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Speed dating at it’s finest…with guaranteed sex.
Fbailey story number 758

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I almost never write a story longer than one part. I have had many requests to do so. This may be my only time and as far as I’m concerned each part will be a standalone story. That way I can end it anytime that I want too without annoying you readers too much.

Speed Dating With Guaranteed Sex – Part 03 = Troy and Beverly

Well, I had heard about a group being formed where they go on just one date a week. The date starts on Friday whenever the two people can get together. It lasts util late on Sunday and sex is guaranteed. In between sex the couple tries to get to know one another and see if they might be compatible.

Part 03 is about Troy and Beverly.

Beverly made sure to set herself up with Troy, especially after receiving a complaint about him being fifteen and a real jerk.

Normally she would have just kicked him out of the speed-dating group but she had a secret desire to fuck younger boys. What she really wanted was for her two sons to fuck her. They were thirteen and fourteen years old and she had been leaving doors open so that they could peek in at her if they wanted too. She was sure that the thirteen-year-old had been watching her change her clothes, shower, and even sit on the toilet to change her tampon.

Beverly had never been fucked by a fifteen-year-old, not even when she was thirteen.

Her panties were wet when she got the phone call telling her to come out to his car. Once again he drove off before Beverly could close the door or get her seatbelt on.

She smiled when he turned off the highway and went into the forest. Thanks to Donna she knew enough to bring toilet paper, washcloths, and bottled water.

She had hardly gotten in the cabin with her two suitcases before he ordered her to strip and get on the floor.

That was exactly what she had been hoping for. Beverly had always wanted her two sons to treat her like Troy was doing. She thought about her thirteen-year-old as Troy crammed his tiny dick into her and fucked her, a mile a minute. He came way too quickly so she sucked his little cock hard again and then she rolled him into the dirt floor and climbed on top of him.

If Troy thought that he was the one in charge he had a surprise coming.

Beverly sucked him hard and fucked him dry two more times before he told her to stop. She called him a pussy and said that she had been in the speed-dating group for more than a year and had over sixty ‘dates.’ She told him that he was the youngest and that she expected more from him.

…and she was going to get too!

First thing Saturday morning, it was Beverly that wanted Troy’s morning erection before he could get out of bed. Troy had found his match.

She went outside, peed, and washed her face, under arms, and pussy before opening some cans of food for breakfast.

She made sure that Troy was well fed and well rested so that he could be of use to her. She wanted to break her old record of getting fucked sixteen times in a weekend.

When he asked if he could fuck her ass the answer was yes, of course. Beverly enjoyed anal every now and then. Three ‘dates’ ago though, the guy would only butt fuck her and he was not concerned whether she was enjoying it or not. He didn’t use any lube and he was rough about it too. She secretly cried herself to sleep at night.

Troy knew that he was being used and he didn’t like that at all. After all, his father had never let his mother tell him what to do.

Beverly wouldn’t let him stop fucking her. She would suck him and then fuck him. He finally knew what it was like to have the shoe on the other foot. He couldn’t wait to get rid of her.

Sunday was not any different. He woke up with his cock in her pussy. She was on top of him fucking away. Before he could pull out onto the highway she made him fuck her in the backseat of his car.

Then when he tried to drop her off she made him go inside and fuck her in her own bed.

On his way out the door Beverly said, “Troy, I know that you are only fifteen years old. I’m on the committee and I’m telling you that you are no longer allowed to participate in our speed dating. However, if you want to come by sometime, I’ll let you fuck me. Bring your younger brothers too.”

Of course Troy would not be coming by and he certainly would not share a good piece of ass like Beverly with his younger brothers either.

On the other hand Beverly’s thirteen-year-old son got more and more bold with his mother. He started entering the bathroom when she was showering. She loved stepping out dripping wet with him sitting on the toilet. He was fully dressed but he had to sit somewhere low to look right at his mother’s freshly shaved pussy. It was a daily ritual for her, shower and shave her pussy every day.

The next morning her youngest son came into her bedroom, woke her up, and then sat down to watch Beverly get dressed. She always slept nude so her son got a nice show right from the start. She walked to her dresser, opened her top drawer, and picked out a nice tan pair of panties and slipped them on. They were thongs so she had to grab the front and the back to adjust them up into her cheeks where they were more comfortable. She picked out a bra and put it on backwards as she usually did. She hooked it, cranked it around where it belonged, and then pulled it up over her breasts and her shoulders. After putting on a short skirt and a nice blouse her son said, “I like watching you get dressed Mom, Can I watch you get undressed tonight?”

Beverly was the happiest woman in the world.

Part 04 will be about Beverly and Jake.

The End
Speed Dating With Guaranteed Sex – Part 03 = Troy and Beverly
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