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Mom walked slowly into the kitchen dragging her feet. She began pulling things from the cupboard to prepare our lunch. Her hair was still a mess and her tired low-pitch voice told me she was still hungover. Dad was still in the bedroom sleeping it off.
"So how did you guys like your new babysitter?" She mumbled.
"Same as all the rest." Charlie said indifferently.
"I really liked him mommy. He was lots of fun." I said this as images from the night before replayed in my mind.
"That's great sweetie! I know Davy really likes playing with you kids." She turned to Charlie, "Charlie, go wake your dad up and tell him it's time to eat."
"He's not my dad." Charlie stormed away.

My real dad died when I was just a baby. Doug was the man I called dad because he was the only father I'd ever known. Charlie and Stacy felt differently. They were older when my dad passed and they still have vague memories of him. This was one of the reasons I bonded so well with Davy. When Davy was a baby he contracted a severe case of bacterial meningitis which left him mentally handicapped. When his mother was told that her son would be dependent on her for the rest of his life, she abandon him and Bob. I could relate somewhat with Davy, and for that he was one of my best friends, regardless of the age difference.

The afternoon came and went, it was all a blur. I pretended to play outside, I pretended to watch tv-- but my mind wasn't in tune with those things. I couldn't focus on anything because I couldn't stop replaying the events from the night before. The vulnerable feeling of being blind folded while Bob's hands touched me in places that had never been touched. The shameful feeling of guilt as I lay there letting him rob me of my innocence... and all the while enjoying it. I wondered how mad my parents would be if they found out. My mom would probably cry. My dad would probably kill Bob. Good thing I wasn't going to tell them.

When the sun went down, I climbed into bed still thinking about it. I thought about how good Bob made me feel, how he gave me my first orgasm. I felt a puddle of warm creamy wetness settle in my panties and I began to touch myself. I closed my eyes and imagined my hands were Bob's hands. I used the same technique that he used as I massaged my tiny little clitoris, moving my finger in a circular motion. I covered my mouth with my other hand to muffle my moans, the same way Bob did. I inserted a finger into my vagina, the pressure inside of me felt heavenly. I continued to rub myself until I finally came. Kneeling next to my bed, I prayed for forgiveness just before I fell asleep.

The next morning, as I sat at the table eating my pancakes, I began to daydream. After knowing how good it felt to have sex, I became turned on by the idea of taking someone else's virginity. I wanted to give someone what Bob had given to me-- I was obsessed with the idea. I wanted to be someone's first. I wanted someone to be as grateful to me as I was to Bob. Then it dawned on me...
"Mom? Can I spend the night with Davy again?"


"It's time for your bath, Amelia." Bob walked me upstairs while Davy sat in his room playing a video game. He turned the water on and set the temperature.
"I can do this myself you know." I teased.
"Yes, I know. But I thought you might like some help." Bob smiled.
My clothes fell to the floor as I pealed each layer off my body. I stepped into the warm bath water and began to cleanse my body.
"Stand up" Bob demanded.
I stood in the tub as water dripped slowly down my body. Bob applied some soap to his hand and then began to wash me. I began moaning in pleasure while his wet soapy hand glided back and forth between my legs. His fingers fitting snuggley inside the crease of my labia all the way back to my ass crack-- back and forth, in a slow rhythmic motion. I felt my knees buckle as my pussy juices oozed all over his hand. He took his clothes off and joined me in the tub, "Would you like some company?"
"Yes please."
He sat down in the water and picked me up, spreading my legs. I straddled him, my legs around his waist as I felt his hard cock enter me. I began riding him, up and down, in and out. His big fat cock filling my tiny pussy hole, pounding every inch inside of me. He sucked on my small breasts-- the breasts of a little girl. He started kissing my neck, I started bouncing harder and faster on his throbbing dick.
"Yeah... that's right baby. Ride that cock like a good little girl."
"Mmm.. Yeah, I like that cock. I like that big fat juicy cock."
I grabbed the back of his shoulders for support, moving my hips up and down, I felt like I never wanted to stop. I could stay in that bath tub and ride his beautiful cock forever. My nails began to dig into his skin, I was losing control. Bob picked me up and flipped me. He bent me over the side of the tub as he stood on his knees to enter my pussy from behind. Once again, I felt his throbbing penis penetrate my tingling vagina. He held me by the hips and fucked me hard. My poor defenseless pussy receiving every inch of his cock, it hurt so bad, but it felt so good.
"That's my pretty little princess. You like that cock, huh? Are you my little whore?"
"Mmm yeah, I like it Bob. I like it. Fuck my pussy! I'm your dirty little whore princess!"
He forced his dick deeper inside of me. My tiny hole wasn't able to receive it all. He pushed deeper, tearing my little pussy hole until it bled. He continued to pound me, harder... faster... in and out. I felt his cock begin to spray warm juice inside of me, filling my hole with his liquid love.


