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This Is Just Something That I Wrote, To Kill Time, as I Got Over, Writer's Block For "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Sophomore Year." Hope You Guys Enjoy.
Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written in you, but I just have to get this off my chest, and I know I can’t tell anybody or daddy might get in trouble.

You see, I can only start off by saying I’ve only loved one man in my life, and that man is my daddy. I remember him treating my mother like a queen before she left us. (Bitches never know how to appreciate something good). He brought her flowers every afternoon. Lilies, he always brought her lilies, because they were her favorite, along with chocolate and cards. My daddy treated this bitch, like every day was Valentine’s Day. He looked at her with so much love in his eyes. I wanted someone to look at me like that one day. I wanted someone to hold me, the way he held her, to love me as deeply as he loved her, but the boys my age were only concerned with touching boobs and telling their friends about it. These boys would never give me what I wanted; I knew that what I wanted, was a need that only my father could fulfill.
I remember the day my bitch of a mother left us. I was still a child. She left to go to the supermarket, and never came back. My father, being the loving husband that he was, grew scared and started telling people that she probably got kidnapped. Later on that week though, she sent him a letter that said

“Dear John,
I can’t be with you anymore; I’m in love with our neighbor Bill. We’ve run off together, so please don’t try and find me. Take care of Beth, will ya.

- Bev”

My dad would have never let me see that letter, but the day it came in the mail, I knew who it was from. His reaction told me everything I needed to know. I had forgotten about that letter until recently, when I went in his drawer, looking for a pair of his socks to use for sliding around the hardwood floors he had paid to get waxed. I found it beneath a pair of his underwear, but he came inside his room before I had the chance to read it. So one day when he was sleeping, I snuck into his room and looked in his top dresser drawer. I saw the letter and pulled it out without hesitation, scurrying out of his room and into the hallway bathroom. After I read the letter, I never really knew what it was like to hate someone, but I knew I hated my mother. She had broken the heart of my kind, sweet, generous father. When I snuck back into his room to put the letter back in its place I saw something. He was lying back on his bed and there was a tent being made with the covers. I put the letter back, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of that tent. “What is that?” My eyes grew wide with curiosity as I began to close the distance between myself and my father’s bed. When I got close enough, I just had to look at it; I put my face nice and close to the tent, by resting my chin on my father’s hip, and it was huge. With my face being so close to it, I saw that whatever was beneath his cover was bigger than my head.

My heart throbbed in my chest, and I began to lick my lips. My privates (wait I can say pussy, because this is MY diary) my PUSSY began to tingle, and I was unable to control myself any longer. I took my hand and began to reach towards the tent, I took my hand and attempted to grab the tent. But, whatever was beneath my father’s cover was too big for my entire hand to wrap around it. As if almost by instinct, I pumped my hand back and forth on the mass. When I reached the top, I felt that his cover was moist on the very tip of the tent. There I was, stroking this enormous thing beneath my father’s covers, while wearing nothing but one of his old t-shirts and a pair of my panties. My bare legs shivered, and I began to pull the covers down. My father’s entire body went stiff and he began to make a sound I never heard before, he was letting a loud grunt come out of his mouth. The small circle of moisture on the tip of the tent became a huge wet spot, and he sounded as if he were going to wake up. So I got on my hands and knees and crawled from his room. When I reached my bedroom I got up and climbed in my bed. I let my hand reach down and touch my PUSSY, and I touched it. A tingly sensation was there, I couldn’t believe it. So I touched it again, this time, I dragged my finger along my PUSSY and I found a little lump down there. I was terrified until I rubbed it and felt a shot of electricity shoot up my spine. It felt wonderful. When I felt that, I rubbed the little lump continuously, the sensation I felt was indescribable. I almost clamped my legs together because of that feeling, but I fought the urge and kept rubbing. My PUSSY started to get wetter and wetter, and I didn’t know what it meant, but I just had to keep rubbing. I couldn’t stop now.

