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Lira just woke up to find out monsters have gotten loose from there confinments and now she has to survive. The ebony women meets trouble when she runs into goblins.
Lira had just woke up. Getting a few minutes of sleep when she could Lira was clueless about the events of what had taken place.
She yawned once brushing her black hair to the side and looked at herself in the mirror. Making sure she was decent enough looking to pass for working. 
She straightened her puffy white oiled tank-top. Her bra always showed through it. Many thought she looked trashy, however they didn't have to work in the hottest place in the building and they were lucky she wore a bra at all. She wore short-shorts all year long, because in the winter it's still made it up to the uppers 80's in the generator room. She hooked back on her tool belt and made sure her brownish yellow shoe-boot, hybrids were tight. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her ebony skin shined in the dim light of the closet.
"Girl, you got yourself made. Gettin' paid 30 dollars an hour for as long as you want." she gave a grin clustering her other side of her lips to the opposite side. "Umhmm, retire by late thirties you sexy bitch." she smiled, "If I can get a raise.
She pulled some lip stick from her utility belt and applied the ruby lipstick. She pressed her lips together getting closer to the mirror. She then propped her large C-cup breasts up.
"Give that old man up stairs the goods, alittle suck, I'll get a raise."
She turned around and arched her back letting her large round ass pop out.
"It ain't no Nicki Minaj, but that bitches booty's way to big. Mine still gots the shape. She worked her hand down her smooth legs, smiling. 
"Nicki ain't got shit on me." she smirked lifting her own spirits, gaining courage to go into the boss' office. 
Wen they hired her they asked how much she wanted to be paid. She made a joke and said "30bucks an hour"
To her massive surprizes they accepted the deal.
She unlocked the door of the closet pulling it wide. Hearing gunshot suddenly upstairs.
"Damn? One of the things escape?" she smiled, "Glad I sleep on this floor. I bet the Grinning Man got out. Hope he doesn't find me. Probaly rape me. Hebstared at me alot. 'bout as much as the orcs." she thought to herself while walking down the abandoned hallway.
He was a bit confused however. 
She saw no one. 
Usualy the hallway was filled with scientists trying to get somewhere.
She opened the door to the floors lounge to check if they were all in there.
She gasped in horror at what she saw. 
They were eating dead scientists.
One suddnly lifted a crossbow at her. She jumped in fear as it yelled for her to stand still.
She didn't move, even if she wanted to her feet wouldn't move.
"Chieftain, what do you want to do with her." the 5ft blackish brown skinned creature asked. With large pointed ears and a jutting nose and sunken eyes tge goblin growled, it's teeth beaming yellow at the base, and red at the tips. 
Goblins were devious creatures who loved to torture there victims and hear them scream. There was no such thing as goblin comradeship. If things got too hairy it was each to their own. They were considerably weaker then orcs but didn't need to be strong. Favoring misdirection and deciet over pure brute strength. 
The chieftain stood up looking similar to it's underling. It's muscles however were more pronouced and wore no shirt. This one had a shade of green to it's skin color. His eyes a dull red but fire laid beneath.
"Hello Lira." it's raspy yet light voice said, "this woman was the only one who was ever kind to us goblinfolk, she would show us her chest which I likes to stare at. I likesed it alot. I likesed it so much it made me penis hard. I know not whats it means. But I likes her. She is... Pretty." it became suddenly clear to her. All goblins have ever been on her assassination missions, they were used to terrorize like serial killers, certain monsters or orcs even. They didn't know the difference between male and females, only breasts and kinder faces. They did know what sex was, but they never knew it was exactly though. They knew it involved their penis' going hard and a womans body. This was the extent of their knowledge on the subject.
"I want you to sit by my side, while I think of what to do with you... or to you." she didn't move so much fear was running through her.
A goblin suddenly grabbed her hand and yanked her over, then she started moving by herself and sat next to the goblin chief. 
She needed to think of something. Anything.
But nothing did, they sat there for a few minutes as the chief kept looking back at her. He then nodded to himself.
"Since she has been so nice i will kill her myself and she willl be eaten only by me." this to a goblin was mercy. She still to pay for being human after all and not helping them escape. 
The creature stood up and then led her into the hallway and into the room across the hall.
Lira went to the far side of the room immeditly as the goblin chief locked the door pulled a sickly looking dagger. 
"Come here, let us get this over with, I'll be quick,  I swear I won't torture you." he promised,
"Wait, you don't have to kill me though." she tried to argue,
"I can not just let you go. You are a human and that is a crime the rest of us decided, this must be paid for." he explained, "I like you, if there was a way to pay the goblinkin back I'd take it but you did not help us escape."
