Fights crime using his best tool
Another day of surveillance in my 3 year old gray nondescript 56 Ford Victoria. Vicky as I call her has become my home away from home on another grindingly slow job of watching. It has already lasted 3 days and turned up nothing to prove Bill Weston's wife is having a lesbian affair. She is the proverbial trophy wife who is a stunning tall slender redhead that stops traffic. Way more woman than her husband rates or deserves.

Weston is convinced his wife has turned gay and is spending her time with other like minded women. He is not as concerned that she may be seeing other men as it would be a bigger blow to his ego to find he was replaced by a woman. A man he could compete with or pay to have pounded into hamburger but how do you best a woman. He isn't sure what a woman could offer another woman anyway. He asked “what could women do to satisfy one another” and I answered “I had no idea” but knew quit well a woman’s touch & tongue were far more educated than most men.

I suspect Bill has never tasted pussy in his life or had the urge to insert anything but his dick into one. I assume he would find both repulsive. He told me he will no longer kiss his wife on the lips for fear of where they might have been. I didn't want to linger on that thought or I would have been standing there with a lump in the front of my pants. Just talking to him gave me a good idea why his wife would seek others ( male or female) to fill her sex life. But jobs like this are what pay the rent.

I see Mrs. W and two large German shepherds seeing her husband off to work from the front porch as Bill pulls down the long driveway. The dogs are very attentive and it appears she has a close relationship with them. I'm watching her with high powered field glasses and can see she's wearing a loose fitting full skirt. As she squatted down to pet one of the dogs the other one immediately shoved his head under her dress and up between her legs then went to work. As the dog persisted she squated there with her dress lifted out of the way. She leaning against the wall while spreading her legs as far apart as she could. This gave rover as much access as possible without her laying down.

She stayed there with a glazed expression on her face and her head tilted back. Occasionally she would give a shudder as her face changed from an intense ooh-ing to a satisfied aah-ing look. This lasted for almost ten minutes before she stood up shakily and took one of the dogs into the house with her. The one she selected already had a large boner hanging between his legs.

I was sitting with a raging hard on that was leaking in my slacks and leaving tell tale wet spots. I had to unzip, pull my dick out and rap a handkerchief around the head while thinking how I wished I were that lucky dog right now. Wouldn't that frost her husbands balls to find her beautiful young pussy being ravaged and filled with cum by his dogs.

It was making me crazy, but that’s not what I was hired to discover. I figured she would be very involved and was going no where for a while so I was able to leave for a cold drink and a piss. Wish it were a cold shower. You learn to take advantage of a pee break when ever you can.

I'm known as Dilly Peters. My real name is Dillon (after some obscure Irish hero) but the family has called me Dilly since just after I was born. Due to a bent sense of humor or just a drunken impulse my father circumcised me with pinking shears just after birth. He liked to brag his son had a frilly dilly. His idea of a true french tickler. I'm probably lucky he didn't slip and cut it all off. Hence the nickname [Dilly] which I found to be no end of embarrassment in high school when my friends found out the origin and spread it around so the whole school knew.

It did leave me with a nice set of nine large bumps just below the head of my cock. I could have had them removed when I became an adult but learned early the shear mind blowing ecstasy they could give a women when used properly. I now cherish the advantage it gives me and instead had a plastic surgeon who thought he owed me his life clean up the ragged edges to pretty it up. He also enhance the size so each bump is about equal to the size of an eraser on the end of a #2 pencil.

I would not have been able to afford the corrective surgery but was working for the Doc as protection from a local small time hoodlum who had purchased a nose adjustments that went wrong. It was his own fault for getting plastered and banging his nose into a door frame before it had fully healed. He had threatened the Doc with breaking his fingers or worse. Unfortunately for him he was shot dead shortly there after and the Doc still believes I did it to protect him.

I have the Doc's undying friendship and the cock enhancement makes for quite a topic of conversation in the bedroom. We know how women like to talk about bedroom news. I get lewd propositions from friends of friends often and take some of them up on it. So far only the women, with the exception of the man who wanted me to try and fuck some sense into his wife, as he watched of course.

He was cursed with a rather small cock that did not satisfy all his wife's cravings and he realized he would rather watch her being pleasured than participate anyway. I didn't succeed in fucking any sense into her but did manage to give her what she said was the best screwing she had ever had. I got to enjoy myself and get off a couple of times plus I did get a standing invitation from both of them for a repeat performance anytime I want. They often pop me notes hoping I will have time to stop by. The notes are sometimes from her wanting to see me without her husbands participation.

