How I fucked my neighbors' incredibly hot 16-year-old gymnastics daughter.

(I won’t post pictures of her, but I can tell you she looks a hell of a lot like Sasha Rose.) I posted this last night, but I didn’t get to format it correctly and work out all the typos. A more complete version for your pleasure):

It was the beginning of summer, and I had just moved out of my parents’ house at 23, having founded a successful web startup company earlier on with the help of a few friends. I bought a house in a fairly quiet neighborhood - one of those upscale areas characterized by affluent, workaholic, white people.

I was in the process of moving in when I first saw Allie. I’ll do my best to describe her, but I’m not really sure words can truly do this angel justice.

She was probably around 5’3, with pale, smooth, white skin that radiated warmly as she walked. Her hair was a jet-black color, which shined brightly in the midday sun. Her face was outlined by tall, curved eyebrows, and a button nose. Her body, oh god. She was wearing a pair of black yoga pants stretching tautly around an incredibly round, smooth bubble ass. Amazingly, she had an otherwise toned, skinny figure. Her breasts were fairly small, but perky and complimented her well. Her perfect feet, adorned with glossy pink nails, were small, and lined with puffy, cute toes a man could suck on all day.

As I was moving boxes from my car into the house, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I turned in surprise to see a lovely creature, who smiled up at me and said, “Hey there! I think we’re next-door neighbors. I’m Allie, nice to meet you,” she exclaimed, extending a dainty hand.

I fumbled with the boxes and reached out to shake her hand, “Hi, I’m Adam.” Her soft hands felt like silk against my calloused fingers. She beamed and asked, “Where are you from?” I said I was from the upper part of town, and she mentioned she had a friend who lived just a streets from where I l used to.

“I’m surprised I haven’t seen you there,” she said. “I spend a lot of time with my friend Stacy - we ride our bikes down that street all the time.”

“Yeah, uh-uhm, well I don’t get out much,” I replied, looking around awkwardly. It was true. I was an introvert, preferring to avoid social situations in favor of a more quiet setting. I did have an very good physique going for me, having worked out at a gym 4 times a week for the past 3 years, and had been told by female friends that I was quite handsome, though I always had doubts.

“Do you need any help with those boxes?” she asked, watching me balance a few plates precariously on top of the box I was holding.
“No, it’s fine,” I said, not wanting to impose.

“No, please, let me help. It’s the least I can do for my new handsome neighbor,” she said, beaming and taking the plates off of the box.

“Haha, uhm-thanks,” I replied, shifting my feet uncomfortably on the pavement, not having been used to receiving compliments from attractive young women. “Come right this way, I’ll show you where you can put those.”

She followed me into the house, and I pointed to the kitchen, letting her pass in front of me, allowing me to catch a glimpse of her luscious ass cheeks slipping and sliding past the tight fabric of her yoga pants. I did everything I could to prevent my growing bulge from getting bigger, but I wasn’t succeeding, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

Allie leaned over, bending around the stacked boxes with catlike flexibility. She must have seen me staring, when she grinned and said, “Don’t be surprised. I’ve been taking gymnastics since I was

“Well, it was great to meet you, Adam. Let me know if you need anything else,” She waved, glancing down quickly, and winking as she left.

A week passed before I got to see her again. This time I was in my backyard, cleaning the pool that came with my newly acquired home, wearing only a simple set of red swim trunks, my back and chest exposed to the scorching afternoon rays. Suddenly, I heard that same cheery voice, “Hi Adam!”

I looked over my shoulder, and I saw her waving from across the hedges between our two yards. “Hey, do you think I could use your pool sometime? The other neighbors who lived here never let me use it,” she said with a frown.

“Sure, not a problem!,” I yelled. “Just let me ask your parents if it’s alright with them.”

“Okay, I’ll just put on my bathing suit. I’ll be right over! Just come and talk to my parents first to let them know.”

I walked around the house to their front entrance, knocking on the door. I was greeted by a tired-looking guy, who looked to be around 50 who was distractedly talking on the phone, waving for me to come in. “Hi, I’m Adam. We’re next door neigh-” He put up a hand to silence me.

“Look, we need to get this merger done this month. I already sent you those documents. I’ll have my wife look over the invoice and send you something back quickly. Okay, bye.”

