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A trip to visit my son changes our relationship forever
My name is Jamie, and this is the story about how I went from a loving mother, to my son's whore.

It all started when I decided to fly into Buffalo to visit my son. It had been several years since I had seen him last, mostly because of monetary reasons. He had attended college in Buffalo and was lucky enough to acquire a job right out of the gate due to his interning. He bought a place about an hour outside of Buffalo and had been doing well ever since. I hadn’t seen him since he was 19, a bit scrawny, and insecure. Now, he would be 23, soon to be 24, and other than a few pictures I’d seen on Facebook, I had no idea what to expect with him.

Let me also enlighten you a little about myself. I’m 43, with shoulder length hair, dirty blonde, with small A cup breasts, weigh about 105 pounds, am 5’ 2”, and have a lot of freckles. I got married early, at 17, and had my son, Mikey (what I call him, everyone else calls him Michael), when I was 18. When he was 3, my husband, his father, died, and I have been single ever since. I had tried a lot of dating and things, but most of my life after that was taking care of Mikey, sometimes having to work 2 jobs just so we could get by. I run a work from home business now where I freelance a lot of work, its good money and I never have to change out of my pajamas.

Anyways, once the plane landed at the airport, I grabbed my luggage and headed outside. It was snowing, cold, miserable, just like I expected Buffalo to be, but I would find out how much better the town really is later. I found Mikey standing outside, near a waiting car, a Dodge Challenger, with a sign that just read “Hi Mom!” I saw him before him me, and went up to him. He smiled ear to ear when he saw me and gave me a big hug, then took my bags and put them in the trunk, and when we were all in and settled, we headed off towards his house.

The ride there was all talk, anything e could think of saying or talking about we did. We talked on the telephone a lot, but as most people know, face –to-face conversations were always better. I tried on a few occasions to get a good idea of what he looked like now, but he had a heavy winter coat on. He was more handsome than I remember, his jaw line more defined, and his haircut wasn’t as shaggy and annoying as it had been when he left.

About an hour and a half later, mostly due to the snow making the roads quite slick, we arrived at his house. It was a modest one story, with a large open living and dining room, connected to a kitchen with a half wall, so you could see into the living room from the kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a large bathroom, and several closets. Once we entered the house, Mikey took my coat, hanging it behind the door, and took my bags into the second bedroom. I walked into the living room and sat down, taking the place in while he did so. It was a slight awkward moment, but I was just happy to be here. When Mikey came back into the room, I could see him much better now. He stood a foot taller than I did, his hair, now a bit shaggy, was auburn and short, and he seemed to have gotten some muscle on him now. Not a lot, but enough that it showed without having to look too hard. He got us both a drink and we continued to talk for hours, laughing, crying, and everything in between. Four years apart really lets the emotions build up.

Before too long it was late and we both retired to bed, Mikey saying that he had a surprise for me in the morning and that I would have to be awake early. I changed and lay down, the bed he had being quite comfortable. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep, but I thought as I did about how much I loved my son, how good he looked now, and how proud I was of him.


When I awoke in the morning, it was just after 6 am, Mikey having set an alarm in my room, I had to find it and turn it off. I smelled coffee brewing in the other room and, changing into something other than my pajamas, which were slightly revealing, but when you live alone at my age ,the only people that see them are you, and anyone you want to look at you in them.

I came into the dining room to see Eggs, Sausage, and Coffee waiting for us and we ate breakfast, I being impressed, since he couldn’t cook boxed macaroni and cheese before he left for college. We talked a little, asking how we both slept and things, and talking about what the plans were for the day.

“You might want to dress up a lot warmer,” he told me, “we’re going to be going ice fishing.
“Ice fishing?” I asked, more because the idea surprised me than anything. I loved fishing in the summer months, but I had never attempted doing it in the winter.
“Yea, I think you’ll enjoy it” He said, smiling. The smile was honest and handsome on him, and even more-so this morning I realized how attractive he was. My eyes started to wander over him, taking his features in. After a few seconds of this, I hesitated, then stopped, realizing this was my son after all. When I looked back up at him, he didn’t seem to noticed my ogling him, mostly because I could tell he was doing the same to me, and when he realized I was now looking back at him, he quickly grabbed out plates, told me to go get in some warmer clothes, and darted off into his bedroom to change.