Recently I was approached by an old girlfriends sister who wanted to enlist my help in overcoming a not uncommon problem in the female ranks. She had so far in life been unable to achieve orgasm and had already consulted a couple of doctors with no results except them both trying to fuck her. She was discussing it with sis who mentioned my unique attribute. I had seen a picture of her in a bathing suit and knew she had a great shape and pretty face. I think she was really more interested in seeing this oddity of mine than in any real attempt at achieving her first orgasm but what the hell, I would enjoy trying to help.

We talked on the phone for quit some time about her problem as I formulated a plan and I explained I would help her only if she followed my instructions to the letter. Her curiosity got the best of her and she agreed. We were to meet at my apartment the following evening. I had instructed her to wear a belted dress that buttoned down the front with dark nylons, garter belt and the tallest heels she owned. She was also to shave her pussy leaving no hair at all and wear no panties. She thought my instructions bizarre and was reluctant to do this as she had never heard of a women shaving the pubic area before so I reminded her it was imperative she follow every detail of my instructions if she wanted to accomplish her goal.

As I greeted her at the door she introduced herself as Dee Dee. I invited her in and pushed her gently against the closed door while motioning for her not to talk by putting my index finger to my lips and shushing her. She stood there with a puzzled look on her face but did as I indicated. I lifted the bottom of her dress and carefully tucked it into the belt she was wearing, then unbuttoned the front of her dress exposing her bra covered breasts. I lifted them out of the bra without unhooking it leaving both her bald pussy and beautiful pushed up tits totally exposed. She was confused and had a shocked look on her face.

I led her to the couch, put my index finger to my lips again and had her sit down with her left leg on the floor and the right propped up on the couch. Her pussy was pulled open and totally exposed facing me. This made her very uncomfortable and embarrassed at being so vulnerable to a complete stranger. She tried to back out of the arrangement, so I told her again if she did she would have to leave and there was no second chance. I also reminded her she had come to me fully expecting to be fucked with a purpose in mind and she could leave at any time. Though reluctant she sat back and gave her consent to continue.

I mixed us both a whiskey & soda on the rocks and I told her to sit with me so we could get to know each other. We talked normally asking and answering questions but I did not react to her exposed private parts. I could tell she was already aroused by the strange sexual position she had been put in. Her nipples were standing erect and I could see the love juice leaking from her pussy with her clit protruding slightly. As my gaze drifted from eyes to nipples to exposed vagina I could see her love mound flex involuntarily and secrete more juice. The flexing and small shiver she had each time my gaze drifted to her crotch was very tantalizing and starting to have an effect on me.

We talked of her sister and things in general. I moved over next to her, removed a piece of ice and circled it slowly against each nipple making them even more erect and giving her shudders of pleasure. She kept trying to guide the conversation back to sex and asked about my cock but I would avoid answering by asking her another mundane question about her work or family.

She had started to shiver with anticipation as too what sexual act might follow when I had her slide her ass forward to the edge of the couch and knelt before her placing each high heeled foot on the edge of the couch, spreading her as open as a woman could be. I leaned forward and took her whole vagina into my mouth sucking all the leaking juice off it and from the inside before sliding my tongue in as deep as I could.

She was already in such a state of arousal. She started to twitch and shake so violently I had to hold on to her ass with both hands to keep my mouth glued against her vagina. She put both hands behind my head and was grinding her pussy into my face with all the force she could manage.

This young woman had never dreamed a man would do such an intimate carnal thing to her pussy and was reveling in the new intense sensations. As I inserted two fingers into her below my mouth and concentrated on her clit with my tongue. She soon started her first orgasm and without the aid of a cock.

Her back arched when her body started to jumped and spasm and generally go crazy. She was holding my head against her pussy with all her strength still. It took about five minutes after she was finished for her heart rate and breathing to slow enough for her to speak.

She was completely spent and more than a little embarrassed at all the moaning and jumping around she had done. What she wanted most was to talk about her first orgasm. She said she had started to get the feeling of an orgasm coming on during sex previously. The feeling had scared her as if she might loose control of her bowels or bladder but at the same time not quite really. It was a good feeling kind of like a burning or tingling that would start through her whole vagina and kept increasing in intensity. Then she would get scared of loosing control and her mind would shut it down. She thanked me and said my preparations had her almost to her shut off point before she had gotten to my place and she was past the point before we sat down.

Dee Dee asked why I had her expose herself when she entered, thinking I had some kind of special knowledge about sex. I told her it was just for the shock effect and because mostly I just wanted to see her shaved pussy and tits. I asked if she had ever done anything so daring on a first meeting before. She laughed with a bright red face and said no and that I was welcome to see them anytime I wanted.