She had her back to the wall when she noticed something. 
He was hard under the loin cloth. A penis at least sic inches long protruded from it.
"What if I could pay you back?" she asked,
"You could bring us ten human heads, but this I could not trust you to do."
"I mean a different way?" she asked alittle kinder this time.
"How?" the creature asked completly confused.
She smiled deviously unbuttoning her shorts and turned around, she slowly bent over to slide the shorts off giving the goblin a full view of her ass in a thong. 
The goblins mouth slowly opened in amazment.
"How do you feel?" she asked,
"Good... I feel... Extremly greedy for you... But for what I know not."
"But I do." she smiled deviously.
"What is it then?" he asked. 
She lifted the sides of her blue thong sensually slowly lifting her shirt up and raking it off showing her blue bra. 
She went towards the goblin with a strut. Her hips jutting out with every step, after taking her shoes off and stepped with one foot infront of the other. 
She bent down alittle putting it's lips to hers. 
Being goblin, it's lips were a bit misshapened and it had rough facial skin. 
She stuck her tongue into it's mouth swirling it around. 
Her hand slowly slid down the goblins chest grasping it's penis slowly stroking it. The goblin gave a wicked grin dropping the knife.
The goblin raised it's hand grabbing her breasts sqeezing the black womens tits. 
She laid on her back lifting her legs as she slid her panties off giving the creature a full view. She tossed her thong to the side rubbing her pussy.
The goblin was bright, it knew what to do from there.
The goblin got on top of her and stuck his member inside of her tearing the bra from her chest. Then proceeding to stick one of her breasts in it's mouth sucking viciously as one of it's hands mauled her other breast pintching her nipple with sharp fingernails, it's other hand grabbing a handful of her ass. 
The goblin was astounded at her body. How soft and smooth she was. Her pussy was silk, her tits were as softer then anything he had ever even slept on. Her ass was like a pillow. 
Her leggs were spread wide as the creature violated her pussy with a rough skinned cock. 
It's hand on her ass worked farther putting fingers inbetween her ass cheeks finding her hole with it's fingernail and pushing it in. 
Lira moaned out in a gasp as the finger  pushed it's way inside of her ass needing to pull out partialy and the. Push back in to fully enter.
The goblin sucked her neck then licked her ear one hand sqeezing the inside of her thigh tightly.
The goblin pulled out flipping her over. She raised her large sexy ass in the air as the goblin slapped it with power. It got harder seeing the ass jiggle. It's grabbed both sides of her ass cheeks and planted it's face between them licking her asshole. She moaned out stretching her right arm out scratching at the tiled floor. Her left arm was bent to partialy lift herself off the ground. 
It's tongue worked feriously, rounding her asshole and it's tip flickering around directly on the tight hole.
He stood back up slapping her ass again putting his dick to her asshole.
She gasped a little, "Wait, Wait!" she said wanting to stop the goblin.
The goblin however had plans of his own, he pressed his cock and shoved the rock hard dick forward, getting only half of his head in, and Lira screaming once, he took it out and shoved again this time getting his entire head inside her tight virgin ass. She cried out in pain.
He pulled back out and spit in he asshole and then shoved one last time and shoved himself in her. 
Lira screamed out in pain feeling her ass stretch. 
The goblin pounded her, jerking his body bak and forth while grabbing her ass with viciousness and slapping them. He felt her already tight ass tighten up more around his dick. He reached around grabbing her breasts anxiously.
Lira could barely keep up, she collapsed to the floor as her ass cheeks pressed around the goblins dick. 
She started moaning now, her pussy was soaked, drentched. 
Lira screamed an orgasm feeling the pleasure in her ass an pussy. The goblin pulled out and turned her back around, he got to his knees shoving his cock into her mouth and down her throat. 
She gagged at the sudden force, but he kept doing it. He kept dipping it down her throat until finally he came. Jizzing in her mouth and at the back of her throat pulling out.
Lira swallowed every last drop smiling, her pussy still twinging in delight.
"You led me on." She smirked,
"I've several assassination missions, we struck when target had sex usually." He evily grinned.
She got on her hands and knees crawling towards to standing creature, she kissed his belly.
"That's ok, cause I wanted to fuck you anyway. I could've just whipped a wrentch at you from my tool belt and ran." she stood up getting dressed. She bent over to put her thong back on as the goblin slapped her ass. 
She smirked.
"By the way, I found out by scouting around, if you get cornered by any other creature around here, offer your body. There all male and based off of human DNA, they will have sex with you and let you go. I saw the showcase girl have sex with a Mind Flayer, and the Grinning Man, then Doctor Axel having sex with the Chaos bringer and a serial killer, Grim."
Lira tilted her head, "You get around." 
"Well I didn't see it, it was just reported." 

