We planned our responsibilities should David become Lindsay’s slave. Lindsay asked me to supervise his training—she had no right to tell me, but why cause a problem when I was sure my Mistress would agree? I was not surprised when David begged Lindsay, but I was surprised when I saw David’s body. It was covered with small round scars, the kind one would get from being burned by a cigarette. Someone, probably one or both of his parents, had tortured him repeatedly.

I fastened him to the horse for his punishment which he took without complaint, reinforcing my thoughts of his torture. I got out the dog bed, covered it with a sheet, blanket and pillow before returning to my Mistress’ feet. She was jubilant but could see that I was not. Placing her soft hand on my chin she turned my head, “What’s the matter, Michael?”

“Could you please ask me later, Mistress? I do not wish to be overheard, nor do I wish to hold this discussion out here. It is serious and important.”

My Mistress announced we would retire for the evening. I closed up the house, turned off the lights, and joined my Mistress in the master bedroom, closing the door as I entered. My Mistress summoned me to the edge of the bed; I kneeled before her to receive her pee and clean her pussy with my tongue—this was something I loved doing, serving my Mistress in a most personal way. We walked hand in hand to the shower where we washed each other, concentrating on each other’s most sensitive areas. We brushed our teeth and went to bed.

My Mistress held me in her arms and kissed me gently, “Is what you have to say going to interfere with our sex?

“It may, Mistress, I think you will be upset.”

Then let’s do it first and then we’ll talk, OK? But before we do I think we can make some changes. Listen carefully. Now that we are married and I have you under my complete control—darling, you have been a pleasure to deal with—so compliant and submissive to me—I feel you should call me ‘Dani.’ I know you will still respect me the same way. Also, I felt terrible after punishing you in Maui; I punished you for loving me and helping me, but I had no choice—you broke a rule, a stupid rule, but a rule just the same. So, from now on you may initiate sex with me.”

“Mistress…er…Dani, it will take me a while to get used to that. We have sex so often and in so many positions I’m more than satisfied with how things have been. May I say also that I needed that rule to help define your authority over me.”

“Yes, what you say is true, but I have eyes, you know. I can see how you look at me. I know what you want, but, so far, I haven’t offered it to you, have I? Now you have your chance. Mother told me that she gave Daddy the same opportunity and he was so dumbstruck she had to tell him to repeat after her. Should we play the same game?”

“If you wish, Wow, after all this time it will take me a while to change.”

“OK, Michael, repeat after me—‘Dani, I would like to….”

“Dani, I would like to….”

“fuck your tight little….”

‘fuck your tight little…”

“Ass!” My Mistress was grinning ear to ear.

“Mistress Dani, may I hold off on this request for another evening?”

“Michael, this is obviously bothering you. We need to deal with it now. Tell me.”

“Did you by any chance notice David’s body?”

“No, I was too busy giving Lindsay hints and directions. What’s wrong with it?”

“When I stepped up behind him I noticed maybe twenty circular scars on his back. When I fastened him to the horse I saw even more on his chest, abdomen, and arms. He took the caning without even whimpering, and the ass fucking, just as well. There’s only one explanation.”

“Yes, I agree, he’s been tortured, hasn’t he?

“I’m afraid so, Mistress. It will probably have an impact on his training—make it more difficult for Lindsay. If you wish I will discuss it with him tomorrow when we get his belongings from the dorm.”

“Yes, please tell me what he says when you return. Lindsay needs to know when planning his discipline and conditioning. We may have to use denial rather than pain as a deterrent. Yes, tell me as soon as your return. Now can we please fuck? You can pick the position.”

“Thank you, dear—is that ok?” My Mistress nodded. “I love you more than anything Dani, my wonderful Mistress.” I leaned in for a long sensual kiss before pulling her onto my body. I groped her breasts, knowing how hard she loved it. Once she began moaning I rammed my hard cock into her glistening cunt. I took out my frustrations on my poor Mistress that night; she knew it and accepted it, mashing her lips into mine as she used her body to bring me to release and relief. “C’mon, Michael, cum for me. Don’t worry about me, baby; I want your cum in my hot cunt.” I pounded her like a man possessed, but soon—too soon in my opinion—I lost control. The force of my orgasm drove my hips a foot off the bed and my first river of white hot cum ran up into my lover’s tunnel. Again and again I came into that beautiful cunt until at last, I lay back completely drained. I pulled my Mistress to me, kissed her tenderly, and whispered, “Thank you Mistress…Dani…I really needed that.”

“I know, darling, clean out my pussy and let’s go to sleep. You have a long day tomorrow.” She moved up, straddling my head as I drank the cum from her cunt. I used my tongue to scoop it from her tunnel. When she was cleaned she slid off my face to lie at my side, her head on my shoulder as I pulled the blankets over our bodies.

The next morning came early. I went through my usual routine of making coffee, squeezing orange juice, and delivering both to Lindsay and my Mistress Dani. I knocked on Lindsay’s door and entered to find her leading the confused David into the shower to receive her pee. I had found this the most difficult task of my training. I found the taste difficult to accept, but was relieved to learn via the internet that urine is almost always sterile—free of germs—unless the donator has an infection. It took me a good three weeks to adjust to it and I assumed that David would have at least the same period of adjustment. On the way out Lindsay asked if I would bring coffee for David as she had some additional training to undertake and she wanted him in the room with her.

I took a tray to Dani—I was going to make this change if it killed me—and we sat as husband and wife in our bed as we discussed the day’s events. It was Saturday—no classes for us—although David had a nine o’clock English class. First I would drive him to class then I would wait for him afterwards for the trip to his dorm.

David was quiet in the car until I asked about the scars on his body. “That’s my business,” he replied.
I stopped the car and turned, “Listen, David, lose the attitude, OK? I’ve been put in charge of your training and I must report any problems to Lindsay and to my Mistress. I discussed your scars with her last night and she expects a report from me when we return. Now I would suggest you tell me so I can tell Dani and she will discuss it with Lindsay. If you don’t Lindsay will ask you about it and probably punish you for not cooperating. It’s less than a year that I sat in that seat on the way to my dorm. Our Mistresses’ dad was my trainer. So—cigarette burns?”

“Yes, courtesy of my asshole father. He’s been unemployed for more than five years and he’s usually drunk. My family gets by on my mother’s work and whatever the four of us could scrape up doing odd jobs. If we couldn’t find anything he’d burn us, laughing all the time. Sometimes he’d do it for 30-40 minutes at a time.”

“Didn’t your school do anything? Someone must have noticed.”