As we were talking she admitted she had never had oral sex before and the night before when she had been shaving as I instructed she had felt so sexy and turned on she had masturbated for the first time. It hadn't resulted in a climax but had her in a state of sexual arousal ever since. Her sister had told he to try it many times before but she said she felt funny at the though of touching herself. She said she could hardly wait to get home and try again and from now on oral sex would be the price before any man was allowed to fucked her.

My cock was a throbbing reminder it had not had any attention so I asked if she could take a little more stimulation right then. She looked at me sheepishly and said she had really come to see my frilly dilly and would be disappointed if she missed her chance. Having her sitting on the edge of the couch with her legs spread around me and her feet now on the coffee table edge behind me I took two throw pillows to put under my knees to raise me up and pulled my dick out, laying it on her pussy. With my thumbs I pulled her lips apart and allowed my cock to lay nested in the cleft of her vagina. It was hard and ready but I slowly stroked it up and down the length of her wide open slit so she could observe it first hand.

She was fascinated by the large knobs around it and even though she was starting to be aroused again she wanted to hear the story of how it came about. As I recounted the whole story I continue to stroke my willie up and down the full length of her outer lips. Both of use were leaking love fluids that were making a slick sticky and delicious looking goo all over her freshly shaved vagina. I was still holding the lips open like the petals of a flower and she was pressing my dick down with the palm of her hand against her open cleft. Each time it bumping her clit she would jump as if she had been shocked.

She begged me to shove it in all the way fast and hard but I had learned from experience that women have many more nerve endings and receptors in the vagina than men have in their dicks. They are susceptible to what might be called sensory overload that can ruin what was going to be a great experience. Instead I slowly inserted the head and stopped just before the nobs entered holding it there to let the anticipation build.

As I was kneeling before her it left her an unobstructed view of everything that was happening which added to the excitement. I was taking as long as possible before fully inserting. As she felt the friction of my bumpy cock slowly penetrate her pussy the expression on her face went from mild surprise and pleasure to almost fearful. Her mouth forming a large O as she emited a sound like a low animal growl that grew louder and stronger as the slow stroke reached maximum penetration.

She looked as if I had inserted one of those large bumpy gourd type squashes in her and it was threatening to split her open. As I slowly pulled out her eyes closed and the sounds she made slowed to a stop. As I started in again her eyes popped open and she repeated the previous look and sounds with her body shivering and shaking with each inch of penetration. I was able to slowly increase the speed and soon had her on the brink of another orgasm.

I held her at the edge as long as I could. When I could hold back my climax no longer I just started banging away and squirting streams of cum into her. It brought her to a stronger and more violent orgasm than the first time. She climaxed gasping for breath and begging me to stop as my final spasms subsided. As for me I had a great orgasm also but would have loved to just jam it in at first and pump away as fast and furious as I could to reach what the Japanese call the clouds and the rain or the little death. I new if I had there would seldom be a request for a return encounter. That kind of sex leaves the feeling of brutal violation instead of a sensual screwing.

As we parted later that evening I was pressed against her at the door with my hand under her skirt rubbing that sweet bare pussy with one finger inserted. As I kissed her neck I whispered in her ear that the average house hold contains no less than three dozen items in the kitchen and bathroom that can be used for sexual pleasure or as a substitute for a penis. When she got home she should go through her house and use everyone she could find and tell me next time how many she found and what she did with them. She looked at me with the strangest expression on her face and said as she went out the door with a twinkle in her eye and a look of lewd anticipation on her face she was going straight home and start her search and a list for me to read next time.

Back at the Weston home after returning from the cold drink and piss break I resumed surveillance and my perpetual reflecting. Today my thoughts were on the single mindedness of my father in raising me to be a thug who turned into a gum shoe shylock. He never believed I would make it as a police officer and join the ranks of the Peters family males. His attitude was based on me being quiet and reserved which in his book equated to slow and stupid. Instead of a loud mouthed hard drinking Irishman like he and my uncles.

He made sure I had all the physical training I could endure to box and grapple with the best of them. Dad provided all the legitimate boxing lessons through golder gloves and amateur boxing gyms with a great deal of martial arts training. Anything that would involve using hands or weapons to injure, cripple or kill another person was what he believed I needed to make my way in this world.

I believe it gave me a fuller insight into the quirks and bent physiological nature of my fellow man. Leaving me with a “do unto others first and more violently so they can't do unto you or want to” philosophy. I'm not as cynical as I may sound but practical enough to save my own hide when it's called for.

I see my subject (Mrs. W) leaving in her big four door Lincoln so we are on the move. Should make keeping her in sight easy as it's about a half block long. She has stopped along the way to pick up an attractive brunet friend from a nice home in the suburbs and they are headed downtown. As they get out of the car I see Mrs. W. has on a tight knit green dress and with her red hair, pale skin and tall gorgeous body we will be lucky if she doesn't cause traffic accidents as they walk down the sidewalks in town.