I went into my bedroom to change and I couldn’t believe it. I was eye humping my son while he was doing the same to me. What the hell was wrong with us? I kept berating myself for looking at him the way I did while I put on extra layers of basically everything, then met Mikey in the doorway to the house. He gave me a winter coat, gloves, and a hat, and we went outside.

The snow was at least a foot high, but he promised his car would make it through it, and with it being 4 wheel drive, it did a lot easier than I expected for the make and model he had. We only drove about five minutes and arrived at a small lake situated in a state park. He took a few items he had for ice fishing out of the back, including a machine to cut holes, a ladle, bait, and a bunch of rigs to catch fish on. He put it all onto a sled, and we walked out onto the lake with a little difficulty, as the snow was higher on the lake, and dug out a spot with a snow shovel. Then, Mikey made five holes with the machines, scooped out the excess ice with the ladle, baited the lines, and dropped them in.

We talked more, sitting on two fold out chairs, keeping ourselves occupied while the fish, hopefully, found our bait. My conversation with him somehow found its way onto the topic of his sex life, which as much as I was embarrassed to ask him about, I wanted to know about it deep down.

“I’ll be honest mom, I haven’t had sex in a while, probably since sophomore year>”

“Why some long?” I asked, intrigued as to why he would wait, especially with the chance to have sex with many college girls.

“Honestly, I was in a relationship with a girl, and I thought I loved her, but I was more focused on her than school, and my grades started to suffer, so I broke it off. Now, with my job, I am kind of married to it, which is fine, I love my job, but I just haven’t found anyone yet.”

His answered surprised me. Most guys try to nail as many girls as they can in college and Mikey was more focused on keeping his grades up, which worked for him, since he got employed so quickly after school. Nevertheless, I wanted to pursuit the topic further, wondering how badly he craved a woman, but refrained, again berating myself for wanting my son that way.

Shortly after the “sex talk” the a fish hit the line, it was a small bass, nothing special, but then two more lines had fish on, and we hurried after separated ones. Mikey got a little sunfish, and I caught a large northern pike, which Mikey took a picture of me with. We stayed a few hours more, catching a few more fish, none of any real size, and the wind began to pick-up. The cold began to become biting then, and we both agreed to head back to the house, and we did, quickly.


When we arrived back at Mikey’s house, we tried to peel off as many layers as we could in the doorway, as snow was stuck all over our clothes. Despite being in the cold, with this many layers on, you sweat a lot, which is part of why when the wind picks up you get so cold. I got down to my t-shirt and pants, and Mikey removed everything but the same. He then took off his t-shirt and I stared at him. His chest and abs were muscular, not overly so, but there didn’t seem to be any fat on him either. The sweat glistened on his skin, and when he turned around, his back was just as toned. I honestly found myself getting turned on, and using every ounce of willpower I had, looked away.

“Go ahead and take a shower first, I’ll wait in the living room until you’re done” he said. I barely heard it; I was torn between wanting my son’s body, and once again berating myself for staring at him.

“Alright” was all I could muster. I walked past Mikey, and into the second bedroom, grabbed a shower gown and a pair of panties, and walked back down the hall and into the bathroom. As I did, I could see Mikey peeking down the hall, looking at me again like he had that morning.

When I got into the bathroom I took off the rest of my clothes, turned the shower on, and used the toilet. I knew my pussy was a little wet from staring at Mikey, and I hated myself for it. I wiped, flushed, and got into the shower. As I washed myself, I continued to fantasize about Mikey, about his body, and about his cock. Now, I had not seen his cock since he was probably six or seven, so I tried to imagine what it looked like. I pictured an average seven inch dick, and I pictured me sucking it, him fucking my pussy with it, and I got more and more aroused. I began slowly rubbing my clit in the shower, letting out soft moans as I did.

After a few minutes of this, I had decided that I was going to finish showering, go to the living room wearing only my shower gown, which is nothing more than a short dress with an almost mini-skirt like bottom made of a material like a towel so it absorbs more water, and do my best to seduce my own son. I was clouded in an erotic haze, and I missed and love my son, and I wanted to show him how much. I quickly finished showering, toweled off, put on my gown, and headed into the living room, leaving my dirty clothes, and my clean panties, on the floor in the bathroom.