It was 2a.m. now, Bob had fallen asleep in his bed. Now was my chance. I started to sneak down the stairs to Davy's room. Davy was still awake, still playing his video game, I walked in.
"Hey Davy, how's it goin'?"
"Were you humping my dad? I heard you."
"Umm... yeah. Sorry about that."
"But you're just a little girl... you're not a grown up."
"I know, but I still like it... Do you like it?"
"I never humped anyone before. I just hump myself." Davy snickered.
"Do you want to hump a girl?"
"I... umm... I do, but--"
"But?" I began sliding my hand up his thigh. I kneeled in front of him while he sat on the edge of his bed, I began rubbing the swollen member beneath his jeans. My hand gliding back and forth, the friction causing him to tremble. I reached up and unbuttoned his pants, I pulled the zipper down and was happy to see the tent in his white cotton underwear. I rubbed the tent, feeling his shaft in my hand I got so turned on. He had the mind of a child, but the dick of an 18-year-old man. I pulled his underwear off and ran my tongue along the bottom of his shaft-- Starting at the balls and ending at the head. I took his nice plump cock head into my mouth and began to suck it, closing my eyes and pretending it was a lollipop. My hand wrapped around his shaft, moving up and down while my mouth simultaneously sucked his man candy. I tasted a little pre-cum oozing from the tip, warm and salty, it tasted so good, I had to swallow it. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter, I used my other hand to touch myself. My left hand inside my panties, massaging my little clit while my right hand held a nice thick cock. I moved my mouth down his shaft and started to suck his balls, rotating my hand around the head of his cock.
"Do you like that Davy?"
"Yes. Keep going." his eyes were rolling to the back of his head. I traced a ring around the tip of his cock with my tongue before taking it into my mouth again. I didn't want to close my eyes anymore, I didn't want to pretend I was sucking a lollipop. It was a nice, juicy dick and it tasted better than any lollipop I'd ever had. I opened my eyes and looked up at Davy, still sucking. Davy was staring down at me, watching my mouth bob up and down on his cock.