After shopping as they laugh and talk at lunch I wonder if the conversation had drifted to her morning with rover. “No” too lighthearted and sweet, rover talk would have resulted in low lewd growly chuckles from the sexy redhead. I have to get my mind on something else. Enough stains in the slacks already. Well we have lunched, shopped, picked up and dropped off the friend who I will check out later with a reverse address look up.

I have noticed we picked up a tail in a black 54 Ford coupe. I managed to slip to the side and am now following it and Mrs. W. I think I saw a similar car each day I have followed her. I'll have to call Deloris at motor vehicle registration later and I.D. our new friend.

She's home for the evening so I have stopped by the office to type up my daily report for Mr. W with a carbon copy for my files. I omit the encounter with rover as it was not germane to what I was hired for. As I recount the incident fondly in my mind I sit with a nasty lewd grin on my face and hope I find an opportunity to watch the whole dogie date process and possibly participate. What a dog I am!

I prepare my daily findings (marked personal) for mailing to his office at the bank downtown. I have noted that the female she lunched with was one Phyllis Wyman, a committee member of the Eastern Star organization affiliated with his Masonic lodge and no hanky panky was noted. I tell him the ID of the vehicle driver following her is as yet unknown but will follow in the next day or so. I asked if he wanted me to push it and detain or question this person or let it ride for the time being. I told him I would not take action until I heard from him unless there was a direct threat to his wife.

Weston stopped by the office before I mailed his daily report so I handed it to him. He read through it and was noticeably shaken by the fact I had seen someone following his wife. He tried to pass it off saying he was sure I was mistaken and to forget about it, then called off any further surveillance. He wrote me a check for an additional $500 above the retainer he had already given me and canceled my services. He left hurriedly and in a nervous state so I sat and mulled over his hasty termination of my services. I made a mental note to find the tail mans ID quickly.

I called Deloris of the DMV at home that evening and promised her dinner at her favorite wharf sea food restaurant if she could get me an ID as quickly as possible. That would be no sooner than 9 am tomorrow. Vehicle registration does not open until 8am. Deloris promised to call around 9 at the Redman Dinner in the morning. The dinner is close to the Weston estate and the only direct route away from their country estate so I could have breakfast and watch for Mrs. W’s Lincoln at the crossroads.

The whole thing was making me nervous and being overpaid gave me an incentive to give it a couple of extra days. I was at my surveillance position to watch Mr. W leave for work at 8am and watched until 8:30 before heading for breakfast. I gave the waitress an early tip to make sure any call for Dilly reached me. Deloris came through at 9:15 with information that the Ford coupe was registered to the Cardonas Garbage Collection Co. Inc.

This did not bode well for the Weston's as the Cardonas's were the major crime family in the area. They were responsible for most of the drugs, prostitution and professional hits within a 100 mile radius for the last 20 years. The only part of their family crime specialty that applied to the Weston’s was most likely a hit. The extra checking I did last night on Weston's revealed that she was the money and he just had a prestigious job.

Leona Weston was born Leona Markley and was the heir to Markley Mfg. money. The estate they lived in was a gift from her daddy on their wedding day and the old man had passed away about six months ago. It looked like Bill was making his play for her bank account.

I had to talk to Mrs. W today to lay out what I feared might lead to her death. The only way I could think of was the direct approach so I called, briefly explained who I was and asked if I might drop by ASAP. She accepted and I was on my way there. I announced my self through an intercom and the gates opened. I new her husband would be home after 5pm at the earliest so I would not be seen . She greeted me at the front door and I showed her my P.I. license and business card. She read it out loud saying “Dillon Peters Private Investigations” followed with” Its a Dilly”. She said “sounds a little frivolous, what's the story on that.” I remarked it's a long knobby story that I would love to relate to her later.

She invited me in and we walked back to a large veranda overlooking the pool. She served lemonade as we talked and I told her of her husband hiring me to watch her. She raised an eye brow and said nothing. One of the shepherds kept nosing around her but she kept pushing him away. I told her what I new and about my concern that the car following her was tied to the Cardonas family. She didn't seem too concerned about a threat to her life as she new who was following her.

She said it was Gena Cardonas the youngest daughter of the family. They were intimate friends and Gina was jealous of Mrs. W spending time with any other woman. Mrs. W asked me to call her Leona and was very interested in the fact I had been covertly watching her. I felt relief at knowing she felt no threat at who was following her and also that she did not take offense at my spying on her. She indicated it was deliciously exciting that I might have seen her doing something elicit. She insisted I recount everything in detail.