I walked in and saw Mikey laying back on the couch, either watching a sports news programs or sleeping, I was not sure which. As I got up to him, I saw that he was barely awake, and when he caught the attention of what I was wearing, his eyes darted open. He started to sit up but I placed my hand on his chest. He had a look of surprise and I started unbuckling his belt, then undid the button on his pants and unzipped them. I leaned down and started kissing his chest, and instead of fighting against me, he laid back and accepted it, probably wanted this as much as I did.

I kissed all over his body, his face, neck, chest, stomach, and then I embraced his lips. We kissed as if we were a couple in passionate love, our tongues swirling in each other’s mouths, our breathing increasing rapidly. I could feel my pussy tingling, getting hot and wet, and I couldn’t resist it anymore, I had to see his cock.

I got on my knees In front of the couch, and Mikey, taking the cue I hoped he would, sat up so that his crotch was in front of me. I pulled his jeans down to his ankles, and saw that only a pair of black boxer shorts now stood between me and his dick. I rubbed my hands up and down the fabric, trying to get a feel for his dick. I knew right away it was longer than I expected it, and that just made me want it more, my body trembling with an anticipation of his large member.

Finally, I placed my hands on either side of his boxers and pulled them down, revealing a bigger dick than I have ever seen in my forty three years of life. It was easily ten inches long and had a girth over that was probably two inches, and it was rock hard waiting for me. I grabbed it with my hand and was amazed how big it was. I began jacking it off slowly, alternating between staring at the enormous size of it, and looking at Mikey’s face, watching him react to my hand.

I could feel his dick throb as I jacked it off, and I began kissing his thighs, and could smell his musk, and it drove me crazy. I began licking his balls, and he began groaning above me as I did. His hand began running through my hair, and then over my body. I knew what he wanted, and I was going to give it to him, and then give him something else we both wanted.

I stopped jacking him off and stood up, untied the back of my shower gown, and let it fall to the floor, revealing my entire body to him. My small breasts, which were almost nonexistent, if not for a pair of tiny mounds, each had a hard erect nipple, which Mikey sat up and began licking. The sensation made me moan and shiver, the pleasure rushing through me. He would lick and swirl his tongue around one nipple while pinching the other with his thumb and forefinger, and then alternate. His other hand found its way down to my wet, shaven pussy. He began rubbing my clit slowly, and coupled with his nipple work, made me moan loudly.

This continued for two or three minutes before I finally got the composure to stop him. I pushed him back down on the couch, returned to my knees, and grabbed his large dick once again. I leaned in now and began licking his shaft from base to head several times, licking the precum off his head as I did, tasting the salty bitterness of it. When I had licked him base to head a few times, I did one more, and when I reached the head, I pulled the dick towards my face, and took it in my mouth.

My mouth conformed around his dick, and I took maybe four inches in my mouth at first. I could taste his flesh, his precum, and I could hear him groan above me as I put it in my mouth. I began slowly sucking his cock, bobbing my head up and down over the same four inches as I did. One of his hands resumed running through my hair as he groaned, and the other resumed rubbing my nipple. The sensation made me moan on his dick and I took another inch or two, it filling more of my mouth than I expected. I wanted to take all ten inches down my throat, but I wasn’t sure I could yet, so I began vigorously fucking the six inches I could with my mouth, bobbing my head up and down on him as fast and hard as I could, as Mikey continued to groan and rub my body.

His dick began to throb hard and his groaning increased in intensity, and I assumed he would be ready to cum soon, so I knew that now would be my chance to take his whole dick. I positioned myself higher and opened my mouth wide, then slid down his dick as far as I could go. With about an inch and a half left, I could feel it on the back of my throat and I started to gag, when I went to pull up, Mikey’s hand on the back of my head kept me down, He wanted me to deep throat his dick too, so I took a deep breath and went for it.

