She discovers many new things about the things she likes...
I had been pledging this soroity now for three months, it was now time for one of our lasts rituals. All six of the remaining girls, of the original ten, have been through all 12 of the previous rituals, some so simple as those "trust" tests where you fall backwards into someones arms, others a little more recently involved the sexual propositioning of guys pledging our brother fraternity. The guy chosen for me, Mark, was actually a nice guy (with a nice cock). We fucked for about three hours that night of the "ritual", but because we weren't allowed to have boyfriends during the pledge period, I couldn't really see him. I did run into him last week at the library. We ended up in the stairwell two floors up, his cock in my mouth, face-fucking me slowly, my left hand pulling my panties to the side while my right hand diddled with my kitty. He came and came in my mouth, and I swallowed. And swallowed, and swallowed. I managed to orgasm just as Mark finished cumming, thankfully my first FWB caught me before I fell down the stairs. We embraced and fell into the most astonishing kiss, he just seemed to hold me in mid-air. We promised to go on a real date after the rush week was over. I joked that we wouldn't be able to have sex at least until the third date.

"Well, then maybe we should keep having anonymous sex in the stairwell, no sense in fixing something that ain't broke." Mark joked.

"I think you meant 'something that isn't broken'!", I said with a wink, and tugged on his still exposed penis, and I then thought back to the previous few minutes, his cock in my mouth just verging on exploding in me. I couldn't wait for that third date, so I knelt down, took his cock in my mouth, and blew him again. We couldn't finish as we heard someone making noises downstairs.

Tonight's ritual comprised of the six of us selecting pieces of paper from a bowl. We were not to reveal anything that was on the paper to anyone, but we were to follow the instructions to the letter. Each one had a number on the outside that was used to determine the order in which we would perform these tasks. I was third. Mine read:

"You are to pick up toy bag #3, do not open, pick up a blind fold, and go upstairs into the purple room. Completely disrobe, turn the lights out, make sure x
the blindfold is in place. Lie on the bed with your head to the headboard and your feet at the foot of the bed. Your legs spread with feet pointing at the corners of the bed, place the bag at the foot of the bed, in the middle. Place your hands resting at your sides. You should accomplish these tasks within 10 minutes. You are to say nothing during this ritual. Now, Wait."

As I completed each step, I felt my pussy getting moist. When I got my panties off, I inserted a finger and found that I was a lot wetter than I would have imagined. I then without a thought, licked my finger, liking it's taste, and finished sucking my finger clean.

I finished everything in about eight minutes. As I lay there, I could feel the "buzz" going to my head, and went into a kind of trance. Time floated as I drifted. I became accutely aware when I heard the door open and then close. I heard feet skuffling along the floor.

I heard what I thought to be the sound of one shoe hitting the floor, and then the other. I then thought of the sound a zipper makes as it's opened, followed by pants being dropped. I heard other soft sounds, but they didn't need identifying, and all I could think of was one of the other pledges standing nude only a few feet from me.

Whoever it was, they sat on the edge of the bed. About a minute later, I felt a hand begin to caress the top of my right thigh. My leg twitched, as the anonymous hand found my knee. It slowly began to move, stopping to massage my flesh as it move upwards. A large tingling sensation wrapped me as I anticipated what I hoped would be a final destination, or at least a major stopping place.

My phantom seductress' hand then lightly grazed my public hairs, and I jumped, my head pushing hard against my pillow. I felt what I assumed was a finger part my folds, I inhaled suddenly and held my breath, more electricity and convulsions.

There was most obviously a finger moving furthers inside me. I felt another hand brush against my left side, and then what I assumed to be her beasts brushing against my stomach. Judging by how big I thought her beasts were, I tried to deduce who my paramour was, and could only think of Mandy, a tall brunette with the largest beasts of all the pledges. I immediately thought of her, Mandy, bringing me to orgasm... suddenly I thought it was her tongue flicking at my sex. More, higher voltage.

My legs were beginning to twitch, her mouth wrapped around me, sucking on my clit, her fingers (now plural) moving faster in and out, in and out. By this time, her left hand was now wrapped around my left leg holding herself to my bucking body. This went on for a few more minutes when something completely unknown to me happened, I felt a pressure build up and a sudden release, and I heard a deep gutteral moan escaping from my mouth. I then forcefully ejaculated all over her face. I was actively now trying to fuck her face.