With no danger to her life to fear now I quickly explained I had seen nothing elicit and then added (with a straight face) but one of the dogs getting amorous the day before on the front porch. She thought back for a minute then with a slight blush of her face said “how thrilling, if I had known you were watching I would have finished the encounter right there instead of taking Kamen inside”. She added “it would have doubled my pleasure to know I was being observed”.

I told her it had made my day and caused me no small amount of discomfort to think what she and the pooch might be doing. She said casually she and Gina enjoyed each other and the dogs often and I was invited to join them any time I wanted. I asked if it would bother Gena and she said they shared both the dogs and men, but Gena could not bare the thought of sharing her with another woman. Leona said Gena would be coming over in a week or so, but she would rather not wait to get better acquainted and wanted to make up for any discomfort she had caused.

She motioned to the pool house and said that was her retreat with the dogs and friends. It stopped anyone from walking in on her activities unexpectedly. She asked if I would like to join her and Max the other dog as it was his turn. Max was still nosing around her and she slowly lifted her skirt and spread her long tanned legs so the dog had access to her goodies. As he started pushing his nose between her legs she reached up and hooked her fingers in the crotch of her panties and pulled them aside.

The dog went after her pussy like it was chopped meat. His tongue was licking her from asshole to belly button. Her head was back and with eyes closed as she moaned from the friction of the long rough tongue on her wide open pussy and clitoris. She opened her eyes and looked at me dreamily asking if I would like to see Max fuck her into unconsciousness. I was up and leading her by the hand to the pool house before she was finished talking with the dog right on our tail.

As the three of us entered she locked the door. The whole front of the room was windows that had a mirror tint on them so you could not see into the room but had a great view of anyone coming toward it. She dropped her skirt and panties before I new what was going on. The dog had his tongue in her as she sat down on an ottoman in front of an overstuffed chair. As he worked her pussy over she removed her blouse and bra.

Her body was more gorgeous than I could have imagined with long legs, shapely firm ass, small waist and large breasts that stood up so well, the nipples were pointing straight out and upward. Her pussy hair had been trimmed short and she was a true redhead.

She allowed the dog to crawl up on her with his front legs. His back legs were on the floor and as she laid back it left her ass hanging off the edge of the ottoman. The rest of her body was across the ottoman with her head in the chair. It was obvious the dog new what to do next. He had an enormous hard dick he was trying to insert in her. She sat up and reached between her legs to grab the huge cock and guide it into her juicy pussy.

From my angle I could see he was already developing a knot a little more than 3/4 of the way up his cock. As soon as she helped him in he was pounding it into her at lightening speed. Within about ten strokes he had the knot buried in her and she jumped as it was forced beyond the outer muscles of her vagina. Occasionally the stroke would be to long and the knot would slip out and be driven back in with brutal force making her yelp with pain. When it did slip out I noticed the knot had increased to just about the size of a baseball. As it increased in size the dog shortened his strokes.

The fucking continued for about fifteen minutes with her moaning in pleasure. Soon the dog was shooting a huge load of cum into her that brought on her orgasm. She stiffened and was emitting a low whine that lasted for about 30 seconds with her shivering the whole time.

I had never seen a woman have dog sex before and was not prepared for the knot to lock them together afterward. The act was a little scary and very brutal but a wild turn on. She laid there and assured me it was alright as I rushed over. The dog had turned around and was still locked inside of her.

After about five minutes his dick popped out with the knot almost the size of a softball and what looked like a quart of dog sperm came rushing out all over the ottoman and the floor. I could see why she had a tile floor and analgahide covered ottoman and chair. Her pussy was gaping open from the stretching it had just had and I could see deep inside her. She asked with a lewd smile on her face if I would be interested in performing a little oral sex right then but I declined and went into the bathroom to fetch her some towels. She quickly jumped into the shower as I was cleaning up and was soon back out to attend to me.

The dog had laid down on a carpet and was licking himself. Leona was back totally nude and on her knees in front of me. She quickly unzipped my slacks and was pulling my hard dick out. When she got a look at the large erection I had, she exclaimed your dick has a necklace around it and immediately plunged it into her mouth and half way down her throat. Most women are not into sucking my strange dick but she was shoving it so deep I could feel the knobs contacting the sides of her throat as the gag response clasped it on each inward stroke. I was holding still but she was forcing it as far as she could because her lips and teeth were contacting me at the very hilt each time she would take a stroke.