My back began to arch, my head had begun to tilt backwards and my legs finally snapped closed, unable to take this immense pleasure any longer, but it was far too late. From that night on, I was hooked. That was about three weeks ago, I would go in my father’s room every night and reenact the events from that first night, waiting for my daddy to make that grunting noise, and then I go into my room and begin rub and touch myself. I felt this feeling building up inside of my body and I was never able to let whatever that was building up, out. Every time I did it, I reached the point where it felt way too good and my body would always react by my legs snapping together. It got to the point where I stopped wearing panties, when I would sneak into my father’s room to touch him, because I knew what I would be doing once I got back to my room.

One night everything changed. When I began to sneak inside of his room, my privates were already wet. I was too anxious to get inside and touch him through the covers, but when I stepped through the door, my dad was already awake. I wanted to sneak back out, just as fast as I had come in.

“Come here Beth,” my father called out to me. “I would like to talk to you please.”

“Okay daddy,” I said as I walked over to his bed.

“Come here sweetie,” he said as he lifted me up and placed me down next to him.

“Yes daddy”

“Sweetie, I know what you’ve been doing.” Once that came from his mouth, my heart fucking exploded in my chest.

“Huh daddy? You do?” I asked.

“Yes baby. I know you’ve been coming in here every night and touching daddy while he’s sleeping.”

“Daddy, if you were sleeping, then how did you know I was touching you?” I asked.

“Because Beth, daddy wasn’t really sleeping.” He let his body release a heavy sigh.

“So you let me touch you?”

“Yes. I did, but you have got to stop this Beth. This is wrong. You can’t keep coming in here and touching daddy’s privates.”

As he continued to speak, I couldn’t help but to zone out and look in his lap. His “privates”… his DICK, was big, like it was every night when I came to come see him. It looked even bigger with him sitting up, it looked as if it were trying to reach from beneath the covers and kiss his stomach. I was mesmerized. Unable to control myself, I began to reach down and touch it. My fingers grazed the tip, and my father pulled my hand away.


“Whatever you’re saying is bullshit dad,” his face looked stunned. I didn’t mean to curse in front of him, but he was lying and I intended to get down to the truth. He said he wanted me to stop, but clearly his DICK didn’t get the memo. Finishing my sentence, I added on by saying “You say this is wrong. You say you want me to stop, but look at you dad! Look at your DICK! You want this! You want me! I know you do!”

He just shook his head and stared at the floor. I knew it. I was breaking him down. Without hesitation, I stood up from his bed and reached down to grab the bottom of my night shirt and stripped out of it, exposing myself to him. I know I didn’t have much body, I barely had boobs and my vagina had very little hair on it, but hell I thought it was worth a shot. His eyes left the floor and I could feel him, drinking me in. Looking at my body, he licked his lips and I saw his hand glide across his lap, across his DICK, but he didn’t grab it. He was afraid to touch it. But I sure as hell wasn’t. I reached out for his dick, and this time he didn’t stop me. He just closed his eyes and groaned. I couldn’t believe it. I was touching my father’s DICK and he was awake. My confidence grew as I stroked my father’s DICK in my hand, I began to feel bolder, so I snatched the covers away from his lap, and there it was. My father was naked beneath the covers, and his DICK just bobbed right out of hiding and stood proud for me to see. I was amazed. I was only 13 and here I was seeing a DICK for the first time. I’d only seen DICKS on porn sites, never in person. So I couldn’t help but to stare. My father looked at my face and asked,

“So is this your first time seeing one?” he was referring to his dick.