Her fingers still in my pussy, her breasts on my stomach. In another minute, she was back to kissing and tonguing my lips, pussy, and clit. I wanted to ask for a break, but knew I couldn't say anything. Was she trying to give me another orgasm? And in what seemed a few minutes, she answered my question with another mind-shattering cum. I again came another stream.

After a few minutes, she got up. I think she was fumbling in the bag, when a buzzing noise started, and the pitch of it steadily rose.

She got back on the bed, and I felt the buzzing flinch at my over-spent pussy. It moved up and down my slit, pushing little by little inside. Once it was deep in me, it didn't move anymore, it just buzzed inside my cunt. I didn't think I could take anymore.

With the next few moments a complete blur, she was now standing over me on the bed, vibrator still pulsing in my sensitive sex. I then thought I felt her knees at the sides of my head. I could now smell her musky pussy and just knew I was about to get my first taste of another woman.

Her hand now at the back of my head pulling my mouth closer. She then began to fuck my face, the vibrator still working my already over-worked cunt. My tongue extended out of my mouth, and she just seemed to naturally rub her clit against it. I thrilled at how she was using my tongue to rub her clit, slow and deliberately, but with increasing urgency.

After what seemed like 5, or maybe even 10, minutes, I could feel her legs starting to shake, and she seemed to discover that she liked the feeling of my nose on her clit. Within a few more minutes, she orgasmed but very little nectar. Her legs did clamp around my head pretty tight, but I was starting my third orgasm, do I didn't care much.

Thinking that this had come to a stopping point, I felt her get off me, but then flipped over and put her cunt right back over my mouth. I felt her extract the vibrator, but I was enjoying my tongue being in her pussy too much, that I didn't really notice that she put lub on my ass until the moment the vibrator was singing in my rear. This was also something new.

First time with a woman, first time squirting, and the first time having something in my ass.

I needed to wiggle my ass around for it to feel comfortable, and now more was being gently pushed further in. And then her mouth was back at my pussy. She sucked at my clit, as I began in earnest to fuck her face. I didn't notice moving my hands, but they were now enveloping her large breasts.

At this point, she was a lot wetter than before, and I was enjoying her taste. she was also trying to fuck my face, and I was loving it. She was doing something to the vibrator still buried in my ass, as it felt as if it were now spinning. Or maybe that was just my head, it didn't really matter as all I wanted was to cum. I needed this, I wanted this.

I was laying under my mistress convulsing with my fourth orgasm, when she came with her second, this time something started to fill my mouth, not full, but a good amount for me to get a pleasant taste.

We laid there for a few minutes when another jolting orgasm overtook me, and I squirt a small amount for the fifth time tonight, and in my whole life. This woman used her mouth four, or was it five, times to get me off, there was then a spontaneous orgasm that seemed to come out of nowhere. My legs jumped for the next minute, and it felt as if I were going to pass out.

I laid there a limp and spent dish rag, when she lifted her leg over my head, taking her pussy from my lips. I can only assume that she just collected her clothes and left without dressing, as I heard the door once again open and close.

Someone was sitting on to bed. "That was awesome. I especially enjoyed your squirting in her face. I think we will all enjoy watching the DVD later as well."

Oh my god, they recorded this!

"Alright, wait until you hear me close the door, get dressed and join us in the living room."

I heard the latch click, but I couldn't move just yet. I reached down to remove the vibrator, slowly as everything was still to sensitive. I pulled my legs together, almost hugging them around my spent cunt. I then pulled them to my chest, the wet spot on the bed feeling cool against my skin.

I pulled the blindfold off to find there was light in the room. I sat up and the first thing that caught my eye was the size of my wet spot, easily two and a half feet round. Everything was spinning in my head. Had I really just been given so many orgasms by another woman? Little did I know that I was about to find out who it was, right along with the other pledges.

I collected my clothes, went to the bathroom, used the toilet standing up, got dressed, and headed downstairs, but not before looking at the bed, particularly at my wet spot, once more. I almost wanted a picture of it.

All the other girls were already downstairs. "Well, look who decided to finally join us, it's our orgasm queen, coming in with a grand total of five, out was that six. No matter, we got the digital evidence. So, Wendy, as our winner, it is up to you to select from the pledge Mistresses the two who will perform for the pledges tonight. You don't have to select just yet, but please think about it now." Laura, one of the pledge mistresses, then sat down.