“Yeah, the one time I said anything I got double when I got home. He gave them some bullshit and they believed him. He can be really charming when he wants to.”

“I mentioned it not because I’m nosy. Your resistance to pain may mean that Lindsay will have to use something else to train and condition you. How did you handle the insert?”

“Not well, that fucking thing hurt something awful, much worse than the caning or the butt fucking.”

“Yeah, I thought so, too. I’ll talk with Dani and Lindsay about it. She needs to be able to discipline you to demonstrate her authority and in case you are disobedient. One of the worst things is denying you the opportunity to cum, especially when you’ll be licking her cunt several times a day. It always makes me really horny.”

“Speaking about cunts, Michael, do you have to drink Dani’s pee? The taste is revolting. I can barely keep it down.”

“It’s going to take time to adjust. You can try to ask Lindsay to slow down so you can get more swallowed. It took me three weeks and sometimes, depending on what they’ve eaten, it can be stronger than usual or the taste can change a little. That’s why it will take you time to get used to it. In all the time Dani and I have been together there’s been only one night when I didn’t have to drink it—after a couple of her friends wrecked my balls.” I pulled out into traffic and got him to class just before nine.

On the way to the dorm I asked David, “What are your roommates like?”

“They’re OK, but I don’t think they’ll understand any of this.” He was fidgeting with his collar as he spoke.

“Their opinion doesn’t matter; you’re leaving them behind. Nervous about the collar? You’ll be self-conscious for a while, but that’ll go away in a couple of days. Just remember you’re getting one of the hottest girls in the class, and probably the richest.”


“Your new mistress is worth well over a hundred million; mine is worth more than three hundred. You’re entering the world of the rich and famous—OK, not so famous, but plenty rich. They don’t throw it around so hardly anyone knows, but you should know. As her slave, Lindsay is responsible to take care of you—your bills, tuition, medical, clothes, everything. It’s something to keep in mind while you’re groveling at her feet. Oh, incidentally, the secret to success for a slave is to do whatever she tells you without hesitation, and it doesn’t matter where. At our wedding dinner with her entire family present in a fancy expensive restaurant, I was ordered to eat her pussy.”

“You didn’t do it, did you?”

“Yes, I did. I’m sure some of the other patrons saw me, but I think that was part of the test. A lot of what you’ll be doing will be tests. OK, here we are.” We walked up two flights to his room. Of course, both his roommates were there when we walked in. They noticed his collar immediately. David told them he was moving out—moving in with his girlfriend…his mistress. They laughed and David was embarrassed. “Let’s just get your stuff and go,” I suggested. David packed up his clothes while I disassembled his computer and peripherals. I carried them down to the trunk, even though I knew they were seriously obsolete. I rejoined David; he didn’t have much. We carried everything down in two trips. I suggested he contact the dorm office to advise them he was leaving. Being Sunday there was nobody there so he wrote a note which I witnessed.

In ten minutes we were back home, unloaded, and I made my report to my Mistress. “No question, Dani (she smiled that I had remembered) cigarette burns courtesy of his father. He sounds like a real loser. Lives off the work of his wife and kids and when the kids can’t find work he burns them. He did feel pain from the insert, so that’s a possibility, but I think that denying him sex will be a much more effective penalty. Oh, one more thing, his computer equipment is shit. I think he’s in worse financial condition than I was. He was reluctant to tell me which is typical of torture victims. I was able to break him down easily enough. My only concern was that he never told me that he loves Lindsay.”

“That’s OK, he told her five times last night and again this morning. He even promised to take her pee, even though he’s having trouble with it now.” I left my Mistress to meet with David. I got his schedule and set up his times to be at home; I also explained that he would need permission to go to the library from Lindsay, as I still needed from Dani, and that other social areas of campus were off limits. He accepted everything. Lindsay disturbed us to ask about David’s computer. “Basically shit,” I told her. She told me to buy a new one; she’d reimburse Dani for the expense. Then she told David she had to pee. She took his hand and led him to the shower. Later we all went out to dinner to celebrate Lindsay’s new slave; David seemed more accepting of his situation; before dessert Dani told me to eat her pussy. Of course, I did. Lindsay followed her lead, requiring the same from David. It was interesting with the two of us under the table. David worried about what other diners might think; I could not have cared less.

Chapter 2—David

This whole thing really took me by surprise; I wasn’t really prepared for what happened; I don’t know how I could have been. Mistress Lindsay took me to her bedroom and asked me what I would to do to please her and then told me to finger fuck her ass. I assumed this was some kind of test—then I learned what kind, the kind where you suck shitty fingers in your mouth. From my point of view it was no big deal, I’d suffered more at the hands of my shithead father. Michael strapped me down to this “thing” and Mistress Lindsay caned my ass. It hurt plenty, but was nowhere near as bad as being burned by my father. I didn’t even cry. She fucked my ass with a big strap-on and that hurt, but not anywhere as bad as when she stuck this long steel tube into my cock. That was actually much worse than being burned. When she hit it with the hammer it felt like a shock spreading through my cock and balls. She hit me five times and each was worse than the last. Then, at last, she pulled it out and I thought I was going to die. Thankfully, the pain passed quickly.

I didn’t know what else she could do to me. She led me to the shower. I kneeled and she peed into my mouth. I was supposed to swallow it—it was awful. I don’t think I can ever get used to doing this, but if I don’t I’ll be a failure as a slave. I made a mental note to ask Michael about it. Then came the first positive of the night—I got to wash Lindsay’s—oops, Mistress Lindsay’s body. It was sheer perfection—soft smooth incredible skin, beautiful firm breasts, tight abs, and slender but sexy hips. One look and I knew I had made the right decision. I was in love. I told her over and over that night as I cleaned her. “OK, slave, I get the message, now clean yourself, but do it quickly. We’re almost at the best part of your first night.”
I scrubbed myself quickly and when I did my face I managed to rinse my mouth. I led my Mistress from the shower to dry her then my own body. Back in the bedroom she rewarded me, giving me the best blow job I’d ever had. She even swallowed, or so I thought, until she came up to kiss me. “Open,” she said as she transferred the cum to my mouth. I was the one who did the swallowing. Then she pointed to her pussy. “I know,” I said, “eat.” She laughed—we both laughed as I went to work on her. I didn’t date much in high school but I did know how to eat pussy courtesy of my older sister Marianne who forced me back in the day when dad actually worked. I think I was nine when she started. She was twelve and much bigger than me. She just grabbed my head one day after school and pulled it into her cunt. I licked like there was no tomorrow until she groaned and shook and released me. “Tomorrow, same time, same thing—get used to it and if you say anything to Mom or Dad I’ll beat you senseless, got it?” Yes, I had plenty of experience eating pussy.

