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You spread your legs in hopes of love
But in nine months remember to shove
You sleep with the world for nothing but fun
Now you wonder why your life is done

A baby on the way yet you still sleep around
Once its here your life will be forever bound
No one night stands, no cheap last flings
Just think of all the joys the baby brings

You're time is up, your days are over
You're as lucky as a two leafed clover
You got knocked up by some random guy
Now all's you can do is sit and cry

You have no hope, no family or friends
This is where your life begins and ends
One last fling then your a mother
Oh keep going why not have another

You have no morals, no respect for yourself
You sleep around but never think about your health
Well now its too late you have two mouths to feed
Cant keep filling yours with another mans seed


2012-10-29 02:44:14
Hmm.. The rhymings creative. - Phoebe

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-09 17:47:59
The ability to think like that is aaylws a joy to behold


2012-07-17 14:54:07
I try my best to respect people, because we all have feeling right? I don't know you so how can I possibly judge you? Well dude, this is too much man. Is there ANY way to get this off the site? I know its a porn site but this sucks ass. Like not normal sexy ass, but fat hairy ass. Shit and cum coated hairy on an ass thats, I dont know...
(5 min later)
Ok, I'm calm....
(read poem with an open mind)


2012-07-17 05:21:31
Are you thick, you seriously think i would vote for this poem..if i did it would be a flipping negative vote..personally i dont really care for poetry..only wrote it as a joke

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-16 14:32:47
Anyone else think this guy is voting for himself over and over?

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