I think I lasted about 30 seconds. After the show she had just performed with the dog and then a blow job like I had never had before. As I started to cum she stopped shoving it into her throat but keep her lips locked around the head and was working me over with hand strokes. She kept sucking the head until she had devoured and swallowed every drop of my sperm. My knees almost gave out and I had to sit down.

As I sat on the long couch she pushed me down onto my back and straddled my face with her legs forcing her vagina over my mouth. As I started licking and tonguing her she said she held some Max cum for me and asked if I liked the taste. Damn I just swallowed about a half a cup of dog cum. At that point I was too tired and sated to complain and continued to work over her pussy with my mouth. She was telling the truth about saving some as there was a lot of thick love juice still going down my throat.

She got up and turned around. Then sat back down on my face while leaning over and took my cock in her mouth again. When I was erect she again got up, turned around, putting one foot and leg over me. She pulling her pussy lips open and slowly lowered herself while guiding my cock into her. When it was partially inserted she sat down hard jamming it in viciously.

As we slowly screw away she was telling me about how good it felt and that since she and Gina had been screwing the dogs few men could give either of them much pleasure inside their stretched out pussies. She said she was concerned she might have to switch to horses and was wondering if it was possible.

I told her I had seen a show in Mexico where a woman took on a donkey with a cock about 4” across and 18” long. She shivered and said she would love to try. I could tell I was free to bang away as fast and hard as I wanted and she would only love it more. Something I seldom get to do with out causing pain. We continued to screw for some time with her having a couple of memorable orgasms and giving me one more of my own.

She promised to call and confirm a date with her, Gena and the boys as soon as we could. Before I left I took and extra look around the pool house as I suspected her husband might try other means of spying on her. I found three microphones that were disguised and planted two in the main room and one in the bath. I followed them to their source and discovered a very expensive reel to reel recorder hidden behind the building that was set up to record all sound in the pool house. I listened to and erased today’s encounter and the day before with the other dog. I informed Leona that her love nest was bugged and that her phones might be tapped also.

I showed her how to disable the recorder temporarily if she wanted to use the pool house. She said Bill had an electrician do some work on the pool house the week before and fortunately she had not used it before yesterday. The pool house was never kept locked unless Leona was using it and the locking of the door was what activated the recorder.

Since he had terminated my employment yesterday I felt no guilt over the encounter we just had or pointing out the bugs to Leona. The recorder was located in a cabinet in a supply shed connected to the back of the pool house. It had a set of ear phones so a person could listen to the tape at their leisure without anyone seeing or overhearing. I was relatively sure no one had listened to the tape since it had been installed.

Leona called two days later (from a payphone) and asked if I was interested in a return engagement with she and Gina tomorrow. She was also excited to tell me Gina had some shocking news for her. It seems that Bill Weston had contacted someone in Gina's family about a hit. I recalled Bill was shaken when I had spotted the tail and might ID it as one of the Cardonas family. He had paid $5K up front and was to match that when it was done according to Gina. He had called last night and had them delay it for a couple of months due to a PI who was hanging around his wife and would move on soon.

When I accepted the invitation she told me about a seldom used dirt road behind their property. I could park and enter the property through a private locked gate as Gina did and where the key was hidden. I told her I would be there tomorrow at 9:30 and see her in the pool house. When I arrived at the back entrance the next morning the black Ford was parked along side the wooded dirt road near the gate.

What looked to be a 14 year old girl in a catholic school uniform was standing next to it. She smiled as I got out and introduced her self as Gina and staring at my crotch smiled wickedly while saying she had been very very anxious to meet me. She said she wanted to talk before we went in if I didn't mind and as we were both early we sat in her car. She turned toward me while placing one foot on the seat giving me the spread legs with the hiked up skirt and a great shot of white cotton little girl panties. I had an immediate stirring in my pants as my dick slowly started to become aroused.

She started to explain to me about her uncle Vincent, who had told her of the hit that was contracted on Leona. She said the reason he knew Leona was her lover was Gina had been fucking uncle Vince and his wife since she was ten years old, so he kept tabs on her and her friends. When I said I would not let Leona be hurt she said she had already arranged with uncle Vince that when the contract was to be completed Bill would be arranging his own death. She said she would front the additional $5K to the family and Leona would pay her back. I was delighted with the arrangements she had made.

As she related the story her hand had drifted to her crotch and was lightly stroking her pussy cleft through her panties. She now had a crease where she had her panties pushed up into her pussy slit. This was adding greatly to my discomfort, as I couldn’t keep my eyes off her now soppy wet crotch. I commented on how it looked like she had it as ready as it would ever be. She gave me a sly smile and with her fingers pulled her panties aside exposing a beautiful totally bald pussy. She parted the lips with two fingers and showed me the inner labia folds with love juice running over her fingers. I opened the door and stepped out saying I thought it was time to go inside.

