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1st time with my milf neighbor
My first time with 2 ladies on a day

This was the time when I was just turned 15 and my temptations were growing daily . Daily masturbation to porn was my thing . I was about 5,1 , little stocky and a built body.

The first thing I knew was I couldn't watch normal porn . I have always only watched lesbian porn and after that a new fetish had arrived in my mind which was MILF porn. I started loving those things but even in real life I would only get horny for hot MILFS.

That day finally came ! My mom and her friends had their party sort of thing and one of the hottest MILF right down my house came to my house ...

She comes and begs my mom if she could take our maid to babysit her 3 daughters , her eldest daughter was about 8 years but that was not the case I was not a peedo that I'll go for small girls , I was only interested in those 3 cute little girls hot bust mom . My mom told her maid was not possible but my mom asked me if I could help the aunt and I was like sure.

The MILfs name was Jenny her sizes were perfect and her ass was juicy but perfectly sized with nice hips n 32D tits and her figure was great just like a model and she was the hottest MILF in our complex . When I accepted to babysit her daughters , she hugged me and my my my , as soon as her tits warmed my chest my little big friend was 7 inches big , I bet she felt it and she kissed me on my cheeks and said thanks and in my heart , i said "pleasure is all mines sexy lady"

The babysit was in 15 mins so all I done was took a extra jockey in my pocket and proceeded to her house , she was getting ready for the party so when I rang the bell she saw in the CCTV it was me so she herself opened the door and she just came out of the shower and she was only in a towel , I couldn't do anything right now so all I done is became friends with her 2 younger daughters because her elder daughter was going with her so I became friends with them and played with them and she came downstairs and her jiggly tits bouncing caused one more erection , she said the 2 small girls would fall asleep soon than I can watch tv to kill time , she really thought I'd do that.

She left than and her daughters fell asleep in 30 mins which finally gave me the freedom , I reached out to her bedroom and first of all done what we all would do if we had a chance and checked her panty drawer and guess what you just find a big pink dildo , I really never know she was that horny but I think this was her husband when her husband was overseas just like today , I sniffed her panty n started jerking to it and I was about to shoot as she came from the back and was like What the fuck! And there boy my heart was beating like crazy and what made me more scared was when I shot a whole lot of sperm on her face, lucky it never dirty her new dress

My fuck I was so scared and she came to me and said if you don't want your mom to know what just happened you will fucken take of all your clothes right now !

"Sorry" I said and she said you know what the fuck I said so do it! I took of all my clothes and sitting their with my 7 inch dick still hard and she sits on her knees and started sucking my cock my fucken dick was just being sucked by that women who owned many of my masturbation sessions and she was going deep and deep and she said fucken bitch come and strip me right now.

I started taking off her clothes and as I took off her bra her jiggly tits fell and she took my face and shoved it in her tits and she put me down and said take my wet pantys off and I could see the wet patch on her panty and I took it off and I could see the moistness on her clean shaved pussy and she said lick it , I started licking her and she was moaning deep and I was licking her wet clit and she scream ' I'm cuming I'm cuming ' and all over my face was her cum she took her hand and put it on my face and took her cum in her hand and shoved her hand in my mouth and I was gagging and choking on it and she said suck it off you little horny bastard and I licked her hand she said lick my tities and I start sucking her nipples and it was so hard and dark and she was moaning more and more , she was leaning on the wall so she pulled me up and started frenching me and that kiss was so warm as her tongue was touching mines and with my boner touching her wet pussy she guided it between her pussy lips and didn't break the kiss.

I knew this was my signal to fuck her I started throbbing her pussy and she broke the kiss and said you a wild 1 aren't you I said ' you haven't seen it yet madam and I picked her up with her thighs in my hands stil fucking her and her loud moans were getting a little too loud so to shut her up I stuck my lips to hers and threw her on the bed .

I spat on her pussy to make it wet and she spat on my dick and rubbed it all over to make it slippery and I pushed my dick between her pussy lips and her loud moans started again as I busted all 7 inches in her little wet pussy and she was screaming 'ride me you little fucker ride me like the horny bitch I am' and I fastened my pace and now was striking her pussy like lightening and she was screaming again 'I'm cuming I'm cuming ' I said cum on my dick you horny fucking bitch and another wave of her love juice was on my dick , I made her suck all the juice of my dick and now I said , I want to do this so get prepared and I laid on top of her in a 69 position and boy that was the most fucken awesome thing I have ever done

She was sucking my dick and choking on it but as she was under me she could not get my dick out of her mouth so she continued sucking it and meanwhile I was licking and finger her pussy at the same time and she tapped me on my butt to tell me she's going to cum again and I said 'yeah baby now take my juice!' And I shot loads and loads of sperm in her mouth and It was so much she almost choked to puking on my sperm and I too licked all her pussy juice leaving nothing behind .

She stood up and said you made me late now your punishment is every time my husband is out I want you to fuck my pussy just like you did today and leave that spermy underwear of yours for me to use tonight. I was embarrassed but had to ask ' are u still going to tell my mom ' she said ' if I fuck her every time her husband is out than she won't ' and fuck I was so relieved on hearing that she quickly took a shower wore her clothes and said I can't fucken wait to do this with you again and frenched me for about 2 mins and said you can go home now because her maid was back , I quickly showered at her house , got dressed and took her wet panty in my pocket and left and that was the day I broke the title of virginity....

Second part with second women coming soon .....

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2012-09-04 02:41:14
even with my normal lax nature to writting, spelling and punctuation i could not understand the story. You missed too many words out, didn't describe the situations and rushed things along too quickly. I do think that there could be a story there but its going to take some work.

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2012-07-23 12:55:14
wat a BULSHIT storei

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2012-07-15 13:15:39
and, and, and, and, and, and

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2012-07-13 11:50:33
I was unable to finish reading this story due to the extremely poor spelling. Go back to school and learn to spell before you ever write another story. By the way, due to all the spelling errors.

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2012-07-12 21:44:43
I agree with the first commit...

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