Michelle then got up, "Now it's time fit the show and tell portion of the night. As you know, we made DVD's of everything. Don't worry we won't make any copies, nor post them anywhere. If you want a copy, tell us before we destroy them." She paused a moment, the pledge girls, we were all sitting a little dazed and confused. But at least I was enjoying the afterglow.

"So which one do we watch first? Shall we go in numerical order? Or by the number of orgasms recorded? Please speak up." Michele continued.

"Well, sounds more interesting to go by the number of orgasms." said Rachel, the pledge director. "I do love watching pledges licking pussy, and from what Michelle told me, Wendy is a squirter." Looking directly at me, she signed and mouthed "Call me!" I think I blushed.

Michelle then got up and put the first DVD in the player, and turned it on. There was Rene, a bleach blonde laying on the bed blindfolded, her dark pubic hair standing out in contrast. Her legs were spread in the same way mine were, except she had her knees bent outward. We then watched as Melisa entered the room, took her clothes off, except for her blindfold. She felt around a moment until she found the bed.

She climbed on at Rene's feet, moving her bag of toys to the side. She knelt between her legs, tentatively feeling for Rene's legs. Soon her hand gained a sure grip on her legs, followed by her mouth. She found the insides of her leg, her tongue tracing it's way north.

When she found Rene's pussy, Rene's fingers clenched into her hair, and Rene started to grind her pussy into Melisa's mouth. It appeared as though Melisa was just going along for the ride, as Rene had assumed control. She slowly slid her slit up and down Melisa's mouth. She began to pick up speed, and began to quiver, Rene almost sat up as she orgasmed, pushing Melisa further into her cunt.

When Melisa could finally move, she took a dildo out of the bag and placed it on Rene's stomach some of it resting between her breasts. Melisa then turned around and straddled Rene.

Rene had the dildo in her hand, fumbling around to find Melisa's cunt. She thrust it in amout three or for inches. The look on Melisa's face was almost one of pain, but she then started to push more of the dildo in herself. She even moved her knees up do she could get more of it in, which was now about eight inches inside her.

Melisa was now the one in control, and she was fucking herself while Rene was very still. She bucked like this for about five minutes when she came for her first time.

When she was finished, Rene started sucking on the dildo, but was interrupted by Melisa scooting up to force her cunt to Rene's lips, her mouth also on Rene's pussy. Within a few minutes they both came again, and that appeared to be the end. I had been so engrossed in watching the DVD that I only noticed now that Rene was now giving Melisa a deep kiss.

Michelle then got up without a word and changed the DVD. When she turned it on, there was Ronda on her knees, ass high in the air, and head down her arms laying along side her legs. After a few minutes, Jenny entered, removed all her clothes, and moved to the bed.

She found the bag and removed two vibrators. She then groped around until she found Ronda's legs. Ronda flinched at first contact. Jenny's hands then found her pussy and asshole. She took the vibrator in her mouth to lubricate it, and then started running it over her asshole. She poked her finger tip in, and Ronda gasped. Jenny started working the narrow tip into her ass. Slowly she pushed more and more in until out was about five inches in. She let it go, and turned it on low.

I looked over at Ronda and Jenny, Ronda had her hand wrapped around Jenny's, and they both were just watching the screen. I then looked over at Mandy, who smiled at me, I now realized I was right that it was her that brought me so many orgasms. I just smiled back, and looked back at the screen.

Jenny was inserting the other vibrator into Ronda's pussy, and turned it on. I hadn't noticed her until her hands were on my shoulder, but Mandy was now sitting behind me, giving me a massage. I just relaxed.

On the screen, Jenny had now placed her hips as close to Ronda's mouth as close as she could, she had her knees entwined with Ronda's, she then pulled Ronda on top of herself. A ball of legs and arms, with their mouths on each others pussy. In the here and now, Ronda had her hand in Jenny's pants, and sucking on her ear. It was then I noticed Mandy was caressing my breasts, my pussy began tingling.

"I loved it when you squirted in my mouth." she whispered in my ear. "I'd love for you to do that again for me, soon." With that she cupped my breasts, and squeezing. I think I almost came again.

The onscreen Ronda and Jenny were almost nothing compares to the real ones. Ronda had Jenny's pants down and was fingering her while they kissed.