I began with her labia, licking from bottom to top, encouraging them to engorge before moving to her slit. I pushed into her tunnel—wow, was it tight! I have a long tongue so I was able to find her G-spot and rub like crazy. In seconds Mistress Lindsay tensed and shook her entire body in spasm. I kept licking and she kept shaking until she pushed me away. “Wow, fucking wow! Where’d you learn to do that?”

“My sister used to make me eat her every day after school. Thank you, Marianne!” We shared another laugh and we went to sleep, me on my comfortable dog bed, but within arm’s length of my beautiful mistress.

The next morning I woke early; Mistress Lindsay was looking down at me and ran her hand through my hair. I knew what she was going to say—“Shower”—before she said it. I went to take her pee again. It was still awful, but I think I got more of it down this time. We showered again and Mistress took me back to her room to reinforce what she had said to me last night—her expectations and rules. She told me she would discipline and punish me, but only when it was warranted. Then she told me to dress, get some breakfast and go to class. That was one of her most important rules--attend all classes.

Michael drove me to class and he didn’t waste any time stripping me bare. I knew he’d seen my scars; he made me tell him all about it. In spite of that I thought he would be a friend. I know I appreciated his help when I had to get my stuff from my room. I would have been embarrassed until he reminded me just how lucky I was. Not only was Mistress Lindsay beautiful and incredibly sexy, she was also fabulously rich. As her slave she was financially responsible for me. I was definitely taking a step up.

On the way home Michael stressed the importance of honesty in dealing with my Mistress. He told me about a punishment he called on himself at the end of the year. I cringed when he told me he got ten hits on the insert, but that punishment led him to become engaged to Dani. Less than a month later they were married. Could I possibly be so lucky? I didn’t think so. In fact less than two weeks later I started cheating. I never did know why—I just did it. Maybe it was the excitement—the dare, the challenge.


I met with David and suggested he try burying his tongue in Lindsay’s cunt when he took her pee. That way most of the taste would be of her cunt rather than the pee. He told me later it worked pretty well, much better than before. I thought everything was moving along smoothly until one of my professors became ill and my two-hour seminar was canceled. I had this course Mondays and Wednesdays for two hours—from 12 to 2 in the afternoon. At 12:40 my prof doubled over, doing all he could not to vomit. I called my Mistress and asked permission to stay on campus so I could walk home with David when his one o’clock ended. I was about a hundred yards from his building when I saw him enter and about fifty yards away when I saw him leave by the back door, climb into a white car, and kiss the girl who was driving. I had made a copy of David’s ID card—a simple matter for a computer science major—so I scanned it into the attendance reader. It came back with an error code that I recognized at once. It meant trouble, nothing but trouble.

I hung around and sure enough David reappeared around 1:50, zipping up his pants as he exited the car. He walked around to the driver’s side, leaned in and kissed the girl for almost a minute before walking into the building. He was waiting for me when I “arrived” a few minutes later.

“How was the class?” I asked.

“Boring, as usual. This is the worst class I have. Too bad it’s required for my major.” We walked the rest of the way in silence. We headed to our respective bedrooms to shed our clothes. Dani was in the bathroom so I asked to speak with her. She was furious when I told her what I had seen. She asked Lindsay to join us. I could also see the concern on her face. Rather than act immediately, they asked me to gather more evidence on Wednesday. I’d use the scooter, something David had never seen, to follow them.

I left as usual around 11:40 even though I knew there would be no class; my professor was still ill. I carried a change of clothes in my back pack. I walked to the library men’s room and changed clothes, putting on a sweatshirt and jeans, things I rarely wore. I returned to our block, hiding behind a tree until David had walked past. I returned to our backyard shed and found the scooter ready to go thanks to my clever and enterprising Mistress Dani. The helmet hid my face and head. I didn’t think I’d be recognized and I was right. I drove straight to the rear of the building and video’d him getting into the car. I followed at a fairly safe distance. They weren’t driving very fast so they obviously weren’t going very far. She pulled into the main lot, a huge mass of asphalt and street lights. She pulled between two cars and started to strip. I saw David use bolt cutters on his cock cage lock, making a tremendous mistake by throwing it out the window where I’d be able to retrieve it. I parked a couple of rows behind them and, still wearing my helmet walked toward their car. I held the camera steady as I approached filming first the broken lock then their fucking in the rear seat. David was so involved he never even noticed me. Seconds later I was gone. I returned the scooter and walked back to meet with him as usual for our walk back home.

We stripped and went for our required study time. Dani called me out perhaps ten minutes later. I showed them the broken lock and connected the camera to the flat screen TV. I was sent to fetch David. “David,” I told him once he was in the living room, “Lindsay has asked me to remove your cock cage. Just hold still for a minute, OK?” I could see he was nervous when I retrieved the key from her neck. I was just about to try the key when I stopped. “Oh yeah, this key opens this lock,” pointing to the broken one in my hand, “and this key I found in your jeans will open the one on your cage, right?”

I ran the video on the TV, not that any of this was necessary—this wasn’t a court of law, after all. “Stand still,” I directed him as I removed his slave collar. “Get your clothes together and get your sorry lying ass out of here. You came with a computer so take the laptop with you. I suggest you phone your girlfriend to come and get you and here’s the duplicate of your ID I made. That’s how I knew you dropped that class less than a week after you came here. You are one sorry piece of shit.” Ten minutes later he was gone. That’s when Lindsay broke down. I held her in my arms as she wept.

Once she had calmed down we tried to plan for the future. “What about that guy you told us about from your English class? Didn’t you say he was following you around like a puppy?”

“You mean Kevin? He’s really nice…but…I don’t know.”

“What’s he like?” Dani asked.

“Well, he’s smart as hell. He’s pretty good looking and I think he told me he runs every day to stay in shape. He’s a little taller than me—maybe five-ten, or so, and thin. He might be a possibility. I like him, but I don’t know if I could love him.”

“Nobody ever knows that,” I added, “why don’t I call him and see if he would go out with you tonight? Yeah, it is midweek, but that might give you an indication of his interest, especially if I do the calling.” Lindsay thought about it for a minute before agreeing. I got onto the phone and called the freshman dorm, asking for Kevin Scott. Three minutes later he came to the phone. “HI, Kevin, I’m Michael Harding, Lindsay Warner’s brother-in-law. She’s tied up just now, but she asked me to call and see if you’d like to go out with her tonight. What’s that? Oh, just wear regular school clothes like chinos and a decent shirt, say around 7:15? That way you’ll be able to get out of here by 7:30 for a movie.” I gave him the directions and he said he’d be here. Dani mouthed the words, “Thank you,” when I hung up. “If I had to guess I’d say he’ll be early.” Then we all smiled and laughed. The day might turn out OK after all.