I could feel it slide down my throat and my nose touched his skin, my chin touching his balls. I began gagging and pulled back and Mikey let my head go, allowing me. The spit slid out of my mouth and down his shaft in large quantities. I took a deep breath, recomposed myself, and continued sucking the six inches I had before, harder than before. After another minute or so, I was sucking as hard as I could, and Mikey grabbed my hair hard, and I knew it was coming. I went down one more time on him, and as I pulled my head back up, his hand held me in place again, and streams of his hot cum began pouring into my mouth. I swallowed a large quantity of it, and more poured in, I did my best with it, but gagged just a little before he was done cumming.

I licked around his shaft with it still in my mouth once more, and swallowed again, before removing his dick from my mouth. I sat back down and used my finger to take some cum that had escaped my mouth, on my chin, and stuck my cum covered finger into my mouth, licking it off in front of him. The taste was salty and bitter, like his precum was, but not unpleasant, and some men in my past had been. Mikey was breathing heavily, covered in sweat, and smiling, as he looked at me with half opened eyes.

“You have no idea how bad I wanted that” he said to me, panting as he did. I looked at his dick as it began to go flaccid and smiled.

“Probably about as much as I did too, Mikey. I love you, and in w…” he cut my off by putting his hand over my mouth.

“Don’t say anymore, just be my mother and my whore, and I’ll be your son with the dick you want.”

I must admit, he knew he wanted this as much as I did, and he was going to take advantage of it as much as he could. We had the rest of the day together and tomorrow morning before I took a flight home, so we would have to make it count.

Mikey got up, collected his clothes, and went into the bathroom, to take a shower. His hand came out holding my panties and I laughed, and then took them from him as I walked past into my bedroom. I used the towel I had in the bathroom, which Mikey through onto the hallway floor with my clothes, to wipe my legs and pussy. While I was giving him a blowjob, I was sopping wet, but I wanted to service him more than anything in that moment.

I put on a tank top and some boy shorts, which I usually wore to bed since they are comfortable, and laid down in bed, turning on the TV. I surfed the channels for some time, but all I could think about was Mikey in the shower. I tried everything to take my mind off of it, but I failed, and because of my heavy lust for Mikey and my desperation for him once again, I got up and tried the door knob to the bathroom. It was unlocked and I entered.

I saw Mikey through the glass doors of the walk-in shower, completely naked, washing himself off. He had is back to me and didn’t see me for a few moments, though I’m not honestly sure how long I stared at him. When he did, he smiled, and just curled his finger at me, inviting me in with him. I hastily removed my tank top and boy shorts and opened the door to the shower and entered in with him. Within seconds of my entering the shower, his hands were all over me, running all over my body, the sensation was amazing. As his hands slid down further, a finger found its way into my pussy, and I gasped.

I wanted him in me in some capacity, and for the moment, his finger was sufficient. I found myself grinding my hips against his hand, fucking his finger like I would a dick. While I did, he just stood behind me and kept his hand perfectly still, allowing me to find my rhythm with my hips. For several minutes I did this, gasping and moaning loudly in the shower as I did, the warm water beating on my skin, and then Mikey stopped. I waited a moment, catching my breath from the ecstasy of fucking his hand, and turned to see why he had stopped. Before I could fully turn around, however, his hand pushed me down so that I was bent over in front of him, and his dick found its way to the entrance of my pussy.

I had not had sex in probably nine months now, and I’m sure I was going to be tight, and Mikey seemed to know that too, because he grabbed my hips with his hands and slowly slid his dick into my hot, tight, wet pussy. I screamed as it entered me, a scream of pure ecstasy. It had been a long time since I had had something inside me that wasn’t a vibrator, and that wasn’t near as big as my son’s dick. He slowly pushed it in until it would not go further, and my body began to convulse. His dick was inside me for less than ten seconds and I was already being fucked deeper than I ever had before.

With his dick in my almost completely, he pushed me against the wall so that my hands supported me from the front, and, without legging go of my hips, he began pumping his dick in and out of me.

“Shit, Shit, Shit…” I kept yelling, the pleasure of having him inside me so overwhelming that I could barely vocalize anything. I could feel his throbbing member in me, loving every thrust into me, every thrust a little harder and faster than the one before. It did not take long, and I began to convulse harder and harder, and then I came. My body shook heavily as I came, and I could feel my cum rush around my sons dick, but he continued fucking me, which made my orgasm longer and harder.