Lira thanked the goblin and walked out of the room. She headed down the hall and turned the corner. She saw a door open only a crack. She wondered what was inside. Weapons maybe? Survivors? She walked over and slowly opened the door and slipped in. She didn't see anything, at first. An Orc bursted from the shadows.
Lira pulled a wrentch and whipped it at the Orc knocking it in the head. The Orc fell back roaring. She pulled a hammer and jumped on top of it beating it in the head several times until it stopped moving and it's head was only a mess.
She then noticed something. It had slash marks across it's stomach. Four of them. She also felt suddenly tired. She didn't know why but she saw a couch in the room. Maybe she would lay down for a little bit. 
She lied down then something suddenly sounded. Her eyes popped open as she looked around standing up. She was in a boiler room. An eerie orange light glimmered off of the steam that floated around. She saw the figure of a man across the room. He wore an old brown fladora. A red an green sweat shirt, he was horribly burnt and had a glove with four long razors on it. 
"Welcome to my world Lira." the deep creepy voice said with a little chuckle.
"Freddy?!" she said in a panic, "Freddy's loose." 

Terri sprinted down the hall looking around each corner making sure it was safe, the only thing the young Swedish woman was wearing was her doctors lab coat and 4 inch heels. It's seemed clear. She started down the hall when suddenyl he felt a massive quake under her feet forcing her to the ground. The massive shake came again as thr floor gave way. She decended to the floor below in seconds. The dust settled, alls she could hear was chains, she lifted her head seeing bodies everywhere, strung up with chains. She saw a black skinned, 14 foot giant. It's eyes blood red and glowing. Chains were wrapped around it's left forearm. It stood naked. Skin looking like black steel. Two large horns. It's middle two fingers were bent in, it's index and pinkie were straight, it's thumb tucked in.
"Murray?!" she gasped, "The Dio creation!" 

Venessa was in the stairwell trying to avoid any unnessesary attention. She made it to the floor she was looking for. She walked into it, the floor was empty, besides the dead bodies scattered everywhere, limbs every foot or so. She looked disgusted. Her remembered her dressing room was on this floor. She jogged to it trying to be silent. 
She entered her room not seeing anything to fear. She flipped her light on seeing her closet already open. She need to change, she wasn't going to go out in the street dressed the way she was. The light bulbs flashed as they died. She jumped a bit. She went to her closet and opened it further looking for her street clothes. She scoffed lifting her hands in frustration.
Someone as a prank would sometimes steal her clothes so she would have to wear her outfits on the streets. 
She looked for the most suitable outfit for the street. She laughed to herself having to grab the slutty, latex, nurses outfit. She pulled it out and started undressing. 
Little did she know eyes watched her. Watched undress and put the skin tight outfit on. 
She looked at herself in the mirror. Her cleavage was massive, the miniskirt showed a bit of her sexy apple ass, she wore white stockings clipped under the miniskirt and the shirt was unbuttoned three buttons at the top not designed to be ever used. Her cleavage hung out of her visable white lace bra.
The closet door suddenly shifted. 
He started stepping back, careful she didn't trip in her white and rimmed red 6 inch heels. She pressed her fingers together in nervousness, covered in long black latex gloves to her upper arms. 
A black, rigid, boney hand came out grasping the side then another grasping the other side. The creature emerged hughtening her fear. The creature wore rags. A hood cloaked it's head, the glowing rims of it's red eyes gloomed from under it's hood. It's abs purely black as ash. It's fingernails long and black. A low feral growl came that turned into words.
"Venessa." it said, the robes, now rags cover creature said.
"B-B-Boogeyman." she manged to say in fear. She backed up falling on her bed.
"Are you ready to die Venessa?" it asked coldly.
"What if, what if we did something else." she said with a cool smile, suddenyl remembering that it was a male creature based off of human DNA,
"What is it you had in mind?" it asked deviously.

I will make these one at a time, so post a comment, or message me, on which one you want me to write first. I write these for you guys, my fans keep me going, so please tell me your thoughts and what you want to read. I'm here to make you hard, or to get you as soaking wet as I possibly can.

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