As predicted Kevin was eager and early, showing up at 7:05. I welcomed him, leading him to the living room. I began to review the rules, leading off with masturbating him. He didn’t hesitate even a second when I told him to drop his pants. I was about to stroke him when he said he would gladly do it himself. I stepped back, giving him the condom. He took about five minutes to bring himself off. I collected the condom, giving him a damp paper towel to clean himself off. He didn’t flinch even a bit when I placed him into the cock cage and locked it. Then I told him the do’s and don’ts—“you can kiss Lindsay and fondle and suck on her breasts, but don’t go near her pussy or you’ll get the shock of your life.”

“Oh, I don’t think I could do any of those things, especially not on a first date, Michael.”

“Well, Kevin,” I replied, “keep in mind that if she mentioned these things she kind of has an expectation that you’ll do them, so don’t be afraid. If you are good to her she will reward you when you return. How will depend on you; any questions?”

“Did you have to do this when you dated her sister?”

“Yes, Kevin, I certainly did, except the person giving the rules was her father. I was kind of terrified even though he turned out to be my best friend.”

“Can you tell me about that collar you’re wearing?”

“Sure, Kevin, this is a slave collar. I am my wife’s slave; she’s my Mistress. Do you understand what that means?”

“Uh…I think so—she controls what you do, like sex. Does she ever punish or torture you?”

I laughed, “Good question, Kevin, the answer is yes, I do get punished, though not so much any longer, but I’ve never been tortured. I became a slave because I lusted for and loved Dani, not because I’m into pain or humiliation like some slaves. Under what circumstances would you consider becoming a slave?”

“I’m definitely not into pain—that’s just sick—and not humiliation, either. I suppose I might do it if I loved the woman. Does she make you do anything weird?”

“I think you might have to define ‘weird,’ but the worst thing she has me do is drink her pee. On the other hand, I do get to eat her delicious pussy two or three times every day and I do fuck her every day, too. You’ll probably know pretty soon if Lindsay has an interest in you that way.” Just then Lindsay and Dani entered the room. Kevin’s reaction was immediate—he was in awe. Lindsay’s outfit was designed to draw attention. From the skin-tight Capri’s to the low cut blouse she oozed sexuality. Good thing Kevin was in the cock cage or I thought he’d have an orgasm right there. Lindsay walked up to him, kissed his cheek, took his hand and led him out the door like a sheep to slaughter.

Four hours later they returned, Lindsay leading him again to her room. He was like the puppy Lindsay had described him as. He followed her lovingly and loyally. Thirty minutes later he was out with a huge smile on his face, commenting he’d see us again Friday evening. Lindsay came out a few minutes later, naked, her skin all aglow. “He’s not bad at all. He doesn’t have David’s pussy eating skills, but he’s really eager to please. Does it show?” Dani and I couldn’t help but laugh—it was that obvious.

Lindsay told us about the movies. She had to kiss him, that’s how shy he was, but once he started he more than held his own. Same thing with her breasts; she had to take his hand and place it on her breast, whispering instructions to him. He was a natural submissive. The only question was—could Lindsay learn to love him? “He’s really sweet and so well mannered. He acts like he’s already my slave. I wonder if he’s already had experience. Maybe I’ll ask him to take my pee—ha ha!” We all had a good chuckle and headed to bed. The day had turned out better that I had thought.

Friday came soon and at 7:15 Kevin appeared at the door. He stood patiently while I removed his cock cage and, once again he volunteered to masturbate himself. Once he was cleaned and into the shock cage he asked me more questions. “Michael, have you ever been asked to be a full-service toilet? Know what I mean?”

“Yes, I know what you mean, and no to your question. Drinking pee is one thing—there’s rarely any germs in it; eating turds, however, is loaded with E. coli, a potentially dangerous bacterium that could kill you. Anyone eating that stuff would have to spend his life on antibiotics, which could be even worse. I spent two weeks on antibiotics last summer and I felt like I was going to die. Why do you ask? Been doing research?”

“Yes, I want to be prepared if Lindsay asks me.”

“OK, the way it will work is this—when she is ready you will have to ask—beg—her to accept you. Then you’ll be tested, mentally and physically, to see if you will actually accept her authority over you. That’s how it was with me. They have a system they learned from their mother; their father was her slave, like I’m Dani’s. Kevin, you seem to be pretty familiar with slavery.”

“Yeah, you could say that. I was my mother’s slave for years. If it weren’t for college I’d still be there with her. Now she has my younger brother and sister. She kind of loses interest once you turn 16.”

“How did you feel about being a slave, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Oh, I didn’t mind—tell you the truth, I enjoyed it. I’m not really great at being aggressive, especially with girls. That’s why I hardly ever dated in high school, or here, either, until you called about Lindsay.”

“Well, good luck, Kevin. Ah, here’s Lindsay now.” Kevin reached out for her and she accepted his hand. Lindsay and Dani had heard every word of our conversation from our bedroom.

Dani and I fucked and sucked most of the time they were gone. We didn’t worry about being caught—sex was so open in their tradition we rarely even closed the bedroom door, and, don’t forget, I’ve fucked all of Dani’s sisters. Around eleven we were pretty much finished—for now, that is—so Dani put on her robe and went to the living room; I went naked as per my custom. I was seated at my Mistress’ feet when they returned. “So, you have no interest in being my full-service toilet, eh? Suppose I was to order you?”

“Mistress, you may punish me if you wish, but I cannot do that. I would have to take antibiotics to deal with the bacteria and you saw how my body reacts to antibiotics last summer. Do you wish to be a young widow? I would be no good to you either sick or dead, would I?”

“You should keep track of all these conversations so you can publish them.” Just then the young couple opened the door and walked in.

If Kevin was shocked by my nakedness he never showed it. He followed Lindsay into her room. We could hear laughter and screams of joy coming from their direction. Suddenly Kevin appeared naked. He walked in front of Lindsay’s chair and kneeled; his head was touching the floor when Lindsay appeared in her robe. “Mistress Lindsay,” Kevin began, “I beg you to accept me as your slave. I will do anything in my power to serve you. Please say you will accept me, Mistress.”

