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a boy has a new look on life again.
Darling Part two
“Darling, Darling it’s time to wake up” the voice was soft and distant. I turned my head in the sounds direction and opened my eyes. Rose was staring me in the face not 4 inches away. I was about to say something when she put her finger to her lips and then pointed at my chest. There was Cassie with her head just poking out from under the comforter. She was purring softly and other then her cat ears twitching, she was sound asleep.

In a moment of clear thinking I realized that we both fell asleep naked and uncovered! I looked at Rose and she seemingly read my mind and whispered “I covered you up last night and now could you remove your hands from Cassie’s ass so I can take her to her room?” I slowly release my hand and Rose picked her and wrapper her in the comforter. Then she nodded at the door. I quickly got up and opened it. She winked at me and left down the hall with Cassie still sleeping in her arms.

After a few seconds of standing butt naked in the hall I decided to take a shower. When I got to the master bath I found that my tooth brush, body wash and change of clothing waiting for me. First I just stood in the shower letting the events of last night sink in and letting the smell of the body wash fill the room. then I found that the bath tub that you could fit 10 people in was already full of hot water and bubbles. I slid into the warm water and closed my eyes.

Then I felt it, hands reaching around my back and lips pressed on the tip of my dick. The bubbles where too thick to see what it was, I jumped as my dick sucked in. it felt like a vacuum. I don’t think I got so hard so fast in my life. I felt amazing; it felt like my dick was magnetized to what was sucking it. The pleasure was so intense that I could not move, a tong was caressing my dick and pulling all the precum out. Then one of the hands went down my back and onto my butt.

One of the fingers circled my ass hole and then I felt my ball get sucked in too. At the same time the finger penetrated my ass and starts to stroke my prostate. The mouth with my dick and balls in it and the finger in my ass was too much. Without warning I started to cum, load after load. It felt like an age until I stopped Cuming and the mouth drank every drop.

I couldn’t even move as I felt the finger leaving my ass and the mouth release my now limp dick. Out of the water came the blue head of Mai. In her bubbly voice she said” now was that a good blow job or what?” She stepped out of the tub over my head and I saw that even her pubic hair was blue in a triangle above her pussy. As she was walking away I asked “I didn’t use the stuff in the bottle so why did you do this?” as she opened the door to the hall I heard her say” I put some in your body wash.”

As I was recuperating in the bath well completed the idea that I might have been raped. I sat there a good time before deciding to put my cloths on and get something to eat. When I got to the kitchen Rose was one step ahead of me. As I walked up she was humming a sweet tune and her skirt was moving back and forth. I stood at the counter next to her and asked” what you making?” in her sweet tone she said “after last night and your or ordeal in the bath room I thought you could use a B.L.T. and some O.J.”

I turned and said “you knew about that?” with stopping what she was doing, said” it was my idea.” “Your idea?” I said in disbelief. She nonchalantly said” Mai was a little miffed that you chose Cassie first, so we came up with a little plan.” I turned and asked Rose “how is Cassie?” “Fine, she’s just taking a little cat nap.” Then she passed the plated with the B.L.T. on it to me. As she turned to leave I asked” are you going come after me next?” she stopped and as something soft and furry passed over my legs she said” in time in time.” Then she left. After I ate my sandwich I went watch some TV.

As I was watching a show where people made clothing and tried to get big companies to buy them when I heard a yawn and Cassie say “good morning.” laughing I said “ morning?, its mid afternoon”. She yawned again and sat next to me on the sofa, resting her head on my arm. She was wearing green short shorts and a pink tank top with her tail poling out one leg. So I asked “why aren’t you in your maids outfit?” in a sleepy voice she said “Rose gave me the day off so I could spend some time with you, Darling.”

Well Cassie was there I decided to ask her a few questions “Cassie?” Cassie in a sleep voice said “what?” now was my chance” your part animal right, so what kind?” She shifted a little and said “North American house cat.” Then I asked “And what is Rose?” as she enclose her arms around my left one, she said” European red fox” then I asked the question I really wanted to know “what is Mai ?” as she closed her eyes, she said “she never told me” then she fell asleep. I muted the TV closed my eyes and did the same.

When I woke up the sun was low and Cassie was purring still on my arm. I carefully got up trying not to wake her. I laded her down on the sofa and pulled a blanket over her. I decided that first thing to do was find some food. In the kitchen was some leftover bacon from lunch that I ate on my way back to my room. When I got there the door was open and on the white dresser was a small bottle like the one Cassie had but this one had a blue cap. There was also a note; it read” meet me at the pool and put a few drops from the bottle in.”