I stood up and removed my shirt, "Do you want to touch me?" Davy reached up and caressed my tiny breast mounds. I held the back of his head and moved in close, bringing his mouth to my nipple. He began flicking one of my nipples with his tongue and he used his hand to tweak the other. I pulled my shorts off and propped one leg on the bed, inviting him to lick my pussy. He fell to the floor on his knees and his mouth began to make love to my clit. I moaned softly as he french kissed the hell out of my pussy. "Do you like the taste?"
"Yes Amelia, you taste lovely."
He continued licking, his mouth was drooling and he was becoming more eager. He sucked on my clit while panting like a dog. My nipples got harder, my clit became more sensitive and my legs began to twitch. I couldn't help but to cry out in pleasure as my pussy released my warm creamy cum all over his face. I pulled his head away, "You can sit on the bed now."
He got up off his knees and sat on the edge of the bed again. I climbed up on his lap, putting one leg on each side of him and lowering my wet pussy onto his hard cock. I grabbed his hands and placed them both on my ass cheeks, he held them tight, assisting each thrust with the pull of his hands. I whispered with pleasure, "Do you like how my pussy feels?"
"Mmm yes Amelia, it feels much better than when I use my hand."
I worked my pussy up and down his huge dick, his hands squeezing my ass the entire time. I was so proud of my tight little pussy, I knew that it felt better than a grown woman's pussy, it was so snug around a man's cock and the thought made me feel so sexy. I began to fuck him harder, I wrapped my arms around his neck and I locked my feet together behind his back. Just then, he lifted himself off the bed with my body still attached to him. He walked across the room and pressed my back up against the wall, thrusting his cock even deeper inside of me. I was so glad that his mental disabilities didn't effect his physical capabilities. He was much stronger than I ever imagined. He rammed my pussy with his meat stick over and over again. My body began to twitch again and I started screaming with sexual delight. My pussy moistened his cock until I felt him squirt inside me. A moment later, the bedroom door flew open, "What the hell is going on?" Bob sounded angry.
"Um.. dad... we were just.."
"I know what you were doing! Put her down!"
Davy lowered me onto the floor and took a step back, putting his hands in the air like a criminal who'd just been caught in the act. "I'm sorry daddy!"
"I'll deal with you later. Amelia, get your ass up stairs, it's time I teach you a lesson!"
Bob grabbed me by the wrist, his grip was tight, "Davy, go to sleep!" he screamed as he dragged me out of the room and up the stairs.
When we reached the bedroom, he locked the door. He raised his hand and before I knew what was happening, he smacked my face so hard my had jerked to the side. "WHORE!"
"I'm sorry Bob! Please don't hurt me!"
"Shut the hell up! Whores aren't allowed to speak!"
Just then, he grabbed a tube sock from his dresser drawer and tied it around my head covering my eyes. "If you want to act like a whore, I'll treat you like one!"
He grabbed my ponytail and yanked my head back, using his other hand to pinch my nose. "Now open wide you dirty little whore."
I opened my mouth and he shoved his fat cock down my throat gagging me. "Suck on it! Suck that cock like a little whore!"
He continued to thrust into my throat, fucking my mouth like a wild beast. He pulled out just long enough for me to gasp in a breath of air. He shoved it back in, pulled my hair, pinching my nose and fucking my mouth. "Yeah, that's right. Open wide and let me fuck that pretty little mouth of yours," he grunted, going deeper into my throat. I could feel his balls banging against my chin while I slobbered all over his moan-maker. I started to gag.
"Oh what's wrong? The little whore can't eat a big boy's cock? You want me to stop? Well too fuckin' bad you little bitch!"
His dick raped my mouth at an alarming speed, in and out, faster and faster. Just then, he pulled it out, I gasped another breath of air as I felt a warm rain on my face.
"Yeah, I'm gonna cum all over your dirty little face you little bitch. This is how we treat whores!"
He blew his load on my face and then used his hand to rub it in. My face was wet and sticky, I wanted to wash it off but there would be no washing... not anytime soon.

Still blind folded, I heard him pull another tube sock from his drawer. He wrapped this one around my mouth and tied it in the back. He grabbed me by the arms and threw me onto the bed, face down. He pulled more socks from his drawer, tying each of my hands to the bed post with my face down in the pillow. I could barely breath just enough air into my nostrils, the only part of my face that wasn't bound. I heard him grab something clangy. Just then, I felt the sting on my back side. It was a belt.
"How do you like that you naughty little girl?"
I tried to scream but the sock gag prevented it. He struck me again and again. I could feel a small open wound on my ass, I think it was bleeding a little. When he finally stopped, I heard him put the belt down and climb onto the bed. He was sitting between my legs and I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks.
"Look at that pretty little asshole." He inserted a finger and began to penetrate, in and out. Despite the pain of the beating I'd just taken, my pussy got a little wet.
"Mmm tight, just like your pussy. And it looks good enough to eat."
He took his finger out and lowered his head, burying his face in the crack of my ass. His tongue began to massage my pussy from behind, the tip of his nose pressing against my asshole. It felt so good I could feel my pussy begin to throb. He moved his tongue back and began licking my asshole. "Mmm.."
The tip of his tongue circling around and around, he inserted a finger into my pussy and I laid there enjoying the sensation of his tongue eating my ass while his finger banged my pussy.
He lifted his face and spread my ass cheeks even further, spitting on my hole. He lifted his body and I felt his penis begin to press on the outside of my ass.
"I must warn you, this is going to hurt."
He forced his cock into my tiny asshole as I balled my fists and tried to scream, it felt like he was ripping me in half.
"I'm going to make this pretty little virgin asshole mine!"
He began fucking me with no mercy, shoving his fat cock deeper and deeper inside my asshole. He tucked one hand underneath my body and began to massage my clit while still fucking me in the ass. It started to feel good... a painful pleasure.
"You like that, princess? You like it when I fuck your little asshole?"
"Yeah, don't you wish you could scream? Too bad you can't make a sound. Whores deserve to be silenced."
He reached up and grabbed my ponytail, pulling my head back while riding my ass.
His thrusts became deeper and deeper. Harder and harder. His big fat cock invaded my asshole over and over again, pushing in and out.
"Oh yeah... yeah, I'm gonna blow my load in your little virgin asshole! Yeah... I'm gonna make your ass mine! You like that, don't you little whore? Yeah... You like that cock tearing up your virgin asshole!"
"Mmmm!" my fists were clenched, my toes were curled. As much as it hurt, I didn't want him to stop.
"Take it you little bitch! Take that cock!"
He gave one last thrust, holding his throbbing cock inside of me while he filled me up.