By now I was screaming because my orgasm was so strong, my sons dick so hard, and so wonderful inside me. I wanted his cum now, I didn’t care how or where, I just wanted it. As if on queue, he spoke up.

“Where do you want my cum?” he asked, breathing heavily.

“Cum in me!” I screamed during another wave of orgasm. I had my tubes tied years ago, and the thought of my son’s seed in me now brought me close to another orgasm.

And then he came, filling my pussy with his hot semen, I could feel it and once again my body shuddered and orgasmed. I wasn’t sure how many times I orgasmed in that short about of time, but I didn’t care, it was amazing. I could feel his dick throbbing with every stream of semen he let loose inside me, and I could begin to feel it slowly oozing out, and down my leg. He then slowly pulled his dick out of me, and rush of cum, both mine and his, came with it. It took every ounce of strength I had to find my way to the seat in the shower and sit down, my body shaking, especially my legs.

“That was amazing” was all Mikey could say as he stood beside me. I was out of breath and shaking, so as a response I took the head of his dick, which hung beside me, in my mouth, sucked it a little, pulled it back out, and then kissed it. This seemed to drive him nuts, because he groaned loudly with a huge smile on his face. Wordlessly, he then washed himself off again with soap, rinsed, and left the shower, turning to wink at me before he closed the bathroom door.

I don’t know how long I sat in the shower with the water running, but it was long enough for the hot water to start to dwindle away, making the water get colder and colder every few seconds. I took the hint and did my best to wash off again, then urinated and got my tank top and boy shorts back on, and left the bathroom. I entered Mikey’s bedroom and saw him asleep, and thought that was a good idea myself, so I walked into my bedroom, and fell asleep on my bed.


When I awoke, it was dark outside, I had gone to sleep around three o’clock in the afternoon and the clock now read just after eight. I quickly got up and went to leave the bedroom, but decided to put on a pair of pants first, incase some unexpected company had arrived or something. Nothing like having your mother walk around like a total slut for his son and his friends.

I checked Mikey’s room and he wasn’t there, but he was in the living room. He saw me and stood up.

“It’s about time you woke up, dinner’s ready, so we can eat if you’re hungry.”

I was quite hungry, so I just nodded, smiled, and made my way to the dining room table. He had made a nice dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad. It was a good meal, but we were now both awkwardly silent as we ate. After having your mother fuck you, what would you say? Or, in my case, after sucking and fucking your son, what ype of normal conversation could you get into now? Apparently, Mikey had the answer.

“Hey, the hockey game is on if you’re interested after dinner.”

“I think that would be quite nice” I replied. Hockey, being my favorite sport, was something I loved to watch, no matter who was playing. And maybe having some sports on the television would give us both something to talk about, our favorite players, great plays, and so on. I couldn’t think of a better way to have a normal night with my son after what we had done.

We finished dinner and I helped him clean the dishes, which there was not many of, as he had already cleaned before I awoke, and we both sat on the couch to watch the game. Within the first five minutes of the first period, I could tell we would be rooting against each other on this one. The score remained tied, but the players were getting rowdy, including a pair of fist fights on the ice.

At the end of the first period, we were taunting each other wildly as the score remained tied, both of us agreeing, or disagreeing, with the announcers and referees. Our night had reached some sense of normalcy, until the second period.

When the game resumed, a pair of quick goals made the game tied and one goal apiece, and our taunting resumed. I was completely confident that my team would win, so I figured I would make some sort of bet, to gauge how confident he was with his own team.

“I’ll bet you anything my team wins this game!” I shouted, confidence running through me. I knew I would win, and he was going to pay.

“What do you have in mind?” he asked, with a poker face on. He was as confident as me, so I figured I’d put some money on the table.

“If, no, I’m sorry, WHEN my team wins, you have to upgrade me to first class for the trip home” I announced, almost certain that he would back down. The upgrade from here to home was several hundred dollars at least.

So it was my surprise when he said “You’re on!”

My confidence faded slightly, and then I gave him a smug look and the game continued. At the end of the second period, the score remained one to one and we continued bickering. The third started and there were many amazing chances back and forth, but the game remained tied with only a few minutes left. It was then that I had forgot to ask a simple question.

