Part 3 of 3 - Sorry for the fuck around, I was doing an experiment for a class on various websites I write and blog on. I couldn't explain what I was doing, or else it would ruin the experiment. I'm truly sorry, and I hope it does not affect my reputation or credibility as a writer.
Part 3

I wake up to the vibration of my phone. I must have fell asleep on the couch after I brought Heather home, as I'm lying on the couch, fully clothed. I hear dishes rattling in the kitchen, and I can smell bacon and eggs on the stove.

I check my phone. “Drop by at 7:30 – H”

“Where did you drive so early this morning?” I hear my mother say.

Shit, I did not anticipate this. What can I possibly say? There is absolutely no good reason I would be driving that early.

“What do you mean,” I said, hoping for the best.

“Don't bullshit me, I know you got up and drove somewhere this morning.”

“No, I seriously don't know what your talking about. I don't even know how I wound up on this couch.”

“Oh no, not your sleepwalking again, I thought we fixed this when you were twelve. Now it's even worse because you can drive a car.”

Bingo! I may have to visit a doctor because of this, but at least Mom is off my back.

The rest of the day went by slowly. Minutes felt like hours as I thought about what Heather might show me, and what she might do. All I could hear was the seconds ticking by on the wall clock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. 6:30 came and my parents and brother left for another hockey game. Since I had no car I left to walk at 7:00.

It wasn't a bad day for walking, it was overcast with some sunny breaks, so the temperature was fine. Heather's house wasn't far away, but I had never really explored that section of town before, so I didn't know any secret routes or short cuts. At times it felt like I was being followed. I did not know who would be following me, but as I walked my imagination was running wild.

Could it be government agents, the CIA, or some Men in Black types? Or maybe some crazy alien fanatic who had always suspected certain people were aliens? Perhaps it was just some tabloid reporter that nobody would believe anyway. My thoughts were getting more and more outrageous, but I could not shake the feeling I was being followed.

I decided to enter the supermart, which was on the way to Heather's house. I acted like I was trying to find some specific brand of hot sauce that wasn't there, and I even wound up buying a bouquet of pink roses to bring to Heather. Of course, I had never been a flower guy, but I had run into my cousin, Rachel, and she suggested them. I couldn't see anyone watching me, but carrying these flowers would make me easy to spot. Way to be inconspicuous.

I headed for Heather's again, still feeling like I was being watched. I decided I was just being paranoid and walked straight for Heather's house. I arrived at 7:45, fifteen minutes later than I was supposed to, but Heather didn't seem to mind, and she loved the roses, I'd have to thank Rachel later. Her house seemed like any normal house, and we sat down on her back deck, which took up a small portion of her huge backyard.

We talked for a bit, and the sunset poked through the clouds, shining down on the deck, on us. I noticed the bright, blue aura around Heather again, and my curiosity got the best of me.

“Is it normal for humans to see your aura?” I said, cutting her off mid-sentence.

“When the shine shines on us you can see a golden aura around us, like I already told you.”

“Well right now yours is light blue, and very bright.”

I saw tears come to Heather's eyes, as her smile grew even bigger. “Light blue means I'm incredibly happy, and the fact it's bright means I'm healthy, both of which are ideal conditions for Asmians to get pregnant. The fact that you can see my aura means that your assimilation is complete, you have absorbed enough of my Asmian DNA to get me pregnant.”

I couldn't believe it, I was barely eighteen, and I was helping save an alien species. The best part was that all I had to do was fuck the woman I loved. Suddenly doubts started filling my head. I'm too young, I'm not ready, what if it doesn't work. One look in Heather's eyes removed my doubts.

“It's time,” Crystal said with a smile, “Ship, reveal, password: A, Five, M, One, A.”

Suddenly, what I could only assume was a spaceship seemed to appear out of nowhere, and it took up most of the backyard.

“Holy shit!” I heard a woman's voice say, and alarms started going in my head. Was it a neighbour? No, it was too close. I quickly ran to the right corner of the deck where I saw a girl standing below me. I jumped down behind her and grabbed her arm.

She swung around, knocking my hand away from her, and backing into the backyard.

“Crystal?” I said, bewildered, “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I knew there was something weird going on with you two, but I never expected this. This is some weird Area 51 shit, what the fuck are YOU doing here?”

I stared at her, pissed off, gathering my thoughts. She followed me here, and she heard the conversation, so she knows more than she should. What happens now, do they kill her? Sure, she's a bitch, but she doesn't deserve to die.

Suddenly Heather ran up behind her, placing something over her mouth. Crystal instantly dropped into Heather's arms, and Heather began to drag her towards the ship.

“Is she dead?” I ask, suddenly afraid.

“No, just asleep,” Heather says, “she knows too much, but we can find a use for her, Asmian men don't need to warm up to human DNA to get them pregnant.”

I followed her into the ship, where she dropped Crystal's body off at what seemed to be an office. She told the woman there it was a Code 4 and we left. Heather gave me a tour of the ship, which was much how you would picture a human ship in the future, with all the necessary living accommodations, and not much else.

The tour took about a half an hour, and the last stop was a long, dark hallway which Heather called the breeding rooms. The name didn't leave much to the imagination, and what I saw left even less to the imagination.

On both sides of the hallway were doors and windows, and I could clearly see what was happening in every room. The lights were always on, and there wasn't a curtain to be seen. The rooms couldn't have been more than 8' X 6', and there was a single bed with one blanket in each. Most of the rooms were occupied, but I could never tell which of each pair was Asmian or Human, all I knew was that most of them had no interest in using the blanket, and that they all seemed to have a different preference of position.

