Olivia stirs things too far
Troy rides past his friends house. Olivia, the hot next door neighbour saw Troy and invites him to talk. Olivia is a little bit of a fit-spo-holic, but mainly just a thin seventeen year old who likes her athletics training. She has ample breasts for her tight lil bod, and a very cute backside.

They have a few laughs, mainly teasing each other. Olivia teases him suggesting he is weaker than her because of her supreme fitness. The disagreement is decided to be settled with a competition.

Olivia suggests they see who can withstand the most torture either can throw at eachother. But there are rules. First you cannot touch eachother and last is definitely nothing to cause injury or anything like that.

Troy agrees to go first at being tortured, what could she possibly do. Troy isn't scared he knows how ticklish girls are, this will be easy.

However when Olivia comes back with cuffs, he is starting to feel uncomfortable about it.

She assures Troy it's so he won't run away like a wimp. So Troy gets cuffed one hand suspended above his head in Olivia's back yard, and both legs cuffed together around a pole.

This should be interesting. Olivia comes back with a garden hose and turns it onto full, and washes the spray all over him so his tshirt and shorts are soaked. She adjusts the spray to a harsher setting and the water shoots out like a cannon.

Olivia grins as she directs the flow up and down over Troy. As the water projectile goes along his leg she notices a bulge develop on the small flimsy shorts he is wearing. She shows no mercy and takes aim at Troy's stiffening cock.

Troy protests that she isn't playing fair. Olivia catapults the water into his face to drown him out. The water is directed back to his crotch and she steps closer getting aroused by the sight of a bigger than expected package forming before her eyes.

By now Troy is trying to use his hands to shield his cock and save himeslf some embarrassment. But everytime he motions his hand down there, he has to use it to block his face from more ruthless blast of water to his face.

Troy is confused, this is an older chick. Is she getting off on it or just going for the most sensitive spot fathomable to prove her point.

The answer is, this was an innocent game now turned upside down. Olivia went in closer and sprayed from all directions to force the shorts over Troy's bulging dick. They fell off down to the ground.

Troy pleaded now, exposed to Olivia with his navy blue underwear briefs, barely disguising his rock hard boy shaft. Troy's cock was pushing up on the wet fabric and risking breaking through the top of the waistband.

Determined now to further her way to her cute subjects hardon, Olivia just kept getting closer and manipulating the water around his underpants, in between his legs, over his chest and back. A crevice formed and broke free Troy's now pulsing cock to her adoring gaze.

Olivia really started to go to work firing the water back and forth. Troy closed his eyes and arched his back in a mix of pain and pleasure before she cruelly switched off the hose denying him the imminent release he was anticipating.

Troy opens his eyes to catch sight of her slide the keys to the hand cuffs in his briefs. She smiles and taps the head of his cock and runs off on her tiptoes into the deserted house.

It is just the two of them, and Troy rummages his free hand to locate the keys and free himself from the restraint, and return his shorts to their rightful position.

Inside Olivia has raced off to her room ripped off her clothes and put on her finest white and pink lingerie panties. They are partially transparent with a tiny blue bow on front. When Troy finds her she wants to be ravished by the boy she has just succeeded in making equally horny and irritated.

Troy eventually wanders through the house and finds her bedroom. He shoves the door from ajar to wide open.

Just earlier he spotted Max through the front window and sent him away to bring back the other kids. Max was still only thirteen, but cool for his age, and often tagged around with the older kids in the neighbourhood and dutifully went to task.

The local kids who Troy knew came back to the house, it was Bailey and Nick, both friends from school, also fifteen.

Time for this girl to get some torture of her own, Troy plotted. He found Olivia posing seductively for him on her bed. No top on, her breasts were big with puffy nipples. Her body skinny, almost a thinspo if not for all the toning from all the exercise.

Olivia had willingly allowed him cuff her hands to the iron bed head, a moment later the boys called for him at the door. She freaked as Troy plucked the black panties she had been wearing from the floor and into her mouth.

A eye mask on the bedside table was next to go on.

Troy left the door open for them to enter, they were all suprised to see him at some random house. He explained to come upstairs, he had a 'playstation' upstairs they could play.

Everyone creeped upstairs and quietly peered inside the bedroom. At first Bailey and Nick were satified enough to fondle her big tits, but it wasn't until Troy hopped onto the bed and ripped off her panties that the others developed ideas.

Troy had another massive erection as he sees Olivia has a very sweet looking pussy. The hair is confined to her distinct mound and the inner labia just pokes out ever so delicately. This is gonna be fun. He takes off his tshirt and shorts, still damp from the game they'd played earlier.

The boys look in amazement as she starts to struggle. They help hold her legs down for Troy as he spit on his cock and press it into Olivia half way, and thrust back and forth.

Bailey and Nick have their dicks out and pulling off as Troy pushes his hard cock right the way in. Completely forced into the submission she starts to rock her self into my rhythm. It doesn't take long for him to cum inside her and Olivia feels the warm flow.

Nick makes his way between Olivia's legs and is next to go. So Bailey moves over to her face. Troy takes out the panties and wipes off his cock with them. So is she going to behave, she has two more to go?

Troy unlocks the cuffs and the boys go into action. Bailey kneals over her and delivers his hard shaft to her eager mouth. Nick has got his cock inside and is pounding away feverishly. She withdraws Baileys cock to take air and gasp in pleasure.

As Nick comes Bailey pushes his cock into her mouth and ejaculates his boy cum inside her mouth, the cum spills out the sides of her mouth. Olivia was ravished indeed beyond her greatest expectation.

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