I looked at Dani; she was as astonished as I was. I hurried up to get the room ready; Dani went to get his collar. We’d barely had time to thoroughly clean it with alcohol after taking it from that asshole David’s neck. Lindsay led Kevin to her room where she began the Warners’ traditional tests. Kevin had no trouble cleaning his fingers from Lindsay’s ass; I suspected he’d done this before. When I strapped him to the horse, however he was visibly shaken. “Relax,” I told him, “she’s not going to kill you. She has to demonstrate her authority—just like I told you. You’ll be OK—trust me.” When Lindsay entered she too, was naked. The sight of her body seemed to stimulate Kevin, but when she swung the cane he howled like a baby. There would be no problem using pain as a deterrent for Kevin. I applied the ice and rubbed his back. I really liked this kid; I hoped it all worked out for him with Lindsay. I lubed his asshole, reminding him again to relax. She fucked him for almost ten minutes; once again I was of the opinion that he’d been butt fucked before. Now, though, came the insert—my least favorite. It would test him, for sure.
I could hear him crying and screaming from the pain from striking the insert. He’d fear this punishment for his entire life. I could hear him sigh with relief when it was finally removed. Lindsay led him to the shower to take her pee and clean her before granting him his reward. I pulled out the dog bed, sheet, blanket and pillow, placing it exactly where Lindsay wanted it. I cleaned up the punishment room and returned to the hall just in time to see Lindsay lead Kevin back to bed, the leash attached firmly to his collar. He was beaming in his servitude. I climbed into bed with my Mistress Dani. She hugged me enthusiastically. “You have some great ideas, you know, slave? No wonder I love you so much. I haven’t seen Lindsay so happy in a long time—not since you fucked her last summer. I don’t know if this will be a forever thing like it is with us, but who can tell the future? Did you ever see her look like this with David?” I shook my head; the less I heard of that asshole the better. This lifestyle is not for everyone, but he was free to enter or leave. There was no reason for him to lie and cheat.


The following morning I began Kevin’s training. I drove him to his dorm room to transfer his belongings to our house. “May I ask you how you managed that so quickly? I thought Lindsay would take a few months, at least.”

Kevin replied immediately and, I thought honestly, “Our first date was really strained—I was so nervous, but when we went to my Mistress Lindsay’s room things got a lot better. My training with my mother came through for me. Last night’s date was much better. We laughed all through the film and it wasn’t even a comedy. I thought we would be thrown out of the theater. We kissed and kissed and I was nervy enough to rub her breasts and tweak her nipples. When we went to her room I ate her pussy when she asked and gave her two wonderful orgasms. She said they were wonderful, so I assume they were—she had no reason to lie, did she? Then I ate her ass, giving her another one. That’s when I told her I’d love to serve her. She told me to grovel before her chair. The rest you know.”

“Have you ever worn a collar before? You seem pretty comfortable with it.”

“I’m not ashamed of it so there’s no reason to be concerned, is there? Are you ashamed to wear Dani’s collar? Well, you’re married to her, but you were her slave for months, weren’t you? I figure that being a slave isn’t all that much different than a normal marriage, except for the pee drinking and physical punishments, and all the arguments that so-called normal couples have. I’ll never argue with my Mistress.”

“That’s good to hear. You saw last night just what she can do to you. Believe me she will discipline you if necessary. Neither she nor Dani are cruel, but they are strict. They expect to be obeyed to the letter and without hesitation.” I told him about our wedding dinner and several other dining episodes. I could see he was listening carefully. I asked about his roommates.

“They’re OK, I guess, but they’re not my type. I’m thrilled to be leaving them, but I’m glad you’re here with me. They’re jocks and they’re not above bullying me.” I parked in front of the dorm and we walked up to his room. Thankfully, neither roommate was there. I suggested he write a brief note for them as we packed up his meager belongings. When we were done we stopped by the dorm office. They agreed to forward his mail and we were done. I saw David in the lobby; we ignored each other.

I mentioned to Kevin that Lindsay had just terminated a slave and he advised me that she had already discussed it with him. I stressed the need for honesty—reporting your own infractions, being where you are supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there. I explained about his schedule, required study time, and Lindsay’s responsibilities to him. He was amazed, especially when I told him they were rich. “I don’t really care about that, Michael, it’s Mistress Lindsay I care about.” I really did like this kid.

The only problem that arose was his interest in running daily. I discussed it with Lindsay, suggesting he be allowed if he went out early before his normal duties would begin. I felt he could be trusted. Kevin was given a watch with an alarm. He’d have to get up by 5:30 every morning and be back by 6:15 to service Lindsay. He suggested that he rise earlier so he could clean himself, commenting that he would normally sweat a lot and did not wish to offend his Mistress.

Kevin settled into his routine easily, showing how motivated he was to serve his Mistress. Lindsay seemed to be happier every day. One evening we were watching TV when Lindsay said she had to pee. She rose but Kevin stopped her. “I can do it here, Mistress. Don’t worry, I won’t spill any. When you finish may I please clean you and bring you to orgasm?” This was going to be a better show than anything we’d seen on the tube all evening.

Kevin locked his mouth on Lindsay’s cunt, swallowing every drop of her urine. Then he attacked her pussy with real zeal. My Mistress Dani elbowed me and whispered, “This is great. I would think he’d be more nervous about doing it in front of us. I really like this guy.” I gave her a thumbs up before asking if she’d like to join her sister. Her response was to spread her legs. In seconds I was tongue deep into her, reminding myself to thank Kevin for his inspiration.

It didn’t take long for Dani’s pussy to run with juice. She was turned on by watching her sister getting off. I often wondered if she would enjoy watching porn. I’d have to ask her some day. I slurped up her juice as soon as she produced it and drove my tongue into her actively fucking her while I searched for her G-spot. I pulled back the hood on her clit and tickled her button with my finger nail. She began squirming so I increased pressure, pinching it between my fingers while seeking her asshole with my other hand. Between the assault on cunt, clit, and ass she exploded into my mouth, squirting several times and covering my face in cum. She licked it from my face when I looked up.

I could hear Lindsay laughing and when I turned around I could see that Kevin had finished her up, as well. “We’re moving to phase2,” Lindsay told us merrily, “feel free to join us.” With that she moved Kevin to the chair, quickly removed his cock cage, and inhaled his cock into her mouth. Not to be outdone Dani motioned me to the couch while we changed positions. Soon my hard cock disappeared into her mouth. This was what I liked—a cock sucking contest between sister Mistresses. I saw Lindsay finish Kevin then swap cum with him. He seemed to swallow it easily. Meanwhile, my Mistress Dani was sucking my cock like it was a lollipop, using her tongue all over me. I was so turned on I came after only a few minutes. When she leaned down to kiss me I expected to receive all the cum I’d deposited in her mouth so I was surprised when I learned there was none—my Mistress had swallowed. This was another first for us. I never objected to eating it; I assumed it was expected, like drinking pee. All the same, I wouldn’t object if she wanted it instead.