“What do you get if you win?” I asked, with more of a curious tone in my voice than I wanted there to be.

“When I win, you’ll see” is all he replied, with no hint of emotion besides confidence.

“What have I gotten myself into?“ I wondered, but brushed the thought aside.

The game went into overtime with the score still one to one, and though our bickering continued, I seemed to realize that not only was my team starting to look tired, but that I was going to have to pay my son an unknown debt of some sort. My mind raced at what it could be, and the living room became silent. I did not have to wait long to find out however, because in the first forty seconds of overtime, my son’s team netted the winning goal. I had lost the game and the bet, and now I was going to have to pay.

“Alright,” I said, trying to sound calm, but I felt somewhat nervous, “What do I owe you?”

“Go into my bedroom and take off your clothes” is what he replied. My heart skipped a beat for a moment, and then I realized what he wanted. He wanted to fuck me on his bed, and after the day we’d been having, I was more than willing to oblige.

I entered his bedroom and took off all my clothes, and sat them on the top of his dresser, than stood there and waited until he came in, which was a minute or so later. He came in naked, which means he had either disrobed in the living room or bathroom, and smiled, his dick flaccid, but at the sight of me, began to get hard. He laid down on the bed and instructed me to suck his dick, so I bent over and, like I had earlier that day, put him into my mouth.

I slowly bobbed my head up and down on him as he groaned, and I could feel myself being turned on yet again. My body began to quiver slightly as I gave my son head, and he remained still, enjoying it. Again, I was unable to get more than six inches in my mouth, but knowing that now, I was, in my opinion, giving him a much better blowjob than I had earlier.

“Ride me” he commanded, and pulled my hair so that his dick popped out of my mouth.

I got on the bed and straddled him, cowgirl style, and slid his dick in me. Just like in the shower, I moaned loudly as it entered me, and began grinding my hips so that my pussy could enjoy everything his dick offered. His hands reached up and began rubbing my nipples and I began moaning louder, grinding myself into his large member. I could feel it hitting me in ways it hadn’t while bent over in the shower, and the feeling was incredible. Several minutes of this, and he issued his next command.

“Turn around”

I did, never letting his dick leave my pussy, and began riding him reverse cowgirl style. Once again the feeling was sensational, and I began screaming loudly in ecstasy. I stopped grinding altogether and began bouncing up and down on him, feeling the weight of my body slam his dick as far as it could go inside me, and I could feel myself close to an orgasm, but before I could reach it, he issued one more command.

“Bend over”

I removed his member from me and stood up, my les a bit shaky. As I went to get on all fours on the bed, he pulled a foot stool from a chair in the room over and pointed. I knelt on that and put my arms on the bed. He walked away for just a moment, then came back, grabbed my hips, and thrust his dick into my vagina. I screamed in pure pleasure as it entered me so roughly, and the sound of his hips slapping on my ass as he went balls deep into me was all I could take. I once again began cumming all over my son’s dick as he fucked me. However, this time, when he could tell I had come, he removed his dick from me.

I was moaning and breathing heavy, so I didn’t see why he had stopped for several moments, but the next time I felt him, I could feel the head of his dick against my asshole. I started to resist, trying to pull away, but he was stronger than I was, but he did not push in yet. I could hear something and then felt a cold substance, lotion of some sort, squirt all over my ass. He rubbed it on his dick and inserted a finger into me, moving it around. I tensed up, the feeling uncomfortable to me.

Now it’s important to clarify a few things about anal sex to you. Yes, some women love it and most men want it, and yes, I had tried anal sex before, only once before. Several years back I was dating a man, purely for sex, and he kept asking me to try it. I finally gave in and allowed him to fuck my ass. His dick was only about five inches long and the girth was not impressive, however I did not enjoy it. It was painful for me, but my man at the time wanted it and I allowed him to have it. After that day I had vowed to never try anal sex again.

Now, here I was at the mercy of my son, whose dick was much bigger than the only one that had ever penetrated me anally. I wanted to refuse him, with almost every fiber of my being, but two thoughts came to mind.
On, that I had lost the bet and I needed to pay up.
And two, this was my son and his pleasure was way more important to me than anything in the world.