“Yeah, I mean I’ve seen plenty online, daddy, but this is my first time seeing one in person.” He didn’t say anything else as I stroked his enormous DICK back and forth with my hand. I reached down, and began to use my second hand on him. He responded with another groan. I twisted my hands around it as I jerked him off. I felt his whole body begin to tense up and I knew something was going to happen, and it did. This white goo came shooting out of his penis, and it was amazing to see. It hit my stomach and thighs when it came out. My curiosity got the best of me and I reached down and touched his goo with my finger, then I brought it up to my mouth. It tasted salty, but good. So I used my fingers to scrape it off of my stomach and I began shoveling it up into my mouth. The goo that got on my thighs, I rubbed it in, I even rubbed it onto my pussy. I forgot my father was even in the room, until he lifted me up into his arms and began to kiss me. My first kiss. I loved it!! His tongue went into my mouth and started rubbing against my tongue. So I responded by licking his tongue back. He sat me down on his bed and began to put his hand between my legs and started rubbing my PUSSY, the way I did every night. But the way he was doing it felt wayyyyyy better! He used his pointer to rub circles around the little lump right above my PUSSY, and I felt those volts of electric energy shoot up my body and reside in my tingling boobs. My little nipples started getting hard as my father twirled his finger around that little lump. My hands grabbed at his back as he fingered me. Clawing and scratching at him, until he took his finger away. I had begun to frown and look at him. He smiled down at me and laughed a little, before sticking his finger in my PUSSY, causing me to shiver and squeal in delight. He pushed his finger in and out of my PUSSY, and it was pure heaven. I had begun squeezing my PUSSY around his finger, and I had begun to feel that feeling building up inside of me again. That feeling I never let loose, because I’m afraid of what it is. But with my daddy, I couldn’t just snap my legs closed like I was used to. Out of nowhere my body began to shake, and I felt like I was peeing on myself. I instantly became embarrassed.

“Gross dad, I totally just peed on your bed. I’m sorry.” I said with a frown. He just laughed at me again. Then explained to me,

“Beth you didn’t pee. I just made you cum.”

“Cum?” I asked out of pure curiosity.

“It’s when your body feels so good, that it just can’t help but to let it out. Using your privates.” He said, pointing down at my PUSSY. That’s all I needed to know. I wanted to make my father cum now. So I leaned up and kissed him. When I looked into his eyes, I whispered,

“Daddy, have sex with me.”

He sighed and looked at me saying, “I can’t sweetheart. We’ve already taken things too far.” I was sad by his words. So I reached up and touched his DICK. It was still hard. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I began to yell “FUCK ME DAD!! PUT YOUR DICK INSIDE OF ME!!! NOWWWWW!” My father shook when I started to scream, and I guess I broke him down again because he crawled over my body and positioned his DICK right in the same spot he had pulled his finger from. He was just about to push it in, but he asked me again, as if my mind would change.

“You sure about this Beth?” I nodded my head and buried my face into his shoulder and wrapped my legs around his waist. With that he pushed forward. Pushing farther, inch by inch, and it felt amazing. His DICK was filling me up. I was in love. He kissed me gently and stopped. I looked at him with wild eyes, and almost screamed at him for stopping, but he only said a few words, which were.

“Beth, I’m going to pop your cherry now and it’s going to hurt. But, try and relax and it should start to feel good soon. I promise.” So I nodded my head again and he pushed forward in one full motion, popping my cherry and burying himself deep in my stomach. He didn’t lie. It was the worse pain I’d ever experienced in my life. It was horrible. But, he told me to try and relax. So I did. It stopped hurting and burning after I relaxed all of my muscles. So I leaned back, away from his shoulder, and looked at him. My daddy had given me my first kiss, my first orgasm, and he had just popped my cherry. I don’t know why my bitch of a mother ever left him, but I knew now that she was an idiot. He stared down at me intently before I whispered to him.

“Daddy, fuck me. Fuck me right now.” Once those words left my lips, my father began pumping his enormous DICK in and out of me. I clenched my PUSSY around his DICK, as he fucked me. It felt so incredibly good. Every time he slammed into me, he would grind into the little lump right above my pussy. It wasn’t long before I felt that build up happen in my body as I began to shake again, I screamed.

“DADDY YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN!!!!” Right after I screamed that, his body went stiff, and I could feel him shooting his stuff into my PUSSY. It just kept coming out of him. After about 3 minutes, he pulled his DICK out of me, and I could feel his stuff oozing out of me. He laid back on his bed, and collapsed on his pillows.

“Beth, that was incredible!” he said, in an excited tone.

“I know daddy. I know. I can’t wait to do it again.” He didn’t say anything. He just pulled me up to him and held me in his arms, we fell asleep like that.
That was two days ago, and diary, I was serious when I said what I said. I really can’t wait to do it again. I plan on sneaking into his room again in a few minutes. Wish me luck ;).

- Beth
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