"Now girls, please don't get distracted. Please watch the screen, you'll have time later to fuck." Laura said with a grin. "Give them the taste for women, and they can't get enough."

"Shhhh, I'm trying to concentrate." said Martha, one of the older alumni, a very beautiful woman with somewhat larger breasts. Was I developing crushes on women with large breasts. Mandy had slid down behind me and was now sitting with her legs and arms around me. I was just leaning back into her trying to imagine what it would be like to suck on her nipples.

I hadn't noticed, but Ronda and Jenny finished their third orgasms on the DVD. They parted company, but were now holding each other just a few feet from me. Mandy was now groping my tits.

"Look at them... maybe we can get them live instead of the DVD. But I will say that the first two did good jobs following our scripts." Laura said jokingly. There were one other comments, but I was lost, as Mandy now had a hand over my pussy, and I noticed I was grinding into it.

I shot to conscienceness when I saw myself naked and spread out on the bed. Mandy then walked in took her clothes off. She then cupped her own naked breasts and tweaked her nipples, she was more busy behind me tweaking my nipples in unison. I imagined what it would be like to suck on her, "I love playing with my breasts, I can almost cum just few playing with my nipples." she whispered again in my ear.

It was nearing the point in the video where I came for the first time. My legs were twitching, and all of a sudden the alternative I bucked into the air, and shot several streams into the air, Mandy was trying to catch some of it in her mouth, but I think most of it ended up on the bed.

I couldn't really remember watching the rest of the video, but hey, did I need to?

Michelle got up to turn off the DVD. Mandy had managed to get her hand into my pants, which were now soaking. She lifted her hand to my mouth, and I licked at my own juices, when I opened my eyes, everyone was looking at me. Not Mandy and me. Just me.

I had a moment of panic. "Look, we have a true exhibitionist with us." said Anne, another of the senior sisters. "Maybe we should take her to a strip club and wind her up." Thinking back, the one moment I really got off being in a somewhat public place, in the stairwell with Marks eight inches fucking my mouth, I really wanted to be found, having someone watching Mark plow his cock into my face.

"Maybe we can get our winner to show us how it's done." Ronda said. Someone then passed a large dildo with a suction cup on the end. There were chants of "fuck it" being repeated, I noticed that Martha was chanting as well, all while looking me directly in the eye.

Some of the girls started to move a heavy large glass table into the center of the room. I was three shades of red, but I was also hot to masturbate in front of all my sisters. I climbed up on the table. Michelle was helping me with my stained pants, and Mandy was attaching the dildo in the center of the glass.

Now nude from the waist down, I sucked on the dildo to get it wet, but that was probably redundant, as I was able to take the whole thing in at once.

There were now about 15 women laying under the table and another ten standing around watching as I bounced up and down.

"This is a solo show, I'm sure you can handle playing with your tits as well as your pussy. We all want to see you squirt again, but for real." someone shouted.

I started to play with my tits through my shirt and continued to bounce for the next several minutes, when I felt everything well up in my pussy. "Oh my god...", and with that I let out a torrent of liquid love. I don't know who was behind me, but I was squirting all over her. It was Melisa, the shyest of all of us, and she had her face right up there allowing me to cover her in cum.

It took a few minutes to come down from number eight, and with all the noise being made over Melisa being a trooper, I turned around to kiss her. She had grabbed me and pulled me to her, saying her thank yous in between kisses.

"All right, ladies, or might I just say sluts, I need toinform you that you all are getting A's on following our scripts, there was some things I might call improvisation, but I think those improved moments showed you were into this. It is now time for Wendy to choose our performers. If she could be so kind as to tell us their names..." Michelle said.

"Well, I still can't think you straight after seven or was it eight orgasms, but I know that there are two if you that I would love to fuck, er I mean love to see fuck...", I'm sure everyone heard my Freudian slip, " if I have to choose, I pick you, Michelle, and Martha." As I said that, I looked Martha right in the eyes, and then at her magnificent tits.

Laura said "It is supposed be two pledge mistresses... but if Martha is interested..."

"Of course I'll do it, but on one condition, Wendy will join me tomorrow night, after she has had a chance to rest. I'm sure you all will be wondering what we're doing in my private hotel room, but maybe we can find a way for you to see for yourself...", she looked directly at me, and I immediately thought she wanted her very own video or something...

My stomach tumbled at the thought, and I just smiled, and nodded my head in consent. I anticipated sucking her nipples.