“Hi, sorry about that. I’m Mark,” he responded apologetically.

“Hi Mark, nice to meet you - I think we’re next door neighbors. Your daughter Allie was asking if she could use my pool and I just wanted to get the OK from you.”

“Sure, that’s fine,” said Mark. “Molly, my wife, and I are incredibly busy these months. We’re hardly ever home and it’s just been so stressful for us. It would be great if Allie could use your pool - we really don’t spend enough time with her as it is, so I’m sure this will cheer her up. Hey, you don’t happen to know Excel well by any chance, do you? I’m trying to calculate some things on these spreadsheets,” he said, pointing to his laptop screen. “I know your generation is a bit better with all this new technology. I just need to get these calculations to apply to all the cells but I need this one to stay the same.”

“Yeah, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with it, and we actively use Excel in my web company. Shouldn’t be a problem. Here, let me take a look,” I said, hoping my helpful attitude would make me seem like less of a creepy neighbor with eyes for his daughter. I quickly formatted the cells in under a minute, using various shortcuts, and generating new prices for the various columns, while modifying the equations to yield a few static variables.”

“Wow, that’s amazing! How did you do that so quickly? Thank you so much. You’re a real lifesaver, Adam,” he said, looking both relieved and majorly impressed by the somewhat rudimentary skills I had displayed.

“Great, I’m glad I could help,” I said, shaking hands. “If you need anything else, just me know. I’ll head back over to my backyard. I’ll see you later,” I said to him, waving.

I headed back over to my pool, and then I saw her. Allie was lounging on the edge of the pool, dipping her toes in the water. She wore a red, two-piece bikini, that accentuated her red lips.

“Hey! Wanna swim with me? I’ll race you, four laps. I got third place in my state division.” she said.

“Hmmm, you’re really into sports, aren’t you?” I said. “What do I get if I win?”

“Well, if you win, you have let me watch a movie with you on that huge TV you were carrying into your house.”

“Okay, that’s fair. And if I win, you’ll have to confront your parents about not spending enough time with you. Your dad seem really upset about it, and I think if you gave him a push in the right direction, he’d spend more time with you.”

“Hmmm, fine, I guess.” she smiled. “But you won’t win, believe me.”

“Oh, is that so?” I mocked playfully. “We’ll see about that.”

We lined up at the edge of the pool. “On your mark, get set, GO!” Now, I didn’t mention it before, but I was also a fairly accomplished swimmer. Unfortunately, I hadn’t practiced in 2-3 years, so I obviously rusty. The race wasn’t even close. She blew by me in an instant, her lithe body skimming the water as she propelled herself forward with her toned, muscular legs. By the time we got to the fourth lap, I was completely out of breath, and she was waiting for me quietly, wearing the same mocking grin on her face that I had on my mug just moments ago.

“And here I thought a tall, handsome guy like you actually put up a fight”, she teased.

“Hey, I haven’t gone swimming in a few years,” I said, splashing her with water. “Hey, cut it out! “ she laughed, splashing back. Before I knew it we were in an all out water war, and we began to playfully push each other back and forth.

My leg brushed against hers and she smiled. She dove and came up behind me, cupping her hands over my eyes as she giggled, and pulled me down under the water. “Hey, don’t do that” I laughed, and she hugged me from behind as I came up, her foot rubbing gently across my crotch. I felt her smooth skin run against mine, and her warm breath on my neck. She stepped away and glided back through the water, beaming.

“Haha, I’m so glad I have an awesome neighbor like you now. I kinda lied about my friend Stacy before. I just ride my bike by myself usually. There’s no one to really talk to around here,” she said as she swam back to the edge of the pool, her cheeks turning slightly red as she blushed and look down.

“Yeah, I know what it’s like - I didn’t have too many people close to my age around me either, growing up,” I remarked, sympathizing with her. How could such a beautiful girl find herself alone, though? Had I found someone just as socially isolated as I was?

“Hey, you owe me a movie on that big screen!” she yelled. “I’ll bring something over tonight.”

“Alright, I’ll see you later”, I said, as I headed back into the house to dry off.

