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It was a pleasant evening. I was chatting with my friends on the net. I was extremely happy that day. I had just cleared an interview and was given a $20000 monthly salary job. It was a day for celebration. When my mom will get back home, we will go for celebration…………………………….
I am Lizzie (Holmes brother, no need to hide my name, Holmes is not my brother’s real name). I am a 24 year girl, blonde, average height, extremely fair (got my fucking dad’s color), blue eyes, firm and steady 32-D tits (I like to say it short) and without exaggerating the most beautiful girl among those who know me (as they say). It has been many years since bro went out to complete his studies. He gave me this account so that I can maintain it when he is gone. Although he promised me that when he comes back, he will be giving me a surprise, god knows what. But within a year of his departure what happened with me was beyond my wildest dreams.
I dunno if bro told you guys that my dad ran away with a 25 year whore when I was not even born. So till I was 20, we were three of us in the house. I usually used to hear sounds from my mom’s bedroom and thought that mom had got a boyfriend. But as it turned out it was very much different than that. Because strangely enough, when my bro left, there was sound only of my mom’s. But let it be for another time.
As I was telling, only three years have passed since my bro left. And I was extremely happy after getting a job which makes even the toppers of my university drool and envy me. After some more time I was bored and went to make a cappuccino for me. Being a girl dominated family (after bro left), we (that’s me and my mom) wore almost nothing in the house. But strangely enough, it didn’t arouse any of us. Like my mom would come out of the bath in the nude toweling her hair and order me to make her breakfast. Or I would be desperate to go to the loo (we had a common one for us) and mom’s in there. I will be going inside and standing outside the room naked and jumping to go in. But nothing of this aroused us.
Today the temperature was high above limit. So naturally I was wearing nothing. As I sat down with my cup, I heard the door open and close from the entrance hall. I peeped from my window and saw my mom’s car parked.
“How are you doing honey?” mom was standing behind me. “Fine mum. When do we celebrate?”
“Get ready now. We are going to McDonald’s”. I was almost ecstatic. I nearly banged down my computer and got ready within five minutes. Usually, we don’t have time to go out, coz mom had heavy load of work each day. So that was one of my most memorable day (who knew more was to come). We strolled around a park for some time, and returned back. I had two more weeks to join and mom was having official leave for the next three days. So there was no need to sleep so early. We undressed to nothing and sat in front of the T.V. After some time, we went our rooms. I sat to read a novel. After some time I fell asleep.
I woke up in midnight hearing loud voices from my mom’s room. I slowly stood up and quietly went to her room. It was the first site which made me wet from the stomach (I have been watching all those films from a very early age).
My mom was there on her bed, with her legs wide open and her hand dildoing her cunt furiously. She was moaning ecstatically. And to my horror she even moaned my name once. It was an odd feeling of my mom fantasizing about me. Unable to hide the excitement, I didn’t know when I started fingering myself standing there. Suddenly I realized that the sounds of only my moans were coming. Coupled with horror I opened my eyes, and there she was, my mom, standing in front of me. Licking her juices from the dildo. I just stood there and stared on the floor. Then I felt her hand slowly moving around my waist.
“I …. Umm….. Uhh……..” It was difficult for her to speak as for me. We stood there silently for some time, me savoring the mixed smell of my mom and me. Then I don’t know what happened, I was just unable to control myself and gave a long passionate French kiss to mum. And then it was like a storm.
She pushed me to the wall, and gave a more passionate kiss this time. Then she started licking me all over my mouth. First the cheeks. It was a peculiar sensation. But I found it hard to resist. It went on for sometime. Then suddenly she jerked my hand and I felt my body falling on her soft bed. She was a fierce one. Without waiting she went straight to my pussy. “Should we do this mom? I mean you are my mother” I tried to protest in vain. “That’s the point honey. You are my daughter. So no one is going to tell me what to do with you. Ya, if you don’t want to……” “No, no…..” I blushed. And that was it. She just dug in. It was the most exciting feeling ever. I was flying in the sky. Her tongue was exploring the innermost part of me. It was awesome. It felt like something was crawling inside my pussy. And for the first time…………………………………………………………………………

hey guys i am not a story writer so i just wrote a little of my life till now....... holmes is away so i am writin in his place......... if you want me 2 continue then let me know.............

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2012-07-12 03:15:11
YES! Please continue. By all means.

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