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Slutty wife gets all her holes filled by some big cocks; anal,straight, blow jobs and four way
No holes barred

Hi as some of you know from Mike’s stories I’m Chris; since he put the first story of how I became the slutty wife many of you think I am I’ve enjoyed reading them online. Sam and Ben were at first a little pissed but seeing the read count has given us all a buzz. One thing about me and Mike is that I might not tell him straight away what’s happened but he knows as soon as.
Anyhow Mike suggested I use the logon as this was my story so here goes.
Our neighbours Bill and Chris have a corner plot and with three growing kids needed more room; Bill having spoken first to Mike and then to Ben on one of his visits decided that an extension was the better option than moving; good neighbourhood, schools and friends you know what I mean. Ben got some draws, gave them a price and they liked what was planned so agreed to go ahead.
As Ben was extremely busy he was going to have to split his time between jobs and put a couple of the guys that work for him onto Bill’s job to get it started; Tony was one and you know how I got on with him, (ops sorry Mike’s not posted that one yet), and Leon who I’d not met.
One thing that has happened since meeting Sam and Ben is that I’ve started to lose weight and tone up my tummy, thighs and arse. It has improved the sex with both Mike and Ben, Ben has even commented that I’m now sexier looking and Sam says the weight lose has made my tits look even bigger, love you babe.