Now, honestly, I was nervous at this point. I was dazed, confused, and I felt my knees and hands shake. I knew where this was leading, and what could happen. I didn’t want to be that sick pervert who’s mug drifts across the front page news for messing with jailbait. I resolved that tonight would simply be a fun experience, and I couldn’t let things get out of hand. My cock, however, had other things in mind.

I went to the bathroom, jerking my throbbing erection with thoughts of fucking this beautiful creature, her smooth skin and puffy red lips conjuring images of slow, sensual blowjobs in my mind. Her delicate tongue, running circle around the head of cock, as she gently massaged my aching balls with her hand. Finally, I came, blasting cum into a Kleenex, and I returned to my daily tasks.

It was around 8pm that I heard a knock at the door. I opened it, to see Allie’s glowing smile. “I brought over Inception, I hope you don’t mind. I love these kinds of movies,” she said emphatically.

“Wow, that’s an awesome movie,” I replied, agreeing with her. “Come on in,” I said.

She was wearing a short black skirt, and a white shirt. I watched her hips sway as she walked into the house and I closed the door behind her. Her toned legs mesmerized me, and I tried hard not to stare. “Stop it! Don’t think about her that way. She’s only 16!” I told myself. I swallowed a gulp of air, and followed her into the living room.

“Wow, this is an amazing set up you have here. Can you put this DVD in for me? Where should I put my shoes?” she said, as she removed her Nikes to reveal frilly white socks in which she wiggled her toes.

“Over there is fine,” I said, popping in the DVD. “Do you want something to drink?” I asked.

“Sure, I’ll have some coke.” She sat down on the couch, and I immediately realized that I didn’t have the foresight to buy any extra furniture for the living room. I had a small couch, which meant that I would have no choice but to sit right beside this hot, comfortable 15 year old. This won’t end well, I thought.

I grabbed her a coke from the fridge, and one for myself. I walked over to the living room, and gingerly sat as far away as I could on the couch, desperately hoping that she wouldn’t slide over to my side. I gave her the coke and started the movie.

It was great at first, but as the movie intensified, I noticed Allie slowly making her way over to me. I felt her shoulder brush up against mine, and just as the screen exploded with gunfire, she clutched my arm for dear life and curled up next to me.

As the movie continued, she pulled me closer and closer, and I felt the warmth of her breath on my neck. She looked up at me, and I tried as hard as I could not to turn to her. Not to embrace her warm, tight body, and crush my lips to hers. Try as I might, I failed, and I turned to her and looked into her eyes - her serious, passionate gaze penetrating me.

Slowly, she crawled onto my lap, her hands wrapping around my neck, and drawing her face close to mine. She pressed her red, wet, luscious lips onto mine and I felt our tongues meet and twist in a hot, delicate embrace. “Mmmm!” she moaned, hungrily.

I had given up. Any chance I had of resistance was completely lost now. I was hers. I pulled her shirt off, over her head and massaged her small, delicate breasts, squeezing and rolling the tiny nipples between my fingers.

“Oh god, fuck yes! Please don’t stop,” she begged.

We embraced in a passionate kiss once more, and I felt her hand begin to rub incessantly on my crotch. My cock strained for release, and she grinned as she massaged the quickly hardening bulge.

She unzipped my pants, desperately, pull away my underwear, exposing my long, thick cock. “I’ve been waiting for this the moment I saw you,” she said, as her silky hands began to pump up and down my the shaft. She lowered her puffy, moist lips onto the head of cock, blowing hot air and licking in slow sensual strokes. “Oh my fucking god”, I groaned, feeling her tongue wrap around my shaft and her other hand cup my tightening balls, the dainty fingers rolling them around in her soft palm.

She stroked up and down the length of my shaft, swallowing my member as she went, her moans sending powerful vibrations down my length. She stroked more quickly now, lubricating her hand plentifully with spit, making my pole shine in the light. She began twirling her tongue up and down my head, and around my shaft.

“FUCK!” I cried, feeling that familiar tightening in my balls as the cum prepared to surge from my cock. “I’m gonna..!!!” That was all she needed to hear, as she sent all of my cock right to the back of her velvety throat. I felt the her hot, moist throat muscles contract and rub up against my swollen head, sending me over the edge. I began to pump vast ropes of cum into the back of her throat, causing her to gag and push my cock back even further.

