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Teenagers with a love of exposing themselves to others
Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Dan, and as my girlfriend wishes for the sake of the story, her name is Hayley.

We live in Ireland, in a big town by Irish standards, and have been together for just 2 months. I'm just gone 18, tall, and will soon look muscular, what with all the sex I'm having these days (as well as my newfound love of not being a lazy shit with no gym membership), and my dick is a respectable 7 inches, with a slight curve to the left on account of me being right handed.

Hayley is 16, a year and a half younger than me, and gorgeous, in a sort of a way that all of her close friends have drooled over her facebook obsessively for months at a time as a result of being hopelessly stuck in the friend zone. I don't let her forget that she's one of the shortest people around, and like me, she's incredibly pale, being the stereotypical Irish girl. She has the red hair to match the expectations of a model in terms of shine and style, lovely big perky boobs that seem to float as if pumped full of helium, and one of the tightest asses you could come across, though a big on the small side. She keeps herself completely shaved, and as part of a few deals each of us has made with the other, which I'll get to later. She also does a lot of swimming and running, both because she's good at it and she looks good while jiggling and soaking wet, so she's in excellent shape, with a nice flat tummy that makes her boobs seem to stick out that little bit more.

We started going out 2 months ago, after me having been stuck in the friend zone for well over a year, both of us ended up being the last two to leave a friends house party, and ended up shifting the night away behind a couch. (Shifting = french kissing, in Ireland). For some mad reason, though I had been rejected 4 times before, I asked her out again, and for some strange reason, she said yes. (I later found out that my time at the gym had paid off and I was somehow more desirable thanks to my newfound muscles).

As friends, we'd always talked about stuff like porn and sex and wanking and fapping anyway, so it took me less than a day to get her top off, and within a week oral each way. A week later and we both lost our virginity in her house, and since then we've been at it like rabbits, if rabbits liked to tease their boyfriend and embarrass their girlfriend.

We're both in the same class in school, the "clever" people's class, so there's 25 in the rooms at any given time in school give or take a few for Honours Maths. There's a hundred people in the year group, with 4 classes, streamed by how well we did in the Junior Cert (a state exam you take at 15 or 16 years old, in Third Year). We're now in 5th Year, so most of us are about 17, some older like me, and then a few like Hayley, who were a year younger than everybody else anyway.
In our class there's 7 girls and 18 lads. The girls kind of have their own wee group, and the lads are grouped onto two groups of 9 - the "musicians" (only 5 of us played music, the other ones just liked our music taste - Blink 182, Thin Lizzy, Led Zep, rock in general) and the "sports crew". It's not as cliqueyish as it sounds, we all get on well, but when it comes to lunchtimes or social events, that's how it ends up being broken down, though the girls tend to prefer the company of us musicians than the socially challenged sports crew.

All of us musicians, being a creative and vocal sect of society, have liked (or "crushed on" as you yanks would say) Hayley at some stage or other in the 5 years the class has been together. As her boyfriend, it is my task, both to fill them with info, and to embarass her, by giving them details or sneak peeks when she's okay with it.

Are we a bunch of excessively horny teenagers in a made up school that is concerned only with sex, in a fantasy land? you may ask.
No, we're just good friends, with the pleasure of having a gorgeous, sound and horny girl as a buddy.

So let me tell you about Hayley.
She's the sort of girl that seems innocent enough, and that's exactly because she was innocent enough until about the Christmas holidays. Yes, we'd always talked about sex and stuff, but she'd never actually had a boyfriend before me, saying she didn't want it to be awkward or anything with any of the 9 lads she was in contact with every day in case it didn't work out, and we were the ones who'd end up paying the price of friendship if it didn't work out anyway. I think she was right, as most of us had written manys a song about her, being the musicians that we are. Between us there could have been an album about her, and it wouldn't have impressed her in the slightest.

So at one of our friends' New Years Eve party where we finally got it on 2 months ago, a whole new side of her came out. Not only did she shift me, but, according to her, it was the first time she ever felt like doing something just more than a shift.