I saw a subtle signal between Dani and Lindsay. “Slave,” Lindsay ordered, “eat my sister’s cunt.” Kevin hesitated for just a moment before turning around on his heels to suck Dani’s pussy. Looking at Dani I saw her point to her sister. I responded immediately and in seconds we had swapped partners. I was familiar with Lindsay’s tight pussy, both from fucking her last summer and from any number of evenings here at school. I pushed my tongue deep into her cunt, fucking her furiously with it. Having just cum in the past five minutes meant that I had my work cut out for me. I moved my hand into her tunnel before transferring it to her incredible ass. I pumped that fine ass while tonguing her cunt. Damn! She gushed pussy juice at a prodigious rate. I could barely keep up with it. When she began to gyrate in her lust I moved up to suck her swollen clit into my mouth. Lindsay shook—hard as her orgasm took control of her body. Her entire body was in spasm for more than a minute until she collapsed. “Thank you, favorite brother-in-law.” She leaned down to kiss my lips as she forced her tongue into my mouth.

I turned to return to my Mistress and saw that Kevin was still locked onto her cunt and that he was fucking her asshole hard with his fingers. I know how much my Mistress loves that so I was not at all surprised to see her shake uncontrollably when her orgasm hit. Kevin crawled back to his Mistress; we were all smiling broadly—it had been a really good evening.


I was only one of many who noticed Lindsay Warner as one of the most beautiful and sexy girls in the freshman class. Unfortunately, I knew that there was no way she would ever notice me. That’s when I got goofy around her. I was totally in awe of this woman; I followed her around like kid in junior high school. I had absolutely no experience with girls; my mother had seen to that. My dad worked as a welding supervisor on huge construction projects all around the globe. His job paid extremely well, but he was often gone from home for months and months at a time. My mother made no secret that she was lonely, but she would never cheat. That’s how I wound up as her slave. I was four when it first started. She’d spread her legs to encourage me to lick and eat her pussy. What did I know? I was just a little kid—I did as I was told. Mom found time for me every afternoon after school once I turned five. I’d eat her cunt then and again after we’d eaten dinner. I loved all the attention she gave me. I was an only child then so we’d often sleep together in her bed where I could be awakened at any hour to service her. That’s also how I wound up as her toilet. Initially, she would just pee into my mouth, telling me what a good boy I was to do this for her. Of course, I loved my mother and wanted to please her, so the more she praised me, the more I wanted to do it for her.

Then she upped the ante, having me handle her solid waste, as well. I think I was eight when that began. At first I would throw up almost every time, but Mom was smart—she knew how to get her way with me. Rather than criticize, she praised me every time I had a success. By the time I was ten Mom rarely used the bathroom other than to shower or brush her teeth. I’m sorry to say that my dad not only knew about it, he approved. There were times when he was home that I had to service him as well as my mother. It wasn’t until I entered junior high school as a seventh grader that I realized how sick and perverted this was. By then I had sired a sister and brother who would be broken in to replace me in a few years. My mother lost interest in me once I turned sixteen.

I had always been an excellent student—all I ever did was school work and attend to her needs. I never dated or participated in any school activities. I figured that college would be more of the same until Michael called and offered me a date with Lindsay. I thought the rules for dating her were “strange” but I would agree to anything for the chance to actually spend some time with her. I was so nervous on our date that she had to take the lead at everything. I was afraid to kiss or touch her and the thing around my cock and balls didn’t give me any confidence, either. Lindsay was so nice; she kissed my cheek and whispered instructions to me, telling me everything she liked and wanted me to do. We left the theater hand-in-hand and returned to her home.

She removed the shock cage and played with my cock and balls; I was so hot and so nervous I came in seconds. She gathered up all my cum and brought her hands to my mouth for cleaning. Then she really honored me by letting me eat her to orgasm. This was the only time I could look back at my youth and thank my mother for all she had forced me to do.

Our second date (I actually had not only one, but two dates with the class’s hottest girl!) went really great. I managed to relax and we had a great time. I showed initiative in kissing and playing with her tits. When we returned to her room I surprised her, and me, too, by prostrating myself on her floor and begging her to allow me to serve her. She sent me to the living room naked, telling me to grovel before her chair. I never even felt nervous, even though I was naked in front of her sister and Michael. I learned very quickly how I could be punished by my Mistress Lindsay. The pain of the caning and ass fucking broke me down, but that insert she pushed into my penis was the worst thing I could ever imagine. When she hit it with the hammer I thought I would die. I resolved then to avoid all punishments in the future. I’d do anything and everything she told me to do. With Michael’s help I moved into my Mistress’ home the following day.

I was there only a few days when my Mistress Lindsay tried to pull me up to the bathroom so she could pee. I promised her that I would handle all of it without spilling and made points with her by volunteering to eat her to an orgasm. She surprised me by changing places and sucking me off, and again when I was required to drink and swallow my own cum from her mouth. I was also surprised when she told me to eat her sister; I hesitated only a second before latching on to Mistress Dani’s pussy. I have to admit a little jealousy when Michael was directed to eat my Mistress—that was my job! When we were back at our Mistress’s feet Mistress Lindsay asked me to describe my relationship with my mother. “It all began when I was four. I actually remember that clearly. Mother opened her legs and told me to lick. I was a little kid who wanted nothing more than to please his mother. I was compliant and submissive even then. Soon I was getting her off two or three times every day, and more on weekends. When my father came home from one of his work projects he just joined in. It was a few years before I was told to drink her piss and by the time I was ten I was her full-service toilet, although I clearly would have preferred not to. My mother took me to her bed for the first time when I was ten. I sired my brother when I was eleven and my sister when I was thirteen. Fortunately for me Mother is only interested in young children. She stopped everything with me when I turned sixteen. She hasn’t spoken a word to me since my sixteenth birthday. I came here on a full scholarship, thanks to my academic success in high school.” I was greeted by silence when I finished, but Mistress Lindsay ran her hand through my hair and leaned down to kiss me. That’s when she pulled me up to bed. Little did I realize it would be the last quiet evening for several weeks.


I knew that my Mistress had heard the conversation I’d had with Kevin about being a full-service toilet. The idea had never really occurred to her, but a part of her took my comments as a challenge to her authority. She addressed it when we retired that night. “Michael, who owns you?”