My cock finally stopped its assault on Allie’s tight throat, oozing cum drops, which she licked and sucked off my penis with a wicked grin. The innocent little girl I had met had become an insatiable little demon, and I wanted more, judging by the continued hardness of my cock.

“Mmmm, delicious,” she exclaimed.

I smiled back and grabbed her by the waist, pushing her violently onto the couch, and ripping off her skirt. I removed her panties, stained with wet, musky juice, pushed them to my nose and inhaled deeply, smelling their sweet scent.

I looked down, to glimpse the most perfect pussy I had ever scene, it’s tucked shining folds glistened with desire. I began licking her inner thighs, making my way, slowly, teasingly, to her pussy. She pushed my head into her crotch, as I began to lick, with long, deliberate strokes, the outer folds of her cunt. “Oh my gawwwwd, don’t stop!” she cried.

I intensified my attack, and began licking her inner folds, occasionally passing my tongue over her clit, teasing her. I stuck my thumb and pointer finger into her pussy, lubricating them, and then using them to massage her hard nipples.

“FUCK ME, I’m GONNA CUM!” she yelled, as I began to suck hard on her clit, while pinching down hard on her nipples.

“AHHHHH!!!” she moaned, as her eyes rolled back into her head, and her tight, wet, 16-year-old cunt began to gush with warm, clear liquid.

I saw her toes curl and her legs wrap around me as her pussy spasmed around my tongue - her hands crushing my head to her pussy. After that, she went limp. “Holy shit, what have I done?”
I thought. “Allie are you alright?” No response.

I pushed her gently to check if she was okay, but her eyes remained closed. Finally, she opened them, looking around as if she had just lost consciousness.

She looked at me, devilishly, and we embraced in a passionate french kiss. “That was freakin’ incredible! We are going to have SOOO much fun. Fuck me, now, please. Don’t make me beg!” Allie pleaded, defying her own request.

I wasn’t about to disappoint. However, I had to ask: “Allie, I don’t want to get you pregnant...”, I began.

“I’m on the pill, silly. Now FUCK ME.”

I positioned the head of my cock against her warm, glistening entrance, and I saw her feet arch and curl in anticipation. I didn’t want to make this easy, however, so I began to stroke the head of my cock up and down the length of the her pink pussy lips, feeling the moist warmth of the folds like velvet against my cock. I took her feet in my hands, and sucked on her toes and soles, swirling my tongue around the curved arches of her delicate feet.

“Mmmmm, yesss!!” she hissed. My large head rubbed against the inner folds of her cunt, as I rubbed her clit gently. Finally, I began to push into her tight warm tunnel, feeling the muscles contract and hug my member as it slid further and further in.

I had about four inches in now, and I felt Allie’s legs wrap around my back, pushing me further in. Her silky black hair was strewn across her face and neck, and I brushed it aside, looking into her intense passionate eyes, kissing her neck and rolling her nipples between my fingers.

I pumped further in, and the warmth and narrowness of her canal spurred me on, when I suddenly felt my cock hit bottom. This was the last straw. I began thrusting, slowly at first, but building up the pace, feeling her PC muscles spasm around my cock as she began to spew warm liquid around by cock, letting me thrust deeper and faster.

“Oh god, YES, just like that. Fuck my pussy with that big hard cock. UGHH, FASTER, please!! Mmmm” she moaned..

I was fucking her like a mad man now, sweat pouring from our bodies. I was plunging in and out of her hole with no abandon.

“FUCK!!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, her pussy spasming around my cock as she arched her back, her toes curling, and sweat pouring from our bodies.

I felt my balls churn, cum building with familiar pressure, and I knew this was going to be an orgasm for the record books.

I relentlessly pumped in and out, kissing her as I did, our bodies intertwined, glistening from the heat of our passion.

“I’M CUMMING!!! FUCK” I yelled, as I painted the insides of her pussy with stream after stream of thick cum, unloading my balls into her tight snatch with titanic force, cum dripping down her her ass and onto her tight asshole. I just kept cumming, my knees going completely weak, as I collapsed gently on top of my precious angel, our tongues meeting with vigor.

“Mmmm, oh gawd. Yes... you have no idea how much I needed this,” she whispered hotly in my ear. We curled up together on the couch, our warm, naked bodies entangled in an embrace, as we fell asleep.

End of Part 1.

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