"Well, I guess that settles that. Martha and I will return in 15 minutes." Michelle and Martha then left the room.

Melisa came over to me, a walking and talking wet spot. "Wow, I never knew that I would get off on watching you cum, but it took me a few seconds to realize you were cumming all over me. I just loved it." she leaned in to whisper, "can we do that again in private? soon?"

I leaned over to kiss her, and her hand found my left breast. The touch of her hand was very nice. We kissed like this for a few minutes, when Rene interrupted, "That was so hot, Wendy, I wish I could squirt." Mandy walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around me, and I just floated there for a couple minutes just enjoying her holding me. I then turned around to kiss her, I also raised a hand up to her breast, feeling their weight and imagining my tongue on her nipples.

"So, if you're interested, I wouldn't mind waking up with you... and yes I know, no more sex for the night, but soon enough. Or you can play with my nipples..." I didn't responding verbally just yet, but just leaned in and kissed her hard.

"That sounds wonderful." Just as I said that, Martha was leading Michelle back into the room on a leash, Michelle wearing the skimpiest plaid skirt and a white shirt tied up to hold her ample breasts. She was also wearing some goggles that only allowed her to see what was directly in front of her.

Martha, on the other hand was wearing a leather bustier that made her tits seem just that much bigger. She also had on a skirt that extended down past her knees.

"Alright ladies, this is going to be short a sweet. Michelle, if you would take your place." Which she did by laying on the glass table facing up. "Michelle, I want you to slowly remove your top so these young ladies might enjoy sucking on your nipples."

Michelle closed her eyes, and opened her top. She slowly parted the shirt to expose her beautiful breasts, which were topped by large nipples and dark areola. She began to fondle herself.

"Now Michelle, lift up my skirt. I'm going to sit on your face." And with that Martha stepped up on a chair then knelt on the table, Michelle was already lifting her skirt, Martha lowered herself to Michelle's mouth.

I for some reason moved into Michelle and began to suck her nipple, and the Mandy followed suit with her other breast. My left hand moved and began to finger her clit. She had a large clit that poked out from under the hood by at least an inch. I knew I had to taste her, so I moved around to that side of the table, parted her legs, pushed her skirt up, and buried my tongue.

Martha was now breathing heavy, and looked like she was about to cum. Michelle's hand was now holding my head while she fucked my face. It wasn't long before Martha came, and a few moments later Michelle squirted a small amount of cum into my mouth, fucking my face even more furiously.

When we all calmed down, Michelle sat up to kiss me. "I want you in my bed some night, maybe we can invite Brian and Mark." she whispered, and I smiled my consent. Brian was her boyfriend, and she somehow knew about Mark. Well, she was my prime pledge mistress, after all.

Everyone started to filter on back up to their rooms, leaving Laura, Mandy, Martha, and myself downstairs.

Martha sat next to me, and said, "I think you and I should talk tomorrow night, maybe you could come to my hotel at 6, and we can have dinner, and then let things take their course."

"I would like that very much." She leaned into kiss me, and my hand went up to her breast. They were still firm despite her age. She said good night, and went upstairs.

"Don't be to long, Laura, I don't want to get lonely.", of all the senior sisters, I think Laura is the only devoted lesbian.

"I won't be." Turning to me saying, "You are going to be very popular, that much is true. Just be careful who you share your secrets with. Some girls will try to use them against you. Sleep well, it is going to be a busy day tomorrow." She gave each of us a kiss, and went up stairs.

"I didn't realize that I liked girls so much, but you showed me something completely different. Don't get me wrong, I think I still want to suck cock, but I also want to lick pussy, your pussy in particular."

"Mandy, I would really just like to sleep right now, and in the morning you can tell me all your secrets."

"OK, then come upstairs with me then, and I will put you to bed." She took my hand, I stood up, she embraced me. We kissed passionately, then went upstairs.

When we got there, I made good on my promise to play with her nipples, but I was not going to let her near my pussy. After I had been suckling for about give minutes, she asked me to just hold a dildo while she fucked herself silly, all the while she kept asking me to bite her nipples.

She bucked in a sudden moment, pulling my head closer to her breast. Her hips were going to town, and she was leaking.

I can only assume nothing more happened, as my next memory was of Mandy bringing in some breakfast... our maybe this brunch because it close to three in the afternoon.

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