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“Mountain Girls Have No Rules” - 2

* We left off with the twin girls Bella and Jennifer in the backwoods. Jen was holding my own shotgun ’loaded’ on me and telling me to take all my clothes off and lay down on the leaves.

Jen decided she wanted to tell this part….
__I done loved to force Ben to do things. He was our boyfriend now and he was a mak’in us feel good. He was a good pussy licker, kisser and had a right nice cock to put in our pussy’s. After force’in him to hump me and then watch’in him hump Bell, I knew he was a keeper. My pussy was a twitch’in watch’in him take his clothes off. He was a little jumpy and now I wanted to see his cock get a big ol hardon.

Bell and I got naked and walked around him touch’in his body. Sure enough, his cock was a git’in hard. I had Bell hold the shotgun as I reached out and held his cock. It was real warm in my hands, I just had to kiss it. His cock jumped when I did that. That was kinda fun to make it jump so I just kept it up. Bell was a rubb’in her pussy a watch’in me.

I started a lick’in his cock and a jack’ in it up and down. I said: “Ben, I’m a hump’in you this time. You gimmie some of that white stuff like ya did last time. That feels good in my pussy. Put yer tongue in my mouth too, I like that.”
Bell was a squirm’in watching us. When he put his cock in my pussy….I just had to say: “Oh Ben, my pussy loves you.” Bell said hers did too. She had put the shotgun down and was a rubb’in her pussy with both her hands. I moved my head over and told her to come and put her pussy right up to Ben’s mouth, he was a real good pussy licker. We got a rock’in motion go’in with me sit’ in on his cock and him a lick’in Bell’s pussy.

I was a hump’in him real good. I wanted one of the real good tingles in my pussy like he done last time. Bell was a hump’in his tongue and we all was a breathe’in real hard. Ben started feel’in our titties and that feel’in was a com’in. Bell and I both started mak’in howl’ in noises cause it felt so dang good. Feel’in his big ol cock a slide’ in up in me was mak’in me crazy.
The words just came outta my mouth…”Oh Ben,…gimmie some white stuff right now…”

Oh he did, and right then as I felt it a shoot’ in in my pussy. It made my pussy hump him deeper and faster as a feel’in came over me like before, only better. I thought I heard bells a ring’ in and was see’ in colored lights in my head. Bell was a grind’ in her pussy on his tongue and a howl’ in.
When he squeezed her titties she went crazy a shak’in and a hump’in.

We was all hot now and outta breath. We kissed his body and rubbed him real good. His cock was sticky and bright pink now….so,…. we sorta licked it clean for’ em.…..
Bella tells it some more…
“Whoop dang, that was fun. Ben had wobbly legs as he got dressed. My pussy was a feel’in fine. Jen whispered to me (“..let’s take him to the house.”) We got dressed as we held that shotgun on him… Ben said he had ta go back ta work. We said no Ben, start a walk-in down that a way. That shotgun musta been cold in his neck.

We got him in the house and set him on the couch. Jen whispered again. We giggled and opened up ma’s old trunk. Jen blindfolded Ben. We put on some of grandmas old clothes from way back when she was young. Frilly hats and long dresses that was all yeller colored now.

Jen took off Ben’s blindfold. We paraded around all sexy like and gave him a peek-a-boo show. We lifted up our long dresses and let him peek at our pussys. We slowly unbuttoned our fronts and let him see our titties. Grandma was a saloon whore back in them days and said men give her coins to let them hump her. I said: “Ben, you gotta give us coins to hump us, ya got any?” Ben was a grinn’in and reached in his pocked and gave us both 10c each. We smiled big and let him feel our titties as a thank you.

We did a strip show like grandma showed us one time. Wiggl’in our butts and show’ in our pussy’s and titties. Ben was still a grinn’in big.

Jen put her dress over his head and made him kiss her pussy. Heck, that looked fun so I did that too. Ben was a laugh’ in and was tak’in free licks with his tongue. Grandma said them damn cowboys always tried to do that. She took extra coins outta their pants fer do’in that. She took
$8.48 cents outta grandpa’s pants when he died and said he owed that to her.

Ben was a laugh’ in, hold’ in his side and wipe’in tears outta his eyes all at the same time.

I guess he missed grandma as much as we did.

We sat her up against a tree down by the creek when she died. That’s where she liked to fish. She’s still there but she ain’t look’in to good.

Ben was still tak’in free licks and tittie feels so Jen tied his hands with some string.

We slowly did a stripp’en show fer Ben. He musta liked it caus he was a gett’en another hardon.

He showed us what double hump’in was. He had me lay down on my back all naked and he then put Jen on her back on top of me. Then he got on Jen and tried to hump us both at the same time.

We knew that wouldn’t work so we had him take turns hump’in both of us like that. I didn’t care to much fer it caus the springs in that couch was a poke’in me in the ass.

We all took a nap and when we woke up, Ben had broke loose from that string and was gone, and so was his shotgun. We didn’t mind, we know’d he’d git some more coins and be back.

* That was only my second time with the girls. I can’t say which was better, fucking those two wild girls or watch them imitate their dead grandma. There was no question I was going back next Tuesday as usual….but first, I fixed my shotgun so it wouldn’t fire in their hands.

Those two were giving me a semi-hard cock all the time now. It was hard to wait till Tuesday.
Bella continues…

Jen and I wanted to do something special fer our new boyfriend. We knew he missed our grandma like we did…so….we went and got her and drug her up to our hump’in place. When he showed up,…. ya shoulda seen the look on his face…..

Part 3, ’the shocker’
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