This was scary as it was exciting. I quickly trotted down to the pool. It was complete black. And that’s when I heard it a whisper “Are you naked?” I quickly striped and answered”yes”. Then I heard it again “come to that water”. I felt my way to the edge of the deep end of the pool, once there I put a few drops into the pool. At first nothing happened. Then I saw something, a dim blue light. The light got brighter and brighter and then it moved. It was a large blue blob with smaller dots behind it. It slowly moved back and forth. Moving closer to the surfs and stopped just below the water.

There were two dots like eyes looking at me and then it broke the surfs. It was Mai, her hair and eyes along with spots all over her body where glowing. She smiled broadly and put her hands on either side of my head. She sat there starring at me when she kissed me and pulled me in. at first I was relaxed and then I panicked. She wouldn’t let me go then I figured it out she was breathing for me. She could breathe under water, that how she hid in the bath tub!

It was hard to get the pace at first but once I did it was amazing. She would breathe in water thru her nose and breathing air out thru her mouth. Then I did the opposite. I was floating weightless with Mai being the only light source. I could have floated there for the rest of time but she had other ideas. She wrapped her arm around my neck and her legs wrapped around my back. There were floating with our bodies pressed together.

I didn’t even realize that I was hard until Mai lowered herself without braking are life giving kiss. Her pussy was just over my dick, she slowly grained to the tip of my dick. She closed her eyes and without warning she slammed my dick all the way inside her. She moaned into my mouth and glowed brighter, her high pinched voice resonated around the pool. It sounded like the voice of an angle and it was like the whisper I heard before.

At first she didn’t move but then I felt small kisses all along the length of my cock. Her pussy convulsed and pulled me in further. I moved my hands down to her hips and started to pull my dick out. It felt like she was lined with little suction cups, sucking and releasing as I drew out. Then she slammed me back in. we began to move in harmony. I was pulling out and Mai slamming me back and every time she pulsed with light.

She began to rotate her hips as we fucked. Her pussy clamped and released on my dick. I was in haven as I clutched her soft ass and fucked her tight pussy. I could feel her pulse with pleasure when my dick drove home. The longer we went at it the harder her pussy sucked my dick and the faster she pulsed with light. Then she exploded with light that made me close my eyes.

Her pussy was too much for me. My cock exploded as I felt her pussy clamp down on me. We floated weight less in the water breathing hard. I relaxed and began to pull out when her vagina locked me in. I opened my eyes to find that she was staring at me with smiling eyes as her blue glowing hair floated around her. I felt her pussy convulse, forcing my dick hard. She sucked me back in and started to fuck me again.

I began to orgasm uncontrollably pumping load after load into her. After what felt like a life time I finely ran out of cum. Her legs released me and in a daze I was dragged to the surface and helped out of the pool. We lay there recovering from the ecstasy of the pool. Mai slowly began to dim as she asked “how was that?” the only answer I could manage was a “gooooooood.”

She laughed and got up and grabbed two towels from one of the pool chair and tossed one to me. After I got up and put the towel I said” I should have brought a light.” Then she picked up the shirt that I wore in and dunked it in the water. Next she rubbed the wet shirt on her left arm and closed her eyes with a concentrated look on her face.

I was about to ask what she was doing when the dots that had almost faded away began to glow brighter giving the area around use a faint blue glow. Then she said “cool, no?” and I replied “cool yes.” We walked back to my room guide by the cool blue light. All I could do was think about, what was Mai. I know what Cassie and Rose are but now I really don’t get what Mai was.

Then Mai stopped and said “where here.” I thanked her for walking me to my room and as I was closing the door she said ““You two sleep tight.” I couldn’t quite figure it out but I had a moment of dayshavoo. Once I changed into my PJs I grabbed my laptop and did some research with the information I had.

After ten minutes I found what I was looking for, the Japanese firefly squid. That was the only animal that fit all the criteria. So that what she was, a fish and so those where suckers in her vagina, like the ones on the limbs of squid, and her hair and skin are bio luminescent. That’s why she didn’t tell me what she was. So I’ve had sex with a cat-girl and a squid-girl in two days. That had to be a record.

Being so weary I decided to head to bed. The soft warm bed felt so good. I wrapped my arms round my body pillow and went to sleep. “Good night darling”.

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2012-11-13 01:43:03
Continue the story, its pretty well written, and have grasped my imagination lovelost

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2012-08-22 18:10:30
This is with out doubt an unusual story...but that's about as far as it goes...other than that it's a waste of time to read.....Also this is an example proving they don't teach english or writing in school anymore...

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2012-07-11 11:53:04
This is one of the most different stories on this site. Keep going!
SP are we going to see Rose and Darling next?

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2012-07-11 11:52:39
This is one of the most different stories on this site. Keep going!
SP are we going to see Rose and Darling next?

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2012-07-11 05:10:04
This story is great please write more.

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