A pastor enjoys his duty to the children
(This is an alternate universe story, where as soon as children reach a certain age they get introduced to the 'adult world')

Today was Jane's 12th birthday, which meant nothing to most people outside of her church. All of the worshippers were abuzz with excitement, the deflowering ceremony didn't happen very often. They stuffed condoms into their pockets, dildoes into their purses, popped some pills, and went off to the church.

Meanwhile, Reverend John was lying down in a warm bed. He was fully in the nude, having prepared his body for the ceremony for a week in advance. He had just requested Jane to enter, and as he waited, the door opened, and she walked in.

She was wearing a simple white robe, and her dark hair flowed down to her shoulders. She had a cherubic face, with plush, red lips and a button nose. Her eyes were a deep gray, unfathomable, yet innocent. He couldn't tell from his vantage point, but she seemed fairly well developed for a girl her age. She had already blossomed small breasts that just barely jutted out from her chest. Her waist was thin, and it flowed out into wide hips that were the perfect shape and size.

"Hello Jane, its a pleasure to see you. I called you in so I could explain what we're going to do today. You no doubt have questions about the ceremony, seeing as younger children are not allowed to view it." The pastor explained, with a warm smile on his face.

"Y-yes I do, Reverend." Jane barely managed to stammer. She was staring at his cock, eyes wide and curious.

"Ah. Yes, you've noticed the tool we shall be using to perform the ceremony with. It's larger than most, that's to assure that after the ceremony the chil-sorry, the young woman will have no trouble with her duties later on in life." He explained, as he lifted up his hefty penis with his hand.

It was over 9 inches in length, and around as wide as his hand. His balls hung low underneath it, clean-shaven for the ceremony. The head was a deeper hue than the rest of it, and veins stuck out beneath the skin.

"You see Jane, the ceremony is sex. Sex is when a man and a woman procreate, and parents would prefer that their child's first time be with somebody they trust. So, seeing as how your age is when most girls begin to reach sexual maturity, this is the time when we deflower them, which is when I put my penis into your vagina and break your hymen."

"Will it hurt?" Jane asked hesitantly.

"At first, yes, but then it will begin to feel wonderful. You see, sex is what makes the world go around. Once you finish with me in the church, you will soon find out that nearly everybody over your age has sex with a multitude of people. You can even go over to your father afterward and ask him. I'm sure he would be glad to fuck his cute daughter."

"So... I can just ask anybody? And they would do it?"

"Mostly yes. Some people prefer to be more closed off in their sexual relations, but nearly every adult has sex casually. It can be used as entertainment, or fun. It seems as though people are starting to get weary out there waiting for us Jane. Shall we go out there?" The pastor got up off the bed, and placed a robe over his shoulders. It cascaded around him, and separated at his navel to allow his cock to bob freely in the air.

He lifted Jane up and carried her to the pulpit, where he reverently took off her robe. Her nipples were just slightly hard, lifting off her chest a little bit. Her pussy, on the other hand, was wet and slick.

"My people," The reverend exclaimed, "Today, we are here to deflower Jane, daughter of Bill and Nina. She is ready to begin her adult life, starting with me. You may now proceed to prepare for the ceremony."

All around the room, people begin to take off pants, skirts, blouses, shirts, and underwear. Some put on condoms, others took out dildoes of various shapes and sizes. Still others got together, and prepared to fuck.

John lifted off his robes, and picked up Jane, holding her by her legs in front of him so she was facing the audience. He slowly lowered her onto his gargantuan cock, feeling for a resistance. Suddenly, her hymen broke. She screamed in pain and pleasure, and she fell onto the reverend's massive pole.

He began fucking her in earnest, while people; turned on by the sight of a young virgin being deflowered; began fucking, sucking, jacking off, stuffing themselves. Several had turned to people of the same sex, and were masturbating each other, or making out.

The reverend picked Jane up by her waist, and started moving his cock inside of her like piston. A small gasp escaped her lips, and she orgasmed, twisting her body and moaning in pleasure. The reverend kept moving, in and out, in and out. After years of practice, he could fuck the tightest virgin for hours on end without ejaculating. But today, he had such a hot little vixen he was impaled in that he started to feel his stamina wasting away after just ten minutes.

He continued moving in and out of Jane, and after another couple minutes, he lifted her off, and started rubbing his dick. The people in the pews were prepared for this part, and they each moved forward in anticipation. He rubbed for a few seconds, and then started shooting his wads into the audience. The lucky ones caught some in their mouth or on their face, and continued fucking afterward.

He picked up Jane, and lifted her to her feet.

"Now, we join with the congregation, to symbolize your becoming one with them." Jane nodded, and together they walked into the sweaty, heavy-breathing cloud.

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