He opened the bedroom door and yelled, "DAVY! GET YOUR ASS UP HERE!"
Davy stomped up the stairs, I was still tied to the bed, still gagged, still blind folded.
"Dad, what are you doing to her?"
"Not what I'm doing-- what WE'RE doing. Take your pants off."
"But daddy, I don't want to hurt Amelia!"
I heard Davy's pants unzip. I heard their foot steps approaching near the bed. Bob untied my hands but kept me gagged and blind folded.
"We're going to stuff this bitch. Lay down on the bed Davy."
Davy laid next to me. Bob dragged me over onto Davy, my back resting on Davy's chest, I felt Davy's cock brush the outside of my ass. Bob retied my hands to the bed posts. He spread my legs and then my ass cheeks. "It's time for you to fuck her asshole Davy. You like my sloppy seconds, right?"
"But daddy, I--"
I felt Davy's cock enter my sore asshole. Just then, I could feel Bob kneeling in front of me, he put his dick in my pussy.
He spoke to Davy, "Now reach around and grab her titties. I'm gonna show you how to fuck a dirty whore."
Bob propped my legs up, using his arms to grip them as he started pounding me. His dick was soft at first, he could barely keep it inside of me. Slowly it began to grow, I could feel it getting bigger and I wanted to scream in pleasure. Within seconds, my pussy came all over his cock.
"What's that? Are you a grateful little whore? Do you have something to say?"
He pulled the sock down from my mouth, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" I screamed. If this was my punishment then I was more than happy to accept it. Two big cocks filling both of my holes while Davy's hands caressed my nipples and Bob began to massage my clit.
Two cocks pounding me, in and out, hard and deep, faster and faster both of them soaked with my pussy juice.
"That's enough. Time for the whore to shut the fuck up." Bob bunched up the tube sock and stuffed it in my mouth.
"Mmm! Mmmm!" I bit down on it hard, trying to prevent grinding my teethe while my holes were being fucked without mercy. Pulling his dick out of me, Bob began to lick my pussy while Davy still fucked my asshole. He licked and licked, around and around, putting his fingers in my pussy. I came again, all over his face this time. "Mmm!"
He put his hard cock back inside of me and continued fucking, harder, faster... He pulled it out and came all over my stomach while Davy's cock erupted in my asshole.


When morning came, Bob drove me home. He didn't walk me to the door, he just pulled into the drive way and let me out. I thought it was strange at first, and then I wondered if maybe he was afraid to face my dad. Afraid because I had been walking funny all morning and maybe he knew my dad would catch on. I walked
into the house and dropped my bag on the floor.
"Hey sweetie! Did you have fun with Davy?" my dad was sitting on the sofa watching a ball game.
"Yeah I did..."
"That's great! Have you eaten yet?"
"No, not yet daddy." My voice was horse from all the screaming I'd done the night before.
"Are you okay honey?"
"Yeah I'm fine," I walked to the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal.
"Are you sure? Why are you walking like that? You look like you're in pain..."
"Me and Davy were playing outside. I was climbing a tree and fell out." I lied.
"Oh god..."
"It's okay daddy, I'm fine. Just a little sore."
"Well if you say so..."
"Hey, where's mom?"
"Oh, she left about an hour ago. She took Charlie and Stacy to Manchester to visit grandma. It's been a while you know... grandma's been getting lonely."
"I wanted to go!" I whined.
"I know Amelia, but the trip wasn't planned. I didn't know they were leaving until this morning and I didn't want to interrupt your play time with Davy."
"Well I'm home now! Lets go daddy, we can meet them there."
"Sweetie, it's a two hour drive. Maybe we can go next weekend."
I sighed dramatically, "Well I'm going to my room to take a nap."