As we entered the property I asked her age. She said 18 and she had an ID to prove it, which I assume was fake. Her age was bothering me so I commented on the fact she had not grown any pubic hair yet so was probably under age. She responded that her Aunt and Uncle were both interested in under age girls and had been sending her to a doctor for electrolysis periodically to remove all body hair keeping her looking as underage as possible. We entered the pool house with the dogs following us in an excited state. I was thinking as we sat down to wait for Leona, I don't approve of sex with minors but could see there was little I could do to corrupt her any further if she was under 18 and she could probably teach me some things.

One of the dogs was already warming her up with his head buried in her crotch under her green and white plaid wool skirt. Leona walked in smiling and disconnected the recorder as I had shown her and the race was on.

Both of them started pulling off clothes as fast as they could and fondling each other in the process. The dogs danced around licking and sniffing anything they could. I stood back and found a good place to sit and observe what was transpiring. As Gina was stripped naked she had the body of a 14 year old with small nubbins for breasts and that beautiful hairless swollen pussy.

Leona had her down on the couch in seconds with her mouth glued to her pussy. They swapped around and each had their faces buried in the others pussy with Leona on the bottom and the small delicate underdeveloped body on top. Both dogs were still licking any part they could get to.

With my dick now out of my pants and in my hand I was slowly stroking myself and remembering back to the time I had gone with friends to Tijuana and watched the donkey show. It was exciting to see the huge donkey dick penetrate a woman but it did not compare to what I was about to see.

Gina got up and came over to check out my cock. She walked straight up and sat in my lap facing me and took my cock in both hands. She stroked it slowly and with her tiny fingers explored each bump one at a time pinching and rubbing with amazement on her face. She said if Leona hadn’t sworn to it she would never have believed it. She also said she could hardly wait to have it inside her but Leona wanted to put on a full show with the dogs for me first. All I could do was smile stupidly and gulp.

Leona had pulled two ottomans together and laid towels across them. Gina got up and joined her. They each sat on the edge of an ottoman with their backs toward each other. Gina turned to me and said she only had sex with Kamen because his knot was a little smaller than Max 's. The only time she had tried Max his knot would not go down and they were tied together for almost an hour. The dogs were already licking both of them furiously.

They sat with just the back edge of their butts on the ottomans so the dogs had full access to pussy’s and assholes. They were both moaning with pleasure and each would look over at me occasionally to see if I was enjoying myself. I had to stop stroking my self or would have already shot my first load.

Almost on cue they both turned around putting their knees on the floor and laid face down towards each other. With them both laying bent over the dogs put their front paws on the ottoman to the sides of both women. The women reached back and took hold of the dogs penises stroking a little and helped guide dog dicks into themselves. When they both had their pussy's filled with dog dick's, they turned their heads toward each other and began the sexiest tongue kissing I could imagine.

They were each partially turned toward each other and were rubbing and squeezing each others exposed breasts. The dogs were pounding away as fast as they could with only an instinct of reaching an animal orgasm as quick as possible. Both females were receiving as much stimulation as was possible while trying to ravish each other with tongues and hands. I couldn’t tell who climaxed how many times because while one would go through an orgasm the other would be kissing and encouraging her on, then the other would start. The only time you could tell what was happening was when they were both coming at the same time and both went rigid and were moaning and shaking.

This finally ended when each of the dogs had shot their loads then stopped and turned around to await the knot release. Leona was first to be freed and Gina took about 5 to 10 minutes longer. The two women stayed with their mouths locked kissing and sucking each others tongues until both were free. I got up and walked over and let both dogs out. The women moved up on the ottomans and buried their faces into each other pussy's sucking and licking all the human and dog love juices up.

When they thoroughly cleaned each other they both laid back gasping for breath and started laughing. I had walked over and sat on the couch watching the two and Leona walked around behind the couch, pushing the back forward and with a click released it to fold down into a day bed. Each of them laid down with me in the middle.

Both girls napped for about 15 minutes and then started undressing me. I told them I would understand if they wanted to call it a day but Gena said she had no intention of me leaving without having my dick in her as many times as I was able. I had gotten a vasectomy years back so had no worries about pregnancy but was still having thoughts of her age. Seeing her young innocent face and body laying there so invitingly won out in the end.

I got up and pulled her small body down to the end of the bed so only her legs and ass were hanging over. I didn't want to try laying on top of her small frame for fear of injuring her. I knelt down between her legs and started to slowly insert my cock into her already stretched and sloppy pussy. As she became aroused again she yelled for me to fuck her hard and as I did she kept yelling “faster/harder”. This was all the encouragement I needed to pound away with all my strength.