“You do, Mistress Dani.”

“And what can I do with you, my slave?”

“Anything, Mistress Dani , you may do with me as you wish.”

“Then…suppose that I wanted you to eat my waste—drink my pee and eat my waste?”

“Mistress, I beg of you not to ask for that. If you have even a shred of love for me you will not order me to do that. I have never refused to drink your pee, but to eat your feces is the most repugnant and vile thing I could think of. I do not believe I could manage it. May I remind you of my illness last summer? If I were to do this I would certainly need antibiotics to protect me from the bacteria. They always make me even sicker, Mistress. I am of no use to you if I am ill or dead, Mistress.”

“I think you’re just exaggerating. There are plenty of people around the world who eat shit. You can do it, too.”

“Mistress, I must respectfully decline. You may punish me, but I cannot do that.” That’s when my Mistress opened the drawer on her night table, ordering me to install the cock cage and lock it. She pushed the dreaded insert into my cock.

“Sleep well, slave (she hardly ever called me ‘slave’ any longer), we’ll have punishment in the morning and we’ll have it at least twice every day until you submit to me. Don’t you dare challenge my authority.”

I woke as always at six, fixing coffee and juice for my Mistress and for Lindsay and Kevin. After taking Mistress Dani’s pee she asked me again if I would eat her waste. “I must decline, Mistress,” was my reply. She had me lie on the bed, brought out the hammer. “I’m starting with ten and I’m going to increase it every time until you give up your foolish stubbornness.” “Ten,” I thought, “God help me!” The most I’d ever had to endure at one time was five. She reared back and hit the insert hard, much harder than she had ever struck me before. By the time she had finished I was barely able to move my legs; my cock was swollen and painful in the cage.

When I arrived home from class I received eleven and just before bed I received twelve. She had me sleep on a dog’s bed. This went on for almost a week until she was up to thirty. Then she broke me—I couldn’t take any more. “Enough, Mistress, please…please…no more…I’ll do it I’ll do it.” My Mistress told me to kneel so I could take her pee. After cleaning her she turned around, positioning her sexy ass over my mouth. I cringed, crying and shaking like a baby; I couldn’t stop or control my trembling. My Mistress held her ass over my open mouth for several minutes until I felt her hands on my cheeks as she whispered into my ear, “You can relax, Michael, I’m not shitting into your mouth.”

I opened my eyes, barely able to see through my tears. “Michael,” she continued, “I never had any intention of making you eat my shit, but…when I give you an order I have an expectation that you will comply—not if you find it convenient, not if you enjoy it, not even ninety-nine percent of the time. I expect and demand compliance from you one hundred percent of the time and I don’t care how obnoxious or disgusting you think it is. You thought you were conditioned to follow me, but there was still room for improvement, wasn’t there?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I could barely speak, so violently was I trembling in fright.

“So, today, I don’t want you as my toilet, but maybe I’ll want it tomorrow, and if I do you’ll take it, won’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress, I’ll do anything for you—absolutely anything.”

“And you’ll do it without question or hesitation, won’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I was truly a broken man. I couldn’t resist any longer. Over the seven days I’d been punished I had received almost four hundred blows to the insert. I was in constant severe pain. My cock was purple and shaped like an eggplant. I’d been pissing blood for the past four days. I could hardly walk. I had been destroyed—utterly and completely.

“Now, Michael, we have to get you out of this cock cage and remove the insert. I’m afraid that will hurt you badly. I can see your penis is swollen and there’s crusted blood under the fastening nut.” She called for Lindsay who came in and caressed my face before kissing my forehead. “Damn, Michael, why do you have to be so stubborn?”

Lindsay got a warm wash cloth from the bathroom and she washed under the nut, hoping to loosen the clotted blood. Then she dripped lube onto the tube, hopefully loosening the insert from my urethra. She pulled slowly—it was a slow and difficult job. Mercifully, I passed out after only two minutes. Later I learned from my Mistress that they worked together for almost fifteen minutes to get it out. It was covered in blood and blood oozed from my piss hole.

My Mistress unlocked the cage and Lindsay used lube over my cock as they tried to pull the cage from my bruised organ. Again, I was unconscious and was told they worked for more than ten minutes to free me. They lay me in the bed, covered me, and my Mistress sat with me until I awoke. She gave me ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory and used an ice bag to soothe my cock. She climbed into the bed to comfort me with her body, knowing how much I loved the touch of her skin against mine. I might have slept were it not for the massive throbbing of my bruised, swollen, and purple cock.

Lindsay came in to check on me after dinner and she brought Kevin with her. I always loved Lindsay and I liked Kevin. They were holding hands the entire time. “Let this be a lesson to you,” I told Kevin, “one hundred percent compliance with orders. If I had done that I wouldn’t be here now.”

I was feeling a bit better the following morning, but my Mistress told me to stay in bed. She sat on the edge of the bed as she spoke to me. “Michael, I’m not going to shit in your mouth. Personally, I think that’s disgusting, but I am going to test you. Starting tomorrow for one week you are to bring in the newspaper after you bring me my coffee and juice, however, you are to be naked when you do it. If you see somebody before you leave the house, you may wait until they are gone before leaving. However, once you are outside you are to walk—not run—for the paper and, should you see anyone, you are not to cover up or hide. You may turn around so they only see your back, but that’s it. If anyone asks you may tell them that your Mistress has ordered it and you must obey. Questions?”

“Mistress, would it be OK if I wear slippers or sneakers? There’s a lot of gravel and glass out on the road.”

“Fine, but that’s all. Oh, if it’s raining—no umbrella; you’ll have to get wet.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll do it. I just hope I don’t get arrested.”

“Let me worry about that. You know what you have to do, just do it. I’ll be up to see and check on you. Now come here and kiss me. I’ve missed you this past week. Unfortunately, it looks like there’ll be no fucking in the foreseeable future.”

“No, Mistress, but I’ll gladly take care of you whenever you wish.”

“Perhaps another time; right now I’m concerned about you—too concerned to enjoy sex, even though I love the way you eat my pussy.”

