. I sent her out with a guy who was really into Domination stuff. He took her home. He slapped her around a bit and tied her up at his house. He called all his friend, about 15 of them and they all came and fucked her and teach her a lesson. They fucked her attitude out of her. He told me she cried and moaned for hours. She came into work the next day with a whole new attitude.

Q. Did guys take pics and vids while doing ya?
R. Yah, cameras everywhere.

o Q. What was the longest time u got abused in bar time wise hours.
o A. Closing at 3am until 11am that morning. Fifty guys probably did something to me.
o Q. Was there ever time in summer when u had bikini on at padio and slut shorts and they dragged you somewhere and fucked the crap out of you.
o A. My yellow bikini got me into lots of trouble.
o Q. Does it turn you on to wear the shorts that were cumed on.
o A. yes
o Q. What is the most number of cocks surrounding you that blew on u round the same time.
o A. Probably ten to fifteen.
o Q.What was the value and brand name of your most expensive shorts they wrecked?
o A. I had these Brazilian ones worth about 95 dollars. Assholes.
o Q. Was anything else ever used on you belts pool cues booze.
o A. Yes I have been fucked with beer bottles, pool cues and had my belt around my neck like a dog.
o Q. Do u think they ever planned ahead of time what they could do to u on some occasions.
o A. yes for sure…they especially came to abuse poor little old me.

Q. Did you ever get it outside the bar.
o A.. A van full of guys who were waiting outside the bar for my workmate and I to get off work one night snagged us up in the parking lot. They abused and spanked my workmate with a belt while they made me watch and jerk them off. They came all over me. There were 6 of them.

Q. Have you ever begged the crowd not to destroy your clothes when they have hteir way with you. .
o A. Yes, I have begged them not to rip my favourite jeans... they did anyway, so I learned that not begging them to stop was better. I had owned them for years. Light blue Guess that were weak and distressed. They tore with no effort at all.

A. How many loads do you get on a night they have their way with you on average.
o Q. The average number of "cum dumps" I receive is probably 25
o Q. Have you ever been totally owned on a night.
o A. Yes, I have gotten it so bad on the pool table that I couldn't walk after. They left me laying there. Exhausted and spent. A football team destroyed me.
o Q. Any fancy clothes you had destroyed.
o A. Yes, I used to have a fancy pair of jean shorts that tied up "corset " style up the upper thigh. easily sliced through with a knife.
o Q. If you had an attitude did you get it worse.
o A. Yes, the bitchier I was that night, the worse I got it.. of course even when I was trying to be nice they gave it to me hard.
o Q. Any single fuck sessions.
o A. Once a guy pushed me in the corner while I was working, I was just wearing a little skirt that night, he ripped off my panties and fucked me in the corner with the whole crowd just not even noticing. When done with me I could feel so much cum oozing down my inner legs. The skirt was sexy.

Cont. later...

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