Leona moved down next to her and was kissing her and tweaking her small breasts as I pounded away. Leona's legs and ass were hanging off also and I started massaging her vagina. As soon as I had inserted three fingers up to my knuckles she grabbed my wrist and turned to me saying "put your hand in." I had never tried this with anyone before so I slowly started it in and was amazed that it was going in even though I had to apply a great deal of pressure.

I kept up the long hard strokes of my dick into Gena and would pull my hand almost out of Leona then make a fist and shove it back in fast and hard. Leona was responding with low moans of pleasure making the act so exciting I could stand no more and was soon squirting furiously into Gena's sloppy pussy. When I had finished shooting my load and had pulled out, Gena asked if I would try putting my other hand into her. Having seen her take a dog cock with a large knot I figured I would love to give it a try. It was more difficult to emerse my hand into Gena's pussy than Leona's but with all the cum leaking out from both me and the dog it soon stretched to accommodate my fist. After I had a hand inserted into each of these two very different but seductive females I leaned back to admire the bizarre sight.

Here was Leona a tall slinky gorgeous redhead with pale skin, large tits, reeking of sex and a come and fuck me look on my right hand. Gena with a pretty little girl face, a 90 lb. innocent looking body that appeared to be no more than 14 years old on my left and I had a hand inserted beyond my wrist in each of their pussy’s. I started plunging forward into each of them going as deep as I could and then leaning back to extract my fists almost to the point of total removal, then harder and deeper the next time. I had my arm half way to my elbow in Leona but could get only just past my wrist in Gena.

They had their heads turned kissing each other open mouthed with tongues flying all over. Their hands were furiously pinching, pulling and rubbing each others breasts. As Leona's orgasm started it brought on Gina's. I slowed the strokes so they could enjoy it longer and they rolled on to their sides towards each other. When they did they each threw a leg over my head on to my shoulders and their crossed legs had me held captive. When I tried to pull my hands free they both tightened their pelvic muscles and the legs around my neck had me secured to them. I kept slow stroking until they both relaxed and fell exhausted on their backs. I removed my hands as slowly as I could and with as much care as possible. I leaned over and gave Gina's pussy a light kiss and did the same to Leona.

They were both totally out so I grabbed my clothes, dressed quickly and left them laying there in an exhausted sleep. After retrieving my car I drove back to my office and sat at my desk with a drink to review the days events. There was a large manila envelope with the mail that was from Dee Dee. It was full of Polaroid photos showing her inserting everything I could thing of into her pussy and ass. There were all kinds of things clipped to her nipples and clitoris with a letter listing the things she had found for sexual stimulation. One was a picture of a small hand held electric mixer with only one beater installed that was inserted into her vagina.

I was thinking I have got to know what she did with that so I called and said I hope you don't turn it on with that inserted. She laughed and said she took it to her small appliance repair store and told the man a story about needing the speeds slowed way down. She said she can now turn it on low speed after insertion. Then go out of her mind with pleasure, “ want to come over and see” she asked?

I told her I had just finished a case where everything had been hard from the beginning. I had both hands full and was dog tired so could I get a rain check and see her and the mixer in a day or two? She replied “ you better come over pretty quick because I have an ice box full of zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, salami and bananas that need your special appetite”. Damned if I'm not feeling hungry.


2014-07-24 09:52:03
"Dilly Of A Detective" - Dillon "Dilly" Peters, Leona Markley Weston and her niece, Gina Cardonas.

Dilly has a thoroughly thrilling business of Private Investigations. His latest case is "one for the times"!! He eventually joins with Leona as she fucks her dog(s), Dilly watches and later fucks her. Several days later he's called to join with her and her niece Gina, as they fuck her dogs, and bath take him for one of a kind fucking.

The story is stimulating to say the least, and explicit about details and descriptions!

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Hmmm.. I'd buy a huge huge land estate, like 1500 acres. With tall big thick gates aurond it. THEN it would make the mansion built only for dogs, like a pound palace, one story, with 1000 rooms, each room about the size of a masterbedroom of a regular house. with 15 beds in each room. each room is has easy access to outside. The puppies will have there own rooms too. They are going to eat in there own rooms too, big bowls, with a special diet for each one.THEN outsidethere would be 1/5 of the land as the poop area, WHERE there are workers who come in once a day and scoop away.the next 1/5 is a big pond, incase they want to go swimming.the next 2/5 are just grass and dirt to run aurond it with dog toys all over the place.The other 1/5 is just the house. Then i'd pick all the dogs out of all the shelters.And I'd stick these in every state, hire the right people to take care, untill all the monies run out.and i would spay and neuter them

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