The following morning I checked outside; my Mistress was at my side. She kissed me gently and opened the door. I walked slowly to retrieve the newspaper. Fortunately, the street was deserted. The same held for the following morning. However, I was ambushed by our neighbor, Mrs. Flynn and her yappy dog the next day. “Whoa,” she roared, “What the hell are you doing?” She caught me about ten feet from the mailbox. I turned away as directed; I could see the amusement on my Mistress’ face and Mrs. Flynn swiftly closed the distance between us.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Flynn, I am under orders from my Mistress to do this as a punishment. I must obey.” By now she wasn’t more than five feet away. She nudged me with her cane, telling me to turn around. When I was reluctant she threatened to call the police. “That’s it, Michael, let me see you. Wow, that’s some cock. You must have been a really bad boy. Don’t cover up—hands at your side. Hmmm, my George must have been either smarter or a lot weaker than you. I never had to beat him that badly. Stand at attention when I talk to you unless you want this cane over that cock. I’d do it on principle except that one of these days your Mistress might actually want to fuck you.”

I was completely taken aback—shocked by the way this conversation was going. “I think you should call me Mistress Flynn from now on, don’t you?”

I gulped several times before responding, “Yes, Mrs.….uh…Mistress Flynn.”

“Now, Michael, tomorrow morning I’ll bring my daughter around to see you. She’s having trouble with that no-good husband of hers. You can tell her how your Mistress finally broke you.”

“Yes, Mistress Flynn, I’ll be here again for the next four days. Thank you for not calling the police. You obviously understand that I must obey an order from my Mistress.”

“Indeed I do, now get inside before you catch pneumonia.” She waved merrily to my Mistress at the door. I knew this was set up between the two of them to embarrass and test me. However, I was well past that. My Mistress had truly broken me. I had no ability to resist her any longer. I only wanted to serve her.

Mistress Flynn and her daughter were waiting for me when I went out the following day. My Mistress had told me that I could wait until the road was clear, but I knew they weren’t going anywhere, so what was to be gained? I walked out, hands at my sides. I’d met Elizabeth before, but never under circumstances like this. She gasped when she saw the condition of my penis, but asked a lot of pointed questions about how it got that way. I answered completely, noticing how my Mistress was laughing at the door. I stood there naked for more than twenty minutes, even as several cars passed by, until all her questions had been answered. I referred her to my Mistress for information about disciplinary techniques. I felt sorry for her husband, although having met him several times, I was sure he deserved whatever came his way. When I returned to the house my Mistress excused me from the rest of this test. “You passed magnificently, Michael. I think we can go back to where we were before all this unpleasantness occurred.”

“Mistress, with all due respect, I can never go back there again. I’m not the person I was then; I’m not a person at all. I’m your slave.”


Those words proved prophetic. I wasn’t the same person and I couldn’t go back. I couldn’t reconcile being beaten with Dani’s love. I would never object to being punished, but this wasn’t punishment—it was torture—harsh cruel torture. I left forever a week later. I didn’t sneak out like a coward. I walked up with her coffee and juice and told her, “Mistress, I can’t do this any longer. I can’t understand how you would torture me just to make a point. I’m leaving now; I’ll pick up my things another time. I’m sorry.”

The following day I went to see an attorney. When I showed her my penis I thought she would faint. She arranged for me to see a urologist who was concerned I would have permanent damage including sterility. My attorney sued for divorce on the grounds of mental and physical cruelty. She suggested that the police might be called in if there wasn’t a swift and generous settlement. I wound up with my freedom and twenty million plus legal expenses.

I invested the money in a no-load tax-free mutual fund. I found one with lots of flexibility and low fees. Even at 3.5% interest I was looking at $700,000 a year, and all tax-free. I bought a used car and rented a small quiet apartment in the hope of getting my life back together. I graduated and enrolled in graduate school in search of my PhD. I worked hard and tried to forget my negative experiences at the hands of my Mistress. It was more than six months before I could even jerk off. I had surgery to clear out the ducts between my testicles and urethra. That was the only way to ensure I could one day sire children.

My existence—and that’s what it was—existence rather than living, was quiet and peaceful, but very lonely. I couldn’t develop a relationship with a woman, because I was always worried if I could trust her or if she would hurt me. I was a wretched hermit. The experience with Dani had ruined me, or so I thought.

I thought I recognized Dani when I left a seminar on dark November day; I was wrong—it was Lindsay instead. She greeted me warmly, but I was wary. We talked as I walked to the student union for lunch. It had taken me weeks to overcome the restriction that my Mistress had given me. Lindsay told me that she had moved out after I left. She had argued and fought with her sister about how I had been treated. She also told me that she had cut Kevin loose, giving him $50,000 for his time as her slave. “I realized that I love someone else,” she commented.

“Gee, I hope I get to meet him someday. He’s a very lucky man.”

“I think you will,” she replied, “in fact, I’m pretty sure you know him, but I don’t want to jinx things by saying anything too soon.” We ate lunch—she paid for it—and chatted like old friends. When we finished she invited me to see her new place. It was about fifteen minutes from school, out on what used to be an old farm. Not having anything else to do, I agreed.

She opened the door and walked in, turned to face me, and stood, hands on her hips in an authoritative pose. “Drop your shoes and clothes by the door, Michael. You’re not going to need them.” I stood there, knowing what was happening, but unable to resist. I didn’t want to resist. “Yes, Mistress,” I replied. I didn’t know where that came from. I had never referred to Lindsay as “Mistress.” It just came out as I began to remove my clothing, placing it in a neat pile on the floor. I was vulnerable; I kneeled facing her until she summoned me. I crawled to her feet, bending down to kiss her shoes and feet.

“Don’t you feel better there, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, “this is where I belong—at your feet, serving you.” I had given up my hard earned freedom, and I was thrilled to do it. I sat at her feet as she ran her fingers through my hair. She explained her rules. I knew she was strict—very strict, but she promised me she would never torture me or punish my penis. “I’ve loved you for a long time, Michael, ever since you first came to our house two summers ago. I couldn’t do anything—you were Dani’s—so I tried to forget about you. It didn’t work; when you left Dani I was thrilled. She had you, but she blew it. She forgot one of our mother’s primary lessons. She told us that a lot of Domme’s would think us weak and pathetic, but we have our system and it works. Mother told us that it would be much easier to find men who would enslave themselves for love than for pain or humiliation, so we needed to use love as our primary tool. However, she warned us about abusing our authority: ‘You can do that if you have a pain slut or someone into humiliation; that’s what they want and expect, but someone in it for love will have trouble accepting.’ That’s what Dani did to you. You were justified in leaving; I don’t understand why you didn’t go sooner.”

She moved onto the floor with me to examine my cock and balls. “How is this thing doing, Michael?”

“OK, I guess; the swelling’s gone and the doctors’ say it’ll work fine. I just haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet.”

“Well, that’s about to change. Let’s go to bed. We can talk some more in the morning.” I looked at my watch; it was almost three o’clock in the afternoon. It was going to be a long and interesting night.

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