It had started out as me pretending to let her win in a drink off, sitting around the table in the centre of the room, me beside her purely by a fluke, and her taking all my drinks whenever my cards came up. An hour into the game, the 5 others we were playing it with left for home, so I lay down and started talking about my newfound fitness thanks to the gym membership that I never shut up about. I was completely taking the piss, and she knew it too, but drunk as we were, we both pretended to play along, worshipping my imaginary muscles, when it eventually came to the stage of me lying down on my back lengthways on the couch, and her on top of me, more from a lack of balance than anything romantic.
Soon enough, I ran out of things to say, and then came the awkward silence I dreaded with her.
Thinking of anything to change the subject from pure silence, I asked her-

"You get the shift tonight"?
"No. You?"
"Sadly not either. I always consider it a good night wasted if I don't pull when I'm out"

Then another empty silence, but this time, one with full eye contact up close, and suddenly I had my hands around her face, pulling her towards me and straight in for the shift. At the time I had one of my rare "I don't care what happens just go for it or youll regret it later" moments, which somehow paid off.
But she didn't seem to mind. It seemed like one of those moments in "Friends" when Ross and Rachel just knaw each others faces off without a care in the world, or JD and Elliot in the early days of "Scrubs".

In our drunken state, after a good ten minutes of her lying on top of me on that couch, me grabbing her amazingly tight ass that I think she was tensing deliberately every few seconds, she grabbed one of my hands and guided it around to her front.
I couldn't believe it. Not only was I finally getting the shift off the girl I'd been picturing every time I wanked for the last 2 years, but I was going to get even farther! I could barely keep the smile off my face.
Having giant hands, i couldn't fit my own hand through the waist of her hot pants, so i slowly undid the button, geting harder and harder as I progressed with her zip. I could feel the moisture through her panties, and as i rubbed her clit from the outside, she began to moan.
I rubbed her round and around in circles, she grabbed my hand and slipped it under her panties, where my fingers finally felt the most desirable pussy imaginable. Not only was she the tightest of the few girls I'd ever fingered, but the added fact that it was her, Hayley, the dream girl of the school and my own personal muse for the last 2 years, nearly drove me over the edge.
After 2 minutes of pumping my fingers in and out of her, she squealed one last time and tensed so hard my knuckles cracked inside her.

"That was amazing, Dan", she whispered into my ear. "Thank you"

Being my usual semi-suave self, I casually said "Anytime", and rolled the two of us up over the top of the couch, and down between the couch and the wall, on top of a beanbag that was stashed away, and left us hidden from sight for a good 8 hours, her asleep on top of me, and my hand still inside her.

The next morning, my phone rang at a monstrously early half past 9, and woke the two of us up.
She moved off me, with a loud and satisfying "SSHHLLOP" as my fingers were removed from inside her, and she looked down, gasped and looked at me, her face turning as red as a sunbirnt tomato.

"Before you say anything", I pre-interrupted her, "I know I've asked you before, but one last try ...... Do you wanna go out with me?"

She gave me one of her knowing smiles, tilted her head backways, and said "Sure", before leaning in for another ten minute long shift.

So that's how we ended up together.

t wasn't long in our new relationship before the talk of fetishes came around.

Slightly embarrassed, I admitted that I might have had a thing for exhibitionism, to which she replied that she'd also been into it for a while, but never tried it. (Unlike me, who had the pleasure of spending a good half hour every day for 2 weeks naked on the balcony of a hotel in Croatia last summer, wanking every single day, and definately being seen by hundreds of people who I would never see again, but that's a different story).

Her fetish turned out to be anything and everything to do with school, which was very convenient as school meant we were together for 7 hours a day, surrounded by people.

The school related stuff started with her wearing the school's "short" skirt, which had been officially taken off the school attire 5 years ago, and replaced with a newer, longer one, but the sluttier of the girls, or just the ones whose older sisters had worn it, wore it every day as part of their uniform. Teachers didn't seem to mind, and before Hayley started, there wasn't ever really much of a thing about being too revealing in the uniform.

Let me tell you first about the "deals" we have with each other.

In public, or with any company, she must be my bitch, and make me look good and all that sort of stuff, even at the cost of her being completely embarrassed, which turns me on for some strange reason.

In private, just the two of us, it's the opposite. I'm her slave, I must do anything and everything she says.

