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“Mountain Girls Have No Rules” - 3

I couldn’t believe my eyes….they had drug their dead grandma up from the creek and propped her up sitting under a tree.

Bella continues…..

Well Ben was real surprised, his eyes was as big as fried eggs. “Lookie who’s a here Ben, grandma.” Well Ben just sat down and a stair’in at grandma. “She likes ta watch Ben. Let’s show her some real good hump’in.” Jen grabbed Ben’s shotgun again and put her shells in it. She pointed it at Ben and told him ta git naked. We liked this part a watch’in Ben tak’in off his clothes. We got naked too and had Ben lay down in front of grandma so she could watch.

We spread Ben’s legs and we both a started a suck’in on his cock. It took a while but soon he was a git’in a big ol hardon. That’s a what we wanted. Jen and I was a tak’in turns a lick’in and a suck’in. We took turns a turn’ in around and mak’in him lick our pussy’s. He was a dang good pussy licker. I said: “Ben, gimmie some of that white stuff again, it’s more excit’in than ice cream. Jen was lick’in his balls and I was a jack’ in his hard cock.

Jen got all hot and excited and turned around so Ben could lick both our pussy’s. We both was a jack’in on him and a lick’in the end of his big warm cock. That real good feel’in was a com’in in our pussy’s. We was both try’in ta git our pussy bumps on Ben’s tongue. His tongue was a going crazy switch’in between to two of our pussy‘s.

That good feel’in was a com’in up fast in both our pussy’s, and that’s what we wanted. We was a hum’in and a squirm’in. I started shak’in with that good feel’in a com’in. Jen was a squeez’in his balls when the white stuff started shoot’in out. Some fer me and some fer her. When that happened our pussy’s started squeez’in all by themselves….that’s what we wanted. We both made these funny noises caus it felt so dang good. Ben was a squirm’in and a shoot’in that white stuff all over our faces. We liked that part too. I was like sour cream as we licked it up. Ben’s hot breath on our pussy’s made us tingle. Our pussy’s got all wet and slick on Ben’s tongue. We liked that part too.

We was a lay ‘in on Ben and rubb’in his tummy all peaceful like when Jen whispered: (“…ya hear that?”) I listened and the leaves was a rustl’in. Jen slowly got up and got Ben’s shotgun. (not know’in he’d fixed it so it wouldn’t work). She said: “Come outta there”.

Behind a tree peek’in out was our cousin Amy. “Come over here Amy.” Jen said.

Amy was really shy but came over. She was older that us. She was a look’in at us all naked and right at Ben’s cock. Jen said Ben was our boyfriend and did she want to touch him. Her face got all red …but then she started grinn’in real big. Jen said it was ok to touch him and he was a real good pussy licker. I said: “Come on Amy, look at Ben’s nice cock he’s got. You gotta touch it, you’ll like it.”

Well her eyes never left Ben’s cock and she came over and started feel’in Ben’s cock. I said to turn around and lift up her dress and put her pussy on Ben’s mouth. She got all red in the face again, but slowly she did. She had pussy hair and put it right on Ben’s mouth.

Well a coupla Ben’s licks and she started right in a suck’in on Ben’s cock. Ben was a like’in her caus he put his arms around her and everything. Jen told her to sit on Ben’s cock.

Well Jen and I just sat back and watched the show. Amy wasn’t shy now and started kiss’in on Ben and put his cock right in her pussy. Ben rolled her over and her legs came up fast and around Ben. Ben and her started hump’in and Amy was a squeal’ in and kiss’in Ben like he was her boyfriend. It was nice to see Amy not so dang shy.

It was real excit’in to watch Ben hump Amy. Ben was a feel’in her big ol titties and Jen was a grinn’in and a rubb’in her pussy. My own pussy was gett’in tingles too. Maybe Amy just need a good hump’in to not be so gosh darn shy.

Ben unbuttoned Amy’s dress front and he liked her big tits. He was a squeez’in and a lick’in em like candy. He dropped down and give Amy a good pussy lick’in. Fer a girl that didn’t say two words when she came around, she sure was talk’ in now “Oh Ben”…she musta said that 10 times.

Well Ben got back up on her and was hump’in her some more. Amy had her body locked around Ben tight when he gave her a shot of white stiff. Her pussy was a squirt’ in as Ben’s white stuff was a leak’in out. Amy was a shak’in and squeal’in as she kept hump’in Ben.
Watch’in all a this was a mak’in Jen and I real horney. It was time to take Ben to the house…

Amy and Ben humped for a long time. Jen took the shotgun and had Ben git his clothes on. Amy was a hang’in on him and feel’in him and try’in to kiss his cock. Jen always thought Amy was a teched in the head….but she sure wasn’t shy any more…..

* I continued writing the story,

What a great surprise Amy was. She was really built, big tits, hot legs, long black hair and could fuck like a screaming mink. She would make a nice addition to my two new girls.

The girls didn’t know I had the week off and I had planned to spend all night with them. Now with Amy in the picture I had to pick…the girls or getting with the hot Amy some more.

They marched me down to the house with Amy hanging on me. The girls quickly sat on each side of me to keep Amy from sitting by me. Amy sat across from me and pulled her dress up showing her black bushy pussy. Finally the girls went the kitchen to ’fix’ some lemonade. There was a lot of giggling as then ’fixed’ it. I could smell the moon shine clear in the living room.

Bella continues….

“Here ya go Ben and Amy, this here lemonade will cool ya off.” I said. (we added just a touch of shine to it.) Ben took a sip and ya should’a seen his face. His eyes started a water’in as he took a big gulp of air. There was a no way Amy was a leav’in.
Jen and I figured we’d get her drunk and she’d go to sleep. She sat across from Ben with a red face and just a grinn’in. She had her dress pulled up with her hairy pussy a show’in. Ben was look’in right at it and a smil’in.

Jen and I was a tired a wait’in on Amy to go to sleep. Amy started stick’in her finger in her pussy fer Ben ta see. Jen and I knew one thing that would make her leave. Without say’in a word we knew what to do. Jen went and got Blackie our hound dog. When Amy spotted Blackie, she jumped up and took off for Ben’s lap. If’n Blackie come up behind Amy, he’d try and hump her.

One time when Amy was here, Blackie got her from behind. She was a try’in ta push him off and Jen and I was a laugh’in so hard we couldn’t help her. She was a try’in ta walk away and Blackie was a hang’in on her hump’in away. She finally got him off and ran out the door with Blackie a chas’in her.

Blackie now sat at Amy’s feet and she started a kiss’in on Ben. Next thing we knew they was a lay’in down on the couch and Ben was a feel’in her titties. Amy was a hogg’in our boyfriend and Ben was a lik’in it. Jen quickly got a plan. She took Ben’s shotgun and put the barrels against the back of Amy’s neck. She said:

“ Amy, you and Ben git in the bedroom, were all gonna share Ben.” * to be continued….
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