Ben arrived with Sam on the Saturday to make sure the equipment needed at Bill’s turned up and to see the job started, they were both staying for a couple of days, plenty of Ben’s big hard cock for me then. By the afternoon Ben was happy that all was ready to go first thing Monday, Tony and Leon were due to turn up at about 7:30 am and I’d agreed to provide breakfast. Having already met Tony but not Leon Mike and I thought it best that I was properly dressed when they arrived; so no early morning cock for me.
Monday morning I was up bright and early, shower dressed and breakfast on the go when Tony and Leon rolled up, all six of us sat down to eat before Mike left for work and Sam and I went out shopping.
Leon is one big brick shit house of a guy 6’ 3”, arms that Popeye would be proud of and thighs to match obviously someone that does hard manual work, Tony is 5’ 8” 5ft 8ins, mid twenties, stocky with short cropped hair, his chest and arms like Leon show how much manual work he does. After breakfast Tony and Leon cleared the table and you could see that they both had nice tight arses.
When Sam and I arrived home Ben and the guy’s were stripped to the waist, sweat glistening on their upper bodies, I shouted did they want a cold drink, to which they all said yes. We dumped our shopping and I made the drinks which I in turn took out to them. Sam was stood with Ben talking so after handing him his, I took the others theirs. Looking at these near naked men and knowing what lay beneath both Tony and Ben’s shorts made my pussy cream a little and looked forward to getting fucked later by the latter. Drinks drunk, glasses collected Sam and I went back in to look through our shopping.
As Ben had remove some of the fencing between our back garden and Bill’s, Sam and I went up to my bedroom to try on some of the clothes. We’d both bought some new underwear and were trying it on when we heard someone clear their throat, lucky for us it was Ben but by the size of his cock he had been watching for some time.
“Lady’s you make this man feel very horny, watching those tits being bared and covered in those undies” he commented.
Sam must have been feeling as horny as I was because she out right told him to get his shorts off and see to the two of us. Quick as a flash we were all naked rolling about on the bed, Ben’s head swopping from my tits to Sam’s, whilst fingers were going in and out of our pussies. He fucked us both hard and fast just what the two of us needed, just as Ben had cum in me we heard a van horn the others were back. Ben got out of bed and pulled his shorts back on and headed off; with a parting comment that he’d see to us both later.
Sam and I must have fallen asleep because the next I knew I was woken by a gentle licking of my pussy.
“Haven’t you had enough Ben” I asked.
“He might have but I’m just getting started” replied Mike, his tongue lapping at my pussy and his fingers embedded in Sam’s. Mike then had his cock into both of us adding to Ben’s cum in our pussies; ending as he likes with his cock firmly up Sam’s arse adding yet another load.
He had got home earlier than normal; he explained he had to travel up north early next morning for work and would have to stay over till the end of the week, and would I mind? Not really his job was paying well these days allowing us a better life style.
That evening after a had days work Ben sat talking with Mike and Sam as I prepared dinner, the conversation got round to the job next door and that Ben was going to stay an extra day to finish the footings and arrange the concrete. Sam asked what time Mike would be leaving in the morning and then said she needed to be home late the following day but as Ben was staying over could she get a lift home from Mike. He said it would be no problem.
By the time I got up the next morning Mike and Sam were just leaving, we said our farewells and so the day started, Ben joined me in the kitchen while I started breakfast. This was served up as soon as Tony and Leon walked in, both ready to get cracking on the day’s work. When they had all finished and left I tided up and went upstairs to shower, having stripped I looked out the window and saw them working away stripped to the waist; their bodies had me riveted to the spot unable to do anything but stare. Their bodies were so hard, their movements strong and purposeful this started my pussy to leak and I had to rub at it; before long I had cum. Thinking it about time I showered and dressed but in the shower the ache would not go away, I wanted lunch time to come or for Ben to send the others off for something. Was I really becoming cock mad?
Once out of the shower I began to dress I choose a see through bra that as soon as it was on showed my nipples were erect and pointing through the fabric and a light summer dress, one that I knew would show my figure off and as I was feeling extremely slutty no knickers.
After going back down I took the guys a cold drink watching them as they watched me, Ben lent forward and made a quite observation as to my dress and a warning as to not pushing things. As I collected the glasses Leon thanked me and as I turned smacked me on the arse; I turned my head but didn’t say anything but did notice a considerable lump in his shorts.
Lunch time came and they all trooped into the kitchen and sat at the table as I served them I leaning over the table giving Ben and Tony a good view of my cleavage and Leon got a better view of my legs and bum. As I was clearing up; bending over next to Leon, he asked what was for desert and slide his hand up the back of my legs to top of my legs. Finding no knickers and that I’d not slapped his hand away his pushed further up until his fingers came into contact with my very wet pussy.
“Fuck me lads this girl is on fire, not knickers and her pussy’s dripping wet” was his response.
Ben and I just looked at one another across the table, and then quietly he asked is this what you want.
“Fuck yes, use me” I managed to say. Leon now had two thick fingers rammed into my hole and Tony was lent across the table grabbing at my tits.
Come on guys let’s take this somewhere more comfy, taking my hand and leading me up to the spare bedroom. Leon was first to strip followed by Tony and lastly Ben; as Leon’s cock came into full view I seriously had second thoughts, he must have been at least 10 inches and 5 inches thick and the bastard wasn’t fully hard. He pulled me to him and stuck his tongue down my throat; Tony was behind me his hard cock drilling between my arse cheeks as his hands mauled at my tits.
“Leon be a gentleman” Ben said “let one of us open her up for you”.
I sank to my knees and engulfed that monster black cock, I could just manage the first couple of inches and could feel my mouth stretched wide to accommodate even that much. But I sucked and licked as best as I could and soon had him firing string after string of thick white cum down my throat, in fact there was so much it dribbled out of my mouth and down onto my tits as well.
“Dam girl that don’t normally happen, you suck dam good” Leon said using (ghetto talk if that’s what you call it). Tony pushed me forward as Leon stepped away and rammed his 9 inches straight into my sopping hole, Ben was now standing in front of me I grabbed his cock and began sucking hard as hell. I was soon rewarded by both Tony erupting into one hole as Ben filled my mouth.
Leon was laying on the bed his cock once again rock hard “hey Chris come and have the ride of your life” he called. Climbing on top I began to feed inch after beautiful inch into my cunt. Tony had loosened me up nicely, after just a couple of minutes I’d managed you get all of that black cock into my pussy but hell did it feel tight. I began to move gently up and down allowing his cock to stretch me; after a few minutes I was able to get into my rhythm and was screaming the house down. I don’t know whether Tony shoved his cock into my mouth to shut me up or whether I was asking for someone to put their cock there, but he was soon fucking my face.
The two of them double teamed me for some time until I felt Leon emptying into me, Tony was moments later. I now had cum running from my mouth down over my tits, out of my pussy; there was now only one hole that hadn’t been filled. Ben was now climbing onto the bed for another fuck but I told him it was his lucky day; he knew what I meant. Turning me over then scooping up as much cum as he could he began rubbing it into my arse as well as a couple of fingers; with me well lubed up he inserted his cock into my arse and began to fuck my quite hard.
“Dam mate now I’ve seen it all” Leon commented.
“Not yet beautiful, I want one cock in each hole” I told him.
Ben lent in close against my ear and whispered “you’ll not be able to walk once we’ve finished with you, good job Mike’s not coming home tonight”
“Fuck that might have been fun, four hard cocks for me to play with” I managed to answer.
Once Ben had fired another load of cum into my body we all needed a breather. But it wasn’t long before Tony was sucking on one of my nipples and Ben’s hard cock was pressed against my leg. Straddling Ben I soon got going riding his cock, Tony was still mauling my tits; when I felt Leon positioning his huge cock head against my arse. I leant forward wanting to be completely filled, but wasn’t expecting just how fucking huge he felt. Leon was gentler this time asking as he slide was I ok and giving me a run down as to how much I’d taken. After several minutes Leon annonced “fuck me she’s taken my full length”. Tony had moved towards my mouth, I was now filled in all my holes and it felt fucking great, the guys took it slowly, building until first Tony, then Leon and finally with a huge groan Ben emptied their cum into me.
I was sore as hell and stretched like never before but the itch in my pussy was gone, well at least for now?

If this has wetted your appetite and hardened a cock or two give me some feedback and I tell about that night.

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