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Based off of rp me and raze did
"Ares!! Im home" said my faithful boyfriend said walking in and kissing my cheek, his red furry and manly chest brushing against me  "hi honey, did you like work?" 
"hah! Good one". 
After a few laughs and giggles he settles down and waits for me to serve him dinner, as deion im about 5"4, skinny, dark fur and brown eyes, also i dress a bit femmy, as for my boyfriend raze, he goes up to about 6"3, well built, red fur and yellow eyes.                                                  
"here honey" i say before he grabs my hand and pulls me in, kissing me passionately, once again feeling his manly chest again 
"you dress so hotly...are you tempting me?" he says in a deep manly but sexy voice making blush immediately. I try to respond but he only cuts me off by kissing me more 
"your such a tease, i bet you don't even wear panties" like i said i dress femmy, usually i wear something public worthy but today i wanted wear something a bit slutty, oh today im wearing a black, short shirt that goes right below my chest, a short mini skirt, and pink and black knee highs, no panties as my bf had guessed. He lifted my skirt and smacked my ass saying 
"i knew it! I bet all u do is fantasize about someone entering this slutty little hole" he continues to feel me up, my furry body feeling heavenly as im bent over the table, my ass in his lap, moaning softly i say 
"h-honey not here, it's where we eat" "well guess who's eating cum and cock tonight" he says as i feel him rub my asshole. Blushing and being submissive i decide to take it and moan like the good boy i am 
"o-ohh raze dont" i say almost sounding desperate 
"don't what slut, this?" he pushes his thumb inside me as i yelp and moan to the sudden penetration 
"ahh!! R-raze!!" i moan as he just thrusts his thumb inside me for about five minutes 
"ok enough of that" he says as i feel him get up and drop his pants 
"im gonna make that hole bigger then your mouth" he says rubbing his length against my hole 
"n-no!! Not here someone could walk in or see" i say almost screaming FUCK ME!. He flips me over and pushes my legs back to my chest, my legs wide open and my hole clearly visible, he lubes his cock and my little ass hole 
"ready for cock slut?" he says demanding an answer, surely taking no for an answer 
"y-yes raze" i say impatiently 
"i can't hear you" 
"y-yes raze!" i say, then add on 
"please stick that hot meat stick inside my slutty asshole!!" i say not caring if the neighbors here (did i mention they are horses hahahaha lol)  "thats what i want to hear" and with that he shoves in his 10 in. Cock and starts pumping inside me.
Moaning from the sweet bliss and having sex after a long time i was really horny, so i planned to make this last 
"mmm you dirty slut, let me kiss your lips" he said lifting me up as i went deeper onto him. He did as he kissed me deeply, on my neck and shoulders as he ravaged my asshole. 
"r-raze!!" i moan loudly 
"i-i'm tearing up!" He just ignores my cries and fucks me harder like a toy
"mmmm slut you get tighter every second!" He pinches my nipples and bites my neck, causing me to yelp and moan from the pain a bit. "r-raze!! I-im gonna cum!" i yell loudly
He chuckles and states 
"you are a whore! Cumming from taking my cock up that tight little hole" he says fucking me harder
"a-ahhh!!! R-raze!! Please stop i'm gonna cum!" i moan, but before he ever says anything i start to spray cum all over me
"r-raze, n-no more" no more! Im just warning up!" he says still going, and by this, i could tell i wasn't gonna sleep tonight
Rp got cut off here cause yeah ^~^ leave a comment if you liked my roleplay adventures, or if u have ideas for an rp, there is more stories to be released though :3... Bai

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2013-09-07 23:34:11
What a piece of garbage, but at least you packaged it properly. without splitting it up
into a bunch of paragraphs (as real writers would) you kept it in one long goshawful
piece, but it can be thrown into a garbage bag in one piece and dumped in the
graveyard where all awful writing hacks like you should be dumped. how low can you

Further more nice one " You're entire story is a huge grammar error" good fuck up pal.

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2012-07-17 02:37:25
What a very sweet but short story

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2012-07-17 00:32:23
seriously? this sucks

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