I waddled upstairs to my room and shut the door.
"Amelia! You left your bag on the floor!"
"I'll pick it up later!"
"No! You'll get your butt down here and pick it up now!"
"I'm tired! Pick it up yourself!"

I began disrobing myself when my dad stormed into my room, prepared to yell at me. He paused for a moment and then let out a gasp.
"Amelia! What in the world happened to you?"
Oops... I just remembered the welt marks that Bob left on my bottom.
"Daddy! Let me explain, please don't be mad..."
"Daddy please! Stop yelling!"
"I'm gonna kill him..." I'd never heard my dad sound so serious.
He ran across the hall into his bedroom and grabbed the first thing he could find-- a baseball bat.
"Stay here Amelia! I'll be back later."
"Amelia, this is none of your concern. This is between me and Bob. You just calm down and stay here." He started to put on his socks and shoes.
My dad's voice began to break, "Honey, you didn't do anything, this isn't your fault. Why would you think you deserved it?"
"BECAUSE!.... Because... I liked it daddy." I felt ashamed to say the words. My dad had always thought of me as his little angel. Now I feared that his perception of me would change, he would no longer love me. He would be disgusted by my filthy mind.
"You... you liked it?" he sounded skeptical.
"Yes! Yes daddy... I enjoyed it. Please don't hurt him."
"Amelia, I can't believe this..."
"I'm sorry daddy. Please don't be mad at me. I hope you still love me."
He sat next to me on the bed, "Oh honey, of course I still love you."
His hand gently brushed my cheek as he lifted my chin, pulling me in to kiss me. But it wasn't the kisses I was used to getting. It wasn't the kind of kisses that a father normally gives his daughter. He used his tongue to massage mine, kissing me passionately.

I have to admit, I always thought of Doug--my dad-- as a handsome man. He was tall, dark eyes and dark hair with a clean cut goatee. But I never thought of him sexually... up until now anyway. He took his clothes off and laid my already-naked body on the bed. He was much different from Bob, he was much more gentle. He continued kissing my mouth passionately and then he began to kiss my earlobe. Whispering softly, "I love you so much, Amelia." I spread my legs slightly and his gentle hand caressed the outside of my thigh, slowly lifting my leg around his body. The tip of his penis glided into me, penetrating softly. I sighed with pleasure, "I love you too daddy." I could feel him breathing in my ear as he gently pushed deeper into me. It felt so romantic, so breath taking. He began kissing my neck, his body was so close I could feel his chest rubbing up and down my hard nipples. I moaned and it seemed to have a positive effect on him. "That's my beautiful little girl. Daddy loves you princess." He started to lose control, pushing deeper and deeper into my pussy. "Does my pussy feel good daddy?"
"Yes, baby. It feels wonderful" he groaned.
"Better than mommy's?"
"Much better baby, much better."
My dad's cock was huge-- bigger than Davy's and bigger than Bob's. I laid there taking in every inch of it, wishing it could last forever. I wondered if my father would sneak into my room and make love to me every night.
He lifted me up without pulling his penis out of my tight hole. He positioned himself seated upright on the bed with me on top of him. I began to ride his cock, gently at first. He ran his fingers through my long hair, softly pulling my face toward his to kiss me again. I was so aroused by his tender demeanor, I felt so close to him. My body began to tremble as I felt that familiar wave of pleasure hit every nerve ending. I bounced harder and faster on my daddy's big juicy dick. I felt so dirty and so loved at the same time. He pulled me in closer, his cock pounding so deep inside of me. My soft, wet pussy began to spasm at the same time my dad's throbbing member began to squirt. We came simultaneously, it was so perfect.

As we both lay there, naked and sweaty, I felt my eyelids get heavy. I was so tired. Just before I drifted off to sleep, I heard myself whisper, "Daddy, isn't mommy going to be mad?"
My dad kissed my forehead, "She never has to know."

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