Therefore I did my best to relax and breathe normally. I could feel the head of his dick at the entrance to my asshole and after a few more seconds, he began pressing his dick against my sphincter. I tensed up at first, and it took everything in my power to relax as he pushed into me. It was incredibly uncomfortable and the pressure seemed to build until the head of his dick finally popped into my ass.

At first I was terrified, but other than a pressure in my ass and a lot of discomfort, I felt no pain, so I relaxed further. Mikey began slowly fucking my ass with the head of his dick, and I slid my hand down and began stimulating my clit as he did. The stimulation of my clit seemed to ease my tension further and a slight wave of pleasure began to overtake me. I felt some more liquid on my ass a few times, and figured he was keeping it well lubed for himself.

And then he began pushing his dick further into me. The slight pleasure subsided quickly, and the pressure in my ass became enormous, as did the pain. With his dick half in my anus, I could no longer rub my clit, I grabbed the blanket as tightly as I could and began moaning. These, however, were moans of intense pain, not pleasure. He pulled his dick mostly out of my ass, applied even more lotion, and slid back in. The pain did not lessen with more lotion, and again I moaned loudly. Part of me wanted him to stop, but if this is what my son wanted, I would bear the pain for him.

He then pushed his dick the rest of the way into my ass, and instead of moaning, I began screaming loudly. The pain was intense, and screaming seemed the only way to help cope with it. Mikey began fucking my ass at a steady pace, sliding the whole of his dick in and out of me. I continued screaming every time he forced his way deeply into me, and let out a momentary sigh as he slid it back out. My eyes began to well up from the pain, my breathing labored, and my screaming louder and more intense. Mikey looked up at my face and saw that I was now crying.

“I’m sorry, I’ll stop” he said and began pulling his dick out of my ass.

“Don’t” I managed to get out through labored breathing and ripples of pain. “You won” was the last two words I could muster and I began breathing hard again.

My son, sensing that I was being serious, slowly thrust himself back into my ass as deep as he could, and I screamed yet again. His pace at anally fucking me was becoming more intense, as was my screaming and pain. It felt as if his dick was ripping my asshole apart, and I wondered somewhere, in the recesses of my mind, if I was bleeding.
I have no idea how long my son fucked my ass, the pain overtaking everything, including time, but when I truly felt as if I could take it no more, he pulled out of my ass completely. Grabbing my hips, he spun me on my back, my head on the bed, my breasts arched out towards him. Through the fog of my tears, I could see him ripping a condom off his dick and he stepped up towards me when it was off. He jacked his dick off several times and began cumming all over me.

The first squirt of cum landed all over my chest, and the feeling of it on me brought me out of my painful haze. The second squirted an amazing distance and splattered all over my hair, face, and neck. I could feel it running down my face with my tears, and I now was beginning to get turned on again, despite the pain in my backside. The third stream also splattered me in the face, and then the next on my tits again. Finally, the last few spread all over my chest and belly. I could hear Mikey groaning loudly during all of this, and I found a small sense of pride that I was able to do that for him.

Mikey collapsed onto the bed beside me, and I could tell he was breathing heavily. As I lay there, covered in sweat, tears, and semen, I wondered what he was thinking, until he said it.

“I love you mom.”

I smiled and got up from the bed and slowly, carefully, found my way into the bathroom, I took a shower and was surprised to find that I was not bleeding, but that it was very tender and uncomfortable. It took me longer than usual but when I was done I went to see how Mikey was doing. He was asleep on his bed, still naked, just as I had left him. I covered him in a blanket, collected my clothes, and went to bed as well, the pain in my ass subsiding.


The next morning I packed my bags and, after a quick breakfast, Mikey took me to the airport. To my surprise, he had upgraded my ticket to first class anyhow.

“I figured after last night you might want a comfortable seat” he said, with a smirk.

He was right, my ass was still sore, but not bad. I kissed him on the cheek at the airport and gave him a hug. As he hugged back he said to me

“We’re going to have to do this more often”

Little did I know more often would happen sooner than I thought.


2018-03-14 02:00:55
very hot. i love it when my son fucks me, i want him to put his seed deep inside me so i will get pregnant.

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