Near the end of the hall I saw Crystal being fucked doggy style by a tall, brown haired Asmian. It hadn't taken long to get her going, and she was clearly enjoying the Asmian cock. I wondered if she would ignore this guy afterward too.

Finally, we reached our destination, the last room at the end of the hall. Heather opened the door, hauling me in and shoving me on the bed. I noticed the window was actually a two-way mirror, so all I could see was our reflection. Anyone could be watching at any time, and we wouldn't know.

Heather orders me to strip, and she does the same. As soon as we are both naked Heather embraces me, her bare tits pushing against my chest. I can feel her hard tits as she attacks my mouth with hers. Our tongues dance around each other, and I can feel the bumps sucking at my whole mouth. Heathers long tongue should be overpowering, but I can keep up with it.

As we kiss, our hands search each other's bodies. I slowly rub down her back while she gives me a little tickle down my waist. I grab her firm ass cheek, giving it a quick massage, before reaching down farther and rubbing her wet pussy with my middle finger. As I do this she is tugging at my hard cock.

Soon, she breaks away from the kiss, and starts giving me kisses down my body. My chin, neck, chest, left nipple, a few down my abs, my pelvis, and finally the tip of my dick. She wraps her lips around the head, swirling her tongue as the bumps do their job.

I feel the pressure building as she works, as she starts working farther down my cock. Her tongue goes mad the whole time, twisting up and down, around and back, as the bumps constantly suck at me. I can feel myself getting closer, when she drives my whole length into her mouth and keeps it there.

I'm not quite there yet, but before I say anything, I feel her tongue slide from her mouth, making increasingly large circles around my balls. Soon, her tongue is wrapped around them, and getting tighter. The feeling is unbelievable, as the bumps work on my cock and balls, and her tongue keeps getting tighter.

One shot, straight down her throat. Two, three, four, five, just the same. Shot after shot comes out, and Heather takes every single one. I lose count of how many there are, but the feeling is incredible. My cock goes soft in Heather's mouth, and now it's my turn.

I grab Heather and throw her onto the bed. Her body lay spread out before me, her drenched pussy begging for attention. As I lean toward her, she arches her back in anticipation, her hard nipples standing toward the ceiling. I go for them first.

I grope her left tit, using my index finger to tease the nipple. I surround her right tit with my lips and slowly begin to suck on it. She soon starts to moan, as I suck, squeeze, and nibble her tits. With my left hand, I reach down and insert one, two, three fingers in her pussy, rubbing my thumb against her pelvis.

I shoved my fingers in and out, as the bumps sucked on them like there's no tomorrow. Her tits seemed to be getting even harder as I kept playing with them. Heather was in her own world as her moans got louder, and louder, soon turning to screams.

“I'm gonna cum!” Heather screamed as she rocked against my fingers.

The bumps went even faster as her pleasure built to her climax. Suddenly she froze as I felt her warm juices surround my fingers. As she came down from her high, I noticed my cock was rock hard again, and I wasn't giving her time to rest.

I hauled away, taking aim with my cock. Shoving forward as hard as I ever have, I got right on target, easily slipping inside Heather's soaking pussy, right to my balls.

“Oh fuck!” Heather screamed with pleasure, starting to rock against my cock with new found energy. The bumps were doing their thing again, sucking all over my cock, enhancing the pleasure immensely.

The pleasure seemed to build faster than ever, as I rocked against Heather's pussy, her screams acting as approval of what I was doing. I suddenly looked toward the mirror, watching myself fuck this beautiful woman, and realizing that anyone could be watching us from the other side.

This realization, along with the sight of our bodies joined together in pleasure, drove me over the edge. I gave a few more hard thrusts into Heather's tight pussy, when I felt the first shot. I continued cumming into Heather's pussy as the bumps worked to suck up my juices.

My cock didn't get a chance to go soft when Heather shouted at me, “Don't stop! It's better for the baby if you cum in my ass too!” Suddenly, my cock wasn't gonna go soft.

I pulled out for a moment, spinning Heather around, immediately shoving my wet, slick cock into her ass. I pushed hard as I pushed into her, her ass was much tighter than Crystal's, even more so than either of their pussies.

She pushed back against me as I stretched her ass, and I began thrust back and forth to speed up the process. With each push I got farther into her ass, and when I finally reached the hilt, I noticed a strange but familiar feeling.

Heather had bumps in her ass as well, but they were only covering where the tip of my cock is when I'm all the way in. It was a different feeling, but definitely good. As I thrust in and out, I could feel the bumps fighting to get at my cock, and it was amazing.

I hauled Heather closer to me, reaching around her to play with her pussy. I noticed that a tiny bit of our mixed juices had escaped, but it was minimal, especially compared to what had come out of both of us.

As I fucked Heather in the ass and vigorously rubbed her hot, wet pussy, she continued screaming as loud as ever. I could feel myself getting close to climax again, and I kept up as hard and strong as I had the whole night.

“ I'm about to cum again!” Heather screamed as I practically lifted her off the floor with my cock and fingers.

She froze up, just as I felt myself get past the point of no return. My fingers were drenched with her juices again, as my cock was stopped hilt deep in her ass, spurt after spurt spraying deep inside her. The ass bumps sucked at the tip of my cock as it softened up, shrinking away from them.

I held her for a moment when she said, “We better get cleaned up before you meet my family.” I should have been nervous, but I was part of that family now, and I was excited more than anything.

We left our clothes in the room, and standing outside the door was Crystal, I could only imagine what she was gonna say now.

“As hot as what I saw of that fuck was, don't think your gonna get another go at me, I'm a one man girl now.” She walked away, and I was confused as to why she would even say that. She was still a bitch, but at least she wouldn't fuck around with anyone else again.

A new life lay ahead, what could possibly be in store?

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