(This isn't some super mad crazy sexual power thing, we just tried it out for a laugh one day and it turned out to be so much fun that we kept it going)

She also must shave herself completely, and can't wear underwear anytime at all. In exchange for this, as long as we were together, I was not allowed to wank. Not that I needed to, with her doing it all for me, but sometimes a weekend away visiting relatives made things "hard"

And so, armed with short skirt and lack of underwear, she spent the first week of the school exhibitionist stuff getting her bearings.
I'd stand the far side of the room and motion for her to bend down to her schoolbag on the ground whenever people walked past, though most didnt notice that pale ass cheeks visible as she was shorter than everybody around. Some did though, one group of lads going so far as to record it on a phone, though what with them being 2 years below me and Hayley, and her being unhappy with it, I took the liberty of scaring him into deleting it.

Another much more successful approach for her was to take off her jumper and let the thin white school shirts do the talking. Thanks to her newfound horniness, her nipples were constantly hard, and, for that week, (which was 3 weeks into our relationship) I still hadn't told my friends we were going out, and so took the liberty of casually mentioning how hard and pointy Hayley's nipples were to all my friends, who in turn told everybody else.

She told me she was embarrassed beyond measure when she heard other people talking about it, but I reassured her - "Other people knowing you're horny turns me on", and she seemed happy enough with that.
It's not the sort of school where a reputation can ruin people like an American high school. Most girls in the year have been fingered by most lads, it's just that common in Ireland that people don't mind.

But she went one step further, and started undoing the buttons down to her chest, showing ample cleavage to get attention from anybody.

Some of our teachers (male ones) stopped in their tracks, jaws open in the hallways, and one even stopped talking mid-rant in class to stare for a few seconds.

P.E. was definately the most fun though.

Every Friday morning, our whole year was bussed down to the local swimming pool, for a weekly swimming lesson. Generally it was good craic, half being shown techniques and then half messing around in the water.

Pre-planned with me, her bikini top (revealing enough anyway) would come loose as she dived into the water in the messing around at the end of eeach lesson, and she'd have no choice but to go around without it and look for it.

She pulled it off perfectly. A beautiful big dive in, and half the length of the pool underneath the water before she came up for air. In a move more daring than i expected of her, she stood up, waist high in the water, and completely topless, started talking to one of the lads beside her, feigning complete unawareness that she had nothing covering her amazing boobs.

He saw straight away and did nothing but stare, and it took Hayley a good 20 seconds to "realise" she was topless, and that a good 10 people had seen her tits. She squealed and covered them badly with one arm, and started waving the other around shouting to everybody "Has anybody seen my bikini top?"

This was perfect. Without delay, every lad in the pool (50 of us), had our eyes glued to Hayley, and her hand wasn't doing a good job of covering those tits. We could all see her small, brown nipples getting harder and her face getting redder.

As we had arranged earlier, I was right beside the part of the pool where her bikini had come off, and took the liberty of "finding " it, and holding it up saying "Is this it?".
She waded over to me, slowly, and said "Yes, can i have it back Dan?"

I could hear the deflated sighs of all the guys who wanted the show to go on, so in a stroke of my own genius, i said - "Sure, take it", and held it up over her head, arms outstretched.
As I mentioned earlier, I'm quite tall, about 6'1", and she's barely scraping 5 feet, so lo and behold, she couldn't reach it without straining herself with both hands, and that's exactly what she did.

As she moved her hands up to grab it, her tits fell out of her grip and jiggled perfectly on her chest. The water made them gleam with perfection, and her gorgeous red hair was wrapped around her shoulders and neck, ending just before her nipples, so that everybody could see how class her body was.

It took her maybe only ten seconds to grab the top off me, but in that time we both knew that our lives were changed forever. She was no longer Hayley Beech, the girl that everybody liked secretly, but Hayley The Flasher, who's boobs had been seen by a hundred people.
Grabbing the top off me and having "difficulty" putting it back on, she was smiling like I'd never been seen before, looked up at me winked and said -"showers, 2 minutes", then punched me in the stomach and pretended to storm out of the pool, heading off to the shower cubicles.

I spent the next 5 minutes being congratulated and having cheers such as "Dan is the man of the boobs" roared at me, compliments being hurled with such ferocity that they nearly injured me when they hit me, and so many high 5s my hand began to sting.

I walked into the toilet area, which was beside the showers, and walked right back out again, to the shower area.
The shower area was divided into 3 sections - a men's, a women's, and a mixed area, which had always been avoided by the students on account of countless warnings from the school. I knew exactly where she'd be.

Sure enough, as i opened the door into the large unisex shower room, there she was, standing completely naked with one hand rubbing her clit, and one pinching her nipple.

"What if somebody else had come in and seen you?" I asked jokingly.

"Fuck it", she said, and grinned sexily. "They;ve already seen my boobs, and besides, nobody in our year ever comes in here anyway."

"I have to say, that was an amazingly good display of your assets" I complimented her, putting my hands around her waist and gently squeezing her soapy ass cheeks.

"I've got a mad idea", she said. "You want a blow job here?"

My inner exhibitionist exploded with delight, and my dick, already on a semi, shot so fast into the air it must have hurt mer when it hit her stomach.

"What if we get caught though?" I asked her. In my mind, getting caught would only make it more fun, but she was my girlfriend, and I didn't want her to suffer any repercussions of the fun we could be having.

"I don't care, these last few days have made me realise I like being an exhibitionist. The only thing that could make it better would be if when somebody walks in on us, they'd see you naked as well."

Rational though left my mind, and I tore my shorts off (without thinking I might need them later, seeing as I'd forgotten a towel), and she took my dick in her mouth and started to lick the bell end (yes, that's what we call it in Ireland, the top bit), slowly, encircling it with her tongue.
I started to shudder with delight, as she gently grabbed my dick with both her hands and ever so lightly pumped me up and down. I placed my hands around her head and started to move it in and out, so she was swallowing my dick, deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Now, being in the early days of her giving head, she still had her newbie's gag reflex, and once i pushed her the whole way in, she choked loudly.
"Shit", I muttered, as I pulled my cock out of her, and took her in my arms, as she kept coughing.

All of a sudden, the door burst open and a couple in their early twenties walked in, and looked around at the coughing girl, her boyfriend who for some reason had his dick out, completely hard, and whose hands were grabbing both of her tits.

The guy ran out of the room excitedly, and then came back ten seconds later with 2 friends.

"Shit Dan, they're all going to com in now" she moaned, my hands still on her boobs and my dick pressed against her stomach. "What are we going to do?"

"Continue", I whispered in her ear, and guided her head back down to my dick. Being the amazing girlfriend that she is, and me being the boss when there's other people around, she obliged, and within seconds had my dick back in her mouth, pumping it with her hands, and me careful not to go too deep with it.

The guys watching definately enjoyed the show, as two of the lads had their dicks out, wanking away to the sight of a pair of teenagers having at it, and in minutes, both had came and spurted out onto the ground.

Then Hayley had one of her amazing girlfriend moments and said to me "Cum on my face when you're going to do it, I've got an idea."
Thirty seconds later, I gave that involuntary shudder and came all over her face, a huge spurt, one of my biggest, and soon she had nine or ten big ropes of cum across her beautiful face, and even from a distance you could clearly see her face was covered in white.

"Now watch", she said to me as well as the guys watching, as she put on her sexiest walk, wiggling her tight ass as she stepped, walked through the door out into the main hallway of the changing area, face covered in cum and still naked.

Her locker with her gear in it was on almost the far side of the big row of lockers immediately facing the rows of changing cubicles, and by still stage, most of our classmates had gotten out of the water and were sorting out their bags and queuing for single-sex showers and changing rooms.

Within 5 seconds, everybody had turned around to see Hayley, the best looking girl that anybody knew, walking completely naked past them all, still soaking wet both from the shower and her own juices, and covered in the cum that could only belong to the guy peeking out of the door of the showers (me).

There was almost silence, as people stepped aside for her to walk past and admired the view of her perfect athletes body, shaved and shining, as she bent down, stretching her ass cheeks apart somehow as she got her bag from the locker on the bottom row, and giving every single boy there a boner straight away.

She grabbed her towel and some shampoo from her bag, and said casually "anybody else going for a shower?"
She did her sexy walk back to the unisex shower room, and the look on her face as she looked at me on the way back in said - "Things are going to be very different from now on"......

(feedback would be greatly appreciated, suggestions, etc.)
Also I have a bit of slight dyslexia, so I've done my best with the spelling errors, but I'd say I missed some.

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